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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Savory Sweet Life Cookbook – Giveaway

Would you like to win a copy of this lovely cookbook?  Here’s your chance!

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me about a favorite family recipe of yours. 

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Friday, June 22 at 04:30 am EST and close on Sunday, June 24 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Four winners will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored Annie’s Eats.  I did receive a complimentary copy of this cookbook for review purposes. The opinions offered are my own.

  • Brittany Moore

    My favorite family recipe is my mother’s taco dip recipe. If I am feeding a crowd or need a go to appetizer (which is so filling that it could substitute for a meal), this is it! The mixture of ground beef with homemade taco seasoning, topped with refried beans, homemade salsa, sour cream, and cheese are always leaving people coming back for more and begging for the recipe. The best part is that it super easy to make!

  • Josh

    My mom makes a simple dish of Bowie pasta, zucchini, tomato and chicken. With a sprinkle of Parmesan, I’m back in her kitchen on a summer day.

  • Kim

    My favorite family recipe is for caramels. My mom would make them at Christmas and when her bridge club was coming. I have made this same recipe for years and always think of Mom when making them.

  • Brenna J

    My favorite family recipe is definitely my mom’s meatloaf… it’s so delicious!!

  • Vicki Mc

    When I was growing up, most of my family meals came straight out of a box – hamburger helper, kraft mac and cheese, campbells soup, instant rice, etc. I think it was a combination of a lack of time and no real love for cooking. All that to say, I don’t really have a family recipe from my mom that I love. The story could pretty much be repeated with both of my grandparents – same story, different location. However, the one thing I do make on a regular basis that my grandmother used to make is her tuna pasta salad. It’s simple; just pasta, mayo (I use greek yogurt), a can of tuna, seasoned salt, dill, parsley, pepper, sweet onions, and a couple of hard boiled eggs, but this salad instantly transports me back to time spent working on their farm during the summers.

  • Kelly S.

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mom’s chicken gravy and rice…it is total comfort food for me!

  • Melissaconstance

    My mom’s recipe for a chocolate chip cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache. She always made it at holidays and for parties!

  • Lhtodd

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s salsa that she cans in August each summer with the tomatoes and peppers she grew in her garden! The jars are like gold in our family and we still fight over who gets how many!

  • Julie B

    Grandma’s Potato Salad…problem is, there is no recipe. Everyone always loved her potato salad, but she never wrote it down. My mom finally learned how to make it, but I don’t know if SHE wrote it down either! Now she’s gone…hopefully, the recipe will be found in her stash.

  • Dawn

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s chicken noodle soup. When I was younger I used to beg my “nanny” to make it and she would always be amazed at how much I ate! It taught me that homemade is so much better than the stuff from the can. Today she is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and every time I make it I think of the fabulous lady she is and all the love that can be expressed through cooking. It really is something that warms the heart!

  • Sandy

    yummy pumpkin bars!

  • Nupur

    My favorite family recipe is something my parents invented when they were medical students on a shoestring budget. It is called egg onion float, with sauteed onions and tomatoes, then you make wells and breaks eggs into the wells and let them cook. So simple and delicious for supper!

  • Darlisa

    favorite family recipe would be my mom’s pecan’s soo good!!

  • Holly

    What a yummy sounding cookbook that would be great in my collection! One of my favorite family recipes is my Grandma’s green jello salad. I miss it every holiday since she’s passed and try to recreate it exactly the way she did.

  • Dont really have any, but we did do a christmas eve crab dinner that was always the same. Fresh crabs bought at about 5 am (they sold out on the holiday, so had to be there super early and there was a line!) from the seafood market that brought them in overnight from their boat. Basic salad mix with french dressing. Sourdough bread sliced and buttered. No other dressings, no toasting of bread. Nothing could be different.

  • Ndmottlow

    My favorite homemade recipe were my moms homemade tacos which she would fill and fry…delicious!!!

  • Pineapple Bake. My mother-in-law makes it for every special occassion, and I can never quite duplicate it.

  • Julie

    Growing up my grandma made my dad sour cream cookies all the time. He loves those cookies. Now that my grandma has passed away, I learned how to make them so I can keep making them for him!

  • Cara

    We always make this baked spinach dish for the holidays- spinach, feta, eggs, onions…no real recipe just delicious!

  • Audrey

    One of my favorite family recipes is my Grandma’s tabouli.

  • Chocolate peanut butter balls – a recipe passed down from my great grandma. We have them at every family event, including my wedding!

  • Jean

    We love pizza… And one of our favorites is thin crust with ham, pineapple, fresh jalapeños, red onions, and pepper jack cheese. Yum! On the grill in the summer? Yes, please!

  • Jbfratz

    My mom’s homemade baked mac and cheese. Always nice and creamy and so yummy.

  • Michele Morningstar

    One of my favorite recipes has got to be the Harrowsmith version of banana muffins. I have such fond memories of my mother flicking through the tattered book to this page, and whipping up those mouth-watering muffins for my sister and I to enjoy during the week. Now that I’ve moved out of the family home, I still make those muffins and bring some back for my sister and mother. They are insanely good!!

  • Mary

    My mom was a good (basic) cook & although I make many different mac & cheese recipes, hers is still my favorite!

  • Sooze

    My grandmother’s homemade chicken noodles – homemade noodles and broth from scratch. I’m vegetarian now, but if Grams was still alive, id probably make an exception just for her!

  • amy beth marantino

    my mom’s recipe for chicken and broccoli is awesome

  • Megan

    My favorite is Candy Cane Christmas Cookies.

  • Katie

    We have a pasta dish that my mom makes with lots of garlic, parmesan cheese and scrambled egg — I know it sounds weird, but it’s delicious and I always asked for it on my first night home from camp!

  • Liz

    My favorite family recipe is actually a group of recipes. Each holiday season, my mom, sister, and I have a girls baking day and make our traditional Christmas goodies (candied pecans, seasoned crackers, and of course a bunch of cookies!)

  • Stacey

    Wedding soup passed down and tweaked by each generation… Time consuming, but so worth it!

  • Mollymk

    My grandma’s homemade chicken and noodles are tough to beat. My grandpa was always proud of how thinly she cut her noodles, something I still struggle to do!

  • Valerie

    My mom’s goulash. I have tried to recreate it but I can’t get it right.

  • Karianne

    My moms apple pie is my favorite family recipe. Nothing else compares!

  • Julianne

    My mother-in-law’s cold coffee cake!! I have her handwritten recipe and bake it for all our birthdays!!

  • jabmorris

    My favorite family recipe would be teriyaki steak.

  • Lisa

    My grandmother is Italian and my mom learned how to cook from her. Some of my most vivid food memories are big Italian feasts for the holidays or just Sunday dinner. Meatballs, sausages, gnocchi, tortellini, lasagna. Any of these would be considered a favorite!

  • Emily

    Mmmmm, my parents make the best beef stroganoff. Makes me want to get the ingredients for dinner tonight!

  • Briana Kaya

    We love Trisha Yearwood’s cook book so when we started eating healthier we remade her broccoli chicken casserole with greek yogurt quinoa and less cheese. Tastes amazing! We love it!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, I would love to own this book!
    And perfect timing–my cousins are coming over soon, and I’m sure they would appreciate such delicious food as this cookbook shows!!!

  • Kathleen

    My Mom’s meatloaf! For as often as I cook, I still to this day cannot recreate her recipe (and boy have I tried).

  • I love my Mom’s dressing at Thanksgiving!

  • Jessie M.

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s (and her mom’s before her, and so on) tomato sauce (or gravy, as some would call it). It’s traditional and deceptively simple and oh, so good.

  • Lisa @ Tastetastic Voyage

    My favorite family recipe would be a chicken casserrole that my grandfather loved. Creamy chicken with stuffing on top and baked. He called it his Thanksgiving.

  • Jo H.

    Porcupine Meatballs . . .yum!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mom’s recipe for penne pasta with peas, onion, garlic, and bacon. When I miss her, it’s the first think I make!

  • Lauren Wrong

    My mom makes a recipe for seasoned pretzels which are addictive!

  • Jennifer Bulpitt

    One of my grandmother’s best friends used to make homemade toffee every year to hand out for Christmas gifts. Eating it and making it makes me think of her and years and years of enjoying her delicious thoughtfulness.

  • Marissa

    Favorite for my family is chili. They all request this meal the most.

  • Our barbecue sauce… it was my great grandmother’s recipe and we keep handing it down and putting our own spin on it. Every time we make it, it gets rave reviews!

  • Loribax

    One of our favorite family recipes is Potatoes Annna. We never tire of eating them.

  • melissa

    My mom has the most amazing ice cream recipe that i LOVE!

  • Alisa

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s grilled chicken. Delicious marinade, comes together easily…it’s the whole deal!

  • Katie A

    My favorite family recipes are those of my Italian grandma! From her ricotta pie to linguini with clam sauce they are all so delicious!

  • Gail

    Favorite family recipe? Banana bread! Wish I could make it as well as my mom does!

  • Tomnheidi

    My favorite is by far the cut out cookies. As long as I can remember, the women (and girls) in the family have been making my grandmother’s recipe. There are a couple secret ingredients which I can’t share, but no other cookie out there anywhere tastes just like it and everyone love love loves them. It’s the earliest cookie I ever remember making and now I get to share it with my own daughter. I can’t wait to pass this legacy down since my grandmother has not been with us since 1990. Every time I make and eat those cookies, the memories just flood right back in of rolling out the dough with her and licking the frosting off our fingers. :)

  • Lasagna is a favorite family recipe. My mom would always make it if we were having a big family gathering, and it just equates comfort food!

  • Kriera

    my mom handed down her deviled egg recipe to me– everyone always asks me to bring it!

  • Katie Maliszewski

    My grandma’s cookie recipes are the best anywhere. The yield of the recipes is huge — my grandma was cooking not only for her own six-person family, but also the crew of hired hands on the farm!

  • Mriesenberg

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s dressing (or stuffing) at Thanksgiving. I look forward to it every year and one of these years we are going to have to get her recipe so we can start trying to help her with it so we can pass on the delicious tradition!

  • KT

    Would definitely like to try out the recipe in this book…YUM! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anna Rsanders


  • Heather N

    My mom wasn’t exactly a “cook” and neither were my grandmothers. That is why cookbooks and now blogs have become such an integral part of my life. There are only three recipes that we actually ask my mom to make. The first is pineapple bake, which we only get at Easter and is pretty much just pineapple, bread, butter and sugar that is put in the oven; probably better for our health that it was once a year. Basic potato salad is the second and I can’t figure out how she makes that one so well. Finally, her baked beans, which my husband asks for all the time, are store bought with the addition of ketchup, mustard, brown sugar and syrup. It was kind of like hmmmm what is in my refrigerator right now so these taste a little better than right out of the can. My mom is pretty awesome despite her culinary skills.

  • Joyce

    My mom’s salsa – which is really more like tomato chutney. I can eat it by the spoonful! Just found your blog and have been enjoying it the past few days. Thanks!

  • Amy C.

    My favorite family recipe would probably be my grandmother’s strawberry pretzel salad. Even though this is a widely known dish, growing up I always thought it was one of a kind to our family because none of my friends had heard about it! We had it at every holiday, and grandma made sure to make a big batch because it always disappeared quickly!

  • Bree

    My family loves a basic pork loin in the crockpot, either shredded to go with burritos, over a salad, or with some balsamic dipping sauce.

  • Amanda J Lumpkin

    My favorite family recipe is my Grandmother’s chicken and noodles. Simply delicious!

  • Maggie

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s chocolate mousse. It’s the best I’ve ever had! The funny thing is, my mother, my sister and I also use the exact same recipe but we can never quite get the same consistency that Gram got. Still tastes good though :)

  • Rose

    My favorite family recipe is Southern Spice Cake. My mom made it for holidays and birthdays. It was my great-grandfather’s recipe. Now I have to bake one this weekend.

  • Sophie

    A favorite summer family recipe is a spicy grilled chicken with a watermelon salsa. I serve it with corn on the cob and a light green salad.

  • Sandie Custer

    my grandma always used to make chicken wrapped in bacon slow cooked with cream of mushroom soup for special birthdays- so good!

  • Brittany Persson

    Since it is summer my favorite family recipe is hamburgers. Stuffed with parsley, onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes of course.

  • Amanda

    My grandma’s (and my great grandpa’s before her) cinnamon rolls!

  • Racheal

    I think my favorite family recipe is my mom’s chili. She’d make a big batch of it and we would eat it for the next few days. It helped my mom who raised me as a single parent for years after my dad passed away to keep the grocery budget down. To this day I still make the same chili recipe and it reminds me of home.

  • Hilary

    My favorite family recipe is from my grandma. It’s her mac & cheese. (Sorry Annie! I’ve made a lot of yours but my grandmas is still my fave : ) Sadly, she passed away and I can’t find the recipe. I’m on a perpetual quest to replicate it.
    The cookbook looks awesome!

  • Claire

    My mom’s ‘Doc’s Blue Ribbon Brownies’ from scratch were always a favorite- dusted with powdered sugar!

  • Allison Coe

    I love my grandmother’s cut-out sugar cookie recipe and her frozen chocolate pie recipe too.

  • Jill

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mother in laws potato salad. It is a bit unusual as it has both ham and pickles. It is super yummy for the summer months.

  • Allison Coe

    I love my grandmother’s cut-out sugar recipe and her frozen chocolate pie recipe too

  • Erica H.

    My favorite family recipe is a recipe from my grandma for cheeseburger soup, that I transformed in to a broccoli, cheese, potato soup. It gets the kids to eat there broccoli, and it tastes wonderful :)

  • Michelle

    Green Garbage….aka Pistachio dessert. Pistachio pudding, cool whip, walnuts, crushed pineapple all mixed together and chilled. We serve it at almost every family gathering. My grandfather coined the name years ago and it stuck.

  • Sue

    Cheiko’s Egg Rolls! Mom & Dad received the recipe from a Japanese exchange student in the 60’s and they have been a family treat ever since. Dad has passed the recipe on to me and we make large batches to freeze everytime he visits.

  • Jbcorson

    I grew up with an amazing cook, my Mom. She made everything by scratch. I cannot pin one of my favorites, so I wills ay that her apple pie, cole slaw, fried chicken and lasagna are the best I have ever had in my life. I cannot replicate the cole slaw, have come close on the pie and lasagna though. I hop amy kid shave the same kind of food memories from me!

  • Yasmine

    my favorite family recipe would have to be my mom’s lamb biryani–combination of tender meat, rice and spices slow cooked to perfection!

  • steph a

    Easter bread. My fiances mother taught me how to make it , and I feel like it means I’m really part of the family now. Learning all the family recipes. Its a milk bread and we make strawberry freezer jam to go with it.

  • J Caporali

    Pumpkin bars are my family favorite! They are sweet, but not too sweet, delicious and perfect. Not to mention they make the house smell amazing while baking which is all part of the memory!

  • Rachel B.

    My favorite family recipe is my mother’s recipe for macaroni and cheese. It’s one of the few things she frequently made for us that didn’t come from a box and it was (and still is) my favorite macaroni and cheese recipe!

  • Gosh, there are many. The first one that came to mind is poppy seed chicken. It’s super simple- shredded chicken, cooked noodles, one can of cream of chicken, and sour cream mixed together. Topped with crushed Ritz crackers and poppyseed mixture. It’s comfort food that we take to people when needed.

  • Rachel Tilly

    Growing up my favorite was my mom’s buttermilk chicken. Now, I know how to make it and my husband loves it as well!

  • Kari

    My grandma made the best cake…Pig Lickin’ Cake. It’s great for summer. Light and airy yellow cake with a fruity frosting. Delicious!

  • Jill Rosno

    Our favorite family recipe is my grandmothers crispy rolls. She’s now in her late 80s and so now we are all trying to learn the tricks she uses to make these delicate, round pastry treats topped with sugar and nuts! The entire town of Hershey, NE (less than 800) knows whose treats to eat at church functions!

  • Leslie G

    One of my favorite recipes is my grandmas Swedish pancakes. Even though she’s gone, I know that it’s going to be passed down because my kids gobble them up like no other meal.

  • Kristin

    We have to have my grandma’s homemade rolls at major holidays. They’re a bit on the sweet side, but oh so good & wonderfully tender. I’ve learned to make a double batch, & use half for cinnamon rolls or sticky buns.

  • Sadie

    My grandmother made a bean, rice and kale stew type meal. No one can reproduce it.

  • Heather

    We have 2 favorite family recipes that always seem to be requested for birthdays and any other day of the year- meatloaf and my Grandma’s spaghetti. Both are delicious and make great leftovers!

  • JM

    My favorite family recipe is most definitely my mom’s beef bourguignon served over some chunky mashed potatoes…or strawberry rhubarb pie…it’s a toss-up.

  • Aimee

    My mom is an amazing cook so it is difficult to pick just one. I love her chicken and dumplings. It is just creamy, delish comfort food.

  • Alexa

    My grandmother’s meatloaf. It has no real measurements because she lives in Israel, so getting ingredients in any amount is often challenging.

  • my favorite family recipe would have to be “sauce.” it’s a homemade pasta sauce that takes most of the day to make so all the flavors come through. it’s BEST with homemade meatballs and rigatoni :)

  • Allison

    One of my favorite family recipes is for my mom’s Thanksgiving Salted Peanut Chews. Its not a revolutionary recipe…its a very simple one…but EVERY Thanksgiving my dad, sister and I practically make ourselves sick gobbling these up! They start with a base of yellow cake mix, followed with a caramelly peanut layer and topped with marshmallows…perfect combo of salty and sweet!

  • SimplySusan

    Fruit cobbler, any variety. Simply made with fresh fruit, bisquick, milk and sugar. Put together in less than an hour including cooking time. Great with homemade vanilla ice cream, another family favorite.

  • Melissa B

    My grandmother is such a wonderful cook. She has had blueberry bushes as long as I can remember and our favorite summer recipe is her blueberry crunch. It is similar to the blueberry pizza recipes floating around. I think of her each time I make it, and always get requests for the recipe.

  • SUPE

    Our family is actually famous for our cheesecake recipe!

  • Sara

    My mother recreated my dad’s favorite lunch from his high school. We ate it 2-3 times per month growing up. It was essentially mashed potatoes topped with noodles and chicken in a cream sauce. Terrible for you, but delicious. :)

  • My favorite family recipe came from my husband’s side of the family. It’s shredded pork tacos started in the pressure cooker then simmered on the stove with diced tomatoes and spices until you can’t resist the smell any more. All the brother’s wives had to learn to make them.

  • Joy B.

    My dad would make creamed asparagus over toast from the fresh asparagus in our garden when I was a kiddo. I loved it so much and I remember it was such a comforting food to me. It must have been super delish for me to love it as a kid! ;)

  • Shannon Haas

    At my bridal shower, my aunt gave me a handwritten book of our family recipes. It was very touching when I read the entry for my grandfather’s swedish meatballs. They are a great party appetizer!

  • Kelly B.

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my great-grandma’s banana cake. It has been passed down to my grandma, mom, and now me. I cannot wait to continue to make it and pass it down to my children :)

  • Catherine

    My favorite family recipe is Thanksgiving stuffing, I think it’s just one of those things that always remind you of growing up and no matter how many different ones you try or even like, none of them compare.

  • Michelle Hudak

    My favorite family recipe was always tuna pinwheels! Biquick and tuna in a cream sauce of some sort…not even really sure what it was, but it was always delicious!

  • amanda

    my mom makes delicious russian teacakes every year at christmas — with pleeeeeeenty of butter

  • bethany

    my favorite meal growing up was my mom’s taco salad. it is still a guilty pleasure!

  • Holly

    Growing up my mom was very creative on her incredibly limited budget. Whenever I make Goulash I always think of her and it brings back a little piece of my childhood. It’s nice to have those connections from time to time.

  • Erica Delling

    My favorite family recipe is a red velvet cake recipe given to me by my in-laws. It was one of those “secret” family recipe’s that I gained once I earned my grandmother in-laws, and mother in-law’s approval. Since getting the recipe I have been making it for our family birthdays and special occasions and feel so special to be a part of the tradition.

  • Mkkiyomik

    Birthday dinners for a family on a budget were still extra special because we did them potluck style! The birthday girl could request her favorites from relatives and have all the best at once! One of my personal favorites is butterfly flank steak (thanks, Mom!) – marinated, breaded and fried. And still delicious even COLD the next day!

  • Jennifer Peake

    My favorite family recipe is my Dad’s Beef Stroganoff. I always loved when he made it, and can still remember the smell the kitchen would take on as he prepared it.

  • Cindy S.

    My Mom’s homemade noodles that only get made for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have such fond memories of the entire family helping with the whole process, the squeak of Mom’s noodle cutter, and from sneaking bites of noodle dough throughout!

  • Sara Chenery

    My favorite family recipe is my Dad’s pan fried Walleye. He’s a fisherman and taught my husband how to fish and lets us take home what they catch when we go out. I’ve put a new spin on his walleye coating it with crushed pretzels and it made me a believer in fish dinners!

  • Ashleigh

    Baked applesauce…it’s a must at family get-togethers! :)

  • My favorite family recipe is my Pop-Pop’s pound cake recipe. He owned a bakery for many years and passed his recipes down to me. I use this recipe all the time for cakes and cupcakes.

  • Ally

    I love my mom’s scalloped potatos and ham. She made it to use up leftovers and it far surpasses the original meal.

  • Drkevans

    My favorite family recipe is a tuna salad my mom made when she had the “ladies” over for lunch. It was made of tuna, hard boiled eggs, shredded carrots, a little mayo and chow mein noodles. I thought I was a grown up when I was allowed to have some! :)

  • kate C.

    I have a lot of favorite family recipes… the one I am thinking of right now is: cranberry apple pie. Also, no holiday would be complete without tapioca fruit salad. :)

  • Christine P

    My Mom’s scalloped potatoes…yum!

  • Alicia R.

    My family didn’t have lot of money growing up and so my mom made the most of what she had. With a family of 5 (and eventually 6 but I was a senior in high school and on my way out of the house) my mom had to get very creative. The one thing that my mom would make that would get all us kids excited (and I still make to this day) is her goulash. There is just something about a slice of buttered bread with a bowl of hot goulash that says home. Its really simple, hamburger seasoned with chopped onion and garlic powder, simmered in tomato juice and tomato paste blended with elbow macaroni.

  • Sara

    There are so many favorite recipes I associate with my mom and grandma, but one of the best is meatballs and gravy. So good!

  • Ari

    My family has a really good lamb chili that we make in the winter.

  • Michele B

    My favorite would have to be my mom’s caramel popcorn balls. Time intensive, but delicious

  • tiffany and ryan

    We used to have something called uncle tommy’s chicken, which was a light pan fried chicken (not a heavy crust though) and then it had a delicious pan gravy that was made from the drippings. It is hard to describe but was really good.

  • Kalyn

    One of my favorite family recipes is my grandma’s chocolate sheet cake – nothing like it!

  • Samantha Lewandowski

    An all time fave of mine is tuna noodle casserole, which I know sounds odd, but it’s such comfort food. It was also my top choice for my birthday and other occasions. My mom still makes it for me :)

  • Melanie

    My favorite thing that my mom made growing up was quiche. Now my son loves it too!

  • mom’s meatball stromboli – to DIE for!

  • Marilyn

    My favorite family recipe is carrot cake. My mom taught me how to make it asa child, and now I make it for my husband and his family. :)

  • Tanya M

    In my family, my grandmothers Red Velvet Cake was a birthday staple!

