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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Happy Holidays 2012 – A Garnish Giveaway!

Garnish is my go-to resource for packaging supplies.  I use their products for our day-to-day kitchen use, hosting parties, and gifting treats to friends.  I asked it they would be interested in sharing some love with my readers and they generously agreed!  We are giving away $25 Garnish gift certificates to three lucky winners!

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me what is your favorite holiday treat to bake (or to eat!)

The Rules: One entry per person.  Commenting will open Monday, December 3 at 4:45 am EST and close on Thursday, December 6 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Three winners will be selected at random and contacted via email by the end of the week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Garnish and Annie’s Eats.

  • I love pecan tassies! I just had a cookie exchange party this weekend and it was so much fun getting to eat all the different cookies my girlfriends baked.

  • Terri A

    Snickerdoodles have become my signature cookie with my family. Always fun to see the reaction of my nephews when I show up with them.

  • Meghan Dexter

    peppermint brownies!!!!!

  • Tala Cox

    Sugar cookies! It’s just so fun decorating them.

  • I guess you don’t technically “bake” them, but I love making truffles every year for people on my holiday list. It’s so much fun trying different flavor combinations and personalizing them to each person’s tastes. Everyone always oohs and aahs over them, even though they don’t always turn out as pretty as I’d like! :)

  • Kaela Smith

    My favourite holiday treat, which doesn’t require baking – but is certainly delicious to eat, is peppermint slice… With a twist!

    The slice is made using crown mints, which when left for a day or so soften and intensify in flavour. These are so easy to make and so moorish I’ve included the recipe so everyone can give it a go.


    1 packet white crown type mints
    1 packet malt biscuits (In Australia I use Arnotts Yo-Yo biscuits)
    1 can condensed milk – 395g
    1/2 cup desiccated coconut – plus extra for rolling


    Finely chop or crush mints – I use a kitchen mallet or rolling pin.

    Crush biscuits.

    Combine mints, biscuits, condensed milk and coconut.

    Take large handfuls and roll into long cylinder shapes before rolling in extra coconut.

    Refrigerate until set – about an hour or so.

    Cut each roll into small slices.

    For a chocolately variation use a similar type of chocolate flavoured biscuit or add a little cocoa.

  • J Moye

    I love ricotta cheese cookies so they are my favorite to make! I am also going to be trying those vanilla bean caramels!

  • Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

    We love making and decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve! :-)

  • Jules

    No doubt about it, when it come to cooking (& eating) I’m cookie girl! Now if only I could figure a way to get on Annie’s holiday treat bag distribution list! ;-)

  • Sarah

    I love making gingerbread people! Made them for the first time this year on Saturday and they were gone by the next day!

  • Mary

    I love your Cappuccino Fudge & it is so easy!!

  • Usually I’m into chocolate-y desserts, but a few years ago I decided to try gingerbread. It was so good! (And something I could convince myself was a breakfast as well as a dessert.)

  • Celeste Stinson

    I love to make cherry pistachio bark and it is a huge hit with my co-workers, too!

  • Joanne

    Sugar cookies! Wedding cookies! Thumbprint cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies!

  • Kim

    Our go to holiday food treat is chocolate covered peanut butter balls…similar to a buckeye with rice krispies.

  • Catherine

    I love making homemade caramel corn to give away as a gift. People have been known to hide it from their families so they don’t have to share!

  • As the wife of a teacher we always get delicious baked goods from kids. I love trying new cookies they send in.

  • sarah

    i love baking caramel brownies and caramel nutella fudge!!! :D yuumy

  • Mary

    Italian cookies – a third generation family tradition and the ONLY cookie we leave out for Santa. We make many batches of these cookies every year and we only make them for Christmas! Everyone loves them! Hope your have a wonderful holiday season, Annie. Love your blog – it’s been a great inspiration to me!

  • My favorite holiday treat is fudge made with Andies candies! I could eat the whole pan.

  • Definitely peppermint bark! Love this blog :)

  • Maybe a bit boring but I love to bake, give and eat chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies.

  • My favorite holiday treat is the Spritz cookie. I love their almondy buttery flavor and I have made them for many years. They also seem to get better the longer they are round if you can keep from snacking on them. I have two cookie sheets that only seem to work and my cookie press was puchased with Green Stamps and I am sure many of you wont know what those are, lol, the handle broke one year and my step dad took it to a local welder and had a new handle welded on. It still works the best and I have tried many others but go back to this one.

  • Tasha Fontenot

    Oh I have so many, but two stand out. Peppermint fudge and your cappuccino fudge which I renamed to Espresso fudge :)

  • Peppermint bark! Yum!

  • Shelly

    Baking: Snickerdoodles! Non-baking: Butterscotch Nibblers! (Crispix cereal mixed in melted peanut butter, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips – cooled and broke into pieces)

  • Katie

    I enjoy baking sugar cookies and trying different designs with royal icing.

  • My fav treats is macarons! This year, I’m making lemon, white chocolate and rasberry, chocolate and chocolate/mint :))) happy holidays!

  • jacque

    Your Royal Icing recipe & “how to” has upped my status among my friends that I share cookies with. Can’t thank you enough for your in-depth explanation & step by step photo lesson. The sugar cookies are my favorite. Thank you again!

  • dana

    I love sufganiyot which are delicious chanukah donuts!

  • Karen

    Sugar cookies! I try to use yours as design inspirations but I dont have the technique yet.

  • Vanessa P

    I love to bake Oatmeal Cream Filled cookies. They are so loved by my friends and family!

  • Kelly

    Buckeyes! Its just not the holidays in our house without them :)

  • Gingerbread cookies – spicy and slightly hard; perfect for dunking in coffee :)

  • Jenny

    I made toffee shortbread last year and added dark chocolate chunks to it- and I have been dreaming about it ever since!

  • Amy F

    I am not much of a baker, but my one holiday treat that I love to put together (and partake myself) is hot chocolate. There are so many different ways to do hot chocolate – it’s fun and can last throughout the year.

  • My favorites are ginger snap sandwich cookies with lemon buttercream frosting, peppermint bark, and your Pumpkin Pie Fudge!

  • EllaByNight

    Sugar cookies!

  • Cookies are my favorite Holiday treat to bake (and eat!)

  • Jenn Roberts

    Peanut Butter Cookies with chocolate drizzle! Sooo easy and who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate! Happy Holidays Annie! :o)

  • Lydia

    I really look forward to baking and eating peppermint bark, fudge and decorating christmas cookies with my kids :)

  • Kristen

    I love my mom’s straight up chocolate fudge and also these raspberry bars with cream cheese coconut frosting!!!

  • Amanda Ferraioli

    I love snickerdoodles! They remind me of my childhood.

  • Peanut Butter Balls!!!

  • harmonyfb

    Edit: Wow, this is really kind of a ‘please, sir – may I have some more’ comment. Sorry ’bout that.

    When I was a kid, my favorite were these really dense sugar cookies that we then painted on with colored egg (pre-baking). The recipe came out of some women’s magazine in the early 70’s, and I begged Mom to make them every year. Sometime in high school, she lost the recipe. :( So every year I hunt for a replacement, without success.

    And every year, we went to “Old Taylor’s Candy Kitchen” and my brother and I got to pick out a bag of our very favorite candy, which we didn’t have to share with anybody. I always bought peanut butter triangles. Every year. From 1969 to 1989…when the family shut down the store. Still questing for a suitable replacement (they were kind of like buckeyes, except not so overwhelmingly sugary, and the peanut butter had a stiffer consistency.)

    Nowadays, I make holiday cookies from a book of State Fair Winner recipes from the early ’50’s. The meat dishes are horrifying, but the baked goods are awesome. Best oatmeal cookies, ever.

  • Jessica Cornell

    My new favorites are Annie’s peppermint bark cookies! I made them this weekend and love them so much I might need to make another batch next weekend!

  • Guest

    White Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal cookies have become a favorite at our house.

  • Elizabeth Ann

    I love baking pies! ;-)

  • Ariana

    Buckeye cookies – the peanut butter & chocolate combo is just too good not to include at Christmas time!

  • I love to make sugar cookies. And now I’m excited to try your recipes for them!

  • Courtney

    Rainbow cookies. They’re so time consuming, but I love the process. And they actually taste better with age so you can make them early. They’re also such a family favorite at this point that I can’t see NOT making them!

  • Cutout cookies – my family’s recipe – are always the first thing I bake for the holiday season.

  • Jessica F

    Chocolate chip Cookies and homemade carmel corn!

  • Laura Sessions

    I love to make sugar cookies or gingerbread men with my kids.

  • For me, nothing feels more like Christmas than gingerbread cookies. It was a huge success last year and I’ll bake some again this year!

  • Angie_R

    Making caramels is fun, but I love baking cookies too!

  • Megan

    It’s not Christmas until I make my Nana’s gingerbread men recipe with a special cookie cutter and cinnamon hots as the eyes and buttons down the front. It took me months to find a replacement cookie cutter a few yrs back. Now they are a treasured item. I have friends that look forward to them every year as much as my family,

  • I love baking several cookies for holiday gifts for family & cookie exchanges. Part of the reason I love Christmas sooooo much = ) (fav cookie is double dipped chocolate chunk. dipped in light white chocolate & into crushed, salted walnuts)

  • Amber

    I love big soft sugar cookies that are hand decorated by the kids – which always means a bunch of frosting.

  • Ann Martin

    I’m making marshmallows @home for the first time! I bet this will be our favorite holiday treat from now on…

  • My son and I make a homemade clementine and cranberry marmalade. We also make caramel sauce and some sort of a cookie. This year we will have meringues and maybe a nice gingerbread.

  • kate

    Hard to choose a favourite, but I love making white chocolate peppermint bark and shortbread for people on my holiday baking list.

  • Erin

    I love decorating and baking sugar cookies with my 3 year old, but I especially love to eat 7 layer bars!

  • I will be making and giving your hot cocoa mix and chocolate biscotti as gift combos!!! They are both the best I’ve ever tried! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Heather

    Sugar cookies! With royal icing of course :)

  • Kristin

    When it comes to Christmas, I am traditional all the way. I have to bake (and eat) a frosted sugar cookie! I love the decorating process with my children and see how many sprinkles they can pile onto one cookie!

  • Amber

    Any kind of cookie. There are too many good ones to pick. I just think cookies scream holiday cheer. So much fun to pass around.

  • You can make these anytime of the year but I specifically look forward to my homemade buttertarts at Christmas. There’s something cozy and comforting about a flaky tart crust.

  • Sylvia

    I wish I had time to make all the items you listed! Sugar cookies are a must this time of year!

  • Carola

    Traditional German blackberry cookies!

  • I love to make Egg Nog Truffles–always a hit!

  • I loved baking my grandmother’s sugar cookies with my mom and my daughter last year. We love too far away for it to be a yearly tradition (with my mom, at least), but boy, that made my Christmas.

  • Laurie Matzko

    This post and the Garnish website offer great ideas how to package up holiday treats. Every year my daughter and I make cookies or candy as teacher gifts, and I always struggle trying to find an economical way to package them up. My favorite thing to make and eat at holiday time is your fleur de sel caramels. We made them several times last year as we kept eating them before they could get distributed!!!

  • I enjoy baking during anytime of year, I studied at Le Cordon Bleu and I love to bake especially around Christmas. I get my three young children, they are 3,5 and 6 involved we bake for our family, friends, and neighbors. They enjoy making ginger bread houses, candy such as fudge,caramel,hard flavored candy, PB Balls, and sugar cookies decorated to resemble Santa snow,candle,wreathe,mittens,angle,bell,star, carolers,tree,and many more. I enjoy making homemade hot coca and I look forward to trying your recipe for that.

  • Kami

    Candy Canes cookies have always been my fave because my mom used to make them with us as kids.

  • Homemade peppermint marshmallows! I package them up with a mug and some cocoa and they make the perfect office and neighbor gifts!

  • I always make caramels. It was my mom’s recipe and reminds me of her.

  • Beth

    Peanut Butter Blossoms! They’re a Christmas cookie classic!

  • Katie H

    It is very difficult to pick a favorite! As long as it has chocolate, I am more than happy! Fudge is a great holiday treat though!

  • Erin – Mann

    Peppermint Bark! The only problem is that I snack as I’m preparing it and don’t have as much to share!

  • Sandy

    So hard to pick just one but I’m going to go with chocolate covered cherry cookies.

  • Lydia B

    The old-fashioned cinnamon star cookies that my parents bake are probably my favorite. Maybe this will finally be the year that I help with a batch!

  • Kate

    Traditional shortbread cookies! They remind me of Christmas growing up and baking with my mother :)

  • Jennifer W

    When my Grandma was alive she made the most delicious M&M cookies! We all looked forward to them every Christmas. Now that she is gone, I make them for my family every year and they are still everyone’s favorite!

  • Lindsay

    This may be one of the most impossible decisions I’ll ever be asked to make. My favorite thing is to try new things! I try not to bake the same thing more than twice! However, your mint chocolate cupcakes are one of my favorites from last years baking. Yum!

  • I love my grandmothers butter cookies… those were always the best

  • Cindy Stoffel

    I love making (and eating) ginger cookies!

  • Sandra

    I love making decorated sugar cookies at Christmas!

  • I love making molasses ginger sparklers and my hubby is a huge sugar cookie fan! I also love fudge but it’s just so dangerous to have in the house. :)

  • I love the tried and true Hershey Kiss Blossoms, but I make them with the Candy Cane Kisses. They are always a big hit.

  • kim

    i love gingerbread men

  • Crystal

    Fudge! I’m absolutely adding your Nutella Cherry Hazelnut to my list this year! I’m also hoping to take my first shot at royal icing this season.

  • TheresaSea

    I love butter toffee!

  • Kimberly Mincey

    My grandmother’s chewy cake!

  • Melissa

    My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles- I love to bake and eat them!

  • I love the peanut butter blossoms (peanut butter cookie with a hershey’s kiss in the middle). Classic and delicious!

  • Hope

    I love making red, green and white spritz cookies in different shapes
    with the cookie press with all of my family then using the leftover egg
    whites to make peppermint meringues!

  • Anja Vind

    My favorite christmas treat is a Danish traditional one: oatmeal, butter, cocao powder, almond essence and sugar mixes together and rolled into small treats. It is called Havregrynskugler in Danish:-)

  • Danni

    My favorite holiday treat to bake and eat is any type of chocolate cookie. I won’t be able to do my usual holiday baking this year because I will be on the beach getting married! But I’ll be right back at it next year!

  • Julie M

    Rum Cake :)

  • Gess

    My favorite are mexican wedding cakes…my Mother in law shared her recipe with me and they melt in your mouth! However, I’ll be making a variety of things of course including your chocolate marshmallow cookies for my neighbors goody plates this year!!

  • The Home Cook

    I love hot chocolate with marshmallows this time of year.

  • Happy Holidays! Hope you and yours have a wonderful season! My favorite holiday treat are chocolate covered pretzels! My mother in law used to get them from a special chocolatier and they were so delicious! She has since passed…but I think of her so fondly whenever I see one of those pretty twisted pretzels!

  • Leahanne Lockard

    Gingerbread house! We make one every year.

  • Claire H.

    My favorite is the chocolate with peppermint chip cookies. I plan to make some to give away to neighbors (and eat)!

  • chelsy

    I love my grandfathers stollen recipe at Christmas time.

  • My fav is heath bars that is my mother in laws recipe. I don’t dare make them here at home or I would eat the whole pan!

  • Debbie

    Anything with chocolate :D

  • Andy

    My favorite to make are sugar cookies and my favorite to eat are Ritz crackers w/ PB in the middle dipped in white chocolate!

  • Sarah F

    My favorite Christmas treat is DEFINITELY the sugar cookies my mom makes – they are an old family recipe and she’s the only one left who can make them. I’m learning, but haven’t mastered it yet. They are a little lemony and delicious!

  • Megan Coates

    My favorite Christmas cookies are chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies. Its a Martha Stewart recipe from years ago but its fabulous!!

  • Amanda Oxley

    I really enjoy making (and eating!) good, old fashioned fruit cake. So many people turn their noses up at it, but I’ve found that, many times, their only experience with it are the logs sold in stores (yuck!). Once they’ve tried my homemade fruit cake, they usually end up liking it.

  • Katie

    I love making (and decorating) sugar cookies for Christmas!

  • Michelle

    I make pizzelles every year…the anise flavored ones! I have fond memories of the smell of them baking and watching my mom stand at the pizzelle press.

  • Royal iced snowflake sugar cookies, I can’t wait to bake all the holiday goodies this year. I love the packaging from Garnish.

