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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

earth day 2013 – sigg water bottle

Without a doubt, one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people stocking up on huge cases of bottled water at the store.  Why, people?  Why?  Buy a good quality reusable bottle and fill it again and again.  I’ve tried other 100% metal bottles but I couldn’t get past the metallic taste.  Sigg has been the perfect bottle for me, and having it around definitely encourages me to drink more water.

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me your best eco-friendly tip or strategy.  

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Monday, April 22 at 4:30 am EST and close on Wednesday, April 24 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Five winners will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Annie’s Eats.

  • L. Murphy

    My Husband NEEDS one of these desparately. And nothing new but we compost and will be adding our first batch to our raised bed this year! I used to think you needed lots of space to do either of these but so much can be done in small spaces. Do it.

  • branny

    If ever I forget my reusable grocery bags, I don’t just settle for plastic, I “punish” myself by making myself carry all my items individually to the car from the market. Then the punishment is even greater when I have to carry them from my car to my house, through two gates and dodging 5 horses. I’ve only forgotten my bags 2x because of this.

  • michelle

    I love using cloth napkins and just toss them in the wash with whatever else we are washing that day. Takes almost zero time and I’m amazed how many paper napkins our family of six can use otherwise!

  • Kat

    Happy Earth Day! Things I try to do: use both sides of the paper before
    recycling it (it’s a great way to give kids free drawing paper!), cloth
    napkins and towels, reusable storage containers (even when getting
    leftover restaurant meals packed up to go), reusable grocery bags,
    reusable water bottles, recycle, upcycle (turning something that would
    normally be waste into something useful), compost, buying items in bulk instead of individually wrapped, making more food items from scratch,
    grow as much of my own produce as will fit on my tiny apartment
    balcony, carpool/ride a bike/take public transportation when possible,
    try to make do with what I have or do without (good thing to think about
    when you’re at the store and want to splurge on that one item that you
    don’t really need), teach and encourage all of the children in my class
    to follow earth friendly practices so they teach their families about

  • Des

    Drive the speed limit and try to do all of your weekly errands in one trip. Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Sherri

    We keep reusable bags in the seat of the car so we have them when we go shopping.

  • My best eco-friendly tip is composting. It uses up all of the organic waste that would otherwise be thrown in the trashcan, plus it helps us to garden organically!

  • Elizabeth

    I try to recycle whatever I can. This is carryover from living in a Pay As You Throw community, where you pay to dispose of trash (by buying mandatory trash bags from the city), and recycling is free!

  • Jessie M.

    My best tip is researching just how much our demand and consumption of red meat is harming the environment. It is eye-opening.

  • Using a “garbage bowl” in the kitchen helps encourage one to keep the compostable items separate.


    Having the little ones (2 and 3 years old) use SIGG’s, too!!

  • Kristin

    Honestly, it’s just not buying so much stuff! I try to be careful with what I buy and use what I have. Or buy used.

  • Kristen

    I agree, Annie! Why would you ever buy bottled water?! I have one reusable bottle in my car, at work, in my gym bag and at home. And everyone in my family, too. Tip: buy all your groceries at the farmers market for the whole week. It’ll cut down on processed food and you buy local. If you simply must, treat yourself to a sweet treat at the market (savory pastry, please!) and get your “processed fix” instead of driving to go out to eat.

  • Kelsey DeLand

    Always put your reusable grocery bags back in your car right after you get home from shopping and get all of the groceries unloaded! That way, you won’t forget them next time ;-)

  • chipittydoda

    Using less of everything. For example laundry detergent, I’ve seen no difference if I use half of what the bottle recommends.

  • Cloth napkins! We use almost zero paper products in the kitchen (I think one roll of towels usually lasts us a year).

  • Shauna Lewallen

    We use cloth napkins 100% of the time. At first it felt too fancy for everyday dining but after a few weeks it became totally normal. It adds very little to the laundry and brings a little “fancy” to every day dinners.

  • I have a ton of kid/baby washcloths that weren’t getting much use in our linen closet. I moved them to a drawer in the kitchen and now it’s easy to grab a clean one to wipe down my sons’ faces after a meal. Before I was wetting a paper towel to use.

  • Amanda

    Don’t buy disposable napkins, plates, etc…if you don’t have them, you won’t use them!