  • Teela C

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s chili…it’s absolutely the best chili ever :-)

  • Shoyle80

    My grandmother makes these amazing cookies with melted white chocolate, dark chocolate, and nuts. Delicious!

  • Erin

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s homemade chicken nuggets. A little lemon pepper, a little sea salt, and a lot of love. So much better than fast food! I can’t wait to be able to make them for my little one.

  • Megan

    My favorite family recipe would have to be our chicken casserole…probably because of all the memories associated with it!

  • Aviva

    Baked egg casserole!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mom’s chocolate chip cheesecake. The recipe is written on a classic index card and she makes it every Thanksgiving. It is by far her best!

  • Amada

    Definitely my mom’s sweet noddle pudding/kugel. She makes it for all the major Jewish holidays (except Passover, where she substitutes Matzah for the egg noddles). It’s simple and super yummy.

  • Jenny E.

    My favorite family recipe is a cookie that my mom makes at Christmas. I can’t recall the name of them, but they are crescent in shape and have a light fluffy filling. They are the best and it isn’t Christmas without those.

  • anniebakes

    My mom was the Queesn of casseroles, and I still love them to this day! anne

  • Kelsey

    Grandma’s pumpkin bread… We only make it once a year, and I look forward to it year-round. Over the years, I have tried tweaking the recipe, but it is never as good as the original.

  • Djwammyt

    Chicken Squares. Shredded chicken and cream cheese wrapped in crescent dough.

  • Ecelia

    One of our favorite family recipes is curry! We cook up a big pot of Japanese style curry and ladle it over rice or pasta, whatever we have on hand and there’s always plenty of leftovers for lunches the next few days!

  • The Home Cook

    My mom’s potato salad is a staple at every summer cookout. It’s a simple recipe but perfect every single time.

  • Merdunning

    We love Snickerdoodle Bars….they are like a combo of Snickerdoodles and cinnamon rolls….soooo yummy.

  • Katie

    My favorite family recipe is my great aunt Mary’s molasses cookie recipe.

  • Allison P

    My favorite family recipe is my great-aunt’s lemon poppyseed bread. She has been making it since I was very young, and it always reminds me of her, home, and time with my family.

  • Lindsey J

    One of my favorite family recipes is so simple but so good – Scottish shortbread…..we make it every Christmas and used it as the favor for our wedding. It is such a wonderful comfort food :)

  • Tara

    Lasagna. My mom makes it from scratch and still makes it for me for my birthday every year.

  • My favorite family recipe is for pizzelle cookies. Everyone seems to love them too. Friends’ children fight over them at Christmas time.

  • JenK

    Just made it for Father’s Day… Spinach Roll. A pasta sheet latered with a mix of spinach, ricotta and cheese, then rolled up like a pumpkin roll. Once it’s boiled, you slice it, top it with marinara sauce and warm in the oven. Yum! Luckily, I have multiple servings in the freezer.

  • Amy Markopoulos

    My fiance and I are starting to make our own favorite recipes – right now it would be a chicken parmesan that goes with homemade red sauce.

  • Sadie L

    Like another reader’s comment, my favorite family recipe is my mother’s Mexican Bean Dip– It was ALWAYS the star of the party and a requirement at EVERY event :) So simple, yet so so satisfying; taco meat mixed with refried beans, topped with circular patterns of a chili seasoned sour cream, shredded cheese, and shredded lettuce. Serve it up with the big Fritos Scoops and voila! Pure bliss in dip form! :)

    If I had to pick a second recipe it would have to be my step-father’s Sloppy Joes made with tomato soup. An integral part of the recipe to include serving them with a side of Utz potato chips– totally gut-wrenching considering they don’t sell Utz here where I live.

    Great…. now I’m starving! :)

  • Kelli B.

    My grandmother’s sugar cookies. Her recipe is just listed ingredients and she never measured anything so I’ve had to play with it to get it right. They are perfect to make at Christmas.

  • My all-time favorite “family” recipe is my mom’s chocolate pie recipe, which is technically my great-grandmother’s chocolate pie recipe. It’s simple, but sooo tasty. I’d request it for my birthday growing up, instead of cake.

  • Katie Ellen

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s signature Whoopie Pies. They’re the best!

  • Andrea

    Favorite family recipe during the summer would be fruit slush. Makes me miss home!

  • Tiffani

    My family has a sourdough bread recipe that we all pass around and keep on hand. We always polish off one of the three loaves straight out of the oven.

  • Angela

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious and no matter what I do, I can’t make them taste the same!

  • Kali

    My favorite family recipe was my mothers grandmothers red velvet cake and frosting. The frosting totally makes the cake and I have never seen a recipe like this frosting anywhere else. It’s not a cream cheese frosting that is usually traditional to red velvet…. It’s BETTER!!

  • Chrysti Benner

    One of my favorite family recipes is my great-grandmother’s chicken noodles. Very simple, but tasty comfort food.

  • Noel

    One favorite recipe I have from going up would be my mom’s blueberry pancakes. It’s a breakfast favorite for me and my children and one requested for every birthday breakfast.

  • Megan B

    My grandma makes the BEST lasagna and passed the recipe down to my mom. Now that I have my own house it’s my go-to when we entertain!

  • Kristel Van Gheem

    My mom has always made “chicken cordon bleu casserole”. All the elements of chicken cordon bleu in casserole form. So yummy and creamy. I’d love to win this book! Thanks for the chance!

  • Suzanne

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s cream cheese pound cake. I can’t think of a special occasion where it wasn’t featured!

  • Kim

    Every year at Christmas, it is a tradition for the women of my mom’s family to make meat pies. My grandma is gone now, but I can still picture her hands working on the pies, teaching me how to flute the edges. Such precious memories! Now, my daughter has joined us in the tradition. Hopefully, someday she will look back on it as fondly as I do.

  • My favorite family recipe is for kolacky. It is my great aunt’s recipe that has been handed down and used by our family. Every Christmas, my mom and I bake a huge batch for work, family, and friends. Special AND delicious!

  • Rachel

    My mom is a great home cook- I love her comfort food: lasagna, stroganoff, baked mac and cheese, (baked) fried chicken.

  • Dana M.

    My favorite family recipe has to be my Nanny’s chicken and dressing. She used to make it every Thanksgiving–and it was perfect. Moist, a little sweet (from the cornbread), a little salty, the right balance of all the spices. The recipe has since been passed to me and I make it each year but somehow it still doesn’t tasted just *exactly* like my memories!

  • Robyn

    My favorite family recipe is my Grandma’s matzoh ball soup. No one makes it like her, and I always beg her to make me an extra batch to keep in the freezer at all times. It’s the only soup my non soup loving husband will eat, and with gusto!

  • Jeanie

    I miss the days when my kids were young and you just couldn’t
    make enough Rice Krispie squares. Although, why am I letting
    their ages now stop me!?

  • Jamie Lynn Anderson

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s poppyseed bread. Always reminds me of holiday mornings.

  • Oh, one of my favorite family recipes is for hot fudge. Sundae’s every day!

  • Andrea E

    My kids LOVE my Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins! I always have a stash on hand in the freezer!

  • Abby

    My favorite family recipe is oven mashed potatoes that we make on thanksgiving. My mouth is watering while I type :)

  • Katherine Brown

    One of my favorite family recipes is beef and bean burritos. Just a simple burrito but my dad totally believes that presentation is 90% of someone enjoying a meal so he stacks tortilla chips in refried beans on the side of the plate and drizzles sauce or salsa on the burritos to make it look delicious.

  • Leigh Ann Smart

    One of our family favorites is Chicken Parm. It’s quick, easy, delicious, can feed a crowd, and it’s just as good with gluten free noodles, which means my hubby loves it too!

  • Jodi

    My favorite family recipe comes from mother in law. She makes all kinds of wonderful treats but her blueberry pie is a classic. Luckily she was happy to train me in her ways.
    I’m still suspicious when she gives me a recipe. They never tastes as good as her creations, perhaps she leaves out an ingredient or just adds a little extra butter.

  • Carolyn Mccambridge

    One of my favorites is my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I later discovered she got the recipe her brother’s ex wife. Ha!

  • Cynthia

    It’s so hard to think of just one recipe. I was blessed to grow up in a family full of cooks, but I think I got excited every time I saw my mom take a bag of my granmdother’s frozen cream corn out of the freezer. My mom and grandmother would spend days shucking and cooking the corn. It is so yummy I can’t wait to freeze some of my own at the end of the summer!

  • Casey

    We all love my Dad’s Chili!

  • Lucy

    My favorite recipe is one of my mom’s chicken! She rolls a chicken breast around feta cheese, then to keep it wrapped closed, she wraps prosciutto around it! It is so delicious! It reminds me of the old family parties we used to have.

  • Stacie

    My Mother makes the most fantastic Mac-N-Cheese from scratch. Any time I make it I always think of her and how excited we all got when it was time for dinner.

  • Andrea in KS

    My mom has been making a chocolate sheet cake for years. It’s super easy and delicous. The batter is to die for…. YUM!!! It’s always requested at birthdays!

  • Amy J

    We share many yummy recipes with our families…but one that my brothers and I still share as a favorite, even as adults, are our mom’s candy cane cookies at Christmastime :-) They come from the Betty Crocker Cookie Cookbook, love ’em!

  • Megan Gaul

    I love bulgogi! And my moms summer chicken pasta salad.

  • Katy

    My favorite family recipe is a simple baked pasta dish my mom makes that we just call mostaciolli based on the kind of noodles we use!

  • Morgangriff

    My favorite family recipe is a sausage, tomato, and rigatoni dish. It’s awesome!

  • My grandma’s chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. We weren’t allowed to make them to give away, because the idea of losing a plate’s worth of a (double) batch was too horrifying. We had other recipes we gave away as gifts, but grandma’s cookies were always eaten in-house.

  • Ttopik

    Snickerdoodles…who doesn’t love anything rolled in cinnamon and sugar!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mom’s for macaroni and cheese. I request it every year for my birthday dinner and I have the recipe but, when I make it, it just doesn’t come out the same. I’m pretty sure she’s holding out on some of the steps or ingredients.

  • Angie Pasqua

    My favorite family recipe is definitely my dad’s spaghetti sauce. As a kid, Sunday afternoons were always my dad’s day to watch golf on TV and cook. We hated the golfing but loved to “help” him make dinner. His nontraditional spaghetti sauce is a family favorite and it’s taken me most of my adult life to be able to reliably recreate it. It includes A-1 sauce, Brooks catsup and Frank’s hot sauce. My second-generation Italian husband thinks it’s not even spaghetti sauce, but he still loves it!

    You’ve described this cookbook so glowingly, I’m grateful for the chance to win a copy!

  • Emmie Frank

    I love my mom’s lamb curry. It is a cozy recipe and reminds me of her making it growing up. It brings back happy memories of her and it is delicious!

  • Susan Smith

    We finally have a mexican rice recipe that is going to be our go-to from now on. Been on the search for a while!

  • Ksalter_13

    My great-grandmother’s stuffing recipe, we still make it every year for Thanksgiving and it is delicious!!!!

  • Doniamarie

    My favorite family recipe roast and mashed potatoes with brown gravy. It is so delicious!

  • My grandmother makes spaghetti the way her father did-and the combo of spices and the swirled pasta brings me back to childhood. :)

  • Eshofner

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s pasta salad. It’s a really simple recipe but a really good pasta.

  • Jenna Werner

    My family is generally very healthy, and we cook mainly from scratch. but every year for Thanksgiving my mom will make this corn pudding, it is a heart attack in a tray, and it is incredible. Definitely my favorite family recipe!

  • Jilly523

    Has to be my mom’s sour cream coffee cake…so good, sugary cinnamon and chocolate in a sour cream vanilla cake..what could be bad? Perfect for dessert and for breakfast the next mornings! yum

  • Kayla Gagne

    my moms potato pancakes! i miss them.

  • My mom’s Swedish meatball chowder is the best. Uffda!

  • Stephanie

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. Delicious!!

  • Elizabeth H

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mom’s apple pie. She adds extra apples and the crust is always perfect. Yum!

  • Liz N.

    I grew up in a traditional Filipino-American household so my favorite family recipe is pancit (rice noodles with vegetables and chicken/pork). My mom’s pancit is legendary and I hope to pass it along to my daughter. I would LOVE to win Alice’s book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Megan

    My grandmother’s lasagna! Yum!

  • LWilder

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mom’s green enchiladas. They are very simple but so delicious!

  • dek2711

    My mums Chicken Stew is something I actually dream about….def my fav.

  • My mom made a super delicious pot roast in the pressure cooker, with a wine based sauce that was soooo good. Never have had anything close to it since.

  • My mom makes incredible pot roast. It’s rich and flavorful as well as melt in your mouth tender.

  • gail

    a favorite family recipe is grilled chicken alfredo pasta

  • Ccarceneaux2

    My family favorite recipe is a crock pot roast! Even though it may be one of the easiest things to make, it’s always delicious and brings many friends/family members to the table!

  • Kathryn K.

    It might seem a bit boring, but my mama’s baked beans are the best! They chunks of crispy bacon, the sweetness of the brown sugar, and the savory-ness of the nutmeg=uh-mazing! I request them more often than not. :)

  • Emily G

    Favorite family recipe is my mom’s 7-up pound cake.

  • Ashley C.

    My favorite family recipe is chicken sopa! We eat it for dinner every Christmas Eve!

  • I think my dad’s chocolate chip walnut cookies are my favorite. As well as the rest of my family and friends too haha.

  • jaclynscookies

    This cookbook sounds amazing! One of my favorite family recipes is a pineapple bread pudding that we always make as a side dish with ham :)

  • Kelly

    I love cookbooks for the every day living….Thanks!

  • Caitlin

    My mother makes cincinatti five-way chili on a regular basis and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve eaten in my life!

  • AmyR.

    My favorite family recipe is still being figured out. My grandmother made an amazing meat sauce for on spaghetti. It was “famous” in our family, around our little country town, and in church. At her memorial service the preacher even made mention of the famous spaghetti. As with most family recipes, there was no written recipe. I made it along side of her several times & I keep trying to re-create it, but can’t quite seem to get it 100%! It’s pretty close though! And I even have her vintage pyrex bowl to serve it in – just like she always did! :)

  • Tiffany T

    We make Kringla every Christmas with my mom . It just doesn’t feel like the holidays without it!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mother’s meat sauce. Her father is from Northern Italy and they had a restaurant for several decades. This sauce is perfect and everyone who tastes it loves it. It’s my perfect comfort food.

  • Linnnelson

    My mother’s chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is the favorite of our entire family. She used to make it for every family member’s birthday.

  • Amber Durbin

    My favorite family recipe would have to be spaghetti and meatballs.

  • Hardestylc

    Toss up between mom’s homemade applesauce…would leave the whole house smelling so homey…lovely.

    And our peach jam…which is a family involved process–from picking the VA peaches which are now in season, to peeling, chopping & jamming…

    And the great feelings in sharing some of this with those you care for…friends & family…

  • Leeci

    A favorite family dish of mine would be my mothers Ackee and salt fish. It is a traditional Jamaican dish (the country’s national dish), consisting of Ackee, salted cod fish, onions, tomatoes, and spices. This was/is something my mother makes for breakfast, and growing up I remember the smell of the dish as she prepared it. I have also mastered this recipe and enjoy making it.

  • Angie

    My favorite family recipe is for an orange cake that my husband and children love.

  • Jacquelyn Beane

    A family recipe we have going now is our famous canned salsa. We made it as favors for our wedding, and people LOVED it. Now its an annual tradition!

  • Nicole N

    favorite family recipe is hands down this crazy (and often looks disgusting) hot chicken jalapeno meal…layers of chicken and jalapenos in a cheese sauce with tortillas.

  • Anne

    My favorite recipe is for lemon meringue pie. It always works and is so delicious!

  • Ariana

    My favorite meal growing up was spaghetti with my mom’s homemade tomato sauce. Made in the fall from local tomatoes, simmered on the stove for hours, and then jarred to be enjoyed for a few months. Pure flavors, but heavenly.

  • Kirsten H

    I love my family’s chicken noodle soup. It’s all made from scratch, taking all day to make, and the end result is always fabulous. Does miracles to cure colds!

  • Nicole

    My favorite family recipe is definitely my mom’s sausage bread. It was passed down by my grandmother and always made Christmas special. Growing up, my busy mom always used frozen bread dough for the bread portion, but I’ve begun making the bread from scratch and experimenting with different types and even playing with the filling. Toasted with butter, it is truly a irresistible treat!

  • Jan

    My grandmother, then my mother, then I make the family recipe for spaghetti sauce which is the only sauce for pasta in my life – really good!

  • Tracy H.

    hmm…my mom didn’t do a whole lot of cooking, but my favorite kitchen recipes would definitely be Christmas cookies….buckeyes or peanut butter. I’m also eying a fried chicken recipe that I want to get from my new mother-in-law. this cookbook sounds awesome!

  • Laura

    When my husband and I were engaged we ate at Old Chicago when we were visiting the city we’d be moving to. We’d never been there before and the smaller town where we were from definitely didn’t have any chains like that. We had a chicken alfredo pizza and, even though I didn’t really know how to cook yet, I thought “Hey….we could make this ourselves!” So we recreated it one evening shortly after. Even though my cooking and baking skills have GREATLY improved since then, chicken alfredo pizza is one of the more common requests from him. :)

  • Cole C

    My dad makes pretty great speghetti. Any more, I have been the one that makes it and everyone says mine is better. For a dessert, nothing beats my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

  • Joni Prasad

    We don’t have a lot of family recipes, since neither of my parents were particularly good cooks, but instead of regular pancakes in the morning, my dad would make us german pancakes. These resemble crepes but aren’t as rich or sweet and we would roll them up around some jam or sour cream for breakfast on special mornings. They are a family favorite, and I look forward to continuing that tradition with my own family.

  • Lauren

    My family favorite recipe is for beef stroganoff. Not your traditional version, but delicious and what I grew up with!

  • delisboys

    My Mimi made for every family holiday a batch of her zesty cheddar potatoes and it was the one food item my sister and I always looked forward to. Now that we have grown and have our own families, our spouses equally love Mimi’s potatoes, and they will pop up as a side dish at our own dinner tables. Each time we make it, we think of our whole family, the holidays, and instantly call each other the meal to tell one another that we had that dish that evening.

  • Alison Jamison

    My favorite family recipe is my paternal grandmothers “bbq” sandwich recipe which is really her homemade sloppy joes. There is nothing like it and I always have memories of my grandma standing over her stove while the grandkids played cards at the kitchen table.

  • Mrs. Smith

    One of my favourite family recipes is my mom’s Kung Pao Chicken. She made it often when I was growing up. The funny thing to me about it is that she always thought she had made it spicy (she’d warn us, “It’s spicy this time.”) and I never thought it had a bit of spiciness to it. The recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, so the first time I made it for myself in college, I put 4 teaspoons in. That did the trick! It was great! But no one in my family but me can stand it so hot so I can never make it like that if anyone else is going to eat it too.

  • Kelly Fowler

    My favorite recipe is “Nina’s Almond Coffee Cake”. it comes from my great grandmother and is just as delicious and simple now as it was then. We always make for Christmas and Thanksgiving morning.

  • Kathy

    A family favorite growing up was chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes.

  • Lisa

    I’d have to say one of my all time favorites is a pasta salad that my mom has made most of my life and now is a staple during the summer. It’s delicious!

  • Jean

    my favorite family recipe is my mom’s beef noodle soup – a traditional chinese dish that is perfect for cold winter nights and only mom can make it perfect!

  • Cferrero

    My grandma’s poppyseed cake is the one recipe that everyone absolutely loves. The top is moist and soft and sticky while the sides of the cake are firm and sturdy without being too crispy. The inside is always moist and flavorful with a delicate crumb and, when warmed- good lord, you’ll need to walk away because you simply. Cannot. Stop. Eating.

  • Taylor

    My favorite family recipe has to be the garlic bread. My mom uses a secret ingredient to enhance the garlic flavor while making the garlic break deliciously creamy and toasty on top! YUM!!!!

  • Kim

    My grandmother used to make these amazing oatmeal cookies. My sister and I craved them! While granny was alive, we’d make these just fine with her, or when we were at home. Once she passed away – no more good cookies. Not sure what happened, but the recipe no longer makes delicious cookies. They come out terrible every time. My sister and I like to pretend she cursed them. We’ve tried to recreate a number of times, and it never works. We’ve followed her recipe exactly, we’ve adjusted it…nothing works. Go figure!

  • Amanda

    I come from an Italian family, so of course my favorite family receipe is for homemade spaghetti and meatballs. My husband actually makes it best. After we make it, we always have leftovers galore!

  • Jemartin88

    My grandma makes the most amazing brisket! It is what I always request for my birthday dinner

  • Claire E.

    My great-grandmother’s tomato sauce!! Or as we call it, her “red sauce” :) She was an immigrant from Italy, so that’s all you really need to know lol. I have the fondest memories of just eating the red sauce straight from the pot, with a huge piece of fresh bread in my hand. HEAVEN

  • Krystin

    I love my mother’s chicken casserole. I know it is probably a recipe she got off the side of a soup can, but it is so delicious and just means comfort food to me.

  • DArbi

    My mother in law has an amazing lasagna recipe. It has more meat and cheese and less pasta.

  • Vanessa F.

    My mother’s cinnamon rolls!

  • Holly Mintz

    My favorite family recipe is perlo – a simple mixture of rice and chicken that is beyond delicious!

  • Ashley Anderson

    I think my favorite family recipe would be my grandmothers grapeleaves. They are SO good and no one else’s tastes as good as hers!

  • Christina

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s spaghetti bolognese!

  • Theresa

    One of our favorite family recipes is Rhubarb Crunch with a dab of vanilla bean ice cream on top! For summer or summer yum in winter, it’s the best!!!!

  • Jackie Harper

    My mom made this banana bread when I was a kid that I always thought was my grandma’s recipe, but it turns out it was from one of my mom’s friends! Still delicious though!

  • goodthymes

    My mom makes BBQ pork chops that are not of your average variety! They are fall apart tender and full of such delicious BBQ flavor that she was even featured in the newspaper at one point! I don’t make them very often because my husband dislikes pork chops but they hold dear, dear memories for me!

  • Jillc171

    my mom makes the best pierogies.

  • Caroline Newkirk

    One of my favorite family recipes is the strawberry bundt cake my mom made for me for my first birthday, and every year after that until I was in my mid-twenties and living many miles away. To this day it is one of my all-time favorite cakes! I lost my mom to a brain disease a year ago, but I am thankful for the many sweet memories I have of her, including this one.

  • Jessica Yager

    My favorite family recipe is my great great grandmother’s rolls… they are delicious! they are actually simple to make but only have 1 or 2 family secrets- it’s fun having a little secret that passes from each generation!

  • Kel

    I would have to say my favorite family recipe is “the pink stuff”. It is a dip that my dad used to make to go with potatoe chips. It is one of those things that never comes out the same twice. My four brothers and I all love it – because it reminds us of a time in our life when we were kids growing up and things were simple.

  • Diana

    My favorite family recipe has to be my grandmother’s potato salad. No one makes it quite like her.

  • Cindy

    My mother in law’s taco soup with ground beef, tomatoes, pinto beans, onions, hominy, and blend of spices served over taco chips and topped with cheese. It’s so good and always a crowd pleaser at parties, and my 5 year old even likes it! It makes you feel warm and cozy. It’s great comfort food!

  • Susan W.

    Swedish pancakes. My father would cook only rarely and he would make swedish pancakes. He had my sisters and me in the kitchen cooking up a mess. We would roll them up with lots of butter, topped with maple syrup and powder sugar. Now my children asks for swedish pancakes.