  • ajung08

    My favorite treats to eat are snickerdoodles and molasses cookies. My favorite treats to make are Oreo Truffles (so easy)! This year, I’d like to try my hand at some nice sugar cookie cutouts but I just don’t have the creative decorating gene. Maybe practice will make perfect? :)

  • My signature treat is Kentucky Bourbon Balls. My husband loves Christmas time because there’s always a bottle of Maker’s Mark around…now if only I could keep some for the bourbon balls, too ;)

  • Amanda Wesson

    Soft frosted sugar cookies! So yummy!!!

  • Anne

    Chocolate caramel crackers! They’re SO easy to make but so addictive that I only make them at Christmas time!

  • Emilee

    I like making and eating gingerbread cookies! My family does too, and I’ve been told I’m not invited to Christmas unless I bring them =)

  • Gillian

    Annie, are you kidding me with how cute all that stuff is? And it’s affordable!

    My favorite holiday treat to bake has got to be roll-out cookies – gingerbread, sugar, any of them!

  • Guest

    Sugar cookies, and they must be frosted with buttercream frosting and garnished with sprinkles. My oldest son helps me with the sprinkles! :)

  • Melissa @ Kids in the Sink

    My favorite thing to bake is pecan tassies or maybe fudge. I love them too much to choose!

  • Sue

    I can hardly wait to make that……..peppermint bark!

  • Guest

    Leave a message…

  • I love homemade granola- I make several batches and package it in jars that I would have saved throughout the year- I usually decorate the jar lids with burlap and a ribbon- last year I also made your French butter cookies- OMG! I just couldn’t believe how good they were- I will be making them again this year along with my mom’s biscotti. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  • Laura

    It’s hard to pick just one…but my favorite might be molasses cookies!

  • Sugar cookies, that have to be frosted with sprinkles! My oldest son now helps with the sprinkles! :)

  • I am going to be making a TON of Caramel Corn along with Cran-pistachio cookies dipped in white chocolate!

  • My mom always made Rocky Road fudge and Divinity…those always remind me of Christmas :)

  • Emily

    Toffee is my favorite holiday treat, though I have yet to find a recipe that’s as good as the toffee that my college roomate’s mom would make for us!

  • Claire Nettles

    Hmmm….good old fashioned sugar cookies! Though I must say fudge is fun, too!

  • Deb Stoltz

    Caramel corn!!

  • Kirsten

    Florentines… my mom’s favorite, and they are a labor of love!

  • Amanda

    I love baking Anise cookies! So delish!

  • Michaela

    I love anything made with Christmas cookie cutters! Gingerbread or Sugar Cookie, either are good with me :-)

  • I love all holiday baking and eating, but my favorite things all involve peppermint!

  • Sydney L.

    Fudge is always fun to make, but the other day I purchased a cookie press and quickly got to work with some cream cheese cookies. I think they are my new favorite!

  • Erin Shahan

    Christmas Chex-mix is my favorite holiday treat.

  • Sherri

    I always have to make brownies or everyone gets very upset.

  • I love to make peanut blossoms! yum!

  • Julianne

    My Swedish Christmas cookies!!

  • I love making creme de menthe squares for Christmas every year!

  • jeanneod94

    Southern Comfort whiskey cake! It is boozy good!

  • So hard to decide, but since my mom and I made Springerles last night, I’m going to go with them. I love cookies and other homemade treats at the holidays!

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    Definitely iced sugar cookies!

  • Lacy Harness

    I love homemade candy. I love to eat it and I love to make it!

  • I make these wonderful gooey chocolate cookies with bits of snickers bars and peanut butter chips. I only make them at the holidays because otherwise they’re all I’d eat.

  • Amanda

    My late grandmother’s Orange Chocolate Chipper Cookies – cream cheeses chocolate chip cookies with just a hint of orange, they are irristable and and addicting!

  • Good ol’ iced Christmas Cookies!!!! I could eat a whole platter of them….and, it is worth the belly troubles!! :)

  • Michelle Hudak

    I really like making peppermint merangues and sending them to my old college friends who live all over the country.

  • Heather M.

    I love love peanut blossoms. I can never eat just 1!

  • Kathy A.

    My most favorite holiday treat to bake is gingerbread men!!!

  • Kate

    I am looking forward to making Apricot Crescent cookie!

  • Amanda C Boll

    I love to make sugar cookies in fun holiday shapes for my family and friends!

  • Katie J.

    Chocolate Chip Merengue Cookies….and I learned how to swirl colors into them. YUM!!

  • Kristin

    Almond Roca is one of my favorites!

  • Jean P

    cranberry, white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies and traditional Italian cookies called Pizzelles from my husband’s family recipe!

  • Denise Wesely

    Without a doubt that would be Mrs. Young’s No-bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies. Mrs. Young lived next door to me when I was a little girl and whenever she made these cookies she would always save some for me. I am now 57 years old and still make these same No-bake cookies and remember Mrs. Young when I do! She also made great sloppy joes, but that’s another story for another time!

  • Italian Neopolitan cookies! They are tiny tri-color cookies made from almond paste, then layered with jam and topped with chocolate. It is a holiday tradition for my family and is given away in large slabs!

  • Gina

    You can’t beat a warm cookie out of the oven. I love trying festive new cookie recipes each year to bring to my family, last year was one of my favorites, white chocolate, cherry and macadamia nut cookies :)

  • I love to make rosettes

  • My favorite is chocolate fudge!

  • It’s a tie between the peanut butter fudge, which is heavenly, and gingerbread cookies, which feel like the perfect combination of fall and winter.

  • Abbi

    Sugar cookies with royal icing!!

  • Kim S.

    Making Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and baking cookies for our neighbors and friends with my kids is my favorite holiday tradition!

  • ashley

    Cream wafers! And toffee. :)

  • Stephanie Williams

    My favorite is gingerbread cookies. It is a great mother daughter activity. My daughter Caroline loves to do this every year, I hope it continues. Right now my 2 year old son loves to eat them, and my husband says they taste great even after the first day.

  • Mulled wine and cider for sure :)

  • Kate Lovett

    I love my mom’s soft ginger-snap cookies. Always reminds me of Christmastime.

  • Emilie

    I know it’s boring, but cookies!

  • Leanne

    I am a sucker for chocolate peppermint bark cookies– so much so that I grab extra peppermint bark so I don’t have to wait a whole year to eat them again!

  • Jen

    My favorite holiday baked good are the classic pinwheel cookies – they are just so festive and cute.

  • Love peppermint fudge!!

  • My favorite thing to make and gift to friends is a old family recipe for nutroll. Many memories tied to that nutroll!

  • I love baking and giving spritz cookies – everyone loves them!

  • Andrea

    Definitely fudge. It’s not Christmas without it!

  • Victoria Luhrs

    Sugar cookies with royal icing. LOVE.

  • Acey Holmes

    The biggest hit from my house a few years ago was this cranberry swirl cookie. I tried to make it a second time and it was a big fail…maybe it’s time to try again? I’m looking forward to trying some peppermint cookies this year, probably your peppermint bark cookies!

  • Heather Stehman

    Cookies…any kind really, but I’d have to go with chocolate chip pudding cookies.

  • I love making Christmas cookies – any and all kind! :)

  • JoAnna

    my favorite is gingerbread boys!

  • anniebakes

    I LOVE Garnish!! And my favorite is candied pecans!

  • Kate

    I love baking a King’s cake! My husband is from France, so this is a treat they have during the month of the epiphany, but it’s so good we tend to make it all winter long!

  • Elizabeth Bombal

    Lately, I have been loving your caramel brownies. Even though they are not traditional holiday treats, I think I will be making AND eating them this season. And all my friends love to eat them as well!!!

  • Jessica Reese

    I love white chocolate nutter butter balls. YUM!

  • Kaitlyn

    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but for the holidays it is probably peanut butter cookies with hershey’s kisses on top!

  • Chiara Tessari

    I love bak– alright, eating a Christmas dessert typical of my country: Pandoro.

  • Jessica Hall

    Spritz cookies are always so delicious around the holidays!!

  • Super soft gingerbread cookies! Yum!

  • ktcat929

    My favorite holiday treat to BAKE is decorated sugar cookies. It’s quite a marathon to get the cookies baked, cooled, outlined, filled, and decorated, but it is something that I love to do. I especially love the look on peoples’ faces when I deliver the cookies! By far my favorite thing to do around the holidays.

  • Amanda

    Snickerdoodles and good old fashioned sugar cookies…yum!

  • I really love baking (and eating) Mexican wedding cakes- tastes so great with a cup of tea! Off to go check out Garnish!


  • Lori Grigsby

    I love it all, but one of my favorites are Mexican Wedding Cookies/Russian Tea Cakes. Such a yummy holiday treat!

  • Cristina

    I love making candied cranberries- a nice lighter treat to go in with whatever cookies and fudge I include.

  • kierstan

    My husband and I just had a holiday party yesterday and I sent everyone home with a four different coconut macaroons (almond joy, birthday cake, candy cane, and dark chocolate orange) as well as some candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate.

  • Talina Bourgeois

    I love to give Peanut Butter Balls and Peppermint Balls!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Erin

    Almond bark covered pretzels are probably my favorite, but grandmas Christmas cookie are a close second!

  • Heather Koziarz

    Oh, how hard it is to narrow down to just one. I would have to say fudge. It is really the only time of the year, and I always associate it with Christmas.

  • Kristine Fletcher

    We love to make cinnamon rolls for family Christmas!

  • Katie McBroome

    Apple cookies! My mom would make huge batches to give as gifts when I was a kid. I remember coming home from school to find every surface in the kitchen covered with batches of apple cookies, cooling from the oven.

  • Kristin

    Salted Peanut Chew Bars. They are delicious!

  • Pam

    I love to make cinnamon candied pecans – put them in a cute jar with a bow and they make a great holiday gift!

  • Marci Moeller

    My family and friends are ecstatic to receive my Peanut Butter Balls every Christmas (i.e. chocolatey peanut butter bliss!) And we have fun dipping them, because someone always gets chocolate in their eye :)

  • Kristin

    I love baking cookies for people, and usually get a long list of edible present requests from my family. Oatmeal raisin cookies are always the biggest hit, and my favorite, too!

  • LOhou

    favorite holiday treat has to be my gramie’s sugar cookies. 5 ingredients that stand for such great childhood memories!

  • Pam

    I love to make cinnamon candied pecans – put them in a jar with a cute bow and they make the perfect holiday gift!

  • Darcie M

    While it’s tough to choose just one favorite, I’d have to say that mandelbrot (the Jewish equivalent of biscotti) is my top choice. I’m not Jewish by descent or religion, but I found the recipe in a FamilyFun issue years ago and I’ve made it every Christmas since. Also, your sugar cookie recipe with royal icing gets lots of compliments around here :)

  • Clairellyn

    It’s so hard to choose! More than anything else I loved the day long baking marathon my Mum and I used to have. Now I live too far away from her for that, but I still love making some of her recipes! My favorite would have to be a toss up between birch bark cookies (a white chocolate covered cinnamon cookie) or candy cane cookies (red and white sugar cookie dough twisted together and topped with chopped candy canes).

  • Lydia

    Dessert, natually, but to be spesific, generally I like baking what ever I can. Brownies, Tiramisu, Macarons…They all taste good. :-)

  • jessygrace528

    I love to bake miniature glazed lemon loaves to give away to friends and coworkers! The small size and bright citrus flavor make them perfect tokens of holiday appreciation.

  • Rachel Kirby

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite holiday treat would be banana bread mini-loaves.
    Thanks again for the chance to win!

  • To eat: Cutout cookies made the way my Mom made them, with almond flavoring!

  • Latina

    My favorite is Molasses Cookies…the smell like Christmas!

  • Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    I’m a sucker for cookies, baking them or eating them! :D

  • Casey

    No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies!

  • Rum balls are my most favorite to make and share and peanut butter fudge is my favorite to eat! Thank you for all that you do Annie!

  • Cathy Bissonnette

    Gingerbread cookies!

  • Lane

    Anything with broken-up candy canes in it!

  • Angie

    Definitely hot cocoa mix. I love hot chocolate over the holidays so much that I actually gave it away as a favor at my winter wedding several years ago. My mom and I spent many many hours mixing hot cocoa and assembling little treat bags and boxes!

  • Brenna G

    I absolutely LOVE baking up holiday sugar cookies and decorating them with royal icing. Not only are they super fun to make, but my family and friends just love them!

  • Noor

    Chai Latte Cupcakes with Ghirardelli Milk Caramel Latte Chocolate squares or mocha flavored wafers on top! =)

  • Larisa

    I usually make salted caramel brownies, oreo truffles, peppermint bark, and then a “new” to me cookie…and I’ve always struggled with how much cute packaging costs!

  • We always bake peanut brittle for friends and I still need packaging for this year, so this would be perfect!

  • Brittany Persson

    Linzer cookies! I am trying my hand at them this year.

  • Tracey

    Sugar cookies — I love all the possibilities for decorating them!

  • Beth Cato

    Tough choice, but I would say super-soft gingerbread bars.

  • Gail

    My husband’s Almond Roca made with his Grandma’s super secret recipe. He only makes it at Christmas but I try to make it last until March or April by storing it in the freezer!

  • Leigh MacD

    We make snickerdoodles with the kiddos every Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa. They love rolling the balls in cinnamon sugar and we all go to bed with the house smelling wonderful.

  • Pumpkin pie will always be my favorite treat to bake and to eat! Hehe

  • Gingerbread cookies with the kids!!!

  • Tammy Tucker

    I always make Bourbon Balls for my husband to take to the office. Making them has turned into a tradition.

  • Heather Boyle

    I would probably say that saltine cracker toffee is my favorite to give to family and friends. It is so delicious but very easy to make!

  • Willa McNeill

    My long time go-to has been pound cake laced with pecans, dates and candied cherries.

  • Lauren

    My mom’s coconut cream cheese cookies. Frozen! I think it reminds me of being a kid and sneaking cookies out of the freezer. (She started her holiday baking in October!) Love them!

  • My absolute favorite is homemade almond toffee!

  • Jean

    Would love to be a recipient on your holiday treat list! ;-) I look forward to making and eating fudge each year.

  • My favorite holiday treats to bake and/or make are truffles and peanut butter cup cookie/tarts. I decorate the tarts with a snowflake sprinkle. Favorite time of year are the endless hours I spend baking for others. :)

  • amy p

    any kind of pie – I love the challenge of making a beautiful crust and filling! Cookies (esp chocolate chip) are a close second!

  • Sarah

    Martha Stewart’s gingerbread chocolate chunk cookies.

  • I love making cookies. Although, I do believe that I am going to be trying my hand at teh vanilla bean caramels this year.

  • Sara

    Snowball Cookies (aka Russian Tea Cookies) are my favorite Christmas treat to give and receive!

  • Ashley Kerr

    I love cookies. My family has a long list we make every year.

  • Cory

    I’m now famous for making your cappuccino fudge for christmas parties, but my all time favorite would be making sugar cookies with royal icing! It takes me weeks to narrow down the design I’m going to do each year.

  • Peppermint marshmallows!

  • To make, definitely my grandma’s recipe for Snickerdoodles. I have her hand-written recipe card, so it brings back fond memories of her. And the cookies are really good… everyone loves them!

  • Thea

    I love love love making holiday cupcakes!

  • Though these aren’t baked, I love making homemade peppermint patties! They are so addictive! And it makes a lot, so we share most, but keep a little bit for ourselves in the freezer! :)

  • Audrie

    My favourite holiday item to bake is spiced chocolate crinkle cookies. It has so much chocolate in it and it evokes the Christmas spirit with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon.

  • Well ive just foun out this year i have celiac so this is my first gluten free christmas. Luckily most fudge is gf so thats going to be my go to hiliday treat!

  • amanda

    I love baking Ginger Snap cookies for my family and friends during the Holidays! Easy and delicious!

  • Erin

    I love making cut out sugar cookies….I’m going to have to make your gingerbread snowflakes this year. I would love to win!

  • My favorite holiday treat to make is fudge! My grandmother, who passed away last year made fudge every year for Christmas for the entire family to devour. Now that she has passed away it is important to me that I keep the tradition alive and make fudge every holiday season. Not only are there good memories there, but it’s seriously delicious!

  • Carrie M.

    Snickerdoodles, all the way!

  • My two favorites to gift are fudge and gingerbread, although with family across the country now I’ve had fun doing things like flavored sugars that ship a little better!

  • Stacyj

    My favorite treats to make and eat are Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes)!

  • Mestebla

    I love baking cookies, but I have to have fudge or it isn’t the Holidays!

  • I love pecan tassies (I grew up in Texas). We always left them for Santa growing up. I love baking for the holidays.

