Show of hands – who loves brunch? Pretty much everyone, right? Of course, since kids, a leisurely brunch is no later than 9 a.m. but still…who can resist it? We dine out for our fair share of brunches, and probably your fair share too, but we could stand to make it more often at home. Recipes like this one certainly make the case for it. A totally incredible meal AND I got to stay in my PJs and drink bubbles? Done and done. Seeing all that this meal involves – crab cakes, avocado, spicy (fake) hollandaise, and poached eggs – it shouldn’t take much to convince you of its awesome-ness. But, should you need convincing, let me tell you that I made this one weekend with my darling Josie and it was so fabulous, I made it again the very next week.

I suppose the one drawback of this sort of recipe for meshing with that chillax brunch vibe is getting the timing of the crab cakes and the poached eggs to work out just right. But hey, that’s what mimosas are for! Also I highly recommend cooking with a friend. The combination of excellent company plus the benefits of someone helping in the kitchen dampens any anxieties over recipe timing. This may seem fancy but I promise, it’s simpler than you think. You can do it, and you’ll be SO glad you did.