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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

earth day 2013 – rume bags

We’ve now owned our RuMe bags for over five years and they are still just like new.  They fold up to the size of a cell phone so that they can easily be taken anywhere with you, and hold up to 50 pounds each!  We store them in our cars so that they are always ready for a trip to the grocery store.

To enter, leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me about your eco-friendly goal(s) for the coming year.

The Rules: One entry per person, U.S. residents only.  Commenting will open Monday, April 22 at 4:30 am EST and close on Wednesday, April 24 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Four winners will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Annie’s Eats.

  • Lauren Clausen

    I just lost my RuMe and would love more, as I used it all the time! We are moving from Scotland to the States in a month, and our Eco goals for the year are to use public transportation as much as possible and to furnish our home with thrift store and garage sale finds instead of buying new.

  • L. Murphy

    I always grab a couple of bags for the grocery thinking I will just grab a few things and come home with plastic. Uggh! Love that these can be folded. My goal is to grab more bags!

  • Anna Winston

    I’ll admit I’m bad at using too much energy. My goal for this year is to keep my energy to an as needed basis by turning the lights off when i’m not using them and keeping the AC/Heat off until its absolutely needed.

  • Our goal will continue to recycle as many household items as possible and utilize reusable items such as water bottles. We also use our own shopping bags for our many trips to the grocery stores and markets. These bags are perfect!!

  • michelle

    I would love to put up a clothes line to line dry our clothes in the summer!

  • maureen pacheco

    My family have been doing pretty good when it comes to saving the earth. What wecould do more is lower down the amount of energy we use at home such as; turning off the lights when they aren’t being used, not use that much a/c or heat. And look for other alternatives.

  • sara waters

    I love these bags- got them last earth day thanks to annie!! My eco friendly goal this yr is to use more eco friendly products to clean my house!

  • I never can get the reusable bags into the car to take when shopping so that’s definitely my goal!

  • Kat

    Happy Earth Day! Teach and encourage all of the children in my class to follow earth friendly practices so they teach their families about it.

  • Aimee Conrad-Hill

    I just wanted to let you know that learning how to prep and store dry beans from you has really helped me cut back on wasted cans and packaging. My new goal this year is to start canning.

  • To not bring home any plastic bags from stores!

  • Sherri

    We need to start recycling more, and making more food from scratch.

  • Elizabeth

    We are definitely trying to reduce overall waste here. We are starting a vegetable garden to grow some of our own produce, and buy locally when possible, and reduce use of paper products. I would love to add these bags to my collection!

  • I would love to start using reusable grocery bags on these on a more regular basis. I have some that I use occassionally, but I need to use them on a more consistent basis. These bags would sure fit the bill!

  • Jessie M.

    Continue recycling, eat less red meat, take shorter showers :0) And use as little plastic as possible, of course :0)

  • My goal is going to be to use fewer disposable bottles and to remember to take my reusable bags to the grocery with me.

  • Courtney Bilos

    Recently having a little girl has jump-started my desire to eat healthier and start a backyard garden. On top of that I’d like to correct the amount of plastic bags and paper towels used in the house. I love the idea of grocery bags, produce bags, and cloth napkins. It sounds like a very feasible goal this year.


    To actually bring in all the reusable bags in the back of my car INSIDE the grocery store with me! I can do it!

  • Kristen

    Make strides in walking or biking to work more often, putting money away to buy a prius (maybe this year!!) and keep a set of utensils and dinnerware in my vehicle and at work so that I do not have to eat off of paperware/plasticware and increase my carbon footprint at potlucks.

  • Kristin

    I want to be better about using our reusable shopping bags. I leave them at home or in the car far too often.

  • chipittydoda

    I’ve started cloth diapering my son and hope to continue for the rest of his diapering days.

  • Kelsey DeLand

    3 minute showers and lots and lots of canning this summer!

  • Samantha Weissenborn

    We’ve started using Norwex cleaning products, we are now a chemical free cleaning household which has been great and we’ve significantly reduced the amount of paper towels used in the house!

  • awilderm23

    My goal would be to use less paper – particularly paper towels.

  • Kaysey Cloud

    Actually take my reusable bags inside the store :)

  • Sara Olson

    I think my main goal is going to be not ordering so much from Amazon–which should help save on fuel usage and waste from all the extra packaging.

  • Michelle

    Our goal is to start pot gardening. Living in a condo doesn’t allow us to grow a real garden, but I started researching online about all the vegetables and herbs that grow great in pots and can be right on our balcony!

  • To use a local butcher, rather than relying on grocery store meats.

  • Claire Cannon

    I would really like to try canning!

  • Julie R.

    I just bought a water bath canner in order to can all our tomato needs for this winter – paste, salsa, spaghetti sauce, soup, etc.