  • Favorite family meal is my mom’s enchiladas. They are cheesy and good! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Dawn

    When I was young, my grandmother used to make an almond poppyseed bread with a sugar crust. It was amazing! My grandmother died when I was still in high school, and I hadn’t had the bread in years. I was talking to my mom about it recently, and found out that she’d had the recipe THE WHOLE TIME! Ugh. I made it recently, and it tasted “just like grandma used to make”! I only wish my grandmother was still around to share it with.

  • Tiff H

    I’m a Utah Mormon, and a recipe kept sacred and holy in my family is that of the Green Jello with Pineapple and Cottage Cheese :)

  • Hunter

    Growing up my mom would always make a Banana Split Pie for my dad’s birthday each year. It’s this great “pie” that is salty/sweet crunch/creamy and is always gone within a few days. I have no idea where the recipe came from, but whenever people have it they always rave about never having had anything like it before.

  • I think my all time favorite family recipe is this very simple eggplant and tomato dish my mom does. It’s so simple yet so very good. All it is is garlic roasted in olive oil until beautifully browned, the you sautee the eggplant until tender, add some good quality canned tomatoes salt/pepper/oregano/basil and let it simmer for a few hours. It is amazing and makes a great sauce for a vegetarian lasagna if you pop it in the blender.

  • Sjearnest01

    My mom’s signature desert is a strawberry shortcake. Her shortcake recipe is a closely guarded secret.

  • AshleyL

    Apple pie, hands down! We have 3 generations of pie makers now using the same recipe. I’ve ventured out a little bit since the internet makes it to easy to find new recipes, but I’ve always come back to the same, traditional family recipe. It’s so good!

  • Sarah Brumfield

    My mom’s BBQ brisket. Hands down the best I have EVER had. She makes it on certain holidays and everyone knows to keep their hands off of the leftovers. My brother always teases me by trying to walk out the door with the margarine container of leftovers. Nice try Allen!

    Her sweet and sour meatballs come in a close second. :)

  • Vivian

    Just one? Being from a Korean family, all our favorite family recipes are Korean – kimchi chigae, dwenjang chigae, galbi, kimchi. And since my mom is literally the best Korean cook I know, they are ALL my favorites!

  • Krysten

    Oh I have so many! My mom is a wonderful cook – meatballs & oven fried rice, and chocolate confetti square – those are the first two that come to mind. I’d LOVE to win this cookbook – it looks great!

  • A favorite family recipe of mine is my mom’s banana bread. It is always incredibly moist and delicious!

  • Kristin


  • Gayle

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my grandma’s Banana Bread recipe. She was a wonderful cook and instilled in me a love for cooking and canning :)

  • Shauna L.

    My mom wasn’t much of a cook (being a single mom raising two daughers meant that we had a lot of chef boyarde when we were growing up) but she did always make an amazing coffee cake on Christmas morning. Even though I’ve been gone for 15 years, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I get back home and some some of that coffee cake :)

  • Mel H.

    My favorite family recipe is my grandfather’s chili recipe. Since he passed away, the recipe has been shared with the family & we all make it every chance we get. Delish!

  • Erin Joy

    A favorite family recipe of mine is a 10 layer jello my mom makes only at Christmas time! It takes her all day to make because of each layer needing to set, but the end result is a beautiful rainbow of jello! Worth the wait! And the leftovers are usually devoured the next day.

  • Angie

    I love our family crepe recipe. Filled with raspberry jam and whipped cream it’s awesome.

  • Ashley

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s St. Mystery Potatoes. Sounds gross, but they’re totally delicious!!

  • cherronjcsluv

    My Favorite is my mom’s rock road fudge and her baked macaroni and cheese! A dessert and dinner, but delicious! :)

  • Daniela

    Pizelles, the soft yummy homemade kind, not those crunchy ones you buy at the store!

  • Stacey

    One of my favorites is a polish sausage and potatoes casserole!

  • Shynds8

    My great-great-(I’m not really sure how many greats it is)-granny had a recipe for tea cakes that is my Nana’s favorite. She is a great cook but doesn’t do too much baking so every year for Christmas I make tea cakes for Nana. If you’ve never had them they are a cross between a biscuit and a sugar cookie. They’re not too sweet and unlike sugar cookies they’re light and fluffy rather than chewy. Plus, they are made with buttermilk which, in the south at least, is never a bad thing. We like to use Chrismas cookie cutters to cut them and then they have just a sprinkle of colored sugar on top. Okay now I can’t wait until Christmas I’ll have to make some this weekend!

  • Kristin Taylor

    My husband’s FAVORITE meal I make is my chicken packet recipe. It is basically a crescent roll filled with chicken, cream cheese and chives. They are yummy!

  • Lanette

    My mom’s potato salad. It’s so good and all my attempts don’t come close. Nothing was ever measured so it’s difficult to get it “just right”.

  • JaNae Zwan

    Every year for Christmas Eve dinner, for as long as I can remember, my mom has made a Japanese dish called sukiyaki. We take super thin sliced beef, noodles and a bunch of fresh vegetables and saute everything in a soy sauce mixture in electric frying pans right at the table. It is the meal that I look forward to all year long!

  • My grandmother makes amazing peanut butter balls (i think they’re traditionally known as Buckeyes?) that we always look forward to at the holidays

  • Chatelaine

    My Mom’s chocolate chip cake. Actually i think it was my Grandmother’s. Mom makes it for all our birthdays. I made it for my nephew’s and he loved it :)

  • Stephanie

    My favorite family recipe is blueberry cake! My grandma would send all 13 grandkids out to pick blueberries at our family camp. We would go down to the creek and pick blueberries for the cake, eating a blueberry for every 3 we picked. She would make these big cakes and we would devour them for dessert, breakfast, snack.. you name it!

  • Joyces Storer Stambaugh

    My Dad never did much cooking in the kitchen, just grilling in the summer. Sometimes though he would get up early on Saturday mornings and make Cowboy Coffeecake and that is one of my treasured recipes and best memories of my Dad.

  • Kimberly

    One of my favorite family recipes is my Mom’s spaghetti – it’s very simple, and certainly not overly authentic in it’s “Italian-ness” :) , but I love it nonetheless!

  • April

    My favorite recipe is really a collection of Christmas baked goodies that were passed down from my sweet Grandmother and wonderful Mom: Buckeyes, Chess Cake, and homemade Chex Mix to name a few.

  • Angela

    My mom’s porkchops are a family favorite. It’s breaded and fried, then coated with a sweet sauce.

  • Mary M

    My absolute favorite family recipe is my mom’s chili and chocolate chip cookies – these are my comfort foods! The chili is so basic and so delicious – meat, beans, tomato sauce. But according to my mom, it’s the love that make it so good! Her chocolate chip cookies are as big as your face and are, of course, the best straight out of the oven! Her secret: butter-flavored Crisco instead of butter. Healthy, no. Melt-in-your-mouth good, YES!

  • Shelly

    Any of my mom’s cookies!

  • mattie

    One of my favorite family recipes is a sweet potato casserole my Mom makes on Thanksgiving — it’s sweet potatoes mashed and topped with butter, brown sugar, and chopped pecans, and then baked until the sugar is all carramel-y and crisp. Side dish and dessert all in one!

  • Marie

    My mom makes the best beef stew…perfect for a cold winter’s day!

  • Sabirah

    Our Favorite family recipe is Nigerian style fried rice, When I was in boarding school in Nigeria on visiting days my mom would always bring this, till today it remains a family favorite :)

  • Renee Stromberg

    you always have/find the best cookbooks. This sounds awesome!! My favorite family recipe is nothing fancy but it’s my moms mac and cheese. It’s so freaking good, I swear she puts something addictive in it, I could eat the whole pan!

  • landensmom26

    Growing up, Mom always made a killer spaghetti. It is so quick and easy and YUMMY! My kids and hubby love it!

  • Emily

    A favorite family recipe of mine is Strawberry Cake. Both my mother and grandmother have been making this since I was little, and I recently made one for my birthday. I love the taste of real strawberries in the cake and frosting, and how it’s different than your standard white or chocolate cake.

  • Nikki

    My aunt makes twice baked potatoes that are out of this world. I only get them on Christmas though :(

  • amy

    My favorite is german chocolate cake!

  • Ruchita

    My favorite family recipe is an Indian dish my mom makes called masala dosa. It’s a treat whenver she invites me over dinner to eat her yummy food!

  • Susan

    Miami Beach Birthday Cake! My mom has been making this my whole life and it wasn’t until just recently that I learned that it was actually a recipe that my grandma found and made. My grandpa passed recently and we found the cookbook containing the original recipe. :)

  • Emily

    My Grandma used to make the most AMAZING caramel topped cinnamon rolls! We lived 13 hours away from her so we didn’t get them very often. When we went to visit it was always something I looked forward to for breakfast. She never had a shortage of them and of course were always from scratch. No one knows the exact recipe as she made most things without a recipe and now has Alzheimer’s – we’ve gotten close, but no one can beat her originals!

  • Ardunning

    Spaghetti and Meatballs. Sounds boring, but the recipe is delicious with melt in your mouth meatballs…..too bad it’s summertime and I’m unlikely to be making these until Fall rolls around.

  • Kellie

    My Mom’s chicken tacos are probably our family’s favorite recipe. There is something so comforting about them.

  • Katie Chandler

    Creamy Lemon Pepper Orzo is a family favorite

  • MollyH

    I make a peanut butter pork tenderloin that both my husband and son adore (they’re huge PB fans!). I can’t wait to try out the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes you posted today…they might just be dessert at my son’s 2nd b-day party!

  • Lmcovington

    My favorite family recipe is hard to pick because I have a lot of fond memories of my mom’s cooking growing up! I’d have to say my favorite would be mom’s deviled eggs. I’ve never tasted deviled eggs as good as hers – they are always her staple at family get togethers!

  • Danielle

    Two of my favorite family recipes (because I can’t decide between the two), are my mom’s “Apple Dumplings” and “Banana Bread” – two things that make the house smell amazing and that are relatively easy to make. The apple dumplings are amazing in the fall, using freshly-picked apples from the local orchard… Yum!

  • Erica

    Portuguese stuffing! It is spicy and hardly ‘traditional’, but it is wonderful and I look forward to enjoying it each year at Thanksgiving. So thankful my grandpa is around to pass on the family recipe.

  • Jill

    My grandmother’s coleslaw, though no one can seem to recreate it…

  • Loren Elisabeth

    A favorite of my whole family is my Grandmother’s meatball recipe with spaghetti and freshly made marinara. It’s one of the only meals that EVERYONE will actually enjoy eating, so I make it quite frequently.

  • megan

    My aunt makes amazing hazelnut cookie

  • LO_TS

    Our favourite family recipe would be the orange cookies my husbands gran bakes. Can’t wait for the recipe to be passed down to us because they are the softest, tastiest cookies i’ve ever tasted!

  • Swattlesworld

    Our favorite family recipe is Pav Bhaji – a mix of several indian vegetables in an indian spicy sauce eaten with square shaped buns that have been roasted in butter. Yum!

  • Dawn L.

    My favorite family recipe is probably my mom’s stuffing that she makes at Thanksgiving. It’s a recipe (I think) that she found a loooooong time ago that was used by some fancy-schmanzy restaurant. It is the best stuffing I have ever tasted, and I’ve had a lot! People seem pretty married to a certain kind of stuffing, I’ve noticed.

  • sydneyr

    no matter what the occasion, artichoke dip. It is made at every family event and devoured within minutes. We love our cheese so it is as cheesy as can be and delicious!

  • Courtney Mislan

    My husband always requests my meatballs and carrot cake for his birthday meal. The meatballs are my great-grandfather’s recipe passed down to me by my mom. They’re definitely a family favorite!

  • Genielin

    Beef Stroganoff is my family favorite… dad made it the best!

  • April

    My family’s never been big on cooking (I learned to do that from you, Annie!). But baking…. Ohhh baking is another story! My favorite recipe is for Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies. They’re so simple and not very pretty, but evoke soooo many great childhood memories every time I eat one! :)

  • Hcanfield81

    I just recently came across an old family recipe for oatmeal cake with broiled topping! It is amazingly decadent and only to be eaten on special occasions! I love the older recipes because they are so easy just put everything in bowl and stir it up. P.S. I love love love your blog have been reading and cooking from it almost daily! Thank you for all the awesome recipes and tips.

  • Kendall Park

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s banana pudding. I love it so much, we served it at our wedding as our groom’s cake!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Kayla Johnson

    My momma makes THE best chicken fried steak in the world. This is agreed upon by everyone in our family, my daddy included, who used to be a truck driver and ate many different chicken fried steaks in many different restaurants in many different cities/states, and always came home asking for Momma’s.

    Within the last year, I have been let in on the secret of how she makes it, and while I don’t see how it makes that much of a difference, I’m not going to question it, because it’s delicious and it’s my favorite meal ever.

    My daddy also makes the best cornbread dressing in the world, for Thanksgiving, handed down to him from his mom, who received it from HER mom, and… well, I don’t know if it goes any farther back, but I know that because I grew up eating that every fall, no other dressing/stuffing has come remotely close.

    This cookbook looks fatnastic! I’m really intrigued by which you said about how it’s organized! That sounds SO much better than the typical way!

  • Bridget

    I make a ‘Rustic Potato Soup’ with kale, sausage, chicken broth – all kinds of good stuff. My husband says it makes him feel good because it’s tasty, and he knows it’s a recipe I’ll make for our family again and again through the years.

  • Tasha

    My family’s favorite recipe was my grandma’s homemade noodles, which she made for every holiday meal and often Sunday dinner. They were thick, doughy and in an almost gravy-like sauce and as weird as it sounds, everyone ate them on top of their mashed potatoes. I made sure to get the recipe before she passed away, and yet I’ve never made them.

  • kate

    our favorite family recipe is bagna cauda, a Italian hot dip made with lots of anchovies and garlic that my Nona used to make. its a staple at my auntie’s on Christmas Eve.

    how fun to read all these family favorites – great inspiration to create some new ones!

  • My favorite family recipe is Chicken Cordon Bleu. It reminds me of when I was young and the kitchen would smell so amazing. The meal itself was always delicious which was a bit surprising because my dear sweat mother isn’t the best cook. Shhh, don’t tell her I said that! When I gathered up the courage to cook something for my boyfriend in college (who is now my husband) I went straight for the Cordon Bleu and I nailed it! To this day it is my specialty!

  • Gina Colby

    My family loves the homemade pizzas I make for them. :)

  • Mel O.

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s chicken picante. It is thin chicken dipped in egg and flour and then sauteed in a lemon wine sauce. Delicious with a salad and starch.

  • my favorite family recipe is my grandma’s blueberry muffins. i simply won’t make any other version or change these to make it healthier w/ whole wheat flour or applesauce or whatever. they are perfectly sweet, fluffy, and incredible on their own. no butter allowed on them either :)

  • My favorite family recipe is my dad’s mac & cheese recipe. He makes it almost custardy and it’s always extra cheesy but seems really light. It’s the best mac & cheese ever!

  • Aallessio

    My mom’s black eye pea salad… YUMMY

  • Betsy Thomas

    My family has a sourdough chocolate cake with fudge frosting that is out of this world.

  • Cathy

    This is a funny one but my family loves Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs, baked. My mom used to make it for me when I was little and now it’s a tradition in my household. It’s quick and easy and they love it….for short it’s called mac cheese and dogs :)

  • Rdmaples23

    My nana’s chicken and dumplings. Hands. Down.

  • My Mema’s chicken salad… I cannot duplicate it even after watching her make it for many years. It just doesn’t taste the same. There’s nothing like a little Mema’s love mixed in.

  • Jennifer B

    Grandma’s lasagna! Our Christmas day tradition. Unfortunately, she doesn’t use a recipe, and I’m still trying to get it perfect.

  • Laurie A

    We are all about outdoor cooking lately. Our recent favorite is a grilled pork tenderloin basted with a strawberry BBQ sauce, grilled corn on the cob with a basil parmesan butter and grilled potatoes. The best part…no messy kitchen to clean!

  • Renae

    A chocolate refrigerator cookie using German Sweet Chocolate.

  • Danielle Bolf

    My family’s favorite (hands down!!) recipe is Shrimp Pad Thai. We were fortunate to get a recipe from friends who lived in Thailand for a year and it is absolutely delicious!!! The unfortunate downside is that we can never order it at a restaurant anymore because it’s never as good at the homecooked version!! Love your blog!!

  • Sascha Alexandra

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmothers matzo ball soup!

  • JPeace

    My Grandma’s potato salad. We can’t quite figure out the recipe but I believe the use of her own pickles make it SO good.

  • Christine-bean

    Hi! Fav fam recipe- my mom’s sauce & meatballs…simple and comforting. & don’t forget to add the basil to your sauce after cooking :-)
    happy summer annie & everyone- I truly LOVE this blog and am inspired by ALL that Annie does.

  • Sara822

    My favorite family recipe is definitely my Grandma’s hamburger soup….so, so delicious!!

  • Holli

    My family’s favorite is Vietnamese noodle soup. It is delicious and definitely comforting for the stomach and mind.

  • Mestebla

    The first family recipe that came to mind that is a favorite of mine is my mom’s potato cheese soup. Creamy and rich! It’s something that reminds me of my childhood and that I hope my kids will remember, too.

  • Tessowens

    My mother’s recipe for turkey stuffing. I know it’s nearly July, but you asked and I’m tellin’. I don’t care if I’m dining at the Governors Mansion or toting a food basket to a funeral. This easy downhome dressing will turn heads every time ~~ makes me want to roast a chicken just so I can have some :)

  • Anne

    My favorite family recipe is the spaghetti sauce my dad always made growing up – it had spicy Italian sausage meatballs and lots of bell peppers.

  • Heather

    A dense buttery bread with raisins called stretzel…huge loaves made every Christmas!

  • Nellie McKay

    Truffle Mac & Cheese. Hands down.

  • JackieKC

    My favorite recipe is called Hamburger Pie. It’s biscuits on the top and bottom and in the middle is hamburger meat/spaghetti sauce layered with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I’ve loved it since I was a kid and still love it to this day!

  • Nicole Secord-Arnold

    Hands down, Christmas with my Mom, Nana, Aunts & Cousins making tamales….Every year 2 weeks before Christmas we all get together at my Nana’s house to assemble the tamales!! Everyone has a job, from cooking the meat to soaking the husks! When I walk into my Nana’s house I am greated with the smell of cooked beef and it makes my mouth water right away!! My Nana could taste and touch the masa and just know it was ready, a trick that I am still learning! Once everything is ready and the assembly line has been set up, everyone takes there positions, the laughter and gossiping begins!!! This is more than just a family tradition, its what bonds our family together!

  • Tanya Goodman08

    My favorite family recipe is for cheese enchiladas. My mother-in-law passed it down from her grandmother and its the perfect comfort food.

  • Rachel

    My mother, years ago, made up her own recipe for spaghetti sauce. Because writing it down was clearly unacceptable, I would watch her spend hours in the kitchen, carmelizing onions and estimating spices as our home slowly filled with the aroma of her most popular recipe.
    When she died last year, we looked everywhere for some place she might have written down her recipe. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. My memory of the recipe is basic, and whenever I try and recreate it I can never get it quite right. Honestly, part of the beauty of that spaghetti sauce is that it’s taught me to cook without being terrified I don’t have the recipe. It’s as though my mother is teaching me to cook even when she can’t be with me.

  • Joey

    Those cupcakes are divine! Our favorite family recipe is my mom’s chicken divan and melting moments cookies!

  • Annie B

    Our family’s favorite recipe is tuna stuffed mushrooms! My Grandmother started making them in the 1950’s and they have been passed down as a family favorite to all of her children and grandchildren… they are a Friday night staple in almost all of our homes! In a few short years the great grandchildren will be old enough to learn the recipe :)

  • Amanda

    Whenever my family gets together for special occasions, my granny’s pecan tarts almost always make an appearance. They’re like bite-size pecan pies and they’re irresistible!

  • Nicole

    My favorite family recipe is enchiladas! My mother makes fantastic ones – she got the recipe from her grandmother.

    Grandma Anne Cooley’s Enchiladas

    2 cups water
    2 cans tomato sauce (8 oz)
    1 can tomato paste (6 oz)
    1 can tomato soup
    1/2 cup oil (I use canola oil)
    2 Tablespoon chili powder
    1 teaspon garlic powder (or minced garlic clove)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    Mix all ingredients and simmer gently for 15 minutes Hint: I empty the cans of tomato into the pot first, and then use the 2 cups water to “rinse” the cans before pouring into pot. Also let cool some before assembling.

    FILLING: exact quantities are really up to you :-) …
    1 lb ground beef
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    shredded cheddar or colby cheese (1/2 to 3/4 pound or so; save some for topping)
    1 can chopped or sliced olives (save some for topping)
    chopped onions (1/2 to 1 cup)
    1 dozen flour tortillas
    Brown ground beef once sauce started; add salt. Let cool some. Add to other ingredients in large bowl and mix. Add more cheese if needed. Stage all to assemble. Cover bottom of casserole dish with some sauce. Dip tortilla in sauce (both sides), lay on plate, and put some meat mixture in center. Roll up and lay side down. Recipe makes a large and small pan for me… all depends on quantities used.

    Pour more sauce overall and bake 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees. Sprinkle with remaining cheese and olives, and bake 5 more minutes.

    Some folks like to garnish with sour cream. I’ve served with corn, salad, refried beans. Hope it works for you… the sauce is the key.

  • A favorite family recipe of mine is whenever my mom makes Taiwanese braised pork. It simmers in a soy sauce and chinese five spice blend for a few hours and you top it on rice and it’s simply the best comfort food I can think of having when I want a piece of my childhood back :)

  • Shawnwilliamsbrown

    My grandma made the most amazing chicken and dumplings. Try as I might, I can never quite duplicate the perfect taste and texture of her dumplings. So good… I can almost taste it now!

  • Rebecca

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s cheesecake. It’s not super dense like many cheesecake recipes out there and has an amazing light texture, super delicious!

  • Marylynnm

    My family loves my spaghetti sauce with meatballs. I always make more than enough so everyone takes some home.

  • Kristin Paxton

    My favorite family recipe that my mom makes is steak fingers with mashed potatoes and gravy, yummmm…. I have tried to make it but it never comes out quite the same as hers.

  • Jen M.

    It would have to be Mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. She always told us there was a special ingredient she added to make it so good….”love”. I thought it was so silly as a kid but now I see she was so right!

  • Mayte

    Growing up in a Cuban family, we always had family dinners with traditional Cuban food from Ropa Vieja (“Old Clothes”) to Picadillo. But being the “sweet” girl that I am, my mom’s flan is the one I will always remember and continue sharing with my friends and future family. What makes it unique from other flans is that we bake it in the pressure cooker! AND we add cream cheese to it. I have friends who don’t like flan try it and now they want me to make it all the time! :D I think people are more amazed that we bake it in the pressure cooker. Ha ha!

  • Jessjjns

    My favorite family recipe comes from my Scottish grandma. It’s sticky toffee pudding and it’s delicious!

  • Tiffany Brown

    Creamy Italian Chicken :)

  • Steak rolls are one of my mom’s signature recipes – often requested for family birthday meals!

  • A favorite family recipe is my grandfather’s homemade pasta sauce. I still have the little notepaper where I wrote down how to make it as he taught me his recipe many years ago!

  • Mernell

    not sure…either peanut butter pie or maybe cream puffs or marinated steak or kabobs…how can you pick only one??

