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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

happy holidays – the cook’s illustrated cookbook giveaway

Whether you are already a lover of America’s Test Kitchen or a future fan, you want this cookbook for your collection.  The carefully tested recipes from ATK can’t be beat and this book has tons of them.  It can offer inspiration when you have none, give you winning versions of classic dishes, and serve as a wonderful kitchen reference.

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me what dish brings back memories from your childhood.

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Tuesday, December 20 at 07:00 am EST close on Wednesday, December 21 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  One winner will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: Review and giveaway sponsored by America’s Test Kitchen.  Opinions are 100% mine.

  • Ham and dumplings was a dish my grandfather loved.

  • Amanda S.

    Scalloped potatoes and ham – it’s funny, now that I’m grown up, am the cook for my family, and have a huge variety of ingredient choices that my mom didn’t have, simple recipes like these are still some of my favorites.

  • Shintalmo

    Chicken Pot Pie!

  • Jan

    Fried chicken with homemade bread always reminds me of Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s house when I was a kid.

  • Francesca

    Banana Pudding. My grandma used to make this dish for the holidays..with vanilla wafers. So good! Since my grandma has gotten older, my sister has taken over making it. She made it this past Thanksgiving and it was sooooo good!

  • Shannon Giles

    Beef stew…my mom still makes the best!

  • Shannon Giles

    Beef stew…my mom still makes the best!

  • Tracy

    My mother didn’t cook so sadly Swanson frozen food brings back memories for me. I make my own now homemade but chicken pot pie, chicken croquets and apple dumplings always remind me of my childhood.

  • Jess in Indy

    lasagna…my mom always made the best when i was little.

  • Mandy

    So stinkin’ addicted to ATK!!!! Baked mac n cheese brings back the memories!!!!

  • Audrey

    My dad’s spaghetti sauce!

  • Emily P.

    I grew up in New Jersey, so there is no dish that reminds me of my childhood more than pizza!

  • Rachel

    Scalloped potatoes!

  • Jill

    This one! I haven’t had chicken and dumplings since I was a kid but this brought me back to my childhood.

  • June

    Pies, particularily the sound of piecrust being rolled out. My mother often would have pies in the oven before I was out of bed, and I remember waking to the sound of the rolling pin against the wooden board she used.

  • Ashley C.

    Cheese enchiladas! I grew up in Texas and I still crave tex-mex almost everyday! It’s hard to find on the east coast!

  • Mandy Queen

    It’s been referred to as the redneck dish du jour, but Tuna Noodle Casserole brings back childhood memories for me!

  • Cory

    My mom makes amazing brown rice casserole!

  • Sophie

    I would love to win this book! Chicken potpie is definitely a childhood memory dish. My grandmother served it to us on New Year’s but she also made it as a special treat a couple other times during the year. Hers was a simple recipe but I can’t make it or have ot without thinking about her.

  • Megan

    Chicken Soup

  • Kristin

    Homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, for sure!

  • Kristin

    My grandpa just died yesterday, so what I am remembering is his delicious baby back ribs, and mixing up with him Jiffy corn muffins in a green plastic bowl.

  • Titko 2

    My favorite dish that brings back childhood memories is homemade chicken soup which we called “Grandma Soup”. Grandma made homemade noodles by hand and had the tastiest broth with vegetables in it. Still, as a 23 year old I refer to it as “Grandma Soup” and crave it all the time, especially on a cold winter’s day!

  • My great-grandma’s rainbow jell-o salad brings back the best memories! We only have it at Christmas.

  • My great-grandma’s rainbow jell-o salad brings back the best family memories for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tara

    Actually…I love chicken soup!

  • Lydia

    This may sound weird, but blueberry muffins bring back childhood memories. Every Sunday we would have a big family breakfast, and the request from all of us kids would always be blueberry muffins :)

  • Angie

    Chili always takes me back to my childhood!

  • Hana

    Chicken noodle soup the way my mom makes it… nothing else compares

  • Noel

    Big pancake breakfasts with homemade strawberry syrup and bacon. Not really a “dish” but a memory none the less.

  • Ashley C

    My grandma’s goulash with fresh veggies from her garden!

  • Meg

    Banana pancakes – My mom used to make those for us on Saturday mornings.

  • Ribley Soup

  • Mary

    Macaroni & Cheese- a very simple baked version; when I make it it tastes like being a kid again!

  • Katie

    Mom’s matzo ball soup, of course!

  • Andrea

    Matzah ball soup!

  • lisa marie

    My moms meatloaf. It’s the only one I love and I remember her making it when I was little.

  • Emily

    what a fun giveaway! my mom always used to make a beef stew in the crockpot….takes me back to childhood every time!

  • pipedi

    My grandmother’s cherry pie!

  • Rachel

    The dish that brings back memories for me is my mom’s beef stew. It had barley a well as all the usual suspects, and she always served it with home made rolls, so that’s how I make it now.

  • Elizabeth from Indy

    My mom instilled the love of Mexican food in us, so her cheese enchiladas bring back fond memories. They are so simple to make and yummy. Leftovers taste even better!

  • Gingycookies

    Broiled Chicken. We used to have it once a week every night in elementary school.

  • Bjpershe54

    John Mazzetti casserole!

  • My grandmother’s chicken!

  • Susan

    Meatloaf. I used to ask for it as my birthday dinner. It was that good.

  • Kathryn

    Sausage gravy and biscuits: My Dad used to make sausage gravy and my mom would bake the biscuits. The flaky biscuits are one of the first recipes I learned to make on my own with my mom’s help!

  • Joan C

    Arroz con Gandules. My Puerto Rican grandparents lived with us for many years when I was growing up. On every festive occasion, my grandmother would have a big pot of this traditional rice and beans dish cooking on the stove. It smelled (and tasted!) so good!

  • Lynn

    Shish kebab on the bbq!!

  • Christy

    Hands down my Grandmother’s ham and bean soup with cornbread and honey. Mmmmmm

  • Melissa Herrmann

    When I think of dinner as a kid, it’s something simple. My fav meal as a kid was tuna salad sandwiches, mac and cheese and hard boiled eggs.

  • Brittany Moore

    Growing up my neighbor and close family friend, Barb, always made chicken and dumplings from scratch. I always wanted her recipe for this but was not much of a cook as a teenager. My mother made a version of Barb’s chicken and dumplings that I LOVED. Everytime I was sick or had a heartache, my mother made this wonderfully comforting meal. It is now my go to meal anytime life throws me a curve ball. I actually do not use either of their recipes but have found my own. I hope that I will pass this tradition on to my own family one day.

  • Maggie

    The most iconic and memorable dish from my childhood is pesto pasta. My grandmother used to make it for all her grandkids when we were visiting, and I have fond memories of competing with my cousins to see who could finish first and get seconds.

  • Abbey

    I’d have to say my grandmother’s sweet potatoes. Nobody can seem to make them quite like her!

  • Adott

    Homemade vegetable soup with hot, home-baked bread!

  • Suzanne Ford

    It would have to be pancakes for me.

  • Sandra

    I think it would have to be my Grandma’s baked ziti – one of the only things I make from my childhood, although I do change it up a little, because I can never, ever simply follow a recipe.

  • Dalia Elsherbeni

    I remember always eating chicken noodle soup growing up but with orzo not egg noodles. My mom still makes for us this way today.

  • terra

    Stew. Chicken, beef, or venison. Each and every one reminds me of walking into my grandfather’s home on a cold Saturday or Sunday morning to be greeted with heaven in a pot simmering on the stove. Thick and comforting, filled with goodness for the body and soul! :)

  • Katie

    Stuffed shells bring me back. It was my dad’s favorite dish and my mom saved it for “special occasions”. Not sure why because the recipe is neither complicated nor expensive to make. Maybe she just wanted to keep it special :)

  • Natalieherr

    Baked mac & cheese always reminds me of weekends with my grandma. :)

  • Homemade chicken soup with homemade noodles brings back memories of chilly days at Grandma’s. She made the best soup and noodles! We loved her soup! I especially remember sitting around her large dining room table with my great aunt, and hearing their laughter and stories.

  • Linguine with clam sauce. My family is Italian and we had it every year before Christmas for our “fish dinner”.

  • Susan

    Memories of childhood…Spaghetti and meatballs on Wednesday and Sunday. My dad is Italian….we love our pasta.
    My mom is Scocth Irish so we had a lot of meat and potato meals growing up too!

  • Michele N Brinkert

    Pork chops made with shake’n’bake…unfortunately. I’m hoping to progress beyond that in my own kitchen.

  • Karla

    My mom’s biscuit chocolate chip cookies. My mom is not really a good cook but we all loved her cookies.

  • Jennifer Lange

    Macaroni and Cheese! It was always my favourite when I was little and, to be honest, it still is!

  • Karen Mc

    For me it’s Biscuits and gravy! My father would make it every Sunday morning after we retured home from church. It was a tradition my husband continued with our family and today when our sons come to visit its the most requested “feels like home” meal.

  • Jennifer Lange

    Macaroni and Cheese! It was always my favourite when I was little and, to be honest, it still is!

  • Kellie

    Apple Cinnamon Rolls

  • Malissa

    Tiropita, it’s a holiday tradition in this Greek household!

  • Ms Amy

    As silly as it sounds, I associate Cream of Wheat with childhood. When I would visit my Dad (divorced parents), he would make me a nice hot bowl with milk, a sprinkle of brown sugar, and some raisins. Even now I love it on cold winter mornings!

  • Kalyn

    Chocolate chip cookies…that’s the only thing my mom really ever cooked!

  • Jeanne ODonnell

    The dish that comes to mind is spaghetti! I was a picky eater when I was young, and I loved spaghetti.

  • Mac ‘n Cheese is always going to be that favorite childhood comfort food of mine. It always brings back memories of playing outside with my sister and then my mom would call us in for lunch and we would eat as fast as we could to get back to playing!

  • Lauren

    Pork chops and green beans and mushroom soup. My husband and I don’t eat this very often now, but the last time we did I got a little emotional thinking about all the times I ate it after a late swim practice or even on a Sunday night.

  • Beef Stroganoff, one of my childhood favorites growing up.

  • Leah Castle

    Memories of my childhood are the Christmas cookies I made with my mom every year! I still make them every Christmas with my family and the smell always reminds me of when I was younger!

  • Alex

    The dish that brings back memories from my childhood is “German pancakes.” These pancakes are similar to crepes and served with apricot jam and Nutella.

  • Carol D

    Banana Pudding. Complete with vanilla wafers and, of course, plenty of sliced bananas. Mmmmmmmm……

  • Claire

    I would have to go with chicken soup with grilled cheese. :)

  • Wendy

    My mom’s homemade fried chicken!

  • Jes

    Chili is my comfort food from childhood =}

  • Missykrause

    I was just talking about this to my husband. The dish that brings back many childhood memories is pork ragu with rigatoni. My grandma was a wonderful cook and this was her specialty. It’s definitely one of my favorites and reminds me of her every time.

  • Honey941

    Spoonbread with bean and ham soup-my dad was a southerner and we had this often. I love it, and it is one of my comfort foods.

  • Shirleymadsen

    I subscribe to most of CI’s magazines/on line sites and I am quite sure they have never reviewed my favorite childhood memory sandwich – Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches on ‘store bought’ white bread. Oh, so yummy!

  • Rachel West

    My mom makes the best chicken and dumplings. Her recipe is so good that my grandma (her mother-in-law) asked for it! Anytime I have her chicken and dumplings I feel like a little kid again, surrounded by lots of love and warm and cozy.

  • Sarah Berridge

    I love ATK! My mom’s baked chicken is a dish that brings up childhood memories.

  • Emilie

    Chocolate chip cookies evoke childhood memories for me!

  • Sarah

    Apple pie takes me back to my childhood–my mom used to make it all the time during the fall.

  • Michelle Ross

    As simple as it sounds I will have to say mashed potatoes. They were a staple on the dinner table almost every night and they always managed to make the holiday tables as well. A steaming bowl of mashed potatoes is like coming home.

  • Annie D.

    I’d have to go with my mom’s ‘Beefaroni’ – w
    agon wheel noodles, tomato soup, ground beef, greenpepper, and some chili powder. Decidedly un-gourmet, but I loved it as a kid and will to admit to making out occasionally when the craving hits!

  • Lorraine

    Italian sausage and eggs for breakfast on Christmas morning!

  • Jennifer Richardson

    When I was younger, probably in the duration between 1st and 5th grade, my mom and I were always the first in our house to be up on Saturday mornings, usually around 7 am. Mom would wake up first and make both of us a cup of tea, (at that time mine was more of a half-and-half delivery device), and she would cook white rice that we would eat while it was still warm like cereal with milk and sugar on it while watching the bird feeders out our dining room window. The order of the application of milk and sugar was so important, she woud tell me, because if you put too much milk on, or the milk on second, all the sugar would wash away instead of forming what was almost like a delicious crust on top of the rice. To this day if I have a leisurely Saturday morning and get up before my husband I will make this breakfast for myself and call my mom.

  • Erachet

    I would say the “dish” that brings back the most memories from childhood would have to be my mother’s Chanuka cookies–especially because as kids, we all used to help cut them into fun Chanuka shapes.

    If you’re looking for more of a real dish type thing, then probably my mother’s tuna casserole. Yum.

  • the dish that brings me back to childhood is: braised pork with rice

  • Back in the days before people worried about cholesterol, my mother would make the most delicious fried chicken. It was still a special treat but we always loved it. I remember her laying out layers of paper grocery bags on the kitchen counter to set the chicken on after it was fried, and swatting us away as we picked at the hot pieces!

  • Deb

    5 cup salad brings back memories from my childhood. We always had it at thanksgiving, when we would gather with family and I always LOVED thanksgiving. :)

  • Tania T

    Pot roast.

  • Betsy

    I love and adore all things ATK!!

    My mom is a wonderful cook, so it’s hard to pick just one memory filled childhood dish, but I guess, off the top of my head, I’ll go with her spaghetti sauce…yum!

  • Jo

    I would have to say that gumbo probably brings back the most memories. That savory broth cooked every year after Thanksgiving is the best reminder of home and my mom.

  • Cheryl Burnett

    My mom made Chicken and Dumplings a lot while I was growing up, yummy and comforting.

  • Amber Durbin

    Monster toast brings me way back. I remember “painting” on our toast weekend morning with my mom.

  • Michelle

    Yorkshire Pudding with a Rib Roast on Christmas!

  • Sara Payne

    Chicken Noodle Soup!

  • Irene Jaw

    Growing up, my mom used to make this amazing beef noodle soup with bok choy that was pure comfort in the bowl – the whole house would smell of it!

  • I’d have to say cubed steak. I loved it when my mom made it while growing up. I don’t eat very much meat anymore, but once in a while I get a craving for cubed steak!

  • Julie E.

    My mom’s Christmas morning cinnamon rolls bring back the memories for me.

  • Elizabeth

    I loved when my mom made homemade pizza…

  • Ursula

    Simply stated…spaghetti and home made sauce! My dad makes his own sauce. Growing up it used to be from canned tomatoes a family friend made. I LOVED the smell of the kitchen when his sauce was cooking. The tomato, the herbs…all of it was pure heaven. I request his spaghetti sauce for my birthday dinner every year.

  • Telza

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese always reminds me of being a kid in my grandmother’s house on a Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the things we always had after church for late afternoon/early evening dinner.

  • Kelly C

    lasagna. i remember watching my mom make it. i always requested it for my special birthday dinner. sweet times.

  • Spaghetti always brings me back to my childhood-it was one of my favorite things growing up. My mom would make it often, and on special occasions my grandma would make homemade spaghetti (homemade noodles, etc) and I have very fond memories of helping :)

  • Kelly Jones

    I don’t know what memories bring me back to my childhood, but I always remember my mom making the most amazing fried chicken. I’ve got her recipe, but it’s just never the same and NEVER EVER turns out as crispy and delicious as hers.

  • Hunter Coward

    Growing up, my dad was the cook of the house. We often had the same 12 or so meals on a two week rotation. Oddly enough, my favorite dinner of all time was what we called “breakfast for supper.” It is exactly what it sounds like and was always a welcomed treat at our dinner table.

  • Definitely my mom’s potato soup. It’s packed full of onions, potatoes, milk, cream, and lots of salt and pepper. It’s unbelievably delicious topped with cheddar cheese and maybe a little bacon. I requested it as my birthday meal for years and years.

  • Dragontraveler

    Boy that is a hard one as my mom was not much of a cook. Deviled eggs, I guess, since she made good deviled eggs and I never learned how. Whenever someone brings them to a potluck I can’t resist and they remind me of her.

  • Mary

    Pot roast allways makes me think of sitting at the kitchen table that my dad made to accomadate all TEN family members. We ate dinner together every night, all ten of us! Now that I am a mother with my own family I really cherish the examples my parents set for me. Coming in the door from school and smelling pot roast cooking or spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. Having to peel 10lbs of potatoes-yuck! The kitchen provides so many memories. I hope I have made those same wonderful comforting memories for my own children.

  • Kristen Ramirez

    When I think of a childhood meal – I immediately go to drop biscuits, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. Makes me think of my mama every time!

  • Brianne

    My mother’s homemade sauce. It makes a huge pot- perfect for entertaining. She always put sausage, chicken, and meatballs in it…. the meatballs are my favorite! Every time our relatives came to visit, you could bet on having sauce. mmmmm

  • Marilyn

    When I was a little girl, my mom used to make these amazing pork spareribs, Asian style. They were so good that my older sister and I came up with some crazy war chant, complete with choreographed movements, and would run around the house shouting “Ribs!” before dinner.

  • Heather

    The dish that brings back memories for me is fried chicken! My mom made it every Sunday and then would make it for road trips. Good times and good food!

  • Nicole

    My childhood memories are of Sunday dinners with Fried Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, and Collard Greens. Perfect for a Sunday in the South!

  • Alana Karl

    my mom’s hashbrown casserole. so amazing and it reminds me of family get togethers!

  • Christine P

    My Grandma was an amazing cook, as most anyone will tell you their Grandma is. But mine was something special she used to make everything from scratch, rarely would she go to the grocery store instead opting to use the things she grew in her own garden but one dish will always remind me of my childhood and thats her Pasta Fagioli. Just the smell brings me back to being a kid and eating this pasta, tomatoes and bean recipe at her kitchen table. As an adult I have made this dish plenty of times and every time I am brought back to that moment, its like Grandma is still there cooking with me!

  • Nicole G

    Probably my moms mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy. It was my favorite dish at my parents.

  • Cam

    I love America’s Test Kitchen too and would be thrilled for this book! One dish that brings back memories of childhood is spaghetti with a homemade sauce – just the thing for a cold day!

  • Probably my mom’s scalloped potatoes and ham. Great giveaway, thanks ATK! PS – I remember when you tried the marsala recipe from them, loved all the detailed instructions. You were hooked. Ahhh, memories!

  • Vanessa F.

    Homemade vegetable soup!

  • Tammy Powell

    Chocolate gravy and homemade biscuits! My grandmother makes the best!

  • Mary Blain

    I would have to say chicken and dumplings, my dad always made the fluffy full dumplings while my grandma always makes the flat noodle dumplings. I love them both and there is nothing more comforting that a big steamy bowl of carbs! :)

  • Jennifer_k

    Lots of dishes… homemade pasta sauce, creamed chicken crepes, and on and on!

  • Tina

    Lasagna…my Mom didn’t make it often but it was quite a production when it happened and it was amazing.

    Saw this book @ Costco the other day. It really wanted to come home w/ me but I resisted. Love ATK & Cooks. Happy Holidays!

  • Donna

    Sweet potato pie. Every fall my grandmother and my mom always made sweet potato pie. I loved it so much I ate 6 pieces! It curved my enthusiasm for that pie somewhat but is still fun memory for my family.

  • Marissa

    Roasted chicken with biscuits and gravy. My mom would make this special for me.

  • Kate

    Mom’s oven baked chicken with all the delicious skin (because it was ok to eat it back then ;) and as a side dish she would make Ramen noodles with most of the broth drained off and some sort of green veggie. Not fancy, but yummy.

  • Laura

    My gram’s wedding soup, my mom’s lasagna with the rubbery top layer you had to peel off :), pancakes and waffles made by dad on weekends and the first day of school. Great memories – thanks for the reminder! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  • Allison

    crunchy dijon chicken

  • One of my favorite childhood dishes was meatloaf with homemade gravy. We always made these simple spatzle like noodles for the meatloaf. That spatzle recipe was the first one I ever memorized. I think I’ll be make meatloaf very soon. . .

  • CJ in Maryland

    Mom’s chicken pot pie with drop biscuit crust

  • Jennyingberg

    first off, I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen. Second, I think the reason why I love to cook and bake is because my mom was never really good at. There really isn’t anything I can recall that was homemade, maybe that’s why I feel it’s important to me now.

  • Sydney

    Mac and cheese always takes me back, but now it’s to the point where I feel like a child when I’m eating it. That’s why I like to make it a bit more “adult-like” and bump up the types of cheeses involved.

  • Beth

    one of my favorite childhood food memories is my mom’s baked chicken… she’d coat chicken leg quarters in flour and seasonings, top them with butter and bake for an hour! The skin would get all crispy and delicious…. mmm!

  • Suzanne

    Baked chicken with homemade noodles and mashed potatoes – it was a Sunday dinner staple at my grandma’s house

  • Clmcelhaney

    Breakfast for dinner! It was always a special treat for my sister and me when we were growing up.