  • Mattie

    We love Sigg bottles and our goal for 2013 is reduce (hopefully eliminate) our purchases of bottled water!

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    Grow your own vegetables and start a compost pile!

  • Keep things simple – less is more.

  • Andrea Smith

    Meal planning! It helps prevent those “Oh let’s just eat out” nights, prevents buying things you don’t need (and will therefore waste) and often allows for delicious lunch leftovers! Win-win-win!

  • Catherine

    Huge focus on recycling as much as we can, our area takes a large amount of products for recycling, so keeping up with changes and making sure to get as much in there as possible has cut down on our garbage tremendously.

  • evabakes

    Teaching our children (my 3 year old included) about recycling. As a result, she loves taking out bottles and boxes to our recycling bin!

  • Casey Dunne

    Tupperware. Forget all the ziplock baggies that get thrown out after one use! Tupperware, especially the Lock and Lock brand stuff, is my washable, reusable method of storage, and cuts down on a lot of our household waste.

  • Jean

    Vinegar and baking powder – it’s eco and health friendly and has great cleaning power!

  • Recycling and avoiding plastic products

  • Upgrading our heating/cooling system. We have almost recouped the expense of the new system in two years due to the amazing energy savings. Our usage is down so much!


    Eat less meat or no meat at all. Read “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer…it’s eye opening!

  • Maegan

    I love the idea of using cloth napkins. As soon as I stocked up on some I realized how much less paper products my household used. You can find some good sales on them and get some really cute patterns too!

  • Natalie Kate Webster

    Our recycling service takes so much more than people assume! Like plastic bags from bread or produce, plastic yogurt cups, and paper towel rolls. The more recycling the better!!

  • Anne

    Keeping grocery bags in the car! I have one or two in the house just in case but they’re so useful in the car — now I never forget to take them to the grocery store.

  • Amanda

    I use microfiber cloths for cleaning around the house.

  • Stefanie Stone

    I stopped using brown paper bags to pack lunches in and instead use cute and reusable lunch bags with reusable containers for the food!

  • Lizzi Stremke

    It’s an obvious but still a good answer in my opinon- recycling. Our trash service doesn’t include recycling pick up so we have to collect ours and take it to the city recycling center. It’s extra work but it’s worth it in the long run!

  • Tammy C

    We use cloth napkins. It saves on paper and they look and feel so much nicer!

  • mdidonna

    We have a ton of cloth napkins and dish towels at home, meaning that we go through paper towels really slowly. Not only is it better for the environment, but we save on the grocery bill as well since I only buy the paper towels every few months!

  • Kat

    I keep reusable bags EVERYWHERE. And give them away freely to spread the idea… I think cutting down on the paper towels was hard with kids around who (being kids) are a little lazy. I just stopped buying them for about four months (so hard!!) till they all (hubby included – ha!) got the picture that we will go without if they can’t handle it. Now, we, a family of 7, go through about one roll a month. I’m satisfied with that for now. :) Thanks for this, Annie!

  • Carrie

    We each have our own napkin ring (each person in the family picked out his or her own) that holds our fabric napkin. That way we know from meal to meal whose napkin is whose. Not only do we not use paper napkins, but we use the fabric ones for multiple meals to reduce the water usage. We only change them when they are messy/dirty.

  • Ashley

    We reuse jars as drinking cups!

  • Like you, we use reusable bottles as often as possible.

  • Diana

    We’ve started making a lot of things at home that we used to buy and storing them in reusable containers instead of buying things with more packaging. Less waste all around- cloth napkins and cloths for cleaning instead of paper towels and paper napkins, reusable water bottles for workouts and for the kids’ sporting activities instead of throwing away 4-5 plastic water bottles a day.

  • Sarah W

    Always re use the plastic bags that we do get as garbage bags

  • I keep a reusable shopping bag in my purse so it’ll always be handy. My mom even keeps a Tupperware container in hers, so she can take restaurant leftovers home in a reusable container instead of something Styrofoam. I should follow her lead!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Beth Ebenstein Mulch

    I just started using a rain barrel this year to use to water my garden. We also keep reusable bags everywhere so they are always on hand.

