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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Happy Holidays – Garnish Giveaway!

Today I’m starting out my series of holiday giveaways by offering up two $25 gift cards to Garnish.  I’ve been a Garnish customer for a few years now and I cannot say enough good things about them.  From their wide range of cute yet simple offerings of food packaging and accessories to their quick shipping and great customer service, I’m a huge fan.  They are pretty much always my first stop when I’m in the market for packaging supplies.  They also have a lovely blog with lots of fun ideas and inspiration.  When I was ordering my own holiday packaging stuff, I contacted them to see if they would be interested in doing a giveaway and they generously agreed!  So, without further ado, let’s get to the giveaway.

To enter, check out Garnish’s site and peruse their awesome products.  Then leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me what some of your favorite items are, and what you would like to do with them.

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Monday, December 19 at 06:30 am EST close on Tuesday, December 20 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Two winners will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Garnish.

  • Marvleen

    I love the white boxes to fill with my cookies to give as holiday gifts. A simple ribbon or baker’s twine around them makes it a perfect presentation.

  • Sami

    Pink twine! I love it, want a whole bunch.
    Thanks for the opportunity…

  • Erin

    I think the paper straws would be adorable! I also think the glassine bags would definitely come in handy.

  • meg

    I’m a fan of “a perfect bottle”. What a cute idea!!!

  • Molly

    Love Love Love their “A Perfect Bottle” idea! Wine is always a staple hostess gift but I can never seem to find cute bags/decorations. Now I know where to find them though!!

  • Margaret

    I would love the wooden spoons and striped straws for a good old fashioned ice cream social!

  • I like the brown boxes and white ones too. and the colored twine. so many cute ideas. the glassine bags are great too.

  • Lee

    I like the disposable paper baking products.

  • Audrey

    I love the Gable boxes, they would be great gift boxes

  • Michelle

    I love those plain brown boxes that you can dress up with colored ribbon!

  • Debra Ackmann

    So glad you introduced us to this site! I had been looking for someplace that sold those cute wooden spoons! Yay! And I also love the straws and twine. Fun, fun. What a great giveaway Annie!

  • Kris

    I love the berry boxes. We go picking every year and always give so much away

  • Rachel

    I love cellophane treat bags – there’s so many fun and colorful ways to package treats in them as well as non-food gifts!

  • Beth

    Oooh, this is going to be a dangerous site for me! I love packaging goodies to give to people! I really like the soup/ice cream containers and the square white boxes!

  • Debra

    Hmmmm, not sure my comment posted? Just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to Garnish! Love their store, their wooden spoons ( i had been looking for those!) and the straws and twine. Thanks so much Annie!

  • Bjpershe54

    I think contessa’s way containers, the little white box, and the take and go boxes would be great for giving baked goodies to family and friends.

  • Tracey G.

    Those push pops look so fun!

  • Baila

    More than anything I’m a bit obsessed with their adorable straws and pretty disposable baking trays! Such an interesting way to bake gifts =)

  • Lamia_h

    I just love the ripple no soup for you containers. What a cute Little package to give away on Christmas Eve after mass-

  • Valerie

    I love their boxes. I’m always looking for ways to package treats to give to others, and the boxes would be perfect to dress up for any occasion! I also like their individual treat bags. They would be great for gifting small treats.

  • Kristin

    I especially love the straws for cuteness and the baking pans for gift giving. I have always wanted Martha’s glassine bags, but can’t imagine what I would give away that would be small enough to justify having them around. I also love that they have ideas for using their products, and the blog. Very clever! Oh, and just how beautifully crisp and clean the photography is.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for introducing me to this site. Great products! I love the take-out containers- great for sending left overs home with guests- much cuter than the plastic stuff and eco friendly. Also love the little white boxes- I’m always make cake and delivering pieces to family/friends- individual boxes will make for a much better presentation than paper plates covered in foil :)

  • Bridget

    I love the push-pop sticks and the ice cream containers. I would love to make homemade pushpops for the kids!! Pushpops are their FAVORITE!! I would also like to be able to deliver homemade ice cream to accompany meals for friends in need, and the containers would be great since there would be no need to return it to me :)

  • Willa Mcneill

    little white boxes and colored waxed tissue……..all of it looks like fun

  • Jenny

    What’s not to love? The straws, the boxes, the teacher gifting ideas, the soup packaging. What a great site!

  • Francesca

    I like “The Little White Boxes”…I’d fill them with baked goods to give as gifts!

  • Anna

    I particularly like the Hello Cello bags and In the Nick of Twine. I would use them to package my Swedish oatmeal cookies, which are very delicate and lacy looking.

  • Emily

    adorable! Love the straws!

  • I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah -I would use those to make any photos of anything that might look cute with such straws look nicer. For giving gifts I’m really draw to Frankly My Dear-the gable boxes. Maybe it’s my love for Gone with the Wind?

  • Bree

    I love the disposable loaf pans and the cute straws!

  • Anonymous

    I love the colorful straws and the asian persuasion containers. So cute!

  • Allison Hendersmith

    What cute products!!! I love the fine details, like the colored twine, and the sparkly straws!! Fun is in the details!!

  • Katie

    I would use some combination of the cello bags, twine and little white boxes to fill with cookies or cake truffles for my friend’s daughter’s birthday party! I’d also buy some of the “Contessa’s Way” containers for myself :)

  • Brenna J

    There are so many things I love on this site!! I love the ice cream containers, the deli containers, and the white boxes! So many great packaging ideas for edible treats and gifts!!

  • Amanda

    I love the Sippy-de-do-dah straws and the clear plastic mini cups. I’d serve sparking grape juice or a sparkling flavored soda in these cups and pair them with the straws for my little ones. They would make a kids holiday table look great and be fun for a New Year’s Eve celebration!

  • Anna

    I love their pint berry boxes!

  • Shellie

    I love the straws and the ice cream containers. I never know how to store my home made ice cream – will definitely orders some of those containers.

  • Wendy

    I love the sparkly straws and the stick ’em up labels. Perfect for the holiday parties!

  • the straws are great! But what I think I’ll probably order (thanks for the site!) is the dip cup with lid. My girls bring chicken nuggets to school for lunch sometimes and they always want to bring a sauce to dip them in. These would be perfect!

  • Megan

    I love the beverage boxes.

  • I love the straws! But I think I’m going to get the dip containers with lids. My girls bring chicken nuggets to school for lunch and always want a sauce to dip them in. This would be perfect!

  • Nicole G

    Great giveaway! I really love the cute box lunch set! Such a simply, yet special way to take a surprise lunch to someone while they are at work! Or, even to set up as a cute outside lunch with a friend!

  • Jan

    They have great things! I really like the Hip 2B Square boxes for packing little goodies in.

  • Kristen H

    My favorites are the “Look Mom, No Dishes” baking containers and the “Frankly My Dear” boxes. So cute!

  • Kelly B.

    What a cute site! I love the soup or ice cream containers. So much more appealing than a cottage cheese or whipped cream bowl. :)

  • Marissa

    Oh Goodie bags. I would use them to bless my friends with caramel popcorn!

  • Amanda

    I like the goodie bags and the stick’em up labels.

  • Sandra

    I would love to make goody boxes for friends with new babies wrapping some of the pastel twine around the berry boxes or plain white/brown paper boxes! So classic, yet beautiful presentation.

  • Debbie

    I love the takeout style boxes!

  • Sara

    The red and white twine gives all containers a touch of nostalgia when a trip to the bakery brought home a sense of excitement and anticipation. I would love to recreate that feeling. Thanks for introducing the Garnish website to me.

  • Kristie

    Very ‘Martha Stewart’ looking site! Loved the twine and straws :)!

  • Mary Chris

    Love the berry boxes, twine and straws. Thanks for sharing that site.

  • Deb

    I like the berry boxes, they would make a nice little gift basket for my soaps, when I want a gift for a friend. :)

  • Ms Amy

    Love the paper bowls & cello bags. I would portion out some homemade ice cream & pair it with a special cupcake for a fun, pick-me-up treat!

  • I am in LOVE with the sippy-de-do-dah straws. I’m not sure if it’s because of the clever name or because of the fact that they are ADORABLE! I run a knitting group, and we have lots of gatherings throughout the year. Those would be fun at our birthday party. I also really like their collection of twine. I’m looking for a great way to wrap up gifts for next year, and this may be it.

  • Ferreh

    I think the berry baskets are adorable! I would love to use them to make up small gift/sample baskets for my business.

  • Kristin

    I like the little white box.

  • Lori

    Just got the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid mixer- so I would probably start with the ice cream containers to help share my experiments- but I love the take out boxes, the twine and the tissue. So fun!

  • Oh my goodness…don’t make me pick! I love the blue and white bakery twine and the various easy to dress up after filling with treats!

  • Sarah L.

    I’d get the straws to put in bottles of milk or punch at my daughter’s birthday party and the wood spoons to tie to jello cups!

  • Alicia

    I love the straws! They would be great for my daughter’s holiday party at school.

  • Michele

    I’ve started bringing my son (age 3) into the kitchen with me to cook. I’d love to foster his love of cooking and eating healthily at a young age. So I’d love to have some of the containers to store the food in while we’re cooking. We could even prep our items the day before. I’ve already learned that working without a strict time deadline is the way to go for a pre-schooler!

  • I love the wood cutley and boxes! I would have a picnic party! (once it is warmer out)

  • Dodi

    My favorites are the Sippy-de-do-dah straws. My kids love when we go to Ted’s Montana Grill because they have these wonderful red and white paper straws. Now I can get them to have at home! I also really like the paper loaf pans. I have always hated the small aluminum pans to use at Christmas. These are much more beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to this site.

  • Rachel

    I would love some of those wooden spoons so I could make chocolate spoons. I also love the straws, so cute!

  • Laura

    The cello bags and twine would be perfect for packaging up holiday treats!

  • Aimee

    I like the paper loaf pans for packing up banana bread. They look so much better than the tin ones from the grocery store. I also think the straw would be adorable for just brightening my day.

  • Tammy Sorrell

    LOVE the Stick ’em up cup labels! They would come in so handy when our extended family gets together.

  • Whitney

    I love the “good to go” containers. It’s amazing how presentation of food can make it more fun and appealing!

  • Betsy

    Love the twine and the patterned straws!

  • love the straws! :)

  • Rachel F

    I really like the “O Goodie” bags and “Hello Cello”–they would be great for packaging up my xmas goodies :)

  • CambriaW

    I found myself drawn to the natural bakery twine…probably because it was wound on a cone and reminds me of my best cone of lace-weight yarn. It appeals to the knitter in me :)

  • Heather

    I’m hosting a baby shower next month and the Hello Cello bags and the straws would be perfect for favors and to add a little flair to the drinks!

  • Kathryn

    I love the colorful straws and knotted cocktail picks. They would be perfect for our New Year’s cocktails and appetizers!

  • Erinverhines

    I love the bakery twines and the the kraft paper boxes. So fun!

  • Claire

    I would use the gable boxes for cookie packaging. How fun! :-)

  • Monica

    I can’t pass up In the Nick of Twine, and I love that they have more colors besides red and green!

  • Ashleigh

    I’m throwing a bridal shower in May for a close friend, and I’d LOVE to use the wooden spoons, striped straws, and kraft square boxes for the occasion! :)

  • I would want the small craft loaf molds to make mini quick breads to give away.

  • Sharon

    I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws and the Look Mom, No Dishes paper loaf pans.

  • Chrissy C.

    I love the twine for gift wrapping. simple but cute!

  • Maggie

    The straws, twine and berry containers. Great site!

  • Tracy Abraham

    I am in love with the Cuppas… cute are they?

  • Kristin

    I LOVE the festive straws!!

  • Linda

    I love all the different packaging products. I too bake and make candy t hat I am always giving away and I’m always looking for new/different ideas….now I know where to purchase these items. Thank you Annie for the link and all your recipes/ideas.

  • Robin

    Love the white boxes and deli containers.

  • Susan

    Ohh – the Clear plastic tubes….for my 10 – soon to be 11 year old’s birthday party. Powdered candy…how fun would that be in the gift bags?

  • lucyinaz

    I love the clear plastic tubes – would be fun to fill with candy for kids’ parties! Also love the soup/ice cream containers! Actually I pretty much love everything on their site!!

  • Lindsey

    This site is adorable! Thank you for sharing it. I love the soup swap idea! I would also love the wooden spoons so I can dip them in chocolate and peppermint as a take home gift for our Christmas party!

  • Tammy Jones

    Gotta say the Pack A Punch beverage boxes. Too cool!

  • Sara

    I like the white boxes, and I would use them to package goodies (homemade treats) for my daughter’s teacher and bus drivers. Also, the straws are really cute!

  • Sjearnest01

    Love the Look Mom, No Dish set. What a cute way to deliver my baked goods!

  • Brooke

    I love the good to go boxes. They would be perfect for packaging up the baked goods I make for friends and co-workers over the holidays :)

  • Simply Susan

    No Soup (or ice cream) for You b/c my favorite thing to take to people is soup or homemade ice cream!

  • Michelle

    I love the clear plastic tube with cap. I can fill these with homemade chocolate covered raisins or chocolate dipped pretzels or other small treats and then get crafty and glue a star to the top to make princess wands for my nieces!

  • Kim B.

    I love the patterned straws – what an affordable way to dress up cookies and milk! All of the containers would come in really handy for the cookie exchange that I host each year as well! Thanks for introducing me to this site!

  • Jen

    Love how everything is simple and classic. I like the acetate boxes and twine. Would be great for giving treats.

  • Brynn

    The cello bags (for the cut out cookies), and the straws (because who doesn’t love drinking out of fun straws?). Great site!

  • Amber

    I love the little white boxes and twine. It reminds me of a Greek pastry shop in the Greektown area of Detroit that had the best pasteries.

  • Mary

    I LOVED the pixie stick ideas. What a great idea!

  • Allison W.

    I love the straws. I also love the plastic bottles, those would be great to give sauces in. Oh! An ice cream basket (in a berry container, hopefully): Paper bowls for ice cream, plastic bottles for chocolate and caramel sauces, Cellophane bags for sprinkles, I’d also include wooden spoons from garnish, and waffle cones/bowls.

  • rm

    I would go for the plastic bottles so I can do your DIY vanilla. I haven’t had any luck finding 8 oz bottles in any of my local stores as yet.

  • Kelly C

    love the Gable boxes!!!

  • Melissa

    I like the twine for wrapping packages of cookies.

  • Cara

    I love the ice cream containers!! And the little white boxes. What a great site. Thanks for the heads up about it.

  • Carleyb38

    I love the “Look Mom, No Dishes” loaf pans! Perfect for bringing in bread or cakes to an office party and not worrying about having to haul dishes back home to be washed! I would use these to bake Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bread and bring to our next department potluck!

  • Shelley

    Packaging is all in the details and Garnish has it all. I love, love, love (did I say love?) the “Do Me a Favor” line. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Adrienne Ramsey

    I would buy the window gable boxes- so cute!

  • Angie

    Oh I love Garnish! I love the Soup Swap idea so much for this winter when everyone is tired of their own soup repertoire. How fun to try new soup and get recipes!

  • Abby

    What a perfect way to show off your beautiful baked goods, Annie! I usually end up using a colored paper plate with some plastic wrap when I give baked goods away. Garnish is a great solution!

  • Brianne

    i love the garnish for wine and champagne…such a great personalization!

  • fmbr1953

    Thank you for sharing this website! I would love to have the plastic bottles for icing and also
    the take out boxes. I love to cook for my married sons and send food home with them.

  • Laura

    Love the Gable boxes – I’d put holiday treats in them!

  • Sandy H

    Love the twine… you can use it for so many things! :)

  • Liz

    The white ice cream containers would be great for 4th of july cookout favors, filled with homemade ice cream!

  • Hunter Coward

    I loved those old fashioned straws. I saw some at a wedding recently and wondered where the came from. Now I know!

  • Sandy H

    Love the twine! You can use it for so many things! :)

  • Sydney

    I love all of the boxes and crates, such as the ones you see at farmers markets. I also find the wooden forks and spoons very cute!!

  • Jenni

    I love the wooden cutlery and the baking cups!

  • Ooooh what a fun site! I loved the takeout boxes and twine, which I would use together to package up something tasty from Annie’s Eats!

  • Sarah

    I love the gingerbread house party idea. It is so unique to put the house in a little box for a party theme. It so nice to do with the kids and for the adults as well. I’m a teenager, and I still love it! It is so adorable, I think I might do that for my holiday party!

    Happy Holidays! :)

  • Tammy Powell

    I like the glassine bags, ice cream containers, and the translucent deli containers. I’d use the bags for giving my decorated sugar cookies (for which I use your recipes), the ice cream containers for giving away cookie dough or chicken salad, and the deli containers would be handy for coloring and storing my royal icing (would work for mixing/storing homemade salad dressings and chicken salad too).