  • sbckeating

    My favorite holiday treat is a white candy my grandmother made- no baking involved! My favorite baked treat though are Spritz cookies.

  • Leigh

    Sugar Cookies!

  • Peggie Shultz

    It has to be peanut brittle. I make pounds every Christmas and give it all away (thankfully).

  • Fudge! We only make it at Christmas during our whirlwind family baking day so it’s a sweet treat that always bring special childhood memories flooding back to me.

  • Melanie

    Rocky Road or peanut butter fudge.

  • Donna

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is anything that includes peanut butter and chocolate- for instance, your Reese’s peanut butter cookies :)

  • gaea712

    The holidays bring out my pie-fever. I looove me some pecan pie.

  • Jackie

    love to make ginger molasses cookies and pecan butterballs!

  • Heather Ensor

    It’s so hard to choose just one, but my favorite to eat has to be Baklava Bars.

  • Susan Tuma

    Cookies of course!

  • Debra A.

    Every year I make small loaves of poppy seed bread with an orange glaze to hand out to neighbors. Yum! Thanks for this adorable giveaway! I love cute packaging! :o)

  • Krystin

    Gingerbread is one of my favorite Holiday eats. Spicy and makes a great treat!

  • My favorite thing to bake is gingerbread cookies. My nieces and I bake them up and they decorate them for Santa. It is a fun tradition that I hope to include my son in next year (he is a bit too young to help at only 6 months) ;)

  • Sarah Kate

    Cookies for sure! Right now my favorites are what my family calls caterpillar cookies (Mexican wedding cakes basically).

  • Maddie

    My favorite holiday treat to bake (and eat!) are these amazing White Chocolate Chip Candied Cherry Cookies. They are a staple for my holiday gift giving every year. They are super soft, chewy, and delish! Yum <3

  • Anne Blackwell

    I love the molasses cookies my mom always made growing up. Happy holidays!

  • Amber Tkaczuk

    Sugar cookies! Merry CHRISTmas!!

  • MollyH

    I love cookies, but I think my favorite is mini loaves of pumpkin bread. So delicious, and different than what most other friends are passing around at the time.

  • Amy K

    Without a doubt, my favorite thing to bake and eat during holiday time are my cut out sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies (made from ggm’s recipe)!

  • Not baking exactly but buckeyes are my favorite! Probably snickerdoodles for a cookie.

  • I love..I will eat the entire batch of Crispy Peanut Butter Balls!!

  • Jen B

    I like making brownies with different candies in them and I love to eat my mother’s butterscotch meringue pie

  • Sherrie

    I absolutely love to prepare pumpkin logs and mini-balsamic & Strawberry brownie bites.

  • maja

    it is so hard to choose, but I love making my great grandma’s gingerbread cake. it makes for a delicious and sinful breakfast:)

  • Sara

    Chocolate covered peanut butter balls!! Yum!

  • Erin

    Fudge! I’m not the biggest fan of it myself, but I know some people who are so I love making it! For me it would have to be cookies or brownies.

  • Audrey Gebhardt

    Definitely peppermint bark! I make 75 lbs of it every Christmas!

  • Stacy Hall

    I just moved from IL to TX and left my Mom back in IL. This will be the first year I’m not going over to her house and making all the cookies my Gram used to make. I think my favourite are thumb print cookies. Guess I’ll have to make them on my own this year.

  • Phyllis G Davis

    I can’t wait to make my soft caramels and this year I am also making “small” apple galettes for my dear friends!

  • Angela

    I love to make peanut butter blossoms and chocolate krinkle cookies! I can’t wait!

  • Angela Bear

    My favorite is old fashioned peanut blossoms. Always brings back great memories.

  • My favorite holiday BAKED good to make, eat, and share is nutmeg logs. I also love to make cinnamon caramels around the holidays.

  • Alison Jamison

    My favorite treat to make for the holidays has to be homemade salted caramel. It is fairly quick and easy, but always delivers on taste!

  • Candy cane cookies with peppermint flavored dough.. yummy! :)

  • Oreo balls are yummy but this year I may try giving away pans of cinnamon rolls for something different.

  • Sarah Keil

    i love peanut blossoms cookies :)

  • Tiersa McQueen

    My favorite holiday treat is anything with mint. I can’t get enough peppermint flavor during the holidays.

  • Mary Beth

    We love to make (and eat) what my dad calls ‘Peanut Butter Belt Busters’- a peanut butter cookie baked in a mini-muffin tin, with a reece’s cup pressed in the center right when it comes out of the oven. It may not bust my belt open but I sure need to loosen it after enjoying a few!

  • Anything chocolate covered…nuts, cookies, pretzels, etc…

  • Cookies are my favorite but my gift receivers rave about my marshmallows.

  • Raz

    My favorite holiday treat to make is Blueberry French Toast casserole with homemade blueberry syrup. It’s SO delicious… although it’s one of those “once a year” type of foods that make the holidays extra special! =)

  • Heather

    My favorite is making cutout cookies and decorating them with my 4 year old daughter!

  • Erika

    Chocolate cookies forming a sandwich with a pepperminty delicious filling, edged with broken up candy canes!

  • Erin V

    I love anything with a salty/sweet combo like those saltine cracker/toffee/chocolate treats!

  • Courtney

    My favorite thing to eat at the holidays is peppermint bark, but my favorite thing to bake is sugar cookies!

  • i am usually a cookie girl, but around the holidays fudge can’t be beat!

  • Anything with sugar, does that count. Hehe! I give away homemade frozen roll dough to neighbors along with homemade jam for Christmas. That is on the top of my list.

  • i’m having a hard time picking just one favorite! several things i only make at christmas time, like fudge and kolaches. but i think the absolute crowning glory of christmas baking is homemade stollen.

  • JackieKC

    I love to make caramel nut bars! It has an oatmeal/brown sugar base and then it’s topped with chocolate, nuts, and caramel. They are sooo good.

  • Jan

    I absolutely love fudge of all kinds, and I only give myself permission to have it over the holidays since it’s pure sugar :)

  • amy

    My favorite has always been the PB/hershey kiss cookies!

  • I love making almond cookies with chocolate icing. They are a newer favorite!

  • Well, if I have to choose just one…I’d have to say I’m most excited about giving away macarons this year. I’ve mastered them (with Annie’s help)! Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.

  • Natalie

    I’ve been looking for packaging for my holiday treat boxes! Thanks for the tip! My favorite things to bake (there are so many) are Mexican wedding cookies (so simple), Martha Stewart’s chewy molasses cookies, and pies of all kinds!

  • I love buckeyes! They are dangerous for me to keep around :)

  • Magic Cookie Bars!

  • I love baking candy cane cookies!

  • ConnecticutFoodCritic

    My friends and I used to do a cookie swap and I would make pistachio and cranberry shortbread cookies. So good! This year I am inspired to make your Cherry Hazelnut Fudge for friends and family. It looks delicious!

  • Kara

    Gingerbread men!

  • Krysten Buhlin

    peanut butter rice krispie balls dipped in chocolate!

  • I love to make, and give, baklava at Christmas :)

  • tiffany and ryan

    My favorite treat is the cookies that you press a hershey’s kiss into the center of. I like to use the candy cane kisses.

  • Donna

    Wow…pick just one favorite holiday treat? pecan tassies are the first that come to mind. Sipping a cup of coffee with a treat while enjoying beautiful Christmas lights is priceless in my book.

  • Brittany

    My favorite cookies to bake and eat are whoopie pies!

  • I make Oreo truffles nearly every year. They’re so simple, but everyone who gets them LOVES them!

  • Angela

    Smore’s bar cookies!! WITHOUT A DOUBT!

  • Liz N.

    My favorite holiday treats are cranberry and pistachio biscotti dipped in white chocolate. So colorful and festive!

  • Apple Pie!

  • Melissa K

    Hands-down, I love baking (?) fudge this time of year!

  • heather kim

    Baking and decorating gingerbread men!!!

  • I always have to make mint chip chocolate cookies around the holidays.

  • My favorite holiday treat to bake is peppermint bark chocolate cookies.

  • Carla

    I’m new to your blog (about a month) and within that time have made two to three recipes a week! I love it- so many great ideas and easy recipes for parents on the go. My favorite holiday treat is by far Peppermint Bark. I love making it for my friends and family. Your idea of making peppermint bark via a cookie is genius and I can’t wait to try it out.

  • I love making cinnamon rolls for everyone I know!

  • pri

    Mine has to be cinnamon rolls.

  • Kim

    I love finding new ways to package homemade gifts – thanks for sharing garnish with us!

  • evabakes

    I love peppermint bark!

  • Megan

    I LOVE to make and eat shortbread cookies!

  • Becca

    FUDGE or toffee!!

  • Samantha Yuen

    I love making white chocolate cranberry cookies. So delicious!

  • carin

    Spritz cookies. So fun to make, so yummy to eat. It’s not Christmas without spritz.

  • I love to make matzo candy during the holidays. As far as treats to give as gifts I always make my decorated sugar cookie in a Snowflake shape :)

  • Jordan

    I make Christmas cookie packages for my boyfriend’s family every year and my favorite just might be peanut butter kiss cookies. They might be simple, but they just seem so classic to me.

  • Susan Oetker

    Oh, my favorite is always our family’s chocolate cherry drops- cherry cookies with chocolate chips. But this year we’ve also made the most luscious pretzel rods- dipped in caramel, rolled in Heath, drizzled with 3 chocolates!

  • Heather W.

    I started making your cappuccino fudge the year before last to give in give bags for my husband’s office. I love sneaking a few pieces when no one is looking!

  • Vanessa F.

    Buckeyes!! I grew up in Ohio and now live in Northern Virginia. Homemade Buckeyes are a nod to my roots :)

  • Definitely cookies, and I love the traditional ones the best – peanut butter blossoms and gingerbread cookies are my absolute faves!

  • Julie

    My favorite treat to give is peppermint ice! It is simple but everyone always loves it!

  • bcr27

    My favorite holiday treat has to be chocolate bark. Instead of the usual peppermint, my mom likes to put in cashews, pistachios and cranberries. So good!

  • Sara

    Christmas cookies!

  • I rarely make the same treat twice, but I do love my mom’s Orange Dream cookies — white chocolate chip cookies with orange rind and orange extract. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Katie Mathis

    Chocolate rolo cookies! The combination of chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle is so delicious. I am going to try to make my own caramels this year though, wish me luck!

  • Erin Louise

    Cookies! Any kind…I usually go a bit crazy with them all. :)

  • Eva D

    Peanut Butter Blossoms are my favorite!

  • I love German Plätzchen – melt in your mouth, buttery treats:

  • Kristen

    I make sugar cookies every year.

  • Darlene Eisel

    I love pecan pie!!!

  • I love to make fudge!

  • Lisa Rodney

    My new favorite Christmas cookie is Martha Stewart’s Chewy Chocolate-Gingerbread – especially good when warm! I can’t wait to try your candy cane macarons – on my list for this year.

  • Molly Lupo

    I love love love peanut butter cookies with the starz in the middle from Brachs!

  • Julie

    Ginger krinkles!

  • Jen W

    Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate ganache covered peanut butter brownies are ALWAYS on my cookie table.

  • Jaspreet Virdee

    My favourite holiday treat to bake is my millionarie’s shortbread, soft sortbread base with a caramel sauce in the middle topped with chocolate *sigh* and to eat, it would be my mother’s Lemon Sour Cream pound cake with lemon glaze! Yum!!
    I love love LOVE this time of year, and they best part about it is that I get to bake with my mom!

  • Buckeye candies require no baking, but they are my favorite holiday treat to eat!

  • Christmas cookies!

  • Frozen shortbread cookies are probably my favourite! :)

  • My favorite holiday treats to make and eat are my grandma’s bon bons! We always made them as a family when I was younger, and we have continued the tradition since my grandma died with Alzheimer’s in 2009. They are the perfect treat to give away to friends and family, and it makes me smile as I remember her in the process of making them. :)

  • robin

    I love my mother’s spiced nuts- they make the whole house smell amazing and are great to have on hand for colleagues or holiday guests!

  • Almond orca and shortbread…mmm!

  • Andrea

    Chocolate peppermint chocolate chip cookies. They taste like Christmas!

  • Ashley Chambers

    Holiday baking is one of my favortie parts of the season! I am so excited to make sugar cookies and to try out your vanilla bean fudge! Yum!

  • Summer

    I love lemon curd tea cookies!

  • My favourite holiday treat is my Grandma’s raisin butter tarts :) So delicious!

  • Jenn Chen

    i love baking gingerbread cupcakes!

  • kate c.

    Fudge, for sure!

  • Shyanne

    My grandmas pumpkin rolls are famous around town, so I will definitely be baking up more than one of those :)

  • Emily

    I love making chocolate truffles.

  • Angie Morgan

    I just made a Red Velvet Trifle that was delicious. My kids and I love to bake cookies, too.

  • Minje Mulloy

    My favorite holiday treat is any type of fudge…to eat or Bake

  • Melanie Moreschi

    The cappucino fudge on this blog! Delicious and easy.

  • Pecan meltaway cookies (similar to Mexican wedding cakes). Not only are these delicious but they get the kids into the kitchen, rolling them in powdered sugar. Quite a sight to see – who says it doesn’t snow in Southern California? ;-)

  • I have always loved to bake, and enjoy giving freshly baked goods through out the year! My mother was a wonderful baker. We came home from school every single day to a different, from scratch baked wonder — cookies, bismarks (yum), yeast breads, etc. My most vivid memory is the year we made almond crescent cookies together. To this day every time I make them, I think of that day and all the baked gifts we were so lucky to have waiting for us throughout the year!

  • Karen

    Y-U-M. All of your cookies look amazing. It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorites to eat every year are the layer bars with chocolate chips, coconut, and nuts. I can’t wait to start baking!

  • angie k

    cookies are my favorite year round but at christmas, i love making “snowballs” (mexican wedding cookies) and candy cane sugar cookies. thanks.

  • Brooke Hallinan

    Gingerbread cookies by far!!!

  • Andrea Lenertz

    We are spritz cookie eaters at holiday time! Nothing is better than those sweet buttery cookies shaped like wreaths and Christmas trees.

  • Heather

    I love the chance to make a special birthday cake for Jesus! It’s different each year, but my favorite is Your dark chocolate salted caramel layer cake!

  • My favorite to eat is Russian Tea Cake cookies, hands down! I’m not a huge fan of making them though, because I’m not patient enough to let them cool before covering in powdered sugar, resulting in a melty mess.

  • I love making cookies!

  • We look forward to the cookie contest in the Indy Star each year and try a couple of new cookie recipes. This year Turtle cookies top my list!

  • Alley Wright

    Fudge, fudge & more fudge!

  • Snickerdoodles! i use them for all holidays just to keep them in my diet ;)

  • Laura Hauley

    I love chocolate Andes cookies, so delicious!

  • Carrie

    I love fudge. Classic chocolate with no nuts is my favorite.

  • Cynthia

    I get my group of girlfriends together every year and we make a gingerbread house from scratch. We each get one side of the house and cover it with our favourite candy. Then, we pour ourselves large glasses of milk, take a picture of our handiwork, and dig in!

  • CookingMonster

    I love to bake chewy molasses gingerbread cookies — and hubby loves to eat them!

  • Helena

    Cookies – it’s the one time of year when I can go wild making as many different types as possible (or as many as reason and time allow!)

  • Michelle D

    Magic Bars, known to some as 7 Layer Bars. Yum!!!

  • Nicole

    My favorite holiday treat to make are pumpkin rolls!

  • Mimi

    I love chocolate crinkle cookies!

  • Alex

    My favorite holiday treat to eat is fudge! Chocolate with walnuts.

  • Lisa

    My soft & chewy ginger cookies are requested by my kids every year!

  • Lorina

    I love pretty much any cookie I can get my hands on. But my favorite is chocolate chip.

  • Lisa

    I love to make and eat pizzelles, unfortunately my moms old pizzelle maker died last year and I had to upgrade (or downgrade) to a newer model.

  • A few years ago I was looking for a fun way to turn one batch of shortbread dough into several different cookies and I ended up covering small shortbread hearts with dark chocolate and sprinkling them with crushed peppermint. They’ve quickly moved up to the top of my holiday cookie list ever since. They’re kind of a pain, but so SO delicious.

  • NaDell Ransom

    My favorite holiday treat is the sweet cinnamon bread that my mom used to make a candy cane shape out of and it would bake Christmas morning. I altered the idea to make wreaths for about 40 friends because the round shape fits into a pie tin better. It only takes two batches of the bread and plenty of freezer room because I give it to them frozen so they can make it whenever they want to eat it. No one likes stale bread. Many of them now make it on Christmas morning and are glad to not have to worry about what to eat. =)

  • Kirsten Thiel

    As much as I love chocolate for the holidays I have to say my favorite (and most requested) item is my White Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Scones, they are delish!