  • Joy Burrell

    packing my lunch and using my reusable lunch bag and refillable water bottle and coffee mug

  • Kaitlin

    I have 3 Camelbak water bottles that are AMAZING. I keep one in my purse all the time and it has not only helped me stop buying bottled water, but helped me drink more water and less soda.

  • Leyna Smith

    Use natures air conditioner- open the windows, try to limit on-peak usage for doing laundry and running the air conditioner.

  • Jenna Ross

    Two things that always help me immensely: keeping a tiny reusable bag in my purse (that way, even if I’ve gotten a ride, at the mall, etc., I still have a bag) and using the biodegradable cleaning cloths, like you’ve already discovered!

  • Liz N.

    Ditch water bottles once and for all. When we entertain, we do not have plastic water bottles for our guests. We use glass for adults and reusable/washable plastic cups for kids.

  • Ashley

    Recycling and composting! I could not believe how much less trash we were throwing out once we started doing those 2 simple things.

  • Catherine MacDonald

    I never, ever buy bottled water. I’m devoted to my refillable water bottles, such as my Camelbak and Nalgene. A Sigg would be a great addition!

  • mom244evermom

    We recycle, that feels lame to say but it’s staggering the amount of items we’re keeping out of our landfill.

  • Jessica

    We have tried to cut back on paper towel and baby wipes. Washcloths work great for just about everything we previously used both items for. We also have Tiny Diner placemats which are great for eating out or at someone else’s house!

  • Jordan Ray

    I agree, seeing people carry plastic water bottles is maddening! I am a teacher and have a eco-friendly waterbottle on the school supply list! This sets the standard for the rest of the year and saves the parents money on plastic water bottles throughout the year.

  • AD

    I made light switch plate stickers that remind people to turn off the lights at school when they leave a room and it has really been working well.

  • Courtney Vencel

    Reusing containers, like cottage cheese containers for leftovers. And refilling water bottles

  • Briar

    We compost and garden (we use our rabbits’ droppings and hay in the compost), and try to hit up the farmers market weekly. Also reusable clothes and bags, and biking around town.

  • Alex

    I always, always, always us a reusable bag when shopping!

  • Ann Harrer

    I work to convince family to not use papertowels. Like you have started, using “ugly” napkins is a big help. My mom has been knitting washclothes for years and we have always used those. Not that they are ugly, but that they are earth friendly…

  • Amanda

    I bring my lunch to work! The amount of plastic, paper, and styrofoam that the cafeteria thinks is necessary for one person’s lunch is ridiculous! And I don’t get the bottled water craze either… I get that you might not like tap water, but if you have a reusable bottle you can put in lemonade, iced tea, or water with those crystal light packs… so much easier than lugging around and storing those pallets of water bottles.

  • parktl

    I try to re-use any bags I do get at the store for other purposes in the house. As waste bags for the bathroom trash cans. We use the plastic sleeves from the newspaper to dispose of kitty litter.

  • Danielle Vogt

    I’ve found that with reusable products (we use cloth diapers/wipes, and rags or washcloths instead of paper towels) the big thing is making sure you have a big enough stash and a place to put them. Cheap “flour sack towels” are 100% cotton and can be used for a million different things!

  • dek2711

    I keep my reusable bags in the car..and 1 in my sons diaper bag in case i ever 4get;) Also appliances that we want to replace, i list it for free on craigslist..its better to reuse than trash.

  • I try and recycle as much as I can.

  • Yasmine Arastu Jones

    I try to use Baggu grocery bags all the time…I always have at least 2 in my purse.

  • disqus_rRuZENWIp9

    I have started with baby steps like using cloth napkins at meals. I often will reuse freezer bags after washing them too.

  • Recycling everything! It really makes a huge difference, especially in my apartment. I have 2 roommates who are not from eco-minded places and I am constantly pulling cardboard and other recyclables out of the trash can and putting them into the recycling bin. Since I started doing this we have halved the amount of trash we put out on trash day and doubled our recycling! Whoo hoo!

  • We use a rain barrel to water our garden! So helpful!

  • Julie Pollock

    Reusable grocery bags– always keep them in the truck of your car! Then they are available whenever you need to run into a store.

  • Angela

    We cloth diaper and make homemade wipe solution for our baby.

  • Kelli


  • Gaby Malakates

    I use my dishwasher as a drying rack and use as little water as possible while handwashing my dishes.