  • Julie F.

    At this time of year, I’d have to say Sweet Potato Casserole…and the holidays are not the same without it.

  • Jessica Wirth

    My mom’s simmered Italian sausage meatballs…… incredibly good. Thanks for the giveaway! Your dumplings look delicious.

    Side note, here’s the recipe :)

  • Katy

    Macaroni and cheese

  • MelissaD

    Homemade spinach pie brings back childhood memories – making the dough from scratch with my grandmother and see the buttery, flaky crust baking in the oven – yum!

  • Katie

    When I think of childhood foods, chicken pillows and mashed potatoes come to mind–comfort food at its finest! Yum.

  • Bm-moore

    My favorite memory of cooking (baking) as a child was baking Christmas cookies. My grandma and mother made a full day of it. We listened to Christmas music. Together we spent all day making the dough, cutting out cookies, and decorating them with TONS of muticolored sprinkles. Mine were hideous but they tasted great! I love that my mom now does this same tradition with my 4 year old niece. I can not wait until I have kids that can go to grandma’s and make Christmas cookies. It is not even about how well the cookies taste but the fun and memorable moments that we shared together!

  • Kate

    My mom used to make a dish that was peas and potatoes in a light gravy. It sounds strange, but man do I love it. I’m a good ole Midwestern girl!

  • Lindsay

    It would have to be my Moms fondue bread. We would make it once a year on Christmas Eve, we would look forward to that night all year! Fondue bread and opening Christmas presents. Now I am following the tradition with my daughter!

  • Jenny

    There are a few, but I think one that stands out the most is chicken and rice. It reminds me of home! :)

  • Heather Koziarz

    I would love to win a cookbook!

    The dish that reminds me most of my childhood is Chicken paprikash, a dish that my Hungarian Nana would make often.

  • tiffany

    Liver brings back memories from childhood of not wanting to eat it! I see it on menus at restaurants and it brings back chills.

  • Suzanne

    fried chicken- My grandma made the best fried chicken every Wednesday. It reminds me of her.

  • Cheryl R

    Roast beef brings back memories for me. It was our traditional Sunday dinner.

  • Jackie

    I would love that cookbook!!

  • gina stanton

    Chicken parm – it was my favorite thing ever that my mom made for us growing up!

  • Ncmz

    Roasted chicken with butter and rosemary. My mom use to make it to me when I had a though week :*) Now that we leave 10hrs by plane away, I do it for my family.

  • AnneMarie

    Grandma’s homemade meatballs & bolognese sauce. My oh my how I miss her!

  • Christy

    My mom’s spaghetti. Probably because I would only eat my noodles and sauce separately as a kid.

  • The dish for me is liver, onions and bacon.

  • Ellen S.

    My Mom is from Colombia, so the dish that brings back memories for me is her stewed meat, coconut rice, and sweet plantains! I will never try to replicate that dish because no one can make it like she can.

  • Chloe

    Mom’s lentil soup with extra parmesan and warm bread on really cold nights.

  • Meredyth Leafman

    Healthy cookies bring back memories of childhood. My mother was way ahead of her time and made cookies with wheat germ and whole wheat flour!

  • Lori P.

    It’s going to sound weird, but oatmeal really brings back childhood memories for me. My mom didn’t like to cook so my dad did most of the cooking for us when he was home (and not traveling for work). He’d always come in late (after I’d gone to bed), so when I woke up there was my dad and hot oatmeal for breakfast. Such great memories!

  • Aimee

    Chicken and dumplings and rhubarb pie.

  • Michele

    Since I’m a good Southern girl, I’d have to say my mom’s fried chicken is the best. I remember being a child and thinking it took *forever* to cook. She’s always fry a leg for me in the first batch so I could eat it while the other chicken cooked.

  • Lisa in Fort Worth

    Beef Stew made in a pressure cooker. It was fun to watch the little valve rattle.

  • Bree

    Chicken noodle soup always reminds me of being a kid!

  • Katie Ellen

    My mom’s special baked macaroni and cheese always brings the warmest feelings!

  • Cya

    Roast pork loin brings back my childhood memories of New Year’s Eve. Every year we’d prepare black beans, rice and beans, serve grapes, and eat the most moist pork loin. Every time I have it now I remember new year eve meals.

  • Ruchita

    One dish that brings back memories from my childhood are the homemade chicken fingers and french fries my mom used make on Friday nights.

  • My dad got into cooking when I was in middle school and for years his #1 crowd pleaser was “Chuckwagon Stew” – basically a soup made from ground beef and frozen veggies! It was really tasty and he would make beer bread to go along with it. mmmmm I should get that recipe. :)

  • Megan

    mom’s lasagna. or dad’s parsnips!

  • Grandma’s Lasagna. She was such an excellent cook, but her lasagna was everyone’s favorite.

  • Heather V.

    My sister and I are also big fans of ATK, but I don’t have any of their cookbooks…yet :D.

  • Allie

    A dish my mom used to make called pizza hot dish – it was a casserole with egg noodles, corn, tomato sauce and ground beef.

  • natasha

    It would have to be spaghetti and meatballs. It was the first meal I was able to make on my own before I got married. Although I have been married for many years now I do feel a sense of nostalgia and comfort when I make it for my husband and children. Its a meal that always warms your heart and fills your belly.

  • MollyH

    Really, the best cooking memories from my childhood are a staple -chocolate chip cookies! My mom used to make cookies and my siblings and I would wrestle for the privilege of licking the beaters. I would love to win this cookbook and make many more foodie memories for my family :)

  • Emilygriffin

    My Grandmother’s homemade pizza and my Nana’s huge shrimp boils- both so simple but bring back some great memories. Thanks you

  • Demitria Raynor

    Hmm…It would definitely be a Chicken and Rice dish that my dad used to make. I haven’t had it in so long, but anytime I do, I immediately think of him…

  • Shannon

    Not so much a dish but a drink. We always had this punch on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just Lime Sherbert and 7-Up. Its so good! :)

  • Erin

    Chicken pot pie!

  • megan

    Chicken breast with cream of mushroom soup

  • Drkevans

    Macaroni and cheese; the oven baked, from scratch version! We had it on Saturday nights, ate it on TV trays and watched movies. I still love curling up with a big bowl.

  • rm

    Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage. Yeah, kind of bland, but when I’m down and out or just tired and need a veg out weekend, this is the meal I make.

  • JenB

    black raspberry pie. it has been on our dessert table every holiday my entire life and it’s so amazingly good.

  • Anonymous

    The best dish from my childhood would and is macaroni and cheese! My mom makes it delicious!

  • Angie

    My parents are both originally from central Pennsylvania so my mom used to cook Pennsylvania Dutch dishes frequently when I was growing up. One of those is very similar to Chicken and Dumplings- Chicken Pot Pie (or bot boi, the german translation). It’s really not pot pie, more like chicken soup with homemade pasta cut into squares, but so comforting!

  • My grandma’s chicken noodle soup!

  • Mac and Cheese, with a creamy sauce and then baked in the oven. My mom used to make this all of the time and it is one of my favorite comfort dishes.

  • Stephanie Cunningham

    After much thought I would have to say that Chicken Pot Pie is my favorite childhood dish. I remember fighting with my sisters over what kind of vegitables should go in (I like green beans, they did not.) It’s the dish my mom made when I would come for college breaks, and the dish I now make frequently for my husband and myself.

  • JoAnna Gackel

    my mom’s homeade potato soup

  • Mellisa Willis

    Hamburger Stew, hated it as a child, crave it as an adult and I make I kids eat it.

  • Katie

    Spaghetti with bolognese sauce

  • Dani

    My family wasn’t much for cooking and I was an incredible picky child. The one food I would eat was steamed artichokes with a garlic butter dipping sauce. Still my favorite to this day!

  • Natalie

    Homemade biscuits with chocolate “gravy”

  • Mary Flora

    My mother didn’t cook much, but she did make a wonderful lemon meringue pie.

  • DPLK

    Beef stew. My mom would make it with tomato sauce and red wine, and whatever meat she had on hand (although my all time favorite was when she made it with oxtails).

  • Actually, chicken and dumplings is the dish that brings back the most childhood memories for me. My great grandmother made the best chicken and dumplings I have ever had,

  • MJ

    indian comfort food-lentils and rice for me…

  • Anne

    My mom’s macaroni and cheese…all my friends loved the Kraft boxed stuff (ick!), so they thought I was weird…until they tasted it! lol.

  • Jaclyn

    Spaghetti and meatballs. My dad always got so excited when he came home from work and smelled meatballs cooking.

  • Lindsay

    Taco bar!

  • Actually, the dish that brings back the most childhood memories for me is chicken and dumplings. My great grandmother made the best, and to this day every time I even smell chicken and dumplings I automatically think of her :)

  • Megan

    Tater Tot Casserole – It was a staple in my childhood.

  • In Nebraska, we have a fast food chain called Runza. Runzas are kind of like a German cabbage roll — a bread dough stuffed with ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper and either cabbage or sauerkraut. You can add cheese, too, and I usually dip mine in ketchup. I am totally ruined for the fast food chain’s runzas, because my mom makes the absolute best runzas in the world. She used to make and sell them when I was a kid, and she still makes them for me as a special treat. I hope someday (when I have more counter space in my kitchen) I can make runzas like hers.

  • The Farm Girl

    Oh my I LOVE Cook’s Illustrated and have been coveting this cookbook. One of my favorite memories from childhood is homemade chicken noodles soup. Delicious!

  • Stephanie

    Tamales! They are a Christmas Eve tradition in my family, and I look forward to them every year.

  • Peggie

    This chicken and dumplings is it. I always ate that at our church dinners when I was little.

  • Nancy Wethington

    Love Cook’s Illustrated as much for the recipes as the beautiful photos. My Grandma and Aunt used to make a dessert called Brazo Gitano. It’s a Spanish dessert and is delicious. Haven’t had it for a number of years but always think about this during the holidays.

  • Kim H

    Tenderloin beef stroganoff from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It was one of my absolute favorite dishes ever!

  • Stacy

    Chicken and noodles. My Grandmother used to make them. She would serve them over mashed potatoes.

  • Jamie M

    My grandma makes the BEST brisket. Everyone else in my family would ask to go out to eat for their birthday, but I always wanted to go to grandma’s for brisket.

  • Jennifer

    French toast casserole! We have had it every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember. It’s funny because I have always loved it, however my siblings have not. They didn’t like the texture at first. But through the years, they both finally came to their senses. We have a lot of good memories involving that dish :)

  • Kim


  • Bekah Rotert

    Chicken and rice!

  • Ncmz

    roasted chicken with butter and rosemary :) Mom used to make it for me as I do now with my daughter.

  • Brookehallinan

    The dish that brings back memories of my childhood is when my dad would make a dish that was chicken baked with cheese and bread crumbs. It was always one of my favorite meals growing up and all of my friends would want to come over for leftovers after school!

  • ann lindsay

    Corn Fritters! I remember learning to make them when I spent summers in my grandma’s kitchen.

  • Gunnhp

    Sunday pot roast with yummy slow cooked carrots and potatoes. Yum!

  • Shawn

    My mom’s crockpot chicken is definitely the taste of my childhood. I can imagine the yumminess and being around the dinner table right now!

  • Cynthia

    Chicken pot pie – though I grew up eating the microwave version! I’ve tried my hand at the homemade version since then, but sometimes I will return to the microwave-ready ones and it will remind me of my childhood.

  • Thesavvykitchen

    Spaghetti and meatballs. My mom would make this every Sunday for our family dinner, and it was some of the best times I’ve had. With the best food as well.

  • There are so many! Taco bags (where you put taco goodness in a small bag of dorito chips and eat it out of the bag with a fork), my Mom’s beef and gravy, finger food nights…

  • Michelle

    Mine is very simple – grilled cheese sandwiches! There were many days when my brother and I were with our Grandmother and this was our lunch request. :)

  • Leslie

    Just plain old pasta with red sauce….and garlic bread….

  • Nupur

    To me, cake brings back powerful memories of childhood birthdays when my busy parents took the time to bake and frost cakes from scratch and throw a party for my friends, complete with decorations and games. Ah, for a slice of cake!

  • Ellie

    Korean food!

  • Kristen

    So many dishes remind me of my childhood… Pastina in chicken broth is definitely up there, though, because it was what my Mema made for me whenever I was home sick from school <3

  • mmkerr

    chicken and gravy over egg noodles

  • Lisahoeme

    American Chop Suey. My Grandma’s signature dish.

  • Ashley

    Whenever I smell beans cooking and tortillas frying in oil, I know it’s going to be a good day :)

  • Drichards

    flank steak with onion butter and homemade mashed potatoes.. Each year I go home for my birthday, my mom still makes it for me! Yum!!

  • Pam

    Sunday dinner with Moms yummy roast, potatoes and gravy.

  • Naomi

    Beef Stroganoff – my mom used to make it and I have finally mastered it as well. Not that it is a hard dish to make, but I finally got it to taste exactly like moms =)

  • Taylor-Lynn

    My grandmother’s meatballs with pieces of fresh bread and raisins! mmmm!

  • NancyM

    Chicken and dumplings reminds me of my childhood. My mom could whip them out in know time!

  • Homemade Waffles! My mom would always make them for my sister and me along with our friends on Saturday mornings after slumber parties.

  • Melissa

    My mom’s chicken pot pie!

  • Kelly B.

    Vegetable soup! Not even really sure why, we did have it frequently growing up, but when I make it I always think of my parents and home :)

  • TBernard

    Goulash!!!! One of my favorite things from childhood!! Will always remind me of my father and times we had as a family at the dinner table.

  • Mollysparker

    Creamed chipped beef – sooo good!

  • Kim B.

    It’s not a meal, but cheese fondue always brings back fond memories of New Years Eve growing up. We always spent NYE with our parents, and cheese fondue was ALWAYS on the menu. We never really had it at any other time of the year, so it was always a special thing for us. In fact, this year my husband and I are doing a kid-friendly NYE with friends, and I’ll be making my Mom’s recipe for cheese fondue!

  • Renae

    Traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. That’s what my mom always cooked.

  • Tracy

    Qumla – Potato dumplings in pork hock stew.
    My grandma made it for us when we would visit. I have her recipe but I cannot bring myself to make it on the off-chance that it won’t be “right” and I will ruin the memory of what it was.

  • Erin

    My Meema used to make “Pork Perlo.” Not exactly sure what that meant, but the dish was browned chunks of pork cooked with onions and seasonings (unknown) and simmered with rice. Not traditional, but a heavenly memory!

  • Mmmm, my mama’s south Louisiana gumbo. Nothing like it!

  • Joselyn

    Cinnamon rolls…we always had homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

  • Mmmm, my mama’s south Louisiana gumbo. Nothing like it!

  • Tracy

    Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. mmmmm.

  • Sarah

    Lasagna – homemade with lots of cheese.

  • Emily S Hunt

    Meatloaf. It was a big staple of my mom’s and even in college, she always made it for me when I came home. I make mine from her recipe but it still doesn’t taste as good as hers…

  • Analise Hendley

    My family had the same 8 recipies that rotated spots every week (not exaggerating) but two things that I actually looked forward to were tacos that we only got on very special occasions (but for a while we had every thursday while Dad was in class). And then every St. Patrick’s day my Dad would take us four girls and we would make Irish Soda Bread…our favorite! I’m sure this cookbook might help me branch out a little more!

  • Annieg1999

    Wow! How I would love to win this cookbook! I have recently dusted off some of my seldom used kitchen equipment (hello stand mixer and food processer) to try out some new recipes. My mother didn’t have either of these two products when I was growing up, but she did have a crock pot and a pressure cooker. She made the most delicious barbecue pork roast!

  • Julie

    My grandma used to always have deli ham that we ate on sandwiches with her homemade peach jelly. It was always so yummy and now I miss it.

  • Emily


  • Kristy D.

    It is this chicken and rice casserole dish. I crave it at times, but then I make it and it is never quite the same.

  • JenH.

    Egg casserole and caramel coffee cake on Christmas morning! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  • Lauren S.

    Chicken and rice. I have always wanted this cookbook, thanks so much for the entry!

  • Leigh

    Taco salad, it was a birthday tradition in my family.

  • Debra

    My mom is Chinese, so the basic rice porridge bring back lots of great memories and is what I want for comfort.

  • Sarah G.

    My mom’s Lasagna. I requested it every year for my birthday dinner.

  • Andrea Eyler

    Chicken pot pie and movie night with my mom and sister.

  • Angelshannona

    Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and milk gravy. Yum!

  • Anonymous

    An Indian rice dish called Biryani…my moms speciality and my fav…always bring back childhood memories.

  • Jill C

    Chicken and rice casserole with cream of mushroom soup of course. Some day I would like to try and recreate this dish completely from scratch.

  • Emily Rose

    One dish that always conjures up memories of my childhood is stir fry. My parents would whip out the big wok and throw all sorts of veggies and tofu products in. For the first couple years of college I didn’t even want to look at stir fry because I was so sick of it, but then I found myself recreating my family’s staple meal when I was homesick or needed a quick easy meal.

  • mac & cheese for sure!

  • Kyle

    I’m from the era when a large Sunday dinner was the norm. The perfect pot roast with potatoes and carrots bring back memories for me.

  • francyface

    Catfish stew…yum! Both grandmothers made it growing up and now my dad makes it around Christmas time. So good.

  • Emilie Peterson

    Chocolate chip cookies, the one off the back of the yellow package ;-)

  • Nancy Osinga

    Chocolate chip cookies!! Mom made them every week. I never can make them quite as good as hers. When my kids were at home, they told me to keep trying….

  • Emilie Peterson

    Chocolate chip cookies, the one off the back of the yellow package ;-)

  • JessD

    Definitely a baked chicken and rice casserole with cream of mushroom soup my dad used to make for us as kids.

  • Piggies (or Gwampkies) always remind me of when I was little. I was a very picky eater, but I loved stuffed cabbage. Never made any sense to my parents, but when I make it, it reminds me a good times.

  • Ashley

    My mother’s Thanksgiving spread… She makes the carrot dish, pea dish, and candied yams once a year, and it’s only for thanksgiving. Always reminds me of home, family and friends.

  • Brittany

    Too many to count! I guess spaghetti (my mom’s sauce) and hot turkey sandwiches would top the list. At the bottom would be honey baked lentil loaf–I have very distinct memories of staring at three bites in my bowl, hoping they would disappear. :)

  • My mom’s chicken soup. Classic and delicious!

  • Brynn

    Piggies (or Gwampkies) always remind me of when I was little. I was a very picky eater, but I loved stuffed cabbage. Never made any sense to my parents. When I make them, it reminds me of good times.

  • Mporter1981

    For sure, Mom’s award-winning chocolate chip cookies! The recipe is the first one I learned to make and is the only one I know by heart.

  • Jen

    Homemade bread!

  • Sharda Vaishali

    steaming bowl of Lentils and rice

  • Sharon

    Roast beef & mashed potatoes. We had it almost every Sunday growing up, since it was pretty much the only meal that all 8 children liked, so my mom could have 1 day/week without complaints!

  • Michelle

    My mother’s crock pot chicken and noodles. A whole chicken cooked all day in the crockpot with onions and carrots served with wide egg noodles cooked in the broth from the crockpot. It is so comforting and every time I’m sad or down its my go-to recipe. My entire family loves it and my mom made it several times a year at our request growing up and still will whenever I ask ;-)

  • Katie S.

    Macaroni and cheese always brings back childhood memories. I still love it to this day!

  • Susanmsmith1980

    Foods that reminds me of my childhood are desserts in general. My mom had a huge sweet tooth!

  • Laura

    My (paternal) granny’s fried chicken. She made it every Sunday as I recall, and we often went over for Sunday dinner. I wish she’d lived long enough to teach me how to make hers; it was and still is the very best I’ve ever eaten. And living in the South (USA), I’ve experienced a lot of fried chicken.

  • Chap’s Wife Sarah

    My mom’s version of King Ranch. My daughter loves it every bit as much as I did:)

  • Danielle

    tostadas. My mom used to fry up tortillas in oil until they were crispy and then we topped them with beans, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, etc. I always put both salsa and ranch dressing on mine. It’s a simple meal, but delicious, and we had it a lot growing up and it’s still one of my favorites.

  • Lynne

    Mississippi Mud Cookies – or, as most people call them, No-Bake Cookies. I spent countless hours with my mom and sister mixing these up in the kitchen and covering the countertop with little mounds of chocolaty yumminess.

  • Linda

    Hamburger helper. I love my mom dearly and she is a fantastic cook now, but when my brother and I were little and time and money were tight, hamburger helper was often on our table. Totally a comfort for me. Luckily I found a recipe for a homemade version on this blog. :)

  • I’d have to say homemade mac & cheese. I remember so distinctly coming home from piano practice in the evenings and smelling my mom’s mac & cheese in the oven!

  • Jessica Alva

    my dad used to make this soup with beef and cabbage… so delicious and toasty on cold days.

  • Spaghetti pie or my mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches – I swear they’re different and better than any grilled cheese ever.

  • Phernie

    Beef Stroganoff – I still can’t completely replicate my mom’s recipe. Maybe it was my childhood taste buds that absorbed the flavors so well.

  • Mestebla

    I think probably macaroni and cheese would be the number one. :)

  • MonW

    My mother’s cream of mushroom chicken. Although it is truly delicious and perfect for a filling Sunday meal, perhaps now that I am older and willing to try new things in the kitchen I can find a homemade version to try.