  • Jennifer

    Cinnamon rolls are a HUGE tradition for me and my mom. My neighbors (and my mom’s) all expect cinnamon rolls every year.

  • I love fudge too. My current fav is Nutella fudge.

  • I love baking ginger cookies – I give them as gifts every year at Christmas too, Ina Garten’s recipe is the best!

  • My favorite holiday treat has always been our family’s famous Italian Dough Cookies. The recipe comes from my great grandmother and has been passed down through the generations. The recipe makes a rather large batch and my family makes a whole day out of it! My favorite part is dipping the cookies in the icing. Can you say finger licking good? ;)

  • Cake balls and truffles are always the most requested by my family at holiday time and they’re always so fun to make :D

  • I love to make chocolate covered caramels – a fond childhood memory.

  • MJ

    I make a whole bunch of items at Christmas, and every year I think I’m going to cut one off someone “mentions” how much they are looking forward to it. My favorite item is my homemade English toffee.

  • Talia

    I love baking soft and fluffy Christmas sugar cookies!

  • Samantha

    My favorite holiday treat is my mom’s peanut butter fudge bars. Oatmeal crust, fudge, and then peanut butter=AMAZING.

  • Sara

    I love giant plates of a variety of cookies!

  • Robin

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is royal icing cookies! I love coming up with new designs, shapes, and techniques each year!

  • Alie

    I would have to say peanut butter blossoms or peanut butter balls…or anything with peanut butter :)

  • Roohi Patel

    My favorite holiday treat to eat and bake is cinnamon buns. That’s what my family has for breakfast every year on Christmas morning!

  • Heather

    I love my mother in law’s graham cracker toffee!

  • Annie Song

    My new favorite cookie is the molasses spice cookie found over at I think I’ll try your peppermint brownies this year! :)

  • I love making toffee squares- melting chocolate over the shortbread is the best!

  • Lindsey Stevenson

    I love to eat and make sugar cookies with buttercream frosting!

  • bekah

    my pecan acorns – pecan sandies in the shape of acorns with the tops dipped in chocolate and crushed pecans

  • Peppermint Bark!! I cannot seem to get enough of it around this time of year.

  • Katie

    I love making truffles for the holidays!

  • Sasipriya

    It will be definitely cookies. I will always make the Pecan Balls(similar to Mexican weeding cookies)…

  • Claire Cannon

    My family’s tradition is to make prune cake at Christmas. But, of course, you can’t go wrong with cookies!

  • Emily harding

    I love any cookie but your peppermint bark cookies are my favorite!!!

  • emily allen

    When it comes to giving treats this time of year, I always go with the classic
    chocolate chip cookie! But, when it comes to my favorite treat, I’ll take a mug of homemade hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream..yum! Now, if only it will get below 75 degrees in Louisiana!!!

  • I really like making homemade hot cocoa mix and marshmallows to give away. Every one is always so excited to receive them!

  • Elizabeth Piasecki

    Probably Christmas morning cinnamon rolls or gingerbread biscotti (that I learned to make from you! And that is now a huge hit with the family!)… really, I just love to eat all things holiday baking!

  • looloolooweez

    My favorite things to bake and eat are not the same things! I love to bake pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast — fast, simple, healthy, tasty. But my fav thing to eat is cheesecake… which I have not the talent to make properly. So sad, but oh well.

  • Meegs3

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is espresso fudge! Its always a crowd-pleaser!

  • I love to make sugar cookies at Christmas time and decorate them with my children.

  • I’m all about the fudge! Any way, any shape and any flavor!

  • Laura Williams

    Gingerbread cookies are the best! Anything with molasses.

  • jfrench17765

    My favorite (actually they are my boys’ favorite) are buckeyes. I love making them with my 2 kiddos Wyatt and Trace, they love them and so do I! My 5 year old is already asking when we are making them! I would love being put on Annie’s trat bag list too!! ;)

  • Wesley & Carina Taylor

    I love making candies! Fudge, caramel, toffee, divinity and more :)

  • Rebecca Black

    I love my mother’s “cracker candy” made with saltines, caramel, chocolate, and pecans. It is totally addictive…guess that’s why they call it “crack”. ;)

  • Kari

    Peanut butter blossoms!

  • Honi

    I love to make maple popcorn. It’s a family recipe so it feels extra special to make and everyone really enjoys eating it! :)

  • Sugar cookies!

  • disqus_ZtpA2zL1CE

    I love baking sugar cookies and fruit cake.

  • Christiana

    Gingerbread, snowflake cookies decorated with royal icing. To me these scream, “it’s Christmas time!”

  • Meg

    Favorite holiday treat to make, and eat, hands down, my Grandma Mary’s spritzgebäck (spritz cookies). She’s been dead for many years, but baking them never fails to conjure up happy, wonderful memories for my father and keeps her spirit with us during the holiday season.

    A close second is making your lemon vanilla-bean sugar cookies and having my young cousins and my goddaughter over to help royal ice them. Your wonderful inspiration and instructions has started a new tradition and will no doubt provide us with many happy memories in the years to come.

  • Kelly

    As cliche as it is, a simple Pumpkin Pie will always and forever be my favorite holiday treat, despite all the more exciting and challenging recipes I’ve tried.

  • Jessica

    My favorite holiday treat to make and eat are Buckeyes (peanut butter and chocolate balls!)

  • Jessica

    I love Saltine Cracker Candy my grandma makes is always tasty. I love to make an Italian almond cake.

  • Shannon

    Favorite treat to bake? We like to make scandanavian almond cake.

  • Kristin M.

    I love baking different kinds of cookies and this year I am obsessed with peppermint/chocolate baked goods. For some reason, I never baked this combo in the past, only enjoyed some candies. Well, that is changing and it’s delicious!

  • Shannon Giles

    I love making sugar cookies to decorate with my kids!

  • Lynn

    Any type of cookie is my favorite! though last year I made your caramels and they were a huge hit.

  • andreafrey10

    Definitely cookies so my kids can easily help. :)

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love peanut butter fudge! Yum!

  • My favorite treat is brunkake, a Scandinavian cookie that is basically butter and three kinds of sugar!

  • Christy Arthur

    I love to eat caramels and peanut butter fudge. But, I love to bake cookies!

  • Kolergulfbreeze

    I love to bake White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies w/vanilla bean icing!!!

  • I love anything pumpkin…pie…cake…creme brûlée. :p

  • MaryB

    Both cookies and spiced nuts are my favorites to give and to eat! Thanks for offering the giveaway. I love the great packaging.

  • Kaitlin

    I love to bake Confetti Cookies. I always made them with my grandma when I was little, and while they aren’t the easiest thing to throw together, they bring back great memories.

  • Mary

    Gingerbread cookies are the tried and true tradition in our family! But I do love experimenting too… THANKS for the giveaway!!!

  • Lisa Hansen

    By far, it’s the homemade carmel/nougat candy my mom starting making close to 40 years ago. I’ve carried on the tradition, and teaching my daughters the recipe this year! I definitely need help in the packaging department.. Thanks for the chance!


    I love to make mexican snowballs to give as gifts!!

  • We celebrate Eid and not Christmas so on our holiday I love to make a dessert called Sheer Khorma which is a milk based dessert with fried vermicilli.

  • Debbie C

    I LOVE eating candied pecans! I often receive them around the holidays and I usually eat them all in a day.

  • Jackie

    My mom makes homemade Mounds balls that are to die for!!!

  • Liz

    Glazed pecans and caramel corn! Love the sugar cookies and peanut butter blossoms, too!

  • Stephanie C.

    My favorite holiday treat is typically cinnamon rolls.

  • Whoopie Pies are by far our most favorite holiday treat- a little red or green food color to make them more festive…or roll them into crushed candy canes for some extra yumminess!

  • elaine1954

    My most requested is zucchini bread… teachers, friends, relative and kids all want that for Christmas!

  • Jennifer D

    My girls and I love to bake and decorate gingerbread cookies.

  • Love your peppermint brownie was a hit last year so going to make it again this year for friends and family.

  • Jill

    Mint chocolate cupcakes–from Martha’s Cupcake book.

  • I love to make and decorate sugar cookies!

  • My favorite treat is caramels and shortbread – both always remind me of the holidays!

  • Shannon

    I love anything with peppermint – bark, cookies, and I will be trying your brownies.

  • Samantha

    This is a tough one, but I think my favorite Christmas treats to make are marshmallows. They are so much better than store bought, they can be used for tons of things, and they are much simpler to make than people think they are! Friends and family I give cookie/treat plates too are always impressed with them!

  • Keetra T

    Peanut blossom cookies! I could eat them all year long, but save them for the holidays as a special treat.

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite holiday treat is my Grandma’s chocolate crinkle cookies-they’re the best because of who makes them!

  • Lara Burns

    Homemade hot chocolate mix!

  • Shae Tilson

    Caramels! So tasty and really quite easy!

  • madeleine

    i love german vanillekipferl. they are so good. greetings from germany!

  • Alyssa

    I always love making our gingerbread house and munching on the scraps!

  • Lynsey Scottberg

    I love to make biscotti for coworkers and friends – I’d love to find a spiced recipe to try this year!

  • Such a hard question! I think that your peppermint bark cookies may be my favorite. They are always such a a huge hit for the family, too!

  • Britt

    not much of a baker, but i love those peanut butter hershey kiss cookies!

  • kelly

    I like baking LSU Gingerbread Men!

  • Jackie

    peppermint bark

  • Jenna

    As a good Minnesotan Scandinavian, I love making (and eating) spritz. They are delicious and the cookie press is so fun to use!

  • Elizabeth Kervick

    Hmmmm… favorites are hard! I really enjoy eating stollen on Christmas morning. And this year I’m looking forward to making Lebkuchen.

  • Avilene

    I recently discovered peanut butter fudge and I am so in love with it! I have yet to try making it and of course I will be using your recipe for it this weekend as a way to relief stress before my finals!

  • I love to make your sugar cookies with royal icing.

  • I love to make the candy cane cookies, I sit down with my two balls of dough (red and white) and listen to Lionel Barrymore play Scrooge in The Campbell’s Playhouse A Christmas Carol. The nostalgic feeling sets in and it fills me with the holiday spirit.

  • Susan F

    I love all baked goods but my favorite thing to make and eat is my recipe for sugar cookies. They are light, crisp, and simply delicious. I give them away every year!

  • Emily S Hunt

    Peppermint bark! I get requests every year!

  • mariescuisine


    I’m actually, for the first time, holding a cookie exchange party this Sunday.

    Also: Oh my!! am I dreaming? It doesn’t specify US only!!~~ I’m in Canada (and so willing to pay duty fees!)

  • Kendra A.

    I love Garnish. What a fun giveaway! My favorite holiday treat is the Buckeye. I can totally make them other times of the year, but they always make a singular appearance in December. A childhood favorite.

  • Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe

    I can never get enough shortbread around the holidays and I love experimenting with new recipes and flavors!

  • Peanut butter blossom cookies. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them! :)

  • Ally Schamaun

    My favorite treats to make and eat are gingerbread cookies. It’s the one time of year that gingerbread gets to shine!

  • I love making carrot cake for Easter.

  • Gretchen

    a family recipe – grandma weimeister cookies (molasses & other spices) – the dough seems to never end so we always have what seems like hundreds of cookies!

  • TykishaP2008

    My favorite holiday treat to make is sweet potato cheesecake. I got the recipe out of a magazine years ago and it has become a staple during the fall holiday season.

  • courtney wheatman

    I enjoy the cookie cutouts!! My girls and I love the Christmas cookie cutters!!

  • Amanda

    I love to make shortbread and butterscotch fudge. They both keep well, package up perfectly, and taste great! :)

  • Jennifer Tsutsumi

    I love baking batches of cookies during the holiday season! Anything with chocolate is great.

  • I bake sugar cookies with my grandchildren using my Grandmothers recipe and cookie cutters. What a special time!

  • Cracker Candy!

  • Megan Sargeant

    I love making classic shortbread cut-out cookies and going to town with little bowls and bags of all the toppings- coconut for snow, chow mein noodles for branchces, royal icing (of course), sprinkles, sanding sugar, and so on! Nothing reminds me more of Christmas than my mom and all us kids decorating Christmas cookies.

  • Jessica

    I always have to have peanut butter blossoms. My family made them every. single. year. at Christmas so they are a necessary part of the tradition for me.

  • Emma

    My favorite treat is probably eggnog, but I just learned to make truffles and will almost certainly be sending out a bunch of those.

  • kelly

    my soft sugar cookie recipe!

  • Meg S

    I love making Mexican Wedding Cookies for Christmas!

  • Meagan Froemming

    Hard to say what my favorite is…I think good old fashioned gingerbread is the best (or maybe I’m just craving it right now…!!) Thanks!

  • leanna

    I love chocolate covered pretzels. Even though I love to bake, these simple treats are my favorite christmas candy to eat.

  • Rosie

    Christmas cookies

  • disqus_3Fze8JHTzX

    I love making pecan bars – they’re like pecan pie in bar form! So good!

  • Kat

    I love to bake (and eat!) chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies! But I’m looking forward to trying out some fudge this Christmas, too

  • alie

    Peanut Butter Blossoms and Pecan balls are classic Christmas for us.

  • Kari M

    I love making Christmas cookies with my daughter every year!

  • Megan

    Peppermint Bark! I’m looking forward to trying your peppermint bark cookies!

  • disqus_djaEjIrZ47

    This will be my first year baking goodies to give away. Could be the beginning of a new tradition for me :).

  • DIvinetrust

    divinity, used to try to get as much as I could out of my next door neighbor each year since her grandma always made it. “Go grab some more from the kitchen table!” lol

  • Caroline Bentley

    Around Christmas I always love to have red velvet cake! I guess the red just reminds me of the holiday and I always love the cream cheese icing!!

  • Fudge, all the way! :)

  • Suzanne Mooney

    Marshmallows and lots of them!

  • Jessica Austin

    I love making sugar cookies!!

  • Cindy Borzych

    Christmas isn’t Christmas without pecan fingers. I use a wonderful family recipe that calls for baking at a low heat (200) for 1 hour. Just delicious. Time consuming but so worth it.

  • Jenn

    I would have to say gingerbread cookies! There is nothing like a warm gingerbread and cup of milk.

  • Lindsay

    I love to bake red velvet whoopie pies during the holidays!

  • Dodi

    Coconut shortbread cookies with raspberry or apricot jam…..yum!!!

  • Gaby

    roasted lamb and potatoes! we’re a greek fam over here.

  • erin mansfield

    I made a spiced rum cake a few years ago. Ever since, my family won’t let me bring anything else. Thankfully, it is SUPER easy to make!

  • Abby

    I love to make peanut butter popcorn to give away!

  • grilled_salmon

    I do very much enjoy demolishing Gingerbread houses. ^_^

  • Kate

    Classic sugar cookies with royal icing – you just can’t go wrong with those!

  • Susan

    My two favorites to bake are spritz cookies and kolache cookies

  • Rebecca Madsen

    Christmas cookies!

  • Shawna Organisciak

    Cookies! Cookies cookies cookies :)

  • Susanne Murphy

    I love the brown paper and burlap! Every year I make a White Chocolate pound cake with brandied cranberries and egg nog whipped cream. It is so divine that I make it EVERY year!

  • FailBox

    Those burlap bags are so CUTE!
    I really really love saltine bark – its the simplest thing ever to make, but something about the sweet/salty/caramel/chocolate-ness of it all is just amazing.

  • Meghan Carless

    My favorite holiday treat is shortbread cookies, nothing better with a cup of cocoa!

  • mint chocolate brownies!

  • Caroline

    ginger molasses cookies :)

  • I love sugar cookies and pecan pie. I don’t turn anything away though :-)

  • Hannah H

    I love homemade caramels. There is nothing like them.

  • allycupcake

    My absolute favorite holiday treat to bake and eat is fudge! I love that I can make so many variations of it and that it also makes such a great little gift that people adore. :)

  • Gingerbread cookies, made with orange zest. Yum!!

  • Peanut butter thumbprint cookies, gingerbreads, and chocolate-mint m&m cookies — love ’em!

  • Corinne

    Last year I tried your recipe for Choc Peanut Butter cup cookies and they were TO DIE FOR! I am definitely making them again this year!

  • Kanishka

    I love your peppermint brownies! I made them last year and they were such a hit I made a second batch for another event. I’ve already stocked up on the kisses and looking forward to making and eating them!

  • My mom’s recipe for chocolate peanut butter balls! I’ve even made them gluten-free and vegan for friends who have dietary restrictions. :)

  • I’m shipping blondies to my sweetheart this year!

