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earth day 2014: flip and tumble produce bags

Reuseable grocery bags are pretty awesome, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use them and then fill them up with a bunch of plastic produce bags.  I love these mesh produce bags from Flip and Tumble.  They fit easily in my purse so I can grab one whenever I need it.

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me on average about how many of those plastic produce bags you think you use each week.

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Tuesday, April 23 at 4:30 am EST and close on Friday, April 25 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Three winners will be selected at random and contacted via email next week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Annie’s Eats.

  • Amanda Ferraioli

    Unfortunately, I think I use about 8 plastic bags a week. I would love to use these mesh produce bags, and keep them in my car so I don’t forget them!

  • Megan Schwark

    These would be so useful! I buy a lot of fruits and veggies so I probably wind up using 10+ of those stupid plastic bags a week.

  • Mary

    This is EXACTLY what I need! Love the reusable grocery bags, but I haven’t been able to get away from the plastic produce bags — I probably use 4-5 per week, unfortunately… Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  • Cori

    We use maybe around 12 a week, too many!

  • Janet

    Hi Annie, saldly my husband and I use 4-6 plastic bags for produce each week. :( These reusable produce bags are a grest way to shop “green” at the market!
    P.S. we love your blog and recommend your blog to family and friends. Sharing the love!

  • Gina

    I think I probably use about 5 per week, but hopefully I can reduce that down to zero!

  • Sascha Alexandra

    At least 5

  • Katherine

    My boyfriend works at a whole foods, and he rescues the bags that have been abandoned unused in the cart, but we still use three a week probably (stuff as many veg as possible in each one!)

  • Jennifer Kane

    6-8 per week.

  • Emily

    Probably 6 a week, but still too many for sure!

  • Emily

    I have 6 of these, but that is never enough! I think I probably use 8-12!

  • Sara

    I shamefully use about 5-10. I’ve never seen these mesh produce bags, what a great idea!

  • Sarah

    We use about 8 per week! We need to move towards these

  • Amanda Solecki

    I actually don’t use a ton – unless I’m buying something tiny, I usually put my produce straight into my cart to avoid using the bags. This would be much nicer, though, and I love Flip & Tumble.

  • Lauren LaFayette

    I have pretty much stopped using plastic produce bags, but dont use anything else to corral my fruits and veggies. These sound great!

  • Alex

    I probably use about 6 per week. These would be great!

  • Kirsten

    I’ve started using these and can always use more, especially during farmer’s market season! Thanks!

  • Andrea

    At least 5 a week, I’m sure.

  • I use about 3-5 per week!

  • Megan N

    Try not to use any, but probably 2-3.

  • Emily Warren

    I’d love to have these produce bags. I would probably use around 4 a week.

  • Katie

    We probably use about 6 produce bags per week. We do reuse them for other things, but it would be great if we started using official reusable ones!

  • Brie Torbeck Caron

    Close to 6-8, but I have been trying to use less! This would help!

  • Lydia B

    This is something I absolutely need to start using. We probably use about 3-8 plastic produce bags per week.

  • Emma

    Oh geez. I must use at least 6 or 7 of them per week. I do end up re-using them, though, as I use them to clean up my dog’s messes when we’re out on walks.

  • Kate

    We try to limit how many bags we use, but still end up with 3-5 each week.

  • Kalyn

    I probably use 4-5 per week.

  • Jeni

    Love this! I would use 3-5 plastic bags a week but I usually skip them and put loose produce in my shopping bag. Hard on the mushrooms…

  • Emily

    I try not to use plastic bags but end up just putting my produce into my cart!

  • Kelsey

    Oh my gosh – this is a product I need. I probably use 6 plastic bags a week. Terrible.

  • Beth Smith

    I didn’t know these existed! I need to start using these!! Probably use 5-8 a week!

  • andrea

    I’d say 4-8 plastic produce bags a week. I do try and grab the ones made from corn if I see them available….they are supposed to breakdown faster

  • Laura

    At least 5…I transitioned to reusable grocery bags years ago, but this is something I need to start doing!

  • Melissa @ Kids in the Sink

    I use probably 5-7 bags every time I go to the grocery store, about twice a month.