    Thanks for sharing, Annie!!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Mandy W.

    Oh my, Annie! I’ve never heard of Garnish until now! Wow! Thanks for sharing this wonderful site. I love the oven-ready disposable paper loaf pans, glassline bags, and cellophane bags, but my favorites are the wooden cutlery and Sippy-De-Do-Dah-Straws.

  • Joanna

    The colorful straws and knotted green toothpicks are my favorite. I’m always looking for those toothpicks to use with little appetizer bites and can never find them! but they make your apps look so much nicer!

  • Samantha Humphreys

    I LOVE Garnish and have followed their blog since you first mentioned them a year or two ago. I love the packaging, but with a gift card I would buy some of the awesome wooden forks and attach them to a cupcake in a jar for my friend’s baby shower favors!

  • Annieg1999

    I just love the pint berry boxes. It may be late for Christmas gift giving, but since Valentine’s Day is my wedding anniversary, it is a pretty big day in our household. I would like to make chocolate covered strawberries, package them in clear cellophane bags, tie with twine, and deliver in quaint berry boxes to teachers at Valentine’s Day.

  • Grace

    I really liked the disposable loaf pans and the gable boxes. Those would be great for carrying things to potlucks and for giving gifts to friends.

  • Ann Mao

    the icecream containers !

  • Rebecca

    I like the Patty Cake tins and the Look Mom, No Dishes baking pans. I’ve always had the desire to bake treats to give away as gifts, especially money has been a little tight these days. I feel like they’re more from the heart that way anyway. Thanks for posting about this site! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

  • Liss V

    loving contessa’s way- would use those daily!

  • Michele N Brinkert

    I love the loaf molds and cellophane. Just finished baking all kinds of pound cakes for friends and really could have used them!

  • Hope

    I love the cute straws and the gable boxes. Great website!

  • Valerie

    I love the clear boxes, the twine, the straws… I could go on forever!

  • Lisa R

    Love the candyman plastic tubes. I would definitely have used them to package the truffles I’m making this year…seems much easier than the origami boxes I’m folding for everyone – ha!

  • Shannon

    I would love a bunch of the take out containers and bags to send home leftovers during the holidays. My family always takes my containers with the intention of returning them, but somehow they never quite make it back home. These would solve that problem!

  • Renae

    I love the french fry boxes and the cute paper loaf pans! Thanks for the introduction to Garnish!

  • Rebecca

    I love all of the different types of containers, like the ones that look like chinese take out containers. So cute!

  • Heather Koziarz

    OH, I am so excited about the push-up pop containers!! Those were my favorite treats growing up, and I can’t wait to try to recreate it with some homemade ice cream for my daughter!! YUMMY!!

    I am also excited to find the Contessa’s way containers! I always see them on her show, and her food looks so nice in them.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Terry

    What a neat site!!! I’ve been looking for something like the Gable boxes to box up my baked goods for xmas presents! The hinged container would also be great for getting my desserts from A to B for xmas eve night! :) Frankly, I love everything on this site. ;)

  • Suzanne

    Oh I really love the ice cream containers and the plastic containers that are like the ones the Barefoot Contessa uses.

  • BrendaB

    The beverage box would be great at family dinners over the holidays.

  • Katie

    I love the paper loaf pans for bread…so clever!! I would make pumpkin bread for my husband’s coworkers to brighten their day :)

  • Kate

    I love the sippy-de-doodah straws. So cute!

  • the twine is to die for & i adore the wooden cutlery!!!

  • terra

    Take out containers and who can resist the Sippy-de-do-dah straws!

  • Laura

    I love the drink carriers and little wooden spoons – would be cute for hot chocolate gifts!

  • Jamie M

    Wow, what a great site. I also made homemade treats to give out to coworkers this year, and the little brown boxes would have been perfect for packing up all the treats together.

  • Allie

    I like the cardboard take-out boxes and the to-go punch container!

  • Jade McGill

    I love those clear square boxes! I think they’d be lovely with any sort of homemade candy- marshmallows would look especially nice if you did a few different flavors!

  • Megan

    I love the “Contessa’s Way” containers. I would use those to package things up for a picnic when it gets warm! The “Time in a Bottle” would have so many uses in our house! Paint for the kids, sauces to decorate, icing, etc. I think I could find a use for any of those items. They all look great!

  • Cyndi K.

    I love the drink containers! In the winter, I enjoy taking hot beverages to meetings…these would be so fun! I also like the baking pans for making loafs of bread for friends!

  • The disposable loaf pans – how easy would it be to share bread with those!

  • Allie Trevillian

    I love the berry boxes – my mother in law and I have been working on ideas for decorating the tops of our kitchen cabinets in our new home. Her idea was to get some kitchen-related things – antique dishes, etc and I think these would be a darling addition!

  • Kate C.

    I like the pack a punch containers! Really neat – and the take out containers! I would use the punch containers for the party I’m going to have to celebrate our newest baby’s baptism in a month or so, and the take-out containers would be nice for packaging up the cookie/candy gifts we are giving to neighbors in a few days!

  • Christine

    I love the striped straws – perfect for my son’s superhero party! And the disposable loaf pans – an easy and cute way to gift my holiday breads!

  • Allie Trevillian

    I love the berry boxes. My mother in law and I have been discussing ideas for decorating the tops of the kitchen cabinets in my husband’s and my new home. Her idea was to get some antique kitchen items to put up there, and I think those would be a great addition!

  • I was trying to figure out how I could get my holiday treats to my family. The translucent deli containers are perfect for chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies, and the kraft rectangle box is perfect for fudge.

  • Irene Jaw

    Ooh, the knick of twine and wooden cutlery! What a great idea!

  • Melissa Herrmann

    i love the patty cake muffin cup things!

  • I love the disposible loaf pans and the straws and the twine!

  • Sarah

    I love the wooden cutllery.

  • Alison Jamison

    I’ve been wanting to make a “push pop” cupcake for ages now, but have yet to purchase the containers. I’d love to be able to finally cross this experiment off my list! I am also in love with the printed straws. They would be perfect for a baby shower I’m throwing in February!

  • Jlgmiller

    I love the twine for food gifts and scrapbooking. The gable boxes are just what I was looking for to fill my Christmas food gifts with!

  • Danielle

    What don’t I love?! I glanced through the “Our Ideas” section and I love the “We’re going on a picnic” set and the “2nd time around” for using as containers to give to friends. I like to try to take new moms a meal and that set would come in handy!

  • Nupur

    I adore the Kraft loaf molds- they look perfect for packaging chocolate cake and banana bread!

  • Dani

    I would love to use the “good to go” boxes to wrap up my holiday truffles and cookies! Their ideas are so cute!

  • Drichards

    I love the straws and the look mom no dishes set! Perfect stuff for homemade gifts :)

  • Alison

    I like the “oh goodie” and “do me a favor” bags. I am always looking for simple and creative wrapping supplies. You could do so much cute stuff with these!

  • MichelleG

    I love all the fun straws!

  • Chelsea

    I think the Paper Loaf Pans are just genius! I would love to carry my next party dish in one of those! I also think the wooden forks would break much less, and look cuter than the traditional and wasteful plastic forks. LOVE those and the website! Great ideas!

  • I love the frankly my dear boxes, these would be amazing for homemade gifts!!!!

    jessicawarfield at gmail dot com

  • Clmcelhaney

    The bottles, cute straws, and twine are my favorites. I’m getting so much better at decorating cookies with royal icing, I’m going to need more bottles to hold all those colors, and twine for packing them up! And the straws are just for fun :)

  • Steffie

    The berry containers and the straws. Definitely.

  • Jordan B

    The Straws are my favorite!

  • I like the soup/ice cream containers. What a cute package to send someone this time of year with a bowl of yummy soup and then even better in the summer with homemade ice cream!

  • Kelsey

    What a great site! I love the kraft loaf molds… I’m always giving bread and other treats as gifts, and these beautiful vessels are an easy way to add an elegant touch.

  • Amyp

    So many cute things, but I’m a sucker for the twine. It would be awesome to have some of each color. Everything is better with colored twine!

  • Becky Z

    I love the straws! I would definitely use them as part of a fun ladies’ night in!

  • Pilar

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks for hosting this.
    I’m planing a ice cream party for my daughter 2nd Birthday and I really would like to use the
    Kraft Ripple Paper Bowl With Lid and the paper cone cups.

  • Megan

    ok, there are sooooo many cute things, but those striped straws are the coolest!!!

  • Haley

    I like the colorful twine for gift wrapping.

  • I can see why you like Garnish so much! It’s very “Barefoot Contessa”. I think the ice cream/soup containers are super cute and I also like the clear boxes. One way or another, I’ll be placing an order this week!

  • Nancy

    I love the twine and all of Garnish’s clear containers. I made the Hot Cocoa mix from Cook’s Country and place in ball jars. I typed the instructions for use and will simple tie on with ribbon or colorful twine. A very simple gift is made special with packaging. The packaging is as important as the gift being given! Have a blessed holiday Annie.

  • Kalyn

    I’d love some of the Time in a Bottle bottles to put all kinds of things in: homemade syrups especially to give to other people.

  • Jackie G

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the straws! And the soup containers, and the plastic bottles…oh my…my bank account will NOT like this website :)

  • Angelshannona

    I liked the berry baskets and the cute little straws.

  • Wow, I’d never even heard of this site before, but it’s awesome! I love the Sippy-de-do-dah straws (to send with some homemade chocolate syrup, of course). And the disposable paper loaf pans are really neat, for so much more than just bread. I would turn them into gift baskets and pack them full of homemade goodies!

  • Lindsey S.

    The disposable bread loaf pans would be perfect for giving away holiday breads! Also, the ice cream containers are so cute!

  • Kelsey

    Oh Annie, where do I even start? I’d definitely snag some of the cute straws, colorful twine, and Barefoot Contessa containers. I hope I win. I’d love to use all three of these things for a picnic once warmer weather arrives :-)

  • Kat

    Oh, those Kraft ripple cups would be PERFECT at my Christmas Eve party with some of your flavored syrups. A fire in the fire bowl on the back deck with some peppermint mochas, and no worries about the cups!! I only wish I had seen these sooner!!

  • Angela

    Too many great options! I love this site and have already ordered some of the take out containers for my freezer (Barefoot Contessa ones). But looking at your post today makes me want to get some of the little boxes for cute gifts and I love the twine for wrapping. Also, I need to get some of the ice cream containers for all of your great recipes I have bookmarked to try.

  • i love the straws , the ice cream containers, and the wooden spoons.. well actually i love almost everything i saw. :D

  • Anne

    I would love those cello bags to wrap my cookies in for git giving and I love the boxes as well!

  • i love the straws, ice cream containers and the wooden spoons.. well actually i love everything i saw. :D

  • Stacey

    I love the disposable paper loaf pans…I love to give bread as a gift.

  • Katie M

    Love all of their straws and cute packaging. I love baking for others but can never find cute things locally for packaging. Thanks for this resource to use in the future! I am currently planning my daughter’s birthday party and can see a lot of uses for their things. Ripple cups, twine, and straws!

  • Anonymous

    I dont know where to start.Love the festive straws,the twine,the soup containers and many more.I wanted to place an order but the site is v slow.Looks like all your fans are all logged on Annie..;)

  • The Farm Girl

    I love their straws. So cute and festive!! I would love to put them in hot chocolate or some yummy eggnog :)

  • Marilyn

    Impossible to pick my Garnish fave, but ever since I found my way there (from here, some time ago), I’m hooked! I guess the ice cream containers are my favorite since it’s hard to find them elsewhere.

  • Laura Monteiro

    Oh my goodness! I love Garnish. First time on the site and fell in love. Paper straws and soup cups will help me survive the rest of the Winter! I have three jobs and am always on the go so take out containers and coffee cups are always necessary for me because I am always preparing things now for work or play later.

  • Kate

    Packaging is always an afterthought to me — lots of great ideas at Garnish! I make baked good for the teachers at my kids’ school all the time, but am always rummaging for a paper plate to leave them on. Would LOVE the take-out containers as a quick and easy way to gift something. Thanks for the giveaway(s)!!!

  • stacym

    I love the Drink boxes to fill with hot chocolate to have ready after skating and the darling disposable baking dishes, so I don’t have to worry about getting my pans back after gifting my baking! Lots of fun ideas on Garnish!

  • Breezi34

    Such cute things it is hard to pick! I have a thing for straws, so I love the selection. Also, the Frankly My Dear boxes.

  • Jennie

    I am a sucker for cute packaging, so I could literally use ANY of it! The straws are to die for, and I would LOVE to have “to go” packaging for people who came over for dinner and with whom I sent home leftovers. It would be SO CUTE! Then again, the striped twine is to die for…I would love any of those colors, and in fact, seeing them all together makes me want multiple colors! Now I”m all excited that they have a blog I can follow!

  • Laura

    I like the straws! Thanks!

  • Mary

    WOW- love the site, thanks for sharing. I think my favorite are the Oh Goodie Bags!

  • Izzi Stone

    What a cute site! I would love the baking cups and goodie bags for a baby shower I am planning!

  • Kathy

    So many wonderful things! Love the soup containers and the craft paper labels.

  • Laura M

    I LOVE the “Look Mom, No Dishes” section. Why have I not found these kraft loaf molds sooner?

  • Cheryl B.

    Annie! First of all I want to say Thank You! Thank you for your blog & thank you for introducing me to Garnish!! I never knew this site existed!! I am always the one in my “group” to bake and make homeade gifts & this will help me so much! I will for sure get the Kraft Loaf Molds (which really knock those old aluminum disposable pans out of the water!) I will also get some of the twine and bags just to name a few!
    Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing all of your creativity!

  • Darcie Maranich

    I love the beverage containers (boxes) Garnish has. How fun would it be to set up a mobile cocoa/cider/hot buttered rum station in a child’s wagon and do a neighborhood Christmas light tour with your neighbors. A little late in the game this year, probably, but definitely something to keep in mind for next year. I also love the disposable ice cream/soup containers because I frequently make ice cream for new mom friends and I always have to invest in a glass dish in which to give it. This would be a much more economical way.

  • Cassie

    I really like all their twine and berry crates.

  • Gshostetter

    the frankly my dear gable boxes look perfect for the gingerbread cupcakes with eggnog buttercream that i just made.

  • Flo

    I discovered the Garnish site awhile back, but haven’t placed an order. There are so many things on their site I would like to get, the berry baskets, the glassine and cellophane bags, baking cups and ….. the list goes on. Thanks

  • Dani

    love the disposable loaf pans! i am still in the process of trying to recover a pie plate from Thanksgiving

  • EMulvey57

    Beth in CT
    The twine makes me smile. But, the straws would be my girls first choice.

  • I actually needed that pack a punch beverage container for a party last month. I wish I had known about Garnish then. Hot chocolate for a crowd always makes the kids (and others!) happy.

  • What a wonderful giveaway,Annie!! I love all the cute things they offer!Happy holidays!

  • Charlotte

    I love the craft ripple paper bowls and the paper loaf pans! Thanks for introducing us to this site.

  • Michelle

    I love Garnish and have been shopping them for awhile. My favorite thing there is the small soup container, it’s perfect for putting one cupcake in.

  • Lianne

    I love the little take-out containers, and their ideas for putting things together are so great!

  • Meaghan

    My favorite is the No soup (or Ice Cream) for you cups! I think other things that I would definitely get is the twine, straws, and wooden utensils!

  • Dkhegler

    Wonderful products….thanks for introducing Garnish to me. So many items to choose from. I would love to have the gable boxes and the colorful twine. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

  • Jenni

    i think the little baking cups are rustic and beautiful, along with the lidded soup containers!
    the boxes are also wonderful for packaging treats. (:

  • i really like the cello bags with the twine for wrapping up some of the goodies I’m giving this year!

  • I will probably be hosting a baby shower later this year, or would throw a BBQ “just because” in order to be able to use this stuff! I love the straws, as well as the ice cream containers with the customized spoons. And I could probably spend hundreds of dollars on all of those cute little boxes.

  • Maggie Stapleton

    in the knick of twine! because it actually made me giggle out loud.

  • Karen

    My favorite is definitely the oven ready paper loaf pans. We have lots of pregnant women in our church right now so I know I could use them for delivering meals once their babies come!

  • Noel

    I adore the wooden berry boxes. Reminds me of summer despite this cold Minnesota winter.

  • I love the disposable baking dishes! Those are awesome. I might get some of the coffee cups for the hot chocolate bar I”m planning for work. :)

  • Kristen Hadley

    I love the Oh Goodie bags! They would be perfect for a gift bag at a birthday party! I also love the Double Dip containers. I’m always making dips and that’d be a much cuter way to package it to take to a party than a ziplock container!

  • Stacey

    I love the “No Soup For You” cups- I am always making homemade soup and it would be a great way to package some up to give away.