  • Emmie Frank

    This year I try to not have anything that can be thrown away in my son’s lunch box. No ziplocks, only cloth napkins, etc. We do a bunch of other things, but that I what I have conquered this year.

  • Recycle as much as you can in your area but always make sure to rinse out cans and bottles!

  • Anna Diemer

    Mason jars–you can use them for everything! No more plastic.

  • Samantha Saari

    Homemade counter-cleaner (granite-safe): equal parts lemon scented rubbing alcohol and peroxide, so cheap and does and leaves my counters gleaming!

  • Alice

    We started composting several years ago and quickly reduced our garbage output…

  • Bianca Tang

    I love using reusable water bottles and shopping bags!

  • Rahaf

    I keep plastic grocery bags in the car as garbage bags and either loop them around the shifter if it is in the center of the car, or hang from the arm of a seat. That way, the car stays clean and the bags are used.

  • brittany k

    I have started soaking/cooking our own beans thanks to your posts about reducing your family’s waste! I love, LOVE doing this and will never go back to canned unless it’s a last-minute meal!

  • Alyssa

    We recycle and use reusable shopping bags. I also love a water-vinegar solution for cleaning!

  • Reusable shopping bags.

  • Recyle everything! It is part of our daily routine now and we are down to 1 bag of trash most weeks!

  • thumpertx

    I am a true waterholic and never am without a glass of water. I never throw any leftover (old) water out but use it to water house plants, fill my iron, etc. I thank God every morning when I take a shower for the clean, warm water He’s provided for me. What a blessing!

  • sarah

    Use tupperware instead of disposable and use washcloths and scrubbies to clean instead of paper towels!!

  • Jennifer Hawes

    Water bottles are a must. For every family member. We also try to be mindful of what we bring into the house and what packaging things come in, trying to reduce our trash output.

  • Sara S

    Living in a city, it can be hard. We recycle as much as we can, use a Brita filter and refill our water bottles instead of buying bottles like so many people in LA do.

  • I tend to use as much reusable items as possible, weather that be tupperware containers, or my own travel mug for coffee and I have my favorite bobble water bottle with me at all times

  • Julie Gortemaker

    We make our own bread and plant an enormous vegetable garden every year

  • Joan Craig

    I haven’t purchased paper towels in months! I use wash cloths and those white gerber cloth diapers for cleaning up messes.

  • bsivasai

    I love saving glass jars, washing them out and using them as glasses or as storage containers in the office, etc.

  • Megan

    We love our reusable water bottles! Much more convenient and they’re always with us!

  • Shae Tilson

    we reuse a lot of glassware… spaghetti sauce jars are my fave! just clean them out, take the label off, and use for storing! i like to put dried beans, brown rice, or popcorn kernels in mine.

  • I married a super recycler. For our 12+ years of marriage, our recycling bins are always more full than our regular trash. And I never buy bottled water, although I use a Nalgene bottle, so need to upgrade!

  • Even though I live in a small apartment, I never use the drier. In the summer my clothes go on an airer on my patio and I use the heat & breeze to dry my clothes. In winter they stay in a warm spot & dry in a day or two! Now if I could just get my apartment blocks to install clothes lines, I’d be in heaven!!

  • Julie G

    We use washcloths for cleaning and a rain barrel for watering.

  • Lana Kuziez

    Recycling bins and not using disposable bags at the grocery store.

  • Patience

    I love making my own laundry detergent in a reusable 5 gallon bucket! No more laundry detergent jugs to recycle! We used to go through these like crazy and now we don’t!!! :-)

  • Keep air/heat off from 8am to 8 pm. I know it helps the environement, but it saves us so much money in both the summer and the winter!

  • I reuse my husband’s coffee grounds for a DIY facial mask.

  • I make my own laundry soap, cook from scratch, garden, use glass instead of plastic for storing food.

  • Suzannah

    I still have my meat bagged in plastic because I read somewhere that cloth bags carry tons of gross bacteria from meat (if they aren’t washed regularly). So to reduce my plastic guilt, we reuse those bags to line bathroom trash cans.

  • Charone Peterson

    Learning to grow and can many food items we use throughout the year

  • Natalie Fieleke

    Have fun water bottles for each person in the family! My kids love that they each have their own – it encourages us all to drink more water and avoid buying the plastic bottles!