  • Jo Garrett

    Mom’s chicken and biscuits always makes me think of home!

  • Cassie

    Lutefisk and lefse. Growing up in Minnesota, it was only during the holidays that somebody in the family made lutefisk. We rarely have lutefisk now (since it hardly gets eaten), but I still make lefse every year because it’s so good warmed up with cinnamon and butter.

  • christina

    Sweet potato casserole – the kind with the brown sugar and nut topping, NOT marshmallows. :)

  • Jenny J

    Boeuf bourguignon is what I always request as my birthday meal growing up. Yum!

  • my mom makes this chicken dish with dried beef and cream of mushroom soup- served over rice. It was my absolute favorite growing up!

  • Melissa

    Spaghetti with butter and Parmesan cheese

  • Melisa

    Chicken and dumplings, though I haven’t had it forever!

  • Haley Wheeler

    From scratch spaghetti – it’s a classic in my family. Nothing beats it!

  • Amy

    My mom’s homemade vegetable soup – so good!

  • My mom’s “Special Chicken” – chicken coated in mayo and mustard and dredged in bread crumbs. I still make it at least once every few weeks!!!

  • Heidi C

    Chicken pot pie. It doesn’t bring back memories in a good way though; it was the dish I dreaded to eat. Nothing reminds me of my childhood dinners more than chicken pot pie.

  • Patty

    Any kind of casserole. That’s what we lived on!! My mom should have bought stock in Campbells since she used those cream soups in everything!

  • Sharla

    There was some sort of red flannel hash my mom used to make. I loved it and remember putting ketchup all over it. I have never made it, and maybe it wouldn’t even taste the same as when she made it.

  • Jade

    Pot roast. My mom loved to make pot roast with tons of vegetables for after church. It was great.

  • Cheryl R.

    Poppyseed cake. My mom would make it every so often, especially around the holidays. It was a vanilla bundt cake with poppyseeds running all through it. So moist and yummy!

  • There are so many dishes that I can think of, but the one that really jumps out at me is my mom’s butternut squash soup. It was soo good, and as I got older I’d always eat it in a bread bowl. I am heading home today for Christmas break from grad school (on the other side of the country – I haven’t eaten her cooking in 4 months!) and have already asked her to make some. :)

  • Aubrie

    Sweet and sour pork. My dad used to make it for us on Sundays with a huge wok full of stir fried veggies. So good!

  • Teandra

    tamales :-) at new years :-) mmm…

  • Lauren

    Goulash. My grandmother with whom I lived with would always make it, and I loved it, but I didn’t like onions, so I would always pick them out. One day I asked her to make it without them. The result was not the dish I loved, and I never complained again. Now I even eat it with the beans, and ask her to make it every other time I go visit. The other days I ask for my other childhood favorite, shepherd’s pie. Both are such big comfort foods, especially in these chilly winter months! : )

  • Kat

    Chicken a la king… Cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms with pimientos. Mom always poured it over toast, and I can’t eat it any other way. I’ve learned to make it myself and my husband and kids LOVE it. I think it will become a nostalgic recipe for them, too.

  • Angela

    My mom’s asian pork chops brings back memories of when we first moved to Indiana. I dont have a lot of cookbooks and would love to have this cookbook!

  • Will

    My Grandmother’s Chicken and Noodles and my Great Aunt’s…anything.

  • Ashley Latimer

    Pancakes for breakfast is something we had every Saturday growing up, so I immediately am reminded of my childhood every time I have them. I can’t wait to have a tradition like that with my kids that they will remember as adults!

  • Lisa

    Spaghetti casserole.

  • Mcqueenm

    Strawberry pretzel salad!

  • Lorna

    Christmas cookies! Mmmm… :)

  • Kristin M.

    My mom made stromboli for special occasions, like birthdays. It will forever remind me of her and my childhood. :)

  • Jinkatya


    Hmm…I’d have to say stroganoff. When I was 6, I detested that stuff, even thought I loved to smell it all the time as it was cooking. After my mom forcing me to eat it 22ish times (and me swearing I’d always hate it), to my great chagrin, I actually liked it!

  • Melissa

    My mom’s pumpkin pie is a huge comfort food for me.

  • Jackie G

    It would have to be homemade chicken and dumpling soup that my Grandma made…I used to spend time with her on the weekends and she made the best food!

  • Kerri

    Cornbread and turnip greens.

  • MSaulness

    Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes!

  • Christin Wade

    Hands-down, the dish that brings back memories of my childhood is angel hair spaghetti with homemade basil pesto sauce! I can remember on warm summer evenings, going out to the garden with my mom helping her pick the basil and then turning it into this wonderful, rich, pesto sauce. Even as a “picky eater” as a kid, I couldn’t get enough of mom’s pesto sauce!

  • Ashley

    Macaroni and cheese made with Velveeta, Fried Potatoes, and my moms version of Swiss Steak which I’ve come to learn isn’t the same as the Swiss Steak that was on Cooks Country this past weekend.
    I consider your blog a go-to, typically-never-fail recipe source and much of that is because I get the feeling that you hold your recipe content to a higher standard than many, just like ATK.

  • Jenni

    My mom started a soup tradition for Christmas years ago. Our favorite soup that she made for our Christmas dinner was Cheese soup. This was always accompanied by homemade bread bowls. So delicious! I decided to carry on the tradition and even though we are not going to be home with my mom for Christmas I’m going to make soup for my kids this year and my moms amazing cheese soup is definitely on the menu!

  • Katheew

    Vegetable beef soup my Grandma used to make & her fried chicken! loved them both

  • Anne

    Growing up dad made this cinnamon chicken dish that he clipped from the newspaper that I totally loved. We always got to pick what the family ate for dinner on our birthdays. My brothers always wanted carry out pizza or Chinese, but I asked for that cinnamon chicken dish.

  • Boiled Chinese dumplings. We used to make them as a family! My dad would roll out and shape the wrappers, and my mom and I would fill the wrappers and pinch them shut. My brother on the other hand… just made a mess!

  • My mom’s dirt cake! She always makes it for holidays!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Americ’s Test Kitchen! I also own three books and have to say that Meatloaf brings back awesome childhood memories.

  • Pasta with tomato sauce and Italian sausage- it always reminds me of my grandpa.

  • Sylvia

    Risi i Bisi – Venetian rice and peas, really a risotto ith cheese and peas. Very simple and very comforting, too!

  • Kate

    good ol’ spaghetti- my mom wasn’t much of a cook but it tasted like home to me! :)

  • Irene

    Its is a tough choice, but I think I’d have to say my Mom’s chicken pot pie. I’m too lazy to ever make it myself, so I only ever get it when I come home!

  • Venetrise Jackson

    I would have to say my mom’s mac and cheese. elbow noodles, chedder cheese, cream, butter, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. It’s soooooo yummy and creamy.

  • lucyinaz

    Vietnamese pho!

  • Lacy

    More of a dessert but my family would make no bake cookies together. Everytime I have then now I think about us doing that together.

  • Linda Peterson

    My mom used to make Hungry Boy Casserole and it was one of my favorite dishes.

  • Brenna J

    My dad’s “topato” soup…. it’s TOmato soup with PotATOes and little meatballs. I don’t know where the recipe came from, but it’s delicious and comforting on a cold night! :)

  • Jenny

    Chicken Divan. My mom used to make it all the time and when she was little, my sister called it Chicken DiBus. :-)

  • Covetastic

    Homemade burritos with homemade tortillas-always the meal we ALL requested when it was our birthday, or we had friends over. Now I make it when we have friends over or for my own birthday.
    Sidenote: I live in Canada, but would love to win this for my mom who lives in the States! She taught me to love cooking, and I’d love to give something back to her.

  • Christy

    Sliced beef po boys with lots of gravy! Yum O :0)

  • Patience

    Roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy! When I would come home from the hospital after being sick, my mom would always have this waiting for me when I got home! It was such a comfort and now when it is made I always think of her!

  • Andy Shaw

    Oh man, oddly enough it’s ham and beans! We used to HATE that meal and would have to sit at the table for hours until we finished!

  • Erin Palermo

    Risotto that my grandmother made. I later learned that she used Ragu, but as a kid, there was simply no better Italian food than what came out of her kitchen.

  • Maria

    Spaghetti and meatballs :)

  • Tina

    Spaghetti with tomato sauce — and you may cringe when you read this — with American cheese melted on top!

  • Dinah

    Black berry dumplings.

  • Billi Lycett

    Very similar to this recipe, but instead, homemade chicken noodle soup. My mom would spend all day rolling and cutting noodles. Pure comfort food!! I miss those days.

  • Brittany Byer

    Meatloaf. I remember my mom always letting me dig in and mix all the stuff together.

  • Tori

    Spanish Tortilla, although it’s not very Spanish. :) It’s really just a potato frittata with ham added in, but my mom always made this when I was growing up. I’ve tried a few times, but I just haven’t quite mastered it yet.


    Christmas cookies are one thing that takes me right back to childhood. They were one of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child. Maybe second only behind opening presents! :)

  • Chelsea Francis

    A chocolate layer dessert that my mom made for almost every holiday- so good!

  • Kate C.

    What meal doesn’t bring back memories?? I make a lot of the same dishes I ate growing up. Maybe one in particular that takes me back to my mom’s kitchen is: Kima. Yum!

  • Chelsea

    Dumpling soup; the Lipton “red box” soup with Bisquick dumplings. As my grandma would say “it warms your bones.”

  • Gshostetter

    homemade pizza on friday nights.

  • Theresa T

    Potatoes and dumplings with bacon, just like my grandmother brought over from the ‘old country’ (Russia)!

  • Kari

    Macaroni & cheese. Not the boxed version but the good homemade stuff. My husband’s not crazy about it so I make it whenever he’s out of town.

  • Potato Dumplings with Salt Pork in the center. My grandmother, who never once measured anything and NEVER wrote anything down, would make these for my mom and I when we would visit her on the farm. It was her tried and true “go-to” German comfort food and although my mother and I have made several attempts to re-create them…we have failed miserably and it is the one recipe that died with her. I can still smell that salt pork frying in the pan. The only thing better than the day she made them was frying them in the pan the next day. Oh… so heavenly!

    In fact, I think I will try that recipe again soon, even if it’s just to smell the salt pork. Maybe I’ll even leave out the measuring cups and just see what happens.

  • Adie

    Its a dish my grandmother would make every Christmas call “Tijuana Pie,” its layered tortilla, meat, beans, corn…. all cooked in the slow cooker. Like a Tex-Mex casserole- so good!

  • Jill Chavez Rohde

    My mom’s meatloaf.

  • Madonna

    I have two, pasta and meatballs from when I would go to my nonna’s on sunday’s as a kid. My younger sisters were pretty picky eaters when we were all 8 or younger so my mom would make breakfast for dinner a lot. She learned to make bacon gravy for us since we hated sausage. Every time I eat biscuits and gravy it takes me back.

  • Cooperkelly4

    I would LOVE to win this. Hands down childhood meal….mac and cheese! thanks so much!

  • Jill Chavez Rohde

    My mom’s meatloaf. Yum!

  • Carly

    Apple dumplings that my grandma made… So yummy!

  • Mary Lynn Bourns

    Definitely oatmeal cookies….and eating half the dough raw! :)

  • My mom just made a huge pot of Polish kapusta and it took me back 25 years!

  • Alexa

    I have a lot of food allergies, so most of the traditional dishes like PB & J or mac and cheese weren’t on my little plate. I do remember my grandmother and mom making corned beef and cabbage at Easter. I don’t miss the smell of the cooking cabbage, but the fall apart meat is still a favorite.

  • Lisa

    Lasagna brings back memories from my childhood. My grandma made it, my mom made it, and now I make it!

  • Jinny

    chicken pot pie~ mmMMmm

  • Patty

    Honestly? popcorn made in a pan with oil on the stove. It was our Sunday night dinner with a glass of milk as we sat and watched Disney together. Not much of recipe, but it is the food I most associate with childhood.

  • Stacey

    Hmmm…definitely spinach casserole with applesauce. Weird combo, but classic family dinner.

  • Mahenry123

    Childhood Memories = Mom’s Meatloaf. Yummy … getting hungry just thinking about it!! :)

  • Lesley

    Beef and noodles brings back childhood memories for me. My dad makes the best beef and noodles. I’ve learned how to make it and it’s good, but still not as good as what he used to make!

  • Actually this recipe does, my mom always had a recipe for chicken and dumplings but it was from her Microwave cookbook and I hated it. Mushy dumplings, yuck. I am excited to try out this recipe and see if dumplings are something I have been missing all these years.

  • Von

    My childhood favorite is blackberry dumplings.

  • Tylernicole

    One of my most favorite meals from my childhood was baked potato soup. I loved the assortment of toppings that my mom would set before us. Today it is still my go to comfort food when I am feeling homesick!

  • Meghan C.

    I know it’s simple, but grilled cheese brings back so many memories of my childhood! We used to have this machine that I LOVED that would cut off the crusts while it was grilling… too perfect for a kid, if you ask me! Plus it would make the edges burn a little, and that was my favorite part!

  • Lisa

    Spaghetti with meatballs, sausage, chicken, some sort of hunk of meat. My mom loaded the sauce pot with meat and a tomato gravy. It was the best.

  • Beth

    My childhood meal would have to be my Mom’s Spaghetti! My mom taught me everything I know in the kitchen. She instilled in me the importance of making dinner for the family every weeknight and also entertaining for friends. She has shared many recipes with me and most I now know from memory. Her spaghetti sauce being one of them. However, no matter how many times I make it, it just doesn’t taste like mom’s. My mom and I now live 4 hours apart so whenever she visits or I come home I ask her to make just a basic meal of spaghetti and salad.

  • Rachel

    The recipe that brings back memories from my childhood would have to be homemade rolls. My mother was the queen of dinner rolls! While I can make them myself, they’re always better when someone else is doing the cooking! :)

  • Dena

    A German plum tart my grandmother used to make, and now my Mom makes each fall.

  • Kristen

    My mom’s Chicken Marango, no clue where the recipe came from but we had it all the time.

  • Laura P

    Tacos. My mom always used to make tacos and they were one of my favorite dishes!

  • Rachel F

    Soup and sandwiches : ) More specifically, Campbell’s chicken and RICE with grilled cheese!

  • Emma V Powell

    As a Maryland girl, crabcakes will always be the dish that makes me remember home. Since crabmeat has always been expensive, it was quite the treat to be able to have these for dinner. My mom would always make them for out of town guests, special occasions, and they even replaced the traditional Christmas ham on multiple occasions.

  • Adrianne

    My nana used to make us these really simple that dishes that were sooooo good and always remind me of home: hamburg and gravy and chicken cutlets were my favorite

  • Mary

    Tuna casserole. I can’t stand it, but my mom made it probably once a week, so I’ll remember it forever.

  • Lindsay

    Manicotti especially on Christmas Day!

  • Darla

    Biscuits and gravy, my mother’s was the best!

  • Lauren

    My mom’s beef stroganoff or chicken and mushrooms over rice (using Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, of course!)

  • Inna

    Uzbek plov my Mom used to make – rice, lamb meat, lots of onions and carrots, all those fragrant spices… Delicious!

  • Annie34

    Sloppy joes and mac and cheese! It may not be fancy, but I love it!

  • Anonymous

    something called yakkwa reminds me of my childhood. my mom made that during the holidays.

  • Jen H

    Chicken cordon bleu was one of my absolute favorite dishes my mom would make for our birthday dinners.

  • Barbara

    Grandma’s fried okra!

  • Skimpston

    Pot roast. My mom used to put one in the slow cooker every Sunday before we left for church.

  • Sarah

    Ooo…. turkey or baloney sandwiches. It isn’t like you have to cook anything with it, but it was so yummy! I remember we used to go to the park with these. They are on a baguette with some ketchup or mayo and veggies and anything you like on it with the star turkey and/or baloney. I have such vivid memories about the times we had with them! :)

  • Cindy D

    Creamed tuna on toast: can of mushroom soup, can of tuna, frozen peas all mixed in a pot and then served over toast. It sounds gross, but it was a meal that my mom made for me when she was short on time… and I loved it!

  • Rachael Dugas

    My Nana’s pot roast! Our family recipe doesn’t taste like any other pot roast I’ve ever tried. It’s still the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

  • lia

    baked pasta+veggies – my mother was not a fan of cheese, so she’s leave one half of the dish bare and the other side coated with cheese for my brother and I. It’s not something I make for myself, and I’ve never had it anywhere else (though I’m sure plenty of people make it), so it tends to remind me of home.

  • Teresa G

    Creamed Tuna over rice, noodles, or toast. This was something my grandmother used to make and I continue to make for my kids. It’s also one of my daughter’s favorite dishes and used to be her request for her birthday dinner.

  • Sarah

    Tuna noodle casserole!

  • Kristen

    My Dad’s chili!

  • Kate

    My mom made the best pumpkin cheesecake growing up. I look forward to it every Thanksgiving!

  • Britt

    My Mom’s meatloaf and homemade gravy – I’m vegetarian now and I dream about these two things!

  • Molly

    My mom used to always make a roast in the crockpot with potatos and carrots. She was always running us around all afternoon to different events so crockpot meals were a staple!

  • Kristen Hadley

    I think just plain old mac and cheese. It’s an oldie, but goodie and something that my mom made all the time when I was a child.

  • Jennie

    The dish that brings me most back is pasta sauce–a really nice, heavy, thick pasta sauce simmering on the stove all day with a healthy splash/glug of a nice red wine. Heavenly!

  • Lynda

    My mother made the best chicken pot pie and chicken and noodles. She didn’t use a recipe, but every time they came out perfect, and these meals are my some of my favorite childhood memories.
    I have tried numerous ATK recipes and they always turn out perfectly. Would love this book!

  • Chicken matzo ball soup, no question.

  • Amberli

    Hamburg gravy over mashed potatoes. It reminds me of my grandma.

  • Christine Low

    Chinese style pork short ribs. My grandma used to make them for us all the time.

  • Brandi

    Pot roast with potatos and carrots always takes me back to my childhood. My mom made it many Sundays for dinner after church and I love it to this day.

  • Amy

    Baked macaroni and cheese. It was something my grandma made for every family gathering, and now it’s what I bring to pot locks. It’s always a hit.

  • Aliciajones80

    My dad always made his mom’s recipe for applesauce chocolate chip cookies. They are my favorite! Any time I make them I always remember how my dad would make a giant batch but insist he had to test a few cookies for “quality control” purposes before the kids could have one.

  • Anonymous

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese!

  • Sherri

    Green bean casserole. We all loved it but only used to have it on Thanksgiving.

  • Karla

    My grandmothers rhubarb cake. She didn’t bake frequently but I will always remember it.

  • Emma

    Tuna casserole. It’s my dad’s speciality, as he likes to say. :)

  • Mai Nguyen

    Nothing beats homemade food! So whenever my mom or grandmother makes pho, a vietnamese noodle broth dish, or banh bot loc, a pork with shrimp dumpling, it always brings back memories from whenI was younger!

  • It’s my mom’s chicken and dumplings, made with Bisquick drop biscuits. So simple, so quick and so comforting!

  • Kim

    Swedish meatball. I requested them for my birthday meal for quite a few years in a row!

  • Grace

    Lasagna- I can’t remember the last time that I had it, but it used to be my favorite and my Grandma made it every year on my birthday. It makes me happy (and a little hungry :D) to remember!

  • Kerry

    We call it chicken in a biscuit, but it’s basically a chicken salad type mixture nestled into a crescent dough bundle and baked in the oven. My sister and I both requested it every year for our birthday meals. I still make it for myself on my birthday!

  • Macaroni and cheese – it was about the only thing I would eat for years.

  • Cassie

    I was a really picky child so mealtimes were normally a struggle. I was happiest when people just let me eat cottage cheese and fruit.

  • Kate Gallimore

    sad to say (i wish it were more luxurious) but beef and carrot stew. it reminds me of our cute little cape cod house when we were poor and hapy to just play in the closet make-believing!

  • ARothermel

    Cookie baking at Christmas-time! My mom always made TONS of cookies for Christmas – more than we could ever eat or giveaway – but it was more about making them all together. We still make a few batches together every year!

  • Kate

    Fondue – It was our special occasion dinner and it was fun to ‘cook’ as a little kid

  • Amanda B.

    Childhood memories come back when making English Toffee, Fantasy Fudge, or Mama Roxie’s Sugar cookies, all heirloom recipes passed down for generations in my family (I am at least the 5th gen to make them). I make them myself now, but I remember watching my mom make them, and then learning to make them with her in a flurry of holiday cheer!

  • Bean dip! Easy to make and consume, and incredibly adaptable. I’ve jazzed it up as I’ve gotten older, but the original definitely brings back memories.

  • Cara

    My pa-paw’s chili. He would make a huge pot and we would all go over for dinner. It must be served with spaghetti!

  • MCD

    Mac and Cheese

  • Ldehus

    Though I don’t eat meat, meatloaf always brings back memories of childhood!

  • kara h

    My Mom’s homemade lasagna, she’d always leave it in the oven a little longer for some burnt edges — my favorite! When my brother and I went off to college, she’d always make two batches when we came home. One to eat and one to take back to the dorm.