  • Lauraclp

    my favorite family dish is a braised pork belly, soy sauce and hard boiled eggs stew. It might sound odd to most people and frankly, is not a pretty dish at all, but it’s amazingly delicious and I love eating it with rice!

  • One of my favorite family recipes is chicken and rice. My mom would mix rice with cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup and bake that with chicken on top. It is SO good!

  • Sarah Tollefson

    My favorite family recipe is my Grandma’s apple pie! She used to make pies for field hands as a kid in South Dakota, so she could never just make one or two pies.. She would make a pile of pies and put them in the cellar freezer! There was no actual recipe until my Mom finally wrote something down – my Grandma put in a pinch of this, a dash of that, a handful of this, and did the crust by feel. I feel so lucky that I learned how to make pie crust from the best!

  • Candace

    My mom’s slow cooked stuffed peppers! As a kid I only ate the delicious tomato-y stuffing, but now I enjoy the pepper and all. Such a simple receipe but so good, especially with mashed potatoes.

  • Rena M.

    I love my grandmothers Pakistani Chicken. I love that you can add potatoes and any type of vegetables to it that you want.

  • Brittany T

    I’m pretty sure that my all-time favorite thing is sweet potato casserole. It has cooked yams mixed with lots of butter and a tiny bit of salt, topped with a brown sugar/maple/pecan mixture. I could honestly eat it every day.

  • Kim

    My favorite family recipe is macaroni & cheese. It is so simple with unlikely ingredients (i.e. cream of mushroom soup and mayonnaise) but everytime I make it, everybody wants the recipe! It is our favorite go to dish anytime of year!

  • Umanair V

    My family’s favorite recipe is a Fried Rice and Sauteed chicken in soya sauce and curry leaves that my mom has been making ever since I was a weee child and one that I have been able to carry on as a Tradition in my house as well… The fried rice is so simple it can be cooked from scratch in less than a half hour!!! :)

  • Theresa

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s crab dip. We have it at every family gathering and it’s generally eaten up within 15 minutes of being served. The kind my family makes is slightly different than how it generally comes served in restaurants (they use lots of cream cheese, we omit that and only use just enough mayo to bind it all together).

  • Mandy W.

    Baked Potato Soup! Bring on the fresh shredded cheese, green onions, and bacon!

  • Dana

    My mom’s ice box cake recipe. I craved it with my first pregnancy and got the recipe from her. It tastes just as amazing as when I was little. :)

  • Lillie Mae Stone

    Vegetarian Christmas Posole! It is a Mexican inspired stew that has green chile, hominy, lima beans, tomatoes, and lots of spices in it. We make it every year for Christmas eve, and then drive around and look at luminarias.

  • Cassy Brooks

    My grandma taught me to make her rolls. They are fluffy, soft, and buttery. I think of her everytime I bake them!

  • Ashley

    My favorite family recipe is my mother’s cheesecake. It’s a simple no bake recipe. It was always so much fun to make with her. It brings back great memories every time a make my own cheesecakes now! :)

  • Rachel Rivas

    favorite family recipe…has to be our homeade pizza or the taco dip we make that i always get requests for

  • Tara Gillaspie

    My favorite family recipe is my dad’s New England Clam Chowder. Amazing!

  • Whitequiet

    A favorite recipe is my mom’s Caramel Cake which I am trying to learn how to perfect!

  • Ali!

    We make a delicious coconut curry soup with chicken, yellow curry, rice, jalapenos, some cayenne and onions, as well as anything else thats sitting around in the fridge that sounds good.

  • Kelly

    It sounds gross, but Mac and Cheese with tuna and peas. I promise it’s yummy!

  • My family has lot of favorite recipes, but the flavors of your cupcake post remind me of a family summer favorite – Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It’s a chilled, no bake pie full of delicious flavors and perfect for these dog days of summer!

  • My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s stuffing, it is so delicious and makes Thanksgiving wonderful!

  • Dana

    I love my great-aunt’s banana bread recipe!

  • Shannon

    We have a tasty but simple potato salad recipe.

  • Taylor Thomson

    My favorite family recipe is that of my aunt Vickie. She makes these fabulous sticky buns out of a few pre made items(which I normally scoff at). However the frozen bread dough, butterscotch pudding mix, and brown sugar come together so nicely that you just can’t resist the gooey little treasures.

  • Michaela Richmond

    My favorite family recipe is definitely our pumpkin pie cheesecake we make every year. It’s the perfect winter dessert and it tastes DELICIOUS.

  • Marilyn

    My mom makes these out-of-this-world steamed pork spareribs, with garlic and black beans and other awesomeness. They were so good, my sister and I used to run around the house in circles chanting this song we made up about it. Now that I’m capable of making my own, I’m also well aware that mine don’t come close to my mom’s!

  • Ali M.

    My grandma always makes her family-famous chocolate chip cookies. We keep them in the freezer, but they’re thin, so they aren’t too hard to bite.

  • Lacey Mccreary

    My mother couldn’t cook very well, and mostly cooked the same dishes each week. So as a teenager when I got interested in cooking, I started developing my own “family” recipes. The one I’m most proud of, especially since I live on the Gulf Coast, is my seafood gumbo – I’ve honed it until it’s perfect, mouth-watering, out-of-this-world delicious.

  • Jeanette

    I love my family’s cornbread. It is slightly sweet so it great leftover the next morning.

  • LeGwen

    My mom and I make this incredible chicken salad. 4 chicken breasts, poached in water with several peppercorns, salt and bay leaf, when cool chop and shred; 1 large can crushed pineapple, drained; 1-2 T. celery seed; 1 cup toasted chopped pecans; 1 cup mayo, or more to mix; salt and pepper to taste. Mix and enjoy on crackers or lettuce or on a spoon. Some optional items to add are sweet pickles, chopped; Vidalia Onions, chopped; or grapes.

  • Sherri

    One of favorite family recipes is a 24 hour fruit salad with marshmallows, sour cream, cherries, fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges and pecans. No holiday is complete without it.

  • Cheryl_mcc

    My grandmother’s chocolate sheet cake. We love it!!!

  • Susan

    My favorite family recipe is Mom’s Kale Soup. All full of beef, kale and barley….YUM

  • Autumn Hinton

    My mom always made wonderful ginger molasses cookies. They were soft and chewy! She even won a blue ribbon at the county fair! Now I make them and they are just as good as ever. Plus you only need one bowl and no mixer to make them! So less dishes :)

  • Allison W.

    I love my mother’s chocolate rice krispies; chocolate and peanut butter. YUM!

  • Deanna P

    Teriyaki hamburgers are the summer fav in this house hold. My special ingredients is candied ginger.

  • Robin

    Can’t beat my grandma’s homemade chicken & noodles for some great comfort food!

  • We don’t really have family recipes… but my mom would make ‘rice cakes’ growing up using leftover rice and eggs, cook them on the griddle like pancakes and drench them in syrup. It was always a special treat (even though it’s just leftover rice) and we still love it!

  • Kari

    My mom’s homemade pizza is a favorite. It’s so simple and feeds a crowd!

  • Kristin L.

    My favorite family recipe is our traditional, Filipino dish – chicken adobo!

  • Sarah C

    My mom’s chicken and dumplings. I asked for it for every birthday. So simple, so tasty.

  • Alice

    My favorite family recipe is the jelly roll.
    My grandma used to make it all the time and I love continuing the tradition.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Kristin

    O’Henry bars are what my mom is best known for among my close family and friends when I was growing up. To this day, they are one of the most nostalgic foods I could possibly eat. I can’t wait to see what my recipes will make my kids think of me, even when they’re grown.

  • SoccerMom

    My favorite family recipe is eggplant parm. And I just finished making some for tonight. Couldn’t resist the beautiful eggplants at the farmer’s market today.

  • Whisenant Sylvia

    My most favorite is my moms fried chicken! It was to die for, so light and crispy and danged as I may, I cannot make mine taste the way hers did! It has to be all the love that she put into her recipe, because there was and is no fried chicken like it!

  • Kelly Hedgerow

    my favorite family recipe is this toffee shortbread! It’s soooo good I made it last Christmas & the recipe is my grandmother’s.

  • Katiebaertibbals

    Socertorte, best cake ever!

  • Jennifer

    One of my top favorites is our cream cheese spritz Christmas cookies. They are impossible to resist! We have made and given them at Christmas for as long as I remember. I love sharing the tradition with my little ones now.

  • Angie_R

    It would probably be a lasagna that we make on “special” occasions, which means any occasion we deem special, haha! I would love to own this cookbook, it looks and sounds amazing – thanks for the giveaway!

  • Brandi

    My favorite family recipe is texas sheet cake. My mom used to make it for our birthdays all the time so it brings such good memories.

  • Laura

    Our favorite family recipe is ratatouille (which my family calls “Somethin’, Somethin'”). All veges are cooked separately and combined just before serving — caramelized onions; sautéed mushrooms; grape tomatoes sautéed with sliced garlic in olive oil (just until they burst); diced seasonal veges that happen to be left in the crisper drawer (zucchini, eggplant) and diced Kalamata olives. Served over pasta and garnished with fresh basil and parmesan. Refreshing and flavorful!

  • Tianna❤♫♪


  • Sara M.

    Homemade pizza. We each made our own individual ones and have been making them since I was a kid.

  • Heather

    I love some really unhealthy dips that my mom makes, but our favorite family recipe is probably one I brought to the family via my college roommates friend from HS (how’s that for roundabout?) It is a brownie trifle and is so easy and so yummy!

  • Dalia

    My favorite family recipe is my moms’ stuffed grape leaves!

  • Lydia

    One of my favorites is my grandmother’s “rhode oil” chocolate cake recipe. It’s a springy and moist cake (or cupcakes) that goes great with cream cheese frosting or just topped off with powdered sugar!

  • Maria

    My grandmother handed down a bunch of recipes. My favorite is her spaghetti sauce recipe. It reminds me of Sundays at her house!

  • Dawn G

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s eggplant Parmesan. It is unlike any that I have ever eaten in a resturant. It is divine, and served best when it is cold and on a slice of good Italian bread. My grandma made it, my mom made, and now I make it for my family.

  • I want I want!
    I love my grandmother’s meatballs and her lasagna! She also taught me how to make arepas, but i’m not too good at those yet!!!

  • Sam

    My absolute favorite is tuna noodle casserole, which may sound odd, but is total comfort food to me. My mom still makes it for me!!

  • Jenny

    One of my favorite family recipes is my great-grandmother’s lemon bars. The recipe is decades old and still the best one I’ve ever come across! She has long-since passed away, but it’s nice to have little things like her recipes to remember her by!

  • Lindsey

    One of my favorite family recipes is my great-great-grandmother’s placzek, a Polish sweet bread. It is something I always look forward to making and brings back so many childhood memories.

  • Bboyer

    My family favorite recipe is Apple Dumplings. My Mom’s are the best. She does not measure anything for the dough but she does measure the ingredients for the sauce to put over the dumplings. Her pie dough is always flaky and light. She always gets requests for her apple dumplings and she loves making them.

  • TykishaP2008

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my grandmother’s potato salad. We simply cannot have a family gathering without it. I once helped her make over 50 pounds of it for a cousin’s wedding. He said that he couldn’t imagine his wedding without her potato salad and the new bride loved it.

  • Mjurgens

    Ham Balls. I never had them before I met my husband but they were a tradition in his family. I just love them!

  • Wendy

    I love the chocolate cake that’s been in our family for years! It is so simple, and comes out perfectly every single time. It is usually the go-to cake for any occasion!

  • EG

    My grandmother had 5 kids, and she baked a cake every day for when they got home from school. She became an adult during the depression, so most of the cakes don’t have butter or eggs in them. They’re my most precious family recipes!

  • SarahMc

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my grandmother’s Butterfly Rolls. They are so flaky and delicious, layered with butter, and stacked vertically so that when they are cooked, they almost look like butterflies. Peel the layers apart and load them up with homemade jam, and they are perfect!

  • Rachael G

    My family fave would be my mom’s meatloaf. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get mine to taste the same way hers does! And trust me, I’ve tried many, many times!

  • Dbeinke1

    Mostacolli (sp?) is a tradition in our family – we have it every Christmas!

  • Racquelj08

    My mom’s homeade spaghetti sauce and meatballs. It’s the comfort in the smell, taste, that touch of home when I make it or she does. PLus, it always makes a TON, so it’s always nice to freeze and thaw when you’re in a dinner bind :)

  • Olivia

    My mom adapted a chili recipe from the 1979 edition of Joy of Cooking, it’s been my favorite since I was very, very little.

  • Sara P

    My family favorite recipe is chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. The best part about it is the dough!

  • Kristinayellow

    My brother used to make these orange rolls every Easter Sunday. Sigh. I would love to have one of those right now….

  • Sugarocksta

    My favorite family recipe is Pork and Thousand Year Egg congee. It’s ingredients include rice, thousand year eggs, lean pork, green onions, soy sauce, a little bit of sugar, sesame oil…..and most importantly soy milk! That’s the secret ingredient to make the congee smooth! Everyone loves it in my family.

  • Rosie

    My mom’s blueberry cake. A perfect, simple breakfast, snack, dessert, and occasional meal : )

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    My great-grandma’s German potato salad…so yummy!

  • Cassie

    My mom’s carrot cake. It is the best carrot cake recipe ever.

  • Sarah T.

    My mom and I continue to tweak our chicken tortilla soup recipe. We go back and forth, switching up ingredients, adding a little of this, a little of that. I love collaborating with her!

  • Susan Castle

    My favorite family recipe is my mother-in-law’s chili.

  • AmyBailey

    My favorite family recipe is Seafood Bisque! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. My grandma makes it every year on Christmas Eve and it is the absolute best thing I have ever eaten!

  • My dad’s cousin, who is a nun, passed along a recipe for chocolate that is absolutely to die for.

  • clariceNB

    My abuelita made the most amazing authentic tortillas and green chili. I’ve succeeded in creating her tortillas, but the chili recipe is too magical to get right! But that doesn’t stop me from trying. :)

  • Sandra

    My favorite family recipe is definitely my grandmother’s shrimp dip. It actually has very little shrimp in it but it is all about the nostalgia factor and my siblings and I love to have it when we are all together.

  • Ashlee Phillips

    I love my grandma’s plum rings, they are similar to a cinnamon roll but with plum filling

  • Lauren Ocello

    My grandmother’s nut roll. It’s a sweetish yeast dough with a filling of walnuts, sugar and butter then you roll it up like a jelly roll and bake it. Once cooled you slice it and it looks like swirled perfection. Perfect for breakfast and I ONLY make it at Christmas.

  • Slbrown

    Grilled marinated london broil steak

  • Danielle

    As simple as it may sound, my grandma’s pie crust! I haven’t found another like it and it reminds me so much of her every time I make a pie.

  • Kerihemrick

    Favorite Family recipe?? WOW!! Your most recent post showcases part of it! Peanut butter cookies with a passed down recipe from my great grandmother, Helen. What a woman…so darn skinny!!! How?? All she ever ate were her scrumptious peanut butter cookies and her famous (also) rolled ice box oatmeal cookies!!

  • Shelley

    Still love cookbooks that you can hold in your hands! My kids and grandbabies all love my homemade mac and cheese. The best part is the crunchy bread crumb topping.

  • Samantha

    Pancakes! We make them every Saturday morning. Before bed, my boys always ask, “is tomorrow pancake day???”. I’m pretty sure they dont even know that its called Saturday. ;)

  • Mei

    Our pork, chinese chive, and shrimp dumplings are so tasty…they’re juicy, hot, and the skins are crisp when pan fried, soft when steamed, and chewy when boiled. Ah, what nice little parcels.

  • Christiana

    One of our favorite summer dinners is cedar plank salmon. You mix (1:1) dark brown sugar with a cracked pepper blend, spread it on top of the salmon, and grill with a cedar plank. It is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. :-)

  • Heather

    My favorite family recipe is my Mom’s apple pie! She uses upwards of 10 apples. It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it. The only think I change when I make it is to do a crumb topping instead of crust.

  • Fola

    My family’s favorite recipe is good ol’ spaghetti cooked in lightly salted water and a dab of sugar and olive oil added. Served with my mom’s recipe for spaghetti sauce which is made from scratch and towards the end of the cooking time, she adds sauteed mixed vegetables (precooked in 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and a dab of fine herbs, roasted minced onion and chicken apple sausage or italian sausage or cajun andouille sausage (we have a preferred brand that tastes amazing, plus it’s gluten free and low on sodium). All of this together makes the sauce. The spaghetti is then mixed in with the sauce and served with freshly grated parmesan cheese on top. Hmmm… yummy!!! My three year old daughter could eat this everyday, if we let her.

  • Michelle

    Whoopie pies! We make my grandmother’s recipe every year during the holidays!

  • K8lyn

    Every Christmas morning, my Dad makes Grandma’s recipe for Rolly Polys, thin rolled crepes that we top with lemon and powdered sugar, raspberry jam and whipped cream, or cinnamon and sugar. Delicious!

  • Kristen

    Hmm..this is a tough one, but I have to say nothing beats my Grandma’s dumplings. They’re different from a typical Chinese dumpling because they have a nice thick, chewy skin :]

  • Angie_R

    We have a lasagna that we make on “special” occasions!

  • Sarah :)

    Chilli! No doubt. It’s easy to make… Delicious… and it one of our favorite foods. We sometimes even put some sliced hotdogs to make it more yummy… haha- you should try it sometime :)

    Thanks Annie! If I win, I can’t wait to make more recipes that will soon become family favorites….

  • Karen

    My mom didn’t cook so I don’t really have a family favorite. But I’m trying to pass some along to my daughter. She loves preparing deviled eggs whenever she is invited to a party, so I guess that’s my answer.

  • Anna Banana

    Smoked baby back ribs…the only time it’s socially acceptable to bring out the fat pants in my family!

  • Annie

    My favorite family recipe is Hot and Sour Soup!

    My dad is a chef who guards his recipes with more security than Fort Knox. I *should* feel guilty about manipulating the recipe out of him while he was medicated in the midst of recovering from a really bad car accident but … he enjoyed it and I forget the shame every time I slurp it. :)

  • Carolyn R.

    My favorite family recipe is a decadent chocolate cake called a pinwheel cake. They are a birthday tradition- yum yum!

  • Theresa

    My favorite family recipe is lasagna! While I’ve learned that no two will be exactly the same, a few key ingredients make it delicious. And the best trick I ever learned was that the noodles do not have to be pre-cooked – nor do you have to buy the “no cook” variety!

  • astrid

    My great-grandmother’s Swedish Buns. Basically a simplified cinnamon roll, but we still have her hand-written recipe and it’s a “must-make” every Christmas!

  • Laraabe27

    baked chicken enchiladas with all the yummy toppings! delicious comfort food!

  • Lydia

    My favorite family dish is beef and barley stew. Absolutely amazing!! Nothing beats a hearty soup during a Maine winter :)

  • I would have to say my Grandma’s Arroz con Jamon y Queso (Rice with Ham & Cheese)!

  • Kim

    Hobo Casserole…beef, potatoes, cheese and peas. It’s wonderful comfort food in the winter.

  • Judy

    If you talk to my kids it will be macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs and peas! If you talk to the wider family it will be deviled eggs. Comfort foods!

  • Laurarosier

    Our favorite family recipe is Snickerdoodle cookies. I use the same recipe as my grandma and my mom. They are a favorite of our family and friends.

  • Kay G.

    my mom makes amazing cinnamon rolls from her grandmother’s recipe for all holiday. we all love them.

  • Lucy N.

    Homemade fried chicken is a favorite in our house.

  • Mary Ann

    One of my favorite family recipes is for a struesel type of coffee cake. Essentially, it is non-fail. I have made the recipe in a 9×13, bundt pan, muffin tins, and rounds. Sometimes the butter is too soft, so the filling sinks to the bottom. I have even prepped it the night before, stuck it in the fridge and bake it the next morning. Even a couple of brothers fall back on this recipe.

  • Melissa

    We have a recipe for my great grandmother’s fudge cake that we keep secret. It’s sooo yummy!

  • Jennie

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s Scotcha/pizza bread recipe…or it might be my aunt’s. Either way, it is my fave!

  • Linda

    Enchilada casserole. It was a recipe given to me by a woman from my church at one of my wedding showers. It was one of the first things I made for my husband and is hands down the most frequently made dish at my house. We love it!

  • Sukimcauttie

    Our favorite Family Recipes is Grilled Khmer (Cambodian) lemongrass kabob with Pickled Daikon and Carrots served on a bed of Jasmine rice,

  • Bethany Jirak

    My fave recipe is chicken enchiladas. So easy, quick, freezes great and tastes yummy. And red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is a close second.

  • We used to make our homemade (Chinese) dumplings. Dad mixed and rolled the wrapper parts while my mom and I made the fillings and wrapped the dumplings. They were filled with pork, napa cabbage, garlic, ginger, salt, mushrooms and shrimp!

  • Christi S.

    My mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the best! They are completely unhealthy, but who cares!

  • Ranya S

    Mango avocado salsa – awesome with grilled chicken!

  • Mrshawkins

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mom’s recipe for chicken fajitas. They are so good and very simple. Cut raw chicken breasts into chunks. Add chopped bell peppers, minced garlic, and some oregano. Marinate it all in some Italian dressing, and then grill it. They are delicious!

  • Pancit is one of my family favorites. It’s a Filipino noodle dish, similar to Chinese Lo Mein, but a bit lighter on the oil and soy sauce. My mom’s recipe usually has chicken, shrimp, shredded cabbage, carrots, green beans, onions & garlic. Yum!

  • Venetrise Jackson

    Hands Down, my mom’s mac & cheese. She makes it with tons of cheese, butter, eggs and cream. It. Is. Devine.

  • Kelly

    One of my favorites family recipes is arroz con pollo. Out of all my cousins, I’m the only one my grandmother would give the recipe to. And even then, she wouldn’t write it down, she just allowed me to take notes while she showed me how to prepare it. It’s a favorite at all of our family gatherings, even Thanksgiving!

  • Andrea

    My favorite family recipe isn’t exactly a secret. Chocolate gravy! We love it! Every time I’m with my family from Tennessee my Aunt Francis makes it. It’s wonderful and makes me think of vacations spent at her house!

  • AmyB

    My Gramma Great’s Chocolate Cake. The recipe is kind of similar to the cupcake recipe you just posted, but with cold coffee and boiling water. It is my favorite cake!

  • Deb

    My mother-in-law’s chocolate pie. It is her claim to fame! Unfortunately, she won’t share the recipe. (I have asked her from time to time over the years how much of each ingredient she uses and can now make a pie that is similar to hers.)

  • Catherine

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s homemade chocolate cake. We have it for every birthday celebration, and she is always the one who makes it. In fact, when my cousin had to bring in a traditional family food for a school project, instead of asking my mom for the recipe so he could make it himself, he just asked her to make it. She excitedly agreed. It’s the small things like this that bring family around the table that makes food so special.

  • My favorite family recipe is my Grandmother’s homemade chicken and noodles.

  • NaDell Ransom

    I’d love that cookbook!
    My favorite family recipe is now pizza spaghetti.

  • Elizabeth W

    Mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and brie. It hasn’t been a family recipe for long, but it will be for many, many years to come.

  • Jackie

    Garlic Cheese Grits – yum! Not quite the same without the roll of Kraft Garlic Cheese, but the substitutions come close.

    My mom makes them to have with leftover ham the day after Christmas, Easter, etc.

  • Andre924

    Our favorite family recipe is for flour tortillas. My dear grandma passes away 3 months ago. We are so glad to have her recipe.