  • Delilah

    I haven’t seen these before! What a great idea. I probably use 3-5 of the plastic bags. I try not to use them unless I am buying multiple of something & need to keep them together. These are perfect.

  • Michelle McGuire

    Oh my I probably use at least 5 each week. These are great…I will have to buy some even if I don’t win! Thanks for the chance…

  • Leigh

    I use 5-7 plastic bags every time :(

  • Em Rohrer

    Oh man, I had never thought about reusable bags for produce, even though I use cloth bags for shopping…wow, I probably use at least 5-10 bags every week!

  • Brittany

    Way too many. Probably 8.

  • Sue

    In the winter I would probably use about 10 of these a week (we eat a lot of fruit and veggies). But then, in the growing seasons I might use 2 or 3 (we also grow most of our produce when we can). We’re eating greens, fava beans and onions out of the garden now!

  • Megan

    I probably use 2-3 per week, so I should definitely make this change!

  • Carly Dreibelbis

    Probably 1-2 at the most. Unless something is soaking wet from being misted, they aren’t always necessary.

  • Heather W

    I use probably 5-6 a week — would rather use zero!

  • Mary

    I’d say about 3 per week – these would be amazingly helpful!!

  • Liz N.

    Gosh, I am guilty of using about 8 bags per week. I recycle them using them as trash can liners. I have wanted these produce bags for some time. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be purchasing these in my commitment to living greener!

  • G B

    I would guess 1 or 2 a week. This is a great alternative though!

  • Angie

    I have 2 reusable bags I got from the dollar spot at Target, and well, you can tell they’re from the dollar spot! After those are used, I’d say I probably use about 3-4 more disposable bags every week, and I feel horrible about it. Not only is it bad for the environment, but well, my cats like to chew plastic bags, and inevitably every week I’ll hear one start to throw up a bag in the hallway while I’m cooking dinner.

  • Jo

    probably about 6-8 a week

  • Abby

    Awesome! would love these!

  • Kat Moore

    Too many… I had bought some of these and they disappeared over time (kids…). I think this last weekend I used approximately eight. Probably an average of 6-7 a week. :( I need to get better about keeping them on hand!

  • Jill

    Probably 5 or 6, sometimes more! These are great.

  • Amy

    I use 5-8 a week. I know I need to start using reusable ones!

  • Acey

    Probably just one or two…We shop at Aldi, most of the produce there comes in bags already. Just a produce bag for a cucumber, usually…

  • Melisa

    2 or 3 per week. These would be great!

  • Katie

    I’d use at least 4 a week

  • Stephanie McCarrell

    Hate the plastic produce bags :( We probably average about 4-5 per week. I try to avoid them if I can. Reusable bags would be amazing!

  • Lynne

    I probably use 4 per week. Eek! We do try to re-use the plastic bags until they’re falling apart and then recycle them, but we could certainly do better

  • Amy Cheben

    I probably use 6 or 7 of those plastic produce bags a week. I knew that the reusable grocery bags existed, but I never thought to check for these!

  • Rachel Taylor

    Probably at least 5 a week. I always forget about how quickly those add up!

  • I don’t use plastic produce bags! I bought a few mesh produce bags (not these, though!) last year and they have been awesome.

  • Amanda Brewer

    Its variable but anywhere from 3-10 for each trip to the grocery.

  • Heidi C

    I didn’t know you could get reusable produce bags! Now I have to get some, I use around 10 a week!

  • Alyssa D

    I probably use about 2 a week mostly for greens, I try to not use a bag for most other produce

  • Katie

    We probably use between 2 and 4 a week. It’s just me and my husband so we don’t eat too much, but I still feel awful every time we throw them away.

  • Judy E

    I probably use 4-5. And I agree, I shouldn’t!

  • Samara Touchton

    I probably use about 10-15 of those bags a week. Either way, I need to get those reusable bags!

  • mbcd

    I typically use up to four product bags at the supermarket each week.

  • rita

    I use about 1 per week. I put all the produce into 1 bag to try and reduce the amount of bags i’m using. But I would love to add these bags to my collection of reuseable shopping bags.

  • Rachel

    I didn’t even know they made these! That always kills me too when buying produce. I’m sure I go through at least 8 plastic produce bags a week!

