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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

The Season of Giving: A Different Kind of Giveaway

The holiday season is in full swing.  The season of giving.  At this time of year, it can be so very easy to get caught up in things, be it all the things we feel we “need” to buy for others, or things that we hope to receive from others.  While it is certainly a wonderful gesture to give friends and loved ones a token of appreciation, we must not forget to give of ourselves to those who are truly in need.

To this end, this year I have decided that in lieu of spending money on shiny new gadgets to give away to you, lovely readers, I will instead donate to those in need on your behalf.   There are innumerable charitable causes that are all so deserving of contributions, but for the sake of simplification, I have compiled several options to choose from below.  Five comments will be selected at random, and the winning individuals may select a cause from the list below to receive a donation from me.

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST.  That’s it!

The Rules: One entry per person.  Commenting will open Monday, December 17 at 4:30 am EST and close on Thursday, December 20 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Five winners will be selected at random and contacted via email by the end of the week to select their charity of choice.

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Annie’s Eats.

So you don’t feel left out, there will still be a series of giveaways of fun prizes for you to win throughout the rest of the week, but these have all been graciously provided by their corresponding companies so that I can put all of my resources towards other causes.  Also, if you have suggestions of charitable causes to receive future donations, please let me know via the contact form.  More on this to come in the future.


No Kid Hungry

March of Dimes

Center for Global Impact

Action Against Hunger

Minds Matter

The Conservation Fund

Humane Society

First Book



American Red Cross

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Laura

    Beautiful idea. Merry Chistmas, Annie.

  • What a lovely idea! So glad to be able to participate in your efforts!

  • Such a great idea.

  • Helena

    Thank you, Annie.

  • Kelly B.

    You have such a wonderful heart, Annie! I love this idea.

  • Kerri Sullivan

    Simply brilliant – Merry Christmas Annie!

  • Kim Swan

    Love this Annie!

  • This is wonderful!

  • Claire Hotelling

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you for doing this.

  • Beth

    Way to go!

  • Jules

    The spirit of Christmas is alive and well! What a lovely gesture. Happy holidays to you and yours, Annie.

  • Cindy Stoffel

    What a wonderful giveaway, Annie!

  • Andrea

    What a great way to give back! Merry Christmas, Annie!

  • Rachel

    Wonderful idea, Annie! Thank you for modeling the giving spirit. :)

  • Gess

    What a great idea! You are so thoughtful!

  • Kristen

    Love this idea.

  • Anne Blackwell

    This is a lovely idea, Annie. Merry Christmas!

  • Nina Sweet

    Wonderful Idea, Annie! Thank you!

  • Laura

    love this. so many great causes represented here.

  • Lynn

    What a great idea! This is even more fun than winning a shiny object!

  • MJ Brosius

    Perfect idea. I have become a HUGE fan of your blog since having our first son. I have been cooking up a storm at my house which is so dramatically different than take-out from the nearest Thai food restaurant. Thank you for helping me make the transition. My husband says thank you too! Merry Christmas to you!

  • Cristina Rojas

    This is such a lovely idea. What a great way of being selfless and encourage us to be the same. Merry Christmas Annie!

  • I love this idea. Thanks for doing this.

  • Kristen

    What a wonderful thing to do this year and you picked some amazing charities!

  • Victoria

    Merry Christmas. This is really what it’s about!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful idea Annie. It frustrates me sometimes all the STUFF and THINGS thrown in our faces on tv, media, print etc etc, especially around the holidays. Its easy to forget the point of Christmas to begin with.

  • Lindsay

    Wonderful reminder as what the season is about!

  • Sheila Buccola

    Love this idea, Annie, thanks for giving back!

  • Michele Morningstar

    This is so great. Thank you Annie!

  • evabakes

    Happy holidays!

  • Jessica Toddy

    Wonderful idea!

  • Allison C

    Excellent idea!

  • Kat

    You are such an amazing person! Even though I think I’m only a few months younger than you (I turn 30 in April), I always feel like “that’s how I want to be when I grow up” lol…. Thank you for being SUCH an inspiration, such a perfect model of love and warmth. I just made your perfect chocolate chip cookies last night. And they are perfect. I hope this doesn’t sound too weird, but I just have to say that my family and I absolutely love you, wish you the best this holiday season, and adore your blog! XOX Kat

  • Heather Ensor

    This is really a generous idea. Hopfully it will trigger more to give back. Thanks.

  • This is awesome! Thank you!

  • What a wonderful idea – I love this Annie!

  • What a nice thought! I have a feeling many of your meals will be on our table the next couple weeks :)

  • Mallory Wisong

    Absoutely wonderful, Annie. Thanks for reminding us all what this season is truly about.

  • Meena

    Happy Holidays!

  • Natalie Justice

    This is wonderful!