  • Shauna Lewallen

    We’ve made a lot of progress in the past few years but this year I want to grow some of our own vegetables. We aren’t sure where we will be living by August so container gardening it is! So far, so good.

  • Anne

    I am interested in reading Zero Home Waste (it’s in my library queue) — I’d love to get more ideas on what we can do in our home to reduce more waste!

  • Mattie

    We’re expanding our garden this year, as well we’re trying very hard to not purchase bottles of water. Thank you for such an awesome site!

  • Amanda

    My goal is to walk more, rather than loading the kids up in the van!

  • Laura Reina


  • Emily

    Start composting

  • Kaitlyn

    Buying more local foods/produce… and trying to reduce the number of quart/gallon/sandwich plastic bags I use.

  • Ruchita G.

    My goal is to to make more home cooked food like Greek yogurt and bread.

  • Jennifer Hamilton

    Use less plastic grocery bags (although I still need a few for cleaning the litter box – ugh!)

  • My goal for the year is to actually remember to take my reusable bags to the grocery store!

  • Andrea Smith

    To get back in the habit of bringing my reusable bags every time I go shopping. I was doing really well, then I had kid number three and well. . .

  • Laura Smith

    begin using reusable snack bags

  • Demitria Raynor

    To try and use less chemical cleaning products as possible.

  • Marissa

    I am trying to use less chemicals when cleaning, and using less paper towels. Also less food waste.

  • evabakes

    Cut down even further on processed foods and cook more fun dishes with our CSA loot.

  • megan hawkins

    I am trying to make more foods from scratch. They taste better and cut back on waste.

  • I definitely want to look into fabric napkins! I go through so many paper towels.

  • Amanda Beaty

    I would like to work on reducing our paper waste. We use a lot of paper towels and I really like your idea of cheaper fabric napkins to eliminate all that paper. Thanks :)

  • Jean

    Happy Earth Day! I’d like to be more of an advocate for the Earth – my husband and I do many things to help our environment and I’d like to educate more of our family and friends about the easy things they can do to help out too.

  • Casey Dunne

    In a month, my boyfriend and I are becoming a one car family. Gone is the old beater that eats gas and breaks all the time!

  • Tammy C

    We need to be more serious about recycling.

  • Angie

    I realized at the grocery store yesterday that I really need to start using reusable produce bags!

  • I’m converting all of my cleaning solutions to natural products.

  • Kim

    The immediate goals we have right now are to always use reusable bags and stop bagging veggies and fruit in plastic if bought at the grocery store!


    My goal is to use fewer paper towels. That’s a downfall of ours.

  • Sara Hoyle

    I want to make more things from scratch. I think your homemade yogurt is my next adventure!

  • My goal is to buy more local produce. I live close to a great farmer’s market- I have no excuse!

  • Maegan

    My goal for this upcoming year is to finally try canning- especially for tomatoes! This way we can have a variety of different kinds in our pantry all year round :)

  • Natalie Kate Webster

    My mom and I have canning planned for the summer…using the tomatoes each of us is growing!!!

  • Mary Cochran

    We have expanded our garden and are trying our hand at composting. We also try to recycle as many items as possible.

  • Sarah Furge

    I hope to start a garden this year!

  • Amanda

    I’d like to buy more local produce.

  • Lizzi Stremke

    My biggest goal is to finally get our garden started. It will significantly cut down on the waste we produce by buying too much from the grocery and not being able to use it all. We have a few reusable grocery bags of our own but it seems like we always end up with 1 or 2 plastic bags after a large grocery trip. Having another would definitely help!

  • Cambria Washington

    I have to give up my garden this year, so I hope to buy local and can more.

  • mdidonna

    I’d like to start a vegetable garden in our backyard. I saw your recent post about raised garden beds and I’m sending a text to my husband right now asking if he’d like to build them!

  • AK Matthiesen

    I am cutting down on the amount of plastic coming into the house: and my big goal is to make yogurt at home! So glad you have paved the way!

  • Kat

    Hubby and I are building raised beds this summer (hopefully). Such a small backyard + dog = we’ll see how this goes. Thanks, Annie!

  • Danielle Leibovich

    I want to try canning this year as well to cut down on all the canned and processed goods I buy

  • Carrie

    I hope to switch to using tea towels to dry veggies and fruits instead of paper towels. This is one of our biggest failings in the eco-friendly department at the moment.

  • Ashley

    I want to try canning this year!

  • Lauren

    Recycle as much as possible & try to use as few throw away bags!!! Thanks!

  • Michelle B.

    My goal is to start making a concious effort to buy and use products that use minimal packaging. I work at a grocery store and now realize just how much cardboard and plastic is used in transportation and packaging, and I want to do my part to help reduce that!