  • I love the kraft and white boxes! I love delivering cookies, muffins, or cupcakes to others once I’ve done a lot of baking. These boxes would be perfect for that!

  • Cooperkelly

    what a fun site! Thanks for sharing about it. =0) I LOVE the twine garnishes and the mini wooden spoons. ( Those would go great with my homemade scrubs!)

  • Lucy Remitz

    Oh goodness, I love the stripey straws. I just made some of your holiday syrup recipes and can just think of dozens of fun drinks that would be enhanced with their fun straws!

  • Cristina

    I love the peppermint stripe straws- they would look so cute at the holidays, or in the summer with a berry drink.

  • Any of the fun stuff for a baby shower I’m hosting in March or I LOVE the goodie bags!

  • Dani

    I really like the takeout containers in the Good To Go section. So many uses!

  • Beth

    I love the twine and do me a favor packages. I teach and this would make presents so much more cheerful!

  • Angela

    The cute twine and cello bags would look great for my hot chocolate mix gifts!

  • Carrie

    I love the Frankly My Dear boxes. I am going to make a little package for each family in my sons preschool class with icing and cake mix to make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake as a family and this would be the perfect container to put them together!

  • Jess @ Floptimism

    I love the disposable paper loaf pans! One of my most requested baked goods is my banana bread, and I always struggle to make them look nice since I inevitably have to take them out of the pan before giving them away!

  • Darlene Eisel

    I love the “it’s so clear” boxes! My iced sugar cookies would look great in those boxes!

  • Michelle M

    I love the striped straws…perhaps to go with a bottle of homemade flavored vodka?

  • Jean

    thanks for sharing the Garnish website…I love the idea of wooden spoons and the straws look fun too!

  • Kristin Wear

    I’ve been looking for those clear acetate boxes everywhere!!

  • Katie

    My favorite: the Patty Cake baking cups. They’re so versatile, and I can envision myself filling them with candies, cupcakes, and truffles- all of the good stuff. :)

  • Sharda Vaishali

    Love the paper loaf pans…would bake banana bread in them!

  • i love the takeout containers. so cute!

  • Laura

    I love the disposable baking dishes, the twine, the little spoons, the bags … most everything I see! I like to include overnight cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next morning when I take people dinners, and those baking dishes would be so much cuter than the aluminum ones I use! I’m always looking for cute ways to package treats for friends, so I know it would only be a matter of time before I found a specific use for the spoons and bags. And twine – today I’d use it to hang the construction paper ornaments my kids are making from the tree!

  • Suzanne Ford

    Oh, I need some of those coffee cups!

  • Treats Sf

    So many things! I love the paper takeaway pans.

  • Vanessa F.

    Look Mom, No dishes …. the kids and I make mini-loaves of Pumpkin Choc Chip bread to give to their teachers, and these would be perfect! I also love the glassine bags from Do Me a Favor for our Christmas cookie give-aways.

  • Lydia B.

    I would definitely get some white paperboard bowls with lids for gifting ice cream!

  • Mlbotwinick

    The colorful straws are so cute!

  • I love the Small White Gable Box, which would be perfect for letting my daughter decorate and then fill with goodies. I also love the Kraft Loaf Mold for giving away tasty bread!

  • Mitzi

    Oh, my goodness, how do you pick a favorite? I send treats to my husband’s office at least once a week so the plain boxes and twine would be perfect for so many things. And ice cream containers? I don’t remember those from the last time I searched garnish….I would totally dig those. So cute. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  • I LOVE the twine, the little white boxes, and the soup containers — PERFECT for this time of year!

  • Christina Leong

    I love the simple chicness of the kraft boxes. It adds an element of surprise for the recipient and can be dressed up with pretty ribbon.

  • Ashley

    So that’s where you get those absolutely adorable straws, I love them. I would probably set them out as decoration most likely deciding they are too cute to actually use. I also really like the paper loaf pans, and “no soup for you” containers I really like the paper so much better than the cheapo looking stuff you get at the store. I would use them for sharing all sorts of different of yummy treats.

  • Oh the straws! I love the adorable polka dot straws. Also, the paper goody bags would come in quite handy!

  • Megan

    I love love love the oven-ready paper loaf pans. What a great idea! I love to bake quick breads, so I would have a cute pan to give it away in :)

  • Shannon Stovall

    Love this site! Especially the Sippy-de-d0-dah straws. So cute. Would love to use as a cupcake garnish.

  • Carmen

    Wow! What wouldn’t I do with the items from Garnish? I have very often wanted to replicate some of the things I see on Martha Stewart, etc, but have been unable to find the proper packaging. This site is a goldmine!

  • Christine

    Love the colorful straws – they would be great for my son’s superhero party! And the disposable loaf pans are a great idea for gifting bread!

  • Adie

    I love the little waxed and brown paper goodie bags, they would be perfect for giving away all the treats I like to make this time of year (and so I don’t end up eating them all!).

  • Linda

    I love the straws- perfect for a birthday party! And I love the deli containers from Contessa’s Way. I’ve been looking everywhere for those!

  • Brandee T.

    Love the translucent deli containers. I’m trying to cook a lot more at home…these containers would be great for freezing soups and sauces for easy meals.

  • Jaclyn

    I would buy the gable boxes!

  • Emily Baker

    I’ve been a huge fan of Garnish’s blog for a few months now. My favorite item has to be their little strawberry baskets for giving gifts of jams and jellies!

  • Alicia

    I really love the No Soup (or ice cream) for you containers. What a fun way to package my homemade ice cream to share with friends!

  • Emily Baker

    I’ve been a fan of Garnish’s blog for a few months now. My favorite are their little strawberry baskets for giving gifts of jams and jellies! And I can never get over how great their “brown box” lunches are for parties!

  • Sjroby

    I love the gable boxes (perfect for homemade treats) and the soup containers would be fabulous for bringing leftovers to work!!

  • anne

    I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws. They’d be perfect for making little milkshake cupcakes!

  • Sara

    I would love to make home made ice cream for friends in their favorite flavors. The translucent deli containers would be really cute jazzed up with ribbon and labels.

  • Pam

    They have so many cute cute things. I just love packaging up my goodies for delivery to friends and family. Love their things and will be using them from now on.

  • Oh my! This site is awesome! I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straw packages. They are SO fun…and let’s admit it… a fun straw makes any drink taste better!

  • jabmorris

    The brown Lotus cupcake liners are so cute!

  • Pam

    Love all their cute things. Will be shopping on their site very soon.

  • Dixie

    I love the striped straws and the Kraft boxes. I always make homemade treats to give away at Christmas and they have so many cute things to use to package them up!!!

  • Pam

    Cute cute stuff. Love their goodie bags and boxes. Love it all. Awesome.

  • Katie

    I love it all, but I love straws and striped straws are even better!

  • Brittany Byer

    The takeout containers. Ian Garten uses them on her show and I think they are a cute idea for a picnic.

  • I really like the small kraft gable boxes…I think those would be the perfect vehicle for packaging christmas cookies and barks and candies!

  • D Checachong

    These products are totally awesome! I like all the ideas as it sparks for thoughts for me! Thanks!

  • LeAnne

    I love those cute straws and the glassine bags. Everything is so fun!

  • Nancy

    I like the disposable bake pans-perfect for breads to bake and take to family and friends!

  • Erin Palermo

    i like the squat gable boxes – they are perfect for delivering small loaves of goodness!

  • Anne Blackwell

    I like the take out boxes and the pretty colored tissue – they’d be great for packaging baked goodies when I go visit my boyfriend’s family over New Year’s… :) Merry Christmas, Annie!

  • mrogers626

    I really like there products! I would definitely use the Look Mom, No Dishes. I like to share my baked goods, and this would make it cute and easy. The Double Dip would make for a few less arguements!

  • Megan

    Oh my goodness, how could I ever choose? As a graphic designer, I love to create things for my nephew like his birthday invitations, decorations, and favors. If I had to choose my favorites, I love the straws, twine, and cd case for my nephew’s birthday parties (or maybe for the new niece or nephew on the way).

  • Sarah

    I love the soup/ice cream containers! Perfect for sharing something homemade in any season : )

  • Christine

    I love the Frankly My Dear boxes and the Sippy-de-do-dah straws! The boxes because I love giving away baked treats and never can find containers for them. The straws just because they’re adorable.

  • Tracy

    I think the clear candy tubes would be super fun…I liked the simple idea of the white faom snowflake stickers they put on there. Thanks for directing us to that site…it has fabulous stuff.

  • Brittany

    I love straws! I have several friends who are expecting, and I’m sure we could use them at a baby shower…or my daughter would just play with them. The coffee container would be great for when my husband leads 4 hour morning meetings at work–I told him the participants would be much happier if he brought coffee and muffins. :)

  • Sarameyer926

    I love the little wooden silverware. I think they would be adorable tied onto any of their other boxes with the twine they also sell.

    Very cute stuff.

  • Kimberly

    Everything on Garnish’s Site was just adorable… not that I had any doubts since it was endorsed by you, Annie :). I fell in love with the clear acetate boxes… and their idea for using them on a favor table with cupcakes… or with anything! I also loved the take-out containers… a blank canvas for any occassion… inside and out!

  • Dianne@Baking4Six

    I like the food/treat packaging…the wax bags and the white fold down bags w/the bendable wire closures. I would use them for Valentine Day treats <3

  • I would love get some of the beverage boxes so that I could bring creative drinks to holiday parties, rather than just a bottle of wine!

  • Patdolan1968

    Especially at the holidays, I love to send guests home with goodies. But sandwich bags are just not cute enough to convey the love. The squat gable boxes are a perfect size and shape and can be customized for the contents and the thought behind it!

  • Anonymous

    I love the No Soup (or Ice Cream) for You containers! How lovely to be able to take someone who isn’t feeling well some homemade soup or ice cream in such an adorable container rather than take and toss Tupperware!

  • Gemma Hartley

    Their disposable paper loaf pans are too cute!

  • Tina

    I like the push pop containers. These bring back childhood memories of eating creamsicle ice cream pops! I would love to get these for my son’s 2nd birthday party!

  • Emily Rose

    I love the straws and colorful twine! I love twine because it’s just so simple, but beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway! So fun!

  • Loren Elisabeth

    the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws are adorable, i’d love to stick ’em in drinks or use them to decorate cupcakes.

  • Leigh R.

    I’m always looking for nice baggies to package treats, so I love the “Do me a favor” series – classic and simple!

  • Melissa

    I cook and bake at least as much as you do… we’re crazy twins! I don’t sleep much… and I’m always sending goodies to my kids’ friends at school, to my children in college and their friends, and to my husband’s colleagues at work, and my own colleagues, plus friends and neighbors. I love the little “soup” containers… they’d be perfect for packaging most anything for shipping, but granola and nuts and snack mixes came to mind first. I also like the happy as a clam items, which would be perfect for transporting single serve meals! I’ve used similar things before, but I just like the look of these!

  • Jenn Chen

    i love the cellophane bag with the cupcake insert! the wood paper cup and serving bowl are also really cute.

  • Angela

    I love the “frankly my dear” boxes. They are adorable and seem quite practical.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Julie

    I love the candy cylinders and the straw! Thanks for sharing this site. I have loved and ordered from some of your other frequent vendors which has been great!

  • Gloria

    I just got a new ice cream maker so the soup/ice cream containers (No Soup (or ice cream) for You) would be my choice! I love the idea of making personalized ice cream pints for friends.

  • Eileen Beamis

    love the glassine bags. would use them to give away christmas treats!

  • Alissa

    I love the kraft gable boxes and the loaf pans. I love to cook and give gifts of homemade treats, and these containers really bump up the presentation to match the yumminess inside!

  • Jenny Lee

    I love the little goodie bags! “Oh goodie”…that’s what i’d be saying if I could send some cookies in them to friends from home :)

  • Carolyn

    LOVE the wooden disposable silverware! And the simple treat bags, of course. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Caitlyn

    i love all the baker’s twine!

  • kristin taylor

    I love the good to go containers!

  • Adrienne B

    The pack a punch beverage container is my fav! I would use it for our girls monthly super club meeting for a themed cocktail! The straws would be great for this too.

  • Kara

    hello cello!

  • Julie @BananasforBourbon

    I’m always sharing my goodies in ghetto packaging and would love some cello wrappers or those cute frankly my dear boxes to share in style. :)

  • Yasmine

    I love the “look mom no dishes” loaf pans and the “hello cello” bags…perfect for gifting little treats!

  • Emily

    after big family dinners we scramble to find containers to pack up leftovers for guests to take home. I love the line of “second time around” packaging!

  • Heather Goodwin

    I love the simple bags in the “Do Me a Favor” section…good for so many things.

  • Melissa C.

    So hard to decide! I’d love to try the Kraft Loaf pans. So many possibilities…

  • Melanie

    The oven ready paper loaf pans would be perfect for gift giving! (but I loved everything I saw)

  • melissamaynard_826

    What incredible ideas and products! I like the Pack a Punch set, perfect for Hot Chocolate bars!

  • Sharlynn

    I’d love to give away homemade hot chocolate to family and friends served in the Kraft Ripple Cups! How cute would that be!

  • Sarah

    What’s not to love?! I’ve looked at their website for 5 minutes and already have a ton of things I’d love to try. From the soup swap, to donut holes in those awesome cardboard containers, to favors for a girls night in the cardboard cups and plastic bottles. I’ll be using this website all the time, and already subscribed to their blog :) Thanks for the tip!

  • I don’t even have to go to their website to tell you! As of today, my favorite items are the paper chipboard trays and the waxed tissue paper! I have these items along with several others in my shopping card at garnish right now in the hopes to use them for our Super Bowl party… what a great way to avoid tons of dishes and keep it casual! – Rachel

  • Aubrie Shaw

    I love the Kraft Loaf pans, they would be perfect for giving away my favorite poppy seed bread in!

  • Kaytee

    i bake lots and would absolutely love to receive little goodies from the “patty cake” series.

  • Sarah Berridge

    I love the loaf pans and the treat boxes! I’m always looking around for those.

  • Kcriera

    I like the Gingerbread House party Packaging Idea! Great for kids to have a gingerbread house making party! I also like the packaging for having a kids cooking party, seeing a theme here??? :)

  • Cara

    I love the soup swap idea and all the items that go with it.

  • I love the glassine bags! So cute for cookies.

  • Asian Persuasion Fever. I’d do lots of little things with them, but the first image I had when I saw them was to have a party & serve homemade candy in the cones like a sweet bamboo cornucopia and homemade lollipops in the cup like a sugar bouquet.

  • Mattiepontecorvo

    Straws, twine, wooden utensils…wow, this is a beautiful site!!

  • Jackie

    oh goodie, hello cello and little white box :)

  • Katherine

    I love the time in a bottle bottles. I would use them to make more treats! :)

  • Lpelosi

    Ooooooo I love it all! The clear boxes would be great for just about anything and the pushup pop tubes are too cool

  • Birgit Kerr

    Hmmm, I’ll have one of everything please! lol Seriously, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Right at the top of my list would be disposable paper loaf pans though. As I’m gearing up to bake gifts for friends and neighbors, those especially speak to me. Not only are the handy to use, they also look cute!

  • Millie

    I love the soup containers. When I was in Philadelphia, my friends and I did a soup swap around the holidays. Everyone always got so many cookies, that a non-sweet savory dish was always perfect. Soup is easy to make (for the most part) and an endless number of ways to combine vegetables and spices together. The bad part, however, was that we always had to “re-swap” the containers after we were finished. The soup containers on the site would be a perfect alternative.

  • Nicole H.

    I love the ice cream containers! Perfect for bringing a little tasty treat to friends and family. I’d fill it with homemade ice cream, include some Wooden Disposable Demi-Tasse Spoons, some toppings in Small Cello Gusset Bags and some homemade chocolate + caramel sauce in the plastic bottles with caps. Package it all in a 1.5 Quart Cardboard Berry Box With Handle – and that makes the perfect gift!!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • kristin mikottis

    i love using the cellophane and glassine bags to package up my baked goodies! kristinmik at gmail

  • Alyssa

    The Look Mom, No Dishes disposable paper loaf pans are my favorite! I love baking breads for friends and family and these are cuter than the typical aluminum tins I use!

  • I really like the Gable boxes! I’d use them to transport treats to friends :)

  • Vestavong

    I love the wooden utensils and the Gable boxes!!

  • Gingycookies

    I love the adorable Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws and the In the Knick of Twine!

  • Stacie Scott

    Hands down the cello bags, and the one for cupcakes! I make so many cupcakes and cookies around the holidays those would be amazing to give away as gifts.

  • Madonna

    SO much to choose from!! I love the Asian bamboo products, so adorable for an Asian themed party. I also love the berry baskets, such a cute way to display fresh fruit/veggies at a summer cookout.

  • Knpindy

    I love the Clear Acetate Box with Tuck Top! I think it would work for the Reindeer granola we make each year or cookies that we like to give to loved ones. What a great way to display the pretty food rather than another tin. Thanks for the link!