  • Ali

    :P maybe 2-3

  • savannah sipperly

    hmm, maybe 2. i grocery shop at aldi so they don’t even have bags — i usually use a laundry basket to carry my groceries up to my apartment!

  • Betty Burdick

    Have been using cloth bags for awhile on shopping trips…time to stop using plastic produce bags…guessing I used an average of 3-4 every week or so.

  • Karen

    I use about 3-5 bags per week

  • Jill E

    I didn’t know these existed! But I’ve hated using a bunch of plastic bags but when I try to avoid it, I just have a bunch of oranges, limes, etc. rolling around. I would say we use 5-6 per week. Regardless of winning, we need to get some of these!

  • Jamie

    I use 2-3 at most because I have these mesh bags but certainly not enough!

  • Kelly Thom

    I use about 7 bags per week. I have been using reusable grocery bags for the past year and it only recently dawned on me that I should start using reusable produce bags as well. I would love to win these!

  • HilaryDave Little

    I usually just use two a week but I bring them back with me on my next trip.

  • Claire

    I probably use 3-4 a week. I would love these reusable ones!

  • Katie

    I probably use about 3 per week. I always feel guilty as I’m putting those plastic produce bags into my reusable grocery bag!

  • Katie Wendel

    We use 2 or 3 a week, I try not to use them! But having these would be so great!! Thank you for these awesome giveaways!

  • Jackie

    I’m sure I use 7-10 bags per week….UGH!!! I do daycare and don’t buy canned fruit or veggies, so it means a lot of plastic bags!

  • Krista S.

    I only use plastic produce bags if the vegetables are soaking wet from those darn misters (fewer than 1 a week), but these would definitely come in handy!

  • Stacey

    Hmmmm…probably 3-5 per week.

  • Sarah Bell

    Maybe 2-3. I have a set of these but could use a few more!

  • Morgan Hamilton

    Oh I probably use about 5-10. I know that’s a fairly large range, but I don’t really pay close attention…

  • Jayne B

    I probably use 2 a week.

  • Dawn

    Oh, wow. Maybe 5-10 per week. Way too many!

  • Alex

    I probably use about 3-5 per week. They do end up being recycled in my house as trashcan liners and whatnot, but it would be amazing to have these reusable ones!

  • Robin Laughlin

    Oh dear, too many. Despite my best efforts, at least 5 a week. I sometimes opt to buy my vegetables loose, but our local grocery store (bless their hearts) always insist on re-bagging them at check out as a ‘help’. I appreciate the old-fashioned offer and always feel sheepish arguing. I’d love an alternative!

  • Kari M

    I try not to use one if I don’t need one but I still use at least 5 a week.

  • casey dunne

    Too many. Half our grocery bill is produce. So at least 8-10 per week. We need a change!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Now that you’ve brought me to think about it, I use a whopping average of about 8-12 of those a week. Scary! I think I will be committing to these in the near future.

  • cookie_o_clock

    We probably use at least 5. I was just telling my husband last week that we should get some reusable bags for produce. The Earth Day bug must have been in my brain!

  • Tessa

    I try not to grab them for everything but probably use 2-4 each week.

  • Tammy Tucker

    I use 3-4 per week.

  • Kathleen Robinson

    Probably 10 a week! Way too many, but we do recycle them. These look great!

  • bsivasai

    Probably about 3 a week but they are such a waste!

  • Kori

    I use about 3 or 4 a trip and I go 2 or three times a week. These would be fabulous! Thanks

  • Julie Wilson


  • Michelle Curtin

    I bet I use 2-3 a week. I try not to use the plastic produce bags unless necessary and we do buy local produce at the farmers market so that helps cut down some.

  • Ashley M.

    Yikes… now that I think about it, I would say 5 per week.

  • Angela S.

    I use probably about 5-6 per week. I’ve never thought about using reusable. Even if I don’t win I will look into purchasing these.

  • I do try to reuse my plastic produce bags, but I do use about 5 a week. Would love these reusable grocery bags!

  • Amber Patty

    I use so many of these! Probably 10 a week. These would be a great alternative. :)

  • Kristen

    I probably use at least 6 a week!

  • Diane

    I probably use 4-5 per week. I would love these!