  • Erin Y

    My Dad is the greatest guy I know. He has showed us that family is the center of everything, and that nothing else is more important than it. He also instilled in us a love of cooking and an ability to do on our own. What should have taken an hour, usually took a few hours in our house.

  • Dave Y

    One of the best things my family makes is corn fritters. Fresh corn, some special secret batter, and we have the best fritters around! YuM!!

  • Lindsey M.

    My grandmother made the absolute best peach cobbler in the world. When she passed away we found a cookbook that she had made for all the girls in the family and her top secret cobbler was in it :).

  • Kkerr

    Brisket wrapped in foil cooked in onion soup and mushroom soup. Cooked at 274 for 4-5 hours. My mom used to make it all the time. While I don’t do much semi-homemade anymore, this one is delicious.

  • Jenprintz

    I have too many favorite family recipes to mention just one! But if I have to choose, in the spirit of summer, I’d choose our German potato salad. With bacon and a sweet and sour perfect dressing, I could eat it every day. My Grandma made it, my Mom makes it, and I can’t wait to pass it on to my girls. It tastes like family and summer cookouts…perfection! (Love your blog!!)

  • Nicole

    My grandmother’s chicken spaghetti is comfort and home all on one plate!

  • Kat

    Our family favorite is, no lie, your sausage and spinach stuffed shells. It was one of the first I tried off your blog several years ago and is always requested (most often by my 10 year old) when I say “what do we want for dinner this week?” while making my menu plan. Tacos (with the bean filling from your spicy bean burritos) are a close second :)

  • Melissa

    It really isn’t much of a recipe…but I make sweet tea like my mom. Whats funny is my mom is from up North where sweet tea is not found, but once she moved to VA it became a staple in our house.

  • Tammy Wilson

    Oh my…my favorite family recipe is my grandma’s Apple Treasure cookies. They have wonderful apple chunks and butterscotch chips! Yumm-o. Thanks for a chance to win the cook book!

  • Kelsey N.

    My family’s favorite dinner is either classic Pot Roast, we make it is the crock pot with a can of Coca-Cola, it makes it so tender and yummy! Or, something costumizable, like tacos. We have some picky eaters, so with tacos everyone can top it/eat them however they want!

  • Actually one of my favorite recipes is my grandmother’s chocolate covered peanut butter balls (so your post about the cupcakes totally has me hooked)! She made them, along with dozens of other cookies, each Christmas and I used to love sneaking them out of the freezer. They were always the first of the cookies to disappear.

  • Erin W.

    homemade pasta, marinara sauce, and meatballs. yum!!!

  • BrendaB

    We call ours Cookie Sheet Cake, while the rest of the country calls it Texas Sheet Cake, but my Grandma’s recipe is the BEST!

  • Meghan C.

    One of my favorite family recipes is my dad’s french onion soup. It’s always perfect!!

  • Cara

    Homemade Pizza! Every friday night. A tradition we’ve had since we got married 6 years ago.

  • Dani C.

    My grandma’s Hungarian stew. Yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm. I’ve tried replicating it but something is always missing and I won’t know the answer until the coveted family recipe box gets passed down to me! All I know about the recipe is that it was one of my great-grandmother’s favorites to make when she was missing home. She fled to America to avoid being forced into marriage with someone she didn’t love. Grateful for that, because if she hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have the awesome, crazy family I have now! Or the amazing stew!

  • Melissa C.

    Guatamalan Tamales made once a year at Christmas!!

  • Aimee Hill

    My Aunties amazing crispy and gooey chocolate brownies! It is tradition that she brings us a double batch on every visit, I’ve tried recreating them and they are nowhere near the same- Something about the love she puts into them possibly?!

    p.s I’m not in the U.S but as an avid fan of your blog and a Brit obsessed with America maybe you could give an exception? :)

    keep up the amazing work!

  • Julia

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s green bean salad. She uses a homemade vinegar in it that I just cannot replicate!

  • Jaylene_55

    chocolate sheet cake my grandma makes

  • Freyacat47

    Would have to be either my dad’s salsa chicken or my aunt’s corn casserole. YUM!

  • Kim

    It’s a tie between two totally different recipes… one is this huge, puffy pancake (though it really tastes more like french toast). SO darn good that I don’t even care that it includes half a stick of butter per HUGE pancake! The second is a friend Chinese noodle dish with stir fry on top. It’s a hit every time I make it for guests. My parents have been making it for years!

  • Amy Isaacson

    We have a blintz souffle recipe that’s been passed down in my family for generations. It’s my favorite food ever.

  • Rebekahrsmith81

    My mom’s potato salad. Everyone we know is obsessed with it and only my little sister has ever made it too.

  • Mhda037

    My favorite recipe is meat sauce passed down through the generations from Italy! With the meatballs and lasagna or ravioli its amazing! Its an all day affair though. Still worth it!

  • Janaya

    Cajun ribs with honey sauce. My dad makes them every summer. Delicious!

  • Melly1298

    Favorite family recipe is my grandma’s turkey dressing. Many of us have tried to imitate it, even watched her make it and take notes! But no one can mimic “a pinch of this and a dab of that.” :) We all fight over this at the Thanksgiving table since she only makes this once a year!

  • Bernadette

    One of our families favorite recipies is our Friday night Pizza tradition. We use your thin crust and top as the mood strikes. The pizza is delicious, but the best part of it all is my three small kiddos participation in the evening. :-)

  • Jodie

    We make a yummy cranberry salad every Thanksgiving. We even have a special spoon that is used just for that salad!

  • BellaDonna

    To this day, I love my mom’s macaroni salad.

  • Carol F.

    One of my family’s favorite recipes is my peanut butter cookies – soft cookies with mini-Hershey’s kisses stirred in the batter. It was the first thing I ever made for my now husband when we were dating. It’s the cookie he always requests when given a choice. We all love them!

  • SamanthaD

    My favorite family recipe is by far my Grandmother’s pound cake! She is 94 years old and still makes it for all our family holidays and I request one every year for my birthday. No one has been able to reproduce it (though many have tried!) and I think she may like it that way ;-) it’s simply perfection!

  • Lindsay

    Polenta and chicken cacciatore, I have fond memories of my great-grandmother making this! Now I make it for my family.

  • Terri

    My favorite family recipe is for rice pudding.

  • Megan B.

    Egg and lemon soup straight from my grandmother’s Greek kitchen. Fresh, bright, and very yummy!

  • Kim D.

    Our family loves a good Mexican Lasagna. Tortillas, meat, cheese, and a little sour cream – what could go wrong?

  • Dawn B.

    My mom makes “slippery dumplings” with chicken gravy. It was one of my grandmother’s most popular recipes. When my grandmother couldn’t make them anymore:( her cousin helped my mom recreate the recipe. Whenever we have them it’s a big family dinner with everyone excited about the entree and lots of happy memories:)

  • Michelle Stoll

    My Grandpa’s Clam Chowder is definitely a favorite family recipe. Starts with bacon, and then you add cream, potatoes, corn, and clams. Can’t go wrong with those ingredients!
    But probably my favorite family recipes are the Christmas cookies we make every year! Passed down from my dad’s mom, they are some of the BEST cookies I’ve ever had!! Can never pick a favorite at Christmas.

  • Molly C.

    My mom’s spaghetti is always better than any restaurant’s!

  • My grandma’s apple pie in a jar is a favorite of our family. Delish served over pork chops and easy to make so my 4 year old can help!

  • Grandma’s apple pie in a jar. Delish served over pork!

  • Taylor C

    My dad makes the most delicious cinnamon scones! They are a tradition for Christmas morning breakfast. I already can’t wait to have them again in 7 short months!!

  • Jessica w

    I love making a mozzarella pasta with lots of tomatoes and italian seasoning

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Natalie

    One of our family favorites is something my grandma made a long time ago, followed by my mom, then myself. It’s a casserole, and my tastes have evolved from casseroles to more complex dishes, but there’s something about that dish (noodles, beef, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomato soup, and cheese) that just takes me back. And my son & husband LOVE it! My grandma called it magetti.

  • Angela

    Every Christmas my family makes 10+ kinds of cookies, then we get together and do a cookie exchange. Chocolate chip cookies were always the cookie my mom contributed, and Christmas wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t participate in helping her. I am now 24 and still look forward to this tradition. For me, chocolate chip cookies taste different from every household, but I always crave the way our family makes it.

  • Ashmaytucker

    My grandmother made this wonderful ‘slush’ drink of pineapple, lime and orange juice frozen together and served with sprite. I grew up calling it grandmas ‘flush’ drink, and still get teased from time to time. Brings back only happy memories.

  • Ashley

    My dad’s chili with lots of grated cheese.

  • Heather Tylor

    My moms chocolate chip cookies!

  • Anne Marie

    Peanut Chicken (hot peanut sauce over chicken and angel hair pasta). Mmmm so good and pretty darn quick too, week night friendly!

  • Rose v.

    My mom’s albondigas soup is simple and delicious. I love that she loads it up with root vegetables :)

  • Heather G

    Wow can’t wait to try these cupcakes. Two of my favorite dessets in one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing. (with a touch of orange too)

  • i enjoy cin rolls with cream cheese icing

  • Alyssa

    I love my mom’s black bean salsa – corn, fresh cilantro, and feta cheese make it perfect!

  • Shawn Marie Baker

    I love my grandfather’s vegetable soup. It’s the perfect blend of spices that really makes it wonderful.

  • Kaitlin Boudreau

    My favorite family recipe is my moms pineapple casserole. It’s made for every holiday or get together. It’s custardy (is that a word?) and fresh with a nice crust.

  • Eskai

    We have a family cheese ball recipe that we always have to do when when my parents and siblings get together. It’s ridiculously easy but so addictive to eat :-)

  • Kate E

    My Grandma’s banana bread. My mom and I are competing to see who can make it taste as close to her’s as possible. Grandma left a recipe but apparently she didn’t follow it;)

  • Alleybee73

    My nana makes the BEST chicken fried steak & gravy I’ve ever had in my life. Out of this world, I made it myself for the first time a few days ago for my husband and I. So glad I learned how to do it like my nana!

  • My mom is an awesome baker. She would say that she couldn’t understand why we couldn’t all just have dessert for dinner. (She also cooks very well, but she doesn’t love it as much as baking.) It sounds so cliche, but I remember her making apple pie. She’d let me have the extra dough and filling so I could make my own “pies” out of them.

  • Jenniej918

    favorite family recipte – “specials” they are no bake cookies made mosthly with peanut butter and special K cereal – chewy & delicious and will always remind me of my childhood!

  • Susan B.

    My favorite family recipe is homemade noodles. Thinking of them makes me think of holidays with family.

  • hdhicks

    My mom’s not much of a cook, but I really love my husband’s family recipe of cinnamon rolls. We have them every Christmas morning.

  • Becky

    My family’s favorite recipe is coconut chicken bites served over a spring mix with asian dressing. YUM!! Thanks for the chance to win! Can’t wait to try the cupcakes!

  • Belinda Weaver

    I guess our favorite family recipe is Potato Salad. It is so simple, plain actually – but we never take it anywhere that it isn’t devoured and people compliment so! We make it “by-gosh” – boiled or baked potatoes, cubed…onion – chopped…dill pickles – chopped (we actually use hamburger dill slices…and mayonnaise with just a dab of mustard. We make enough mayo/mixture to cover all the potato mixture. It is a fixture at family gatherings – I have 6 children and spouses and 13 grandchildren (#14 coming in July). We make it for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for Easter – you name it.
    The cupcakes look amazing, I can’t wait to try them, and I hope I win!!!! Thank you!

  • Linda

    I have always loved my Mom’s potato salad and consider it a treat, not just a side dish. The secret to the recipe is the use of red wine vinegar in the dressing, poured over the warm potatoes. The mayo is later folded in. And it’s just potatoes – Mom felt eggs belonged in egg salad.

  • Abigail

    My mom’s chocolate cake!

  • Jenny Lee

    I love my mom’s chicken curry dumplings!

  • Chloe

    My mother’s chicken noodle soup is my family favorite!

  • Sarah S Shaffer

    My grandma’s cheese ball that she would make for me each time i visit!

  • Hannah

    My grandpa’s favorite is my aunt’s gooseberry pie. You know he loves you when he offers to share!

  • Stacy DeMaster

    Caramel Brownies are a family favorite recipe here!

  • Joanna F

    Molasses cookies–soft, gingery and not too sweet, the perfect cookie.

  • Melissa

    My grandmother’s German potato salad – with apple cider vinegar, bacon, and absolutely no mayonnaise.

  • Peggy

    Lentils and Spätzle soup, an old German recipe from my immigrant ancestors. We make it every New Year for good luck.

  • Kelly C

    my mom’s mac-n-cheese, which was passed from her mom & her mom. : )

  • annevermeulen

    One of my favorite family recipes is my mom’s Chocolate Mousse Pie. It’s a recipe we discovered in the late 80’s, I think, out of a Chocolatier magazine (remember that?), and it is one of the most divine things to ever be created. There hasn’t been a Christmas Eve since the discovery of that recipe that we haven’t celebrated St. Nicholas with a slice of that heavenly pie.

  • Becky @lovetobeinthekitchen

    Our favorite family recipe is called yogurt chicken. Basically you just dip the chicken in plain yogurt then roll it in a crushed ritz and seasoning mixture. It’s to die for!

  • Kensey

    Homemade ice cream and hot fudge!

  • Rschettino

    Matzah ball soup – so comforting

  • Jordanliz14

    So we have this recipe from my grandma which is called “The Goddess” its this weird green jello, cool whip, pineapple concoction. It sounds so gross but it is soooo yummy!

  • Nhu

    My favorite childhood dish would have to be rice porridge topped with freshly sliced ginger. It’s the Asian equivalent to chicken noodle soup. My dad would always make it when I felt sick.

  • Sherri S.

    Has to be home made vanilla ice cream. I still remember at least one or more of us kids sitting on the freezer while Dad kept cranking. We’d get heavy cream from the Amish farmers and oh my goodness it was the best! Still making it with the ease of an electric freezer now.

  • Stuffed Pepper Stoup!

  • Leslie S

    Baked Penne – we make it every Christmas! It is basically a fancy version of mac and cheese – multiple cheeses, penne instead of macaroni, mozarella and cheddar on top. So yummy!

  • Kristie

    My mother makes the most amazing meatballs, a secret family recipe passed down from her grandmother!

  • Jen B.

    My husband makes an awesome pork bbq. Even our 3 girls (ages 9, 6 and 4) will eat it up! Thanks, Jen B.

  • Candace Swartzentruber

    “Uncle Norman’s Grilled Chicken” – Amazing!

  • Diane

    Our favorite family recipe is for Jumbo Raisin Cookies. These are cookies that my grandmother used to make, then my mom, then me, and now my adult son. They have raisins, chocolate chips, and lots of yummy spices.

  • Candace Swartzentruber

    “Uncle Norman’s Grilled Chicken” – Amazing!

  • Chau

    My favorite family recipe has got to be bbq ribs. So delicious!

  • Marian D

    I have a wonderful recipe for bread pudding that has a layer of custard on the bottom. I have been making it since the fifties and it is the most requested dessert that I make.

  • Kimlantz

    Our favorite family recipe without a doubt is good old spaghetti with meatballs. You cant go wrong with this comfort food along with a good loaf of french bread, tons of butter, and of course a good bottle of wine. :)

  • Amanda

    my mother in laws creme enchiladas. My signature ingredient is hot mexican chili powder and hers is diced green chilis. I was telling some friends about this chili powder, how its my FAVORITE and where to buy it. They all looked at me like I was crazy; apparently they have never owned chili powder… then I looked at them like they were crazy. How can that be!?

  • Amanda

    almost said the same thing!! love this soup!

  • Kara D

    I love our family recipe for sourdough pizza!

  • Melisa

    My favorite family recipe would be my Grammy’s Macaroni and Cheese! I would love helping her make it as a kid, shredding the big block of cheddar cheese and making fresh homemade breadcrumbs to top it all off!

  • Amy Griscom

    My family’s favorite meal and dish append at breakfast…overnight French toast. Every morning that is started around the table is sure to be a great one!

  • ATLKristen

    My mom makes the best lemon pound cake. She uses her mother’s recipe and baking techniques.

  • Halohug

    My favorite family recipe is my dad’s chicken and dumplings. It is so rich and creamy & the dumplings are delicious. I still feel a warm fuzzy feeling when I eat it.

  • Laura C

    peach ice cream

  • Kim

    Lasagna bolognese – pretty sure that’s what led to my wedding!

  • Jill

    Cardamom waffles. Passed on from my grandmother from Norway. Always a little taste of home!

  • Lilly_28

    I love my family’s chocolate chip cake. It is one of many favorites.

  • Kate

    My Mom’s deep dish pizza is my favorite! Now I just need to get the right pan so that I can make it too!

  • Sara

    Beef and noodles – hands down!

  • Kelly

    My mom’s apple pie is a great family recipe handed down and it’s AMAZING. There’s never any leftovers. Also, her potato salad is getting to be a family recipe since it’s totally amazing!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mom’s baked mac and cheese! I grew up eating it, and it’s the recipe I still make today!

  • Marisa

    One of my favorite family recipes is Mississippi Mud Cake.

  • Tiffany M.

    My favorite family recipe is Chicken Paprikash (and only Mom’s will do!). This has been my favorite meal as far back as I can remember. I asked for it when ever I could for special occasions. I have tried to make it so many times but it never comes out right. So I have given up. Mom is the only one who can make this tender chicken in a creamy flavorful gravy that smother homemade spatzles. Give me a side of steamed broccoli and call it heaven on earth! It is so good that my husband uses our daughter as leverage to get Mom to make it for dinner…shameless I know.

  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. I make it for all of the Bills home games and the Superbowl, of course!

  • Michele

    Families are all about traditions and one of our traditions is Wild Rice Soup on Christmas Eve. My mom started making it over 25 years ago and it was a huge hit. Even now as all 12 of us siblings are spread across the US and Canada, we always check in with each other to make sure everyone is including Wild Rice Soup in their Christmas Eve menu!

  • Kim

    We have a banana bread recipe that’s been in our family forever. It’s everyones favorite. It’s the best. We still try other ones but they are never even close.

  • Angie

    I love my mom’s homemade mac and cheese!! Can’t beat it!

  • Heather

    My Grandmother’s cabbage salad. Love it!

  • My favorite family recipe is stuffed cabbage. It took many years for me to like it (I’m sorry but it absolutely stinks while cooking it!) and now it’s one of my favorites.

  • Sarah

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s chocolate cake. It consists of a wacky cake (for some reason every cousin in our family, myself included, was allergic to eggs when we were younger) and the most amazing chocolate icing — so good that even though I know what is in it I still lick the bowl clean! Despite growing older and becoming different every single family member of mine always asks for grandma’s chocolate cake :)

  • Angela

    Fluffy Cranberry Salad-It could never be Thanksgiving or Christmas without this tasty dish of ground up apples, cranberries, and marshmallows lightly mixed in with whipped cream and of course sugar!!! This fluffy pink goodness wows kids and adults alike :)

  • Crystal V.

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s shrimp scampi over linguine – it’s a go to recipe in our home !

  • Debbie

    Cheesy chicken casserole is now what my son requests when he comes home from college for a visit. It’s nothing fancy but it’s home cooked rather than from a food court on campus!

  • Christina

    Ceviche tacos! Perfect for a hot summer night!

  • KLK

    Cornbread dressing!

  • my mom’s simple chocolate cake! it’s my favorite!

  • Kaitlen

    I don’t know if this is my all-time favorite, but it’s at the top of my list this summer. My mom makes a fantastic cold peach pie. It has a cream cheesy layer and is filled with a peach jello mixture and fresh peaches. Mmm.

  • Kate

    Our favorite is fondly called “Feta Chicken” although the official recipe is titled “Greek-Style Baked Chicken.” Peppers, tomatoes, feta, mint, oregano and chicken, served over orzo — yum yum!!

  • Auwingo

    My mom’s cornbread dressing & also her pecan pie.

  • Sonia H.

    While interning in college my mentor introduced me to asparagus. I was hooked and I immediately started looking for recipes that contained asparagus. I found 2 recipes that quickly became family favorites. The most requested is a chicken and asparagus casserole that is really quick and easy, but full of flavor that can only come from asparagus. The second most requested is an asparagus casserole that contains boiled and chopped eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, etc. and then topped with crushed potato chips. Absolutely delicious. That summer when my internship was done, my mentor gave me a cookbook, Southern Elegance-A Collection of the Best of Carolina Cuisine. It has a section in the front called Y’all Come Menus. This was the first cookbook that I had ever seen with menus for different occasions and all of the recipes to make them. There is a menu for an After Theater Supper, Bridal Brunch, Dance Club Breakfast, Funeral Luncheon, Peach Harvest Celebration, and on and on. Each recipe even includes the drink recipes. I love this cookbook. It has more stains and tattered pages than any other that I own, (I have been using it faithfully since 1989!) and it has some really great asparagus recipes in it too! Since my husband and I love to garden, we have actually grown our own asparagus. It grows so fast that we sometimes pick it twice daily. This allows us to make lots of dishes containing this very tasty vegetable. Maybe you have a great asparagus recipe you would like to share sometime Annie?

  • Megan W

    Pizza for sure! With two small picky eaters at home, pizza satisfies everyone! I use the recipe for your classic pizza crust and then get creative with the toppings, plus there is always enough for left overs which is a huge plus for our busy family! Growing up, my family didn’t cook alot so I’m trying to experiment with new recipes that work for our family while teaching my daughters to cook from scratch (I’ve got two amazing helpers)! Our pizza is absolutely worth the time and effort it takes to make and something my family always looks forward to!

  • Stefani

    We make a yummy pizza with fig preserves, pancetta, and gorgonzola to snack on while we prepare the big Thanksgiving or Christmas meal for that evening. It’s usually the best part!

  • Caraaggie

    my favorite is hamburger soup–comfort food at it’s finest with lots of good vegtables.

  • Tami C.

    My favorite family recipe is Crockpot Tortilla Soup! I even make homemade tortilla chips for toppers! Yum!

  • Megan C.

    Ham casserole… my mom used to make it with leftover ham. Brings back such wonderful memories of family mealtime!

  • Elizabeth Smillie

    mmm! probably oatmeal coconut cookies – my grandma got it from her best friend who she’s known since college, and I think the friend might have gotten it from a paper or magazine. they’re full of butter and brown sugar, and the coconut adds a bit of flavor that’s just wonderful

  • My mom’s homemade mac ‘n’ cheese cannot be beat! It always reminds me of home when I make it.

  • Brittany

    I love love my great-great aunt’s peanut butter rice krispy treats. Oh my so good!

  • Erica O.

    My favorite family recipe is pierogi. These wonderful dumplings can be filled with anything from blueberries to meat and potatoes. Yum!

  • Knapp T

    I would have to say Stuffed Shells. My grandmother Mildred used to always make them when my family would come to visit her. I always loved it when I was a little girl! Its has become a favorite of my husband and kids now!

  • Jan

    My aunts marinade recipe is our favorite. We use it on all sorts of meats and veggies.

  • Pfarrelljfarrell

    My mom’s Irish Soda Bread!

  • susanlulu

    I sure could use this cookbook as my husband who did all of our cooking has now left earth to make heaven better after 25 years of marriage. My favorite recipe is a blueberry muffin recipe he improvised by adding “more” of the good stuff. He even planted and picked the blueberries for these!

  • I think my favorite family recipe would be this dessert my mom makes. The literal translation from vietnamese to english would be banana cake. but it`s not even a cake! ahah

  • Oahugirl65

    Shoyu Chicken, on Oahu everyone uses Aloha Shoyu, made in Hawaii. The marinade consists of fresh ginger, green onions, brown and white sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, Shoyu, and a few secret ones. Soak overnight and bake, broil skin side up till nice and crispy. It’s a winner!!