  • Jenny

    I love the Kraft Rectangle Box, and the Kraft Loaf Molds. Would be so great for gift packaging!

  • Mia

    I’m a big fan of the gable boxes! I just saw a recipe for Jelly Doughnut Holes on KAF’s blog that I want to try, and these would be the perfect little boxes to take to school and give to friends!

  • Courtney Pernat

    This was my first time perusing the Garnish website, but definitely not my last. I think I’ll be placing an order for the paper loaf pans and baking cups. So cute! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful site!

  • I love the soup containers — those would be great for taking chicken noodle to a friend who is feeling under the weather.

  • Valenti7

    Wow! love this site.. I love the gable boxes which would be lovely for any type of homemade goods to share all of the holiday treats!

  • Melisa

    I love all of their products! I’d probably use the little white box containers and some “in the knick of twine” to package up holiday goodies.

  • Adrena

    I love the wood berry boxes! Strawberry decorated cookies would look so cute in the boxes.

  • Sarah

    I love the packaging stuff! Mainly the plain boxes dressed up with some of the cute twine. I could have used those this week! Oh well, next year…

  • Angie R.

    I love the beverage boxes! We do a lot of tailgating and they would be absolutely perfect for that. I already added them to my wish list!

  • CJ

    I love the baking cups and the red/white straws!! I’d use them both for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday party!

  • Katie

    I love the plain white boxes for giving away holiday treats. I also think the straws are adorable, though I have no immediate plans for them!

  • Sandhya Nair

    i love the loaf pans and the ice-cream cups…

  • Mrs.S

    I love the Good to Go take-out containers. They would be perfect for the cookies I send in care packages to my kids, nieces, nephews and friends away at college. There is nothing like a homemade treat to make studying less painful.

  • Meghan C.

    Love Contessa’s Way, great way to send food or send people home with leftovers in a more fashionable way. I also loving sippey-de-do-dah, so cute! I think I would find many more reasons to use straws!

  • J.A.

    I love the “All So Clear” boxes. What a fun way to package food gifts!

  • NaDell Ransom

    I really like the twine. I still don’t have anything other than the cheap wrapping ribbon. That would be fun!

  • I’d love to use the oh goodie and do me a favor bags for christmas treats!

  • Christy

    I need the deli containers to store EVERYTHING! I could also use some of the Glassine bags to package up treats.

  • Cory

    I would love the straws and especially that twine! Its so much cuter than that plastic Christmas ribbon, I would wrap every present I could find in it!

  • Andy Shaw

    Oh man, what isn’t my favorite item?!? I think I would choose the Woodn’t You Like To spoons for the ice cream bar at my wedding, or the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws for the mason jar drinks!

  • Daedrae Watson

    How about everything, this stuff is super cute, thanks for turning me onto it.

  • Debmoran

    I like the straws and the favor bags but I especially like the paper loaf pans. I could make individual banana breads or cakes to deliver to friends.

  • Jenbulpitt

    I love the “Frankly My Dear” gable boxes. Those would make the greatest packages for baked goodies at Christmas or New Year’s.

  • Teandra

    I totally love the “good to go” containers!

  • Danni Arroyo

    Contessa’s Way and No Soup (or ice cream) for You!

  • I love the baker’s twine a LOT. And their disposable paper loaf pans! Ingenious!!

  • Jmwahlstrom

    I love the Look Mom, No Dishes, they are great for the banana and pumpkin bread that I make. I like to use those to give out to people as gifts they are pretty and easy!! Also Frankly My Dear have been great and easy for my picnics put put the food in them and go!! I LOVE Garnish!!

  • Kristin

    I like the Gable boxes for my holiday candy, perhaps to put some Vanilla Bean Caramels in?

  • Alana Karl

    i love the paper straws, especially the red and white polka dots!

  • Lindsay K

    The item that caught my eye was the Hip 2B Square container!! I am thinking of making truffles this year and that container would be perfect because it’s cute, original, and easy to decorate.

  • Laura

    I love the pint size containers for ice cream or soup to give to people. A much classier way than the typical tuperware.

  • Guest

    I would use the “Oh Goodie,” “Do me a Favor” and “Hello Cello” bags to put goodies and gingerbread cookies to make a gingerbread house and arrange them all in that large “Frankly My Dear” box with a tiny see-through window and give it as a gift to my little sister! She’s always wanted to build a gingerbread house and decorate it but I’m always hesitant to get one of those store-bought kits because I bought it once and the sweets in the kit were yucky!
    Happy Holidays!

  • amy

    I love the Patty Cake cupcake tins! They are so cute and would defintaly be used alot!!! Also, the icecream containers because there are endless possibilities of ice cream flavors.

  • Lbkaswan

    I love the idea of packing up gingerbread houses after a decorating party. The straws are also really cute.

  • Guest

    I would use the “Hello Cello,” “Oh Goodie” and “Do Me a Favor” bags to fill them up with goodies and place them on the gift baskets I already have….just need to get to the baking!

  • Kristen

    I am always looking for Ina’s clever “Chinese Food” containers, if only I lived in the Hamptons and my Chinese came looking so chic! I would love these and the ice cream containers to share goodies with friends and family!

  • Tania T

    I like the Good to Go containers, they would be perfect for packaging cookies and candy.

  • I love that Garnish sells flatware! I feel like too often you get a yummy snack, but no way to eat it! :)

  • Cait L

    Oh I am in love with Garnish! I would purchase the small Kraft Loaf molds for my Persimmon Bread. It’s perfect for holiday giving!

  • Sandy G.

    Being a military wife, I am always making extra meals to send to my neighbors that have husbands deployed. My first purchase from Garnish would be the hinged containers and the ‘little white box(es)’ to add an extra personal touch to the meals. I love that the hinged containers are clear; you don’t forget its there!

  • Dinah

    I loved the straws and would definitely get some of those if I won but would probably get an assortment of other goodies such as the boxes and ice cream/soup cups. Such a great website. I will be visiting it in the future. thanks for sharing.

  • Kari

    The ibop is so neat! I always make mixes for my siblings of my favorite songs of the year.

  • Josie

    I love the mini clear cups and the mini wooden spoons! I’ve make little individual servings of panna cotta or pudding to serve at a dinner party. Super cute!

  • Steph C.

    I have visited Garnish’s website for awhile, but always held off on buying from them. From them I would definitely go with the Contessa’s Way cause I love the thought of freezing meals for later use. Also I like the Patty Bakes for easy transportation of treats for others whether they be savory or sweet.

  • Joan C

    Loved the straws, twine and little white (and brown!) boxes! The straws would be fantastic for my daughter’s birthday party next year, and I know the twine and boxes would make any special little treat look that much better!

  • ellen

    I love everything!! But I would totally use the treat bags/boxes and labels for my son’s birthday party!

  • I love the oven-ready, disposable paper loaf pans because I am always bringing baked goods to work and don’t like having to bring in my nice pans. I also like the decorative straws, which would make drinking anything fun!

  • Kirsten Hasdal

    I like the little white boxes. You can decorate and embellish them anyway you want to accessorize your gifts!

  • Crystal

    I love the cute Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws and the adorable wooden silverware!

  • Rachelyso

    My 15 year old daughter made your fabulous eggnog cupcakes to give to all the folks who work at and keep their horses at her horse’s barn. The Garnish Brown Lotus Cupcake Liners would compliment these supcakes perfectly. Packaging the cupcakes individually in the Clear Acetate Box with Tuck Top would work in the less than pristine environment of the stable’s tack room.

  • Cya

    I would love to have a few spools of the bakery twine in black/white, blue/white, green/white, and red/white. Then I’d get a bunch of the clear acetate boxes, “glitterize” (turn clear box into a super shinny holiday package) and then time them up with the twine.

  • I like the No Soup (or Ice Cream) for You containers. My friends always want to try my homemade ice cream, and these little containers would be perfect!

  • T. Serrano

    My favorite is the push pops. I would use them for layered jello molds. The price is right too since they are re-usable.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Berry Berry Quite Contrary boxes! They would go perfectly for some cake pops to be presented as gifts.

  • Alie

    I would get either the fun twine or the cute straws! It would be fun to use for something like my son’s first birthday party!

  • Joanna F

    I love the cellophane bags, the kraft boxes, but especially loaf molds. I would love to fill those with banana chocolate chip bread, pumpkin cranberry bread, and pain d’epices!

  • The glassine bags, push up pops, um…seriously I love everything.

  • jlmk223

    The Quart Size Rectangle Berry Box are perfect for putting together a gift box of local food treats.

  • Kim-Erin Justice

    Glassine envelopes, push up pops and everything else on the site!

  • Lynda M.

    I would love some wooden disposable demi-tasse spoons to tie onto my cupcakes in a jar. Also the paper straws are so festive – love them too.

  • Adrienne Marie

    I like the Pack of Punch item…as it would allow me to bring mulled cider from the local apple orchards that my husband pollinates with our honeybees to the high school foot ball game!

  • Jessica J

    I loved the pretty loaf molds in the “Look Mom, No Dishes” section! They would work when making bread for coworkers or friends.

  • Katherine

    I love the fun, colorful straws! So fun and colorful!

  • Melanie

    i really love everything, but i could definitely use the little white boxes for all kinds of projects!

  • Lisa Jennings

    I like the good to go boxes. Could certainly use some of them for the treats I hope to make for Christmas or even for New Year’s!

  • Donna

    i love the wooden cutlery! reminds me of the ice cream cups i had as a child. they always came in a small cardboard container with a wooden spoon. good memories!

  • Keithsandy

    I love it all! The cello bags are wonderful.

  • Amy

    I love making, eating, and giving soup. Those round “soup” containers would be so much cuter than anything plastic. Love them…and the paper loaf pans.

  • I think their wood berry boxes are adorable, I also like the twine.

  • Kara D.

    I love the ice cream containers and would definitely use them to store and gift homemade ice cream – especially the peppermint and cinnamon that I am making for the holidays! Their soup containers and idea for a soup swap is also fabulous. :)

  • Adrienne

    I want to try those little baking cups (the ones that look like tartlet pans) and I would get some glasseine bags and little boxes to have on hand for friend gifts. Such a fun site, I wish I could buy everything!

  • Amy Rudzik

    I love the simplicity of their packaging, what a great site!

  • Emily Tryson

    I love it all! But specifically I love the retro straws and the wooden table ware. So cute, thank you for posting about them, I know a few people that would LOVE these as gifts!

  • Heather A

    I love all the boxes, will def use them next year for my christmas treats :)

  • Katie H.

    I love the little boxes and the fun straws. They would be perfect for a wedding shower I am throwing in April!

  • Lauren

    There are so many adorable ideas, but I really love the Soup Exchange, especially at this time of year! I would love the soup/ice cream containers, since their so versatile and I tend to bring people homemade ice cream all the time!

  • Dbmundy

    Oooh – these are nifty items! The Brown Lotus Cupcake Liners are lovely – I make a lot of muffins for people, so these would be very nice. The Clear Frosted Take Out Bags or Gable Boxes would be good for the loaves of bread I like to give out. Thanks!

  • teainva

    I love the twine, the Do Me A Favor bags and of course, the cello bags! Glad to have found that site, will be using them often.

  • teainva

    I love the Do Me a Favor bags, the twine and of course, the cello bags. Love their stuff!

  • Catherine

    I love the little boxes and bags…and the straws! Would love to make some of my favorite treats and wrap me for goodie bags for friends and family:)

  • Lindsay Merrill

    I love the white and brown boxes…..ooh but I also love the Asian Persuasion line!

  • Kelhardy

    I love everything but my favorite products are the kraft wine boxes and the treat bags!

  • Kristen

    The little wooden cutlery… the twine… the straws… it is all so lovely! I am planning a picnic bridal shower for my good friend this spring, and I know some of these items would be perfect!

  • Tyhalo

    I love this site! Thanks for introducing me Annie. My daughter will be graduation from Nursing School in May and I would love to use the Who Can Make the Sun Shine tubes to make party favor “needles” filled with treats :)

  • Brooke

    My favorite item on Garnish is definetly their “Pack a Punch” which is like a Box of Joe container. I would definetly use that for a brunch or any other type of get-together :)

  • Megan C.

    The berry boxes are so cute! They’d be great for packaging Christmas goodies!

  • tiffany

    I would use their Pack A Punch to set up a hot cocoa bar at my work.

  • Jessica Bell

    I love the paper loaf pans! They would be perfect for pumpkin bread during Thanksgiving. And I love the straws! How cute would those be on sundae cupcakes?

  • Sydney R

    As simple as it is, I like t he “No Snow Required” snow cone cup…. I would love to some how bake cupcakes and have them be transfered into this shape. It’d be a great and fun summer treat!

  • Analise Hendley

    The good to go and frankely my dear boxes are perfect. I love giving away homemade treats but I do not love either 1. lossing all my plasticwear or 2. Giving things away in ugly old margarine containers (making everything in the container seem autamatically grosser …is that a word?)

  • AnneMarie

    Love, love, love the straws, the colored twine, the little brown and white boxes. I’m hosting a baby shower soon…oh the possibilities!

  • Lesley

    I love the cello bags, treat boxes, and the berry baskets. I am a rubber stamper too so I would use my adorable images to spruce them up!

  • Amy G

    I love the paper straws, bakers twine, clear plastic tubes. I would use the paper baking pans for my holiday breads. I am definitely a future customer and I love their ideas page and blog! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa C

    I have used the pint containers for granola gift-giving. My recipients were so impressed. Love Garnish!

  • emg

    I love everything! It’s so simple, yet classy. My favorite might have to be the sippy-de-do-dah straws though. So fun!!!

  • Kari

    I give away lots of cookies and candies at Christmas and the clear boxes would be great!

  • CB

    I love the paper straws! They would be great for my son’s birthday party.

  • Natalie

    The clear acetate boxes are really cute! So many products… it would be difficult to choose! I’ve always wanted to carry a giant container of hot chocolate to share in my PhD office space—I could do it with the beverage box and not look like a total dork.

  • amie

    Sippy-De-Do-Dah would be great to use for holiday cocaktails :-)

  • Sarah

    I love all of the coffee “stuff”…different sized cups, beverage containers, cute spoons, drink carriers. Now, how to use those for a fun gift?! :-)

  • Annie H

    I’m starting to plan my daughters 3rd birthday and I think the red and white polka dot straws would be a great addition to the party!

  • sophie

    I love picking my own fruit..the berry boxes would be perfect for that and even carry baked goods from the picked fruit.

  • Michelle

    I love the disposable loaf pans. I have taken many friends dinner/desserts and hate that they have to wash and return any dishes. I would certainly use those! The colorful straws just shout FUN! I have four girls that come to a weekly Bible study and they’d LOVE those! I also can’t have enough cellophane bags to give yummy treats to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. I do love to bake! Thanks for offering this giveaway and recommending Garnish!

  • I love the Little White Boxes. Just what I need to pack up the dozens of cupcakes I’ve been baking!

  • Heather G

    The Packs a punch are awesome! I would love to take an adult beverage in one of these neat boxes : )

  • Jennifer M

    The first thing I saw were the berry baskets – they would be so awesome holding hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a cookie or two!

  • Grace Hahn

    what a CUTE site! i never saw it before, thanks
    for introducing it to me! (: i love all their packaging
    items, especially the cute gable boxes and take out
    containers~ perfect to send to my family for Christmas
    since i wont be able to see them for the holidays!

  • Katie

    I love the disposable paper loaf pans. They would be a great way to pass on homemade bread or a pumpkin loaf. All of the accessories (twine, straws, etc.) are too cute too! Now I just want to make a million treats and party favors :) Gable boxes have a special place in my heart too. What an awesome site–thanks for sharing!

  • Dalia Elsherbeni

    I would really like to get their fun colored straws and use them at the Christmas Party that I am hosting this week.

  • WRMcCord

    I know just what I’d do (and what I will do next Christmas): bake my pumpkin cranberry loaf in Garnish’s kraft paper loaf pans, place in a cello bag and tie with some holiday ribbon. And I’d use the rectangular boxes for mini-muffins & other holiday treats. How have I never heard of Garnish before? Thank you for the ideas!

  • Annie D.

    I love the little wooden cutlery. Too cute!

  • Kellymuc

    I love the baker’s twine & would also love to get some pint sized ice cream containers with customizable labels! Perfect for all those great ice cream recipes you post :)

  • I would love the Little White Boxes or the Do Me a Favor glassine bags! I would use them to bake macarons for my friends for Christmas (last year’s packing strategy didn’t work out so well)!

  • Katie

    Such cute things! I’ve never heard of Garnish before…it’s just what I’ve been looking for! My mom, sister, and I stock up on these kinds of things at a packaging store near my mom’s house, but now I can buy them from where I live – perfect!

  • Mhemingway

    Thank you for the link to another fun site.
    I would love the “pack a punch” so I could take it to my son’s soccer game.