  • Sarah Taylor

    Probably 2-3. I definitely need these!

  • Jean

    ugh, I don’t really want to answer this – I probably use 10 a week (per grocery shopping trip).

  • Stephanie L

    I use about 4 a week

  • Jan

    I probably use 3-4 plastic produce bags per week, but I do reuse them rather than just throw them away after one use. I surely do like those re-usable produce bags!

  • Amy

    Probably 5 – love the idea of the reusable mesh ones!

  • Peggy May

    way too many. one is too many and I use at least 4. I have been looking into this type of product

  • Carrie

    Easily 7-10 a week. I’d love to reduce and use these mesh bags

  • Megan Anne Alderman

    Same reaction here, I never thought about it! I probably use 2-3 plastic bags per week.

  • Katie Bias

    I buy a decent amount of produce for my husband and myself, so I probably use around 5 per week. Eek! I need these in my life ASAP!

  • mollyjam

    I use maybe 4-6 per week. We then use them to line the smaller trash cans around the house, but they build up quickly – so it’d be great to have reusable ones.

  • Chatelaine

    I use atleast 7 a week since I juice every morning and use the bags in the refuse part of the juicer. I reuse them prior to that though…… I bring home produce in the bags and keep them for the juicer. I also have a CSA membership and when I bring home the produce I reuse the bags to store my veggies in my fridge. So each plastic produce bag gets used atleast 2-3 times.

  • Erin M

    Sadly I probably use at least 10 a week? These would be awesome!

  • Eileen Beamis

    Maybe one a week

  • Linda Drury Freeman

    One or two. I try not to use them or at the very least, combine produce, though the checkers are generally not thrilled about that one.

  • alicebmail

    Probably about 8 per week but I’ve been wanting to get or make reusable bags for a while now! I will definitely do that if I don’t win any :)

  • Leslie Farrar

    I buy a lot of my produce at aldi so not very many but they do package their produce in plastic as well. I would say 2 a week.

  • Kim

    Probably about 1-2 a week – we have stopped bagging a lot of produce, but still use the plastic bags for anything wet. These would be great!

  • Kim


  • kris

    I use a ton, I am ashamed to even admit it, I eat a ton of fruits and veggies so probably 15-20 bags a week.

  • Lydia

    Ugh. I use reusable grocery bags, but haven’t gotten to these yet! I probably use 3-5 plastic produce bags a week. Eeek!

  • Angela

    I was just about to purchase these! We live 1 block from our local co-op and buy all of our fruits and veg there. I would say we use around 5 bags/week.

  • Leanne M

    We probably use only 1-2 plastic bags a week. I’m the crazy lady with loose fruit rolling around the cart.

  • Julie Fritz

    Embarrassed to admit I probably use 10-15 plastic bags a week!

  • Erica McGregor Levy

    5 or 6 a week.

  • Cara

    I probably use 2-3 per week — I have a couple mesh bags and I love them, but I don’t have enough!

  • Julie

    Too many. These will be a purchase of mine. Waited too long. It’s time.

  • AmyRohrer

    I never even knew these existed!!! I go to the store every other week and probably use about 4 or 5 with each trip. These would be fantastic!

  • yikes, it’s scary how many i use! thanks for sharing this product with me! i probably use at least 10 of these a week. i love adding in new ways to be green. i love your tips, you’re truly an inspiration to push myself even further!

  • Sara S

    I only use 1-3 a month. I don’t buy a lot of produce, which is the issue, but if I didn’t have to worry about the plastic bags, I might be inclined to buy more!

  • Letty Hardi

    We use about 8-10 pet week but try to reuse them.

  • Laura H

    I probably use at least 5/week. What a great idea!

  • Emily P.

    I must use 5-10 bags per week on average.

  • I use at least 5 or 6 each trip to the grocery store! these look great!!!

  • Shae Tilson

    7-10 I bet! We love our produce!

  • Katie

    I would say 5 per week during the winter when I’m not getting my CSA box. I do reuse them once for other things (my garbage “bowl” when I’m prepping ingredients.)

  • Lynsey

    Ugh, I use at least 5 per week.

  • Molly

    2-3. I avoid using them if a vegetable or fruit seems big enough, but I always put my lettuce in one.