  • Sarah W

    Use my own grocery bags more!

  • We’ve been trying to buy local as much as possible. Arizona has some great farmers markets.

  • Diana

    We started a garden this year and I plan to can the surplus. That will really work toward eliminating the amount of packaging that comes into the house from canned or frozen veggies out of season.

  • Betsy Garman

    I definitely want to start composting! I’m also doing research into rain barrels.

  • Carolyn

    Cut down on container use – ie buy from the deli, make my own yogurt!

  • I need to cut down on paper towel use. Luckily my roommate’s great at that one—I’m learning from, and modeling, her behavior! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kaitlin

    I’ve gotten really good at using reusable bags more often, but I’d like to get to the point where I use them solely. I’d also like to plant a raised bed and grow some veggies!

  • Leyna Smith

    My eco goal for this year is to start a garden. Rely less on large chain supermarkets and plant some homegrown roots!

  • Samantha Yuen

    I’d like to start a mini garden and definitely hit up more farmers markets for local produce!

  • I would like to use less paper!

  • Jenna Ross

    Like you, my goal is to try and cut down on as much packaging waste as possible. This is especially important, because I live in Naples, Italy, which has a terrible rubbish problem. Since they won’t recycle in my little township, I’ve determined that the best thing I can do is just generate less waste!

  • Liz N.

    We have done a better job of recycling this year. For 2013, we will focus on buying locally. We are moving to a new city this summer, so that will be a great way to explore the city and purchase from local farmers, butchers, etc.

  • L B

    I am signing up for an organic produce delivery to support sustainable eating and a local business.

  • Ashley

    My goal is inspired from your blog… I did a few batches of canned tomatoes last year, but ran out by December. This year my goal is to do many more so I can completely eliminate the need for buying canned tomatoes from the store!

  • Ami Keltner

    I am going to try my hand at making more kitchen basics from scratch and building a raised bed this spring.

  • Catherine MacDonald

    My boyfriend’s father is teaching me how to start and care for a vegetable garden. He’s an expert, and I can’t wait to be able to do it myself at my own home one day.

  • Anne Marie Moser

    I am going to try to reduce my use of paper products (paper towels, especially).

  • Jessica

    We are going to build raised beds this summer. With this, I am planning to try canning.

  • Jordan Ray

    We live in an apartment with no ability to garden, but we have located a farmer for eggs and produce! Also, I recently began carpooling to work with a girl that lives near me for our 40 minute commute to work! I would like to recycle more and begin crafting from my recycled goods! Happy Earth Day!

  • Courtney Vencel

    Being a FACS teacher, i go to the grocery store weekly and end up with many many plastic bags! These Rume bags would be perfect for me to use and re-use each week! i would like to decrease the amount of shopping bags I consume.

  • Alice

    I want to start a garden. I haven’t had one in years, but I enjoyed the ones that I had.

  • These are so cute! My (hopefully very short-term) goal is to potty train child 1 and get child 2 into cloth diapers full time to cut out the disposable diapers!

  • Briar

    I’d like to reduce use of electricity and water, as well as any unneeded waste like plastic containers, and to start using more eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • These sound great! I have a lot of the standard reusable bags, but they wind up taking up a lot of room. I’d love to have a few options that stored more easily!

  • AD

    My goal is to grow some spices in a small garden this year I can stop buying the ones in jars or pre packaged small clear boxes. Also I want to bike to the grocery with panniers more often.

  • Ann Harrer

    My goal is to reduce waste in my preschooler’s daily lunch. Convenience sometimes trumps my eco-mindness, but I need to remind myself that a plastic tub of applesauce is more expensive and wasteful than a small reusable container filled from a big jar!

  • Annie Song

    I plan to slowly replace all harsh household cleansers, detergents, and such with eco-friendly versions.

  • Shannon

    I am aiming to start an herb garden this year!

  • Danielle Vogt

    I hope to use our cloth diaper stash more consistently, and to use homemade, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  • parktl

    I would like to try to use the recyclable bags more often. I am always forgetting to bring them with me to the store.

  • I would love to make a raised vegetable garden.

  • Guest

    My goal is to plant a raised vegetable garden.

  • dek2711

    I hope to find a local butcher and buy local produce.I also hope to read up more on how i can improve our lifestyle to be more ecofriendly.Thanks for this giveaway.

  • fuerniss

    We’ve finally moved to the country so let the self-suffient attempts begin! We’ve got things started and I’m hopeful that come next spring we’ll be in really good shape! Chickens next year for sure…

  • Kirsten Coenen

    We are going to stop using plastic produce bags and switch to something reusable!