  • Veronica @ Café con Leche

    the “sweet treats” gift packaging are absolutely adorableee! perfect for holiday parties! love’em!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for the chance to win! Your treats are so adorably wrapped.

    I would love to use the glassine bags and pack a punch for favors and refreshments (respectively :)) at my daughter’s birthday party coming up next month!

    sunshine_poppy at yahoo dot com

  • Anabel

    The cello bags with cupcake insert (genius!) for sending cupcakes to school – and the ice cream containers – cause it seems like I’m always making ice cream for someone!

  • ooo, i need the boxes and twine. i’m fairly certain i’ll be making little boxes of teacakes for a bridal shower favor.

  • gail

    I love the Good to Go packaging! I would of course use it when I share leftovers after dinner parties.

  • Kristin

    Oh sippy de do da!! SO cute. Just what I need to brighten up my day!! But I also love the berry baskets and little white/brown boxes!

  • Anonymous

    wow, some really cute stuff! i live in a rural area and usually i wait till we drive up to the big city twice a year to visit a container store, but this is a very convenient option. much better option, actually! the cheerful twine and the “little white boxes” are perfect for anything and everything including homemade baked goods!

  • Stefanie Hunn

    I like their “oh goodie” bags – they would be perfect to use at parties for guests to take home favors.

  • Vasu Manimaran

    I would love this! Great for sending food gifts!

  • Sophia

    Omg, i lovee the “good to go” take out containers! I’m making sugar cookies for a christmas party…and it would be so cute to bring them over to my girlfriend’s house in those!

  • Adorable! I love the Kraft Paperboard Food Tray, I think this would be adorable with little sammies and chips for my son’s second b-day party!

  • Jessica Knisley

    I LOVE the cocktail picks!!! I would love to use them at the Inn Victoria’s HIGH TEA, I’m going be telling Penny about this site she will love it! These would look great on our little tea sandwiches, also a great site to get packaging for when they want to take their leftovers from tea home. Right now we’re just using small brown paper bags and rolling them down. Thanks for the site Annie, and if Penny hasn’t told you, your pumpkin-cream cheese muffins made it to our ”go-to” list!!!

  • Carrie M.

    Oh it’s hard to pick! I love any of the labels and the glassine bags!

  • tiffany

    omg i love everything on that site. but my favorite would be the berry basket, wooden utensils, and hinged containers. i would use them for picnic lunches, leftovers, and i make cupcakes alot :-)

  • Chelsea

    I would have to go with the straws, sippy de do da! I am starting to think of ideas for my 3rd babies 1st birthday party and love the idea of a milk and cookie party which wouldn’t be complete without those cute straws!

  • Janet Stamm

    OOOOOHHH!!! Great stuff at Garnish…love knowing about this site now! Love the clear tubes (Candyman?), and Time in a Bottle. I would fill the tubes with little candies & a clever gift tag for my grandkids…and the squeeze bottles would help me make cool garnishes like custom made chocolate garnishes for pretty cream pies.

  • Gina Colby

    I love the pretty straws!! :)

  • Kacey Mcqueen

    The ‘Look Mom, No Dishes’ baking pans rock my socks off! I can’t wait to get my flour-coated hands on some for my holiday baking…well, maybe post holiday baking at this point, but who’s gonna complain? I will bake my favorite pumpkin, zucchini, banana and ginger breads in them, wrap them in pretties and deliver them to all of my favorite people!

  • Kira

    Love the ice cream containers! I love making ice cream for friends, but I hate giving away all my gladwear!

  • Lindseylane

    I would love to get their “sippy-de-do-dah” straws and make an “old fashioned milkshake” and top it off with the straws and a cherry (of course) – then give it to my friend mary who’s having a rough Christmas….she’d like that. little things like that make people’s day/christmas’….i think that’d be good

  • Tiffani

    Umm, what’s not to love?! The boxes, the straws, the twine. All so elegantly simple. I think I’d do some Valentine’s baking if I had some of these items!

  • Ash N Madi

    I really love the ‘Red and White Polka Dot Paper Straws’… I would definitely use them for my daughter’s 4th birthday in February. Very cute!

    I’d also LOVE to have some ‘Clear Frosted Die Cut Bags’ for the same event. Used as goodie bags with some custom name tags and ribbon for birthday guests. :)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Annie and Garnish!

  • Theresa

    I would love the Patty Cake baking cups and the Hello Cello bags for cupcakes! Perfect for making those extra special cupcakes even better!

  • love the straws for kid’s birthday parties!

  • Nreynold

    I like the bake and take containers for breads. I also like the twine. lots of great things here that I would use for holiday gifts.

  • Robin

    I love the gingerbread cookie party idea. What a fun idea for my daughter and her friends!

  • Such a fun website! I love the idea of having a soup party this winter! And paper straws always make my heart happy. Basically all of it is amazing.

  • I like the clear frosted die cut bags, they would be great for giving gifts all year round, just add seasonal tissue paper and ribbon and voila. All the bag offerings on this site are great (good for food and all kinds of gifts), even the simple brown paper bag reaches elegant heights.

  • Julia

    I LOVE the “Patty Cake” and “Definitely not a push over” both look like such fun ways to package and present yummies!

  • Nadine

    I think I love the asian persuasion fever items, especially the cone. How cute would it be filled with popcorn on a beach party or french fries or just candy or nuts…

  • Maureen Chapman

    Love the berry boxes, snow cone cups, cello bags etc. So glad you helped me find Garnish!!

  • The Little White Box! So hard to find good boxes for baked goods.

  • Amberli

    I loved the bread pans – wish I knew about the site before Christmas but will keep it in mind for the next holiday :)

  • The Little White Box! I’ve been looking all over for a cheap, good box for baked goods when I give them as gifts!

  • Amanda M

    Frankly my dear would be great for wedding favors! I want something cute and would love to use those for our cookie table (it’s a Pittsburgh thing)!

  • Chap’s Wife Sarah

    I’m a simple girl–glassine and cello bags with pretty twine. But who doesn’t love Ina’s deli containers?

  • Lorraine

    I would love the little plastic bottles, for sugar cookie decorating, and the lovely gable boxes for cookie gifting!!

  • Kristen

    How adorable! I must start to use this site for cute packaging! Thanks!

  • Kellie

    Love the gable boxes and those amazing colorful straws! Would be great for a kid’s birthday party.

  • Kaitlin Ironside

    I love the soup/ice cream containers. They would be adorable with a printed label on them! Also the striped straws are so cute!

  • Laurie Smith

    The paper loaf pans are great. I do a lot of baking and one of my favorites is chocolate banana bread.

  • Carolyn Mccambridge

    The gable boxes! I ALWAYS need something to put goodies in for people when I bake and I always want to have bakery boxes laying around!

  • Katie J.

    I’m obsessed with the box that holds two liquid containers! You can package hot cocoa, milk and straws…how adorable. I’m just sad I discovered this website so close to the holiday! Looks like I’ll be giving fantastic Valentine’s Day presents:)

  • katie carlton

    I love it all, but I’d say my favorite items right now are the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws! SO CUTE!

  • Megan

    I love the fun colored straws and the Little white boxes and baker’s twine– I could use them all for the baby shower and wedding shower I have this spring!

  • Cynthia Holthaus

    I like the geometric paperboard dish- great for filling all the xmas goodies I have made. The recipient of the gift can see what’s inside without opening it up!!

  • Tadams

    I love the No Soup (or ice cream) for you containers and Little White Box. They would be perfect for sharing baked goods or sharing left overs!

  • Juli Wakeman

    I love the paper loaf pans, I love making and giving homemade banana bread. I also love the paper straws because well I love drinking through a straw. Plus the wine boxes for gifting bottles of wine-there are just so many great things on the site!

  • Tboehm30

    I love the Little White Boxes and the Who Can Make the Sun Shine candy tubes!

  • My favorites are the sippy-de-do-dah straws and the good to go packaging! I love the simplicity – it really lets the food stand out!

  • Michelle

    So many cut ideas but my favorite was the wooden cutlery.

  • Jamie Jackson

    I love the little white box and twine!

  • Liz N

    How fun are their products?! I love the Pack A Punch beverage containers. I would use them for picnics for homemade lemonades or sangria. The wooden spoons would be so fun for an ice cream social! I especially love the Contessa containers. I’ve long admired how Ina Garten packs food for a picnic in those sturdy plastic containers! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Crystal

    I adore the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws! Would be a great way to add a little something special to my smoothies and milkshakes!

  • Jeannette B

    i love the Brown Lotus Cupcake Liner, the paper bowls with lids for ice cream, red and white bakery twine and the red and white striped paper straws.

    jpinnick86 at gmail dot com

  • I love the takeout containers! I just gave my coworkers their homemade Christmas gifts (chocolate caramel crackers and biscotti) and those were exactly the kinds of containers I was looking for!

  • Sadie

    I’d love to use Sippy-De-Do-Dah & Stick ’em Up at our August wedding. We are getting married at a barn in WI, these would help accent the other decor details, as well as add some fun flare to our guests drinks & cocktails.

  • Lisa

    I love the labels, little brown boxes and the red and white twine. What a cute website!

  • Deannab1

    I would love some of the kraft paper take out bags. I need some more twine, too.

  • danielle

    I love the loaf molds, I am forever fearful of bringing food in a nice dish to a party and then never seeing the dish again! These would solve my problem!

  • Alyssa

    I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws! They would be perfect for a holiday party.

  • Mindy

    I really loved the bamboo products. The cones would be fin to fill with bite size candies or cookies for a Christmas party or kids birthday.

  • Jessfollett

    What wouldn’t I do with the products on that site?! I’s make goodies and deliver them to all the important people in my life! Such nice packaging!

  • christina

    the gable boxes are too useful! the striped paper straws are also adorable

  • Sarah

    love the cardboard ice cream pints! :)

  • Heidi

    I LOVE Garnish and just recently ordered from their website. I use their bread pans all the time and prefer them over the aluminum ones from the grocery store. We wrapped homemade treats this year with their little white boxes with baker’s twine (the idea was from their blog), and i think they turned out great!

  • the home cook

    The Double Dip looks great! I love having individual dip containers so you never have to worry about double dipping.

  • Delia

    I love the Gable boxes! I have a superhero birthday party coming up for my little super guy and they would be perfect for some 3 year old decorating!



  • Allison Coe

    I would love to get a bunch of deli containers like the “Contessa’s Way” containers. They would be perfect for storing homemade ice cream, sauces, etc.

  • Julie

    I LOVE the beverage box. What a great way to transport some delicious sangria to a party or bbq. I will be adding this to my supplies!!! Merry Christmas!

  • Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws are so cool. Thanks Annie!

  • Melissa J

    Well, I love the Barefoot Contessa so I guess I’d have to go with the deli containers for storing food and sending leftovers home with family after Christmas dinner. Garnish has a beautiful and inspiring website. Thanks for sharing it with us and for the giveaway!

  • Kristine

    I love the Kraft baking molds- perfect for gifts!

  • KHop

    Wow, so many great products! I have been wondering were to purchase items like this. The definite must have are: The Little White Box collection, Contessa’s Way collection, and the Look Mom, No Dishes collection. The beverage box is a great idea for potlucks!

  • Fran

    I would get the paper loaf pans they looks so much classier than the metal ones you get from the supermarket.

  • Lydia

    I really like the large white gable box with a window because I am always looking for containers to put my baked goodies in. I make a lot of goodies for friends :)

  • Lnetzeband

    How cute! I would love to use them at a kids party!

  • I like the picky, picky, picky picks & the hinged on this containers. Thanks for telling about this site.

  • Brittany K

    I absolutely love the paper straws! I have been looking for those for a while! The picks are really cute and I love the takeout boxes. I would make some holiday barks to give away as well as my favorite Cranberry Bliss Bars!

  • Keiri

    I’m making chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas, and they would go great in the little white box or ‘Frankly My Dear’.

  • Christina T.

    I really like the disposable paper loaf pans. I love to bake zucchini bread and share it with other and have had to resort to muffins to share it with others. That is such a great idea!

  • Jacque

    I like the picky, picky, picky picks. I have been invited to a bring an appetizer party. So perfect to supply everyone.

  • Erin B

    I LOVE the paper loaf pans. I’m a senior in high school, and I love to bake, and since it’s really hard to find reasonably priced gifts for around 20 people every holiday… I gift baked goods. But I usually have to stick to things like cookies and cake balls – things that won’t smash easily in transport. I hate the ugly aluminum disposable pans that are most common for giving quick bread and such… so these would be perfect!

  • Sam Talbott

    I love the straws and the red and white twine!!!!!

  • Katlynps

    I love the idea of making gingerbread houses for other seasons….like the love shack ;0

  • Jen

    Definitely the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws and In the Knick of Twine string. If I’d seen this sooner, I’d made the homemade Pixie Stix featured on the blog and attached one with the twine to each child’s gift I’m giving this year for Christmas.

  • Kelly Jones

    I would definitely love to have some of the plastic bottles for frosting sugar cookies. It would make filling in the cookies a lot less messy for sure! I also would probably get the twine, but I’m not too craft with that or fabric so I’d have to ask a friend for some ideas. :)

  • Stephanie W.

    I really have trouble picking one! I love baking and giving away quick breads, and I never have a great package for it! That is perfect. Not to mention, I don’t have to worry about flipping it out without breaking it.

  • Alex Barnett

    I especially love the “Wooden Disposable Spoons (6.25″)” and would love to use those to make a variety of chocolate covered spoons.

  • The ice cream containers are super cute, and the paper straws. I’m thinking some very cute milkshakes. Boxes, cello bags, wooden utensils…my goodness, what’s not to love?

  • Leslie

    My 2 1/2 year old son loves finding “treasures” (rocks, leaves, shells, etc.), the clear vials would be perfect for treasure storage!

  • Mochamom

    I absolutely LOVE the straws, but then again, the different colors of twine are pretty amazing also. Actually, I love the entire site:)

  • Jackie Harper

    I love the bags and twine! So precious!

  • Jennifer

    I love the Contessa’s Way containers and the soup containers and the….everything! Just browsing the site makes me smile :)

  • Leslie Farrar

    I really like the sippy de do dah.

  • Michelle

    I would get the deli containers and labels.

  • Marci Johnson

    I love the clear boxes and twine… in fact I think that they would look beautiful together…

  • Brittany Dahn

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE the Good to Go take out containers. I would take my lunch to work in them or give away cookies in the them. I also like the Coffee Klatch cups and would use those when family/friends are over to cut back on dishes ;)

  • Lisa

    Love the beverage boxes, that would be perfect for gifts for our daycare since we do not have a coffee shop in our town!

  • Jenna

    I love the Pack a Punch beverage box. I would totally bring that to work with hot chocolate in it. And the ice cream containers, so I could make ice cream to give to my friends.

  • Valerie

    I like the clear plastic boxes . . . maybe to send some love on Valentine’s day filled with a cupcake or some granola I have been wanting to make. Also, I like their idea of filling the little soup/ice cream containers with playdoh for a child’s gift. Simple but very fun stuff.

  • Cindy

    I really like the sippy-de-do-dah straws. They are so colorful and such beautiful patterns. I could think of using them to wrap them on packages for an accent or maybe hang them from my ceiling fan for a fun look. I know I would be able to use them for a holiday party at the table. What a fun store!! Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway!

  • Ashley G

    I’d definitely have to get the striped straws and twine. I see them all over food blogs and they always look so cute!

  • Dani131

    This website is so cute, I love everything including the French fries containers and the ice cream/ soup containers. I think I would use the ice cream containers to give truffles (made from annies eats recipes) to my friends and family on thejewish holiday purim.

  • Shawn Palmer

    I love cello bags AND the cute sippy-dippy-do da straws! So cute

  • Penny B.

    I would love the kraft boxes and 2oz plastic bottles.

  • Emily B.

    I love the wooden spoons and would tie them with twine onto cute desserts in jars.

  • Shawn Palmer

    I loved the cello bags and the sippy-dippy-d0-da straws. So cute!

  • I’m a huge fan of picnics so I love Garnish’s picnic set. Thanks for sharing this site with us and offering the giveaway. I’m in love!

  • Jennyingberg

    I LOVE it all! If I were to pick I would say the Contessa’s Way container, the no soup for you containers and the straws! It’s a very cool way to buy inexpensive throw away containers that look good. Thanks Annie

  • Enickelson

    Good to Go and Berry Containers are my favs. I’d like to have some of all though. Nice site.

  • Jenny

    paper loaf pans!

  • These would be awesome for homemade ice cream storing!

  • Kathleen

    I love the straws and twine! I would just copy you and use them to elegantly package gifts and treats for others (as well as myself!)!

  • Allison Steele

    I love the twine because my presentation of yummy goodies lacks the “wow” factor. The twine would DEFINITELY help!

