My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Jack Skellington Cake Cooking View
Jack Skellington Cake

Certainly one of the best things about parenthood is having the chance to revisit the pure joy, excitement and anticipation that comes with each holiday. We are big on Halloween … Read More

The Hemingway Daiquiri Cooking View
The Hemingway Daiquiri

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for new drinks to try at home are the cocktail menus at many of our local favorite restaurants and bars. I’m often … Read More

Classic Shortbread Cookies Cooking View
Classic Shortbread Cookies

Many of us who take great pleasure from cooking and baking also find immense joy in a really great cookbook. I would be willing to bet that most of us … Read More

Moroccan Chicken Salad with Chickpeas and Apricots Cooking View
Moroccan Chicken Salad with Chickpeas and Apricots

It’s not in my nature to procrastinate. I’m very much of the “Why leave till tomorrow that which can be done today” mindset. But in the weeks and then days leading … Read More

Cranberry Sorbet Champagne Fizz Cooking View
Cranberry Sorbet Champagne Fizz
Annie's Original

It is taken me completely by surprise just how much our new house already feels like home. We haven’t been here a full week but we’ve made it through the work week … Read More

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