  • Lajuana

    Homemade bread cooking in the oven makes me remember my Mom every time. She used to bake a dozen loaves and have us kids take at least half to neighbors in a brown paper bag, still warm from the oven. Our neighbors put up with a lot of nonsense from our large and boisterous family, but warm homemade bread made up for it all!

  • Aspasiaterese

    My childhood memories are full of food. My French-Canadian mother married my Greek immigrant father, and so was born a rich and varied culinary heritage. For me, Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Kleftiko (a traditional Greek lamb dish) are two of my favorite childhood meals. But how can I leave out Chicken avga Limino or Meatloaf with Baked Potatoes. Too many to choose from, I guess.

  • Chicken and rice brings back the most memories for me!

    amanda @

  • Amy Bailey

    Taco Salad made with chili and Fritos. We’d have it on a lazy night and usually watch a movie.

  • Jess @ Floptimism

    There are so many, but it’s the first night of Hannukkah tonight so my mind is completely distracted by the unbeatable brisket my mom makes and has made for every special occasion for as long as I can remember. It wouldn’t be a family gathering without it!

  • Lasagna, it was my mom’s signature dish.

  • Ljgates

    A good pot roast, slow cooked with potatoes and carrots!

  • oh without a doubt chicken pot pie – it’s still my number one go-to comfort food. i drool just thinking about it.

  • Leslie

    Cherry glazed ham. My dad always made this for the holidays!

  • Sheryl S.

    My mom’s spaghetti sauce simmering away on the stove all day… yum!

  • Vmiller4321

    I would love this cookbook, thier magazines rock!!

  • Cait L

    Cube steaks with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. It’s a recipe I’m still trying to master!

  • Christina Simpson

    Spaghetti alla Bolognese. My grandmother always made it for my birthdays growing up along with a chocolate cake. They are still two of my favorite foods to date.

  • Ashburmaster

    Tuna Casserole! My mom made it at least once a week!

  • Anne

    Popcorn! Every Sunday night while we watched Walt Disney.

  • Shay3103

    Dish from childhood – I have to pick two – pizza & fried chicken. My mom, while a health nut, made the best fried chicken.

  • Amy A.

    Chicken and dumplings and homemade cinnamon rolls!

  • Dianne@Baking4Six

    Chicken Divan, Porcupine Meatballs and Tuna a’la King over puff pastry cups (garbage cans) bring back childhood memories for me :)

  • Emily Baker

    Mmmmm I will always remember coming home from school and seeing Mom pull a strawberry cake out of the oven just as we walk in the kitchen!

  • Tabitha B.

    Homemade lasagna made by my mom! I try making it now that I have my own home but moms is better!

  • Lisa

    Spaghetti with my mom’s homemade tomato sauce, which we had every Sunday. I still make her tomato sauce on Sunday sometimes, so that I can relive those memories.

  • emily

    Believe it or not – chicken and dumplings!!! My mom made it all the time for me when I was a kid :-)

  • Kimberly

    This dish is nothing fancy, but my Grandma would always make me Chicken A La King when I was growing up. I absolutely loved it… and no one can quite duplicate the way she made it.

  • Meg

    Lemon Chicken…it was my choice meal for my birthday as a kid!

  • tacos!

  • Melanie

    Quiche! It was my favorite and now i make it :)

  • Janene Day

    Family gatherings with homemade spaghetti and meatballs that my dad would make.

  • Kim Raynor

    I have six brothers so I remember eating LOTS of spaghetti growing up. It’s nothing fancy but I love it.

  • Tivvani

    Roast. It was easy and my dad loved it, so my mom always fixed it. But I hated it! I had to drown it in ketchup just to get it down. But now I love it!

  • Angie

    Spaghetti with meat sauce.

  • i would LOVE to own this, like you I love ATK & CI!

    pepperoni bread reminds me of my childhood (basically stuffed bread with pepperoni and cheese!)

  • Anne Lee

    German pancakes, we would occasionally have these for dinner and I always looked forward to these nights!

  • Broccoli and cheese soup on my mom’s side. Gumbo on my dad’s side!

  • Katie M

    Swedish meatballs and peas! My sister is super picky and that was one of the only things that she would eat so we had it a lot. Many good memories of that meal!

  • Anna

    Rice, beans and cornbread with butter and honey. Lots of salsa and sour cream too!

  • Tracey Dosch

    Stuffed bell peppers, which is the first thing I learned to cook.

  • Kelli

    Pot pies made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Kellymuc

    my mom made a baked chicken with mustard & breadcrumbs…delicious! I make it still today for my family :)

  • Bruce

    Hi Annie!

    I share your appreciation for Cook’s Illustrated. I use them so much for “go to” recipes that my family accuses me of belonging to a cult.

    A childhood favorite of mine and it is an odd one for a kid – chicken livers either fried or cooked in wine. In fact we are having a chicken liver appetizer, Rumaki, for our Christmas day spread that we will be celebrating with our 89 and 99 year old mothers.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Julie @BananasforBourbon

    Heh, pan-seared chicken breast and pasta. It’s what my mom cooked pretty much every night for dinner. And I didn’t eat meat, just the pasta. :p The dishes from Cooks Illustrated are definitely more my speed! They may not invoke childhood memories, but they definitely help me create new ones. :)

  • Dbronushas

    Funny, like you I never had Chicken and Dumplings as a child, but when I tried this recipe about a year ago (the same recipe), I thought wow–I can’t believe I missed this all these years. I’ve browned the chicken and veggies and put it in the crockpot and finished it when I got home from school (work).

    Meatloaf reminds me of my childhood–my mother’s was delicious and my children love mine. My husband isn’t a fan of meatloaf and doesn’t appreciate what it does for me:)

  • Leah Marie Romero

    Grilled cheese with the “plastic” Kraft Singles and Campbell’s condensed tomato soup. This is something my mom made a lot for us while we were in elementary school and I recently rediscovered it! I am also glad that it wasn’t part of my husband’s childhood and that I had to explain to him how to dip the sandwich in the soup!

  • Medelbrock

    Yankee pot roast always reminds me of my childhood. Every Sunday my mom would make this and sometimes she would make her own noodles to go along with it. Yum!

  • LaurieV

    hand mixers !!! When we were little we didn’t have a stand mixer and every time my mom baked something we got to hold the hand mixer. When my parents re-did their kitchen the basement flooded and the hand mixer did not survive.

  • Grits, eggs and handmade biscuits, every Sunday morning!

  • Raina

    So many things, but probably Beef Vegetable Soup.

  • Grits, eggs and handmade biscuits, every Sunday morning!

  • Haley

    An enormous pot of hot, comforting vegetable soup definitely brings back memories of my childhood. :)

  • Meatball soup!

  • Nicole H.

    Goulash and BBQ Beef!

  • Lee Ann L.

    Spaghetti with garlic bread! Mother would make that every Monday night without fail! Thank you for a chance to win!

  • Laura

    We always had cabbage pockets (a beef & cabbage filling inside hot roll dough) the night before holidays.

  • Cpower79

    At the risk of seeming unoriginal, chicken and dumplings is the dish that immediately takes me home. I was raised by my grandparents and my grandmother was (still is) a fantastic cook. She would make chicken and dumplings on a rainy cold Saturday while my sister and I colored on the floor and played games. Every time I make them or eat them somewhere I always think of Grandma. It is still one of my favorite dishes to make and eat, especially when cold weather rolls around.

  • Snickercakes! Soft, pillowy snickerdoodles that literally melt in your mouth. We made them every year for Christmas (and still do!).

  • Erin

    My mom always made a broccoli cheese rice casserole for the holidays. It was a side to the honeybaked ham, which we also ate EVERY Christmas!

  • scalloped potatoes… I have a very vivid memory of my grandmother slicing up the potatoes as the sun streams in through our kitchen window. I kept “seeking” potato slices. Of course she knew because I wasn’t really that tall and she had to put them close to the end of the table for me. It is one of my favorite memories of her.

  • Kirsten Thiel

    One of my favorite dishes that my mom makes (and that I requested she bring after the birth of our daughter to feed me) is her chicken and rice casserole.

  • Sara

    Any casserole with cream of mushroom soup…my mom wasn’t much of a cook. I learned to cook by watching America’s Test Kitchen.

  • Kathryn Foreman

    Definitely spaghetti with bolognese simple yet so delicious!

  • Kateh

    Brussel sprouts…..weird I know, but my Dad and I used to gobble them up when no one else at the dinner table would touch them. It was something special we shared.

  • Sondra

    Cherry fritters. My mom would make them for breakfast on the first day of school. I haven’t had them in quite a while. Maybe I’ll have to get the recipe out and see if I can make them as good as she did.

  • Scalloped potatoes. I have this very vivid memory of my grandmother slicing potatoes while the sun streams in the kitchen. I kept sneaking potato slices from the pan and trying to wipe the flour off on my shirt. In my young mind I never connected the flour on my shirt as to how she knew I was taking the potatoes. It is one of my favorite memories of her.

  • kellydz

    Roast chicken. My mom is not much of a cook and that was the one thing she had down pat and made it every weekend.

  • Jamie S

    A cherry cheesecake gives me sweet memories of my grandfather.
    What a wonderful place to revisit.

  • Kathy

    Chicken and noodles served over mashed potatoes takes me back to my childhood.

  • Sara S

    Kanelbullar.. They’re a swedish cinnamon roll and we used to make them and eat them all the time growing up, and it’s something I’m going to be baking in the next week.

  • JenA

    Spaghetti and red soda. We had it every weekend at my grandma’s.

  • Becca J

    One that takes me back pretty fast is eating simple frosted sugar cookies at Christmas time, especially if they are in the shape of a bell or a Christmas tree. Just like Mom used to make!

  • Melissa

    Pork chops–it was my mom’s standard go to meal. For years into adulthood, I couldn’t stand pork chops because I was so sick of them!

  • Ashleigh

    Sweat and sour meatballs. They were my birthday dinner request every single year growing up. :)

  • Two dishes come to mind: home made spaghetti sauce & meatballs, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with hot dogs. If it’s extremely cold outside, or my day was especially rotten, I make either of these dishes, and as soon as I take that first bite, it doesn’t seem so ‘bad’ anymore.

  • Adrienne

    Scalloped potatoes with ham… Yum!

  • Sailorsue82

    Grandma’s Christmas punch! Though it’s not exactly a dish, it is a big part of our holiday. The slushy green ice and sugar in a cup brings out the best stories from the past and is truly a sweet part of Christmas.

  • Jenny

    A soup made with garbanzo beans, potatoes, pepperoni, bell peppers. It came from my spanish grandmother.

  • Jared n Mohana Shull

    Shellfish stew!!

  • Jared n Mohana Shull

    Shellfish stew!!

  • Gina Colby

    Mom’s pan fried porkchops with creamy mashed potatoes. Such a comfort meal for me. :)

  • Sally

    My grandma’s lasagna brings back many wonderful childhood memories.

  • Amanda

    Broccoli Rice Casserole!

  • Morgan

    Fried pork chops.. yum yum!

  • Lori

    Growing up in Michigan we always had a Yankee Pot Roast in the winter and its still one of my favorite dishes even living in Myrtle Beach, SC now!

  • BBT

    My great-aunt’s cinnamon rolls! They were so delicious and melted in your mouth.

  • Kari

    Monkey bread…my Dad always made it for special occasions and during the holidays.

  • Lisa

    Spaghetti and meatballs is always my go-to recipe from my childhood. I love Cook’s Illustrated and would love to have this cookbook!

  • Jeremy

    My grandma used to always make a Swedish Tea Ring for Christmas and now that she has passed away, my mother has taken on the tradition. It is delicious and I can’t wait to introduce my children to this holiday treat.

  • Kara D.

    My mom’s roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, for sure! :)

  • Traci P

    My grandma, then my dad, made a yummy dish that we called Ketchup Meatballs. I don’t think it was just ketchup, but it was a red, tomatoey sauce. We had it over mashed potatoes. No matter how hard I search, I can’t really find a similar recipe. I miss that one!

  • SnowgalUP

    Every year I make Pink Lady Salad for Christmas. There’s something about the pink color contrasted with the green tinted coconut garnish that always says the big day is here. I helped my mother make this and now my new daughter-in-law made it. I’m so thrilled to keep the tradition in my family.

  • Petite Darlings

    Making yeast donuts with my Grandma.. :)

  • Stacy

    Fried chicken and dumplings at my grandmothers house every Sunday. My whole family would be there. I miss those days…

  • Allison

    Martha Washington fans. I don’t even particularly like them, but my mom makes them every year for Christmas breakfast.

  • Clynn1993

    Sweet and Sour Meatballs. My mother made them about once a month and it was the one thing I could help her make because I always got to roll out the meatballs. It’s now my favorite thing to make for my fiance :)

  • Carleyb38

    Butter beans and corn! Ok, maybe not a complete “dish” but I eat enough of them in one sitting to be considered a meal! My Nannie (grandmother) used to make butter beans and corn for every family get together/holiday. My cousin, grandmother, and I were the only ones who would eat them, which was strange because my cousin and I were each named after her with our middle names! The year that she passed, no one made butter beans and corn for Thanksgiving and I was extremely upset. No one has ever forgotten to make them again!

  • Gail

    My favorite uncle was a butcher and would make us the most delicious pork roll seasoned perfectly. Our family would devour it at Christmas time (and any other time Uncle Jake would make it for us)!

  • Brookebov

    The meal that will always remind me of my childhood is my “special” birthday dinner. Bruscetta, oriental salad, marinated beef tenderloin and angel food cake for dessert. Yum!

  • cc

    macaroni and cheese! It’s my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeee! And since my mom didn’t make “American” food at home…and I know this may not sound good to some people, but I grew up on hometown mac and cheese!

  • T. Serrano

    Mom used to make the best chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. Soo good! I miss mom’s cooking.

  • Jamie

    I have to say Homemade mac and cheese because my Dad would always make it for me on special occasions and nothing compares to it. It was my Grandma’s recipe and he makes it 2 times a year which I am sure reminds him of his childhood as well. He finally past the recipe on to me even though he thought I wouldn’t need him to make it anymore. I have to say his is much better than mine but maybe it is just the time with him that makes it better.

  • Danarodriguez

    A good tender pot roast with mashed potatoes always takes me back

  • Becca

    chips and dip— I went to afternoon kindergarden and every day for lunch I would have chips and dip! It was delicious!

  • Layne21

    Taco salad

  • Sarah Z.

    I miss my Gma’s Homemade Chicken soup and Chicken Divan she made with it. Since she passed away a few years ago every time I made my version it brings up all the wonderful times we had together. It’s funny how food can really bring people together and make them so much closer and connected. I truly miss her and wish we had more time with her as she was an incredible woman. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely cookbook!

  • Kim

    Coconut cake – it always reminds me of staying with my grandmother over the summers and us baking cakes together!

  • Gushie

    My dad’s “chewy ginger cookies”. He passed away when I was 10 and we haven’t been able to find the recipe. I have found a close second, but it’s just not the same.

  • Brynne

    My mom’s Chicken Cacciatore!

  • Katie Rose

    Chicken and biscuits!

  • Vietnamese Pho brings back the childhood memories!

  • Kmfacker

    Homemade Chicken and Noodles!!

  • Emily B.

    My mom’s bone marrow soup. Truly comforting any time of year.

  • Littlemainpa

    Pistachio Pudding Salad….kind of lame but my mom didn’t really cook a lot but this one one thing she always made for holidays that I enjoyed. I haven’t had it in years and I’m afraid to try it and kill the image of how fabulous it was.

  • Stacy

    Slippery pot pie. Yummy! Now I want some! :o)

  • Dame Jackie

    Chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes!!!! I love to watch ATK!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Mashed potatoes bring back memories of childhood for me. I never met a potato I didn’t like.

  • Madaleanga

    Crepes with sour cherry preserve.

  • Nicole Zace

    Oh my Annie! I love that you posted about Chicken and Dumplings!! My dad made us chicken and dumplings all the time when we were young and I loved it! He made mini dumplings instead of the large dumplings though. I keep asking him for his recipe and he laughs and says he doesn’t have one. I’ll have to make this version and see if it tastes anything like my dads!

  • Suzie

    My mom’s spaghetti… I have often tried to make it and can’t get it JUST right like she does! I swear, no matter what the recipe, it is always better when a mom makes it!

  • Jess Lapping

    My moms Shepards pie, it’s still my favorite :)

  • Gushie

    My dad’s “chewy ginger cookies”. He passed away when I was 10 and we haven’t been able to find the recipe. I have found a close second, but it’s just not the same.

  • Lynn

    Grandma’s Christmas caramels, especially the year I lost a filling to one of them!

  • Anne

    My mom and I used to make buckeyes when I was a little girl. Yum!

  • Amy SP

    My mom used to brown pork chops and then cook them in a can of cream of mushroom soup and I loved it!

  • My mother’s “Steak Diane”, I always got such a kick out of that because her name is Diane.

  • Shawna

    Dumplings, as we always called them, but really they are traditionally called klub. Shredded potatoes and flour, boiled in ham juice, then cut up and slathered with butter. Yumm….

  • Cyoung2110

    Mmmmm, my dad’s “goulash”… It’s not traditional goulash at all. In fact, it rings more towards Beefaroni. But when I head home, and he knows I’m coming, it’s what he makes. The seasoned ground beef (or sausage if he’s feeling like changing it up), the canned tomato soup, the macaroni noodles…. It really is a dish made for a budget, but it’s so delicious and takes me right back to being a kid. I smoother it with cheddar cheese, and devour it by the bowlful. Give you a guess what I’m now going to make for dinner tonight!

  • Dot Keesey

    The dish that brings back fond memories of my childhood is fried chicken and mash potatoes and gravy from the drippings. Always on Sunday and always delicious.

  • amy beth marantino

    grandma’s manicotti

  • Katie

    Steak and noodle casserole!

  • Rebecca

    Macaroni and tomato juice. I know, its a bit odd. But it was something my grandmother loved and made constantly. It’s actually very good, so if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it! It’s a good dish to whip up quickly on a cold day.

  • TykishaP2008

    Thinking about my mom’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn takes me right back to childhood. That was my all-time favorite dish as a child. I think that’s why my mom doesn’t do a lot of meatloaf now because that’s all I wanted to eat as a kid.

  • Heidi

    Chili is a huge comfort food. One of my favorite childhood memories is believe it or not of my moms wheat chili. I never realized how much work it took, soaking the wheat overnight and simmering all day, but it was wonderful. It always made me happy to hear the answer to the aged old question, “what’s for dinner?” was wheat chili.

  • Clrickey

    Lasagne, yum!

  • Moni

    It is not a dish but my grandma’s canning that takes me back though and no one has come close to her jellies, jams or my favorite her pickles. One type in particular her hot dill pickles. They were just hot enough you had to eat piece of white with butter because of the heat. I really miss her and her canning. I still can remember the kitchen hot with all of the smells of jellies, or jams. I really miss those treats when we went to her house.

  • Homemade pizza! I remember going to my grandma’s house every weekend and many times we would all gather around the kitchen to help make pizza.

  • Jennifer Peterson


  • Amy Hartman

    When I make my grandmothers recipe for Cavatelli. Pasta with italian sausage and tomato sauce with green peppers!

  • LC

    My mom always makes soup in homemade bread bowls for Christmas Eve before church….love it!

  • KM

    Chicken and rice casserole — the kind with the onion soup packet and cream soup. My mom is a fabulous and adventurous cook, but for whatever reason, this ho-hum dish was always my favorite growing up.

  • Kristin H.

    My mom would make the BEST twice baked potatoes! Full of cheesy, buttery goodness. That is the dish I would always ask for on my birthday when I was a kid. Yum!!

  • My mom’s Filipino version of spaghetti with hot dogs and ketchup….yeah it was interesting, but tasty!!

  • Janet

    My mom’s baked chicken, tomato and cheese pasta was one of my favorites!!!

  • Monica_moser

    Pork chops and buttered noodles. Everytime I eat that combo it takes me right back to our little kitchen on Crystal Street.

  • Anna

    Growing up my mom always made new dinners, so we rarely repeated any meals. Macaroni and cheese was always one of our favorite dinners. My sisters and I would beg my mom to make it for our birthday dinners.

  • Maggie Kuhn

    My parents were wed in the 1960’s and predictably had a retro (read here: totally fabulous) fondue pot. Because of the work and mess that went into this tasty table side dinner, we enjoyed it only once a year on the birthday of my family’s most fanatic fondue fan–me! These days, fondue, whether meat, cheese or chocolate, always brings back very fond memories of my family celebrating together on January 28th–hey, coming around again soon!

  • Renae

    My mom’s polish sausage cooked up with cubed potatoes and chopped onions. Yum!

  • Kate

    Would love a copy of this cookbook — both for myself and for my mother-in-law, a very scientific “by the book” cook who adores America’s Test Kitchen for that reason. Anyway, mac & cheese is my childhood (and adulthood) favorite. I have a very specific memory of being home sick from school with chicken pox one unexpected day, and all I wanted was mac & cheese, which my Mom was very sweet to make. I remember that it seemed like it took FOREVER for the pasta to boil! Thanks for the giveaways!

  • My mom wasn’t much of a cook when I was young but she would often make the retro Tuna Noodle Casserole – and I hated it. But now that my mom is nearing the end of her battle with pancreatic cancer, I’ve been thinking of doing an updated Tuna Noodle Casserole in her honor on my blog.