  • Lee

    How to choose? Cookies of all kinds – but peanut butter blossoms, Russian tea cakes, and a lemon cookie my mother purchases from a local bakery in her area would have to top the list.

  • We love baking chocolate mint pinwheels, chocolate chip cookies (simple but amazing when done well), and making sugar cookies for Santa!

  • MaryBeth Ddd

    Cream cheese-stuffed strawberries were a big hit at my Christmas party last year, so I’ll be sure to make them again this year!

  • Glazed Jello cookies!

  • Jennifer

    I’m all about the peppermint bark

  • Valerie LeComte

    I love making a variety of Christmas cookies!

  • Krista S.

    Cocoa mint dollars. They’re like soft and chewy mint oreos. :)

  • Our family must have church windows each year…chocolate “cookie” studded with colored mini marshmallows and rolled in powdered sugar. So pretty!

  • I love peppermint bark!

  • Heidi Hoffman

    My favorite holiday treat is peppermint bark!

  • Heather

    My mom and I have been Christmas cookie baking for over 10 years now!! We devote 2 days to it during the season and make about 24 varieties 1000+ cookies!! I love making caramels, sugar cookies decorated for the season, krumkake and fatimans!!

  • Jennifer Frazier

    I love your apple pie cupcakes!

  • rebecca

    Hands down, Jam Thumbprints rolled with walnuts. From an old recipe, I loved making these with my Mom growing up. Super time consuming and messy, but so worth it.

  • I love making butter tarts with currants, my grandmother’s recipe. They remind me of spending Christmas in Canada with family. This year I am going to try your peppermint brownies – they look delicious!

  • Michele

    Every year I make my mother’s sugar cookie recipe and decorate the cookies with her super sweet butter cream frosting. One of my favorite cookie cutters that she uses each year is a Santa Claus and I’ve been searching for a similar one for years, but with no luck. I’m keeping my eyes open and hope to stumble upon something that will live up to her Santa.

  • Peanut butter blossom cookies. Such a fun tradition!

  • Ashley

    My aunt makes an amazing Italian Creme Cake for Christmas every year.. Wouldn’t be the same without it!

  • Meg

    Favorite to make, hands down, spritzgebäck (spritz cookies). It just isn’t Christmas without them.

  • Gina

    Peppermint brownies!

  • Beth

    Peanut butter blossom cookies as they are always requested by my nephews. And cranberry pistachio biscotti. Can’t wait to start baking!!

  • I love making, and eating, my grandmothers Italian cookies!

  • Jamie Martin

    I LOVE caramel corn! So yummy :)

  • DanielleMann

    Wow, I can only pick 1. I just started my journey in sugar cookies, and am really enjoying baking those. I think it will be so fun for christmas! =)

  • Kelsey Williams

    My favorite has to be chocolate covered pretzels. I know I can make them all year round, and I know there are many more impressive treats, but they always make me feel like the holidays are near.

  • Suzannah

    I have to pick?! I love almost all cookies – gingerbread and your soft frosted sugar being my favorites – but another favorite treat are these seasoned oysterette crackers that my husband’s aunt makes every year. Yum…

  • Like you, I am obsessed with FUDGE!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Kala-Dawn Larsen

    My favorite are the buttertarts. They were my grama’s recipe, and the flaky pastry from scratch with the goey filling is heaven! My mom taught me how to make them, so they are a family recipe now

  • Tara

    I can never pass up those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kiss in the middle!

  • Jacqueline Pankhurst

    Kolackys are the BEST

  • van

    I love to bake cookies with festive holiday colors!

  • Bryn

    I am a fan of peanut butter cookies with milk chocolate chips placed on top (I find three to be perfect… one for each bite!)

  • Emily

    Snickerdoodle cookies or congo bars!!!

  • I’m a cookie girl. One of my most vivid holiday memories with my mom is making iced sugar cookies. I loved all the different cookie cutters and sprinkles. Of course decorating them was the best part. Mom’s icing always looked perfect. Mine…well, they were definitely the art of a kid.

  • Karen

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is biscotti, all different flavors.

  • my grandmother’s recipe – grizzle knuckles – chocolate, nuts, coconut all covered in confectioners sugar. delicious!

  • Katherine Duncan

    I love to make toffee every year for the holidays, because it is so easy and everyone really loves it!

  • Pamela

    Peppermint brownies, for sure!

  • Amy

    Each year I bake chocolate chip cookies with dried cherries, oats, and toffee bits – so delicious!

  • Gingerbreadd Cookies! decorating them is my favorite part:)

  • Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookies

  • Joanna F

    Molasses cookies!

  • Molly Snyder

    We love baking gingerbread cookies because my son, who’s allergic to EVERYTHING, isn’t allergic to gingerbread cookies. :) And I’ve really been wanting to try out some garnish stuff.

  • Tania Tilp

    Gingersnaps – I only make them at Christmas and they are so good!

  • My mum’s shortbread. It is so light that it melts in your mouth

  • Justeen

    My favorite holiday treat to bake and eat is pumpkin gingerbread. Peppermint mocha cookies are a close second!


    Chambord brownies, hands down! Dreamy and Christmassy!

  • I love gingernaps!!!

  • Eskai

    Any and all cookies! I love baking holiday cookies and sharing with my friends and neighbors :-)

  • Jennifer Hefford-Anderson

    I love making cookies. I can’t wait to try a few of your recipes this year. I also LOVE the packaging part and so happy to have found out about Garnish. I frequent a store in our area, but I like some of the selection on this site better. THANKS!

  • I make Ina Garten’s brownie pudding on New Year’s Eve and look forward to it every year. It’s so easy to make, but so rich and decadent.

  • My favorite thing to bake is Sugar Cookies & Snickerdoodles!

  • April Cone

    “Buckeyes” (peanut butter balls)! I could probably eat half a dozen in one sitting!

  • Bourbon balls! :)

  • Cookies! Chocolate chip or snicker doodle are some of my faves.

  • Laura Vinnai

    White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark, I add cranberries and a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom!

  • Rebecca

    White chocolate covered Oreos!

  • Fudge, fudge, and more fudge! Every year my family gets together around Christmas for a dessert party and for me the star of the party is always the fudge! =]

  • Elena

    Tiramisu (only time of year that lady fingers are available at my local Trader Joe’s) or eggnog cheesecake – yum!

  • Nancy Mason

    My favorite holiday treat to BAKE is Doggie Brittle. I make and share with all my friends that have furry Kids! I have been making for 20 years. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  • My favorite holiday treat is my mom’s famous peanut butter balls dipped in dark chocolate!

  • I love Russian Tea Cakes…yummy!

  • disqus_zvOMpACeg2

    I absolutely LOVE toffee and peppermint bark! MMM

  • Rachel

    A very simple, bland butter cookie that is sweetened up with a buttercream filling – instant sugar high & childhood memories

  • SarahB13

    I love frosted sugar cookies with a bit of crunch to them. My mom hated them so I was deprived as a child. Now I request them for my birthday and Christmas every year :)

  • My favorite holiday treat to bake are cookies! Or apple pie. ♥

  • Christina

    I love making truffles to give away for the holidays!

  • Carley Leavitt

    I love any kind of Christmas cookies!! I specifically love making roll out sugar cookies and decorating them with family and friends!

  • McKenna

    My grandma always makes peanut brittle. It always smells like that at Christmas time.

  • Katie M.

    Pumpkin Bread! I make about 15 loaves every Christmas and give as gifts.

  • Lindsay

    My favorite treat is chocolate ganache truffles!

  • I always make gingerbread cookies with my boys!

  • Stacy

    Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies.

  • Katharine Berry

    Usually I’m a chocolate & peppermint girl, but pregnancy has me loving Ginger Molasses cookies this year!

  • Laura Messersmith

    Cookies! I’ve got a few new recipes to try out this year.

  • Telza Brown

    I love making mint chocolate chip cookies the very best. Always.

  • Terri

    Peanut Butter Cup Cookies!

  • Definitely decorated sugar cookies!!!

  • Lizzi Stremke

    I hope this works this time! This packaging is so cute I’d love to win a gift certificate!!

  • hkdbgal

    Truffles and homemade chocolates are my go tos… though I’m tempted to try something different this year :)

  • rkostakis

    Anything gingerbread flavored!

  • Ashlee

    puppy chow!

  • Melissa

    Definitely fudge. Made your cherry hazelnut fudge yesterday and it was amazing.

  • Christy

    I love our gingerbread cookies–heavy on the cinnamon and light on the ginger! Love cutting them out into fun shapes too!

  • Venetrise Jackson

    Pecan Pralines are always a favorite with my family and friends, so I make countless batches to give away for the holidays.

  • Kathryn

    I love to make amaretti and pignoli! So delicious!

  • I love making a variety of cookies!! I try to do all different types, chocolate, a fruity one, oatmeal and something completely new!

  • Croissants are a tradition for my mother and I to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We introduced whole wheat croissants to the family a few years ago and have had requests for them ever since.

  • tracey

    Gingerbread boy cookies! I love decorating the cookies with my godson.

  • just like annie, I’m a fudge girl!

  • Leslie Cox

    I love making peanut butter balls to give away and I love to eat them too!

  • Lucy

    Cookies are my favorite treat–and I love dark chocolate peppermint cookies around the holidays.

  • Lizzi Stremke

    I missed that I was supposed to say what my favorite treat was! I LOVE cinnamon rolls. I think it’s also because the cinnamon scent just makes me so nostalgic for the holidays!

  • Marilyn Mallimo

    During the holidays, it has to be fudge. Any flavor!

  • A Gledhill

    My holiday season isn’t complete without a batch of gingerbread men.

  • Emily

    I love sugar cookies for the holidays and I make about 12 dozen each year between gifting them to friends, parties, and the office!

  • Katie

    my family’s traditional Christmas cookies are called sand tarts (not sure if they’re a regional Maryland thing?)

  • Caitlin

    This year I’m going to try making marshmallows. Hopefully they’re awesome!

  • Karen h

    to eat…simply a candy cane :). to bake…my gluten free gingerbread men (and family!)

  • Amelia

    I love peanut blossoms! Going to try making them gluten free this year…

  • Jenn

    Candy cane cookies! They were always my fav growing up. My best friend’s mom used to make them and I recently obtained the recipe from her. I can’t wait to share this treat with my little ones :)

  • I love raspberry jam thumbprint cookies!!!

  • i love making magic bars!!!

  • maggie

    gingerbread cake! :)

  • Amanda Brewer

    Christmas Day is when my mom makes bisquits and gravy – it’s not a sweet treat but it’s still a Christmas treat that I look forward to every year

  • Sue

    I love to bake our top fav Christmas cookies to giveaway. We love Russian tea balls, butter cookies, jam centers, & roll-ups!

  • Katie Keil

    A sugar cookie recipe my mom has made as long as I can remember! Soft, fluffy, and not too sweet :-)

  • Sheri

    My favorite is raspberry cookies. I got the recipe from a sweet lady who was known for her fabulous sweet treats. She gave me the recipe when I got married along with some cookie sheets. Her recipe is the best present I ever received!

  • Caitlyn

    Pumpkin roll…yum!

  • Sara

    Warm pecan pie… with ice cream and you’ll have me running… :)

  • Ashley

    I love any Christmasy peppermint treat!

  • Carolyn

    Star Cookies!!!

  • Heather

    It’s not usually my favourite but nothing says Christmas like shortbread cookies!

  • Cara

    Cookies! My favorites to bake around Christmas time are pecan balls and thumbprint cookies filled with jam or a little icing.

  • Laramie

    One of my favorites is egg nog! Yum!!!

  • Cheese straws are a Christmas tradition since I was a little girl. With two busy kids, my mom usually makes them and brings me some for Christmas now. I miss baking them, but our house is just too chaotic to spread out 6-8 baking sheets worth of cookies to cool (we make multiple batches and rotate through cookie sheets as they are emptied and cool off).

  • My favorite treat is my mother’s date pinwheel cookies. A three step process but they are so worth it!

  • Molasses cookies!

  • my grammy’s cookies, doesn’t really matter what kind!

  • Laura

    I love to bake and decorate gingerbread cookies with my sisters! But classic chocolate chip cookies will always be my favorite to eat!

  • keri

    i love making my grandmother’s divinity! yum!

  • Jessica webb

    Linzer tarts

  • Kayla W

    My favorite treat to make (and eat) would be my great grandma’s peanut butter balls. We even had them at our just-after-Christmas wedding!

  • Julie W

    Oh my gosh, I just learned to make caramel this year and have already made a second batch – my husband says he could eat the whole pan!

  • Megan

    I love white chocolate popcorn!

  • Tallulah

    I love making (and eating) sugar cookies! I also love making a gingerbread house every year! :)

  • My grandmother’s “Chocolate Fantasy Fudge”

  • Rachel

    Chocolate chips cookies!

  • Anything with chocolate.

  • Layne Petrino

    Such a hard question! I love the classic peanut butter kiss cookies and make them every year because my husband is OBSESSED with them. But I also love pecan shortbread cookies and peanut butter oatmeal fudge! Who can decide?!?

  • Ellen Kowal

    I love my aunt’s sugar cookies with icing- they are known as “cookie crack”

  • Heather Hicks

    I love to bake and decorate sugar cookies!

  • Beverly

    My favorite things to make are peanut butter balls and pecan tassies.

  • Shari

    This isn’t a sweet treat, but it IS baked and we tend to only have it around the holidays — sausage balls! LOVE them. I could eat an embarrassing amount. ;)

  • Sugar cookies with sprinkles

  • Sara

    My fave holiday treat to make for my kids’ teachers is “bark” — made with a wide variety of chocolates and mixins. Peppermint bark, pistachio dried cherry bark, dark chocoloate, white chocolate…the options are endless and it is the easiest thing in the world to make and it seems fancy to the recipient. Love it!

  • kimberly b

    almost anything with sugar and a treat we call Reindeer Poop.

  • carla sue

    ribbon candy!!!!!

  • Noelle Graham

    I love to bake peppermint meringues with a red candy cane stripe! The recipe has been passed down from my great grandma, so it always holds an extra special meaning to me!

  • I haven’t done holiday baking in a few years, but this year I am making hot chocolate mix and marshmallows for gifts.

  • Joan C

    My mom’s classic chocolate fudge!

  • Deb Hong

    Gingerbread cookies with fun, holiday frosting :)

  • rlk @ firsttimefoods

    I love making fudge for Christmas!

  • Becky

    I love to bake gingerbread cookies this time of year!

  • Sue

    I always make a toffee/chocolate treat called Jamaican Tree Bark (that my sister coined the name for years ago). The secret is in the saltine cracker base. So yum!

  • Becca Harris

    Well, it doesn’t really include baking but I love making graham cracker houses! I’m not a fan of gingerbread (A travesty, I know) but I also didn’t want to miss out on the fun of making a cute candy house. So we use graham crackers instead. They’re lots of fun for kids and totally yummy to devour!

  • Jennifer Drummond

    I love anything peppermint!! Give me peppermint and I am happy! It can be in cake, cupcake, coffee, hot chocolate or cookie form!!

  • Dana

    Pie. Any kind. Like to bake it, can’t stop eating it.

  • Meghan C.

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is definitely biscotti! It’s so fun
    and makes a great gift for all my coffee/tea loving-friends!

  • Sharon Fox

    I love homemade fruitcake. I know!! But I LIKE it. mommafox1943 at msn dot com

  • Cait

    Cookies – fun to make and yummy to eat!

  • Kate Sherlund

    Classic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

  • Steepcurve

    Hi Annie… The Nutella hazelnut cherry fudge is our new favorite. I’ll be making it for Christmas Eve!

  • amberle carter

    Monkey bread. May seem strange but that was our family’s traditional Christmas day breakfast.

  • I love making cupcakes and I’ve started tailoring them to holidays – best so far was Pumpkin Ale for Thanksgiving! Ready to try candy cane soon for Christmas :)

  • plkramer

    Lavendar shortbread cookies are by far my favorite to make for gifts!
    They are unique and pretty and smell so good while they are baking.

  • Cindy

    I love to make all sorts of Christmas candies….. cookie dough truffles, oreo truffles, caramels, ritz crackers sandwiched w/peanut butter dipped in white chocolate, pretzels in white chocolate, peanut butter balls….. the list could go on. I try to make at least one new thing each year.

  • Sam Jennifer Musil Lindley

    Wow! So hard to pick just one! I have a Butternut Cake that I make and has lots of pecans and cinnamon along with the butternut flavoring. The cinnamon makes it Christmasy and it’s always a crowd pleaser

  • my favorite to make are the sour cream kringla that my great grandma sophie used to make, and I learned to make with my mom. But the favorite that everyone wants to receive, however, are your salted caramel shortbreads. Best. Treat. Ever.