  • Liz

    We are buying our first home this year. So looking forward to being able to grow our own veggies!

  • Christine

    Join a CSA. You’ll get to try new things you’d never pick up at the grocery store, and you learn what is local and seasonal.

  • Amy Stratton

    I keep my reusable shopping bags in the car so I always have them when shopping. I reuse glass jars lots too.

  • Audrey

    Recycle everything you can!

  • My favorite eco-friendly tip is keep those reusable bags in the car so that you always have them with you! Also, any plastic grocery bags that do come home with me get reused as trash bags in the bathroom.

  • Vivian Cook

    Recycle and carry shopping bags in my purse.

  • Melissa

    Reusable grocery bags!!

  • Melissa

    I don’t buy plastic baggies anymore. I bring leftovers to lunch in tupperware type containers and bring regular silverware to eat it with instead of buying plastic.

  • Leave your reusable grocery bags where you can see them in the car so you remember to use them

  • Mel

    Recycle as much as possible! Our recycling overflows compared to our trash every week!

  • blueangel729

    I use a reusable mug when I buy my morning coffee. It saves so many cups and I usually get a discount!

  • Julie {BananasForBourbon}

    Don’t just buy a reusable water bottle (or 5), take them everywhere with you! I always stash one in my purse when I’m out running errands. I know I get thirsty, and that way I don’t end up buying bottles while I’m out.

  • Ally Gutierrez

    Reusable grocery bags and adorable but durable coffee mugs are great!

  • Jamie Martin

    Compost and Recycle! Less plastic trash bags end up in the dump!

  • Urvi Patel

    Using wash cloths instead of paper towels, not only environment friendly, but also cheaper.

  • Morgan Michelle Robertson

    Actually remember to bring your reusable bags into the store.. something I have trouble with.

  • Recycle! And try to buy in bulk vs. individually packaged foods, if possible–reducing the packaging!

  • Marti Taylor

    We attached special hooks (recycled door knobs!) on the inside of our entry closet and hang our reusable bags there right after we are done unpacking. There is also a basket for our reusable water bottles and travel mugs so when we grab our shoes we see them and are reminded to bring them with us.

  • Catherine

    Recycle as you go throughout the week, and not all at once.

  • Sarah S

    Saving and washing little jars from jam or salsa and using them to bring smoothies, soup, or whatever else to school!

  • Crystal

    I used to bring my lunch to work every day in plastic shopping bags. I finally bought a lunch bag a few months ago and have used it every day since!

  • Kristoffer and Danielle Gray

    I have newborn twins…so we cloth diaper to cut down on the amount of diapers we would throw in the trash!

  • bonnie-n-clyde3

    Beautiful water bottles! We never buy bottled water! Each member of our family has their own water bottle and we bring them everywhere!

  • Anne Blackwell

    Buy a few more dish towels and use them instead of paper towels – just get dark colors so they don’t look so icky. :)

  • Reusable travel coffee cups – always!

  • bring reusable bags to the grocery! i am so glad I am not coming home with 20 plastic bags each week!

  • Amanda Ferraioli

    Replace your light bulbs with CFL’s!

  • Brooke Keenan

    reusable sandwich holder!

  • Kayla W

    If you order takeout let them know you don’t need the disposable silverware or napkins. That stuff adds up!

  • Katie Twist

    packing lunch/coffee daily in reusable containers is cheaper and better for the environment than ordering out!

  • If you don’t need the receipt at the gas station, don’t print it just to throw it away! It adds up!

  • rita

    I refuse the plastic bags that stores (drugstores especially!) use to put your purchases in, even if you only have 1-2 items.

  • Laura

    I always use reusable grocery bags and on the rare occasion I forget I used paper bags to sort my recycling and plastic ones to line my trashcans in the bathrooms and below my desk. That way you can reuse even those.

  • using unpaper towels, using my reusable bags for shopping anywhere in addition to the grocery store, cloth diapering!

  • Beth

    Packing my sandwich in a reusable container, rather than in a ziploc bag or plastic wrap! And bringing my own silverware to work, rather than using the plastic stuff in the lunchroom.

  • Laura

    I make my lunch every day and bring it to work in a reusable fabric bag.