  • KatieItaliano

    My mom makes the best chicken papikash. Love it served with mini dumplings. Its a bowl full of comfort!

  • Melissa D

    My grandmother’s cornbread dressing. She never cheats… Always makes her own chicken stock, and cornbread from scratch and then uses all fresh ingredients herbs and spices. It takes all day to make but it is worth it!

  • Des

    One of our favorite family recipes is a wonderful pumpkin bread recipe made by my mother-in-law. We are still working on our bread tasting as wonderful as when she makes it!

  • Pattyjohnson

    One of our family’s favorite recipes are bran muffins with chocolate chips. The batter can be made up ahead of time & stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. We make fresh muffins every morning until the batter is gone! My son even wanted those for his birthday instead of the chocolate birthday cake I offered to make him!

  • Pattie Tierney

    My favorite family recipe was my grandmother’s fried chicken. She’d tell me time and time again how to make it, but mine never tasted as good as hers.

  • Jenpleake

    My favorite family recipe is homemade chicken and noodles that my grandma always used to make me. It is pretty simple in it’s ingredients,( chicken, egg noodles, carrots, and celery), but you always felt loved when you ate it.

  • teainva

    My mom’s ladyfinger cake was always my favorite thing of hers. She did a few recipes well and this was one of them.

  • Joy

    Belgian waffle cookies made with almond meal and Frangelico!

  • Christina R.

    Roast chicken with potatoes. So simple but so delicious!

  • Txkira

    I have to say my favorite is a common favorite in most homes- chocolate chip cookies! But we use Molasses to make our own brown sugar- just take basic granulated sugar and add enough molasses to make a moist brown sugar. Oh and 1 egg only, makes them less like cake and more moist too!

  • Heather

    Blueberry crisp!

  • Dee Parker

    My grandfather would always make parkin for me when I went over to England to visit him. When he died I asked for his parkin tin, and now I use his recipe and his tin to make it in. (Parkin is a sort of dense oatmeal and golden syrup cake.)

  • Lisa A

    Beef with bacon roll-ups with Potato pancakes. I am sure there are meals far fancier but this is one my grandpa used to make. Making it brings back memories of childhood. And YUM!

  • schwartzln

    I don’t eat it anymore, but I used to love my mom’s kielbasa wrapped in crescent roll dough. Fancy pigs-in-a-blanket. :)

  • Sagodlove

    Unfortunately, being in a family with 7 kids in 8 years (twins in there but still!), my mom hated cooking and only did the minimum to to keep us fed. My dad was working all the time but did love to cook/bake around the holidays. He made a Christmas stollen bread that we always looked forward to, especially because my mom did not bake AT ALL and any sweets we had were pre-packaged from the store. On the positive side, my sister and I have totally overcompensated for all this and LOVE to bake for our own families now.

  • Lisa

    My Grandma’s potato salad – delicious! No bbq or picnic was complete without it!

  • Milletnikki

    My favorite is the “Cox Chocolate Cake”. My great great grandma started making this for my grandma who made it for her kids and grandkids. I have lots of memories of me and my grandma in her kitchen baking this cake. She taught me to bake before I was 5 and I had this recipe memorized shortly after. I LOVE to bake as an adult and especially love to bake cupcakes. This receipe is for a wonderfully moist chocolate cake and a frosting made with hersheys cocoa and tons of pecans that is poured onto the cake while the cake is still hot. I have baked this as a sheet cake and even super messy cupcakes more times than I can count. My 6 year old has started making it with me now and we talk about my grandma and my great grandma each time we bake it.

  • Mel

    Our favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s Oatmeal Cake. =o]

  • Cmezoom12

    Tomato soup cake. My Mother’s specialty, and she always made it for my birthday.

  • Amychan1988

    My fav recipe Is crock pot chicken tacos. I love adding onions and bell peppers in it. It’s amazing!

  • My favorite family recipe is shepherd’s pie. My mother made it growing up and now I try to duplicate her results. It fills the house with the most comforting scent and never fails to transport me back in time.

  • Kathy

    This is a book that I would love to own. In fact, I think I stumbled onto your blog as a result of ready Savory Sweet Life! My favorite family recipe: Wai Ki Ki meatballs!!! Such a throw back to the 1960s, but they are devoured every time I make them….fresh pineapple, red pepper, fresh ginger to replace the 1960s ingredients (canned pineapple, green pepper and ginger powder)…..these are yummy and honestly, always a hit!!!

  • Ashley

    Banana pudding! the real stuff, with none of that ‘jello pudding’ from a box. I have such wonderful memories in my grandma’s kitchen making this, and in fact, i’m the only family member that knows how to make it. It was my father’s favorite, so every year for his birthday, and just because, I’ll make it for him. My grandma passed away several years ago, and my only regret is wishing I had of spend more time in the kitchen with her!

  • sjschiltz1

    Italian Chicken-a take on Chicken Parmesan. I’ve been making it for years. It is my husband and my adult children’s favorite meal.

  • Ann Marie

    Every year my grandmother made fruitcake at Christmas time. I know, I know fruitcake?!? But it always came by mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the box was HEAVY. It really wasn’t Christmas until we were sampling fruitcake for breakfast. I’ve eaten some really awful fruitcake, but Grandma’s was always moist and sweet and full of molasses and dried fruit and nuts. She passed away last year but I have the recipe in her handwriting and it’s the best gift she ever gave me, better even than my real China miniature tea set. Thanks Annie, for the walk down memory lane.

  • Tamika

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese – soooo good! I’d tell you the recipe, but this one stays in the family.

  • Theresa

    One of my families faves we call Baby Butterfingers. It’s time consuming to make but the kids don’t mind helping cuz they are so good. My daughter’s sorority even made them in her dorm room as a thank you to a group of guys that took them on a “group date”.

  • Carolyn

    I’m half-Vietnamese, so one of my favorite comfort foods is simply called “rice & meat”. It’s basically clay pot caramel pork, minus cooking it in a clay pot served with a side of fluffy jasmine rice. Yum.

  • Megan

    My great grandmother’s pound cake with almond extract. Yum.

  • Lorijcullen

    Thank you for your recipe Nicole; I’m going to try them!

  • Wendi

    Lobster and scallop Mac and cheese! True family comfort food.

  • Maurmaragogo

    I was raised Mennonite & come from many generations of Mennonites on both sides of my family(not Old Mennonite who still wear the white caps…but Mennonite Brethren..the modern version..regular clothes, cars…the whole 9 yards)…this meant certain foods were part of our repertoire of recipes, especially @ church potlucks. Meals included things like Green Bean Soup, German Sausage, Plumi Moos, Peppernuts, Spaetzle & the favorite among all of us…ZWIEBACK. This is not the little crackers you find in the grocery store…these are homemade little mounds of deliciousness…a larger bun on the bottom…smaller on the top (when you ball them & put them on the pan before baking you poke your finger down the center to make them stick). Once baked, you pull them apart. They’re best really soft, almost doughy & right out of the oven with melted butter. They always went quickly @ holiday meals when we were all together. The boys in our family would completely smother them in my Grandma’s homemade strawberry freezer jam…it was almost a sin to not have the jam on them. When my Mom bakes them…not very often anymore, but the smell of them baking brings back such great family memories!

  • Lorijcullen

    My husband’s favorite family recipe is”Pencil Points” which I just recently learned are nothing more than ziti noodles with a peculiar name that comes from Trenton NJ!
    My favorite is a pistachio creme de menthe cake that also hails from my childhood (hmmm, something wrong with a child liking – and being given that cake!)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book and the delicious looking cupcake recipe.

  • Kelly

    My mother grew up with 5 siblings in a small apt with her grandmother. Money was tight and she had roast beef with macaroni every week and that was a treat. So we have family reunions every year since I was little and we have roast beef with macaroni every time. When we get together we have it. My mom showed me how to cook it and I have it with my kids now too. nothing fancy but it is good andcarries good memories for me and my kids.

  • Heather

    My mom is famous for her deep dish cherry shortcake – homemade cinnamon rolls baked in cherry pie filling!

  • Ms Mac21

    My favorite family recipe, is my moms Tablet, it is a scottish candy.

  • Kelsey

    My mom’s grilled potatoes. They are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle with a hint of sweetness from the onion. Yum!

  • Callie

    Carrot cookies with an orange glaze. Super yummy :)

  • Beth Whitesell

    Hi Annie! One favorite food that my mom would make during the holidays was spinach balls – they sound healthy, but they totally aren’t. Lots of butter, herbed stuffing mix, parmesan, & egg with some herbs & a little bit of spinach! I love to make them when I entertain because they are a great appetizer/finger food.

  • Teri

    The cupcakes looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to try the recipe. My favorite family recipe is my Mom’s Marinated Squab steamed over Rice. Just simple comfort food. :)

  • Kristin Coleman

    My families favorite recipe?? There are so many. But I”d have to say the #1 item is going to have to be Chicken Enchiladas. They are a cream of chicken soup and sour cream based recipe. So easy and can feed a bunch of people. For dessert I’d say that the families favorite recipe is home made plain vanilla ice cream with the old fashioned ice cream maker. Then we all add different mixin’s into ours. Yummy. Might have to just make those Chicken Enchiladas next week.

  • Nicole

    My favorite family recipe is Chicken and Matzoh ball soup. Delicious!!

  • Leigh R.

    Thanks Annie! One of my favorite family recipes is my grandmother’s anise seed cookies, we always made them at Christmas.

  • Torilee36

    It is called, ‘Instead of Frying Fish’. Think mild fish filets coated in parmesan cheese and crushed Lays potato chips, drizzled with melted butter and baked in a 500 degree oven. All the crunch of fried fish, minus all the grease. Homemade tarter sauce and you have one delicious fish dinner.


    My family favorite recipe happens to be a favorite for each member of our family. It is my ice cream cake that is basic enough that it can be personalized for each family member. The last one I made ( just last week for a birthday) was a coconut ice cream, with brownie on the bottom and then a chocolate coconut frosting with toasted coconut. Divine and the birthday boy LOVED IT. =0)

  • Psmjef

    My family favorite is my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. They have rolled oats, almond extract…and come out perfect every time she makes them. I have yet to achieve that greatness but am coming closer with every attempt. I can make enough food to feed an army and delicious at that…but can’t bake a cookie as good as mom’s.

  • Kristin H.

    My favorite family recipe is for from scratch chicken and dumplings. My grandmother taught my mother who taught me. I was SO nervous the first time I made them for her! This is both a comfort food for me as it reminds me of countless wonderful memories of my childhood, but also one that I’ve been able to pass on to my husband and children. The first day of winter always brings cries for my chicken and dumplings…although mom’s are still the best : )

  • Beth

    Baked Potato Soup! My family loves it so much my 14 year old daughter requested it for her birthday dinner. It’s June 10th so it really was too warm outside but I told her that but she still wanted it. So I made it and it was still as good as it always is but we were sweating. Hot soup and hot weather don’t mix:)

  • Jacy

    My favorite family recipe is my great aunt’s meatloaf. People who don’t even eat meatloaf rave over this recipe! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome cookbook :)
    jacy468 at aim dot com

  • Beverly Edwards

    I have so many family favorites so I will go with my favorite sweet….my Daddy’s Candy Bar Cake, unbelievably better than any other ever created!

  • RRishg

    My family favorite is rice pudding

  • Jennifermarie

    My mom’s deviled eggs! Yummy!

  • Jonijc Tx

    Black Russian Cake. My Dad and step-mom made this for me many years ago and I loved it. I make it for everyone and it is still my most requested recipe. It’s also the only cake I make that starts with a box mix…go figure!

  • Bryngelsons

    My family’s favorite is french toast and bacon for dinner, so simple, easy and delicous! The kids love it when I put sprinkles on theirs, it makes it seem special!

  • Ryejane

    Chicken and dumplings, hands down! Any recipe that calls for a half of an egg shell of water is a winner!

  • Caitlinmack

    Carrot cake with pineapple and coconut, we’ve all had it at our weddings and special occasions.

  • Laura

    Hawaiian Chicken

  • My dad’s beef and bean burritos. His secret recipe.

  • My dad’s bean and beef burritos….his secret family recipe.

  • Yranan

    My girls love it when I make half moon cookies. They certainly aren’t an original recipe but they have become our family favorite .

  • JenH

    I love love love my vanilla cinnamon rolls.

  • Sandy w

    One of our very favorites is barbecued pizza with spicy sausage, onions and peppers with goat cheese. The other favorite is beer battered onion rings. Too hard to pick the most favorite!

  • Jenny

    I love my mom’s Chicken Divan. When she was little, my sister called it Chicken DiBus. It made sense to her. :-)

  • Kayla

    My great grandma’s peanut butter ball recipe. It is amazing. Really simple but so good. We even begged my mom to make some for our wedding (they went with the chocolate-peanut butter cake).

  • Bk_ray

    My favorite family recipe is chicken and noodles. My grandmother taught me how to make the homemade noodles and it was always the requested birthday meal while growing up. My mother still makes it for me every time I come home. A dish of comfort and love!

  • Tristen

    Chicken enchiladas and anything with butter, flour and sugar!

  • Renekratz

    One favorite family recipe is “Tillie’s balls” — basically our family recipe for Russian tea cookies. My grandparents got the recipe from their friend Tillie, hence the name, which never failed to give my grandparents a chuckle.

  • Ann L.

    A favorite family recipe is our Strawberry Custard Pie. The recipe has been handed down through the generations. I plan on making one this weekend with our fresh local berries!

  • Stacy G.

    Homemade dinner rolls…passed down through many generations!

  • Courtney

    My mom used to make us popsicles using a magical mixture of Kool-Aid and Jell-O…we loved tehm so much we called them “Happiness Popsicles.” Now I’m 35 and I still call them that.

  • Debbie

    My favorite family recipe has to been green chicken enchiladas. It is a receipe that has been handed down to my daughters. It takes some work to make them, but it is worth the effort.

  • Krista F

    Our family loves spaghetti with tomato butter sauce. So simple, so good

  • Laura

    Overnight cinnamon rolls! They’re expected for every special occasion and then some … it’s my own recipe, but homemade cinnamon rolls is a family tradition carried on from my grandma.

  • Michelle D

    My mother-in-law’s coconut pecan pie. She made me a fan of pecan pie with this recipe! Now I make it for my husband for special occasions.

  • Aimee C.

    My dad’s chicken fried chicken! He used to make it for me when I would come home from college. It’s just amazing! I hardly eat fried chicken any where else because he has spoiled me so much.

  • Sbgallant

    My husband loves my apple crisp. I don’t have a specific recipe for it, I learned how to make it from my Mom, and it’s a constant request when apples are in season (or on sale!) It’s very basic, I adjust ingredients based on the type of apples I’m using and how my sweet-tooth is feeling!

  • We have a recipe that has been in the family for 3 generations called Tellerina. No clue where the name comes from but it is a hamburger casserole with egg noodles, corn, olives, bell pepper, cheese, tomato soup, cream soup, chili powder, cumin and garlic. YUM! It is a crowd pleaser and kids love it too! I would love this cookbook, but if I don’t win I will for sure buy it. I love supporting self starters! :)

  • Mercedes

    This cookbook sounds wonderful! One of my favorite family recipes is Rhubarb Torte!

  • Stephanie P

    My very favorite family recipe is something my mom makes that we call macaroni & tuna salad. I know it sounds nasty, but it’s a cold salad and is perfect on a bed of lettuce and with a side of sliced tomato. The best thing about it is that the longer all the ingredients hang out together in the fridge, the better it gets.

  • Laura

    My favorite family recipe would be sauerkraut chocolate! The sauerkraut makes the cake so moist!

  • Melanie

    Angel food cake with strawberry fluff topping! yum!

  • Shedwiggity

    It’s a filipino dish called sinigang…perfect for winter

  • ceviche…’s delicious :D

  • Karen G

    Love my mom’s ItalianBeef andbeginning to perfect it myself. A little rub on it for some oven cooking then some spices and juice for the end on the stovetop. Delicious on buns or over rice.

  • Jessica

    Baked clams! I grew up watching my dad and his brothers mix up a large batch with a baseball bat on our front porch.

  • Sarah (Songbird Sweets)

    my favorite recipe is my mom’s chicken and biscuits…it is AMAZING!!! and one of these days im going to have to get her to tell me the recipe:)

  • Jingwenchang

    My grandmother’s potstickers. No one in our family can quite make it like her even using the same recipe! Miss her so much!

  • Holly

    Blueberry cheese cake is a family favorite. Whenever there is a really special occasion, someone in the family makes it. Every time I bring it to a potluck I get at least one request for the recipe.

  • MaryB

    Favorite family recipe -well, there are two big stand outs, both from my Grandma. Her cinnamon rolls are awesome and so is her dressing (stuffing). Yum!

  • Sallysmoore

    Just plain yummy shortbread

  • Erica T.

    Mmmmm… so many! Right now, probably hot potato salad :) Darn pregnancy cravings…

  • Dorothea

    A favorite family recipe would have to be my deviled eggs. Everyone loves them, even the grandkids!

  • Goulash- elbow noodles, tomatoes, cheese, yummy! I used to scoop it into a piece of sandwich bread to eat it like a sandwich.

  • Addie Cardiel

    Chilequillas…a delicious Mexican casserole. It was my great grandma’s recipe and has been passed down throughout our family over the generations. My mom still has the original index card it was written on. Amazing!

  • Adie

    My favorite family recipe is Crock Pot Tamale Pie. It is layers of corn tortillas, ground beef, cheese, olives, beans, and enchilada sauce. My grandmother always made it for Christmas and it was always a nice alternative to the traditional ham or turkey.

  • Shelley

    My Grandpa’s homemade Tomato Soup! So many memories….

  • Amy S

    My moms jello cream cheesecake!

  • Catie

    My Grandma’s overnight coffee cake. Grandma taught me this while in college (before she had a stroke) and my family and I are so blessed because I’m the only one who can make it “as good as Grandma.”

  • Joanna

    Pumpkin Chiffon Pie at Thanksgiving! Of course you need the original, but the chiffon is always a necessary (lighter) must-have on the menu after round #1 of feasting!

  • My family loves my sweet honey corn muffins served alongside my homemade jam. It’s a very special recipe to me because it was my Grammy’s favorite too, and when I make it, she’s always on my mind.

    Thanks Annie for running this contest- I’d definitely love to add this book to my collection. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  • beth

    these cupcakes look amazing! can’t wait to try them. my fam fav is a baked clam dish. always requested. friends duplicate!!! can be put in shells and then baked or in a low quich or pie dish and served with plain crackers. i like to dip veggies into it!

  • Jheffordanderson

    My mom’s potato salad is a family favorite. My grandma also used the same recipe.

    This book looks fabulous.

  • Gingertumi

    My family makes asphodel bread for every holiday. It’s thick like cake but savory snd delicious. Perfect with turkey!

  • Emily

    I love my mom’s French Silk Pie! Rich and smooth!

  • Angie

    My favorite family recipe is my Mom’s Peas and Dumplings. So simple, yet so delicious. I always request it when I visit.

  • Ejmoen

    Potato Dumplings….the Norweigen way. Rich and filling – and oh, so comforting.

  • Glenda Geoghegan

    My mother’s famous Three Hour Yeast Rolls. The holiday meal is not complete without “grandma’s rolls.” And she always makes extras for us to take home.

  • Debbie

    Looks yummy. Would love to win the cookbook!

  • Patti Trygg

    Yellow Butter Cake (I make mine from scratch but mom & grandma used a mix!) holes poked in it right from the oven, then spread a glaze on the hot cake made with the juice & zest from a whole lemon…….. Mmmmmmmmm wicked tasty!

  • Slnelson1

    Homemade Gnocchi :)

  • Rachel H Jennings

    This cookbook looks amazing! I actually just had my 7th and 8th grade Humanities students complete a class cookbook where each student submitted one of their favorite family recipes and one special occasion recipe from a culture of their choice. Then each student cooked one recipe and had we had a “Food of the World” day in class with their parents (on our last day of class together!) It was fantastic! The students really exceeded my expectations!

    As I shared with my students, I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole. It’s more of a dessert with all the brown sugar, pecans, and melted marshmallows, but oh so delicious! Since my husband doesn’t like sweet potatoes, I end up getting to eat all the leftovers for days.

  • Hannah

    I love my grandmother’s Orange Crush Cake.

  • Tracee M

    Brown sugar pie. The recipe is from my great grandma. The pie is so ugly but tastes so good.

  • Soosfamily

    Our favorite recipe is for a lemon-raspberry angel food trifle. It is the Perfect combo of flavors, textures and is a sure hit!

  • Soosfamily

    Our family favorite is lemon raspberry trifle. We make this when the berries are in season!

  • My favorite family recipe was either my grandma’s chicken soup or her city chicken. Yum!

  • The current favorite around here is my cocoa and spice-rubbed ribs…I smoke them on the grill for 2 hours, then braise them for another 2 in the oven.

  • One of my favorite family recipes is my Grandma’s potato salad. It’s the simplest thing to make, completely unsophisticated, and rather unhealthy – not generally what I seek out in a recipe – but it’s just so comforting and delicious. It reminds me of summertime and family gatherings and happiness and love – pretty great!

  • Brenda H.

    My grandmother was known around our small town for her amazing baked goods, and perhaps her most famous were her apple dumplings. They had a flaky, kind-of-chewy pastry, and they were filled with baked apples in a gooey cinnamon-y filling. All apple dumplings are great, but hers were the best I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine trying one that’s better. All of my aunts make them, as well as my dad, and I know I will be making them for years to come.

  • Ashley P

    The dish I make for every family gathering is my grandmother’s macaroni and cheese with tomato soup. It’s a hit every time!

  • emily jean

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE my godmother’s snickerdoodles and am so happy to finally have the recipe!

  • Jaime

    A tried-and-true baguette recipe! Oh…and that spaghetti sauce! :)

  • Kathleen A.

    My family loves a special treat for breakfast that we only make on holidays….French Toast Casserole! Every single person who has tried it, loves it. We even made it as a birthday cake for my uncle because he loves it so much. So many wonderful family memories involve this special breakfast item. It’s amazingly delicious.

  • Michele

    Chicken file’ gumbo! The pot is never big enough! The first cool weather that heads into Louisiana means a pot of gumbo on the stove….

  • Barb

    We love chocolate cupcakes (made with coffee) with Swiss meringue buttercream (any flavor).

  • Lynn BB

    With three teenagers with various tastes, it’s hard to find a new recipe that pleases everyone. Your creamy taco mac is a new family favorite!

  • Anne

    Any recipe I devise myself is automatically named “Anne’s Famous [insert name of food here].” The family favorite of Anne’s Famous recipes is “Anne’s Famous Chicken in Cream Sauce with [insert name of vegetable here] over Rice.” Couldn’t be any more simple: Cooked chicken in a white sauce, usually with some vegetable like broccoli or mushrooms and flavored with tarragon or thyme, served over rice. Leftovers are combined with the leftover rice and make yummy lunches.

  • Katherine F.

    A fresh fruit crostata!

  • Erin L

    Looking at these cupcakes makes me only think of my mothers peanut butter buckeyes and she only makes them around christmas! They are my favorite, so thank your for this recipe!

  • Mary Freeman

    We have a family cookie recipe called Italian Pastry..yummy. It actually is a yeast based cookie. Thanks for sharing this wonderful cookbook!

  • Kel

    It would be our homemade ice cream. Yum! The cookbook looks great!