  • I love to make and eat sugar cookies. My family and neighbors love them.

  • Jen Gandino

    How can you pick just one?! I love interesting and unique cupcakes. However, the ricotta cheese cookies someone posted look delic!

  • Cherish

    Molasses cookies are without a doubt my favorite holiday treat! Can’t wait to put them in my goodie bags this year along with homemade caramels, fudge, and maybe even some homemade marshmallows to go with the hot chocolate!!

  • Nicole

    Homemade hot cocoa is divine with some shortbread cookies…yum!

  • I love English toffee this time of year. Love to make it, give it and eat it, of course.

  • I love sugar cookies. I love to decorate them too.

  • Jess Gavura

    Christmas cookies of course! All types of them!

  • Katy Leedy

    I love the apple pie we make for every holiday get together.

  • Shannon Hartman

    We love caramels this time of the year!

  • cinnamon stars with vanilla glaze ( a type of shortbread) (lifesdeepcolors at hotmail)

  • Noam Manor

    I know it’s pretty basic but latkes are the reason for the season!!

  • Doreen

    My mom makes homemade nut goodie bars. So good! And I just found a bakery down the street that has them all year long.

  • Natalie S

    My favorite holiday treat to bake and eat are peppermint chocolate chip cookies!

  • Dana Tsakos

    my favorite thing to bake is by far peppermint bark! Its so easy and tastes so good.

  • katie @ fromicecreamtomarathon

    I love to make all kinds of christmas candies and give them away!

  • Stacy Lane

    I love to bake all kinds of things, but I especially love decorating sugar cookies!

  • Jackie

    My favorite holiday treat is definetely belgian chocolate cookies xD we always recieve tins of it over the holidays (:

  • Jenn

    my favorite holiday treat to make and eat is chex mix, but my mom’s recipe not the one on the box. yummy!

  • Millionaires! My mom made them every year, and now so do I. :)

  • Anne

    For the holidays, I love baking loaves of stollen. Recipients seem to enjoy them, and they’re a favorite treat here at home, too.

  • disqus_2QL0WICorT

    My favorite treat (to bake and eat) are Mexican wedding cakes (or cookies, depending on who you ask!) !!

  • My favorite things to make/eat are truffles. Last year I made Peanut Butter truffles and Oreo Truffles. They were so good.

  • Lisa

    Sugar cookies!

  • Oatmeal craisin white chocolate cookies

  • how am i supposed to decide on just one?! i guess i’ll have to go with christmas butter cookies!

  • Good old fashion oatmeal raisin with pecans. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just one favorite?! I guess it would have to be chocolate hazelnut fudge!

  • My favorite treat to make at Christmas is my hubby’s great grandmother’s sugar cookies. Hubby has happy memories of his grandmother and my kids get a small piece of her :)

  • Lynne

    Russian tea cakes, both to eat and bake.

  • I love to make shortbread cookies. Yummy!

  • Marie

    Amish recipe chocolate pecan pie or maple pumpkin pie with home made whip cream, just the right creamy and sweet nothing beats topping pie with that!!!

  • Katie G

    My favorite to make (and eat) are either peanut butter balls or scotcharoos!!

  • Becky

    I can’t wait to make my husband’s favorite chocolate caramel truffles!

  • Sarah Thompson

    For me it’s a tie between homemade caramels and mini cheesecakes! Yum!!

  • Emily

    I love making almond toffee for our holiday gift baskets.

  • Gingerbread. Or meringues. Or pie. Or homemade Baileys, though you don’t really eat that….

  • Christine

    I’m a sucker for anything with nuts or cranberries (or both!). For eating, though, you can’t beat a plain old chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm.

  • JulieMac

    Pretty little meringues – my kids love them & they’re a great GF gift for my friend with Celiac’s. I’m hoping for success with the vanilla bean caramels this year as well!

  • Elizabeth Poole

    Your chocolate peanut butter cookies are my favorite holiday treat!

  • I love to make caramels..

  • Barbara

    Sugar Cookies

  • My favorite holiday treat are sugar cookies and fossils!


    My favorite treats are my grandmother’s ginger cookies. They are the perfect combination of soft, moist and spicy. And they make me smile and remember how much I love her and treasure my special memories with her before her passing. God bless you, Annie. Reading your blog is a bright spot in my days!

  • Patti

    Grandma’s Anginette frosted cookies. It reminds me of family! That makes me happy!

  • Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    I love making cut-out cookies!

  • Buckeyes!

  • Michelle Seward


  • casey dunne

    Puppy chow – Chex cereal mixed into melted peanut butter and chocolate chips, coated with powdered sugar. It’s painfully addictive.

  • Julie

    I love baking cookies. I make these buttery candy cane shaped cookies that are awesome. Also cookie dough truffles.

  • Kerry

    My favorite to eat and make is fudge! My mom always makes butterscotch fudge that is so good, but last year we also made your cappuccino fudge and it was a big hit! I have a feeling I will be trying the nutella fudge as well this year…!

  • Kimberly

    I enjoy making a variety of cookies during the holidays to give away! Chocolate chip, cranberry oatmeal with white chocolate chips, and snickerdoodles just to name a few.

  • saramama

    Christmas cookies of course. I am going to make your peppermint bark cookies.

  • Laura V

    Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Yum!

  • Texas frito brittle– a version of the original made by The Chocolate Bar in Houston. A layer of Fritos and pretzels smothered in melted chocolate and topped with chopped pecans, then cooled. Salty and sweet…sure to please everyone, and it always does!

  • Melissa Hart

    I love pink cloud cookies. They are a special family recipe!

  • Jami Messinger


  • I like to make bark b/c it’s easy to make and variations are endless.

  • Rainbow cookies aka tri color cookies. I love anything with almonds or almond paste.

  • Though I have recently added your Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookie to my Christmas Cookie line-up, my favorite over the past several years of baking Christmas Goodies for friends and family is a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie with buttercream frosting. So much butter and so NOT good for you in large doses but hey, its the Holidays right?

  • Katie

    I love making thumbprint cookies!!

  • beverly

    linzer cookies are my favorite to make and eat!!

  • Beckles

    Every year, I make and eat a lot of milk chocolate fudge. It’s easy to make and so addicting.

  • Millie

    ‘Economical cookies’ are a Christmas tradition at our house. After cutting them out, we paint them, decorate them, cook them, then share and eat them! My kids grew up learning how to paint on this tasty ‘canvas’!

  • Aubrie

    Molasses Corn Crunch. It’s a recipe handed down in my mom’s family that includes popcorn, walnuts, wheat chex, raisins, and a sweet molasses sauce. It sounds interesting, but is addictingly delicious!

  • Rebecca

    I love all the treats but what really makes it christmas is my grandmothers Peter pumpkin squares. The best part is hearing my father and uncle sing the song they up about them when they were little :)

  • Carrie

    My favourite are Norwegian cookies (kringlas) that have been made every Christmas in our family for over a hundred years! They’re not too sweet and are so soft and delicious!

  • I love to make & eat gingerbread cookies!

  • I love making cookies and candies for my family.

  • Dawn White

    One of my favorite recipes to bake and giveaway is a recipe for Cowboy Cookies. They are basically chocolate chip oatmeal cookies using both brown and white sugar, but I have enjoyed adding dried cherries, dates, white chocolate chips, coconut, and a variety of nuts. This year I have tried several pie recipes and have taken them for potlucks and family gatherings. Coconut custard, pumpkin, and oatmeal pies have been the top three. I so enjoy your blog. All of the recipes I have tried have been “keepers.” I envy your ability to do so much!

  • Crys

    Pumpkin Pie!

  • Michelle L.

    Peppermint bark is by far my favorite holiday treat to make. I usually make it with the intention of giving it away but it always gets eaten before I have the chance!

  • My favourite thing to bake during the holidays are Christmas themed sugar cookies!!

  • I love making chocolate crinkle cookies!

  • emily

    My favorite is actually monster/kitchen sink cookies. Yes, I love all of the *fancier* stuff, too. I love my hubby’s red velvet whoopie pies. I love cheesecake and pie. But, the monster cookies remind me of my childhood and my mom making them every Christmas. And, they’re just so delicious! Making them for a cookie exchange soon. :)

  • Molly

    It’s pretty difficult to narrow it down, but I love sugar cookies and could eat a whole batch in one sitting! Not that I do…

  • Christmas without making Melting Moment Cookies just wouldn’t be Christmas.

  • Hilary Blanchard

    Sugar cookies! I love decorating with royal icing.

  • kathie

    my favorite christmas treat to bake are florentine lace cookies; but, my favorite treat to eat are all the homemade chocolate candies!!

  • Eve Chang

    sugar cookies decorated as candy canes, trees, snowflakes, anything holiday-ish!

  • Janet Luo

    I love making cookies! Especially snowflake cookies for some reason.

  • I love to make pumpkin pie, quick fruit breads or cookies to give away to friends and family.

  • Melissa Mason

    I love to eat my mother-in-law’s fudge;)

  • christine

    I love making challah!

  • Michelle Johnson

    I love to bake everything. It’s a great excuse to go crazy. I love to try different kind of cookies I have never made before.. And chocolate. Just everything really. I can’t stop I love it

  • farmwife79

    My favorite treat to make, and eat, at Christmas would be chocolate peanut clusters. They are yummy and so easy to make!

  • Rust

    Date Nut Roll, using my grandma’s recipe!

  • I love to eat/bake SnickerDoodles all day long. Its almost like a drug to me.

  • Erin Cochrane


  • Karina

    My favorite is baking or receiving a variety of cookies…seems so festive to put it out for all to enjoy.

  • Sandy


  • I love to make sweet breads like pumpkin bread and nut breads. I love to bake them, but love eating them too! Good thing our family all loves them too, so everyone gets to eat them! We are also into cakes, pies, cookies and candies. I have to be careful to not bake too much or we would eat it all! We also make gift packs to share with friends!

  • Kayla

    Short bread cookies with sliced almond on top, momma’s go to!

  • Sarah Godlove

    I love making and sharing my ginger cookies with white chocolate drizzle!

  • Edwina Brown

    My favorite Holiday treat to bake is Cookies. All kinds of cookies. I have 2 favorites. Gingerbread boys, and Apricot pinwheels. They both disappear real fast. Edwina Brown

  • Meghan

    Pumpkin bread- to eat and to give!

  • cathy

    Peanut butter balls!

  • Morgan

    Soft gingersnaps!

  • I love baking… and eating :) White Chocolate Cupcakes and White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies!! They pair so well with the snow!

  • Jessica Mc

    I love to bake, eat, and share peanut butter blossoms! My favorite is eating them when they’re still warm from the oven and you put the Hershey Kiss on top and it melts…sooo good!

  • Mimi

    I love Banana Cream Pie!

  • Sam

    I love Christmas sugar cookies!!!

  • Michelle C.

    My favorite treat to make is a chewy chocolate walnut cookie, that coincidentally is gluten free. I’ve been making then for years and just recently I found out I have a wheat allergy so I’m looking forward to then even more this year!

  • My family and friends have three favorites that they request evey year, my mexican wedding cakes, almond roca, and gingerbread men. It would not be Christmas without these goodies.

  • Sugar cookies. Super basic but so fun to decorate!

  • My favorite holiday treat to eat is, without a doubt, gingerbread. Good thing that it’s also my favorite one to bake as well! There’s nothing quite like the slow process of making good, old-fashioned ginger bread :)

  • Meagan Liani

    My favorite holiday treat to eat would have to be cookies!! I especially love chocolate crinkle cookies and sugar cookies! :)

  • Dani H

    I love all kinds of baking, but my special interest is to make chocolate covered candies and truffles. There are SO many varieties to choose from!

    I love the Garnish packaging! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Mariam Metwally

    Hi is the giveaway open to overseas peeps? Well if yes my favourite holiday treat to bake are Greek almond shortbread kourabiethes which is traditionally made in Greece for Christmas :)

  • Laura F

    Sugar cookies with lots of frosting…hands down!

  • Kesha

    I love to make fudge with my daughter!

  • I love the greek cookies called melomakarona and I make many other cookies and squares to give away.

  • Peanut butter fudge has become a tradition around here with my kids, but my husband and I love a cookie I found a few years ago: brown sugar cashew cookies with browned butter icing. oh my!

  • Christine Coit

    Good ol’ fudge!

  • Fun, decorated sugar cookies

  • Thea

    Mom always made Marshmallow Crescent Puffs on Christmas morning, so I always look forward to that treat every year.

  • Angie

    I love to eat cookies!!!! I’m not really picky, I just love them all!

  • I love to make and decorate sugar cookies. It takes me back to when I was a kid and the neighborhood kids would get together to bake and decorate cookies for our families. We had a lot of laughs as we got much more “creative” in our decorating choices as we got older.

  • maria_in_nj

    you know I have always made cookies, but I have a new obsession, CUPCAKES!!! I just love making cupcakes and decorating them, but I have to say your Macs, look devine!!! mm c mm 563 at comcast dot net

  • Cookies are my favorite holiday treat and I can’t wait to try some new recipes this year!

  • Rachel

    My favorite to give…and eat…caramel corn. Yummm!

  • Kelly

    Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Cookies!

  • I love a simple cookie and plan this year to make your toasted coconut shortbreads for our neighborhood exchange!

  • Leah

    My favorite holiday treats to bake are the old fashion butter sugar cookies that we cut out and decorate. It’s brings so much holiday cheer to our home as my whole family sits around the table decorating cookies (and eating them) while Christmas music plays in the background!

  • Apple pie with crumb topping – mom’s recipe, but we still argue over which apples to use.

  • Ali

    I love raspberry almond thumbprint cookies!

  • I make to make cookies, confections, etc to mention – but one of my most popular is the Kahlua Chocolate Cake I make about 50 of every year. My husband’s work starts asking about them months ahead of time. One of my fav treats to eat are my Date Pinwheel Cookies. I keep rolls of them in the freezer and can just slice and bake a few at a time. Always looking for new and inventive ways to package the goodies. Thank you Annie.

  • Gingerbread men are so much fun.

  • i love to bake and am the last baker left in the family. the most anticipated gift and the one i love baking the most are the gingerbread men.

  • jennifer


  • Lindsey Link

    Peanut butter blossom cookies, my favorite to bake and eat!

  • Janet Christian

    Frankly I’m cutting back on the baking this year. Not as many guests and my husband and I should watch out steps. However, I’m thinking a dried fruit sweet bread or Russian tea cookies might hit the spot..

  • Carla Simões

    I usually bake cookies or make truffles when it comes to Christmas presents, because chocolate is definitely the flavour of the holiday and cookies and truffles stay edible for longer that most baked goods ;)

  • My favorite is red velvet peppermint cake.

  • I enjoy making all sorts of cookies but especially Mrs.Siggs Snickerdoodles.

  • My Dad’s chocolate truffle pie! Simply amazing!

  • Jaime

    Homemade iced gingersnaps with a big glass of milk!

  • June Doran

    My favorite is stolen. My mom always makes it at Christmas,

  • Peppermint bark! So easy and sooooo delicious!

  • Patti T.

    I always make thumbprint cookies for the holidays.

  • We love to bake and decorate sugar cookies. I enjoy creating various designs each year to surprise recipients!

  • cayce wegman

    peppermint bark!

  • Mahalt

    For the holidays I love to make ‘cookie press’ cookies.

  • Baylee Carpenter

    I LOVE soft sugar cookies with LOTS of icing and sprinkles :D

  • Mmmm peanut butter fudge and anything pumpkin!

  • one of my favorite christmas cookies is walnut frosties

  • I love to make red velvet cake. The real kind from scratch with buttermilk. In all forms – cupcakes, cake rolls, whoppie pies, truffles, etc. I make them for all my friends and family at the holidays – such a perfect holiday dessert treat!

  • Bianca Tang

    i love making cut out gingerbread men and decorating them!

  • I am a cookie girl and love to make traditional holiday cookies. Thumbprints, Spritz, Mexican Wedding Cakes, etc. I also make a killer Chocolate Covered Cherries!

  • Amy

    My mom’s sugar cookies!!

  • Tara Gillaspie

    I love trying new things during the holidays, especially if they involve chocolate.

  • Chocolate Chip Biscotti!

  • Elin Woods

    I love making truffles! They are super easy and yet they are pretty impressive looking.

  • disqus_x0f8NAXhF8

    Peanut Butter Fudge and White Chocolate Frangelico Cheesecake

  • i love making cutout cookies and decorating them with royal icing. they are fun to make and people are always impressed by how pretty they are!

  • Laurie

    Peppermint bark!

  • Brooke S

    I love to make miniature pies! & Christmas cookies, of course!