  • RECYCLE – RECYCLE – RECYCLE – Not just paper, plastic, aluminum, etc – but find other uses for things around your house that you may not be using anymore.

  • Sheri

    I quit buying bottled water and take my own.

  • use bento boxes for lunch, saves on the plastic baggies!

  • Natalie S


  • i bought one pack of sturdy reusable plastic silverware for my lunches at work, and i just wash and reuse.

  • Jacqueline Strickland

    Don’t need a fancy or expensive compost bin in kitchen. We use an old plastic coffee container. Works good.

  • Reusable grocery bags.

  • Beckles

    I don’t use plastic produce bags for things that our tough enough to handle being jostled around, like oranges and potatoes.

  • Tammy Fisher

    I take my lunch in a reusable lunch bag every day.

  • Holly Drainer

    Use fabric snack pockets for my kids snacks at school. Cuts down on the plastic baggies we have sent daily x 3 in the past.

  • Melissa

    Packing my sons lunch bag with everything washable and reusable!

  • Kelly S

    The thing that has made the biggest difference for me, is buying reusable things. Reusable water bottles, tupperware, dishes, travel mugs, washable cloths…you get the idea!

  • We make our coffee at home and use re-useable containers.

  • Katy

    I try to cook from scratch, and plan my meals so that things don’t go to waste. If there is any food waste, compost as much as I can.

  • I will cut down on paper towels

  • Christine Nguyen

    we compost all kitchen scraps!

  • Kathleen Poe Ross

    Ooh, I would love a Sigg! I use Baggu bags/other reusable grocery bags whenever I go shopping, and I am a die-hard recycler!

  • kpr

    Ooh, I would love a Sigg bottle! I use reusable grocery bags (Baggus are my favorite!) whenever I go shopping and I am a die-hard recycler!

  • Jen P

    I recycle everything possible and use a reusable coffee container when I go out for coffee.

  • Take your own reusable coffee container if you happen to purchase coffee everyday or often, helps cut down on the amounts of plastic cups that are thrown away everyday :)

  • Rebecca

    Leave reusable grocery bags in the car so if you need to stop by the store spontaneously, you always have a bag!

  • Megan Bradley

    Use my Sig ALL of the time, pyrex bowls for lunches instead of taking plastic bags, reusable grocery bags, recycling

  • Sarah Vasquez

    whenever i buy something and its something i can just carry out, i ask for it not to be bagged. that way i feel like im not wasting a plastc bag for just 1 to 3 items that i can easily carry myself:)

  • Sarah

    I pack things in reusable containers, rather than using tons of plastic baggies everyday.

  • Faith Still

    We do use reusable bottles regularly. We even took one bottle for each family member including kids on our trip to Europe last year. It saved us a lot of money.

  • Gina

    No more grocery bags!!

  • Lisa Jennings

    Using reusable grocery bags and just recently started a supply of reusable snack bags for the kids.

  • Bonnie

    I try to do easy things, one at a time. I started using reusable grocery bags a few years ago. It was annoying at first, but now I love it. This year I found some good reusable sandwich bags for my girl to take to school. Save a lot of ziplocs.

  • Makala Eddy

    My husband has affectionately given me the nickname “Recycle Nazi”…. I try to recycle any and everything and will even pull things out of the kids trash cans (within reason of course! haha) that are recyclable! I also think it’s important to carpool or walk/ride bikes whenever possible!

  • erin mansfield

    We started composting to cut down on waste. It makes great material for our plants, and it doesn’t smell nearly as much as I was afraid it would. We’re hoping to go bigger scale this year.

  • Erin

    My best tip is to get the kids involved. That way you have helpers and they can help keep you accountable

  • Lisa Stough

    I can and freeze as many veggies as I can during the summer from the garden to purchase less canned vegetables like diced tomatoes.

  • My eco friendly children have stopped us from buying bottled water, we all use refillable bottles. Since you can refill them everywhere it encourages you to stay hydrated which also has the benefit of helping with weight control.

  • Our family lunches for work and school have always been packed in reusable plastic ware. My goal now is precyclying ??, i think that’s what i heard it called, trying my best not to purchase products that end up in landfills. I recently started making my own granola (delish) and laundry soap, both helped save on lots of packaging.