  • Fudge Pie with a crisp, chocolatey top and gooey center with a flaky crust that surrounds the chocolate cloud of greatness…

  • Sara

    My mom worked all day and then had to cook a home made meal for us all. We didn’t get chicken with dumplings often but we did make tacos together very often. We each had a “job” browning the meat, prepping the toppings etc. Still to this day it brings me back!

  • Bridget

    My mom’s beef stew with homemade dinner rolls……with the windows open and the breeze blowing the scent of baking bread through the house :)

  • Angie R.

    I would have to say my mom’s goulash.

  • Kimberly

    When I think of a dish that makes me recall my childhood, it has to be fried chicken and dumplings. I loved the smell of the chicken being fried and although the dumplings were nothing fancy (and made from Bisquick), the thought of them still makes me smile and feel like I’m sitting in my childhood kitchen anxiously holding my plate and waiting.

  • Kaitlin

    I don’t know if this counts but it is definitely vanilla and cream snow cones. One of my favorite childhood memories growing up in Seattle was making snow ice cream. We live in Texas now so I never get to make it but the snow cones come pretty close!

  • sbckeating

    White candy – my grandmother made this melt in your mouth white candy for New Years and would put it out with another chocolate candy – the white candy was always gone first!

  • My mom made this amazing cream of mushroom soup. My husband doesn’t like mushrooms, so now she makes it for me whenever I go home!

  • Jordan B

    my moms beef stew!

  • Joanne Casper

    Growing up my mother would make roast chicken every week. When my mom passed away in 2000, I was worried her recipe would die with her. Thankfully my sister has taken up the art of roast chicken, and everytime she cooks it for dinner and invites me over, it reminds me of all the wonderful memories of cooking in the kitchen with my mother.

  • Jenbulpitt

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was always on the menu when we were sick.

  • Lauren O.

    Homemade macaroni and cheese

  • Ashley W Barlow

    My dad’s spaghetti– I have grown up in the kitchen cooking with my dad and it was one of the first things I ever learned how to make. I now know he pretty much made it up as he went along and threw whatever we had in it, but it was the root of our time in the kitchen together and some of my best memories.

  • Lindy

    Pot Roast! My mom makes the most tender roast…yum!

  • Jen

    Pork and vegetable dumplings! My family loved getting together with our friends and making tons of dumplings together for dinner.

  • Lauren Rao

    Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs! I remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen, begging for a meatball before dinner even started.

  • Christine

    Christmas sugar cookies always take me back.

  • Jeannette B

    my mom’d kloepse brings back memories. i’ve tried to make them (when i was 10, to surprise her) and failed miserably but my mom still ate some and made me feel great for even trying to make them all by myself. my mother and i don’t have the best of relationships so i like grabbing from the good memories i DO have of us. kloepse beings back one of them :)

  • Ali

    My dad used to make us blueberry pancakes every Saturday morning. Pancakes always take me back to those days.

  • amy

    My mom’s lemon chicken!!! YUM!

  • BurOak

    chicken a la king is what my mother called it, not really sure of the real name. flaky homemade biscuits, peas, gravy and chicken- yum

  • Dawnc411

    ooh…shepherds pie!…warm and comforting, perfect for a cold rainy day like today

  • Sarah Pardee

    Great book, I’d love to win! I was a very picky eater as a child, but I remember loving my dad’s sticky buns!

  • Valerie

    Boeuf Bourgonione. Until I was 35, I kept trying to make my beef stew taste like Mom’s. I didn’t know until she gave me the recipe that it was Boeuf Bourgonione. Duh. No wonder beef stew recipes never quite cut it.

  • AMS

    Sausage Stuffing. One scent of the poultry seasoning with the sausage, and I am standing in my grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving.

  • Josie

    A nice hot bowl of oatmeal. Not the instant kind either. The kind cooked over the stove. We ate that every day for breakfast when I was a kid. Sometimes we got to put brown sugar on it. But usually we mixed in some honey or raisins…

  • Becky

    Grandma’s cinnamon toast!

  • Mary

    Red velvet cake. We only ever had it on my mom’s birthday and it’s one of my favorites!

  • Michelle

    I always loved my mom’s meatloaf as a kid. Funny, I have only made it a few times myself though.

  • Amanda

    Cheese soup. My mom used to make it every Christmas Eve.

  • pat1645

    I have fond memories of my Mom baking roast beef, noodles in beef broth, baked potatoes and salad. The odd thing is that we split open the baked potatoes and put the salad on top of it, sounds weird but it is making me hungry for it right now. I would be thrilled to have this cookbook. I used to subscribe to the magazine, but with times being the way they are had to cancel my subscription to my magazines.

  • Donna

    Homemade egg noodles. Chicken or beef as long as they are homemade and served with mashed potatoes I am back in my grandmother’s house and enjoying every smell and taste of her kitchen.

  • pat1645

    I ate this growing up also. My youngest son saw me eating it one day and he now requests it also.

  • Tina

    My father’s Saturday special dish-especially when we had overnight guest, CANNED CORNBEEF! with onions and peppers, and lil

  • Anne

    Lasagna! it was always a staple for our Birthday’s growing up, Anne

  • Renae

    Cranberry meatballs with rice.!

  • Claire

    Pasta salad with broccoli and parmesan! I made my mom make it on my birthday every year. :)

  • Gitchbk

    My great-grandma’s potato salad. It was served at every summertime get together. It reminds me of my cousins, summer pinics, and camping trips.

  • Unfortunately we ate a lot of hamburger helper growing up. I’m trying to give my kids better memories of home cooked food. One thing that I do remember my mom making once in a while was home made chicken and noodles. The noodles were the best!

  • Amy

    The dish that brings back childhood memories for me is fondue – not really a dish but more a Christmas tradition in our house!

  • Megan

    My grandmother’s Swedish rye bread :) Oh so yummy and she made it for every family gathering!

  • Gloria

    Spaghetti with clams, my Nauni made that for us whenever we stayed with her.

  • Claudia

    Chicken (or turkey) pot pie. My mom would make it with Thanksgiving leftovers, but I will make it any time of year. Total comfort food!

  • Amber

    Grape pie. My dad’s favorite and my canned a bunch of grape pie filling when I was about 10 and it lasted for years.

  • Jlwphoto

    My grandmother used to make a chicken casserole with cream of mushroom soup & stuffing. Simple – but delicious!

  • Anonymous

    The first 7 years of my life my 80 year old grandfather watched me while my parents were at work… We would go the park and swing and he would catch me coming down the slide…for lunch he used to make homemade egg noodles or potato dumplings cook them and topped them with browned cabbage and melted cottage cheese…. He called it trabatshka… A dish from his Hungarian background… We would make a batch early in the week and ate it all week long! I never got tired of it… To this day I make it and think of him….what a handful a seven year old and new born must have been for him at 80! I think he would be happy to know that cooking ( and baking) is such a vital part in both mine and my sisters lives.

  • Stuffed cabbage in the fall always reminds me of my childhood.

  • Lynn in AK

    My grandma’s fried chicken.

  • Kara

    It’s a toss up between my mom’s chicken tetrazzini or beef and noodles. I always loved when we had those meals for dinner. Yum!

  • Brittany K

    Green bean casserole…so thick and kind of gross but I am excited to try your from-scratch recipe!

  • Deutsch5

    Coming home from elementary school to the smell of fresh baked bread! Yum! I also remember having to sit at the table for a long time with a plate of liver and onions!! :)

  • Jen B

    The dish that brings back memories from my childhood is my mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Desserts remind me even more of my childhood though. My mom made her own pie crust and she’d pull together and roll out the scraps into one piece and then add cinnamon and sugar and roll it up. We always stalked the kitchen waiting for her “cinnamon rolls”

  • Kate

    Hmmm…twice baked potatoes or veggie dinners of green beans, squash, corn, all the good stuff!

  • kristin taylor

    My mother was not a great good but she could always make delicious spaghetti and meatballs.

  • Carly

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into small triangles. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about childhood food memories, which is kinda odd, since my mom DID cook for us.

  • Ashley W

    Lemon pepper chicken made in the microwave! I know gross right? My mom was a self employeed single parent of 3 and had beyond limited time, but she always had dinner for us everynight. This was a staple it was ready in about 10 minutes, just enought time to put a salad together and set the table. Love you Mom.
    P.S. She is actually a great cook now that she has more time

  • Kelly

    Pot Roast. My mom makes the most amazing and tender beef!! I have the same recipe and use the same techniques, but it always tastes better when she makes it for me!!

  • KariD

    Hamburger stroganoff! Growing up in a large family, my mom had to keep it simple and use ground beef instead, but I still love it to this day.

  • Danielle Beinke

    Every year we have the same food at Christmas – it’s predictable and it’s part of the holiday. We always have ham and mostaccoli (sp?). Of course, lots of cookies!

  • Ashli

    My Mom’s fried potatoes:) No matter how many times I watch her, when I try to make them they just aren’t the same.

  • Lan Denson

    Carmelized pork belly and steamed jasmine rice. Yuuum.

  • Brenda

    It’s hard to choose just one, my parents are fabulous cooks. Most of my childhood memories center around food. Fresh corn from our garden, my Dad’s grilled rib eye steaks, and Mom’s peach pie with homemade ice cream!!!

  • Cami

    mmm….matzo ball soup!

  • Amy J

    Creamed Chipped Beef (create a roux/white sauce then add sliced dried beef and a can of drained peas). Mmmmm. My mom made this and my two brothers and I all LOVED it. I haven’t made it in such a long time, maybe I should. I have always loved watching America’s Test Kitchen – and now even my 3 and 4 year old kiddos like to watch it with me :-) I wish I could make all of their recipes!

  • Debby G.

    Mom used to love to make meatloaf. She has the largest collection of meatloaf recipes I have ever seen!

  • Shannon

    Any fresh veggies from the garden bring back memories for me. My mom always had a huge garden. There’s nothing like going out there and picking a tomato and eating it right off of the vine.

  • Teri

    My mother’s family is of German/ Austrian origin and every year at Christmas my mother and grandmother would make a Topfkuchen which is a German fruitcake made with yeast. It would take all day to make this cake, adding some of the ingredients and then letting the cake rise, then adding some more, etc. My mother always made the making and baking of this special cake a fun adventure, allowing us to peek at it to see if it had risen, adding the fruit, nuts, etc. This continues to be a very special tradition in our house at Christmastime, bringing back wonderful memories every year.

  • Christine

    My mother was and still is a phenomenal cook, but I have to say the dish that she totally made over that is a family favorite for ALL of us is her Chicken Divan. It is AMAZING!

  • Ginger

    This time of year makes me nostalgic for the holiday foods and I have had the same thing for Christmas breakfast every year of my life. My family called them Dutch babies, but they are also called German pancakes. We ate them with a heap of powdered sugar and lemon juice which combined on the cake to make a delicious lemony glaze.

  • Sjroby

    Apple crumb pie always reminds me of baking with my mother.

  • Curried Shrimp! My mom used to make it for as long as I can remember and even though it’s the simplest dish ever I still love it so much. I actually made it last night and instantly felt like a little kid again.

  • Ashley

    The foods that most make me think of home are the ones my mom would make when I wouldn’t eat whatever it was she was cooking. One of my favorites was always a soft boiled egg mixed with buttered toast squares, so the runny egg gets all over the toast. Sadly now I am pregnant and can’t eat undercooked eggs, but that is one of the few foods that sounds good to me!

  • For me it’s cornbread. Being from the south, we’d have it with just about every meal…slathered in butter. I don’t eat it that much anymore, but when I do, it always takes me back.

  • Brenda

    My mom’s scalloped potatoes

  • Kristina Poling

    lasagna. My mother made it for special occasions which makes me feel like a kid at home again!

  • Dawn

    “Saturday Night Special” was the name… Sausage, cabbage & onions… Sautéed in a skillet… No seasoning. It was named that because we had it every Saturday night! Can you imagine? My mom was a terrible cook! Haha! It just taught me that you can learn to cook (and adapt your pallet) on your own, at any age. I have to say, though, we hardly ever ate out. So, I’m thankful my mom tried, even though it wasn’t her strength. :)

  • I think the dish that brings back the most memories for me is chicken spaghetti. It was the first dish my mother taught me to cook when I was little- I graduated from helping chop vegetables to cooking pasta and mixing the sauce to finally making it on my own. To this day I always smile when I make this recipe, thinking of how it started me on the journey of cooking.

  • Pastrychef23

    Stormy weather vegetable soup. It always came out when the rain started, and made the house smell so heavely!

  • laurie

    I loved my mothers fried chicken. she always served it with mashed potatoes and green beans

  • Michelle

    The best smell in the world to me is a house that smells of pot roast!!! Every Sunday, after church, my mom made sure we sat down for a good lunch. Pot roast was my favorite! Upon entering the house, you could already taste that wonderfully tender roast in the crockpot. With whipped potatoes and green beans and gravy, it has to be the perfect meal!

  • Sarah

    pot roast, for sure :)

  • Donna D.

    Taco Salad…I have a very early memory of sitting around the table with my family eating taco salad and thinking it was just the best thing ever! In those days my mom would mix everything together chips and all and the chips would get kinda soggy and I loved that! Later everyone else decided they liked their chips crispy…I kinda miss that big bowl of taco salad full of soggy chips :)

  • Faye

    My Mother always made Western Hash. It wsa ground beef, tomatoes, rice, onions and peppers cooked in an elctric skillet with cheese melted on the top. We ate it a lot.

  • Crystal

    Macaroni and cheese! Mmm… my brother and I always requested it!

  • Keiri

    One meal my family always loved was a chicken and rice casserole that my mom often made.

  • Tiffany

    It would definitely be my mom’s “Red Rice.” It was rice cooked in a flavorful tomato sauce and once most of the sauce was absorbed by the rice or evaporated the rice would have a beautiful red color. She would also throw in rotisserie chicken breasts to make it a full meal. Definitely one of my favorites :)

  • Sarahlege

    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Heather Spooner

    All the different types of Christmas cookies remind me of my childhood. Fruitcake cookies, snowballs, peanut butter balls, divinity and fudge. Thanks for the giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  • Sarah Jansen

    My favorite childhood dish was creamed tuna on rice (with peas mixed in).

  • Jlgmiller

    I remember my mom making my grandma’s meatloaf. It is so yummy and everyone I serve it to loves it!

  • Tarah

    Broccoli casserole. My mom only made for special occasions. It was always my favorite and I always wished she’d make it more.

  • Thequinters

    Irish Stew reminds me of my mom’s cooking when I was small.

  • Mary R

    Mmm. Pirohi! Or pierogi, I guess, is how most Americans spell it. I’m immediately back at Grandma’s table when I make that.

  • Lauren

    I love my parents’ spaghetti and meatballs recipe, with homemade meatballs that are absolutely the best meatballs ever.

  • Sarah L.

    Cream chipped beef. At least, that’s what we called it. Not sure that I’d even like it anymore, but we used to eat it all the time.

  • Boopity79

    Hands down it would have to be a roast with vegetables and warm flaky rolls to soak up the gravy!

  • Kelli

    my mom’s corn chowder.

  • Erin Clark

    Zucchini casserole, a recipe that my grandmother passed down to my mom, and my mom to me. Made it last week!

  • sara

    My mom always made hamburgers and gravy (similar to salsbury steak). I haven’t had it in years, but love it!

  • Krissy@Daintychef

    Spaghetti and meatballs!

  • DB

    scalloped potatoes and ham!

  • Jennifer Gebbink

    My mom called it “Creamed dried beef on toast”. It was a thick white gravy (think biscuits and gravy) that she chopped up Buddig beef and poured it over toast. It was a good heavy meal for those cold winter nights on the farm.

  • Rouladen and Beef Bulgoki were to of my favorites when I was a kid. We loved a variety of foods in our house growing up!

  • Brooke

    My grandma always made something called “stringy beef”- I am not exactly sure what it was, but it definitely involved a packet of french onion soup mix. Even the smell reminds me of my childhod!

  • Theresa

    Lasagna! My grandmother made it when I was a child, then I learned to make it myself as a teenager. It’s still my favorite meal to eat and cook.

  • terya

    Thin cut, dry as Death Valley prok chops!

  • kara

    my moms roasted chicken and orzo

  • Joanna

    my mom made these seared turkey cutlets in gravy…delicious. i try to make it at my house, but it never tastes the same!

  • Jami

    My mom’s spaghetti pie…simple to make and really versitile for sauce options!

  • Heather

    beef stew….yum yum….always makes me think of home!!!

  • New England clam chowder brings back memories because we always had a huge pot of it at our Christmas party/open-house and it is a tradition that I continue.

  • Jenn

    My mom’s roast beef with carrots and potatoes cooked in the same pot. Serve with rice to sop up all the amazing gravy!

  • Richelle

    Verenika and sausage from my German grandmother. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  • Kim

    For me, it’s a Chinese crispy noodle dish with stir fried vegetables on top. Though the dish itself isn’t too difficult to make, it’s time consuming in that there is tons of prep and steps to follow from start to finish. Because of that, we mostly ate it on special nights and it brings back lots of memories!

  • Lauren

    Absolutely, positively chicken and waffles!

  • Tara Q

    Every Christmas Eve, my mother makes homemade pierogis for dinner. Definitely tastes like home!

  • Allison

    Green Bean Bundles

  • sydney

    My Aunt’s artichoke dip is still made for EVERY holiday and is always devoured within minutes!

  • Michelle

    Slow cooker pot roast, I loved knowing at the end of the day you were finally going to get to eat the delicious food you were smelling all day!

  • Mom’s roast beef with potatoes cooked in the roasting pan. Yummy.

  • Wagner Abercrombie

    I love my mother’s potato cheese soup! It is one of my favorite dishes! She even makes me one summer pot every season. :3 It is also one of the earliest dishes I learned to make, I still prefer moms though.

  • Bbearle

    Cornbread made by my grandmother. It went with lots of dishes – with fresh vegetables picked from the garden in the summer, with soup in the colder months. I have her perfectly seasoned black iron skillet and every time I pull it out to make cornbread I remember all the years past. I’m 56. She would have been 100 this coming March. That skillet has been around a while cooking up lots of memories.

  • Kristie

    The dish that most reminds me of my childhood is baked barbecue chicken, lima beans (loved them as a kid and as an adult!), and macaroni and cheese. This was the meal I always requested on my Birthday.

  • Slstrickland

    One dish that brings back childhood memories is Mac n’ Cheese and Tuna casserole!

  • Ryejane

    Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy!

  • Amy G

    We had pot roast with mashed potatoes, gravy and cooked carrots every Sunday after church. Good memories, I have never fixed this for my own family. I’m not sure why. I love Cooks Illustrated

  • Joy

    My father would make the best cream of asparagus over toast from fresh asparagus from our garden! It was the best and that’s sayin something if a kid liked cream of asparagus! ;)

  • Nicole @ coley creates

    It’s a dish that we just called “Party Chicken”. It is so good, and so bad for you. I recently requested it as my 30th birthday dinner. :)

  • caitlin

    Peanut butter bears! Sugary peanut butter rolled up into bear shapes :)

  • Lindsdean

    My grandmother always made homemade vegetable soup right from her own garden. She would can it and we would have it all winter long. Nothing has been more old fashioned to me than that!

  • Cathy

    My mom makes the best eggrolls – everything from scratch, including the wrappers.

  • Visyde

    My mom’s stuffed cabbage rolls! (sarmale)

  • Whitney

    My grandma’s chicken and noodles (homemade noodles!)

  • Cluttercafe

    Pierogis. My Babci used to make them from scratch

  • Andrea

    My mom’s Hungarian Goulash and my dad’s bbq anything are some of my best food memories growing up!

  • Ashley

    Grilled cheese with tomato soup!

  • Caity

    My mom’s risotto. Rice, peas, shrimp, sausage…always yummy.

  • Brittonrae

    My parents cooked a lot when I was younger, but one dish that sticks out is my dad’s beef stew. To this day, he’ll travel to wherever I am for one weekend in the fall & we’ll make it together.

  • Melissa Tan

    My mom’s beef noodle soup (pho)

  • Deannab1

    goulash – everyone makes it in their own way, but it always reminds me of being a kid.

  • Janis1278

    macaroni and tuna (somewhat gross concoction of kraft mac and cheese, cream of mushroom soup and tuna, topped with french’s fried onions–but I STILL love it and it will always remind me of growing up)

  • Erin

    My mom would grind wheat berries fresh and make the best pancakes with it.

  • teslaca

    Pot roast and spaetzle brings back wonderful memories of childhood Sunday dinners.

  • Julie

    Cube steaks. I had to eat them as a child, but haven’t had one since. I think my parents still eat them occasionally.

  • Tammy Jones

    Stuffed shells. Always requested them when I came home from college.

  • Alyssa H.

    My grandmother’s stuffed cabbage rolls!

  • Jenny

    Making Rum Cake with my mom and how she let me soak up all the rum/sugar drippings with the baster and pour it back on top, repeating several times. She always made it around the holidays and it was so good!

  • Amanda

    My mom’s beef stew always brings back food memories. I still can’t make one quite like hers!

  • Mlbotwinick

    Oh, the Jewish classics: Noodle kugel, potato latkes with apples sauce, not sour cream!, and matzoh ball soup- from the box!

  • Christine

    My Mom’s scalloped potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I could eat the leftovers for days afterwards!

  • Valerie

    Probably fried chicken . . . actually most of the memories of food involve something being fried or deep fat fried. I think it was a popular way of cooking in the early 70’s. I work hard not to use much fat in cooking now but sometimes fried chicken just tastes sooo good!