  • Hannah

    We use probably about 5-10 per week.

  • I love using these and I could totally use some more! No more wandering around the produce department trying to find the closest reel!

  • Jenny Corry Smith

    Probably six. I try to not use bags at the grocery store for things that I know I will peel before eating.

  • Jennie

    Yikes. I think I use about 10 a week!

  • Annie B

    I use about 3 a week. I do reuse them until they rip (which is sadly not many uses), but every year when you do this giveaway I keep thinking I need to buy some reusable ones…maybe this is the year! (unless I win!)

  • Claudia

    I probably use about 4-8 per week ( but i must say that, unless it’s wet or has holes other questionables inside, I do re-use those, whether for sticking meat into – which of course gets tossed after one use, or going back into my reusable shopping bag. I don’t see a problem sticking in apples or pears into the same plastic bag week after week. It all gets washed anyway!)

  • Jessica Toddy

    Depending on the week anywhere from 3 – 8. I wasn’t aware of reusable produce bags, great to know!

  • Andrea

    I’ve been wanting to get reusable produce bags for my CSA and produce. I try to avoid them at the grocery store at all costs but sometimes I can’t have all my produce rolling around so maybe 3 a week…and I always re-use them.

  • Amanda

    I would guess about 5 per week.

  • Morgan

    at least 5-10! eeeek!

  • Jess

    I would guess 5-8. What a great product!!

  • Jenn J.

    I think I use about 5-6 each week. I’ve been eating a lot of fresh produce recently and I despise using the bags provided by the market. Thank you for sharing this great product!

  • Karen

    Yikes, I probably use 5-6 of these a week. I’ve been using my reusable grocery bags for about 7 years, but forget about produce! I recently started using russbe bags instead of ziplocks, because I went through so many with the kids’ lunches. Those have DRASTICALLY reduced ziplock use!

  • Ami Frost

    I’ve been trying to not use bags at all if I can…but I probably end up using 3-5 every other week.

  • Christine

    With all the fresh fruits and veggies on our shopping list, about 7 each week, gracious!

  • Kristin

    I have a few of these already but need more! I use about 6 produce bags on top of my reusable ones!

  • Elise Gahan

    Probably 5-10…

  • Cara

    I would say around 7/8 per week :-x Although, I do try to reuse them (if they are still intact and not gross), I still cringe when I throw them away!

  • Katie Twist

    Probably 5 per week

  • Xuan

    Anywhere from 3-5 per week, but definitely more during the warmer months when produce is much more abundant and readily available.

  • Lisa Gelber

    I estimate that I use about 7 per week!

  • JJ GG

    I have a pretty big family, so I would say that we easily use anywhere between 20-40. Of course, we try to recycle these as often as possible.

  • Sarah

    At least 5 a week… Too many!

  • Jamie Noble

    gosh, a lot 5-10? I try to skip them unless im buying multiple of the same item.

  • Angela

    2 a week. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Sandie Custer

    2-3 a week

  • Stephanie

    I usually try to avoid them – – so, at most, one or two.

  • Meghan Curtis

    Depending on the week, 3-5.

  • Julie

    I use about 3 per week

  • Margaret Morgan Carlisle

    I would say 8-10 a week. That is too many!

  • Alli

    At least 5 per week! These bags look awesome!

  • Maegan

    I think I use about 10/week- but hopefully that will change :)

  • Lisa

    I’ve never even thought about the produce bags… Thanks for making me more aware

  • Kristi Kay Ellsworth

    I live in a rural village in Alaska and can only get to the grocery store via plane, therefore I only get there less than once a month, so when I do it is like 20?

  • Amelia

    My mom bought me a couple of these for Christmas a few years ago. They are awesome!! I never knew they existed before. Now, I rarely use a plastic produce bag at the store!

  • Christy

    4 a week

  • Kelly

    I try to only use them for things that really require bags… but probably at least 2 still.

  • Hannah

    Probably two or three!

  • Dakota Campbell

    I use probably 3 a week.

  • tara

    I’m sad to say I use a minimum of 5-7 per week. I really need to change that!

  • Crystal Daniel Kohler

    Too many :( at least 8.

  • Carolyn

    I dont use any plastic bags – I just go bagless :)

  • Jojo

    My grocery store only uses paper. But two of those each week!