  • Meagan

    My best tip is plan your meals – I waste almost no food now! It is such a good feeling to have an empty fridge at the end of every week. Weird, but true. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Put the recycling bin in a place that is easy for you to toss things into.

  • Jacqueline

    I’m hoping to start recycling! My city hasn’t offered it the 4 years I’ve lived here, but I’m moving in May and really excited to start!

  • Tamara

    LOVE Sigg. Have some for my daughters but none for me (yet!).

  • Tamara

    Preparing ahead of time is key! And putting the recycling bins right outside our kitchen door (though not pretty) has made it much easier for my husband and kids!

  • Angie_R

    Getting my family to stop using plastic water bottles sounds like a good strategy!

  • I cut off the leaves and stuff that will be composted right in the garden, I dig it in or lay it around the plants as mulch.

  • Elizabeth Piasecki

    Have to echo others – put the recycling bin in a very easy to toss into place!

  • karnold133

    My best tip is really simple, we try to fill our recycling container before we fill our trash bin each week.You would be surprised that most people are throwing things in the trash that can be recycled!

  • veggiemom

    Don’t take plastic bags from stores. Put things in your purse. Have the kids carry things. Just say no to plastic bags.

  • Rachel

    I use cloth diapers with my daughter. That saves tons of disposable diapers from going in the landfill!

  • My eco-friendly strategy is to use washable cleaning rags and towels, so that paper towel consumption is drastically reduced.

  • I always keep a large stash of cloth reusable grocery bags in my car at all times. I use them for groceries, the drug stores, pet stores, etc.

  • Lisa van Langen

    make your own laundry detergent…no more big jugs to throw away

  • Julie Page

    Stick a bucket in the shower to catch the water while you wait for it to warm up, then use that water to soak your flowers/plants.

  • Audra

    I have found a water bottle that is not only reusable but it filters the water too so I know that I am getting good healty water. I have also found these amazing microfiber cloths that have silver embedded in them so you can clean your whole house with just water and the silver kills and disinfects the cloth, no more paper towels, or nasty cleaning products, plus you don’t have to wash them very often because the silver is killing the bacteria. I use environmentally friendly laundry and dish soap. I use my own reusable grocery bags. I love to do whatever I can to help protect our earth!

  • Lindsey

    My husband and I buy into a CSA every summer and try to limit all other produce purchases to the farmer’s market. Try to buy locally!

  • Kristie Fleming

    My husband and I are huge fans of composting, and have had great luck in our garden using this instead of fertilizers, which makes me feel better about what we’re eating!

  • Our compost system is outside, so we keep a large coffee canister under the sink. When it’s full, we take it out.

  • Install a rain barrel at the base of your downspouts for watering your garden.

  • Denise

    Always keep re-usable bags in your car so that when you go shopping you will never forget one!

  • Ingrid Baird

    Packing lunches in reusable ziplock containers and thermos for drinks = no waste!

  • Rachel Kirby

    Our family hasn’t used bottled water in so long and we heavily rely on our well-worn reusable bottles. It’s so easy and makes such a difference. Also, we always use dish towels in the kitchen which seems to cut down on paper towel use.

  • Adrianne LaFrance

    always have reusable bags stashed in the car, purse, backpack, etc. Sounds too simple, but we havent had a plastic bag enter the house for almost a year!

  • Mary

    Keeping my reusable bags in my car, so that I don’t ever forget them! Also combining errands so I am only driving around one day per week. Thanks for the giveaways!

  • I have recycle bins next to every trashcan in the house. Also reusable grocery bags are great. Working on getting enough reusable produce bags to eliminate those in my life.

  • Leslie Farrar

    Make your own cleaning products. It cuts down on chemicals and packaging waste.

  • Mel

    Vegetable gardening and composting is my strategy.

  • Katie

    Reducing where possible, but also recycling as much as possible including plastic, metal, paper, etc. We live in an apartment building and I feel like I’m constantly making trips to the recycling drop-off since our bins in the apartment get filled up so quickly!

  • Amber Bogner

    When I pack my kids lunches, I always use reusable sandwich containers, water bottles, and insulated soup containers. I also reuse the plastic spoons from a local frozen yogurt shop, no big deal if they accidentally get thrown away, but they always come home and are packed the next day!