  • disqus_rRuZENWIp9

    I plan to grow a lot more veggies in my garden this year and do more canning. We are also going to buy a couple of cattle to raise for beef this fall. I like to know what is going into my food:)

  • Hollee

    One goal is to use reusable bags at most stores- not just grocery stores. I’d also like to use more natural cleaners and improve our recycling habits.

  • Liz

    I hope to begin canning this summer!

  • I’ll be moving back to my hometown (Portland, OR) in a month and am looking forward to composting! I also recently purchased a reusable sandwich bag so that I can reduce the amount of Ziplock bags that I use for lunches.

  • Julie Pollock

    I would like to get a bike to cut back on my car driving time around town.

  • We are going to increase our garden size to try to maximize produce. :)

  • Angela

    To kick the cleaning wipe habit and replace it with cloth wipes with homemade cleaner.

  • Kelli

    I’d really like to start a garden!

  • Lauren

    We recently discovered a farm nearby that sells local honey, eggs, fruits & veggies.. which is very unheard of in the desert! My husband was in awe at how excited I was to be able to get produce locally!

  • Gaby Malakates

    Definitely taking shorter showers!

  • I plan on working on using less paper towels! I swear we can go through a roll in less than three days! I plan on buying more cloth napkins and towels to use to clean and wipe up with.

  • aferriswheel

    To use public transportation more or walk places.

  • reduce using paper towels is on my list!

  • Lori Briscoe

    limit the chemicals used in my house and on my food!

  • Anna Diemer

    I am growing my own herbs (and hopefully serrano peppers), and I want to start recycling as it is not offered at my current apartment complex.

  • Alice

    I plan to use more reusable containers in place of plastic zip bags…

  • Samantha Saari

    To stop using SO MANY paper towels!

  • Bianca Tang

    I am going to try to use reusable bags at the grocery store!

  • Rahaf

    To reduce the amount of water we use during daily activities!

  • brittany k

    I’m going to switch from disposable to cloth diapers! A huge step for me and even more so for my husband but I’m so excited about it! These bags are amazing :)

  • Lindsey Davis

    To remember to always bring my reusable bags when going shopping.

  • Alyssa

    I hope to be more conservative about water usage this year. These bags are waaay cuter than my current reusable grocery bags!

  • Unplug anything not being used.

  • Less processed foods and more homemade.

  • sarah

    to turn off the lights when I am not in the room..and using these bags for groceries! :)

  • Jennifer Hawes

    We just got new recycling containers for our little apartment. Because we live in an apartment, they do not collect recycling, there’s only a big dumpster for trash. Our goal is to visit our local dump once a week, to drop off recyclables.

  • Mikah

    I have been slowly decorating my patio and hope to frequently have the chance to turn off everything in my apartment in the evenings to enjoy some fresh air, wind chimes and hummingbirds.

  • Mary Beth

    turning off lights when we leave a room. Still trying to get my kids on board with this!

  • Ashley Barlow

    I have started my first vegetable garden and got a San Marzano tomato plant so I can can those tomatoes instead of buying. I also plan to switch to dried beans… My boys go through at least 4 cans a week and I always feel so guilty. Thanks to your posts I’m really excited for my canning this summer- I always think, if Annie can do it, I can do it!

  • Holly Tallent

    To start composting, and work on a bigger and better garden this year!

  • I plan on putting in a garden this year and having a compost bin.

  • Anne

    start making my own household cleaning supplies!!

  • Joan Craig

    Make the switch from disposable to cloth diapers and start making my own laundry detergent!

  • bsivasai

    I would like to use reuseable grocery bags more often. I no longer use ziplock bags for lunch and have reuseable water bottles and such but that is one area I could definitely improve!

  • Megan

    Less processed foods and when possible substitute with homemade!

  • Shae Tilson

    making as much homemade as i can!

  • Amy

    To make as many DIY foods as possible… as in quit buying cans and cartons of anything that can be made at home! :) I’ve been trying this since Jan 1st and it’s been going good. Love it!

  • My goal would be to be start remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags with me to the store, as they certainly aren’t doing any good tucked away in my closet! Perhaps some snazzy new bags would help me… ;)

  • To begin composting and to remember to actually take my reusable bags from the car into the grocery store with me (every time!)

  • Julie G

    I want to stop using (or at least decrease) paper towel use and hopefully start a garden.

  • Maria

    We are breaking the switch to cloth diapers and reusable cloth pads for our swiffer and mop.

  • We’re expecting our first baby any day now, so the eco-friendly stuff we’re doing includes cloth diapers & wipes!

  • My goal this year is to become more self- sufficient. Don’t know if this is fully an eco-friendly goal but I hate that we rely on others for so much of our needs. I plan to make my girls clothing out of old clothing of my husband and I – that is a start – but we are trying to grow more of our own food (I have a black thumb, but I am trying) and gathering more food that is just available to us for free.