  • Pat

    My family’s favorite dinner meal is garlic lime chicken made with chicken tenders. It is a super easy one skillet meal that makes a great sauce that I serve over the chicken with rice on the side. My kids get so excited when this is on the menu rotation.

  • Alicia

    My grandmother used to make an amazing sweet potato casserole with Special K as one of the ingredients for the topping! It was great, and now three generations all make it! It’s so great to have those kinds of recipes that have been good for decades!

  • Lindsayb

    My Grandma’s sausage biscuits and gravy!!

  • Molly

    My Mom’s spaghetti and homemade meatballs. I think of her everytime that I make it for my family.

  • Sarah Mondry

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my grandmothers cheese blintzes. As kids we ate them for every holiday. She passed away in the 80’s, but her blintze recipe was handed down. It wasn’t until I made them myself many, many years ago that I realized how time consuming the process was to make each crepe. Knowing this now makes the memories even better!

  • Carrie

    My favorite family recipe is for Crunchy Cheesy Potato Casserole. Creamy mushrom soup, sour cream, lots of butter and cheese, and crushed corn flakes spread over frozen hash brown potatoes. Annie, I cant even imagine how much more delicious this could be if you added your personal take on it. I can envision you swapping Greek yogurt for the sour cream, grating your own potatoes, and shredding your own mozzarella I would be honored to share the recipe with you if you would be interested!

  • Rosanna

    My Favorite meal is Chinese fried rice, panfried gyoza, and ebi shumai. I love to experiment with different recipes and try new things from around the world.

  • Sherrie

    Ice cream! When I was younger, I couldn’t have milk because I caused me to haves tons of ear infections. So my mom found a recipe to make ice cream and we would use rice milk instead of cows milk. It because a Saturday night tradition turning the handle on our little ice cream maker (it was the kind with the insert you put in the freezer and the a paddle that fit insider it you turned to scrape the frozen bits of the side). Now they have little automated machines that do it for you. Those kids don’t know what they’re missing!

  • Lauren

    A favorite family recipe would definitely be trifle. We love it, and it always appears during the holidays!

  • shelley miller

    One my favorite recipes is for puff pancakes, because my daughter enjoys them so much!!

  • Loretta

    My favorite family recipe is a Finnish pancake

  • kim m

    I love the flavors and memories of making and canning my grandmothers salsa.

  • Anna k

    Our favorite family recipe is for black bean green chili quesadillas! Yum yum!

  • Renhair68

    My favorite family recipe is a toss up between my grandmother’s brisket (so moist and flavorful with just the right amount of smokiness) and my mother’s cheesecake (which is truly the most awesome cheescake you’ve ever tasted! You’ll never eat another with the same relish!) I knew the work that went into the cheesecake because I helped my mother make that from a very young age – she always let me help her press the graham cracker crust into the pan and monitor the mixer. My grandmother’s brisket, however, I didn’t know. So, when I was newly married, I told her I wanted her recipe, but I was a little intimidated by the idea of making brisket. She looked at me with the “I don’t know why” look and said it’s just Claude’s Brisket Marinade. I was completely blown away because if you tasted this brisket, you would think it had all kinds of special rubs and seasonings. So, if you want some of the most amazing oven baked brisket you can imagine, head out to the store and buy yourself some Claude’s Brisket Marinade. You won’t regret it!

  • Carole_fj

    My favorite family recipe is my Swedish Grandmother’s Coffee Bread. It is a sweet bread with lots of butter and coursly ground cardamom seed. It is braided and topped with egg wash and sugar. My Auntie Lil had Grandma sit at a table and make her yummy bread while Lil measured every ingredient. The recipe has now been passed down to the rest of us. When I make it, I always think of my dear aunt and Grandma, and it turns out perfect very time!

  • Barathi Sivasailam

    This cookbook looks awesome! A favorite family recipe of mine is a version of a seven layer dip…simple but delicious!

  • Bonnie D.

    Pesto Pasta! So yummy, and everybody loves it! Especially with lots of parmesan on top!!

  • Lynn G

    One of our favorite family recipes is Pulled Pork. Slow cook the pork tenderloin in a crockpot and add BBQ sauce and secret ingredients. So easy and always a crowd favorite.

  • Lauren Sorrentino

    My favorite family recipe is buffalo chicken dip. No matter what time of the day it is, we are always in the mood for it!

  • Sandy

    My favorite family recipe is Grandma’s old fashioned potato salad. Very traditional with celery, hard cooked eggs, mayo, and pickle juice.

  • Andrea

    My favorite family recipe is a marinated flank steak. Since flank steak can be a tough, dry piece of meat, we marinate ours. It’s a soy sauce, garlic, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar & garlic mixture that has been gently simmered on the stove and allowed to cool. Our preference is to let it marinate for three days and then grill it. The key to flank steak is to slice it thinly against the grain and you have a juicy, wonderful meal.

  • Kelly

    Sour Cream lemon pie….our family fights over the last slice! Delicious

  • Hulagirl13

    My mom ALWAYS makes tater tot casserole for every Christmas and thanksgiving. It’s never the same without it!

  • Rae

    Our traditional birthday cake – angel food cake (with a hint of raspberries in the batter), sliced in half with a thin layer of dark chocolate icing and raspberry preserves, iced and piped with dark chocolate icing, fresh raspberries on top. Started as my son’s fave years ago and quickly became everyone’s request.

  • Karen

    Sweet potato casserole. It was one of the few things my mom actually cooked that we could never get enough of!

  • Rae

    Sounds a lot like my family – my sister makes a great masa, my mom and aunt take turns washing the husks (ojas), (sometimes a stray cousin comes and helps out). I cook the meat the night before and make the chili EARLY in the morning. Then we all – as you say – take our positions to actually make them. My daughters and daughter-in-law help with the spreading. My dad bags and counts. My grandmothers used to take part before they passed on. It’s a wonderful tradition filled with great memories. Your post brought to mind great memories. Thank you.

  • Valerie

    My daughter makes the best almond shortbread cookies. She adds lots of chopped almonds to the recipe. Once the cookies are baked, she sandwiches them together with rich and creamy ganache. We love them!

  • Lisa

    Without question… my grandma’s apple pie (or any other pie she makes)! She’s pretty much an expert at pie making. :)

  • Laura Larimer

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my Granny’s homemade hot rolls. She makes them for every family get-together. I was lucky enough to get to spend an entire day with her a few years back, learning how to make them. She doesn’t even measure out her ingredients any more! I have yet to quite nail the recipe as well as she does, but I’m slowly getting there.

  • Heather R

    I have always loved my mom’s home made macaroni & cheese with ham and broccoli. The mix of gruyere cheese and cheddar is awesome! Always topped with crushed club crackers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lakendzior

    My favorite family recipe would have to be my mom’s sweet potatoes!

  • Lara

    My favorite family meal is my mom’s red beans and rice, not your southern style dish.

  • Christy C

    My favorite family recipe is actually a meal, Thanksgiving. My mom makes the turkey and stuffing, I do sweet potato casserole, roasted Brussels sprouts, garlic mashed potatoes and yeast rolls. Together it’s perfection!

  • Carley Leavitt

    My favorite family recipe is my Gran’s homemade bread. It sounds boring but it is always the first thing I ask her to make when we go visit her!!

  • Christina Dey

    My mom’s blueberry buckle. It just tastes like home…and summer!

  • Garden1303

    Definitely lemon bars! They don’t last a day in this house!

  • Genny

    One of my very favorite recipes was my mom’s Broken Glass Torte. She only made it on special occasions — mostly during the summer — it had a graham cracker crust, all different flavors of jello cut up inside a creamy mixture. It was not only beautiful but delicious! Oh how I miss her!

  • Jlove105

    My Mom’s baked beans. They are scrumptious! I wish I had a bowl full right now!

  • Talasta

    My family recipe is my Dad’s Gin Tomato Soup. He only makes it for Christmas Eve (and we eat leftovers of it for Christmas dinner). I only got the secret recipe this year since I couldn’t come home for Christmas, but his just tastes so much better than mine!

  • Annie Q

    My mom makes the most delicious Vietnamese caramelized fish. I haven’t been able to replicate it just yet, but I hope to someday. Thank you so much for your great giveaway!

  • Paige H.

    The sausage gravy and biscuits my mom makes are so yummy! I can make it also, but it never tastes just like hers. She always tries to make it for me when I come home!

  • Corisa

    My favorite family recipe is my great grandmother’s bread recipe ! It’s a tradition to be made on Sundays too!

  • Molly

    One of my favorite family recipes is my dad’s chicken stew–filled with tender chicken, savory bacon, sweet carrots, and melt-in-your mouth potatoes, and topped with cheese. The first time we had it was when we were out camping as a family. We had gone for a long hike, got back, and waited hours for the chicken stew to cook in a dutch oven. We were all starving by the time it was ready, but boy, was it worth the wait! The secret ingredient to keeping the chicken moist was adding a can of Sprite!

  • Kelly

    Hmm…it might be a tie between Mom’s meatloaf with homemade tomato gravy (can’t forget the rice and green peas to go with it) and chicken andouille gumbo. Both are delicious!

  • Katie G.

    Definitely my moms homemade spaghetti sauce. We had it MANY nights when I was growing up.

  • 5sandys

    Steak Soup! It makes a huge pot of soup for little effort and $ (despite the name). My brothers & my favorite growing up, and now my family has the same reaction when they come home and smell it cooking along with the fresh baked bread!

  • Anniejack

    I have this roll recipe from my mom that’s the only rolls I can ever make that always come out perfectly and deliciously.

  • Dmbucher104

    A favorite family recipe is one we’ve all used for years for devil’s food cake…given to my grandmother back in the 1940’s by a Korean neighbor! Every time we make it someone asks for the recipe. I have also recently converted it to a gluten free recipe as my husband was diagnosed with Celiac last year. Now he can still enjoy it!

  • Kate W.

    i have always loved making christmas kisses with my mom :)

  • Rhonda C.

    Ham and Potato Casserole, a OAMC recipe.

  • Grandmagreenone

    Turkey Pie. When the holidays roll around we have to have turkey,(of course) and another type of meat as everyone knows that the leftover turkey goes into the turkey pies that will be on the menu within a few days.

  • Heather

    My favorite family recipe happens to be the only recipe of my mother’s that exists! She didn’t write anything down and since she passed away when I was 15, I thought I would never be able to make anything I grew up eating. UNTIL my sister shared the one recipe that she begged out of mom years ago – pumpkin bread! So now I make “Marmee’s Pumpkin Bread” at least a dozen times during the fall months and think of my sweet mommy every time.

  • Erin Cochrane

    Carrot cake. My dad makes it every year for my bday and even made it for my wedding. It was the cake my husband and I cut as husband and wife!

  • Layered baked nachos!

  • Kristin

    My favorite family recipe is our banana cake with white icing. I requested this cake every year for my birthday when I was a child. It’s my grandma’s recipe. Making it now brings back special memories of my grandma and my childhood birthdays.

  • Kathy Miller

    This is a hard one, but I’ll go with my mom’s ‘caldo de res’ (beef stew). It’s a wonderful, heart warming meal made from scratch, where the beef cooks for hours and hours until it is tender and the broth is flavorful. The stew has all sorts of veggies and we eat it with my mom’s Guatemalan rice and fresh avocado.

  • Amy Rice

    My mimi’s macaroni and cheese. It is different than any other mac-n-cheese you’ll ever have, and she only knows the recipe by heart. I ate it every night I slept over at her house, and still request it to this day!

  • My step-grandmother is the main cook in the family (aside from me of course) and always makes the most fantastic super-deep-dish apple crisp (it’s made in a hefty cast iron dutch oven) right around Christmastime, and never any other time of the year. Come crisp fall days it’s just about all I can think of.

  • Kristine Burns

    Our current favorite is black bean and cheese enchiladas. Even my two year old loves them!

  • One of my favorite family recipes is Crazy Cake. It’s a really chocolate-y and moist chocolate cake that’s “crazy” because it doesn’t have any butter or eggs. It’s insanely good.

  • Donna

    My favorite family recipe is my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I make them at least once a week. They are a requirement!

  • Mandy M

    My favorite family recipe was my mom’s Country-Fried Steak. She served it with biscuits and white gravy. I wish I could make it like she did. Unfortunately, she passed before I was old enough to appreciate her recipes. I have fond memories of her meals though.

  • Zoe

    My moms banana bread. Melt in your mouth marvelous. Even I cant ruin it!

  • Nicole M.

    My Grandma Dee’s gnocchi. Perfect potato-pasta dumplings made painstakingly by hand all day. My job was to help flip the gnocchi off the tines of a fork to get the ridges that hold homemade pesto or tomato sauce. Time together, a great meal and a cherished childhood memory!

  • Tracy

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s Vietnamese Pho soup. I used to ask for it every time I came home for college. It always reminds me of home :)

  • Melissa

    My dad loves to make jambalaya

  • Rproctor77

    My favorite family recipe is a pasta salad that has been handed down from my husband’s late grandmother. It’s easy, versatile and delicious! All of our family and friends request it at every get together!

  • Haley W.

    We love homemade pepper steak stir fry! It’s such a delicious combination of textures and flavors. And it’s healthy too. Chock full of veggies, lean steak, and served over brown rice, it makes for a great meal!

  • Jane

    Swedish tea rings…!

  • My favorite recipe is my Grandpa’s Oyster Stew. He passed away when I was 17 & I’m pretty sure I’m the last one in my family that knows how to make it. I’m so thankful he took the time to show me how to make it when I was a kid. I will be sure to pass the recipe down to my kids.

  • NelleBellesconfections

    My mom had a recipe for macaroni & cheese that my siblings and I always ate with traditional dinners. One year my mom asked me to help make the dish. A few seasonings here, a few less there, et voila! A family recipe is reborn! Now, those siblings will only eat it if it was made by yours truly:)

  • Elisabeth

    This book looks like a winner. I would love to own this book, but my prized book is my great grandmas. My great grandma was the one who taught me how to bake. We baked something every Saturday. One of my favorites, that we only made for holidays, was her peanut butter pie. Homemade pudding, peanut butter crumble on bottom and on top and then topped with her perfect merengue. She never messed it up! One Easter, as an adult, I was trying to make it, but the recipe I had was completely wrong. I had made it before so I couldn’t figure out how. My mom and I sat on the phone for a long while trying to compare the couple of recipes that we had (why she had 2 and one of the wrong I don’t know!) But eventually we got it figured out and the pie was a hit! I’m so thankful for Saturdays in the kitchen with her. I really miss her.

  • Hannah R

    Favorite family recipe would be chicken and broccoli casserole. Really easy and really yummy!!

  • Sara Marie

    favorite family recipe, by landslide, is my mom’s chicken and dumplings… reminds me of how fortunately simpler things were when i was a child! nothing better than coming home from playing outside in the snow to a big bowl of thick chicken soup… loaded with huge buttermilk dumplings!

  • Pje5117

    One of my favorite family recipes is my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies.

  • Chin S.

    My favorite family recipe is chocolate pie!

  • Brittany

    My favorite family recipe is my grandma’s broccoli cheddar soup. Growing up, my dad made it every year the day before Christmas — a tradition I have carried on to my own family now! It brings wonderful memories and tastes delicious :)

  • Barb C.

    One of our family’s favorites is fresh beef brisket, slow-roasted in a flavorful sauce and paired with cream cheese mashed potatoes and a vegetable side. No one seems to care much about the vegetables, though. The focus is mostly on the potatoes…and the gravy. Yum!

  • Kaytee Comee

    My favorite family recipe is a wonderful grilled vegetable salad made on the BBQ. Yum! And so perfect for summer!

  • Marilyn

    My mom’s lasagna – it’s a favorite :)

  • Lschmucker

    pasta, bacon and peas!

  • Sally

    Our favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s Chocolate Chip Dessert. My dad says this recipe had to come with my mom before he would marry her. :) It’s made for everyone’s birthday instead of a cake. YUM!!

  • stephanie

    I’m thrilled that one of my favorite dishes growing up is now one of my kids’ favorites as well. I use the same recipe for Chicken Paprikash with Dumplings that my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother used.

  • Miss Lindsey

    One of my favorite family recipes is something that my Mom first made for me in middle school (when I was a VERY picky eater) now referred to as “french chicken.” It’s basically just a roast chicken with herbs de provence and a little white wine as seasoning. Not only is it delicious but I love to hear my Mom tell the story about the first time we made it and how proud she sounds. She says that she served me at the table, turned around to make her own plate and was just turning around to ask me how it was when she caught sight of my plate–which was empty! She declares that I “basically inhaled” the chicken on my plate. Truth. I am now an avid cook and baker (baker first, cooking since my boyfriend-now-fiance moved in with me) and love to cook and try all sorts of foods. French Chicken is still something I only have when my Mom makes it for me, it doesn’t seem right to make it for myself. I do, however, look forward to learning how to make it for my own babes when they come along in a few years (Wedding in August!)….some dishes just need to come from Mom’s kitchen. Cheers!

  • lisabella

    Hamburger Upside-Down Pie, it was a hit with my brother and I when we were kids. My fiance and I love to make it during winter, perfect comfort food!

  • Robin C.

    Homemade toffee during the Christmas season! My mom has been making several batches for friends and family since before I can remember. She learned the recipe from her mom, and my mom will soon be passing it on to me!

  • Vicki F

    My grandmother made the best apple pie ever using a “secret” ingredient that was not disclosed to me until I became an adult. I’ve used it in my pies ever since, but frankly none of us in the family have ever duplicated her delicious pies. She was a very talented cook and baker!

  • Kathleen

    My mother lovingly makes me a chocolate angel food cake for my birthday. Since I love to bake as much as Annie, it’s a special treat to get something made for me. I’ve never made one myself. It would somehow take the magic away. I like it with no icing, but she’ll occasionally add the special whipped cream frosting that keeps the whole thing light. Yum.

  • Kzhtitit

    My family is from latvia and my favorite thing that was brought over there was piragi which is a hearty dough and in the middle in bacon and onions. If it is done right it comes out a golden brown hearty and sweet.

  • Joyce

    Grandma’s green lime jello it has mayo and cottage cheese but it is so delish, we have it at all of our holidays.

  • christine

    buffet DIY spring rolls!

  • geesub

    Baked Mac and Cheese! Thanksgiving tradition!

  • Janelle Belka

    I love to make my families favorite Swedish dessert pancakes, we grew up calling them “sugar pancakes”.

  • Melanie

    We would always make Italian Jam Bars for our neighbor. He would get our mail when we were on vacation!

  • June g.

    My meatloaf, there are never any leftovers:)

  • Jacqui

    A favorite family recipe of mine is my mom’s homemade lasagna! I always help her make it and even though it is a daylong event, it is SO worth it in the end! Delicious!!

  • Laeharp

    Green Bean Salad! Mmmm!

  • Lindsey W.

    Favorite family recipe is turkey sausage lasagna with spinach

  • Hae1123

    Chicken cutlet!!! Big people eat it with sauce on top and little people eat it as is. Yummy!

  • Alice

    Thanks Annie for your blog! Year after year our family go to (since large numbers) is a convenient and very tasty barbecue brisket done in the oven. Recipe from a DC women’s cookbook. Not only does my family love it, but shared numerous times upon demand! Alice

  • Sharon

    My family insists on my salmon cheesecake. It’s a savory cheesecake with smoked salmon, three different cheeses and fresh dill. I’ve tried to make other things but have finally given into their demands. Every holiday I get out the ingredients, make the durn thing and haul it over to whoever’s hosting. AS least I know there won’t be any complaints or leftovers!

  • LC

    My mom’s famous strawberry cake. I am lucky enough to have the recipe. My in-laws always beg me to make it for them. It’s amazing!

  • Jane

    Growing up my mom made this spaghetti type dish and it is amazing! It is spiral noodles mixed with a spaghetti-meat sauce and it is topped with mozzarella cheese. Super easy and sooo yummy! The dish is called power-pellets… When my brother was about 8 he was running around the house with his pillow-case cape on his back screaming for more power-pellets!!!! He claimed they gave him super hero powers and he needed them to save the world! Much to my mothers amusement the dish was changed to being called power pellets. It is something that has been shared with other families and even my sisters husband now refers to them as power-pellets. But even today, 25 years later we all still refer to it as power pellets.

  • Liz K.

    My favorite that I could eat any time any place is my grandmother’s angel food cake with a cocoa whipped cream frosting. You can eat the whole thing and feel good about yourself, it’s that good.

  • Wendy

    One of my favorites is my Dad’s Stuffed Mushrooms-they are a little spicy, and just melt in your mouth (bubbly cheese, spicy sausage….), ummm….

  • g b

    We have a great corn casserole that we make pretty often. It’s my ultimate comfort food and making it reminds me of being home :)

  • kandnandb

    My husband’s chili. I’m the cook/baker in our house but for some reason, my kids love my husband’s chili the best. It hurts a little but I get over it. :D

  • Cteeobrien

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s peach cobbler–there’s nothing like it when it’s warm and topped with vanilla ice cream!

  • Tessa Maguire

    I love cooking my mom’s spaghetti sauce!

  • Cathy_kudelko

    My favorite family recipe is what I would call “Foil Chicken” My mom would make this chicken and rice dish on cold winter days, and after she browned the chicken it would go in a casserole dish with rice and cream of mushroom covered in the famous Foil, and had to cook what seemed like FOREVER. So every time I would look in the oven to see what was cooking all I would see is foil. One of the best memories and favorite food!

  • Jennifer Cochran

    One of our family’s favorites is a buffet style dinner similar to taco salad. We call it “Train Wreck” and my mom’s sauce is the bomb!

  • Claire

    My Dad is known for his BBQ chicken. It is so good and reminds me of lazy summer days with my family.

  • Jen

    My favorite family recipe is zucchini Parmesan… In fact just the thought of it makes me want to add it to my grocery list for this week!

  • Ciao_bella_1970

    My Grandma’s “Shelley” beans (named after my sister who could never get enough) were the best. I have the very simple recipe…dry white beans, onions, bacon, spices and not much more, but somehow I can never quite achieve the magic of Grandma’s! Isn’t that always the case!?

  • Pamela

    my favorite family recipe is vietnamese caramelized pork!

  • Monica V.

    Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas are a family staple that are always is in rotation!! Mmm, just might go make some right now ;) LOVE Alice, her blog is amazing!

  • Martha C.

    My favorite family recipe is my Grandma’s Caramel Cookies!! THE BEST!

  • Cmonster2

    Growing up, my mom, sister, and I always made candy cane cookies (the kind where you make a batch of dough, dye half red, then twist little logs of each color into cane shapes) at Christmas. My son loves making and eating them so much that I have made them at all different times of year in all kinds of color combinations. I have to keep actual candy canes in the cabinet year-round so we have them to sprinkle on top regardless of the season or the actual cookie colors because that’s the only thing that gives the cookies a minty flavor.

  • Amy

    My mom’s roast pork loin with cranberry merlot sauce is a special treat I look forward to all year. The meat is so tender, and the sweet/tangy flavor of the cranberry sauce is perfection.

  • aileen

    I have a wonderful Whoopie Pie recipe that I’ve been making since I was a child. Yum!

  • Shari L.

    Pretzel Torte! It involves cream cheese, sugar, butter, crushed pretzels, and canned cherry pie filling. I’m sure there are tons of similar recipes around, but it is our family’s favorite dessert and anyone who tastes it loves it!

  • Michael J. McCoy

    Mexican Lasagna. Started making it years ago. Family loves it!!!!!

  • my grandma’s asian chicken salad!

  • Veronica

    My favorite family recipe is homemade wonton soup with Spinach! I watched my mother make it for years and I’m finally close to “mastering” it!