  • Regina

    I’m working on a recycle ‘center’ in our kitchen that will make it ‘easy’ for everyone to segregate recyclables. We still have to separate things and I want to put this in the location where our ‘trash’ can is presently. The easier it is the more likely it is to happen!

  • I try to do simple things such as combine my outings all in one day so that I can eliminate running around town.

  • Kat

    I just finished stitching up 16 reusable cloth grocery bags for Christmas gifts for my kids and nieces. Some of the fabric came from the thrift store, so really reused!

  • Keep plastic grocery bag hanging in the laundry room for socks that have holes in them too stained-shirts or ones that don’t fit my boys anymore. They make perfect rags.

  • AmyT

    I use my heavy duty plastic bags whenever I go to the store, but I also have started washing out plastic sandwich bags and re-using those (while trying to cut down on their use in general). Also, making my own yogurt saves throwing away the little cartons yogurt comes in.

  • Kari Milhofer

    Keep your reusable bags in the car so they’re always accessible for last minute stops.

  • Awesome! Best eco-friendly tip? Reusable grocery bags.

  • Kasey

    I’m a college student and its hard to do much in the dorms, but my roommates and I recycle, recycle, recycle!

  • N Ferneau

    reusable water bottles!!!!

  • Ping Teresa Yeh

    Using stoneware, porcelain, glass, or metal dishes/utensils when eating, and having options for trash, recycling, and composting side by side.

  • Julie

    I keep my reusable bags in the car so that I have them everywhere I go!

  • Shannon

    Keep a reusable rollup grocery bag in your purse because even when you have them in the car, that doesn’t mean you’ll remember to take it into the store. Especially when you’re just doing a quick trip.

  • Amy Crumrine

    Potty train my son ASAP and reduce our diaper usage!

  • Carina

    Mine would be our chickens, they provide us with breakfast, fun and fertilizer!

  • I started a compost pile that I will be using for my garden. Its a great way to recycle refuse so that it doesn’t end up going to waste in a garbage dump.

  • Megan Bultsma

    I leave my water bottle at work during the week so I always have it available.

  • Lynn Nelson

    Use cloth napkins (or wet washcloths for littles) and add your fireplace ashes to your compost pile.

  • Corinne Long

    Buying water bottles for everyone in the family has completely elimination our purchasing bottled water.

  • Dency Daniel

    Bring your own reusable bags – say no to plastic bags at the store!

  • Theresa

    I always have a reusable water bottle with me – they’re great!

  • Jade Jones

    i hardly ever turn a light on during the day. even when its a cloudy day it is still plenty bright with the windows open. for the most part i don’t need lights on for what I’m doing.

  • Annie Brewer

    Bundle up when you’re in your house in the winter instead of blasting the heat, and wearing shorts and eating popsicles instead of using tons of AC in the summer :) Dressing for the season (even inside your house!) is a super easy way to save energy.

  • Renae Helzer

    I started to make my own laundry detergent. It is easy to make and I know I save tons of money

  • Heather Bologna

    I keep a small bin of recycled household items in our craft cabinet for my kids to use for art projects and creative play. It’s fun for them and it teaches them about recycling.

  • Cami

    keeping silverware in your bag so you don’t have to use disposible

  • Carly Dreibelbis

    Keeping reusable containers everywhere! Especially mason jars! Ours double as drinking glasses, freezer containers, dry goods, etc!

  • Laura Wiedmeier

    There is never a need for bottled water.

  • I’ve recently switched to cleaning with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and liquid castile soap. Between these ingredients, pretty much every household mess is covered. :)

  • Making my own laundry detergent has save a lot of money and a lot of trash since I don’t have to throw away the containers!

  • disqus_javmXzKtDN

    my kids and i use insulated aluminum water bottles and their teachers love them because they don’t leak all over their desks

  • Nicole T

    Last year, I built a rain barrel with my dad & it’s been such a help to not only my water bill but also the environment, when watering my garden!

  • memehappy

    I also have rain barrels to help water my gardens

  • Stacey

    We use newspaper under mulch to prevents weeds. Unlike the black plastic tarps, it will disintegrate over time.

  • Sandy Arenz

    This year I’ve started making my own cleaning products, toothpaste, even dishwasher soap. Looking forward to more!

  • Love this! I’m attempting to start composting and focusing on my garden this year as well. Crossing my fingers it goes better than last year!