  • Kelsey Keag

    We’ve started a garden to grow our own herbs and produce – and bought really cute ceramic containers to hold the loot.

  • We’ve been trying to cut back on paper towel use, water bottles, and plastic bag use. :)

  • Amanda

    I support my state parks network by being a frequent visitor! Also, this is a small goal but I want to start making my carby staples (and, oh, how I love carbs) from scratch. I make pizza dough, bread, and tortillas from scratch, but I also often give in to the temptation to go ahead and buy them. I’m going to be way busy starting in July, so I want to keep a good stash of frozen tortillas/bread slices/pizza dough balls/precooked rice ready for dinner so I can resist the temptation to buy them or eat out!

  • Suzannah

    We are trying to reduce our paper towel use, and will start line drying our sheets/towels once the pollen is gone.

  • Charone Peterson

    Lots of canning

  • Natalie Fieleke

    I just started a compost pile yesterday and the kids and I have a garden planned. We’re aiming to reuse all our organic waste by putting it back into the earth. Hopefully we succeed in growing our own veggies this summer!

  • Liz

    We our buying our first home this year…a short-term goal is to start growing more of our own veggies this summer. Long-term we really are interested in adding a geo-thermal system to our home.

  • Christine

    I’m going to try to start walking or riding a bike to work a few days a week!

  • Audrey

    I want to cut back on my paper towel usage.

  • Amy Stratton

    I want to try to find local sources for meat and cheese.

  • Start composting!

  • we inherited a push mower lawn mower, and try to use that as much as we can. Also, reuse grocery produce bags for dog clean up on walks!

  • KatieK

    Hoping to buy more in bulk and grow more herbs and veggies. Another one is certainly to integrate reusable bags into my routine! And not just because that’s the giveaway ;-)

  • My eco firendly goal is to ALWAYS have a water bottle with me so that I never feel the need to buy a plastic bottle!

  • Melissa

    I would like to use fewer paper towels

  • Vivian Cook

    We are attempting a garden. Hoping it works since I have issues remembering to water my plants. I would love to buy local produce and meat as well.

  • Mel

    Cut down on paper towel use with skoy cloths, per your recommendation!

  • Adrena

    Cut back on using plastic bags!!

  • blueangel729

    I want to cut back on the amount of bags I use and try to use more reusable plastic containers and reusable bags.

  • Shelly

    No paper plates or napkins! Recycling.

  • Julie {BananasForBourbon}

    I plan to make my own baby food from local, organic ingredients to keep waste down and quality high!

  • Ally Gutierrez

    I want to start buying more produce, meats and cheeses from local farmer’s markets.

  • Jamie Martin

    We are moving into a new house, so we are hoping to start a garden, and install some energy start appliances.

  • Urvi Patel

    Switch from plastic bags to reusable canvass bags!

  • Diana

    we just bought a house, so we’re working on a garden and we want to start composting! we also got chickens for eggs.

  • We are going to try to buy more locally this summer. Last summer I got my feet wet with canning & I can’t wait to see how much I can do this summer!

  • Morgan Michelle Robertson

    Make more “staples” like beans to freeze!

  • I plan to cut out/down paper towel & plate usage!

  • Marti Taylor

    Use more natural cleaning agents.

  • Catherine

    Every year, we do make a new change in our household. This year, since we just moved into our “forever home” we are going to start a garden and grow as much of our own produce as possible.

  • Crystal

    Two goals for this year: get in the habit of carrying around my Nalgene to avoid plastic water bottles and cut down on paper towel usage.

  • bonnie-n-clyde3

    We are buying our second home soon and hope to build on a few acres. I cannot wait to start a garden! We already eat a lot of foods made from scratch but I would love to be able to provide our family with delicious veggies!

  • Anne Blackwell

    I just won an insulated grocery bag at a road race – so now my goal is to remember to bring my 2 (sadly only 2!) reusable bags to the store with me and to walk to the store more now that I have an insulated bag to get the cold things home without an air conditioned car this summer!

  • Whitney Schubarth

    my goal is to remember to bring the grocery bags to the store!

  • I’d like to start a compost pile… something I don’t know much about but I’m excited about learning!

  • Amanda Ferraioli

    We’re growing all of our own herbs and using a food dehydrator to preserve them!

  • Danielle Sturgeon

    Start composting!

  • Kayla W

    I want to try to make my own yogurt to cut down on the waste from all the yogurt cups I have to throw away.

  • Brooke Keenan

    waste less food!

  • Katie Twist

    use reusable cloth napkins!

  • Beth Lloyd

    I really want to get a compost started this year, its been on my list but I just haven’t made it happen yet.

