First recipe of the year – let’s make it a good one, shall we? Scratch that – a GREAT one. Honestly guys, I feel like a bit of a criminal for making these literally months ago, making them multiple times since, and waiting until now to share them with you! There is so much to love about these. The mushroom and chard filling is meatless (yay!) but packed full of flavor and so satisfying and, well, filling, as filling should by definition be. The whole recipe is pretty simple and quick to make – weeknight worthy for their simplicity, in my opinion. And of course there is the undeniable fact that quesadillas of any kind are primarily a vehicle for delivering sour cream to my mouth, am I right? Just me?

While all of that is wonderful, my favorite thing about this recipe is the cooking method. I make quesadillas often but I usually make them in a skillet one at a time. This oven baking method is killer! They are evenly browned, perfectly melty, and you get the benefit of inactive time while they bake to clean the kitchen, down a margarita, sit and hear your thoughts, etc. etc. (I would recommend a blood orange margarita, if you’re wondering.) I hope you love these as much as we do! They were an instant family favorite in our house, for sure!