  • Rachel Tilly

    Annie, you have such a sweet and giving heart–I think this is a wonderful idea!! Merry Christmas!!

  • Janet Luo

    What a terrific idea!

  • Merry Christmas!

  • What a beautiful, beautiful idea.

  • Laura Shapella

    What a wonderful idea. You are truly generous!

  • what a lovely idea, annie, thank-you! merry christmas!!

  • All of the charities are for causes I believe in and you are an amazing person to contribute! Thank you Annie :-)

  • saramama

    What a fantastic idea. Really, everyone wins this way. I love your blog and look forward to your posts every morning with my coffee. Merry Christmas.

  • I love this:-)

  • Love this!

  • Laura

    What a lovely idea. I am blessed to have everything I need and want. I love seeing this as a “giveaway.”

  • Katie Mathis

    What a wonderful, generous idea. Thank you for all you do Annie!

  • Katy

    What a wonderful idea. Kudos to you for embracing the true spirit of the season.

  • Liz N.

    What a wonderful idea Annie!

  • such a beautiful idea! it’s refreshing to see someone who really gets what christmas is all about. :)

  • What a great list of charities. Lovely idea, Annie!

  • love this!

  • Nicole Plzak

    great idea!

  • Such a wonderful idea!

  • Love this idea, Annie!

  • Tasha

    What a really nice change of pace from the other giveaways around. Thanks for doing this.

  • Rachael

    Lovely idea–a nice way to give back.

  • Such a great idea, Annie. And I love your list of charities – all wonderful causes!

  • Gina Brewer

    love this! Merry Christmas!

  • Such a great idea!

  • Kirsten Thiel

    Love this idea and would love to get to pick a charity to give to!

  • Emily (A Gilt Nutmeg)

    I LOVE this idea, Annie. Much more in the spirit of the holidays. I have too much kitchen stuff anyway :P

  • Amy

    What a wonderful idea :)

  • Ashley G

    I agree, this is a great change from normal giveaways!

  • Alie McCorvey

    Beautiful idea!

  • Kari

    Merry Christmas!

  • Emily

    Fantastic– this is what the season is all about!

  • What a wonderful idea!! You have picked a few charities near and dear to my heart. I would love a donation made in honor of my family

  • Sarah Vasquez

    this is such a fantastic idea, annie! and i love seeing that you have First Book on your list. its an organization that i donate to every year. in fact, i have started a tradition of gathering cookiers together in april during national library week where we all make cookies that represent a book that we love and everyone who participated puts in money for a large donation that we give to First Book. ill message you as it gets closer to see if you might like to participate:) thanks again for this wonderful giveaway idea…it really represents the true meaning of christmas!
    ~sarah from Songbird Sweets

  • annieseats

    Please do, I love that idea! I love to read and it is something I am passionate about.

  • Shae Tilson

    great idea!

  • Ali

    I love that you are doing this, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing that you were able to help someone!

  • Carley Leavitt

    I love this idea! Giving to those in need is what we all should focus a little more on!

  • Karen

    Great idea :)

  • Great idea. Happy Holidays to your family!

  • Kristine

    This is a fantastic idea!

  • Annie, what a wonderful way to honor and help organizations who are serving others! All of us can take a lesson from your generosity and give intentionally both individually and collectively. Thank you for being light during this season of giving!

  • Tanya Steel

    Superb idea Annie & Merry Christmas :)

  • What a great idea. Somebody wins and wins again by helping others. I love it.

  • Aubrie

    What a great idea, Annie! You are truly incredible.

  • What a beautiful gesture and I would love to have a donation in my familys honor. Amazing way to remember the real spirit of Christmas!! I always spend Christmas morning, after my familiys christmas, taking donated gifts to pediatric cancer patients who are stuck in the hospital and it is always more rewarding than any material gift I could receive!

  • Jessica Stidham

    You have such a kind heart. Happy Holidays to your sweet family! :)

  • Natalie R.

    Christmas spirit 100%

  • Ann Harrer

    Great idea for this time of year. Thank you.

  • annieseats

    Wow! That is a wonderful idea. Good for you!

  • Kristine

    Thank you, Annie. What a great idea.

  • Thanks so much for giving to causes that help people in need!

  • Lee

    Merry Christmas, Annie. May you and your family know the peace and joy of this season!

  • This is such a wonderful thing – thank you for being so generous!

  • What a wonderful idea!

  • Annalise

    I truly appreciate that you are doing this – makes me have even more respect and love for this blog space. Thank you for all that you do! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

  • Kristie

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to give back! Merry Christmas!!

  • Amy H.

    Awesome idea! This way we’re all a winner.

  • Liz

    We’ve been doing something similar the past few years and make a donation in honor of friends or family to a charity of their choosing along with a package of holiday goodies. It beats just buying something for the sake of having something to give.

  • What a wonderful idea, Annie!