  • We are moving into our first house next month….my first project is to get a tomato plant in the ground!

  • Heather W

    We’d like to grow more of our own produce (challenging in a city apartment, but trying!) and also cut back on paper towel usage.

  • rita

    leaving my reusable grocery bags in the car and I’m looking into joining a csa for fresh veggies.

  • disqus_MH2S3E7GAp

    buy re-useable sandwich bags!

  • Laura

    I bring my lunch everyday so I’m trying to phase out plastic bag with reusable snack and sandwich bags.

  • Start composting!

  • My goal is to remember to take my reusable grocery bags into the store with me! I have been trying to remember to put them in my trunk after I use them so I always have them with me even if I make an impromptu stop at the store!

  • Beth

    I want to start composting!

  • Have a bigger garden!

  • Sheri

    I would like to use less paper towels.

  • My goal is to give up paper towels!

  • Jacqueline Strickland

    We are going to have various bins marked specifically for items to be recycled.

  • Natalie S

    I want to unplug electronics when not in use!

  • I stopped buying bottles of water. We garden and can, and each year we add on a few more items to stock our root cellar with for the upcoming year. I love Rume bags, I know the brains behind the bag and have been using these bags for years, they are fantastic!

  • Beckles

    I am going to always put my reusable bags back in the car when I leave the house, even if I’m not headed to the store.

  • Tammy Fisher

    More locally grown produce!

  • Kelly S

    I have two goals!

    1- Use less paper towels! I have developed a HORRIBLE habit of grabbing a paper towel for EVERYTHING!

    2-I am joining a co-op called Bountiful Baskets. They send out baskets of in season fruit and veggies once a week, so everything you get is in season, fresh and lovely! There is far less packaging waste, and far less waste in terms of processing and such as most of the work is done by volunteers (which also means you get the food at a ridiculous good price!)

  • Melissa

    I am trying to make a lot more homemade things like peanut butter, spices and seasoning mixes along with more home canning!

  • We eat 56oz or 4 32 oz containers of greek yogurt each week -that adds up to 208 containers of yogurt each year. That is alot of plastic. I would like to invest in a greek yogurt machine so that I can make fresh yogurt using fresh local organic milk and glass jars!

  • Bethanie Radillo

    In an effort to be more eco-friendly, my family has started a few goals. We try to bike everywhere we go in town, we have planned out a year long veggie garden in hopes to be able to harvest our own produce and we hope to keep out compost up and running all year long!

  • anne

    My eco-friendly goals for this year are to be more mindful of my water and electric usage and to grow plants that will support the butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • I am going to give composting one more try. It started out fine and ended up a yucky mess. Maybe this time I will get the mix right.

  • Amanda

    We have a local farmer’s market in my area, and I want to buy more local produce there this summer!

  • I will start taking my reusable bags again to the market! I always forget them…

  • Katy

    My goal is to bring 0 plastic shopping bags into my house. I am getting there, but there are still a few that sneak in, we to try to reuse the ones that do.

  • Christine Nguyen

    my goal this year is to drive less and bike more!

  • Definitely use less paper towels and plastic bags

  • Jen P

    Be better about eating locally and seasonally!

  • Laura B.

    I’m working on recycling more, and reducing waste from water bottles and daily coffee runs by bringing my own from home.

  • Where I live, stores (grocery, clothing, and everything in between) are no longer able to give you bags. It costs 10 cents to buy a bag when you forget to bring your own. (The price goes up to 25 cents next year.) So, my goal is to buy and actually CARRY reusable bags with me so I can stop wasting extra money on bags every time I go to the mall or grocery store.

  • erika

    Our county in CA just banned plastic bags as of today! My goal is to always bring my own bag and never pay the 10 cents/bag fee for paper bags. A loftier goal is to bike to the store more than we drive there!

  • Rebecca

    Use less paper towels

  • Megan Bradley

    Biggest goal is to cut down on paper towel usage – it is out of control.

  • Sarah

    My goals for this year include cutting back drastically on my paper towel usage and to purchase more local products, rather than shopping at large chain stores.

  • Victoria Tran

    Reading your blog has definitely made me want to be more eco-friendly. I have taken up using reusable grocery bags, packing lunch, and trying to make more homemade products.

    This year my goals are:
    (1) start my own mini garden
    (2) be less wasteful with kitchen scraps and use them to create new dishes

  • Kai

    I want to eliminate paper towels from my life!

  • Hope

    Compost more, waste less food and water, and remember to bring my reusable bags to the store.