  • Theresa

    Sadly, I use between 3 and 6 a week :-(

  • Diana

    Hmmm…I feel like most produce we buy is in plastic clam shells (berries) or don’t need bags (bananas) but still at least one or two a week.

  • Anne Blackwell

    When I remember the ones I made from some netting none…or maybe 1-2 when I run out because somehow a dozen isn’t quite enough! When I forget my bags it’s a lot… :/

  • Kristy Mintner Melby

    I would say 6-7 a week. Need to change that!

  • Chrysti

    I probably use about 5.

  • Laura Bunce

    These are great! I use about 5 plastic bags a week so these would be a great alternative.

  • Amy Rice

    Lots! We eat paleo, so we purchase over a dozen varieties of fresh produce each week. We’ve been using reusable grocery bags for years, and really need to switch to reusable produce bags too!

  • Jenny E.

    Maybe 2 at the most. I try not to use too many.

  • Sue Ahmadi

    I use at least 8 a week. However, I do recycle them! They are great when you own a dog!

  • AttemptingNormal


  • Cindi

    5-8 bags a week I’m sorry to say.

  • Jen P

    Probably around 5! Yikes.

  • theresa krier

    i probably am down to about 3 a week

  • Jessica Bell

    Anywhere from 3-8. I really think not using produce bags and grocery bags will be my going green goal this year. Thank you for the constant inspiration!

  • Ashley Ward

    I currently have at least 5 in my kitchen…fail!

  • Val

    I probably use 4-5 a week. Pretty bad.

  • Carrie

    I probably use between 3-5 a week!

  • Melissa Vasquez

    Dozen, at least

  • Taylor Thomson

    My family probably uses at least ten a week. That seriously adds up..

  • Susan

    Unfortunately, a fair amount of the bags… Between 5-8. While I use reusable bag to carry my groceries, I wasn’t aware there were reusable bags for produce! Thanks for the awareness.

  • Cassie E

    I use 5-7 per week

  • Emily Kathryn Henry

    I usually use 1 a week for my meat

  • Angie Buergler Teed

    I use probably 3 per week.

  • Stephanie Coleman

    I’ve started using an onlie grocer focused on sustainable living, so a lot less than before. I was just having a conversation with my coworker about the need for reusable produce bags, even for the farmers market. Most of the ones I’ve seen haven’t been see-through which is important to me, so the checkout person doesn’t have to open each bag while ringing me up :)

  • Laura

    I use 1-2 per week.

  • Lukatia

    I probably use 2-3. I have a set of 3 reusable bags that I love, but 3 is not enough and they are starting to fall apart;(

  • Tara Gillaspie

    We usually use about 4 or 5.

  • Kellie

    8 I would guess

  • Jackie

    About 8-9. It varies.

  • Irene

    For larger produce like tomatoes and cucumbers – zero!
    For smaller produce that must be bagged, like green beans, I use two or three each week.

  • Rosanna

    2-3 per week. I try and only use them only when necessary. I never thought of using reusable produce bags. Super cool!

  • Sarah El Guerrab

    I’m guessing about 10. I like a variety of fruits and veggies. I also would use them for bulk items like almonds.

  • christine

    I use about 5 a week, too many! I use reusable grocery bags but still have not switched to produce bags. I’d love to start because I now have a surplus of poop bags for my pups.

  • Rachel Tilly

    Probably 4 :(

  • Maria C.

    Like at least two or three a week,I’m really trying to cut down & these are fantastic! I didn’t know these existed :D

  • Lydia Walsh

    I probably use about 3 or 4 per week…I usually remember my reusable bags but I’ve never had any reusable produce bags.

  • Kaitlin

    between 5-10…too many!

  • Karen

    Maybe 4-6.

  • Linzthephotog

    On average 2-3.

  • Lakeisha Bing

    I was just going to search last years post for the name of these bags. I thought the same thing, I’m still using plastic and that defeats my purpose! I Will definitely order these. Thanks Annie you’ve inspired me through the years to Go green one step at a time! :) I use 5-10 plastic produce bags a week :(

  • Laura S

    probably between 3-5

  • Ashley

    Tons! And now that market season is back (oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!) I will probably use at least 5, sometimes 10 at a time! I have some but they are in desperate need of replacement! Thanks annie!

