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earth day 2013 – green b.e.a.n. delivery

We have been using Green B.E.A.N. Delivery as our produce delivery service for a couple of years now, and we have been so pleased with the service.  I love the convenience of having a large portion of my weekly groceries delivered directly to my door, the ease of choosing exactly what I want in my bin each week, and the access to whatever local seasonal produce is available.

To enter,  leave a comment on THIS POST telling me what summer produce you are most looking forward to.

The Rules: One entry per person, Indianapolis area residents only.  Commenting will open Monday, April 22 at 4:30 am EST and close on Wednesday, April 24 at 10:00 pm EST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Two winners will be selected at random and contacted via email later this week.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Annie’s Eats.

  • I’m looking forward to my homegrown tomatoes!

  • I’m most looking forward to tomatoes…but my little girl is most looking forward to peaches! We already have plans to hit the local farmers’ market quite frequently this summer, and I can’t wait to see her face when she gets to enjoy a “real” peach! So far, she’s simply had “okay” peaches from the grocery store produce section…but she loves them so much, that I can’t wait to see her try the real thing!

  • Julie R.

    We are looking forward to broccoli and tomatoes! I was not a broccoli fan until we grew our own last year – WOW ! What a difference! We have a very small garden and cannot grow everything we need, so I Green Bean delivery would be very welcome.

  • Laura Smith

    homegrown lettuce

  • Sarah Furge

    Strawberries! I look forward to them every year!

  • Amanda


  • Hilda Duggan

    As always – tomatoes!

  • Sarah Taylor

    Watermelon…my mouth waters just thinking about it!

  • AD

    strawberries and tomatoes :)

  • Anne Marie Moser

    I’m looking forward to everything fresh. Now that we have a child, I’ve been excited to introduce him to all the fruits and vegetables.

  • Alice

    Corn on the cob.

  • We are new to Green B.E.A.N. delivery, but I am so glad that I read about it through your website. As new residents to Indy, it is exactly what we have been looking for in this town. Not only does it take away my midweek grocery run for produce, we are also able to get really awesome quality produce. I am looking forward to lots of heirloom tomatoes. As I am not fortunate enough to have a yard, I will have to get all my fresh fruits and veggies in my green bin!

  • Maegan

    I am looking forward to tomatoes the most- there is nothing better than homemade salsa, caprese salads, etc with home grown tomatoes!

  • Lori Briscoe

    oh my…how can I pick my fave? … probably fresh toms if I have to pick. especially when they are still warm from the sun, sliced up on a plate.

  • Tomatoes! Nothing beats a summer tomato!

  • Shae Tilson

    ohmygosh we LOVE green bean delivery! such a great resource! we are looking forward to summer strawberries… my 2-year old especially! :)

  • Julie G

    Berries and apples – my 1 year old loves them both!

  • Abby R.

    I’m very much looking forward to visiting our local farmer’s market for peaches, salad greens, and sweet corn!

  • Audrey

    Zucchini and pears!

  • I am most looking forward to sweet delicious corn!

  • Sara xize

    We’re excited about sweet corn!

  • Amanda

    I can’t wait for sweet corn! :)

  • Kristoffer and Danielle Gray

    Corn on the cob….YUM!

  • VINE RIPE TOMATOES, big beef!

  • Katie Twist

    Tomatoes are my favorite!

  • Guest

    Yummy peaches!

  • Kristen

    everything! but corn and cherries may be at the top of my list

  • erin mansfield

    Strawberries! I grew up in Southern California, and I can’t get enough. Whenever I’m in California I can’t stop myself from getting pints & pints & pints of berries.

  • Peaches!! We LOVE peaches in the summertime…making my mouth water thinking of them.

  • Sarah Kamel

    I most look forward to the summer fruits, like berries and peaches.

  • I’m looking forward to corn, peaches, and tomatoes!

  • I can’t wait for summer strawberries! There’s a small berry stand by my house that opens up come springtime — I go there just about every day.

  • Fresh strawberries can’t be beat.

  • Ingrid Baird

    Peaches and strawberries!

  • Katie

    Anything that I cannot grow in my garden, so basically everything!

  • Megan Bultsma

    Strawberries and tomatoes!

  • Corinne Long

    Zucchini and sweet corn…yum

  • Dency Daniel

    Watermelon and Strawberries!

  • Kim

    Watermelon, strawberries and zucchini

  • Sonja / A Couple Cooks

    Tomatoes and basil! :)