  • Gina

    Take out the plugs when I’m not using the device

  • Lisa Jennings

    Planning a much larger garden. Hubby is in the process of building a raised bed and waiting on him to assemble my greenhouse as well. Not a great fancy one like I want but I think what we got will worker for a starter greenhouse. I am also finding I need to increase our cloth napkin supply as we are using what we have more. Hoping to also make some more better for us changes to our diet which will also hopefully mean less waste!

  • Bonnie

    I’m switching to e-cloths for most of my cleaning. They are microfiber cloths that allow you to get things clean without using harsh cleansers. Also trying to eat more veggies and less meat.

  • Amy I.

    I want to start composting!

  • Tricia H

    sew my own “paper towels”! :)

  • Tara Gillaspie

    My goal this year is to continue learning how to make things from scratch.

  • Makala Eddy

    Over the last few years I have made the switch from paper/plastic grocery bags to reusable bags! These are way cuter than mine though! Any plastic or paper bags that I do accumulate I save so that I can re-use them for picking up dog waste on walks, as trash can liners, or even for storing other recyclables for our bi-weekly recyclable pickup! I love your idea of disposing of paper towels by replacing them with fabric napkins! I would love to try to incorporate that into our home this year!

  • Love this blog. I plan on preserving more fresh fruits and vegetables this year. I’m also awaiting my first 2 bee hives (they should be ready today!!!!) so I will have fresh honey and the makings for candles and lip balms and creams. Love bees, every bit is usable. I would also like more bags for trips to the store, I currently have only 4, and none this cute. thanks for a great way to start my day.

  • Erin

    I would love to start using cloth napkins. It’s been on my list for a while but I’d like to make them myself and it just hasn’t gotten done.

  • Jill Rosno

    My goal is to recycle more- even though that means finding room in a small apartment to sort the recyclables and hauling it down from the 29th floor.

  • Lisa Stough

    I want to utilize my local butcher and depend less on the grocery store. More Farmer’s Markets too.

  • Carol F.

    My goal is to plant a larger garden this summer and continue to can/preserve what we grow.

  • Meagan

    These are awesome! I’m having trouble deciding on my goal – I have to do a lot of flying this year so I feel massively guilty haha. I think switching to reusable bags and NO MORE WATER BOTTLES :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • We always recycle anything that can be. I guess maybe not wasting so much water would be a great goal.

  • fey_may

    We have plenty of reusable bags for shopping–I just need to remember to take them into the store from the car when we go!

  • Angie_R

    One of our goals is to start composting.

  • Tamara

    These are beautiful! Can’t have too many. I’d love to start using reusable produce bags and less paper towels. We use cloth napkins but I need to use cloth “towels” more for cleaning.

  • Jennifer Lange

    We’re planning on starting container gardening and working on making a lot of our own condiments. The more I make the fewer little containers I bring home from the store!

  • We were raised to always shut the lights off and not waste water and we used everything and recycled if we could, you just did that growing up on a farm. We still recycle and I know we could do better.

  • Elizabeth Piasecki

    To use more bags like these! Every time I go to Trader Joe’s, I think, why do I not just buy one or 2 each time and then I’d be set.

  • karnold133

    I would like to cut down on my use of plastic water bottles! I have not been able to decide and purchase a good reusable and i need to just do some research and buy it already!

  • Oh, those look awesome. Count me in, please.

  • veggiemom

    One of my goals is to start growing some of my own food.

  • This year I am trying to purchase less individually portioned items and more bulk packaging items!

  • I should be walking to the grocery store more, rather than driving. Love the RuMe bags!

  • Lisa van Langen

    I try to recycle all our cardboard and paper and try to only use reusable water bottles.

  • Julie Page

    1) Sign up for a CSA. 2) Stop using so many darn paper towels!

  • Audra

    I have a lot of reusable grocery bags but these look really sturdy. Mine start tearing after a while, I don’t they mine have lasted 5 years, I want to look up this product too! Thanks for sharing! We did a garden last year for the first time and this year we have it planned out even better so we can grow more food so my goal is to can it so it doesn’t go to waist.

  • Kristie Fleming

    I am definitely going to try Daily Garnish’s idea of using washable towels in bins under the sink to cut down on the amount of paper towels we go through each week.

  • I am planting raspberry bushes, and using the compost system we built last year!

  • We are planting a garden specifically for the kids this year to install healthy ideas in them. We’re starting with a bean vine teepee!

  • Denise

    My goal is to use less paper products, but it will be a challenge with a toddler and baby in the house1

  • Rachel Kirby

    My goal for this year would be to greatly reduce the number of baggies we use for lunches. I hate the waste!
    What an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  • Adrianne LaFrance

    we are buying a new house (!!!) and tricking it out with DIY compost and recycling bins, and going all grass-fed/organic/non-gmo in the kitchen

  • Ingrid Baird

    use less plastic bags and water bottles

  • Pamela Porter

    We recycle regularly and use mostly cloth instead of paper towels but I would like to make more food from scratch this next year and declutter the entire house.