  • Andrea

    I’ll bet we use at least 10 a week, maybe more…. :(

  • Hannah Rinehart


  • Kristine

    About 4

  • evabakes

    Probably 1. I need to get some reusable ones!

  • Kelly

    6-8 at least! (my four year old loves his asparagus and kale!) I do reuse the plastic produce ones for my babies explosive diaper containment however!

  • Diane

    about 3-4 per week

  • Lisa

    Probably 3 or 4 bags per week.

  • Julie

    5-6 bags per week I think.

  • Kate Whitebread

    I would say 3-5, I hate using them too, just didn’t know that there was an alternative

  • hrh

    that depends on my wine intake for the week…I’d say 4 or 5 per week on a moderate wine week (:

  • About 3-4 per week.

  • Angelic

    Probably 4 to 6 for produce.

  • Maria

    About 6-8 per week. We buy tons of produce but have no reusable bags. This is perfect!

  • Allyson

    It would be great to get rid of all of the plastic produce bags! We probably use 3-4 produce bags a week, we try to consolidate so we don’t carry as many home :-) Love these reusable bags!

  • Beth Whipple

    4 per week. Love this idea!

  • Amy Stratton

    Probably 2 or 3. I shop at the Farmer’s Market mostly, so I try to remember to bring my own bags.

  • Jacqui

    I would say I use 5-6 per week!

  • Amanda McGann

    Hard question- roughly 4 I’d guess!

  • Renee

    3 – 6 bags a week, unfortunately. On another note, have you watched “A Fierce Green Fire: A Battle for a Living Planet?” It is an award winning documentary about the history of the environmental movement and current pressing environmental issues. Very enlightening and a good watch if you have time!

  • Susan


  • Joni Woods

    I probably use about 3-4 bags a week

  • Emily C

    2-3 a week.

  • Gabrielle Lupton

    At least 4 sometimes more!

  • Jennifer

    Likely 6-8 bags per week! We love our fruits and veggies :)

  • Dana

    Around 3-5 per week.

  • Beth

    I’m guilty: 6-8 plastic bags per week.

  • Danielle Rizzini

    One or two. I try to avoid putting things in produce bags when I can (large items like lemons and cucumbers).


    I would totally use 4-5 per week.


    i would totally use 4-5 per week!!

  • Katie Mathis

    I use 6-10 of these bags a week. Thanks for helping to point out somewhere I can definitely improve!

  • Samantha E.

    I would use at least three of these bags each week!

  • Jody Johnson

    Probably 5 and i hate it every time. I need some of these bags!

  • Laura Leigh Daniel Cross

    Probably one but one too many.

  • Anne

    My guess is that I use between three and six of those plastic produce bags each week. I do try to reuse them whenever possible, though. I love the idea of reusable non-plastic produce bags!

  • Ruchita

    I probably use 3-4 bags a week.

  • 8-10… :( I feel ashamed!

  • Emilie L

    I used 6 yesterday. :(

  • blueangel729

    Less than 10 per week but I would love to use reusable bags!

  • Shauna L.

    I’m the person with my produce rolling all over my cart! I use 0-2 each week.

  • Meghan M.

    Oh dear…at least 2-3, for one person! Definitely an area for improvement.

  • Sarah M.

    I probably use 3-5 bags per week and feel guilty every time I do! These Flip and Tumble bags have been in my Amazon wishlist for far too long!

  • Anne

    At least 3! I try to do a lot of my produce out of the bag but some things (like fresh herbs or lettuce) just need it!

  • Stephanie

    Oh MAN! I had to think and uh-oh. During the winter (no garden), I would say 20/week. Not cool.

  • Elyse

    I have wanted some of these for a while now, I hate using the plastic ones!

  • Christina McCullough

    These look so amazing! I probably use 3-4 produce bags a week.

  • Oh my goodness – too many to count! Probably close to 4 of 5 – definitely more in the summer when I’m purchasing fresh produce! :/

  • Carrie M.

    Per week, probably 5 or 6!