  • Sarameyer926

    Homemade Chicken Noodle soup with homemade egg noodles. YUMMY! Always reminds me of home.

  • Stacey Harting

    My mom has always made the most perfect bread pudding. It brings back lots of winter memories for me!

  • curple

    For me the dish that brings back childhood memories is my mothers saturday breakfasts; pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and all the fixings that go along with. SO GOOD.

  • Christalh

    Oven baked chicken with diced potatoes cooked in butter and onions (also in the oven) a salad and blueberry muffins. With all that oven baking, I don’t know why it was always on the summer menu…

  • Natalie

    Homemade egg noodles and chicken.

  • Barb

    Spaghetti & Meatballs = Childhood memories
    I can picture and smell my grandpa in the kitchen over a kettle.

  • A.D.

    We loved my father’s chicken pot pie recipe on a cold winter night in front of a roaring fireplace!

  • My mom’s famous Christmas cookies always make me nostalgic, because she always used to make the same ones every year. :)

  • Aprilcremer

    Kraft Mac & Cheese

  • Andrea

    Cornbread. My grandmother is from the South and would make her cornbread in a frying pan. To this day, the smell of cornbread makes me feel like I am home.

  • Alison

    Whenever I see or smell or taste gingersnaps or welsh tea cakes, I am brought right back to my childhood kitchen.

  • Fran

    Pork fried Rice..

  • Kim

    My mom’s chicken pot pie

  • Jessica Canessa

    Creamy Mushroom Soup!

  • Jennifer Peake

    My Dad’s beef stroganoff brings back the best memories for me :)

  • Becky

    Spaghetti brings back memories for me – we’d have it rather often and every time, mom would send us kids to change into a red “spaghetti spill friendly” shirt because it inevitably happened! :)

  • Denise B

    My mom’s beef vegetable soup!

  • Sara Buck

    Hashbrown casserole! Always reminds me of Christmas time with my Mom and my Dad.

  • Mine isn’t fancy by all means, but I would have to say my mom’s spaghetti. Always had bell peppers and mushrooms in it with angel hair pasta all mixed together in one pot. Yum. I have tons of others but can’t quite recall them at the moment. Like my Nanny’s red beans and rice, my other aunt’s fried pork chops with rice and gravy, and my Ga’s taco soup. :)

  • Nicole

    Chicken & noodles does it for me. It was a big deal to help mom in the kitchen when she made her homemade noodles. She would let my sisters & I help her roll out the noodles. Then we cut them with our butter knives. Perfect imperfection.

  • Juli Wakeman

    Shepard’s Pie always makes me think of my childhood. Just writing about it makes my mouth water.

  • Pamalafletcher

    Rice pudding. NOone. Repeat no one has ever made it like my grandmother did.

  • Shannon S. in VA

    Sunday dinner of pot roast and gravy with mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and green beans!

  • Stephanie

    A hot, simmering pot of homemade Vegetable Beef Soup made by my absolute favorite person in the world – my Grandmother. I can hear her infectious laugh just by thinking about it.

  • Rschettino

    Definitely my mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. As have grown older, I have had better, but none could ever make me feel the way my mom’s did when I was a little girl. My sister’s and I would sit in our undershirts to eat it so we wouldn’t ruin our clothes. I still prefer my mom’s cooking to anyone elses!

  • Robin

    My mom made a soup that we nicknamed “poop” soup. It was full of veggies and lots of beans (I think that’s where it got its name). We both still make it!

  • Karina

    Bratklops….a German style meatloaf patty in gravy. I only allow my mom to make them because she has that special touch!

  • In the winter weather I miss my mom’s chili. It’s only as an adult I found out she puts a can of beer in it when she makes the batch!

  • Yasmine

    Good old Kraft Mac and cheese! I used to eat this all the time with ketchup when I was growing up!

  • Kristinayellow

    I have to admit–I can’t see a bowl of oatmeal without thinking of my dad. He always used to make it for us in the mornings (my mom worked nights so he got us ready and off to school) and I hated it. Now I make it for my daughter (who loves it)…

  • Jennifer M

    Oven-baked ork chops with mashed potatoes and sweet peas.

  • Jennifer40

    My mom didn’t love to cook but her sugar cookies are still my favorite.

  • Rachel Savatski

    Slow cooked beef roast. When I go home and smell it it brings back memories of Sunday dinners.

  • Dodi

    Okay, this is a different kind of memory….. every Friday night, we had corned beef and cabbage. My dad loved that dish and my mom made it for him. I ate the cabbage, but wouldn’t touch the corned beef. So, I remember him loving it…which is a good memory!

  • Mindy

    My grandmother made fried corn bread pancakes served with molasses and butter. She used an iron skillet that was so well seasoned. They were so good on a winter’s night.

  • Kate O

    I often cooked with my gramma, and there are two recipes that just take me back in time to being by her side. Mac and Cheese made with a brick of Land O Lakes cheddar (skip that Velveeta stuff!), and Calico Beans. This is my special Gramma Dinner and I’ve made it a few times just in the past month for comfort.

  • SarahBell816

    Fried spaghetti!

  • Katiemur

    Actually, chicken and dumplings is what my grandma used to make all the time. They bring back great memories.

  • Jennifer

    Tuna Noodle Casserole was my absolute favorite. and none of that cream of mushroom stuff!

  • Phyllis

    My mom’s chili

  • amarachi onwumelu

    Cinnamon buns definitely remind me of my childhood. My mom would make them in the morning and the smell would wake me up

  • Amanda L

    I was and still am a huge fan of my mom’s homemade chicken pot pie.

  • Ashley

    Chicken noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches always make me feel like a kid again. It’s still my favorite comfort food too.

  • Chanel

    My mom’s meatloaf brings back memories from my childhood. At first I hated it, eww meatLOAF? But I learned to love it, and now I make it for my family!

  • Tammy

    Sunday pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy…yum!!! The entire house was filled with the aroma of warmth and love <3

  • Suzanne

    My mom used to make “lasagna” or lasagna noodles with braised beef in a mushroom tomato sauce, but it was served like spaghetti. The lasagna wasn’t in a traditional stacked form. I didn’t know lasagna was stacked until I ordered it a restaurant and I was very confused!

  • Lindsey

    The first thing that comes to mind is spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread! It was pretty simple, but I loved it :)

  • Amy

    My mom’s chicken kiev was awesome. I was always in charge of making the rice-a-roni to go with it:)

  • Kat

    My mom raised me and my two sisters by herself, and she was going to school part-time in addition to working full-time to support us. She never really got time to cook since one of us was always doing something, so we ate a lot of TV dinners. Holidays were a different story, as we all finally had enough time off to help her out. So my most favorite thing that she made when I was growing up was definitely her mashed potatoes; the sound of a handheld mixer scraping against the side of the pot always, always brings me back to hearing that and realizing that dinner would be ready soon, since that was always the last thing she made. I always fought my sisters for the privilege of licking the beaters when she was done; as I got older, this lessened, and I was the default beater-licker especially when I was the only daughter left in the house. To this day (I’m now 31) I still get that tingle down my spine when I hear the beaters scraping, and I’m happy to pass off the beaters to my nieces and nephews and watch them enjoy it as much as I did when I was their age. Mom hasn’t changed her recipe except for a foray into different seasonings one year, which we promptly told her could never happen again since they weren’t really “her” mashed potatoes. She’s never told any of us the recipe, either, which is exactly the way I’d have it.

  • Laura

    My family would always go pick fresh apples and then make homemade applesauce, apple cake and dried apples. So when fall rolls around and all those apple recipes start appearing it always brings back memories.

  • Kim

    My mom’s labreore casserole!

  • Meganrenee

    Lasanga brings back the most memories for me. My mom would make the most awesome lasagna and spaghetti. I wish I had some of her lasing right now!

  • Karrie L

    I have always loved my moms fried chicken, so yummy.

  • Kelly E.

    Cheese potatoes! Basically just frozen hash browns (the square kind) with cheese, can of mushroom soup, and more cheese. It’s a staple here when we have big meals, but it will always remind me of childhood.

  • Afking3

    My grandmother’s Chicken a la King. I have been searching through her old cookbooks for years hoping to find her recipe but no matter how many times I search the same books I have never found it

  • emg

    When I was young, my mom was a working mom who used her crock pot a lot! I absolutely love her stuffed peppers with mashed potatoes. My family today won’t touch the stuff, so I look forward to mom’s even more today.

  • Meighan Daly

    stuffed grape leaves! my grandmother would make them for every holiday or big family get together

  • Brenajjean

    Creamed peas and potatoes.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Sausage and Wild Rice casserole. I love it and my mom used to make it regularly when we were growing up. It’s so simple and can be varied however one wishes.

  • my mum’s congee or any of her homecooked dishes. yum!

  • Betsy

    Ruff Stuff – peas, hamburger and tomato soup over baked potatoes. Yup, serious.

  • Kathleen

    Clam chowder! And spaghetti. But not together, blech!

  • Ruthie yahn

    i will never forget my grandmothers matza ball soup, i can not replicate it to save my life, and what i wouldnt give to have it again!

  • Claire Esielionis

    For me, I think it would have to be either my Dad’s famous honey glazed ham, or his strawberry poke cake. I actually believe both recipes he got from Cook’s Illustrated! They just scream family and holidays for me, with my dad sweating by the stove, me helping glaze the ham, and my loud Italian and Polish families yelling with joy at each other. Ahhhh the holidays…

  • Jenny Lee

    Congee. reminds me of weekends at home :)

  • Katie

    My mom traveled a lot when I was little so my dad took care of dinner most of the time. We would always go to a Mexican restaurant that had a “Kids Eat Free” deal. I lived on tacos al carbon! It was far from homemade but I will always remember our daddy-daughter dates.

  • teainva

    My mom made a dish called “Eatmore” (because you eat some and want some more). I think everyone has the same dish – ground beef, pork and beans, noodles, cheese, etc. I could eat some right now!

  • Jessica Bell

    My mom’s yams always make me happy! Oh, and her good ol’ roast and veggies.

  • Tina

    My grandmother’s party potatoes. They were mashed potatoes with cream cheese throughout and cheddar cheese melted on top.

  • Stacy

    Warm cookies from the oven after school.

  • Kimberley

    Ooh…how I love ATK!
    Chicken & rice made with cream of onion soup topped with black olives–takes me right back to my parents’ house.

  • Sue Evans

    Fried Dough!!! Only pre 1985 could such a thing be considered breakfast.

  • Gina

    Spaghetti and meatballs. The best was when my mom would make homemade pasta and let me turn the crank!

  • Sarah M.

    I loved going to my great grandma’s house on Sundays for her pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, and homemade bread. When I fix this in my own home now, the smell of the roast cooking takes me straight back to her kitchen. :)

  • JackieKC

    Chicken and Rice is one the dinners my Mom made most often and I can’t quite make it the same way…I wish I could though

  • Allison Coe

    Not the best memory, but I remember boycotting my mom’s meatloaf and having to sit at the table in front of my plate until bedtime. I refused to eat it and my mom insisted that I did. I was stubborn and so I was punished. It happened a couple times until my mom realized I wasn’t going to eat it and she stopped forcing me to sit at the table all night. It was probably more painful to hear me whine and have me sit at her “crafting” table all night. Lesson learned…persistence pays off!

  • Cameron

    My favorite food was always my mom’s tacos!

  • Sloppy Joes always remind me of childhood. I used to despise them, but now I actually make them a few times a year and love it!

  • Mommy2jands

    I loved stew night on a cold winter day. Great time at dinner with the whole family. Many found memories.

  • Erin C

    Chicken and rice casserole

  • Katlep230

    My Grandmother’s recipe for Baked Pineapple always takes me back to childhood. It was always on the Christmas table. The recipe is simple yet it looks beautiful–such a vivid yellow with golden brown edges. Now I am hungry for it:) I’ll be sure to make it this weekend in memory of Grandma.

  • NancyN

    Mmmm lasagne!

  • Katie

    Broccoli casserole…my grandma’s specialty.

  • Kristie

    My grandmother’s macaroni pie is my ultimate comfort food and brings back such warm memories.

  • Roast Beef it is!

  • andreafrey10

    Chocolate chip cookies, for sure. My mom’s are the best. :)

  • Taco soup! Nothing ended a long day at school followed by a grueling 3 hour gymnastics practice like taco soup. Beans, ground turkey (for a healthier version than the ground beef), southwestern spices, topped with sour cream and cheese and eaten with nacho chips! It was always my favorite and a request on cold February birthday dinners! It was hearty and warm and filling, enough to get me ready for an evening full of homework! :0) Yum1

  • Kristine

    Grape leaves- a Lebanese staple and still my very favorite!

  • andreafrey10

    Chocolate chip cookies for sure. My mom’s are the best :)

  • debbie c.

    A dish that I always long for from my childhood is my neighbor’s Peach Dumplings. I guess it’s more of a dessert. But I never got the recipe (was too young), so I’m still searching for it! They were sooooo good, and comforting too.

  • A delicious bowl of Taco Soup! Nothing was so good after a long day at school and 3 hour gymnastics practice as this! Beans, ground turkey, southwestern spices, corn . . etc . . topped with sour cream and cheese and eaten with tortilla chips! So warm, hearty, and filling! Enough to get me ready for a long evening of homework ahead! :o)

  • Noelle

    Chicken pot pie…from scratch. The crust was the best part!

  • Paloma Rolls

    Sheppard’s Pie. My grandmother used to make it all the time at our cottage!

  • Margaret

    Tomato and cucumber salad always remind me of my grandmother. We lived on a working farm with my grandmother. Fresh veggies were a staple.

  • My Mom’s mashed potatoes – so many family dinners.

  • jabmorris

    My mother liked to make meatloaf so I always think of her when we have it.

  • Ingrid

    Mom’s meatloaf.. mmmm!

  • Carrie

    My Mama’s & Mom’s chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes.

  • Corinne

    Homemade egg noodles always makes me think of holidays with my family.

  • Sarah

    tomato pie!! YUMMMM!!!

  • Elizabeth Jenkins

    My mom’s macaroni and cheese…there was a can of tomato soup in the sauce. My kids love it also!

  • Rita

    my mom never cooked so mac and cheese from the box. hope to create a better answer for my kiddos!

  • Marisa

    Tunafish Gravy and Rice!! Sounds very weird I know, but it is total comfort food. Very yummy :)

  • Cheryl A.

    My mom’s homemade baked macaroni and cheese. So gooey and bubbly….she always served it as a side dish, but it could be a meal in itself! And pineapple upside down cake for dessert!

  • Melanie Eccles

    mom’s chili. always my favorite.

  • Nikki G

    The cheeseball that my mom made was just amazing. Other people may not think it as much but I dearly love it!

  • Jenni

    Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. My mom made them for every birthday!

  • Jennifer B

    My mom’s chili (and cornbread of course!)

  • ljmh

    Chocolate chip cookies

  • Wendi

    Blueberry cake! My gram and I would pick fresh wild Maine blueberries from her backyard and then make to most delicious cake. It was super moist with the crust formed on top from the sprinkled sugar. YUM! I may have to go make one now……

  • Samantha Lewandowski

    Tuna noodle casserole! It’s still one of my absolute faves, and I hope one day my kids like it, too!

  • JT

    Congee and dim sum. yum

  • Emily

    Mom’s braided christmas bread filled with cream cheese and raspberry!

  • Laurendefoe

    Chocolate cake that my grandmother used to make all the time:)

  • sophie

    Tacos, every friday night was taco night at our house.

  • Lizhanna

    The last dish you posted Chicken and Dumplings, my grandmother made it for us every time we visited!!!! I also wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your daddy. I started reading you blog about a year ago while searching for cupcake recipes, when your site came up with some fabulous Strawberry Cupcakes with photos(which I made and they turned out perfectly, will always use the merguine buttercream frosting since making those cupcakes). At that time I read one of your posts about you loosing your mother to cancer and it really hit home for me, because I too lost mine to cancer, and it is difficult every single day! Since then I have kept up with all of your great posts and especially love the pictures that go along with them all! Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Anniejoesmith

    LOve Cooks Illustrated! My favorite childhood food memory is coming home from school and finding home made noodles drying all over the dining room table! That meant Moms home made chicken and noodles for supper, and it did not get any better then that!!! Growing up on a farm in Carmel Indiana we never had a lot of money but boy did that meal taste the BEST!!!

  • Paula C.

    My aunt’s coffee cakes made from my great grandmother’s recipe. I haven’t made these in a long time. I really should make some of them again.

  • Ekcemama

    Mincemeat gem cookies…..I just finished making several dozen for Christmas and I think I’m the only one that likes them! Makes me think of my grandparents….

  • Rachael

    Chicken Noodles, not the soup, but the thick chicken and noodles. My mom made it all the time!! YUM!

  • Lauren

    Definitely Shepherds Pie. I remember my Mom making that all the time in the winter.

  • Susan W.

    Baked beans and hotdogs. Not very fancy but when my parents went out on date night this is what we got everytime.

  • Rachel

    My best friend’s mom made the best spaghetti and meatballs. She’d make everything from scratch and let the meatballs simmer all day. Years later when I’d visit as an adult, she’d always make this “welcome home” dish! Yummm!!!

  • Another Amy :)

    My mom’s homemade pizza will always bring back memories of her trial-and-error strategy in the kitchen… I wish I was as fearless with flavor as she is!

  • Lynn

    It is a bad memory. Salmon Patties. I hated them and said I would never make them when got married. I have kept my words. Great memory was my mom’s roast beef with potatoes.

  • Rachel

    Turkey and noodles… mmmmmm.

  • Cara

    Mm, chocolate chip cookies!

  • kim

    Pot roast. My mim would make it every Sunday!

  • Denise

    My mom’s mincemeat pie

  • Sandylunn

    My Mothers broccoli and chicken curry casserole. I still request it every time she visits!

  • Noelle G

    Peppermint Meringue Cookies! We have a wonderful family recipe that we received from my great grandma. Every Christmas season my mom and I would make them. Always one of my favorites!

  • Rebecca B

    Spaghetti always makes me think of my childhood!

  • R. Rawls

    Skillet stroganoff! It was a jury-rigged, Southern version, but it sure tastes like home!

  • Natalia Bungert

    Thanksgiving was always a huge tradition in my family. With a house full of Italians, we celebrated tradition with homemade noodles in gravy, the secret great grandma “dressing” (not stuffing), and crunchy baguettes… the smells are coming back to me as I speak.

  • Michelle

    My grandpa used to make the best breakfast…homemade fried potatoes and bacon and egg sandwiches on Italian bread. Mmmmm!

  • AliLA

    Fried okra! It’s a comfort food that will always remind me of my father.

  • Andrea

    My mom’s rice and beans…yum! Also, when I discovered chocolate chip cookies I had to learn to bake!

  • HeatherB

    The dish that brings back childhood memories for me would have to be roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. It has always been the ultimate comfort food for me. Whenever I have a difficult day, this is the dish I always want.

  • renee

    My grandma’s cannoli!

  • Tricia

    My mom’s macaroni salad and potato salad. She got the recipes from her father. For both salads you start by soaking the cooked potatoes or macaroni in a syrup made with Heinz white vinegar (must be Heinz), sugar and grated onion for a day. Ancient family secret!

  • morgan matthews

    Grits with bacon!

  • Conniet55432

    Beef stew and dumplings was a winter favorite.

  • Kendra

    Spaghetti. We had it at least once a week, and the smell still reminds me of home.

  • Marianne

    My mom made the BEST stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes … yummy, warm, “winter food”!!

  • Ccusker

    It’s gonna sound weird… but peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. A childhood treat of my mom’s from western New York diners that she introduced to me…

  • Whitequiet

    I think of my grandmother’s brunswick stew!

  • Murrayamyj

    Without a doubt, the recipe that I adore was passed down from my grandmother. It is a cinnamon, cherry jello with applesauce. It’s just not the holidays without it!

  • Maureen Chapman

    What a wonderful question as I have been thinking about the foods I grew up with that made me happy then and still do now. Grandma’s mashed potatoes always made in the yellow Pyrex bowl, her toasted cheese sabdwiches, gingersnaps always in a coffee can covered with Contac paper, mom’s buscuits and Dutch Baby pancake, my aunt’s snickerdoodles and my uncle’s bourbon cranberries. All of them are gone now but I still make the recipes. Who knew a food blog post would make me cry. Miss them so!!

  • April

    Meatloaf with potatoes and carrots! So yummy!

  • Dani

    Macaroni and cheese always takes me back to my childhood!

  • cosmic goddess

    Spagetti and meatballs!

  • Dana

    Ahhh, red beans and rice – it was a Monday night tradition!

  • Lisa

    Chocolate chip cookies! Mmmmm

  • Betsie

    Tuna and hamburger helper! My mom worked nights and with 4 daughters to feed, these meals were cheap, easy, and fed all of us. :)

  • Mb

    mac and cheese!

  • Elin

    The first thing that came to mind was this casserole that I’d help my mom make. It was just French style green beans, cheddar cheese and tuna. Nothing fancy, but it’s still something that I make from time to time when I need a little pick me up.

  • Roger Richardson

    I remember my Mother’s stuffed cabbage leaves. They would send their sweet aroma throughout the house and my senses would start. I couldn’t wait for them to be done so I could eat them with her iron skillet corn bread.

  • Sabrina

    Fried chicken dinners at Grandma’s house.