  • Mary

    Working on the paper towel/paper napkin problem is my goal too. Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  • Start composting AND gardening. We have a yard waste bin that gets picked up every couple of weeks from our trash company, but I would like to start our own compost.

  • Continuing to DIY as much as possible. Looking forward to making my own yogurt soon!

  • Leslie Farrar

    I would like to go paper towel free and remember my bags more. This would help!

  • Mel

    My goal is to reduce the chemicals we use in our house and the waste we produce every day. I love your earth day giveaways!

  • Katie

    Reducing food waste and paper towel use!

  • Regina

    Making a proper recycle ‘center’ in our home to make it easier for everyone to recycle!

  • My goal is to purchase items in bulk using reusable containers to eliminate excess waste :)

  • Regina

    My goal is to build a recycle center where our trash can is currently. This will make it easier for us to recycle everything – right in the kitchen!

  • Marcie

    I have been and will continue to work on doing more DIY, especially when it comes to harsh cleaning products that can be replaced with more natural products. But I wouldn’t mind cutting down on my paper and plastic waste either. I’d really love to do some gardening, but in a small apartment with no patio or personal outdoor space, I’m extremely limited.

  • Tracie Ware

    I’m more mindful of the number of bags I use at the grocery store. I try to consolidate as best as I can and we’re big on recycling.

  • Kari Milhofer

    I’ve gotten out of the habit out composting – my goal for the year is to get back to it.

  • N Ferneau

    i would like to shorten my showers and work on using natural light instead of bulbs.

  • Ping Teresa Yeh

    Goal is to cut down on plastic bag use when grocery shopping — which would be greatly helped by these Rume bags! Thanks =)

  • Julie

    I use way too many paper items – paper towels, paper plates, etc.

  • Amy Crumrine

    Walk more and drive less!

  • kelly campbell

    Use more recycled products and be better at recycling. I’d like to reduce my car trips with biking as well.

  • Carina

    We are raising bees this year and I hope to be able to substitute our refined sugar intake with honey in most of my cooking/baking :)

  • I am going to grow a garden and completely stop using plastic bags (including ziplock bags).

  • Brianne

    I’d definitely like to cut down on paper towel usage as well as eliminating using plastic baggies in lunches.

  • Megan Bultsma

    I’m expecting my first child this year and I’m focusing on making more of our food from scratch, including baby food!

  • Lynn Nelson

    Remembering my grocery bags — washing and reusing ziplocs — composting.

  • Corinne Long

    We are hoping to have a garden this year

  • Dency Daniel

    Walk more and use fewer plastic bags!

  • Kaitlin

    I want to cut out paper products as much as possible.

  • Jade Jones

    I’m in the process of making more crochet dishcloths. they are getting used more and more and i definitely do have enough.

  • Annie Brewer

    I’m planning on cloth diapering my baby that’s due in a few weeks!

  • Marissa Kubinski

    Here in Austin, plastic bags are no longer available at grocery stores. Since the ban, I’ve been using reusable bags.

  • Heather Bologna

    This year I definitely want to try and cut down on prepackaged snacks for the kids and try to make our own at home.

  • Carly Dreibelbis

    Remember my reuseable bags more often!

  • My goal is to start composting!

  • Laura Wiedmeier

    Less processed food. It’s good for the Earth and for the family !

  • Continue on my quest to reduce the amount of processed food we consume. With a family of 9, on a limited budget, this can be difficult. But we are really trying! More meat and produce. Fewer refined carbs. :)

  • We are working on planting a garden and using more of the food we have and not letting it go to waste!

  • Lauren King

    Definitely trying to cook/prep more food staples!

  • Nicole T

    I’m expanding my garden this year! I plan to utilize the produce/herbs a lot more!

  • Growing more in my vegetable garden

  • memehappy

    These are beautiful!!! My eco-friendly goal is to hopefully use these bags at the local farmers market & other places I shop :) I’m not sure my original comment went thru.

  • SK

    Buying and consuming less processed food. Would love to start a bigger vegetable garden.

  • Leslie Cox

    We are moving in the next month so will not be able to have our garden… sad. We are making sure we don’t throw a bunch of stuff away – we are trying to recycle by donating items to Goodwill, a local Church yard sale and a Literacy organization

  • Sandy Arenz

    My goal is to make more of my own food so I don’t have to eat as much processed food and cut down on all that wasted packaging. A longer term goal for me is to build a passive house which uses 90% less heating and cooling of a conventional home.

  • Love your site and it has inspired me to try and make more food from scratch. Some things (like pizza dough) have been surprisingly easy to implement. Others are still in the works!