  • Linda

    I probably use 6 per week. Plus some of the produce I buy is already in plastic packaging. Ooooh, the error of my ways. I so believe going to a farmer’s market would definitely help in this department.

  • Tania Tilp

    Maybe one or two – I reuse them if I can.

  • Meridith Anderson

    Maybe 3 or less. I am always commingling my produce. Poor checkout person! Love these bags! What a great idea!

  • Quinn Pletcher

    I try not to use regular plastic bags, but I have never thought about the produce bags! I easily used 5 last week.

  • michelle

    I would love these! Try not to use too many, but probably 3-4 every week …

  • Sarah M.

    I use 3-5 plastic bags per week. These Flip and Tumble bags have been in my Amazon wishlist for far too long! It’s time to make the switch!

  • Ping Teresa Yeh

    Each week, I probably use at least 3 produce bags…

  • AmyT

    I would say 3-5 per week. Every time I go to the store I think of your last drawing for these and kick myself for not getting some sooner. I’ve started reusing the ones I do have as trash bags and clip two of them into my trash can at a time – looks a bit strange :)

  • Julie Schwabe

    Oh wow, I’ve never thought about how many produce bags I use! I would bet probably 3-5 per week…

  • Carla

    I use 6-9 produce disposable bags a week. I use reusable shopping bags but do not have any reusable produce bags. Draw my name please!

  • emilykelso

    I probably use about 5-6. Yikes!

  • Jodi M

    I want to try this out so badly! I probably use 10-12 produce bags/week!

  • medstudent2012

    1-2 per week. I try to just get the produce and put it in my reusable shopping bag

  • Ash

    Too many! I’m definitely going to order some of these!

  • nmtowell

    I probably use 3 or 4 on a weekly basis.

  • Whitneyde21

    I probably go through 3-4 of produce bags a week.

  • Kristina

    I have these and use them every time I get groceries. I was using so many of those plastic bags every time I got produce and I hated it so I got these last year and use them all the time, they are fantastic!

  • Kathryn

    5-7/week…that includes bulk items like oatmeal. Would love to cut that # down.

  • Megan Bradley

    I’ve been wanting to try these!

  • We buy a LOT of produce, so I’d say we get at least 2 dozen of those plastic bags each week!

  • Sonia Hargrove

    I have plenty of reusable grocery sacks and have even given them as gifts, but I have got to have some of these for my produce!

  • Alyssa

    I probably use 3/4 per week. Sometimes I just place them in my basket –it would be great to have these!

  • Mary

    I hate the produce bags, especially because they usually seem so much bigger than I need. I love using reusable checkout bags but never knew of a good reusable alternative for produce. Thanks!! I think I use an average of five per week.

  • Rachel West

    These would be so useful. I always have reusable grocery bags with me, but I cringe each time I have to wrap up produce like snow peas in the plastic produce bags. I have cut my plastic produce bag usage to about one a week, but I could always do better!

  • Maria

    A lot! We eat a lot of produce. Maybe a dozen?

  • Astrid

    I probably use about 7-8 produce bags a week. We just signed up for a weekly produce box from a co-op, which will greatly reduce the amount of “imported” produce I purchase-but produce bags would be a great help, too!

  • Lisa T.

    We visit the produce stands at least once a week and we take our own reusable shopping bags, but I am now ashamed to admit, I did not know that these reusable produce bags existed! I try to avoid bagging every single produce item, but we still probably end up with about 3-5 of these by the time we finish our weekly trips. I would definitely put these to good use several times a week!

  • ToastButterSprinkles

    I’d guess around 8? We try to reuse them, but they end up stuffed in our folded reusable shopping bags, so that we forget about them until the end at checkout.

  • Heather

    I honestly didn’t even know these existed!! =) I try to avoid those bags so maybe 1-2? Always feel so guilty!

  • Anne J

    I use probably 3-6 per week. We try to reuse them for other things, but it’s still wasteful.

  • Jami

    These bags are such a great idea! I use at least 5 of the plastic produce bags every time I grocery shop.

  • Barbara Benson

    I use 0-3 produce bags a week. I haven’t seen non-plastic reusable bags for produce. Great idea.

  • kellyp19

    I reuse the grocery store produce bags so they aren’t one and done, but they don’t last more than a couple trips. I would love a set of these.