Happy Pi(e) Day, loves! It’s the one food holiday that I celebrate without exception because 1. pie, 2. math! and 3. I had the world’s best calculus teacher, Mr. Strawn, who got me excited about things such as pi with his unparalleled (wink, wink) enthusiasm and excellent teaching skills. This year after much thought, I decided on something lemony to mark the occasion. My reasons were vague and disconnected but in various parts due to Andrew loving all lemon desserts, being more than ready for spring after the taste of warm weather we have had recently, and of course, Beyonce. The idea of a lemon cream pie came to mind, and it just made good sense to pair it with the gorgeous berries that by some miracle, Caroline had not yet devoured. Strawberry lemon cream pie it was.

It’s taken me years to love lemon, and though I will never choose it over chocolate, I finally understand why so many people love it the way they do. That sweet-tart balance in lemon desserts is somewhat irresistible. Traditional citrus curd preparations are both too intense and too eggy for my taste, so my desire for something light and airy led to this final concoction. This pie was everything I was hoping for – pretty, lemony, and light (in texture, not calories). I can already see this being a perfect Mother’s Day treat. How are you celebrating Pi Day?