  • Natalie Webster

    Merry Christmas, Annie! What a great giveaway!!!

  • Courtney H

    Fantastic! I echo your sentiments on seeing the holidays anew with little ones (we have a 4 1/2 and 2 year old)… one of the traditions we’re trying to integrate is giving of ourselves this season – donating toys to needy families, taking a small homemade token and kind words to neighbors, etc.

  • pkulie2

    This is a great idea! It’s important to remember to think of others as we also receive this time of year.

  • Meghan C.

    This is a wonderful idea! Happy Holidays!!!

  • What a great idea! You’re so thoughful and giving!

  • Lydia

    This is a fabulous idea. Nothing feels better than giving to those in need!

  • What a wonderful, wonderful idea. I love it! I hope you and your beautiful family have a blessed Christmas this year.

  • EricaLS

    This is really great, kudos to you!

  • Jenn

    Love this idea! My husband is a teacher and heads up the Toys for Tots drive each year. It’s nice to know that there are at least a few less children who will not think that they were naughty because of the work that he does :)

  • I love this! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Laura Jansen

    Great idea!! Thank you for doing this!!

  • Maryclare

    This is such a wonderful idea. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Heather

    Great idea! Merry Christmas

  • Celine

    What a great idea! None of us need any fancy new stuff, and this is a great reminder of the true meaning of the season, not to mention it is such a generous idea. Merry Christmas!

  • jenni

    This is fantastic! I wish I could give more than I do, and you’ve chosen such worthy recipients.

  • blueangel729

    This is a wonderful idea and a great way to spread the joy of Christmas!

  • Amibeth

    Thank you, Annie. It has been a tough year and while I do give as much as I can (throughout the year and at the holidays), it hasn’t been as much as I would have liked. It would be wonderful to see any one of these organizations benefiting a little more because of Annie’s Eats.

  • terry

    I’m really excited for thos one!

  • I think this is great! I have a ten month old and have been shocked at how much stuff we have been given that we do not need so I am even more into giving for others that truly need it this year. Merry Christmas!

  • Christine

    How wonderful! Please consider me!

  • Natalie Fieleke

    Wonderful idea! Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Larisa

    what a beautiful idea. thank you, Annie.

  • Yasmine Arastu Jones

    This is a beautiful idea!

  • Whitney

    Thank for your paying it forward!

  • What a wonderful idea! Everyone is a winner!

  • This is great, I’d be picking St Jude’s if my post wins

  • disqus_gpGMyTjfzF

    Such a great idea and so sweet of you. Thinkng of things on a larger scale, really puts things in perspective, especially during the holidays.

  • Heather W.

    Annie you rock! You have such a big heart! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • What a fabulous idea Annie!

  • Ashley Schneekloth

    Thank you for doing this, Annie. You set a wonderful example for the rest of us! Merry Christmas :)

  • Guest

    What a great way to spread

  • Romy Abou-Antoun

    Oh wow! Great idea!

  • Angie_R

    This actually brought tears to my eyes! I will be the first to admit that I get so excited with all the giveaways going on and spending so much time commenting and using that counter thingy – not to mention looking for the perfect gifts for everyone – that we often lose sight of the ones who are in need of the most basic things, and not just a new kitchen gadget. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of our minds, especially at a time when our nation is grieving. It’s always good to be reminded that there are things we can do to make a difference. I’ve decided that I will be making a donation to the American Diabetes Association for my very hard to buy for dad, who always says he doesn’t need anything, in memory of my brother! He will love it!

  • Sarah

    awesome idea, annie :)

  • Carolyn McCambridge

    Super LOVE this idea!

  • Kelly Jones

    What a generous and thoughtful idea! I love winning contests as much as the next person, however, I know there are those more in need than myself. I am reminded of this every Christmas holiday and makes me so incredibly thankful for the things I have.

  • Shari

    May we all realize how precious life is, it is a gift from God yet we treat it as an obligation.

  • This is the Season to Give and donating to a worthy cause is so great!

    Marry Christmas to you and your family. I enjoy every post. That is a gift in its self.

  • Hannah Rinehart

    Love this idea!

  • Kristin

    Love it! Thanks for doing this!

  • I love this idea. Thanks, Annie!

  • sharonjo2

    This is such a lovely and generous idea–truly reflecting what the season is about. Thank you!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  • Maria

    We donate to St Jude’s every year. What a great idea this is!

  • I love this idea

  • Rust

    Wonderful idea! Count me in!

  • Yael K

    What an awesome idea! Thank you!

  • Meg

    This is a fabulous idea!

  • Karen Grabowski

    Great idea full of holiday spirit

  • You have such a thoughtful soul. Sometimes as a parent, we are already rich in what we have in the pure innocence and joy of our children. It’s so sad to see so many parents in CT not enjoy this Christmas as they had hoped. We are sponsoring a family this Christmas to help give back, but this is such a great tribute to those who need it most, too.