  • mdoyle

    I love baklava – so this year I’m going to try making it myself!


    Pumpkin bread and fudge. Oh I can smell it already! Yum

  • My favorite holiday treat to bake are sugar cookies.

  • I like to make sugar cutout cookies!!

  • Sarah

    Defiantlypie… Pumpkin Pie….. :) Mmmmm!! Okay, great, now im craving!

  • Kari H.

    I like to make my homemade chocolate chip cookies. My family loves them!!!

  • Kristen

    It’s so hard to pick just one… but I will have to say it’s an old family recipe, Raisin Puff. I’m usually a go-chocolate-or-go-home kind of girl, but I just love those raisin cookies!

  • My favorite holiday treats to bake and eat are eggnog snickerdoodles!

  • Guest

    I love to bake melomakarona and I always make truffles for friends!

  • pkulie2

    Puppy chow!

  • Irini

    I love to bake melomakarona and to make truffles For friends!

  • Jessica L.

    I love my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…but I’ve already made a couple batches of apple cider caramels from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, and I think they’re making a run for first place this year!

  • Anna Leonard

    Chocolate pecan pie!

  • Denise

    I look forward to having stollen, which I suppose I could make any time of year but don’t.

  • Peanut brittle!

  • Lisa

    Al Roker’s Blondies!

  • I make mini loaves of banana and zucchini bread!

  • Sarah Brumfield

    Pumpkin bread and your soft sugar cookies!

  • I love to make cake balls – the kids get so excited and so do their friends and watching them sit there and wait for thier share… with the looks of glee on their faces? Well, it makes my day!!

  • We love to make Oreo truffles dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles. So delicious and easy! We also make peppermint bark but always enjoy trying new things!

  • jaminator81

    I love to make fudge

  • Oh this is tough because I really do love it all! But my favorite holiday treat has to be Gingerbread…in any form. I especially love the Gingerbread men from Disneyland’s Jolly Hollyday Cafe. :) Yummmmm!!!!

  • Jennifer Millsap

    My absolute favorite thing to make is my mother’s toffee. It has been my go to treat for years.

  • Guest

    I just made your peppermint bark cookies and they were outstanding! I may or may not have eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Definitely my new favorite holiday treat!

  • Lindsey

    I just made your peppermint bark cookies and they were outstanding! I may or may not have eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Definitely my new favorite holiday treat! Thanks, Annie!

  • I love the old stand by: fudge! Especially peanut butter fudge…. :-)

  • Becky

    Rolo pretzel turtles

  • Natasha Mortazavi

    I always make World Peace Cookies. I just made a double batch of dough last night! My mom makes these peanut butter chocolate bars that taste better than peanut butter cups. They are always the first to go. One year we finished them before Christmas Day. Whoops!

  • Sherry .

    Molasses. Sugar cookies with almond frosting. PB Fudge. Peppermint Almond Bark.

  • Heather

    I love truffles!

  • Naomi

    Chocolate Peppermint Pie. Yum!

  • Alicia

    My favorite Christmas treat to make is salted caramels. I probably made 8 batches last year because I kept getting requests for more!

  • Shannon


  • I have to go with Magic Bars… oldie but a goodie.

  • Kristen Snow

    Rocky Road fudge and peppermint cake balls are a must for my coworkers! They request those every year!

  • I know I am late in posting this…but we have a tradition in my family. We always make peppermint meltaway cookies; and gingerbread cookies. I love it!

  • RUM CAKE!! So delish …

  • mmoya1

    I love to make sugar cookies and decorate them for Christmas!

  • Shannon B


  • Joan

    French Chocolate Almond Bars…made with almond paste and a thin layer of raspberry jam..delicious!

  • My favorite treat to make is bark. There are so many delicious combinations. My favorite is pistachio, cranberry and white chocolate. So festive!

  • Kimberley

    Salted chocolate caramels :)

  • marie

    White chocolate caramel corn, it’s my absolute favorite and always a hit with the recipients. It’s not Christmas without it.

  • nathanandsharlynn

    Peppermint Bark…definitely peppermint bark!

  • Luciana Kano-Wilson

    I absolutely love to make cake rolls! Yule logs (chocolate cake with mocha filling) is a big hit with my family/friends :)

  • Elizabeth King

    Sugar Cookies & Christmas Cut Out!

  • Rebecca Hom

    Whatever cookies my sister and I decide to back. We try not to do repeats.

  • Amanda B

    I love to bake a lot during the holidays, but my favorite is making cut out sugar cookies and helping my three boys decorate them for Santa. We always make extras so they can each have some too!

  • Becky

    I love making Cinnamon Roll Cookies! They are my absolute favourite Christmas cookie to make and eat!(

  • I love to eat my mom’s peanut butter chocolate star cookies. They’re small, so I can eat a dozen and it’s okay. Right?

  • Jody

    Oreo Balls are my favorite.

  • trishket

    It’s very basic, but I love to make M&M cookies with holiday M&Ms. It takes me back to my childhood.

  • Diana Crawford

    I love homemade toffee!

  • ducky

    My favorite treat to bake is snickerdoodle cookies! I love to receive fudge.

  • Jessica

    Mint Chocolate Sugar Cookies!

  • Pat

    I love to make and decorate sugar cookies. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without sugar cookies.

  • Mary Vang

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is sugar cookies & gingerbread people then decorating them afterwards.

  • Aimee from AL

    Divinity! Eating it reminds me of my grandmother but making it is an entirely different story.

  • Jennifer McCord

    I do a lot of holiday baking but really am not a sweet eater so I don’t eat most of it. However, my favorite thing to actually eat at the holidays is my grandmother’s cranberry nut bread. It’s really quite simple but it just tastes like Christmas to me.

  • Jenny

    I make some Chunky Caramel popcorn to giveaway to teachers, neighbors and friends. It is so good!! Can’t wait to make some soon!

  • Anna

    I love making a recipe from an old issue of Bon Appetit:White Chocolate Tiramisu Trifle with Spiced Pears. It’s heavenly.

  • Gingerbread houses – I bake them by the dozen to decorate with an every growing group of my childrens’ friends.

  • I make wonderful raisin-cinnamon rolls that rise overnight in the fridge. Christmas morning would not be complete without them!

  • Sarah Vasquez

    i absolutely love to make the peanut butter blossom cookies with the hershey kisses in the middle. i only make them at christmas and its been a family tradition for years:)
    ~sarah (

  • Jessica Stidham

    Sugar cookies and cheesecake are family classics in our family, but your egg nog cupcakes and peppermint brownies are becoming family favorites!

  • Elizabeth Smillie

    So many! But, to narrow itdown – to make: Swedish tea rings (they’re a tradition in my family) and to eat: fudge!

  • I love to make pretzel caramel bark!

  • Lynn

    Thumbprint cookies with almond buttercream. They’ve become my husband’s favorite too. Look forward to it every year. :)

  • Brittany Karns

    I love making all different kinds of chocolate barks! I want to try making Divinity this year, though!

  • danibear85

    My favorite Holiday treats to bake are cookies. All kinds, but especially snickerdoodles!

  • Angelique

    My family’s fudge–I’ll be making this with my kids this year, passing it down to the fifth generation!

  • My favorite cookie to bake during the holidays is chocolate candy cookies! I also love gingerbread bars with a champagne lemon glaze, eggnog cookie bite and glazed cranberry sugar cookies.

  • Diane

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I’ve always loved these little holiday cookies my mom always made growing up. They have almond extract and a fingerprint filled with apple jelly in the middle. They are so delicious!

  • Gillian Townsley

    I love making frosted sugar cookies with my boys every year for Christmas! Homemade tinted buttercream and lots of sugar sprinkles are a must!

  • ChristineBurkeHoneycutt

    My favorite holiday treat to make is English Toffee because of memories of my grandmother teaching me how to make it as a kid :)

  • Stephie

    I make my “christmas cupcakes” which are essentially vanilla cupcakes with crushed candy canes. A little goes into the batter before baking & the rest on top of the frosting (can either use vanilla butter cream or cream cheese). the secret is to make them the night before your party, or eating them, so the peppermint oil from the candy canes soaks through & gives a delish, slightly minty flavour to the entire cupcake.

  • Holly Linders

    My favorite cookies as a little girl were the candy cane shaped ones that my Mom made. I can’t wait to make them with my kids this year!

  • runnereater

    I make pumpkin bread, like, all the time.

  • Chocolate Chai Latte Cookies!

  • Lynn Thompson

    I have a love hate relationship with pinwheel cookies. My husband loves them and I hate to make them but each year I take joy in knowing that I have made a treat that he truly enjoys.

  • Tobie Blanchard

    Yule logs are so much fun to make

  • Ella’s Sugar Cookies from your site are my new favorite!!! Everyone I made them for LOVED them! I’m actually making more today!! : )

  • KaySue

    I like chocolate covered pretzels.

  • Ami Frost

    I am making festive little cheese balls this year, paired with some fancy crackers. I try to offset all the holiday sweetness a little bit. I mean, I love the sweets, but sometimes I have to balance things out!

  • I am a sucker for oreo truffles…pain to make…but wonderful wonderful wonderful to eat!!!!!

  • Kimiko

    My favorite thing to bake are your french butter cookies! I made a ton of them last year and gave them out in gift boxes, and everyone LOVED them. So, those are definitely my “must-make” item this year.

  • This year, it has to be Cinnamon Toast White Chocolate Pretzels.

  • Heather

    I love any kind of holiday cookie basically! My kids can’t wait to make cut out cookies, but I can’t wait for my MIL’s huge tin collection full of cookies that she sends home with us. And when we visit my sister it will be all about the Derby pie!

  • I love to bake Snickerdoodles and Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I only make during the holidays! :)

  • Jennifer

    We make peanut butter balls each year for friends and coworkers.

  • Jen

    Peppermint bark~

  • Favorite is warm chocolate chip cookies. Can never go wrong with a classic.

  • Lindsay Amiel

    Homemade buckeyes are the best! One year we made over 1000 to give to family and friends for x-mas.

  • Jessica Canessa

    Your salted caramels!

  • Kelly Smith

    I always love to make all kinds of treats for my friends and family. My favorites are white chocolate peppermint cookies, peppermint bark, pecan tassies, fudge, and sugar cookies which i decorate with my son.

  • I am loving chocolate and peppermint cookies this year, but my all-time favorite is peanut butter fudge..

  • Loretta E

    I always love snowball cookies!

  • Michelle Curtin

    My favorite treat to make is peanutbutter fudge…and butterfinger cookies!

  • Kendra

    My favorite holiday treat to eat is definitely my Grandpa’s peanut brittle! He always sent it in recycled butter/oleo tubs! My favorite to make is definitely Snickerdoodles! I like them when they’re still gooey inside. They’re the best with a glass of cold milk!

  • Eva

    So hard to choose just one… but my daughters and I always make Nana’s sugar cookies together and have fun icing and decorating. The “secret” ingredient is fresh orange or tangerine zest in the cookie dough. YUM!

  • Amibeth

    I love Garnish!!! I love making a LOT!! But on of my favorites is spicy gingerbread cookies. :)

  • pgarcia10040

    Decorated sugar cookies are my favorite treat to bake and to eat. This year I will definitely be attempting the marshmallows.

  • my husband loves it when I make toffee

  • cookies! :)

  • I love baking during the holidays!

  • Cailin Crawford

    Kris Kringle cookies! Chocolate and butterscotch and orange all covered in powdered sugar. They are heaven.

  • I love making sugar cookies….you sugar cookies to be exact!! I’m excited for the cookies i have planned for my co-workers!

  • Kimberly Simms

    Homemade peppermint patties! Everyone always loves them.

  • I love buckeyes!!

  • Mariah

    My great grandma’s molasses cookies….brings back the memories.

  • Jackie

    I love to bake cheesecakes. I love all the varieties of this wonderful dessert and I love to see how much my family and friends enjoy this treat!

  • Cat

    I love making Toll House cookies with the special toll house mint chips that I’ve saved!

  • Loren

    We do sour cream cookies (my Grandmother’s recipe) and decorate them with different colored frostings and fun sprinkles. My four year old and I both love it

  • Kristin Kuhlow

    i love to make frosted sugar cookies for the holidays!

  • Deb

    I love anything peppermint – cookies, marshmallows, candy canes, mochas :)

  • A Gingerbread cookie made with fresh ginger and local mollasses is my favorite thing to eat during Christmas time.

  • I like to share something that has been passed down by my family. This year is a polish sweet bread including a little story from my mother-in-law about the Chiristmas Eve Polish feast.

  • AmyT

    I like making and eating mince meat tarts :)

  • Sara C.

    Hot Fudge! Makes a great gift for others too!

  • mine would have to be molasses cookies… crunchy on the outside with that perfect chew on the inside!

  • lisa owen

    Cheesecake! Any holiday or day of the week honestly :)

  • Anything and everything!! I do love baking cookies, though–gingerbread, chocolate chip (for Santa!), sugar, etc. thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Annie!

  • Ann D.

    Our two favorites are Nanaimo Bars and tiny Pineapple Tarts made with candied cherries and pineapple, but the kitchen will be busy making all sorts of other treats, too. Thanks for the link to Garnish, they have some super items!

  • Angie

    A Ritz cracker and peanut butter sandwich dipped in white chocolate. First off, why do I only see this around Christmas? Secondly, how can 3 ingredients that I feel so eh about be so mind blowing together?

  • Katie P

    I love making chocolate fudge!

  • Beth

    I love my grandmother’s divinity – it is heavenly! Many have tried to imitate but none have been able to replicate. She always has a huge bowl filled for me when we visit at the holidays and it is easily the main culprit behind my “winter weight” :-)

  • Rebecca A

    gingerbread cookies! Mmm :)

  • Rou-Jia

    cookies! I’m dying to try the peppermint bark cookies you posted :)


  • Rachel Tilly

    I love to eat my mom’s chocolate fudge and I love to bake your apple pie cookies!! So fantastic!

  • Noelani Hatton

    It would have to be fudge! :)

  • I’m not sure it’s a “holiday treat” in a typical way – but every Christmas Eve we have chocolate eclair for dessert which is my favorite!

  • Aimee

    Cinnamon rolls always make me think of the holidays and being home with family

  • Sara

    I love Russian tea cakes. I only make them during Christmas time, and they have been my favorite Christmas cookie for as long as I can remember.

  • dragongirl

    I love making truffles of various kinds/flavors. The packaging is definitely part of making them great gifts.

  • Kate

    Brownie bites, with white PB cup center !

  • Annie B

    Triple chocolate cookies and candied nuts!

  • I love baking sugar cookies!

  • Olivia Bane

    my favorite holiday treat to bake is chocolate chip toffee bars!

  • Doreen Hendrickson

    Toffee and fudge are always great gifts.

  • Lori

    Cookies, I hope I find the drive the bake this year.

  • Sarah

    Traditional gingerbread people cookies…although I made marshmallows a few years ago and am looking forward to trying that again this season!!

  • Ruth Brocato

    I love to make peanut butter balls – with rice crispies and pb, coated in chocolate. Yum!

  • Carolyn Gordon

    Baklava is always my family’s favorite holiday treat :)

  • Larissa Sheremeto

    My favorite thing to bake is rhubarb custard pies. My favorite thing to eat is cupcakes! Mmmmm :)

  • D.Watson

    snickerdoodles help define the holiday for me

  • Kelly Jones

    I still am a traditional gal and LOVE a good homemade chocolate chip cookie. (My newest favorite is Alton Brown’s recipe on Food Network.) I can’t wait to bake some this year with my kiddo for Santa!

  • gushie


  • I like baking biscotti, and also enjoy adding a couple new cookie recipes to my repertoire every year.

  • Molly B

    I recently discovered Barefoot Contessa’s shortbread dipped in chocolate – simple and delicious! Will definitely make for family &friends!

  • Cara

    Mexican wedding cookies! I have no self control around those suckers!

  • Michelle

    This year I’m making fudge for family members!

  • Kylie Thornley

    I love, love Christmas baking… toffee bars are one of my favorite holiday treats!


    My favorite treat to to make is homemade toffee. Everyone loves it and it’s not difficult to make. So delicious!

  • Linda Svejcar

    I love to bake sugar cookies that my grandson and I decorate.

  • Emily T

    It would have to be sugar cookies! So fun to eat and bake!

  • Jenn

    Struffela is my favorite holiday treat to make (some years if I am home at the right time) and eat. It’s anise dough balls about a centimeter in diameter all made into a wreath shape held together with honey. I couldn’t even tell you if that’s spelled correct!

  • Lynn Grzechowiak

    My favorite treat to make, eat and give as gifts are cookies, cookies and more cookies!

  • Christina

    I love making chocolate peppermint cookies!