  • Allierenee211

    A favorite recipe in our family is Texas Sheet Cake (also known as Texas brownies). My mom has tweaked her recipe over the years, and now everyone in the family requests grandma’s Texas Sheet Cake for their birthday.

  • RobynK

    Discovered this site today and I love it! Something I wish I had the recipe for now that my mother is gone—her meatloaf. I know, simple right? It was an easy dish and one I remember with fond memories. I have never found anything close to it either—maybe because it was made with love?!

  • Kathy Otheim

    Carmelitas! They are a bar cookie with oatmeal, chocolate chips, and carmel and I’m required to bring them on family vacations.

  • Aimee from AL

    My mom’s chicken chili lasagna! A delicious Mexican inspired pasta dish!

  • ariel

    My great grandmother’s secret frosted brownies

  • asb14

    My mom’s homemade pesto with pasta and shrimp!

  • Crawgir1

    My mom wasn’t much of a cook, and other than out of the Betty Crocker cookbook, she cooked Amish (everyone in the area of the Mason Dixon Line does). I always loved her chicken pot pie, and took it for granted that I could duplicate it easily. It took me years of hard attempts to get it right!

  • Vy

    One of my favorite family recipes is Ca Kho, which is a Vietnamese catfish dish that’s cooked in a clay pot. I love this dish because it’s cooked in a caramel sauce that’s both salty and sweet. This dish is soooooo good over rice, for me it’s like comfort food.

  • Lisa59

    Our favorite is the homemade German Chocolate Cake I make. It is very time consuming but worth every minute. It is so tender, has a very light chocolate taste and makes a beautiful presentation.

  • Marianne G

    Baked macaroni and cheese was a favorite with our kids growing up and now is a favorite for our granddaughter. I’ve revised the recipe a bit and use whole grain or brown rice macaroni and a variety of organic cheeses without any food colorings. This healthier version looks a bit different from the original but still very yummy. Add some chopped, cooked chard for a nutritional boost.

  • Sarah

    My family makes the best pots de creme. We absolutely LOVE chocolate, and have created the perfect recipe! It’s rich, creamy, and totally delicious :)

  • Kelsey Moll

    My grandma’s Nanimo Bar recipe is my favorite family recipe!

  • jenny

    my family loves a chicken alfredo pasta with broccoli. this is actually one of my son’s favorite meals that we make, and it’s so easy! it’s my go-to what am i gonna make for dinner recipe!

  • Audrey Merrick

    My mom’s chili, which was passed down om my grandma. I crave it as soon as the weather turns cold!

  • Tracy

    My family favorite is definitely Sauerbraten. I learned it from my Mother-in-law and have loved it.

  • Krista D

    I’m not entirely sure of a favorite family recipe. My mom wasn’t much of a chef or baker, but I’ve developed a love for cooking. Now, with my own family, I’m trying to create our own favorites. My husband loves my slow cooked ribs; My 4 year old son loves my home made mac and cheese; and my 2 year old daughter will eat anything with ketchup on it!! My son loves to help me bake and eat the ingredients along the way! I think my favorite is my oreo chocolate chip cheesecake! :)

  • goldie

    skirt steak in a 24 cilantro citrus marinade bbq’d heaven!

  • Deanna

    Thanksgiving stuffing made with saltines and sausage!

  • Christie

    Homemade vanilla ice cream – it has to be made in an ice cream machine with ice and salt. Simple, delicious and a family tradition!

  • Jglandis

    I’m a lover of cookbooks! I’m always trying new recipes and have discovered numerous bloggers who offer awesome recipes! It’s hard to select one or two family favorites but my G’ma’s pumpkin pie is always requested for the holidays, and seafood spectacular gets raves at dinner parties!
    Janie (st. Simons island, ga)

  • Carson

    One of my favorite family dishes is chocolate chip cookie dough dip. Its delicious with pretzels or just plain. :)

  • Amber Rice1980

    My favorite family recipe is my great-grandmother’s stickies. She always made them for me every time I came in from college. So good!

  • Romanok

    Our favorite family recipe has become a family tradition.
    Each Christmas Eve I bake Candy Cane Bread. Our family
    eats this on Christmas morning.

  • Kari

    Mom’s chicken casserole is the best. I could eat the entire dish.

  • Amy

    Cinnamon Twists! My mother-in-law makes the most delicious cinnamon twists for brunch/breakfast and I’m working on perfecting mine!

  • Lynda M.

    My family loves my “Skinny” Chicken Parmesan.

  • Melinda

    Cold noodles! With a peanut-sesame sauce and plenty of mix-ins–shredded chicken, carrots, cucumbers, raw green onions, slivers of scrambled egg…perfect for a hot summer day!

  • Deb C

    I LOVE Alice’s photography, and her recipe for taco seasoning is my fave! Would love this cookbook…great giveaway!

  • Elizabeth

    Grandma’s peach custard pie. Nothing beats a summer afternoon sipping some sweet tea and eating warm peach custard pie a la mode (obviously made from fresh peaches bought at the fruit stand down the farm road)…

  • Jill Chavez Rohde

    My Abuela’s spaghetti sauce is my all time favorite.

  • Jeni

    My favorite recipe has got to be caramelized brussel sprouts with lemon juice. Sounds strange I know, but they are sooooo good.

  • Meredyth Leafman

    My sister helaine’s kugle recipe…..Jewish food for the soul, sweet, rich and a wonderful accompaniment to so many festive meals

  • I guess my families favorite recipe is our chicken, potato and peas coconut curry. sooo good! the potatoes just add the right consistency to the dish ;-)
    My family loves Thai and Indian dishes and this is an easy knock off. It’s ready in less than an hour. I love easy but yet still fresh and healthy!

  • Keshakeke

    A family favorite recipe of mine is my Mema ‘s Chicken Pastry! She hand rolls it very thin! It is THE BEST ever! I have tried to make it like she does, but I guess no one can do it like Mema:)

  • Meshaliu

    My family favorite is probably black bean and plantain burritos. Super easy, fast and delicious. In fact, maybe I’ll make some tomorrow. :)

  • Cerissa

    It’s a tough choice to make, but one of my favorite family recipes is chicken adobo. In the pot, along with the chicken, goes onions, garlic, a few bay leaves, peppercorn, soy sauce, vinegar, and potatoes (or whatever you like). I’m always in the mood for my mom’s chicken adobo, which tastes like my grandma’s–after all, it IS a FAMILY RECIPE! :)

  • Jessica Adamson

    My favourite family recipe is this moose stew my father makes. It’s delicious and the spicyness of the meat adds to the stew.

  • Niki

    My mom’s pastichio (Greek Lasagna) is the best ever!!!

  • Katie S.

    My favorite family recipe, hands down, is my mom’s slow cooked chili. After just finishing my freshman year away at college, the first thing I asked for when I came home was a huge steaming bowl of chili…she told me, “You know, that is not really a light summer meal that I typically make…” But it didn’t matter to me, a delicious home cooked meal is more than appreciated after spending evening after evening in a mediocre cafeteria, literally dreaming of Mom’s mouthwatering chili.

  • Kimmirae

    Favorite family recipe is homemade chocolate chip cookies or peanut cookies!! Yummy!

  • Aimee V.

    My mom is a fabulous cook, so I have so many family favorites that it’s hard to choose just one. If I could have any home-cooked meal right now though it would be my mom’s eggplant rollatini made with white eggplant fresh from the farmer’s market – it is amazing!

  • Monica

    My grandma’s homemade paneer is amazing!

  • Genelle Pretty

    My mother-in-law makes a delicious shepherd’s pie that is a shredded beef roast, chili beans, corn, Rotel tomatoes with chilies, southern-style potatoes, and shredded gouda ‘ or any smoled) cheese. So good!

  • Meghan L

    my favorite family recipe is for my grandma’s chicken cutlets! she’s taught me how to make them before so i can have them throughout the year, but i almost prefer to save my chicken cutlet experiences for when i see her at the holidays. i swear they taste better that way!

  • Mary Beth

    My favorite family recipe is my Mom’s potato pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes and caraway seeds and slathered in butter!

  • Annaford02

    My grandmother’s famous German Chocolate Cake!

  • Maggie Hanson

    Hi! I found your blog through Mike from Made by Mike and I just have to say that it’s beautiful and I love it! A family recipe that means a lot to me are my mom’s peanut butter rice krispie treats. I know most people call them Scotcharoos, but we never did. There was no confusion because my mom made no other kind of rice krispie treat! ha! They got rolled out for every special event and my brother, cousins, and I would just fight over the pan, that’s how good they are. She doesn’t use a recipe even anymore, that’s how many times she’s made them and they are SO GOOD!

  • Marie

    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup! I asked for it everytime I got sick growing up and my grandma would make it for me, complete with homemade noodles, a whole roasted chicken and everything!

  • Littlelivi100

    My grandma’s famous potato salad, where the potatoes are mashed instead of chopped!

  • Marsha

    My favorite family recipes is “better than steak” roast. When money was tight, mom would marinate a chuck steak in italian dressing overnight and dad would cook it on the grill. Of course, it was served with “better than steak” homemade yeast rolls!

  • Ariana

    Almond biscotti – passed from my Nana, to my Dad to me

  • Christin

    One of our favs is Indian curry. My two boys don’t like cheese (yes, I said they don’t like cheese). I make lots of Asian dishes because….they don’t have cheese!

  • My4gifts

    My favorite family recipe is Trash. It’s a great dip for tortilla chips with olives, green chiles, cider vinegar, tomatoes and avocado. Yum!

  • Heather

    Blueberry crisp and my dads secret rib sauce!

  • Theresa

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s Portuguese sweet bread recipe. It’s sweet and delicious, you can have it for breakfast or dessert. Usually, it was made only on holidays such as Easter and Christmas. I am excited to try these cupcakes, I will be making them today for my daughter!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I will win the cookbook.

  • Karen

    Whenever my mom’s best friend from her childhood came to visit she would always bring a Butter Rum Cake with pastel sprinkles. YUM!

  • Lynnrosik

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s cube steak with gravy. Nothing better to sitting down and eating it with mashed potatos and corn on the cob.

  • I would say my mom’s pork chops!

  • pleasingpalate

    Carrot cake…so many people put in lots of extra stuff to carrot cake, like nuts and fruit, but my mom’s recipe is to die for without all of that.

  • My grandma’s apple sauce, she has always put red hot candies in it instead of cinnamon so it has a great pink color and awesome flavor.

  • Dianna in Tallahassee, Florida

    One of my favorite recipes is my mom’s banana bread, which my four year old grandson calls, Banana Cake. I make it for my family often and always keep a loaf in the freezer. My mom cannot stand to see an over ripe banana go to waste! It’s been a family favorite for over 60 years.

  • Thumpertx

    A family favorite of ours is my mother’s mac and cheese…creamy and delish!

  • Stephycox

    One of our family favs, is curry salmon patties with aoli (sp?) sauce. MMmmm!

  • Maryrym

    My favorite famiy recipe is homemade pierogies. They are time consuming to make but are delicious!

  • Amanda

    Hi Annie. My family loves homemade baked potato soup. We have the whole family over every Halloween and serve the season’s first batch of soup. We look forward to it all year long!

  • Stacy

    Hands down it has to be Red Roast with mashed potatoes!

  • SK

    My mother’s recipes, too many to choose from. Hummmm I guess this savory samosa (like an empanada) made with potatoes, onions and peanuts. Sounds simple but yummmmmm!!!

  • Carla

    mmy favorite family recipe is a soy chicken drummettes that you literally cook for 12the hours and has 2 ingredients. Odd, but super yummy and a tradition in my family growing up and now frequently requested by one of my sons. Fun for Halloween because they look black when done :)

  • Nlskinner4

    My mom’s broccolo rice cheese casserole. We have it for every holiday.

  • Aloha mom

    Our fave family recipe is a blackened chicken Caesar salad with homemade dressing and your homemade croutons. The chicken is spicy and pairs perfectly with the cool lettuce and delicious, hearty dressing. It also tastes divine with a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc … Which I’ll enjoy again after I have baby #2 :) looks like a lovely cookbook!!

  • Kara RV

    I love making pierogis- my mom, sister and I get together and use my late grandmother’s recipe- it’s such a great bonding time and we get yummy pierogis out of it!

  • Christine

    My mother makes this amazing pork belly stew with quail eggs and tofu that’s served over rice. It’s got classic hearty Vietnamese flavor, and try as I might I can’t recreate it. Obviously she is better skilled at this than I could ever be!

  • Carla K

    A family favorite of ours is bruschetta right in the peak of tomato and basil season…I’m waiting for the first tomatoes to turn red so we can make a batch..yum!

  • Jen Grimm

    My family favorite came from my mom. She called them Hobo’s. They are simply ground chuck covered in Velveeta cheese, salt, and pepper. On top and around the patty is potatoes and carrots. To finish it off, more salt and Velveeta for extra cheesiness and potatoes always need additional salt :). It gets wrapped in foil and cooks in the oven approximately 45 – 60 minutes until the potatoes and carrots are cooked. They are yummy!

  • Sandy

    A favorite family recipe is Armenian Cheese Berag (similar to Greek Spanakopita.) It consists of cheese and parsley baked in phyllo dough turnovers-a yummy, special occasion dish.

  • SusanR

    Our family favorite is a delicious marinated flank steak served with grilled or roasted asparagus and wild rice. The steak is marinated in spicy chili sauce, fresh oranges, orange zest, and a few other ingredients. I don’t particularly like leftovers but this is delicious hot of the grill or straight from the fridge the next day!

  • Alisa Meyer

    Oops, I forgot to tell you about our favorite family recipe. It’s for crescent roll lasagna, it’s really a favorite of my husband’s, an original from his Mom. It’s essentially a wonderful beefy cheese tomato sauce baked in crescent roll crust. Very filling comfort food!

  • One of my all-time favorite family recipes is my paternal grandmother’s homemade Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. She always made her version with fresh pineapple, raisins, and walnuts. It might sound a little odd for this type of cake, but the combination works very well and is incredibly delicious. My grandmother passed away in 1995, so this family recipe is one of the many ways everyone in my family can keep her memory alive.

  • db

    My family’s recipe for cornbread dressing (stuffing). Both my grandmothers made it, then my mother took over the job. My prayer is to one day be able to make it as good as these ladies!

  • Erin Anne

    our banana bread! and beef stroganoff so good :)

  • Bjpershe54

    One of our favorite family recipes comes from my late mother-in-law. It’s a seafood casserlole called Seafood Julie made with shrimp and crab.

  • Valery

    My family doesn’t really have a legacy of cooking. But recently, we all did a gingerbread house class and it has now turned into a family tradition. Next stop…an actual recipe to pass down :)

  • Cork241

    Fennel and Gruyere Potato Gratin…yumm!

  • enplace

    I love my dad’s peanut butter cookies! He pulled them out of some magazine years ago, and we make them every summer. I have to restrain my follow-the-rules tendencies every time he scoops out a rough spoonful of baking soda…!

  • Abw

    My Mom’s meat and cabbage soup. She always makes it once a year, around the holidays – best part of the winter!

  • Laquart

    One of our favorite family recipes is an oven roasted chicken marinated with tamari, country dijon, crushed garlic, thyme, juice of one lemon, salt and pepper, and olive oil. Every time I make it, I get rave reviews! And it’s a real comfort food as you can roast carrots and potatoes around it, and serve it with a salad. Yum!

  • Jbeano2

    Hi. A fav family recipe that I make, when it’s cold, is my grandma’s mustard pork chops. After one day of wanting it and not being able to run to the store (the baby wouldn’t allow it) I found that I like it even better ith chicken. So you take chicken breasts and spread country Dijon mustard on the outside and th dredge them in whole wheat (seasoned) flour, whole wheat pinko, and regular pinko and then pan fry them in a little oil till they’re browned. Then I put them in a covered 8 x 8 dish and add some more globs of the mustard and flour mixture. Then you cover the whole thing with chicken and rice soup and bake it for about 45 mins. At 350. Then you take off the lid and bake for maybe 15 mins. More. We either eat it alone or throw it on some rice for more of a Carboload. It always is comforting and makes me think of my grandma.

  • Laura

    One of my favorite, easy family recipes is goulash…my husband loves cresent roll chicken. So tasty!

  • victoria

    mexican cheese soup. i could serve it weekly and we wouldnt get tired of it and everyone that tries it wants the recipe!

  • Janis106

    my mom’s saurkraut and ribs. made in the pressure cooker. my sister and i used to dread the days she made this as it made the house stink. somewhere around high school we realized that we loved it!

  • Sally

    My favorite family recipe is lamb biryani with mint chutney

  • Becky

    My grandmother’s cinnamon toast – she says the secret is a dash of love ;)

  • Jolene

    One of our faves is a meatloaf recipe I have that includes shredded cheese, shredded carrots, and a homemade brown sugar sauce on top. Comfort food at its best!

  • Lenzie

    My favorite family recipe shows up at EVERY summer event we have (which is at least two a month). Its a Tortellini Salad, with basil, tomatoes, cheese, and other deliciousness.

  • Melissaisarose

    My favorite family recipe is my Mom’s German chocolate caramel brownies. We make them for every occasion, and often without an occasion too.

  • Nadine

    I must say that Eggplant and lentil stew is one of my favorite family can make in advance, it actually tastes better with time, and it feeds an army!

  • Maudie the Maid

    We make Sour Cream Raspberry Ice Cream quite often during the summer. It is one of our family’s favorite.

  • Marissa

    My favorite family recipe is a casserole my mom used to make for us. It’s Hamburger Corn Casserole. I don’t make it much anymore because neither of my kids like corn (unless it’s on the cob). :(

  • Stacy

    Without question my favorite family recipe would have to be my Italian Grandmother’s homemade fried pizzas made with scamorza! Lowfat? No. Delicious? Absolutely!

  • My favorite family recipe is my mom’s Mushroom Soup Chicken. It’s not very fancy (or healthy), but SUPER delicious.

  • Lilimae1

    One of my favorite recipes is for crockpot homemade apple butter. It is so easy because you don’t peel the apple, but after they are tender use the hand held blender to smooth the ingredients. The apple butter can leave you free to attend to other chores, is healthier because the peel adds fiber and so tasty!!!

  • Emily

    One of my favorite recepies my mom makes is super easy and fast. Pork chops and rice. Through it all in a skillet with some tomatoes and corn add some salt and pepper and viola! So yummy.

  • Marizz820

    A favorite family recipe of ours is Dad’s ricotta pie made at Christmas and Easter.
    He says he makes it best and we agree.

  • Emily M

    My husband’s spaghetti is a recipe inherited from his mother that we love… when we make it we make a huge batch and have enough for dinner, leftovers in the fridge, and at least 8 meals worth to freeze for later too! Sadly, it’s a little too hot for spaghetti or I’d make it today!

  • Nora_Mae_Naylor

    Our favorite family recipe is one that my mom would make every Christmas morning. They were her famous cinnamon sticky buns :)

    Now that she has past we still continue the tradition and make them :)

  • Christine

    This cupcake recipe reminds me of how much I love my mom’s peanut butter cookies. They are so much more crisp and yummy than any other recipe I’ve tried.

  • Kaitlin Peters

    My family doesn’t have a long line of cooks, so I’ve been slowly teaching myself how to cook. One of the dishes I love to make for my family now is a simple pesto, shrimp, and spinach saute on top of really fluffy couscous. nom nom

  • Terry

    I would have to say there are two that stand out as favorites – butterscotch sauce for ice cream (oh, sure there nooooo calories) and fried ripe tomatoes. I know that sounds like a sacrilege here in the South, but the taste is nothing like fried green tomatoes.

  • Sharlynn

    My husbands famous chocolate chip cookies!

  • stephanie b.

    I think one of my favorite family recipes has to be the strawberry cake! It reminds me of summer—- it was made every 4th of July and for the Labor Day neighborhood block party. Anytime I think about it or taste it, it evokes thoughts of my childhood summers and just takes me back! I think the best part has to be the chunks of strawberries in the frosting! One thing I love about the cake is that there is no artificial strawberry taste to it, it’s made with real strawberry juice! And the frosting is heavenly! It’s easy to make it dry when your a novice! but a true expert makes a moist, succulent Strawberry Dream!

  • Amy

    My Mom’s vegetable soup is the best I’ve ever had. I could probably eat it every day and never grow tired of it!

  • Deb

    One of our favorite family dishes is Lemon Angel Hair with Salmon and Asparagus. Anytime we have a special occasion it is requested.

  • Allysonmarie01

    My mom’s slow cooker pot roast with buttered noodles – the best comfort food! :o)

  • C. Sawyer

    My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s artichoke quiche – in addition to being easy and absolutely delicious, she listed “1 cup 100% love” as one of the ingredients and I love to read that and think of her every time I make it now that she has passed away. Each time I copy it for friends who request the recipe, I make sure to include the most important part :).

  • Amwheezer2

    Our favorite family recipe is pulled BBQ pork.

  • Ann

    My Grandmother’s sausage & sage stuffing at Thanksgiving. Lovely lady & wonderful recipe.

  • Erin K.

    My favorite family recipe is my mom’s “chocolate chocolate chip” cookies! They have pudding mix in them so they’re extra yummy. They were always highly in demand for school birthdays, camping trips, and really any other occasion that we could convince her required cookies!

  • mumoffor

    home made cresent rolls. This is one of those recipes that reminds you of your grandmother and mother.

  • Tempa

    Peppermint Puff cookies! We make them every year for Christmas Eve. They are rolled in egg whites and sugar before they’re baked so they come out with a shiny-crisp thin outside and tender peppermint cookie on the inside. A Hershey kiss pressed into the middle of each one a minute before they come out of the oven makes these a perfect treat for the holidays!

  • Kelly

    Bircher Müsli is a dish my mom used from her Swiss mother and was always our go to easy, healthy meal. It is a wonderful way to use seasonal produce and will always remind me of our family sitting down for a much needed break in our hectic schedules.

  • Nancy Larma

    My great aunt lived in Brooklyn, NY and raised my dad. At one point my great aunt and uncle opened up a pizza place, but her real cooking jewel was her recipe for spaghetti and meatballs!! It is so good! Luckily her family shared her recipe with our family and whenever there is a big get together, you know that’s what’s on the menu! You can’t help yourself, but to eat till you’re too stuffed to walk!! I feel so lucky to have that recipe!

  • Kristy Stewart

    I love my mom’s rolls, especially when topped with homemade strawberry jam.

  • Lydia

    A family favorite is Bonket, a buttery, almond paste filled pastry. It has become a family tradition at Christmastime.

  • Alison

    My grandad handed down a recipe for graham bread that I recently learned to make. I can’t wait to pass it down to my children and grandchdren one day. It always brings back the best memories.

  • lauralu7707

    My mother-in-law’s apple pie is to die for! He puts a little bit of orange zest in the crust…delightful!

  • cindyskitchen

    A family favorite recipe I love is blackberry dumplings. During the summer, I would wake up around 7:00 a.m. to pick the plumpest blackberries I could find; so mom could make this sweet treat for dessert. It was perfect along side vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.

  • Mnr91199

    My favorite family recipe is making homemade pizzas with my husband and son!!

  • Abobana215

    My favorite family recipe is for my great grandmother’s humantaschen! I make them every Purim and mail them to my family, just as the generations before me did.

  • Treenz

    One of our favorite family recipes is an angelfood cake. It has been passed down from my great-grandma. It is so light and delicate with a slightly crispy crust. We dress it simply with maserated strawberries. It is so good that it pops up regularly for birthdays.

  • Meghan

    My mom’s banana bread!!! The best. :)