  • Mindy

    My Great Aunt Edith used to make a version of Macaroni and Cheese layered with home canned tomato juice, cheddar cheese, celery salt, garlic powder and noodles and then she would bake it until the cheese was browned around the edges…amazing!!!

  • kate_middleton

    Mashed potatoes for sure!! Can’t wait to eat them at Christmas!

  • Rebekah

    I use to make homemade chicken and noodle soup with my grandpa. I was his flour girl, so any time he needed me to sprinkle some flour on the noodles while he was rolling them out he would yell, “flour..flour…”

  • cara

    Danish Pastries. My mom makes them every year on Christmas morning. So amazing. Tender, buttery, the best ever!

  • Amy

    Yummy, creamy potato soup. My mom dies when I was seven, and it’s the one thing I remember her cooking. Unfortunately, I don’t have her recipe and have been searching for a good recipe to do the memory justice.

  • Maria C.

    a dish that brings me back to my childhood is tamales. i don’t eat them too often, but when i do eat them, man they bring back memories :D

  • Kirsten Hasdal

    My grandmas gravy on pasta… Always brings me comfort.

  • Christie

    Chicken & dumplings were a favorite at our house. My mom’s recipe was not quite as healthy as this one. Looking forward to trying this one. I’m a HUGE fan of CI & their recipes…their quick tomato sauce & red beans & rice recipes are staples in our house now and we are adding more everyday.

  • Tamara Rohrbach

    My favorite childhood dish is a pizza my mom made for me every birthday with black olives on it. Its wonderful!

  • Stephycox

    My mom was a big casserole maker, so any casserole reminds me of my childhood. I in turn try to make more put together dishes for dinner and tend to stray from casseroles, thats why I could defietnly use a cookbook like this.

  • Lori

    spaghetti casserole….we had it nearly every week

  • Stephanie

    Oh, man, wow. I love America’s Test Kitchen, and that looks like a blockbuster collection of recipes.

    Dishes in our family were simple growing up. The ones I associate most with the first house I grew up in are meatloaf with frozen veggie mix (carrots, corn and lima beans, ugh) and spaghetti and meatballs (especially getting to eat a meatball before dinner was properly served), with plastic-can parmesan cheese on top. My mom would cut the spaghetti for my sister and me.

  • Rorbus

    Chicken stew-a tomato based, chicken and rice soup that brings back memories of my grandmother.

  • Michelle

    Beff stroganoff and chicken monzerella!! I make them for my kids now!!

  • Jenpleake

    My grandmother would always make me homemade chicken and noodles. It had wonderful egg noodles, big chunks of chicken, carrots and celery in a creamy sauce! This dish always reminds me of her!

  • Katdmorton

    Beef Stroganoff. It was my brother’s favorite so Mom always made it when he would come home from college.

  • KCMorrison

    Funny you should ask but the first recipe I want to try is Chicken and Dumplings….that is my childhood favorite. My mom always made the best dumplings.

  • Erin

    Roast with rice and gravy…yum!

  • Danita

    Chicken and noodles that my grandmother made. She made the egg noodles from scratch.

  • Tsrvp

    Ham loaf that Grandma always made for Thanksgiving, but I never make it.

  • Janie

    THIS is the dish that brings back memories of childhood. It is actually my favorite dish my grandmother used to make. Hers was higher in fat, of course, so I am looking forward to trying out this healthier version. Thank you!

  • Carolyn Mccambridge

    There are three – Hungarian goulash, tuna fish casserole and meat and potatoes. Nothing screams my mom and comfort for me more than these dishes!

  • Hana Kelland

    fried rice and fried eggs for breakfast.

  • Lindsey W.B.

    Any time I have penne with Italian sausage reminds me of being in my great grandmother’s kitchen and watching her make her own pasta!

  • Angela

    Beef stroganoff – It was one of the meals my mother made a lot when I was little. Started making it when I started cooking. So easy, but so yummy and comforting!

  • Kabby

    I remember my mom making my sister and I Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes on special occasions, and I’d always pester her to attempt making a Minnie Mouse bow! She was never quite as much of a cook as I am, but this treat holds a special place in my heart :)

  • BamaMama

    Chocolate Angel Food Cake, my Grandma made it for everyone’s birthday and my Mama carried on the tradition. Every time I eat or bake one I think of them.

  • Susan Sale

    One of my favorite meals made by my mother growing up was Spanish steak with mashed potatoes.

  • Tren86

    Dumplings. The ones I make and buy are never as good as my mother’s, but the flavors always bring me back to her kitchen. I miss her.

  • Amandabowyer

    Chicken noodle soup that my grandmother made. She always made the noodles and I loved watching her roll out the noodle dough and cooking them in the wonderful chicken broth. She served it with lemon pepper, and hot Russian tea! It was wonderful!! :)

  • CoreyLiza

    Baked Ziti… we used to always have it for my birthday dinner =)

  • Heather

    Growing up in a Korean family, the majority of our meals centered around Korean cuisine, which I love to this day. But whenever Mom whipped up a huge batch of her spaghetti with meat sauce, I gorged myself until I couldn’t breathe. It was such a welcome change amidst all the Korean food. I still vacillate between Korean and Italian food.

  • Jill C.

    My aunt made a pasta casserole that she called gunk – shell pasta, ground beef, tomato soup, cheese… I think of her every time I make it.

  • Lana

    My fathers french toast always brings back memories of my childhood!

  • Kristin L.

    My family is from the Philippines so my favorite childhood comfort food is a delicious dish called chicken adobo. I wish I could make it half as well as my mom and grandmother did!

  • SuzHoyal

    Cherry pie with sugar baked on top. When we would visit my grandmother, she would have about six cherry pies cooling on her washing machine and dryer waiting for us to eat.

  • Amy

    My Grandmother’s Vegetable Soup that she made with all fresh veggies from her garden.

  • Leah

    Spaghetti. My dad coached my soccer team for 10 years and before each big game he would whip up a huge pot of spaghetti and have all the girls over to load up on carbs :)

  • Mercedes

    The dish that brings back childhood memories is chicken wild rice soup!

  • Kristad

    Meatloaf and mac and cheese, Donnabelle style:)

  • Annie B

    We always had homemade rolls for special occasions. I still love them (and the memories) so much that I made (literally) hundreds of them for my wedding reception!

  • Delia

    Swedish meatballs always remind me of the holidays and the hours spent rolling them into just the right shape with my relatives.

  • Stacybethc

    My moms French lasagna, meat, cheese and sauce wrapped in crescent dough. It is something I’ve only ever had at home or with my family so it always makes me think of home.

  • Cindy

    A cake my grandma made called Cherry Carnival Dessert. A yellow cake with cherries in it and warm cherry sauce poured over a serving. Very good.

  • courtcobb

    Virginia ham reminds me of Christmas at my grandmothers. I’ve never liked honey baked ham so I always looked forward to the salty goodness of the country ham on Christmas day!

  • Rachel

    It’s a toss up between chicken soup and my favorite meal my mom always made for my birthday, brisket with buttered noodles and french cut green beans with almonds. That was my birthday dinner from the age of 7 to when I turned 18. Always reminds me of home!

  • Lisa

    I have to say homemade chocolate chip cookies….right out of the oven. And I believe my children will be saying the same thing in another 0 years!

  • Holly

    Homemade orange bread with melting butter reminds me of childhood.

  • Kellie

    My mom’s meatloaf and chicken tacos!

  • Nikkerz75

    Homemade tamales with roasted chilies…yum! Also, my mom’s amazing homemade spaghetti sauce…legendary!

  • Cnpocock

    Chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes – I grew up in Idaho so my mom found a way to include potatoes in every meal.

  • Heather

    I always feel like home with my Mom’s Brunswick stew. She used to make a huge pot of it and the smell still makes me nostalgic.

  • Holli

    My grandmother’s vegetable soup served with crispy, thin cornbread.

  • Sarah el guerrab

    Raviolis bring me back to my childhood! Not just any ones, my grandmothers were to die for. She had this sauce that she cooked for hours, ohh it was amazing.

  • Mbabin

    Chicken gumbo….yum.

  • bobeaux

    I really enjoy trying recipes I see on Amer.Test Kitchen on public TV…. most of the time I even get them to work…. lol

  • CD

    Tacos! I used to love watching my mom fry up taco shells for taco night.

  • JamieH.

    I know this is weird but chick-0-sticks candy. My mom was NOT great cook or even a good one (which is why I think I strive to be)…whenever I see that candy it brings back many fond memories of childhood.

  • JM Chilgren

    Mom’s pork loin and braised cabbage!

  • Lisa F.

    Strawberry cake. My mom made it every year for my birthday and would let me have it for breakfast. I still make it every year around my birthday.

  • Teresa

    Fried cauliflower cakes! My dad use to make them all the time.

  • Jenn B

    Oreo Mint Ice Cream Dessert :)

  • Hall

    My grandmother’s black walnut butter cookies…

  • Rachel Rivas

    I’d have to say thanksgiving dinner, it always reminds me of my grandma and the fudge she used to make

  • Mooannie

    Meatloaf and chicken roll-ups…bring back bad memories! (You didn’t specify whether you wanted good or bad! Maybe the cookbook has better versions of those I’d be willing to try as an adult!)

  • Christina

    Meatloaf – my mom never made it, but my childhood babysitter always did and it has a special place in my heart.

  • Marciasnapp

    There are many dishes that with one bite takes me back to my childhood! My Grandma made beef with homemade Kluski type noodles. My Mom’s Bean soup and cornbread was wonderful! I love America’s Test Kitchen, what fun it would be to work there!

  • Cindy MacConnell

    The dish that brings back some of the best memories from my childhood would have to be chocolate chiffon pie. I always helped my Nana make it for birthdays and specials occasions. She has been gone for many years now, but making/eating that pie reminds me of the special times I had with her.

  • Lisa

    My mom’s enchiladas.

  • Dana

    Miso soup. Made by my grandma!

  • Jenni

    the dish that brings memories from childhood are these amazing korean dumplings my mom used to make from scratch, the dough and filling. (:

  • Holly m

    Stuffed green bell peppers!

  • Leanne

    A version of Chicken A La King that my dad used to make. He always called it “Chicken A La Larry”, which was his name.

  • Annie L

    Chicken noodle soup! Especially when I stayed home sick from school…

  • Morsels of Life

    dim sum!

  • Owen’s Mom

    For me it is meatloaf. I know, don’t laugh… loved the stuff. My Mom would put in cheese and apples and it was moist and flavorful. Mmm… now I am getting hungry. :)

    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  • Carrie

    My mom’s baked pancakes. We would always have these as “breakfast for dinner” with strawberries and whipped cream when my dad was out of town. It was such a treat!

  • Lindsay

    Fish fillet congee for sure! My mom always made that for me when I was sick…she still does :)

  • Gloria

    I have been coveting this book since I spotted it at Costco.

    Homemade tacos bring back memories. These are not Mexican style tacos. My family eats them with ground beef (seasoned only with salt and pepper), lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and ketchup surrounded by a chewy yet crispy fried corn tortilla.

  • I’m sure it has an official name, but we call it “toonanoodles” or that’s how I spell what we say. It’s tuna & noodles. Cooked egg noodles with a “sauce” that’s a roux, with milk (I’m allergic to dairy now so I use unflavoured soy milk these days) to make a white sauce, then dump in a packet/well drained can of tuna and heat that until warm. Stir the squidgyness up and serve. I’m sure it’s a lazy-adapted recipe from somewhere but I love the stuff.

    And, man, ATK. I adore the blend of science and food without the camp of Alton Brown (whom I do also like). The shows even get my engineer partner cooking new things not from boxes! We only own two cookbooks (joy of cooking and the Martha Stewart Living original cookbook) so we actually really *need* this.

    Thanks Cooks Illustrated and

  • Marie W


  • my mom’s chicken and biscuits:)

  • Michelle C

    Beef stroganoff. Its what I always wanted my mom to make for my birthday dinner.

  • Erica Lee Thomas

    Christmas time means Babci’s rum balls! So so good!

  • Taryn

    No one recipe, but my “other” mother always followed Cook’s recipes. When I see Cook’s it reminds me of Glo and that is ALWAYS a special thing!

  • Voyce44

    Japanese curry! It is so delicious I love the leftovers the most!

  • Lilmissjoyceypoo

    toast with butter and condensed milk. mom made it for me all throughout grade school. when i come home from college, my mom still makes it for me :)

  • Rita

    Fried peach and apple hand pies always bring memories of childhood. After I left home to go out on my own, my mother and grandmother would offer to fry pies when I came in for visits. It would make me laugh to see who would get to me first — “If your mother hasn’t already fried you some pies..” or “If your grandmother hasn’t already fried you some pies..” No pies since have tasted as good, but the memories are always there.

  • sherrie

    My mom’s multi layer chocolate cake! YUM!

  • I grew up in an Italian family so every Sunday my Grandpa would religiously (no pun intended) make past w/ meat sauce with either meatballs or braciole. Oh the memories!

  • Tammy Tucker

    pecan pie – the only time my mom ever made pies was during the holidays.

  • Karen

    Since it’s the holiday season, I’d have to say my mom’s christmas cookies (although all 5 girls helped). She made special cookies for christmas. We had bon bons, cut outs, rum logs, thumbprints, etc. We also made poppy seed and nut rolls. And, the one that made the house smell especially delicious was the homemade hard tack and peanut brittle.

  • Christine

    Ironically, chicken and dumplings. Have to try your version very soon!

  • Ruth

    When I was growing up, my favorite dish was my mother’s chicken curry. Love it to this day…

  • Annas

    Chicken divan. Creamy, chicken, broccoli, cheesy deliciousness!

  • Des

    My great-grandma’s potato pancakes. Even though the family has the same skillet that she used to make them, no one can replicate how amazing they were.

  • Betty

    I have fond memories of making ravioli with my family. this was a special holiday treat, and an all-day project to make, but well worth the efforts. Yummy!

  • Johnnie

    You just posted my favorite memory from childhood – chicken and dumplings. When we went to visit my aunts, grandma & cousins, I could always look forward to their chicken & dumplings cooked over a wood burning kitchen stove. Now, when I make this dish, it always brings back those wonderful memories – the smell of the wood, that wonderful bubbly dish and the anticipation of eating with my family.

  • Danielle

    Shepard’s Pie! Classic meat, potatoes, vegetable but in a casserole form!

  • Grandmagreenone

    I think the dish I most remember from when I was growing up is Blood Soup. On Sundays after Church we would all go to Grandma’s and this is the dish I remember with homemade noodles. Just awesome.

  • Sareduf

    Spaghetti and meatballs! My mom still makes the best… in my opinion!

  • Renee

    Dried beef gravy over toast. My mom loved making soup on Mondays, but I never really liked soup. Any Monday she’d make this instead made me very happy!

  • Abby

    homemade ice cream!!

  • Linda Crowe

    Great memories from my childhood is my mom’s roast beef on Sunday afternoons…..

  • Erika C

    As strange as it sounds, I always think of my dad’s “Kapus” recipe – a Croatian/Polish sauerkraut and kielbasa dish that we had on almost every holiday. As an adult now, it’s a special request every time I go home, whether it’s a holiday or not!

  • The one dish that will always bring back memories for me is macaroni and cheese. Even though it was never made with any fancy cheeses, it was warm, comforting, and made by mom.

  • Beth

    homemade egg noodles

  • Sharon

    Mom’s meat loaf and mashed potatoes! Home cooking at it’s best.

  • Erin P

    Roast beef & mashed potatoes…comfort food! :)

  • Kjenkins

    Meatloaf straight from the back of the Quaker Oats box–the aroma of home!

  • Fran

    This cookbook looks fabulous

  • Laura F.

    The most simplest of dishes – spaghetti. We had that so much growing up, especially if we were having guests over, that I began to dread my mom saying that we had company because that meant more spaghetti. I’m back to liking it now though!

  • Patbaker2

    Growing up in Minnesota…Beef Stew was what warmed us up on cold winter nights. I now make one I found from Americs’s Test Kitchen and it never fails!!

  • My Mom’s meatloaf with a home-made slowly simmered rich tomato sauce and cheesy scalloped potatoes , yum!

  • Rosa

    pork roast at christmas my dad made the best and btggest piece of pork every year for christmas ,god bless you dad. this will be the first year without him.

  • Patbaker2

    My Beef Stew recipe from America’s Test Kitchen is the best!

  • MJ

    Every Sunday morning, after church, my family and my cousins’ family went to my Grandmother’s house for breakfast. She’d had the grits on for hours….. they were so creamy. And had cooked onions and peppers down and added them to corned beef hash. The house smelled, and sounded, wonderful. Although, no one has ever cooked corned beef hash like my Grandmother”s (with the peppers and onions), everytime I eat out for breakfast I put a little corned beef hash and grits on my plate and think of her.

  • Comfortfoodinsteadofflowers

    My mom’s meat loaf with a slowly simmered tomato sauce and cheesy scalloped potatoes. yum!

  • Cathy_kudelko

    We would jokingly call my favorite childhood meal “Foil Chicken” but it is a simple dish of browned bone in chicken pieces and rice, mixed with some cream of chicken soup in a glass dish wrapped in foil and put in the oven for what seemed forever! Yummmm

  • tuna casserole always brings back memories. I can never get to turn out like mom though LOL

  • Marilyn

    Grilled cheese is something my mom always made when I was a child. Every time I eat grilled cheese it reminds me of my childhood.

  • Elizabethgosselin

    my grandma’s “sea shell soup” basically a homemade tomato soup with shell noodles, served with lots of ritz crackers!

  • Bethany Rielage

    My mother always made me rice krispy chicken and mashed potatoes for my birthday dinner. When I make it now, I always remember her making it, and I hope my kids will make it a favorite too!

  • Amie

    I have awesome memories of making homemade pierogies with my mom and sisters. All of us being covered in flour and probably just making it harder for my mom.. but we were so sure we were “helping”

  • Cbbrereton

    split pea soup!

  • Kathy

    Love Cooks Illustrated! Beef stew for me – my grandmother, mother, and mother-in-law all made stew, each a little different; and now I make it too on cold, blustery days.

  • Sunup52

    Home canned spiced peaches…my great aunt would make them and bring them to our family Christmas eve gathering

  • Elizabeth Peter

    I have the fondest memories of my wonderfully quirky mom making Cornish game hens, and eating them by candlelight.

  • Susan

    Tuna casserole on meatless Friday. Maybe that’s why I don’t eat it anymore! Cookbook sounds wonderful!!!!

  • Beth

    Chicken Paprikash – my grandmother, being of Hungarian descent, was the best cook. She made the best paprikash that no one can replicate. My mother makes a good one, but nothing like my grandmother. Mine doesn’t even come close.

  • Cacook

    Homemade bread baked by my Grandmother

  • Macaire1

    Tuna and potato chip casserole!

  • Lynda M.

    Baked ham, cheesey potatoes and home grown green beans – this is one of my favorite meals my mom still makes for us today :)

  • TeresaJ

    My mom made savory pork chops with gravy. She browned them, then simmered them on the stove on low with onions and spices until they were melt in your mouth delicious. She always made her gravy from scratch and would give us a little bowl of gravy on the side to dip bread into. And of course, we always had applesauce with this dish, which led us to drive her crazy with the famous line from The Brady Bunch, “Pork chops and applesauce!” (accent included)

  • Kristin Cinti

    My favorite meal growing up was my Mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. That simple meal was comforting to me.

  • Denise

    Tuna noodle casserole. It was a treat for my sister and I but an easy last minute dinner for my mom.

  • Beverly

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  • Melissa J

    I’d have to say that one of the many dishes to bring back childhood memories would have to be chicken and dumplings. I will definitely be trying this version and thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sharla

    My mom would make a HUGE casserole of scalloped potatoes with ham. So yummy!

  • Kirstyn

    My mama makes the most wonderful roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. I love coming home and upon entering the door, getting hit with the most amazing smell! Then, I start to drool…haha!

  • Ldonzello

    My mom’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Yum. It’s also the only recipe I have in her handwriting; she passed away 12 yrs ago.

  • Janet Seigel

    My mom’s ravioli’s with meatballs. She was a fabulous cook. She made her own tender pasta for the ravioli and her meatballs were scrumptious. I still remember a table full of the homemade ravioli waiting for the water to boil.

  • Cheryl Svend

    Apple Pie-Homemade pie crust and the smell of cinnamon and apples.

  • K Lynn

    My favorite childhood meal? Grilled cheese and tomatoe soup of course!

  • Staci Carroll


  • Melanie D.

    Spaghetti reminds me of home – we ate it every Wed. night without fail!

  • Claire Croft

    My dad’s grilled chicken! He became known for grilling chicken, and any time we had company over they would request my dad’s grilled chicken.

  • Jacqui

    Homemade lasagna and garlic bread!!!

  • Leora

    Pierogies with fried onions and my moms christmas nut rolls!

  • Emily L

    My favorite recipe that I remember growing up was my mom’s broccoli chicken casserole. I still make it to this day!

  • Kelsey

    Homemade mac and cheese with a bread crumb top… still delicious!

  • Dana

    Homemade thin sliced chicken cutlets! My Mom makes the best recipe and everytime I have one it takes me right back to my childhood! This recipe books sounds amazing!