  • Anonymous

    I love the glassine and kreaft paper bags, of course, I’d use them to make cookie favors =)

  • Chelle

    Ooo I am loving the make your own pixie stix idea. So I’d buy a million…okay $25 worth….of paper straws. Or maybe the push pops for my baby girl’s 1st birthday party. I saw some awesome ideas on Pinterest using these. :)

  • Littlemainpa

    If I have to pick, it’d be the ice cream bowls…the ripple ones are much cuter than what I currently gift my homemade ice cream in.

  • Traci S

    Every year we have a group of friends that gets together for cookie baking. We each end up with about 12 dozen cookies and I like to gve them away as gifts to neighbors, day care providers, etc. I think the squat gable box with some tissue would be a prettier presentation that the paper plates I’ve been using!

  • Bevolemiss

    This is my first visit to garnish. I wish i had known about this sooner than the last few days before xmas. I love the containers you can bake in and then present the cooked item with in that container. wonderful for xmas. will save this site for next year’s goodies. i make (bake) most of my xmas gifts, cookies, pies, cakes, breads and this site will definitely give me more ways to present my gifts. I also love the clear cellopane bags as well as the other paper packaging products. I make lots of pecan pralines and I like to wrap them individually and now I know where I can purchase the glassine bags for that. bev terry

  • Thia

    I absolutely love their idea of a “Soup Swap”. I can’t think of a better way to brighten up the cold winter season. I also love the berry baskets. What a great way to package some berry thumbprint cookies for spring / summer give-aways to friends.

  • Samantha Talbott

    Oh my goodness!! I love the straws! They are so cute and the paper loaf pans rock!!!

  • Sherri

    Wow! What a great site. I would love to get the paper loaf pans. I would bake banana nut bread and bring to my coworkers. The cello bags would great to have on hand for treats.

  • Ashley C

    Wow, they have such great products. Would love to use the berry boxes to box up some of our fresh blueberries and strawberries in the spring!

  • Jenn

    I really like the cellophane bags…that’s what I typically give my sugar cookies w/ royal icing in. Simple but elegant presentation I think!!

  • Shirleymadsen

    I need some ‘time’ in a bottle right now. So much to do and so little time!

  • Starbuck1123

    I love the Good to Go line and in the Kraft paper and would LOVE to package up some treats in these much like you did. I am also interested in the Contessa Way line since I am a huge fan of Ina.

  • Beth in the Heartland

    Love this site! I’m hosting a baby shower in Feb, would use the $ for packaging favors. The In the Knick of Twine and Hello Cello would definitely be on the list…

  • Kymberli21

    Those Good To Go containers would be cute filled with cookies, tied with ribbon and maybe some cute stampings on the sides.

  • Meghan

    Oooh definitely the straws, but I could use some ice cream containers…..

  • Amanda

    I love the embellished disposable loaf pans. I usually include some sort of coffeecake or quickbread in my holiday gifts and tinfoil loaf pans are just not cutting it! These are an adorable alternative.

  • Natalia Bungert

    The Pack a Punch, not just for coffee, love the idea of a hot chocolate or hot cider bar or even just using it as an addition to a holiday party.

  • Rschettino

    I love the plain old “Hello Cello’s.” I like being able to see the beautiful gifts you have created.

  • Esther

    Love the patterned straws, and the old-fashioned wooden berry baskets – would love to put blueberries in them, but afraid they’d get stained!

  • Candi

    I love the straws! My middle daughter would enjoy using them!

  • jan

    For someone who is not crafty, it all looks like so much fun & hard to select just one.
    Thanks for sharing this site. I love all that you do & share. Thanks

  • Jdlm1002

    I am obsessed with the straws! They would be perfect for my sons upcoming birthday party!

  • Love the Look Mom, No Dishes. I bake ALOT and often dress up/repurpose to go containers so no one has to worry about returning dishes. Very cool.

  • Amanda

    I love the “No Soup or Ice Cream for you” – I love making soup, but packaging them for leftovers at work can get a bit messy! I’d also use “Contessa’s Way” for the same reason (but really, possibilities are endless). “Two for the Road” would also be perfect for carrying our hot treats with us while we walk our dog!

  • Meghan C.

    I love the gable boxes! They would be too perfect for a picnic!

  • Chrissysvoronos

    I just love it all…your packages look great. I love the simple brown boxes and the twine as many others have said.

  • Corinne

    I really love the paper loaf pans. I really enjoy making banana or pumpkin breads in the fall and never seem to find the perfect way to share them. These pans would make it so nice!

  • Julie

    I would love the Coffee Klatches for bringing hot chocolate or coffee to school! Also, the Frankly My Dear boxes and hinged containers would be great for giving baked goods to friends. Actually, I loved everything!

  • Jennifer

    Their straws are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Haven’t you used them before for one of your milkshakes or cupcakes? The red and white ones look like they’re familiar! I also love their adorable “Berry Berry Quite Contrary” boxes — so cute. The disposable paper loaf pans were nice as well!

  • I love the berry baskets. I would use them for taking lunches to my daughter’s preschool teachers.

  • Amy

    I love the polka dot straws and the gable boxes!

  • Tiffany

    I love the soup containers. Soup warms my soul in the winter and I love to bring bowls to my friends when they are feeling under the weather but I never have the right container to put it in. I now know where to get them! Thanks Annie and Garnish!

  • So many faves!
    I’ve been eyeing the soup containers for a while now. I think they’d be great for little gifts but also to practically to have on hand to send leftovers home with friends.
    I’d also love to have some of the bags on hand. Cello and glassine and kraft!

  • Katie

    I like the wooden spoons, forks and knives

  • Anonymous

    My favorites are the clear acetate boxes, gable boxes and paper straws. I would love to use them for my daughter’s 2nd birthday or a patriotic theme party when my brother returns home from a deployment in Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite items are the paper straws, acetate boxes and gable boxes. I would use them for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and/or a patriotic themed party for when my brother returns from deployment.

  • jilly8

    I looove the punch in a box. Totally rockin’, but totally low-key.

  • Laura

    I really like the paper loaf molds! Perfect for giving out loaves of my mom’s famous pumpkin bread.

  • Lisa

    I love the cool ideas and recipes you can do with paper straws. My fav-pixie sticks.

  • Elizabeth

    I would go paper straw crazy!!

  • Melanie

    I would ABSOLUTELY love to win the berry berry containers. Every summer I take my little ones to pick berries and then we make jam. I would love to use these to make some gift baskets of the fresh picked fruit and the homemade jam. How sweet would that be? =)

  • Laquart

    Frankly My Dear…you’re Good To Go, especially with the Little White Box! it’s all awesome!!!

  • Greglyn2

    I love the wooden utensils and the disposable loaf pans. I would use them both in my catering business!

  • MollyB

    Love the Contessa containers! Great for leftovers or sending company home with leftovers.

  • Michelle C.

    Wow, this site gets my baker creative juices flowing! My favorite items would be the Hello Cello Gusset Bags. I would put my treats (cake pops, cake truffles, buckeyes and cupcakes) in them to give away. I, also, love the Frankly My Dear Gable Boxes. I would again put my various treats in them. Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  • Carie

    I’m loving the loaf molds.

  • Cheryl S.

    I think the paper loaf pans are darling. I would love to fill those with homemade goodies like my grandma’s recipe for cinnamon bread or a strawberry spinach bread and sahre them with friends and family. I also like th ebeverage box. Would make a simpe girls get-together seem like a special coffee adventure. Fun shopping!!

  • Jennifer Peterson

    Oh, my where to begin~ I love the idea of the paper straws for my 4 year old’s next birthday party, the take out containers for sending special treats home with visitors! And I am loving the Brown Lotus Cupcake Liner!!

  • Anna

    I think the gable boxes would be perfect for bringing goodies into work or baked goods to my boyfriend’s house.

  • Ashley B Stevens

    I love the “In the Knick of Twine”! I use bailers twine for tons of stuff from wrapping gifts this year to labels and decorations. I even used some to decorate my Christmas tree this year let alone some baked goods! I also really like the “look mom no dishes” and “Happy as a clam” because I’m always trying to find ways to bring my baked goods places especially if I sell them and I’m not sure I’ll ever see the containers again… which reminds me I need to get one back…

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this site! I have never heard of it and it is amazing! I would love to purchase some items for the 50th birthday party I am throwing my mom. The wooden utensils and striped straws are adorable!

  • Leah Torg

    I would love some of the paper loaf pans. An adorable way to share! And I’m obsessed with the paper straws. Love the creative ways they use their straws. The share with the Elf on the Shelf was too cute! I will be getting an elf for my boys next year :)

  • Kendra

    Garnish has always been a favorite of mine. I love the striped straws SO MUCH.

  • Annie L

    definitely the push pops to make a tiramisu pop!! I haven’t seen them available on other sites!! what a great find!

  • Jillmoosbeck

    I love the berry baskets and see so many uses from gift boxes to organization – bring back many memories. Also love the straws -see those in our upcoming birthdays! Thanks – great site.

  • Chanel Davis

    OMG! How cute are those decorative straws! Not to mention the little song to match :) I’d love to make king-size cupcakes into “milkshakes” with those little beauties. And I showed my mom the craft labels…HEAVEN!!!!!!

  • Christina

    I love the paper straws! They remind me of the milkshake straws at The Franklin Fountain in Olde City, Philadelphia.

  • K8dinardo

    Although I could see a use for all of their ADORABLE products, I really like Patty Cake, and Look Mom, No Dishes. I enjoy randomly dropping off goodies to friends, family and co-workers, and these items would add the extra “WOW”…and I don’t have to give up any dishes :)


    Love the deli containers – would be great for storing my homemade ice cream. Also love the cellophane packages. They would be wonderful for packaging up treats to take to work and neighbors.

  • Sandy

    I love the paper straws and twine, for parties and gift giving!

  • Sara Buck

    Cute stuff over on Garnish!!! I love the straws and the patty cake baking cups!

  • Scroshal

    LOVE the glassine bags. With all our christmas goodies those would be perfect to give to the neighbors. Or i would love to ty some pushpops!

  • Lori P.

    I just love their clear acetate boxes. I could use them in so many ways – put a cupcake inside & give to others, fill with colorful Christmas confetti, or finally get my pantry organized and still be able to see what’s in each box!

  • Mikelle

    I love the Sippy-de-do-da straws, the twine, and the gift bags and i would use them for gifts, party decor or blog posts.

  • Jaime

    The gable boxes look fantastic! :)

  • Sandy

    I really like the Loaf pans that you can bake in and then gift- – super cute and super handy!

  • shellys

    I love it all, I would love to give away hot fudge sundae makins’ kits. that is what I would use the garnish goodies for

  • Laura Ruesch

    I would get the push pops and some of the small clear plastic cup to make mini desserts in!

  • Bethany

    Oh my goodness, I wish I knew about garnish like three weeks ago! I would’ve used SO many of their products for Christmas gifts! Everything they have is so inspiring. I love the disposable bread pans and the little bamboo cones!

  • Ann

    Oh wow…I want EVERYTHING. From little containers for my hubby’s lunch to straws and baskets for parties! It’s all so cute!

  • KAPP

    not only is the Garnish website a fantastic resource for all cute packaging but the writing/naming is creative and witty…loved perusing the site. Thanks for sharing this info and for the great giveaway! Merry Christmas Annie!

  • Terri L

    Chip off the Ol’ Block will be great to glam up the lunch or dinner table, can’t wait…

  • Paula C.

    I love the paper straws. They are so cute and remind me of my childhood, only the paper straws weren’t as cute back then. The gable boxes are cute too, for some reason I just love gable boxes. Those would be a great way to share treats with friends and family.

  • What a cute shop. I’ve never seen them before. Would love to win this.

  • Melanie

    Cool stuff! I really liked the straws and the disposable loaf pans!

  • Jamie

    I love the push up pop containers I would use them to layer cake and frosting in and decorate them for gifts. I also adore the paper loaf pans for making quick bread as holiday gifts. This shop is great and I hadn’t heard of them until today. Thanks for letting us know about them… now to shop :P

  • Ann

    i love the wooden utencils and the toothpicks. i always imagine going on a picnic and using these items.

  • Gloria

    The glassine bags are great!

  • Sarah Z.

    The ibop metal case for packaging cds is beautiful. I also really would love to have several of their bakers twine bundles for embellishing gifts. There is just so much stuff I could use and would love to have from them. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!

  • Lynda P

    Love this giveaway, so many cute things. the straws and gable boxes are my favorites

  • Ldonzello

    I love the box with the fabric handle! Also the twine and glassine bags. They would be perfect for my homemade Christmas treats

  • Mandy Queen

    I love the little wooden berry boxes and the lotus cupcake liners! All the products in the shop are so lovely!

  • Jenny

    I really like the good to go boxes & the gable boxes a lot. It’s an extra special way to wrap up a meal or treat for those times when babies are born, someones sick, or maybe someone just needs some cheering up.

  • Julie

    Wow! Thanks for linking to such a terrific site. I especially love the Kraft Loaf Molds as I love baking for others. These make the perfect way to present a loaf of pumpkin bread without hoping for the pan back! I also love to give away music so would definitely use the iBop containers for CD’s. Thanks for your inspirations, Annie!

  • What a great site oh dear me so many wonderful things ~ Wish I had known of this site weeks ago. I did order some paper straws and twine. Thanks…

  • Melissasalmon4

    I like the Kraft wine box, I would use it to obviously put a bottle of wine in but decorate it my style!

  • Mei

    the paper loaf pans and mini wooden spoons look great! (and disposable). MUST GARNISH.

  • Carley Leavitt

    I loved the cute ice cream containers. I would love to make ice cream during the summer and share it with friends!

  • Jen H

    The sippy-dippy-d0-da straws are adorable, but I’d also love some good packaging for cookies or cinnamon rolls.

  • Lisa

    Holy cow…there is something here for everyone! I’m already trying to come up with a reason to order some of everything!

  • Donna R

    I loved the boxes with the handles and the cello bags. I’ve often wanted to find packages like this and now I know where to get them. I’;m thrilled to get your recommendation too! Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  • Jrcpublic

    Love those paper straws! I’d love to have some in the house just to brighten my day.

  • Star7823

    I love the disposable loaf pans! They would make gifting breads so much easier (and prettier!).

  • Susie Myers

    What a great site! We have a cake shop so there are lots of packaging ideas on the site. The wooden utensils would be great to package with our cupcakes!

  • I love all of the cute straws and twine! They would be perfect to accompany my homemade hot chocolate mix gifts this year! Thanks for sharing Annie!! Also, totally loving the new look!

  • Lori T.

    I love everything! Especially the “Woodn’t You Like To” wooden cutlery. Very chic!

  • Deb

    Discovering Garnish was a delight! My favorite products are the glassine bags and bakers twine to package and wrap my homemade cookies.

  • rtcook4fun

    Really like the soup containers or the Hip 2b square containers. I’ve been baking goodies with a friend for over 6 years and we give our desserts away, but the packaging never looks this good.

  • Molly

    I am a huge fan of garnish! I looked at the blog firstEvery year for Christmas (my oldest is now 22 and then I have some little ones) I have given a chocolate orange. I have never thought to make the box prettier until now! I absolutely love this idea and I will be placing an order to Garnish whether I win or not!
    What would I do with the berry boxes and adorable straws? My very special like a sister SIL is getting married in March. I would make something absolutely special for her the morning of the wedding . Simple and elegant. Maybe a breakfast wrapped in a beautiful package complete with homemade pixie sticks! I would also order the wine glass labels to be sure no one got their mimosas mixed up!
    Thanks for the reminder to be sure I place an order AND the opportunity to win!

  • Anonymous

    I love everything on Garnish! I’m co-hosting a hot chocolate party and the straws would be a fun addition and the cellophane bags would be perfect to hold the marshmallows! Thanks for showcasing such a cool site.

  • Lori

    Love this website! The soup containers are perfect for bringing soup to a friend who is under the weather!

  • ConnieC

    I love the Clear Tubes with lids. I’ve needed a source fro those, so I’m happy to see those. And there was a bunch of other neat containers and extras, like the wooden cutlery.

  • Danita Day

    I was not familiar with Garish until your post. The site is filled with wonderful ideas. Thanks for introducing it.

  • Judyjursch

    I do a lot of baking, especially this time of year. I would love to give my baked goods to my friends and relatives in the great cellophane bags that Garnish has! It would make my gift look so much more professional!

  • Annie B

    Oh my goodness, those loaf pans are perfect! I love making quick breads and sharing them with friends, but I ALWAYS mangle the loaves when taking them out of the pan. Those will solve all of my problems!

  • JackieKC

    The straws are soo cute! I wish I had the red & white striped ones when I made my Husband a homemade peppermint frappuccino. (I used your peppermint syrup recipe and he really enjoyed it)

  • Jenpleake

    This is a great website with lots of great packaging for homemade goods. Every year my mom, sister and I bake a huge assortment of christmas cookies, candies and cereal mixes. We tray up everything and hand it out. Every year we look for cute trays to plate up our goodies on, but Garnish has given me a lot of great packaging ideas for next year. I think the Frankly My Dear and the Hip 2B Square, with a little colored ribbon, would be 2 items that would work great for our goodies next year!