  • I love making and giving homemade caramels – oh, and did I mention EATING them?

  • Almond snowball cookies! As a kid, I thought these were broken because they didn’t have any chocolate in them… now as an adult, I recognize them for the delicious treat they are. Yum!

  • Mel

    I like to make pecan snowball cookies. It reminds me of holiday baking with my mom when I was young.

  • Annie Eeds

    My favorite holiday treat is Russian Teacakes!!!

  • beekerzeeker

    I love making apple cider caramels. It is like a 3-hour process, but I enjoy it, and more than that, my family and friends are absolutely obsessed with them :)

  • Our favorite treat to make and give is our Cinnamon Breads–we have 2 we make, one with yeast and rolled up. The other is more cake like and baked as a loaf.

  • Hannah

    My favorite holiday recipe to make is Molasses cookies. When I was little, my dad would make them every year and I would help him. Recently, dad has passed the baking of the cookies on to me (I think he enjoys the break between all of the other treats he makes). I always make a triple recipe, and so the entire process takes a loooong time. I listen to Christmas CDs while dad occasionally drops in to check on the progress. The smell of those spices is what heralds in the Christmas season for me.

  • We always have brown sugar (chew) bread at least two pans, for Christmas Day

  • Jennifer Bulpitt

    Christmas Toffee! I love it and I only make it during the holidays.

  • Jen P

    My favorite thing to bake is cookies, the more chocolate the better!

  • I love to bake (and eat) homemade cinnamon bread. Recipe has been passed down 4 generations, it’s what we’ve eaten for Christmas breakfast for my entire life.

  • Love making spiced pecans!

  • Susan

    COOKIES! Lots and lots of cookies! The same ones my mother used to make and new ones we have added over the years. Love to bake with my kids and remember when I used to bake with my mother.

  • k. wong

    christmas cookies to give away!

  • Lindsay Unland

    I love making “Chocolate Covered Snow Peaks” aka chocolate covered meringues. So yummy and gluten free for my sisters!

  • Rachel Savatski

    My favorite is making andes candies cookies!

  • Sarah

    My all time favorite is a decorated, by my daughter, sugar cookie

  • Deb Holcomb

    I love making cheesecake, my husband gets one, maybe two cheesecakes a year :)

  • Sarah Ellsworth

    my favorite christma treat to bake are cinnamon rolls!!!!!

  • belles

    Hands down, ornament cookies! They’re circle cookies, decorated in royal icing to look like bulb ornaments. Love it!

  • Sarah Townsend

    I love to make chocolate truffles before Christmas.

  • RSweis

    I absolutely love the caramels and am planning on making them for friends and family this year.

  • kellym6896

    Cookies, lots of cookies. Thumbprints with jam, ginger cookies, peanut butter blossoms, cut out cookies

  • Cookies Cookies Cookies any kind and every kind!

  • I love to make Christmas Bark.

  • Amy Kerkman

    Christmas cutout cookies are my fav holiday treat to bake (& eat)!

  • Xuan

    I love fudge and cheesecake.

  • Shannon

    I love to make Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with a Peppermint Cream Cheese Frosting. They’re perfect for Christmas and brighten up any cookie tray. Plus, who doesn’t love to say “whoopie pie”!?!?

  • thu

    i love peppermint brownies!

  • Susie

    Cookies! every single type! I could eat them all ;)

  • Mary

    My 12 y/o and I have been baking shortbread stars for quite a few years together now…they are something we look forward to each Christmas Season xo

  • Pizzelles! An Italian family tradition! My mother, sister and I made them every year from my great grandfather’s recipe while I was growing up. Since I don’t get home for the Holidays as often anymore I’ve begun making them myself as well! Occasionally they make an appearance at different times of the year rolled up and used as cannoli shells!

  • Katy

    I love making almond chocolate toffee bark for the holidays, but my new fave is your salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars. So delicious!

  • Ashley

    Christmas Crack(Saltine toffee and chocolate “bark”) and Rumballs! I always love to see the reaction on peoples faces when they find out they’re getting “crack” for christmas!

  • Amanda K

    My favorite is merangue cookies. My mom use to make them at Christmas, and she would leave them in the oven over night to set. I remember waking up some years and seeing them in there and getting so excited! I liked them the most when she would put mint chocolate chips in them.

  • Frosted sugar cookies and a Yule log are my favs!

  • Homemade toffee is by far my favorite to both make and eat. And oh so easy.

  • Tre

    I love to bake cookies but I’m a coffee lover so biscotti is my favorite.

  • Laurie

    Stroufolli, my grandmothers recipe! For me, its all about tradition, mixed in with new!

  • Andrea

    Peppermint bark is my favorite holiday treat to make. Its so easy and SO tasty!!

  • Peanut butter blossoms

  • Jaylene Mosley

    I love to make cinnamon rolls but your caramel recipe is always a big hit as well that is if my husband will let me get any of it packaged :)

  • Stacey McSweeney

    I love, love, love Peanut Butter Nutella Stuffed Cookies!

  • Sarah L.

    I love decorating Christmas sugar cookies!

  • My favorite holiday treat to make is homemade salted caramels! They are tasty to enjoy and fun to share with friends/family :)


    I love to make truffles… I’m a dark chocoholic, and those are some of my favorite things to make, and then eat.

  • Anna Vos

    My favorite cookies are Russian Tea Cakes, but my favorite overall treat is my grandma’s pierogi that she makes every year. So tasty!

  • Weezie

    I love to make our family favorite – a Christmas trifle!

  • Jaspreet Virdee

    I always make my chocolate chip and raisin hermit cookies! The minute they come out of the oven, they last about 10 minutes and they’re gone. By that time, i’m already working on batch number 2!

  • Shawn

    I love baking anything that combines dark chocolate and peppermint during the holidays… it makes me feel festive! Cookies, bark, brownies, fudge, cocoa – I’m always on the lookout for different ways to marry peppermint and chocolate.

  • My grandmother’s raisin filled cookies with a glass of punch…yum!

  • I always make my family’s shortbread recipe! Its so simple and easy, but goes great with anything

  • Ilona Mitrius

    I miss my aunt’s “mushroom” meringues- light almond flavor with chocolate caps. I couldn’t get enough of them on Christmas Eve!

  • Abigail

    I like to make peanut butter kiss cookies every Christmas.

  • Kyle Pratt

    We made Gooey Butter Cookies last year and they were delicious!

  • issascrazyworld

    Mine is apple muffins. They are basically apple cake muffins. Sooooo tasty.

  • Paulette Pierce

    Doesn’t quite count as baking, but I love Nutella truffles coated with toasted, chopped hazelnuts. :)

  • Kelly

    Ummmmmmmm, everything! When I was a kid, Buckeyes were the ultimate Christmas treat. Now, I love the cut-out cookies my husband and I make together.

  • Gina Brewer

    My favorite cookie to bake is the peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle. My family just loves em!

  • Sydney

    peppermint bark always! My cousin makes it each year and it is to die for.

  • Sally Symonds

    I make apple breads, sugar cookies, eggnog, fudge, peppermint cookies, gingerbread people, whatever my girls want to make.

  • Laura Jansen

    I love chewy ginger cookies!

  • Heidi

    I made your vanilla bean caramels last year, and caramel is my absolute favorite (especially salted) and with the vanilla flecks in there… I think it’s my new favorite.

  • Alysson Hall

    shortbread sugar cookies <3 and Chocolate chip cookies of course.

  • Jade McGill

    There are so many holiday treats I like to make and eat that I can’t pick a favorite! But gingerbread cookies are up there. Also, anything with peppermint.

  • Lisa

    I love to make and taste the salted nut roll bars!!! Love the nutter butter crust

  • Letty Hardi

    gingerbread cookies – especially little gingerbread men and women that my kids decorate!

  • Kat Fajardo

    I love baking and decorating sugar cookies for the holidays. Last year, I gifted your delicious hot cocoa mix and cookies and cream cookies. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • elisa

    I love making anything chocolate and peppermint during this time!

  • peppermint brownies! (‘:

  • dalee041790

    my favorite holiday treat to bake and eat are cheese wafers – a southern tradition

  • Christie

    I can never go without my Grandma’s butter tarts. Although her recipe is tough to follow ( 2-3 eggs, isn’t exactly clear), they always seem to taster perfect and bring me back to my childhood.

  • Jessica w

    I love making Italian cookies!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  • Jacqueline Ray

    My mom makes meringues flavored with peppermint extract and miniature chocolate chips. They are wonderful!! Not to mention the fact that the leftover egg yolks usually go into a creme brulee :)

  • Theresa

    I always make my version of a “Take 5” bar – a pretzel, topped with peanut butter and caramel, all dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with whatever looks yummy! They usually get eaten pretty quickly in our house!

  • Emily

    I’m so excited! By far, my favorite holiday treat to bake is pumpkin cranberry bread, and I’m always hunting down those little, cute bags to put the loaves in! I’d love a gift certificate to Garnish!

  • I love baking and decorating sugar cookies! It’s a simple treat but wows EVERYONE!

  • Karyl Carter

    We have a cookie decorating day every holiday season at my mom’s house. My favorite cookie is the gingerbread recipe passed down from my great grandmother. Lot’s of molasses…yummmm!

  • Stephanie

    We make lemon sugar cookies every year, it’s my moms own recipe and they are divine!

  • disqus_O9Pmm09gmd

    Linzer cookies!

  • I love making caramel popcorn to pass out to my neighbors! Yum!

  • we make gingerbread men cookies with meringue icing every year! i will deff be making the vanilla caramels and i will give the cappachino fudge a try! i love me some fudge! :)

  • Eleisha Sherman

    I love baking molasses and gingerbread cookies!

  • My favorite think to bake is White Chocolate drop cookies with homemade strawberry jam! Its always on my cookie platter!

  • Spritz Cookies – because I only make them at Christmas. I use the star tip to pipe circles for wreaths and what is essentially an upside “J” shape for, you guessed it, candy canes. I sprinkle the wreaths with green sugar & the candy canes with red. I also add red hot candies to the wreaths for holly berries and/or larger red non-pareils (sometimes I also add holly leaf sprinkles). YUM!!

  • I love making white chocolate macadamia nut cranberry cookies :)

  • Amy Rice

    One cake I have made multiple times is a Candy Cane Cake – it is a fluffy white bundt cake swirled with red food coloring, and a peppermint glaze on top. Perfectly light after eating so much delicious food, yet still very festive! My family likes it best with a scoop of good ole’ Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

  • Kim Brown

    I just enjoy making people happy! I make everything from gourmet chocolate covered pretzels topped with everything you can think of to beautiful and delicious cupcakes. I try to be unique in my ideas and creative in the presentation. The best part is seeing the smiles on the recipients faces!!!! Makes it all worth while! <3

  • Agnieszka

    I love the holiday seasons, with all the variety of foods
    you can bake or cook. The easiest for me to make are kolaczki, simple yet
    delicious. However, all time favorite among my family and friends is the chopped
    cheese-pumpkin pie with sour cream. Humbly I have to confess, it is Heaven in
    Your Mouth, at least that is how I feel every time I eat it ;-).

  • Christmas cookies with my girls! They love the decorating part.

  • Arenda de Haan

    I love eating pepernoten (dutch mini gingerbread cookies) around the holidays. Some people say they look like dog food (which is true enough) but they taste delicious, kind of like a chai latte in cookie form. :)

  • Pizzelles! Our pizzelle iron makes the best ones around!

  • Michaela Richmond

    Definitely molasses cookies. Although I would have to say the eating of them is much better than the baking…

  • Amanda

    Frosted sugar cookies, Oreo truffles, caramels, ginger cookies and so many more. I love to bake at this time of the year! My absolute favorite holiday baking tradition is making and eating shortbread. It brings back many wonderful childhood holiday memories.

  • Misha

    I love, love, love iced and decorated sugar cookies! Boring, I know, but classic…

  • My sister’s pecan dainties…so delicious!

  • blueangel729

    I make homemade cinnamon rolls to give to friends for Christmas morning! Everyone always looks forward to them, including me!

  • Deneen

    My favorite holiday treats to eat are Christmas sugar cookies! We only get them during the holidays and my sisters and I love how they are so soft and just melt in your mouth! : )

  • Michelle Ly

    My favorite thing to make during the holidays are def sugar cookies. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without sitting around a table decorating Santa, and Snowmen!

  • Wendy

    I like to make a variety of miniature cookies, gingersnaps, chocolate crinkle, chocolate chip and sugar cookies

  • Katie Mandel

    I make ginger cookies with white chocolate chips that are amazing! I’ve already made one batch but it won’t be my last this season. Baking is one of my favorite parts of this time of year too!

  • K V

    i love peppermint hot chocolate!

  • My favorite thing to bake (and eat) is my grandmother’s cookies

  • JNalu

    Cloud Nine Cookies — which really are whipped egg whites, sugar and chocolate chips — but everyone seems to love them, including me :)

  • Marilyn

    My favorite holiday treat to bake is molasses ginger cookies! They make the whole kitchen smell like Christmas!

  • Jolene

    Garnish gift certificate????? Awesome of you! My favorite holiday treat hands down would be ladyfingers made by my mom! Can’t beat coconut:)

  • My favorite holiday treat is carrot cake! My family requests it every year.

  • Emily

    There are WAY too many favorites, but two that are extra special are my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls and Kalacky. Both very old recipes that have been passed down, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

  • My favorite holiday treat is making my grandmas famous banana cake with 7 minute frosting.

  • Every year I make my grandmother’s recipe for frosted sugar cookies … it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

  • Samantha SooHoo

    Hot chocolate chip cookies!!!

  • Love your recipes! Can’t wait to start baking and gifting!! My favorite at Christmas are a Norwegian cookie called Kringlas.. A great cookie with coffee in the morning or just any time! Time consuming but so worth the work. My kids favorite and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them!!

  • I like to make ginger molasses cookies and pecan butterballs! So good!!

  • Mary Ann

    My favorite holiday treat is Gingerbread cookies.

  • My favorite is homemade oreos!! I love adding mint flavoring to the filling with some green food coloring. Super yummy!!

  • Krystal

    I made Nutella thumbprint cookies last year and they have become my favorite.

  • Sarah

    My favorite is spritz cookies with white chocolate drizzled on. Probably because of all the memories of making them with my mom, aunt, and cousins while growing up!

  • Michelle

    Classic cut out sugar cookies are my favorite. We make them every year!

  • Julie

    Cranberry Bliss Bars>>>>Peanut Butter Fudge>>>>>>Cut-outs !!!

  • Caramel and Chocolate covered pretzels rolled in lots of different candies, nuts and sprinkles!

  • Jana

    I love baking banket, a traditional Dutch almond pastry. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

  • the.dingo

    My favorite treat to make is fleur de sel caramels. I give them away and sell them every year.

  • Ginny

    I love making pumpkin cookies. They’re always a big hit! Thanks

  • Meghan Murphy

    My most favorite holiday treat to bake are my rosemary butter cookies. We made them for our wedding and every year we bake dozens to give away as gifts.

  • Tempa Liddle

    Peppermint Puff cookies! It’s a tradition in my family that I make these cookies each year at Christmas. They are a tender sugar cookie studded with crushed up peppermint candies and they have the most wonderful sparkling, shiny crunch on the outside as they are rolled in egg whites and then granulated sugar before they’re baked! A Hershey’s kiss pressed into the top of each one about a minute before they come out of the oven make these extra special!

  • I love Mexican wedding cookies!!

  • LeAnne

    My absolute favorite holiday cookie is one my mom makes – Snowballs. Basically almond cookies rolled in powdered sugar.

  • Jenny

    My favorite thing to bake and eat are all the cookies that come my way. Yum!

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite thing to make for the holidays is the ham and swiss party sandwiches I do every year for our holiday party. Ham, Swiss, and a sauce of mustard, butter, onion, worcestershire, and poppyseeds on slider buns. Always a hit!

  • sophia

    Sugar Cookies!

  • Neda Sihavong

    Our favorite treat would be making smores with family and friends after a great dinner. It’s simple to make and yet it brings a smile to everyone faces.

  • Jennifer

    Every year I make soft caramels as gifts for friends and family. Everyone is disappointed if I don’t make them. I usually have to take a day off work to get them all made and wrapped! :-)

  • Katy Hultner

    My favorite treat to eat has to be peanut butter and chocolate fudge!!!

  • Mechen

    Pie–any sort will do, but the crumble topped ones are always best!

  • Katherine

    I love homemade cinnamon rolls!

  • I love peppermint bark, it’s definitely one of my favorites to make and eat :)

  • I always make lots of cookies and peppermint bark. I love baking and sharing

  • I love making linzer cookies filled with raspberry jam and lemon curd.