  • Erica F

    When I think of a meal from my childhood, I always think of Cheeseburger Pie. I think the recipe was from the neighborhood cookbook from the small town I was born in. It is a pie crust (which my Mom always made from scratch), a ground beef mixture somewhat similar to meatloaf , and then a cheese mixture which melts on top while it cooks.
    My Mom had one of these in the freezer at all times when I was young and always in the same Hall China white pottery dish. I can close my eyes and immediately have the image of the meal cooking away in the oven. I made it recently for a friend who just had a baby, and it felt like a big hug while I was mixing the ingredients.

    Happy Holidays to All!

  • Lindsey C. J.

    Broccoli and Chicken Curry Crepes and my mom’s Christmas Cinnamon Rolls. :)

  • jansanderson

    mac and cheese

  • Hansenk

    Pot Roast and fresh baked bread.

  • I’d say my mom’s apple pie, yum!

  • Becca Schwartz

    The delicious sour cream biscuits that my mom always served with soup! :-)

  • Amanda Tryon

    My mom always made me this dish for my birthday that she called Dave Cowan’s Chicken. Chicken, chipped beef, cream of mushroom soup served with rice..excuse me while I call her for the recipe.

  • Jlwilmer

    My mom baked alot, so I’d have to say baked goods bring back childhood memories!

  • glenda

    My mom’s stuffing is out of this world, still tastes like grandma’s from the farm!

  • Daniela

    The traditional sunday dinner of pasta with a meat sauce. Love the smell of meatballs frying!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Macaroni and cheese always reminds me of my obsession with it as a child!

  • John Rooney

    Baked Macaroni and Cheese…a simple dish but it always reminds me of Mom!

  • DianeKay

    The chicken and dumplings bring back many childhood memories – truly comfort food. Cold, snowy Minnesota winter evening meals. Wow – haven’t thought of these for many years.

  • Suzannah

    I remember my mom making spaghetti – broomsticks between the backs of our ladderback chairs covered with homemade pasta, and my friends coming in wondering what on earth. My parents were very, um, adventurous cooks, so I also have my share of funny but not always good food memories (begging for real hot dogs at my birthday party instead of tofu hot dogs, for example).

  • Loren Elisabeth

    spaghetti and meatballs for sure! with waytoomuch freshly grated parm. it was my mom’s favorite, and since she was the cook, we ate it often.

  • Barbara

    Rouladen (my mother was German) or Boston Baked Beans (from my father-in-law’s Vermont roots). I love ATK too!


  • Cassie

    Spaghetti and meatballs!

  • Amy

    My great grandmother’s dumplings, which my mother now makes…yummy! Always a favorite, especially during the holidays.

  • Ali

    My Nana’s chicken and dumplings on a cold winter day!

  • Christy

    It wasn’t a homemade dish, but it was the MOST memorable thing we ate at Christmas time. My mother is hungarian and grew up in a hungarian community. They had a bakery that specialized in hungarian and some polish pastry and breads. Every year we would go and purchase a Hungarian Nut Roll. The filling was my favorite! Unfortunately the neighborhood has evolved and the bakery went out of business. I have found some recipes online this year and I plan to try to make a nut roll. I pray that someday I can come close to that flavor I love.

  • Lindsey Lang

    For me, it’s definitely sloppy joes. But I doubt there are any sloppy joe recipes in here! ;)

  • Shaunna Ulrick

    My grandmas ham and bean soup :)

  • Acgoloby

    My Grandmother’s Cuban Tamales! My grandparents had a farm so everything was home grown. I remember helping her grate the corn on the cobs. She was a FANTASTIC cook!

  • Casseroles….does it matter which? :)

  • Jen Kelly

    Chicken pot pie … one my mom’s best and my most favorite dishes, simple comfort food!

  • Donnamay92

    The smell and taste of English Toffee…conjures up women from generations past all preparing gifts for the neighbors! My daughters and I still deliver this to friends and colleagues every year!

  • Psychdocintraining

    my grandmother’s cheese & onion enchiladas

  • Lisa

    Every Sunday, my Grandma made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & green beans for lunch. No chicken today compares with hers because she believed in “fresh”…we helped her & Grandpa butcher them each Sunday morning!

  • Laura

    Baking with my mom was such a huge part of my childhood that it’s hard to think of just one thing that brings me back! Molasses cookies were always one of my favorites though and having one now always makes me think of living at home and the holidays!

  • Ktorp

    with 6 kids in our family steak was a rare treat. grilled with homemade french fries…we knew it was a special occasion!

  • Sylvesterkimberly

    Since I was born with a sweet tooth, I can only clearly remember the sweet dishes that my mom and grandmother made. She is Filipino, and there is a slightly sweet dessert that I simply loved. It consisted of sweet rice, coconut milk, and chocolate powder, most likely Hershey’s brand. It looked like a brown mess of porridge, but it was definitely comforting to a kid who loves chocolate!

  • RD

    Grandma’s macaroni & cheese. YUM

  • Sarah

    My mom makes a wonderful ham egg cheese and spinach pie (but not a quiche), with the leftover ham from Easter, always a yummy treat. I think it came to mind since I’ve been thinking about Christmas ham. Thanks for reminding me of this dish I miss, it’s time to call her and get the recipe for my stash!

  • Leigha

    My mom didn’t cook much because my dad was overseas or deployed elsewhere a lot, but I loved when she made Chicken & Dumplings.

  • Alli

    My mom’s decorator cookies with our “artistic” toppings. Brings back a flood of memories!

  • Jennifer Romagnoli

    Yummm…meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Funny thing is, I didn’t like it much when I was little, but now…any day of the week!

  • Jaminator81

    The dish that brings back the most memories for me is something my family called hamburger soup.

  • Baila

    Childhood memories are always instantly instigated by my mother’s challah bread- every time I go home for the Sabbath on Friday night and take a bite, I’m transported to the world where I was a five year old peering over the edge of the counter trying to help braid a loaf!

  • Debra Bashaw

    My granny’s chicken and dumplings made without a recipe from the flour in her red enamel bowl. She always cut the chicken so I would have the wishbone. They don’t do that anymore…I should learn how to cut my own chicken.\

    Debra Bashaw

  • Elizabeth

    Homemade mac n cheese– my favorite comfort food!

  • Kat

    Every Christmas my dad would make stuffing (his own recipe) for the turkey.
    I make it every year for Thanksgiving now and everyone loves it.

  • Leigh R.

    Definitely Walsh Rarebit – my mother used to make it (mostly from a box, but still) all the time, and of course we loved it (who doesn’t love cheese and bread!). Thank you for all the giveaways!

  • Gloria

    So many wonderful things came out of my mother’s kitchen – except on meatless Fridays. Yet dishes like macaroni and cheese (not out of the box), creamed tuna on toast, and fried smelt always remind me of home.

  • SuzyQ

    My mother made us casseroles every. Friday. night. so she and my dad could go out. So, my childhood memory would have to be chicken noodle casserole. (I didn’t say it was a GOOD memory…)

  • Karen J

    Lasagna does it for me every time! I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen!

  • Athena

    The dish that brings back memories from my childhood is swiss steak with tomato gravy.

  • KAPP

    i just saw this book at Barnes & Noble and bought it for my Mom for Christmas…we are huge fans of the show ATK…i’m sure she will love it. I am planning to get myself a copy soon too! you are right it would be a great resource and well used. The meal that brings back my childhood memories is Oatmeal. I can’t seem to make it as good as my Mom and we ate a lot of it growing up. Thanks for another great giveaway Annie…Merry Christmas

  • Christinrt

    My mom was not much of a cook (she still isn’t) but I do remember Christmas baking. We would make several simple cookies every year. When I do my Christmas Baking I do remember being in our 1970’s green kitchen with my mom and sister.

  • Kerensaprentice

    My mom used to make soft boiled eggs with buttered toast whenever we didn’t feel well. To this day, whenever I feel under the weather or a bit blue, I make this for myself–and it always picks me up!!

  • Kim Felts

    Baked spaghetti. My grandmother always made way too much so we were able to make a cheesy casserole the next day. It was fab!

  • cindyskitchen

    The dish brings back memories from your childhood is Homemade Chicken & Dumplings

  • Maryann_1111

    Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing. Our family recipe hasn’t changed in over four+ decades. It is made the same each year and everyone loves it!

  • Angela

    My grandmother’s fideo soup. It is a basic soup with a tomoto broth and fideo noodles.

  • MegT

    Something we ate a lot is Cottage ham, with poatoes and green beans. It would cook all day in the crock pot. So good!

  • Anna J Yoder

    My family has a delicious tradition. Whenever we get the first snowfall of the year that completely covers the grass, we make homemade doughnuts. (We still refer to “snow days” as “doughnut days!)” Not just any doughnuts though – my mom’s recipe. Whenever I make them now, I am transported back to my mom’s old kitchen where these golden babies are spread out on brown paper bags to cool before we dunk them in sugar and devour them. Winter isn’t too bad when snow comes to you in the form of fried bread. :-)

  • Kelly J

    My fathers stuffed Manicotti!!!

  • Heidi Fry

    My mom would make chicken and rice on the first Sunday of every month. It always reminds me of home!

  • Jessica

    Roast…with carrots and potatoes. We ate it often, and I still love that meal to this day.

  • Jmariedaws

    My Dad always make Kluskies (Polish Potato Dumplings) and meat pie around this time of year. :)

  • Liz

    My mom’s roasted turkey and cornbread dressing!

  • Heather G

    Every Christmas Eve, my mom makes a German meatball dish called Klopsa. It always takes me back to my roots.

  • Tristen

    When I make my Grandma’s no cook cheesecake recipe that she made for my Dad. I’m back in her kitchen again just smelling the ingredients mixing together.

  • Tashanir Reese

    My mother wasn’t the best cook, but made the best green chilli chicken enchiladas. Man my mouth is watering now.

  • Courtney

    My mom used to make popsicles from a combination of Jell-O and Kool-Aid – my sister and I called them “Happiness Popsicles” because we were convinced that that is what happiness tastes like….

  • Brandi

    Sausage Gravy and biscuits. Mmmm.

  • Sarah

    Well it’s quite the coincidence, but chicken and dumplings brings back many memories from my childhood! I’ve created my own “healthy” version of it now, but am looking forward to trying this one so I might be able to incorporate some things into my own recipe.

  • Priya

    anytime I have a grilled cheese with ketchup or macaroni and cheese, it always reminds me of my childhood

  • Sstiehm1

    My mom always made great pot roast- our dinners were mostly home cooked with simple ingredients. I remember her cooking fondly!

  • Yene K

    Corn flake clusters! My mom used to make a ton of them for me and my six siblings and we would go crazy for them. I introduced my BF to them and now he loves them too!

  • Amy S

    Jello cream cheesecake, we used to have it every year for our birthday’s

  • Darcie Maranich

    My Grandma used to make a rhubarb sauce with fresh stalks from her garden. I think it is the one dish that most takes me back to those innocent, youthful days. Sigh.

  • KT

    Cinnamon rolls…we have them every christmas (homemade) still to this day. Mmmmm….

  • Karen

    My grandmother’s shrimp dip always brings back memories from when I was a kid.

  • Melissa

    A really simple dish – Hungarian Sausage and Potatoes – but it is so good. Just onion sauteed in butter/oil add smoked sausage, peeled and cut potatoes, paprika, salt, and pepper. Cover with wine and cook a long time!

  • Tanya P

    I loved my grandmother’s homemade macaroni and cheese! She always made it when we ate there

  • Alie

    My family is part Spanish and my grandma would always make Gazpacho (cold tomato soup with chopped up peppers and cucumbers)…it’s super good during summer!

  • Lindsey S.

    My mom’s pecan topped sweet potatoes that we eat during the holidays always make me feel at home!

  • Susan Tuma

    Homemade Cornbread…from a cast iron skillet.

  • Valerie

    Mandarin chicken is one dish that brings back childhood memories because it was the most commonly requested birthday dinner amongst my siblings.

  • Melanie

    My mother didn’t really do much cooking, but the one dish she mastered and I loved was Hamburger pie. Its pretty similar to Shepherds Pie but with tomato soup instead of broth.

  • Lani

    My father worked two jobs and my mom worked the grave yard shift. But no matter what, my father managed to squeeze in dinner to feed us kids. My fondest memory is him making hot dog fried rice. I know it’s not the healthiest but it sure was a favorite with us kids.

  • kRiStYm

    Anise lappa, a swedish doughnut type treat we had for Christmas breakfast!

  • rena

    My mom used to let us bake with her. The best was the midnight chocolate cake and the marble cake!

  • Kadee

    My mom rarely cooked anything spectacular but her goulash remains my favorite!

  • Carley Leavitt

    chocolate sheet cake…we always had it for our Christmas dessert at my Gran’s house

  • Darcie Cohee

    My dad’s chicken noodles and mashed potatoes brings back memories from my childhood. He is the best at making that wonderful comfort dish, and it is from him that I learned to cook.

  • Jolene

    The dish that reminds me of childhood the most is… father was a great cook, but I think it was more the serving dish that brings back the memories most for me. He would make this amazing red chile and pinto bean burrito and it was served on a cast iron hot plate. It was the shape of an oval with it’s own handle adorned with a hot pad to pick up and a wooden plate to place the cast iron pan ontop. The burrito was delicious, with the melty cheese sizzling on the hot plate, and the best part about it was the burrito stayed absolutely warm from beginning to end. I miss those serving dishes and wish I would have inherited them when he passed, they are gone just like he, but the memories lie deep within. Mmmmmm I think I will make those burritos soon, in memory of my papa!!!

  • jen

    my grandma’s beef and noodles

  • Kelsey Allen

    My mom’s meatloaf is one of the most comforting dishes i can think of and always reminds of my childhood.

  • Judy L in CA

    AAAH… “sopita” is the dish I’m thinking of. An everyday Mexican soup with tomato broth and pasta in shapes like alphabets or stars. I grew up on this stuff.

  • Dorothea

    Actually Chicken and Dumplings brings back delicious memories from my childhood – even though my mom made her dumplings with Bisquick, we loved them!

  • Kathy

    My Italian grandmother used to make homemade spaghetti noodles and meatballs. Boy, do I miss that dish!!!

  • Sarah S.

    Various hot dishes that over the years turned into various stir-fry’s. Love mom’s cooking, just wish she’d use a recipe. haha! :) She cooks “off the cuff.”

  • mamastark

    Of all the cookbooks in my collection, I still go back to the time-worn, splatter-stained recipe card my mom left for me when I was in middle school (I was 14 yrs old) so I could start dinner for the family…her famous pot roast! The meat had already marinated in the refrigerator for several days, (seemed like a week!) and I had the honor of putting it into a hot pot to brown, adding the onions, vinegar, and spices, and putting a lid on to simmer the rest of the afternoon. The smell still makes me smile!

  • Krissy

    Salmon casserole. It wasn’t very healthy, but my grandmother made it and it was always very good!

  • Alexis

    My grand mother’s cucumber salad is a favorite…sweet and tangy… it had a presence at every family gathering.

  • leanne.avila

    For some reason baked goods immediately come to mind… like the kringle my mom would make. And then the cinnamon rolls my grandma would make. I make pretty good cinnamon rolls, but need to work on my kringle making skills :)

  • Emilee

    Roast for sure! Mom always made a good roast with potatoes and carrots on Sundays.

  • Kristy

    My mom’s chicken casserole, we called it chicken goop.

  • Pam

    Homemade taffy

  • I would have to say fried pork chops…

  • Elise Rubinstein

    My mother made shepherd’s pie for us when I was little — we loved to smother it in ketchup and devour!!

  • Erin

    My mom makes the best homemade sauce, meatballs and braciole using an old neighbor’s recipe. Although, she doesn’t make meatballs and braciole anymore she still makes her sauce. It reminds me of the meatballs and bracioles she used to make, and of the Sunday dinners we used to share with our neighbors.

  • Tracie W.

    My mom made this Chinese dish called steam pork. To this day, whenever we go home to visit I always ask for it. It always brings back memories of family dinners growing up.

  • mck

    Rost Beef, mashed potatoes, with roasted carrots was a regular Sunday dinner. The holiday turkey and stuffing being prepared on Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve, mom and dad in the kitchen each doing their part. Sitting at the kitchen table talking with mom as she peeled and sliced apples for homemade pie. Cut-out cookies my siblings and I got to “paint”. My dad’s barbecued ribs. There are so many more memories, my mom was a wonderful cook.

  • cuppythecake

    Macaroni and cheese with hot dog cut up in it! I reminded my mom that she used to make that for me and she was totally disgusted! I don’t think I’d go near it now…too many other awesome things!

  • Any kind of macaroni, homemade gravy and meatballs were a Sunday and Thursday staple on our menu at home growing up, courtesy of my dad’s Italian roots. My maternal grandmother also made the best beef stew for cold days.

  • TheaSphere

    My mother use to make peas, onions, chicken and sour cream over egg noddles. It was a special treat and still warms my heart.

  • Mikelle

    Buttermilk Pancakes! my dad would always make them for Sunday breakfast and still does when we get together for the holidays!!

  • Courtney

    Spagetti and meatballs. When ever my mom made it she would drink red wine and play Anita Baker. I still can’t hear Anita Baker without getting a craving for pasta!

  • Catherine

    Christmas dinner brings back the most memories, especially the stuffing. It was always the dish my mom was most careful with and she had us involved in breaking the bread.

  • I grew up eating Goulash and Knoedel which has always been a favorite dish.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Ssever00

    My mom’s turkey and homemade noodles. Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t quite the same without them…

  • Jodi

    My mom’s chicken noodle soup definitely! It’s a staple in the winter.

  • Trish

    My Mom’s meatloaf with a slowly simmered tomato sauce and scalloped potatoes, yum!

  • Rebecca F

    Apple crisp. My mom would always make this in the fall after we went apple picking, and it’s still one of my favorite desserts. I would “help” by eating the apple peels as she took them off the apples. We’d try to see how long we could make them. Combine that with the fact that autumn is my favorite time of year, and I get positively giddy when I start to smell it baking in the oven anytime I make it now.

  • Mollyfclay

    Beef roast is what I’ve been craving lately, having had it alot as a child but not a dish that I make often as an adult. If my husband were to choose, I think that he’d say chicken and dumplings.

  • Khabeger

    Definitelt homemade lasagna!

  • Nicole

    Chicken pot pie

  • Andrea

    Meatloaf for sure :)

  • The dish that brings back memories from my childhood is chicken and noodles. I loved the thick, frozen egg noddles that my mom used, and she would serve it with mashed potatoes and toast (carb bomb anyone?). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ginny Sidebottom

    My childhood memory dish is one of two, my grandmother’s chocolate gravy with biscuits or her blackberry cobbler! Even after I was grown, if she knew I was coming to see her, she always had a fresh cobbler ready for me!!

  • DK

    My family has a tradition of making fruit salad for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whipped cream, fruit… whipped cream. :)

  • Susan

    goodness – I don’t know if I can choose! Tacos for one – my mom would deep fry the shells in oil…a trick I have thankfully learned. And to this day I still love my mom’s homemade sugar cookies – the best ever!!

  • Shannon

    Since I am Asian, my family frequently ate dumplings and bao zi! They were delicious!

  • Marcia

    My mom made the BEST cinnamon tea rings!! She was known for them.

  • aey

    Macaroni and cheese and/or apple pie!

  • Debbie Bray

    My father used to bake all kinds of delicious pies!!

  • St.Ar

    memories of my childhood: a good ol’ tuna casserole!

  • Penny Berckhemer

    On Sunday’s my dad always made pancakes for breakfast; and often made swiss steak for dinner.

  • Trkski

    My grandmother was a fantastic cook and baker. I vividly remember in 1966 when the tunnel of fudge cake won second place in the Pillsbury contest and Grandma got the recipe and could not wait to make it for me. I was 14. They cake was not my favorite thing that she baked for me but I will never forget the joy she got from going over that recipe and deciding then and there that she couldn’t wait to bake it. That said, my dish that brings back memories would have to be chicken & dumplings!

  • Jamie Jackson

    Chicken and dumplings and they are still a favorite!

  • Jamie

    good ol classic mac n cheese is a fond memory of my childhood

  • Terressa T.

    Growing up we always had roast, potatoes, carrots and the fixings on Sundays. My grandma would always have Chocolate Crinkles available whenever we visited-I recently asked her for the recipe and they taste just as I remember-yum!!

  • Terib808

    Like you, I totally am a fan of ATK!!! I love the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbooks. I would have to say anything Mom made because it was always comfort foods. When I go home to visit, that’s what I want, whatever she makes. If I had to pick one dish, it would be Squab steamed over rice. I want to go home!!!


    Poached eggs on toast! Simple, but oh so yummy!

  • Mccabedana

    my childhood memories contain pulled pork and cole slaw. so delicious.

  • rebecca

    snickerdoddle cookies… they make me think of my dad since he always insisted they were santa’s favorite, and of course his as well.

  • Penny Berckhemer

    On Sunday’s my dad always made pancakes for breakfast and often made swiss steak for dinner.

  • TJ

    Homade spaghetti!!

  • My grandma’s meatloaf and twice baked potatoes. Yum.

  • Michelle

    Black bean soup

  • Ellen Chancey

    I love everything that is America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated-I’m right there with you!
    German noodles hold the best memories for me-Christmas and Thanksgiving at my Grandmother’s couldn’t be complete without them, and one year she taught me how to make them! That one is the best =) Eventually I’ll be the grandmother teaching my grandchildren!

  • teri

    mom’s sunday pot roast

  • courtney

    my grandmother’s crab and vegetable soup