  • Owen’s Mom

    I love the Push Pop With Lid (4 oz) on the Garnish site. I would make triffles with whipping cream, pound cake and fruit… I would also get an assortment of Plastic Bottle with Cap (2oz) for our next toddler cookie decorating party.
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  • debbie c.

    I could use the glassine bags to wrap up sugared nuts and cookies, and also give banana bread in the paper loaf pans! What a fun site.

  • Katie P.

    I would love the some of the knotted picks, I went to a holiday party and made an appetizer that used picks and they were not as pretty as the knotted ones. Another item I would use is the loaf molds. I love to bake bread and have one one bread pan, so these would be great to give bread in their own cute little pan.

  • I love the bakers twine and the little boxes. Id put all of my holiday cookies in them. I’ve always loved bakers twine :)

  • Elizabeth

    Adorable! Some of my favorite items are the little white boxes and soup containers… they’d definitely be great to give away some homemade goodness.

  • Adrienne

    Brown Lotus Cupcake liners! 1.5 Qt. Berry Basket w/handle! Wooden Utensils (oh my, I’m in EL OH VE EE!) The Paper Straws *Eeeee!*, Pack a Punch, Wow….awesome! I’m an absolute new lover and fan of Garnish, can’t wait to order a few lovelies!!!

  • Marciasnapp

    I love the bread pans for gifts! The straws are adorable too!

  • Carrie

    I really don’t know where I would start, so many great ideas! Love the “push-up” containers… My kids would love anyrhing served in them!

  • Every knee shall bow..

    Garnish= my new addiction!! love everything

  • Karina

    So excited about the garnish site. Your website has been Inspiring me to share my cooking with others. I’ve often watched Ina (barefoot contessa) use the adorable deli containers for picnics with friends. I would love to host a soup swap and hand everyone a container with the invite inside. How cute is that?

    The berry baskets are a must for Easter treats!

    Love it all!

  • Annie

    I’ve never heard of Garnish before, but after looking through their website, I just know I’ll be a frequent shopper! My favorite? The No Soup (or ice cream) for You (Ha!) container. Besides using it for soup and ice cream, I would use it to package and give away individual cupcakes. It looks like the perfect size to fit the height of a cupcake without damaging the frosting or garnish. But really, all their products are so cute and can be used in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this site!

  • This is a great new website for me. I loved the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws. The idea page was full of great uses to exciting packaging. But the “Girls Night Spa” idea really made me want to start planning my party!

  • Jlmcclure17

    I love the simplicity of Garnish. My favorite is frankly my dear.

  • Marie W

    Thank you for opening the door to this site! The clear boxes and the Friends tickled my fancy.

  • Dawn

    Aw, shoot! I needed the white cardboard drink carrier a few weeks ago for neighbor gifts! I ended up buying some from a local car hop that weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but made it work. I found online an idea to put spaghetti noodles and jarred sauce into a drink carrier and decorate the outside with scrapbook materials (paper, ribbons, buttons, etc.) The drink carrier I bought had 4 spaces, rather than 2, so I included a wooden spoon and a bag of candies. It turned out so cute. I’d love to adapt it for birthdays, teacher gifts, etc. Thanks for the new (to me) website. Those straws are just too cute! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind for future projects!

  • Tina D

    Wow! I loved everything on Garnish’s site. I would have to say that two of my favorite items are the plain boxes, and the cute twine! I imagine packaging EVERYTHING in those boxes to give as gifts. So simple, yet so adorable!

  • Babyfuess

    I love the Hip 2 be Square cupcake boxes. I know they would make my cupcakes stand out on a table. Thanks for Garnish’ s info I can’t wait to use them over and over again.

  • Rich4gina

    I love the “Good to Go, Frankly My Dear, and the Little White Boxes”. I love that they are plain and can be decorated by stamping, covering in paper, probably even painting! There are so many creative uses for them!

  • Djicenogle

    I just discovered Garnish a few months ago through your website! I love so many of their products, but if I won the giveaway, I would definitely buy striped straws, ice cream cups and spoons for my daughter’s ice cream soda shoppe birthday coming up in a couple of months. Thanks for giving us a chance to win from this wonderful resource.

  • Sherrie Morgan

    “brown paper packages tied up with string” these are a few of my favorite things! WoW! all at one website. I LOVE it! I’ve been looking for the paper bakeware, and here it is..can’t wait
    to wrap up my goodies for all my little valentines! Thanks for the info. Sherrie

  • Thumpertx

    I’d like the paper loaf pans…perfect for baking and gifting my cranberry orange bread!

  • I love the bakery twine – especially red, green, and blue for wrapping up gifts or holiday goodies. I also love the straws – especially the polka dot ones (red or blue, doesn’t matter to me!) Those would be so fun for a party, kids’ or adult!

  • Wendy

    I liked the biopaks and the twine. The twine is so versatile. It is functional yet adds a sweet twist to the packaging and you can use it to hang and hold other embellishments. What a great site. It is difficult to send people home with leftovers. Garnish makes it easy. Plus, the great ideas on the blog are inspirational.

  • DRTVrMoi

    Sigh. If only I saw the paper loaf pans 3 weeks ago. There’s always next year. Thank you for the contest.

  • Tammy Tucker

    Straws… would it be bad to spend an entire gift card on straws?

  • Kimberly Krier

    I would love their paper loaf pans. No more pans to remember to bring home or retrieve from other people!

  • Dawnye7

    I’m overwhelmed right now! Where do you start on that site? I had no idea they existed.The soup containers are great but now that I know that I can get a container to carry my ‘special’ punch ;), I have to have that one too.

  • teridok

    love the gusset bag with the cupcake insert…so hard to package cupcakes! I also love their descriptions…so clever!

  • Amanda S

    I love the bakery twine and the variety of boxes – I searched all over my hometown for just those things. How nice to have just ordered it online! Thanks for the post.

  • Andrea R.

    I like the paper loaf pans (what a genius idea!!!!) and the twine!

  • Maria

    I would love their straws. I think I would like to put them on cupcakes and make a soda pop cupcake!!

  • Angie T

    I’d like to try the small gusset bag for treats to give away after bday parties. The cardboard loaf pan would also be great for giving away bread.

  • Titko 2

    Love their decorative straws. It can take a boring glass of water and make it fun for kids to drink! It also spruces up any homemade drink by adding color and can distinguish different drinks at a party!

  • Rachelbraun4

    The individual size, disposable soup containers would be wonderful to share soup (or whatever else) with my homeschool group!

  • Stephanie

    I would like to have a cookout this summer and use the paper chipboard trays. And what could I do with those paper cones…?

  • Katie

    I love the “look mom, no dishes” paper loaf pans. I make banana bread all the time. This would be a great way to transport to parties!!!

    I would also love to get some of the Sippy-de-do-dah straws. We make a TON of smoothies in my house, this would add a little “fancy” to our daily routine.

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Jessica L.

    My husband and I have been looking for a cute way to distribute our wedding photo CD to our families and I love the metal CD case with either ribbon or twine and a cute label!

  • Elizabeth Peter

    I love it all! So simple and so beautiful. However, I am eying the push pop holders, the Brown Lotus Cupcake Liners, and baking cups for my daughter’s Wicked-themed birthday.

  • Stacey Wells

    i LOVE the different varieties of cellophane baggies, they will be a perfect gift for my mom, who loves to make homemade, beautifully decorated sugar cookies for her grandchildren’s classroom parties and birthday parties. i also love the clear “candy tubes”, i have been looking for a unique container (other than a boring bag) for a “Candy Bar” for my son’s upcoming 6 birthday party. These tubes will be PERFECT! Thank you, Garnish, and thank you Annie for introducing me to this site!

  • Tiffany Aiken

    The Oh Goodie bags would be wonderful for when I bring in treats for the men in my department. Thank you for introducing me to Garnish’s site!!!

  • amanda

    I love the paper loaf pans

  • Emilymargaretjenkins

    I’ve been meaning to pick up glassine bags for my baked goods, but I’m not sure I could get past those adorable straws! Lol. I need to look more closely at their products. I was previously unaware of them but it seems like their boxes and bags could be exactly what I want for the market bakery I’m starting in spring! Thanks for the link!

  • Abbey

    The disposable wodden cutlery looks so cool. Would love to try it out.

  • Toni

    Love the soup containers for packaging candy gifts!

  • Val

    I love the “soup containers” had a soup buffet and sent guests home with the leftovers. Also have used them to gift rosemary cashews as gift.

  • Natalie

    I really like the little squeeze bottles. They would be perfect for my daughter to use when she helps me bake and decorate. Also, the different colors of twine would be great for simple year-round wrapping of gifts coupled with the any of the boxes or baskets on Garnish.

  • Kmvanderkolk

    Those gable boxes & berry boxes would be perfect for delivering my Valentine’s Day truffles to my single girlfriends & co-workers<3 Much more impressive packaging than my usual ugly disposable plastic containers;)

  • Michelle Ross

    I love the berry boxes and the straws!

  • Denise

    Those pretty colors of In The Knick Of Twine would look so nice tied around the Little White Box.

  • Audrey

    I love their berry baskets, I fill them with berry shaped cookies and then share them with friends!

  • Robin

    Love the gable boxes. I can think of many ways I would dress them up. Kids can decorate the outside of the box and give the contents to grandma.

  • Emily M.

    I would love the paper loaf pans and the twine!!

  • Caridiez

    What a great site for beautiful and stylish packaging. The Beverage box will be very useful when we provide the teachers with their monthly appreciation breakfast, and the Kraft loaf molds are far more impressive than an aluminum container.

  • Marilyn

    Garnish’s site is so cool! I love the cellophane bags because, even though they may seem a little plain, you can add little touches and turn them into beautiful packaging!

  • JaimiD

    What a fabulous site! Now I want to bake and give. I love the twine – love love.

  • Karen Ann

    II am really liking he Berry Berry Quite Contrary! I love making treats and bread and those would be great for the gift look I’m going for!

  • Jennifer Romagnoli

    Oh my gosh! What wouldn’t I do with all these wonderful products. I think the “box lunch” is adorable I would love to pack up some goodies for a home delivery to a good friend. Thanks for introducing me to this site!

  • Oh LOVE the soup containers! I’m always whipping up soup & would love to give some fresh hot homemade soup to friends when sick – or just needs some warming up! So cute!

  • Suzanne

    I love the paper loaf pans. I would bake pumpkin bread in them, cover with paper and tie with baker’s twine for a delicious gift!

  • Debdeb75

    I love the labels. I love how creative you can be with them and yet so functional!

  • Lindsay

    It would have to be the paper loaf pans. Perfect for gifting bread!

  • Ann

    I Love the wooden silverware.

  • Lisa

    OMG – I love this site!!! Thank you! I have to order some twine!!! The bags are great too!

  • Love the paper straws and twine!!

  • Zsuzsanna

    This is a great source for packaging – I love the twine! It will be great for gift wrapping AND baking!

  • Alison

    I love the look mom, no dishes items. The prices are very reasonable and they are cute! I I love the idea of baking for others and not having to worry if I will see my bakeware again :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Sherry Flanagan

    I thought I’d buy the White Cardboard Drink Carrier (7.5″x3.63″x9″). I would stack 4 hot beverage cups (and lids) on one side of the carrier. On the other side, I’d fill with my own bagged hot beverage mixtures. I am considering hot chocolates with additional flavors and marshmallows, as well as instant coffees already mixed with dry creamer or other powdered flavoring, chai tea might do well also. Just add hot water. I thought this might be a really nice “after the holidays” gift in the dead of winter for those we missed during the season. The bonus is that they receive two sets of hot treats in one box!

  • Melissa Waller

    Love, love, love their products. Those gable boxes are so cute!

  • Laura K

    I love the rippled paper cups with lids. I’d probably give homemade cookie dough…..the possibilities are endless.

  • Anna J Yoder

    hmmm. Is everything a legit answer? But more specifically, I love the little ice cream pint containers. They are so cute! So much so that they are distracting me from working as I sit at my desk pondering potential flavors. yum.

  • Emilygriffin

    The twine and glassine bags would be great packaging for Valentines Day cookies, thank you!

  • Ksustacey

    Darling. New addition to my planning “wish list”! Thank you for sharing.

  • glenda

    I love the simplicity of some of the packaging….great for goodies!

  • Eileen

    I love the wooden cutlery! They’d look perfect on the buffet table at my holiday party.

  • Stephanie

    Oh, fun. I hadn’t heard of Garnish before. I’m a classic kind of gal – I like their clear acetate boxes and cellophane bags. The colored tissue paper in small glass containers looks really nice, too.

  • Sam Jennifer Musil Lindley

    I would love to keep a supply of the Kraft Loaf Molds on hand in both sizes

  • Nathalie B

    I actually love the favor bags…but really love everything!

  • Sam Jennifer Musil Lindley

    Would love to keep a supply of the Kraft Loaf Molds on hand in both sizes

  • Heather Hanson

    I like the red and white striped straws. I think they would be fun in strawberry floats!

  • Marylynnm

    Look Mom No Dishes…..Would be perfect for my Banana Bread that everyone enjoys.

  • Michelle

    I am always on the lookout for cute bags to give goodies away in, so the “Oh Goodie” section is my favorite.

  • Angie Spinner

    I love the no soup/ice cream for you containers! So much cuter to package ice cream in them for a party than tupperware! And the wooden utensils – how fun and reminiscent of elementary school!

  • Venetrise Jackson

    OMG! Garnish is amazing, just from looking at the website I have so many new packaging ideas. It’s so hard to pick a few of my favorite items, because they are all adorable. But I’ll try….. I love the Stick em up, No soup (or ice cream) for you, Pack a punch and Coffee Klatch Collections. Love, love, love!

  • Hana Kelland

    LOVE the clear acetate boxes! So much to do with them!

  • Kara

    I love the cute drink straws. So many choices for parties or just a fun way to spice up your everday drink!

  • KCMorrison

    Love the wooden utensils!!

  • Phyllis G Davis

    Looking over the Garnish site, I can honestly say that I truly love the site and would love to have everything. Their products are amazing from wooded utensils to “cello” bags, etc.

  • Tracy

    It’s all so cute, how to decide?? Probably some combination of labels and small boxes – have a wedding coming up, and these would be really cute for favors!

  • Rachel Willen@FoodFix

    I want everything! Love those standing up twine spools…my twine is rolling around a drawer and I like the idea of a spool that is standing up in my pantry…must get that…and more…

  • Lauren

    I love the different boxes and the twine. I’m always looking for something neat to give my family and friends baked goods in, and these would be perfect to have on hand. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays.

  • Susanmsmith1980

    My friend and I are thinking of hosting a cupcake exchange, so I would probably see if some of the boxes would hold several cupcakes (gable boxes or clamshell containers).

  • mamastark

    I also started thinking about all the homemade goodies I could package so prettily in Garnish’s goodies…and then remembered the caring hands ministry at church…we provide a helping hand with meals, lawn mowing, etc for families who need some temporary assistance, or help in a time of distress. I cook,(I don’t mow or shovel), and thought how nice to send a meal in boxes tied with twine rather than just under foil and in the usual disposable containers…a nice touch to further brighten someone’s day! I’ll get some for sure!

  • cinthia

    the special occasion package is lovely…i like that it can be used all kinds of things…so cute

  • Shanna Watson

    Love the favor bags & twine…Garnish is awesome!

  • RD

    I love the paper straws! How neat would they be in milkshakes/smoothies?!?

  • Deanna

    So many great items by Garnish! I would use the Pack A Punch container for Hot Spiced Wine for a Holiday Party. Patty Cake baking dish would be great for individual quiches. I could have used both of these last weekend!

  • Rachel Plemmons

    Love their entire site! More specifically, though, I love the red & white bakery twine! I would use this to pretty up all of my Christmas treats! I would pair the twine with the brown “Kraft Square Boxes” for the perfect holiday presents! Thanks for sharing this really great site!

  • Henningkm95

    love the girl’s night out package. Defintely something to do for my daughter’s next slumber party. Love the products and the site!

  • LisaH

    Paper loaf pans for quick breads. Tied to perfection with twine. Adorable!

  • Stephycox

    What a cool store. Isn’t it funny what gets us excited…packaging:) I love the paper straws and the paper loaf pans.

  • Brandy

    I love the clear square containers and just about everything else on there! I am glad I have found this site.

  • Psrrn

    I love it all!!!

  • Sharibaby678

    Wow!! So excited, overwhelmed, and inspired all at once! I love everything on that site!! I am a huge Barefoot Contessa fan and always wondered where she got her great containers! I’d love some of those for soups and stock. I also love the paper baking pans, the twine, the paper straws!! I am envisioning festive yet simple baskets!! I could seriously have a problem! :) I just want to package stuff now!