  • Laura

    Thank you for doing this Annie. You have a huge heart! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • branny

    One of the best giveaways I’ve seen :)

  • Dani

    Wonderful idea!

  • I love this idea!

  • Amanda B

    How wonderful! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Courtney Lewis

    Thank you SO much for this! What a wonderful way to show the true meaning of the season! xo

  • This is amazing.

  • What a special way to start my day! After reading this, it brought tears to my eyes and a joy to my heart! Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas.

  • Catherine

    Great idea!

  • jaclynscookies

    LOVE this idea Annie. Thanks!

  • Caroline

    Awesome idea! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Susan

    This is a wonderful idea – thank you for sharing the true spirit of the season!

  • Wonderful idea!

  • Lauren

    Lovely! I am thinking of sending out Christmas cards to family with a note inside, along the lines of ‘I gave your Christmas present to someone else . . . . . ‘

  • Thank you for adding The Center for Global Impact to your list! I back this organization 100%!

  • Denise

    This is very kind, Annie.

  • rahaf damra

    Oh God this is beautiful. This beats any giveaway easily. If I win this, it fulfills all giveaways for the rest of my life.
    You are awesome Annie!

  • Emilee

    This gesture is so cool! Thanks for doing this Annie!

  • Kira Hartgrove

    What a great idea!!! I can’t wait!

  • Meghan Hunt

    Through the research of the March of Dimes, I am able to write this comment today. Thanks for including them and these other great charities in your post!

  • Kaitlin

    This is a wonderful thing to do. Thank you.

  • Thank you for including CGI!

  • I love this idea, and a few other bloggers are doing similar. I am so inspired by those I am able to follow on the blogging rounds – thanks for your generous heart. I’ve helped with Unicef before, and it is amazing work.

  • Kim

    What a great idea, and great charities that you’ve selected! Thanks Annie.

  • Dodi

    What a wonderful idea. Thanks for doing this.

  • thumpertx

    What a wonderful idea! We’ve done the same in our family in lieu of gifts. Please give to No Kid Hungry and truly deserving organization! Thanks.

  • Chantel

    My feelings exactly!
    If it weren’t for some some very generous individuals I would not be here today (living a very blessed life with a new baby boy!). I am indebted to those individuals and it has taught me that the best gift is to give back.

  • Jackie

    this is such a thoughtful giveaway. (: thank you.

  • Ann P.

    Such a great idea, Annie! I really hope I get to pick one! Merry Christmas!

  • First Book sounds like an awesome organization. Thank you for recognizing the importance of early literacy learning.

  • Jamie Martin

    This is so nice. Thank you!!


    This is a fantastic idea! Love it!

  • disqus_Cqnu9yBdDf

    Great idea Annie, so many people in this world are in need of the basics

  • Love this idea! Merry Christmas!

  • Love it!

  • Jenn

    Great organizations & great idea for a giveaway!

  • Rachel Kirby

    What a great idea. I love this giveaway!

  • Adeline Tran

    Great idea in light of recent events!

  • Amanda Toca

    What a nice idea. Thanks!

  • Heather Spooner

    Thank you for doing this, Annie. This is what Christmas should be about. Bless you!

  • Wonderful, wonderful idea. Thank you so much!

  • Jennifer

    I consider myself to be one of the biggest fans of your blog, and this idea just makes me admire you even more! Merry Christmas!

  • Mary Glenn

    I love this giveaway – much better to give than receive! They are all worthy of donations.!

  • AD

    Awesome idea :) I hope I get to choose a charity

  • Megan

    Great idea! Merry Christmas!

  • Heidi Hoffman

    Love this idea, best giveaway yet!

  • bsivasai

    Awesome idea!

  • Gloria

    Now that’s really in the spirit of the season!

  • Chin S.

    Great idea!

  • It makes me so happy to see bloggers giving back! This is truly awesome, Annie! Thanks!

  • Sydney

    Such a cool idea!!

  • Taylor

    Great idea!

  • Kristin

    I absolutely LOVE this idea. Thank you for giving back.

  • Awesome give-away, Annie… no more junk! :)

  • Sonja / A Couple Cooks

    This is such a wonderful idea, Annie! I truly admire your generous spirit, and am so excited about the ways you are giving back this year! I can’t wait to see which charities are chosen. Much love and Happy Holidays! XO Sonja

  • Melissa

    Such a thoughtful idea!

  • Awesome idea! I’m always looking for more ways to incorporate giving into the holiday season.

  • Amy

    Such a great idea! Great charities you’ve selected too!

  • Love this idea, Annie!

  • Carolyn

    This is great – I would choose St. Jude!!

  • Sarah Vasquez

    yay! that would be amazing! ill be sure to be in touch next year as it starts to come together:) happy holidays!