  • Amara

    I think there stuff is great! I would love some bags to use to deliver my photo prints to clients!

  • Laura P

    I love the Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws! They are so cute. I would use them for smoothies at a party. I also like the Stick ’em Up stickers which I would use for various gifts in little jars etc (I just send my sister in law tea and really needed some cute labels but didn’t have any. These would have been perfect!)

  • Von

    Love the loaf molds.! I have used them in the past and they make a great and easy way to cook/gift breads. The Contessa storage containers are nice also.

  • Nicolerenee66

    I love the loaf pans and twine. I love making loafs of almond poppyseed bread to give for gifts.

  • Jmariedaws

    What great products! Gave me so many ideas for my daughters 1st birthday party in 3 weeks! Love the pink twine and the bags and also the patty cake cups!

  • Aida

    Now I know where to go to get all the cute packaging things I see in magazines! I already ordered some of the red & white twine and some plain white boxes–the truffles I give away for Valentine’s day will be great in them. I’m also thinking of ordering some of the ice-cream pint containers—I love homemade icecreams and these would be much nicer than the grocery store ziploc containers I currently put it in.

  • Carlievarnum

    What an amazing resource! I can’t wait to use the adorable berry boxes and the rippled ice cream containers.

  • Kate Gallimore

    Definitely the straws – how awesome are those?! I LOVE making little drinks (for christmas I am making grasshopper beverages in mini hurricane glasses with cute little straws). Did I mention I am making chocolate snowflakes for the top?! In light of the fun, I would say my favorite products are the drinkware and straws!

  • Susan

    I love all the labels. Always looking for something new!

  • Apbirdsong

    Oh I love the soup swap!

  • Ldehus

    Wow, I love everything! I really want the berry baskets to package my strawberry cookies during our town’s “Strawberry Festival” and I love the stickers/labels for packages, cups etc.!

  • Sara S

    I would love the plastic bottles with caps – they would be great for hot fudge sauces or royal icing (which I really want to try using this winter break). I’d also love the Oval labels to label the cellophane bags with for little cookie gifts. This site is adorable!

  • Yen

    I need the twines to wrap up the goodies I have been baking for friends and family!!!

  • gingerfoodie

    I love making breads – pumpkin, banana, cinnamon, etc. So I would LOVE to have the disposable paper loaf pans. I’ve always wanted my loaves to look like someone bought them at the farmers’ market :)

  • Anne

    So many cute things–the disposable bakeware would be fun for making bread to give as gifts!

  • Jill L

    I would love to bring soup or send friends home with leftovers in the Kraft Ripple Paper Bowl With Lid. So much nicer than yogurt containers!

  • Debra Bashaw

    Annies Eats has become one of my most FAVORITE sites. I like to cook and i can tell you do too! Thanks for introducing us the Garnish, but it’s impossible to pick one item. Let me count the things…that crazy twine, Two for the Road, Sippy-De-Do-Dah straws, and those Gable Boxes for baked treats.

  • DiAnna

    I like the little goodie bags… that would be perfect for sending homemade cookies home with guests. I also like the picnic boxes. They are adorable! Thanks for all the new ideas Garnish :-)

  • cindyskitchen

    The Frankly My Dear and the Good to Go look nice !

  • I want the Hello Cello bags to fill them with my goodies I give out fox xmas!!

  • Rqp444

    I love the bread loaf containers. I have often thought about making sweet bread to give away as gifts, but then didn’t know how I would package them attractively. This would be a perfect solution! Thank you for sharing!

  • JenA

    Such cute and useful items? I love the loaf pans and glassine bags!

  • Lori

    Love the Contessa’s Way products! Anything to do with Ina is always a fav!

  • Cuinspain

    OMG! Why didn’t I find this site sooner? I am a sucker for cute packaging and any type of cute paper products. I LOVE, LOVE the paper loaf pans and the bags. Definitely ordering from this site.

  • Meandlou

    Here is how I “Think Garnish”~The “Coffee Klatch” cups would be wonderfully sweet to fill
    with homemade hot chocolate mix or ground coffee tied with a GARNISH spoon and colorful twine. I love everything on this site! Thank you for sharing! Happy holidays to all!

  • Jonna

    I like the straws and twine!!!

  • JN

    I love the colorful straws!

  • Page Song

    Oh I love all of them!! Have never seen such beautiful yet simple packages before.. i especially love the twine and the two for the road package.. perfect for a romantic roadtrip! :)

  • Janet

    Disposable paper loaf pans!! Fantastic idea!!

  • Tamika

    I have two favorites – the patty cake dishes and hello cello bags would be perfect for baking mini pies and for gifting cookies!

  • Layne21

    I love their cupcake liners and baking cups! I also love their disposable paper loaf pans and goodie bags!

  • Kmfacker

    I love the straws! I would love to use them to decorate for my sons birthday party!

  • Gushie

    The gable boxes.

  • Mcraesonthebay

    It is all great! The paper loaf pans would be great for some banana nut bread.

  • Dot Keesey

    I would love to get the pint berry baskets to deliver my homemade muffins to friends and co-workers.

  • Marilyn M.

    What a site! Love the “Look Mom, No Dishes” for gift giving and the Sippy-De-Do Dah straws are adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Leigha

    Oh, the straws would be A-DOR-A-BLE for my little boys 1st birthday party.

  • I LOVE this site and am so thankful that you posted about it, because I had not heard of it before!! I would absolutely ADORE the “Pack a Punch” coffee containers. I would brew some joe then pack it up with some treats and head for a breakfast on the beach with my girlfriends!

  • Lo

    I love the Pack a Punch. Love it. Love it. Love it.

    What a easy, simple way to transport tasty drinks (eggnog) to Christmas Parties.

    Heck, and why no pour them in a Paper Cone Cup (No Snow Required) with a Sippy-De-Do-Dah!

  • KM

    Honestly, I couldn’t pick any one or two products — it would be hard for me to find something I *didn’t* love! If I had to choose, I am probably most fond of their huge selection of kraft bags and boxes — perfect base for creating beautiful packages of practically anything (baked goods for all the wonderful teachers and neighbors in our life!). But my favorite part of the site has to be the blog with all of the great ideas. Wow!

  • Kelly

    Those kraft boxes are perfection. Kraft paper is one of my very favorite wrapping staples – a homemade, knitted scarf wrapped in kraft paper and tied with twine? how lovely! – but it’s so hard to find kraft boxes in my area. I searched high and low for this holiday season, and these are exactly what I wanted. Now I’ll know for next year!

  • Jmojohnson

    The clear boxes for homemade cookies & candy.

  • Susan

    I love the square cupcake containers —– perfect as a birthday treat for a friend!

  • Jo

    I love the plastic bottles for sauces and frostings. It would come in handy for our gingerbread house decorating.

  • Kelly

    I am always cooking meals for families with new babies so I would love to package the contents in the containers that are like the ones Ina Garten uses.

  • Rachel

    I could totally go for some of the ice cream containers. I love to make homemade ice cream and am actually giving some away to friends for Christmas. This package would have been even better than the mason jars I’m using.

  • Jlwphoto

    Cute stuff! I love the wooden berry boxes!

  • Holly

    I LOVE Garnish! I’d really love the striped straws for my next kid party!

  • Tashanir Reese

    My goodness, where has this site been all my life! I’m impressed by the selections they have and am I’m tickled pink at their “our idea” section. I’m inspired by their gable boxes. I make gingerbread houses every year to the kids in our family and my friends who have little tots. It’s a huge pain trying to deliver them effectively so they don’t break . I would love to get the large white gable box with windows. They will be so much easier to handle and the presentation precious. Thanks for sharing Annie

  • Judy

    I like the Kraft boxes very much

  • florence C

    I like the ‘Look mom, no dishes!’ and ‘hello cello’ – they’d be perfect for packaging cookies and bakes to bring to friends’ homes for gatherings, or to give away during a party!

  • I love the disposable loaf pans, they would be perfect for my orange cranberry bread! And, I have always coveted those deli containers! They would be perfect for sending homemade seafood salad to a friend!

  • Tiffany

    I would love the Kraft Loaf Molds!! Especially the little ones. My family loves baked goods for breakfast but always have way too much left over so the little molds could definitely help portion our breakfasts.
    The paper straws are also adorable. They’d look great on any table spread at a party.
    I’d also love the wooden berry boxes simply because they’d look so cute sitting in my kitchen! :)

  • Tarah

    I love the kraft boxes and take out boxes. The take out boxes would be perfect for sending guests home with leftovers from Christmas dinner.

  • Kristen

    I have seen Garnish on several different blogs in the last two years. Their straws have always been a favorite. I think they would be perfect in the summer for a backyard barbecue. And I think having those pretty little things in a glass container just makes everything look nice and makes people feel special that you even got fancy straws. :)

  • Heather

    I love love love the straws, twine, and all the clear tubes for various kitchen crafts/gifts! Awesome site! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alicia

    A couple of my favorite items were the small clear glasses, the sheer small bags and the wooden spoons,

  • Jen

    I love the idea of using twine instead of ribbon. And $25 would go a long way at $.10/foot!!

  • Joy

    Love their idea to do playdoh party favors for a kids birthday party! My little girls second birthday is at the end of January and this would be perfect! Use the garnish small no soup for you containers and the gable box-wonderful idea!

  • Rye

    Small white gable box to fill with cookies as a shower favor.

  • Adla

    The favor bags are awesome! Great to use for my kids, for parties, to send goodies to neighbors. I also love the boxes you used- super cute! Thanks for the give-away!! :) Love your site!!

  • Caity

    Ooohh, the disposable bake pans are just wonderful! And you can’t go wrong with the sticker labels.

  • Annie E

    I love the “Oh Goody” bags because they are simple but you could easily jazz them up!! And anything with a handle is a win in my mind!

  • Bree

    I LOVE the paper loaf pans! Those would be phenomenal for parties where you’d like to leave the leftovers with the host!

  • Lorrie

    Love the gable boxes and the idea page with the pretty ribbons on the boxes. I’m always looking for boxes for my homemade goodies.

  • Haleystencel

    I like the “good to go” and “do me a favor” products because they are so easy to embellish in cute ways that let recipients know exactly what they are receiving. Also, all presents are more exciting when wrapped with twine, in my opinion. I woul like to order these products to package the baked treats I have made for my kiddos teachers and my coworkers.

  • Rachel Tilly

    I also love the disposable loaf pans!

  • Stephanie

    I am in LOVE with Garnish. I’ve previously purchased the Red and White Striped Paper Straws for my husband’s 25th birthday party to add a nostalgic feel and they were a hit! As for the future, I’ve always wanted to have a holiday party where at the end of the night, I could give my guests a cup of parting hot chocolate topped with David Lebovitz’s homemade marshmallows for the road. Just a nice, simple gesture to keep my loved ones warm as they travel out into the freezing temperatures back home. I think the White Cup (12 oz.) with Lid for White Cup (12 oz.) paired with the White Cardboard Coffee Clutch and a ‘Thanks for Coming!’ stamped Oval White Label (4″x2″) would be the perfect touch.

  • Kassie J

    Love the Hip 2B Square paperboard dish with lid — filled with spiced nuts!!

  • Sooj

    I love the idea of a soup tasting with the condiment cups and then a soup swap. What a wonderful idea for a cold winter evening!

  • Patti

    I love those deli containers, the white paper containers (for ice cream or cookie dough!), and the paper straws. Everything is just so cute.

  • Jennifer

    I love the Look mom no dishes and the Berry Baskets. I am using them this year to wrap up little homemade goodies for all the “extra” people on my list.

  • Lib

    I have bookmarked the site and next year I will buy the acetate boxes!

  • Athena

    I love the paper loaf pans. They’re perfect for baking breads and wrapping them up to giveaway. I also love the twines and the cardboard boxes. I always give away a lot of treats during the holidays and throught the year and these items would be perfect for making cute packages.

  • Anonymous

    I like the kraft boxes and wooden utensils. There are so many themed lunches or gifts that you could make with these!!

  • Hharmon002

    I love the idea of take-home boxes like “Contessa’s Way!” Such a great idea!

  • I love the ‘Who Can Make the Sun Shine’ plastic tubes; they would be a perfect party favor filled with treats! I also love the ‘Stick ’em Up’ I love cute packaging and decorative elements!

  • Jen B

    I have been lusting after the Barefoot Contessa’s containers, wondering where on earth I could find them. Imagine my joy at discovering them at Garnish! My freezer full of soup, marinara and chicken stock is soon to be much more nicely organized.

  • Kat C

    Hard to choose, but I’d have to say the ice cream(/soup) containers. I love ice cream year round (yes, even in the cold winter New England months!), and now make homemade thanks to your recipes. So, that would be a fun gift to give!

  • Sue Evans

    Twine… and the contessa’s way containers!

  • Zoshadelonghi

    Love the glassine bags, beverage cartons, take out boxes, and so many more ideas. Would love to put cookies in the bags. Hot cider in the beverage dispensers and put together packages in take out boxes. So many exciting possibilities! Merry Christmas!

  • Andi H

    There’s so much to choose from! I love baking bread, but hate the way it looks when I wrap it up to gift it. So, I’d love the Look Mom, No Dishes loaf pans. Also love the take-out containers to deliver a delicious meal to a new mom. And, you can never go wrong with baker’s twine! Thanks!

  • Michelle Curtin

    I LOVE the kraft boxes and the cello bags. Both would make perfect packages for some homemade goodies. I love to make things for my daughters’ teachers every now and again and I am always looking for something sweet to package it in!

  • KS

    love the to-go boxes. they would be great to decorate and fill with goodies for holiday gifts!

  • Coastiejune

    I love the soup containers! I would totally use them for my leftovers:)

  • Kathryn

    What a cute site! My favorite thing on Garnish is the takeout containers – I would love giving them as gifts filled with treats. And of course Ina Garten’s containers: I always want to be more like her!

  • Amytfarr

    I love the “Look Mom, No Dishes”! What a great idea. I usually buy a metal aluminum pan from the $1 Store that looks pretty cheap. Same idea, same price but such better packaging! Great idea. Love the whole site – gives me great ideas to actually start doing some homemade things.

  • Jolene

    A few things I would buy and why….
    Sippy-De-Do-Dah~I love straws, they are sooo much fun to drink out of. They make any drink happy fun and exciting to drink.

    Do Me a Favor~I love the see through bags for putting beautifully decorated cookies in, for people to peek at before opening up the package.

    Chip Off the Ol’ Block ~ My daughters bday is in June and I have totally been wanting to throw her an old style burger joint bbq bday, the burger and fry holders would be super awesome to use for her party!

  • Jennifer B

    I like the brown lotus cupcake liners. These would dress up my blueberry muffins perfectly!

  • Jstoller

    I think the disposable loaf pans are a great idea!! I’d love to bake banana bread or Amish Friendship bread and give it away in those containers. The “Good to Go” take out containers are also something I’d use to give a gift of cookies or fudge. Thanks for sharing this great company/website!


  • Lauren

    The labels! I would love to use them for all our birthdays early in the new year.

  • Lynn

    Glassine bags. Use them for my daughters wedding.

  • I would love to buy some of those paper/cardboard loaf “pans” to give away quick breads. They’re so cute!

  • Ssever00

    Oh, I really like those “Pack a Punch” boxes…and one can never have too many straws!

  • OH MY OH MY!!! Thank you for sharing Garnish’s website! Love the berry basket, glassine bags and bamboo spoons! They would be perfect for my upcoming baby shower in honor of my first grandbaby this coming March!! OH YAY!!!
    So enjoy your generous creative endeavors and blog!!
    Christmas blessings and heartfelt joy……..~Sandie

  • Jubinsky2114

    I love the good to go boxes ! Perfect for bringing cookies along to friends!

  • what a great website!! i love the gable boxes, which would be great for my sugar cookies. and i love the colored straws, the twine and the boxes…all would be amazing for gifting my sugar cookies:)

  • Gable boxes would be great to stuff with cookies and/or muffins as holiday gifts.

  • Djjmjs7

    I host a holiday cookie party every December. Each year I am searching and searching for the perfect way to show my holiday cookies. I loved the ideas at Garnish! I also tried to sign up for her blog. I wasn’t able to locate the link, but sent an email asking to subscribe.

  • Hamfam00

    there are so many bags and boxes to choose from for cookies…I haven’t given a mix of cookies since hs and would love to start doing that again…

  • Dana C

    I wish I would have known about this site a few weeks ago when I was planning my daughters first birthday! I could have used some of the “Little WHite Box” line to pack up cute take home boxes for the guests like I had originally hoped to do. I also could have used some of the cute rippled cups for the hot chocolate bar I had, then guests could have made up a cup to take for the ride home also.

  • I love the boxes. I’m a minimalist so I love the little white boxes – although they have brown boxes too.