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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Things I’m Loving: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It is December 1st, and as Caroline says, the MOST exciting day because it is almost the holidays! Ha! As in past years, I have been hard at work putting together a gift guide for you. This year I have broken it down into food and kitchen items, cookbooks, fashion and beauty, decor and crafts, kid books, and kid toys. (You might want to check out gift guides from 2015 and 2014 as well – they still have lots of great ideas!)

I have also included a number of charities fighting discrimination, inequality, and more at the bottom. Please keep in mind that rather than buying an unnecessary gift simply out of a feeling of obligation, your money could be put to better use donating to a worthy cause. I personally would love nothing more than donations made in my honor to any of these great causes, so please consider this in your thoughtful gift giving. (And to give fair warning to any offended by my suggestions who feel moved to send a hateful comment or email, please know that I will make a donation to the organization you choose to criticize. Comment or not with this in mind.)

  1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – In my book, there is almost nothing better than the gift of ice cream, and the best ice cream is Jeni’s ice cream – simple as that. The friends who know me best know this. They text me when there are Jeni’s sales and they send me Jeni’s when I need a gastronomical pat on the back or a high five. I have yet to find someone who, upon receiving a shipment of Jeni’s didn’t absolutely love it. My favorite Jeni’s gifting option is the Pint Club. I gave a couple of these subscriptions last year and they were very well received. If that’s out of your price range, I think the ice cream sandwich pack might be the other greatest thing ever. Someone, please send me some and let me avoid sharing without having to hide in the laundry room. That’s the dream!
  2. Walnut Cake Stand from A Heirloom – My cake stand collection continues to grow and these beautiful and unique stands from A Heirloom are my new favorites. They are just so gorgeous and inspire me to bake every time I look at them!
  3. Suite One Studio ceramics – I have been a longtime Suite One Studio fan but finding her work via her site has become more and more difficult due to ever increasing demand. Thankfully, she recently launched a line with Anthropologie and it has made it much easier to score some of these lovely pieces.
  4. Glass mixing bowl set – I gifted myself a set of these gorgeous milk glass mixing bowls earlier this year and I adore them. These would be a wonderful gift for any baker in your life. It is unlikely that they would splurge on such a nice set of bowls for themselves when something more utilitarian would do, but there is no doubt of that the added charm such pretty equipment provides.
  5. Gilded rim glassware – Though I generally try to avoid doing just such things, I purchased a pair of these gilded rim coupe glasses for the sole purpose of drinking rose slushies. They are so lovely that I have since expanded my collection of this glassware. It is the perfect pale pink  and the gold rim as the perfect touch of elegance.
  6. Krups spice grinder – It was, of course, my desire for amazing spicy margarita salt (guajillo salt to be exact) and not my desire for freshly ground spices that led to this purchase. But that is irrelevant. What matters is that this thing is awesome! Though it is billed as a coffee grinder, it works great for spices as well and is sure to get plenty of use by any avid cook and/or mixologist. So much potential here!
  7. Cuisinart citrus juicer – I know I’ve posted about this thing before but I’m telling you, this citrus juicer is a game changer – particularly if you love margaritas as much as I do. I have had mine for a few years now and still marvel at how much I love it every single time I use it.
  8. Sphere ice trays – I don’t have these yet myself, but I’m definitely about to. I’m always looking for new ways to up my cocktail game and sphere ice balls are a great way to do it. One of my favorite cocktails at a local restaurant (Fire & Ice at Delicia) features this very sort of rock. I’m thinking with my  by sea salt and the ice spheres, my margaritas are going to be even more awesome because of them.
  9. Pyrex measuring cups – So simple and yet, I believe one can never have too many Pyrex measuring cups. I use them constantly and break them on occasion, so having a nice stock of them in various sizes is always a good idea.


  1. Food52 Genius Recipes – It is hard to choose a favorite new (to me) cookbook of the year but if I were forced to, it would be this one. This book is full of incredibly doable recipes, things that you want to make and can, right this instant! Most of the recipes are quite simple with short ingredient lists. I have made more than I can list from this book and I have loved nearly every recipe.
  2. Tacolicious – I know I already mentioned it this year, but I just can’t say enough good things about the Tacolicious cookbook. The name itself, the beautiful photos, the bountiful mouth-watering recipes for all kinds of amazing Mexican food, including killer cocktails – I love everything about it. Buy it for a friend that loves to cook and then cook from it together. Good times all around!
  3. Cravings – I can hardly tell you how much this book surprised me. I know darn well not to judge a book by its cover but I suppose that is exactly what I did with this one initially. Why is Chrissy Teigen trying to write a cookbook, I wondered. Well, because she’s a darn good cook with great recipes to share, that’s why! Once I got over my preconceived notions about what this book was and was not, I was able to appreciate that it is bursting with recipes I am dying to make, almost all of which will make my jeans tighter and each completely worth it. Every recipe I have made from this book has been superb!  As a bonus, Chrissy’s writing is very witty and fun.
  4. Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book – This beautiful book of pies has been on my radar for quite some time, as it is the origin of my forever favorite salty honey pie. I finally got myself a copy and it is a treasure, both in inspiring, unique recipes and lovely photos. Perfect for the baker in your life.
  5. Dorie’s Cookies – I have been a longtime Dorie fan, as have all who have been in this blogging biz for many years. When I first heard of Dorie’s cookie book, I’ll admit – I didn’t see the point. I have plenty of cookbooks with plenty of recipes. Why bother? However, enough of my friends raved about it that it piqued my curiosity. I am SO glad I bought this book! It is far more inventive and interesting than I could have imagined for a cookie book, and the most important part – there is an entire section of “cocktail cookies”, i.e. cookies meant to be enjoyed with cocktails. Sold! I’ve already made five of them and all have been fabulous. I must say the photography leaves a lot to be desired, but the recipes shine regardless of the images.
  6. Momofuku – I have sung the praises of the Milk Bar cookbook time and again, and this year I finally ventured into the savory side of the Momofuku enterprise. This book is full of completely drool-worthy recipes and those I have made so far have turned out perfectly.
  7. Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles and Snacks – I may have recommended this book before, but I have rekindled my love for it in the past few months. If you love guacamole and margaritas, 1) you need this in your life, and 2) we would probably be great friends.
  8. Tartine Bread – Visiting Tartine was one of the highlights of my year for sure! Before I was even back home I had ordered the Tartine bread book and enjoyed experimenting with the basic bread recipe the last couple of months. Though I still have plenty more I want to make from this book, I can assure you it is full of gorgeous photos, reliable recipes, and invaluable baking expertise.
  9. The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook from ATK – I refer to this book almost every week while doing my menu planning. Many of our favorite, most frequently made recipes come from it and it is always a source of new inspiration as well. This is a great option for anyone in your life who may be interested in shifting to more meatless meals.


  1. Erin McDermott – It wouldn’t be a Things I’m Loving post without showing some love for the fantastically sweet and endlessly talented woman. Erin’s beautiful handmade jewelry has been featured in a strong majority of my past posts, and for good reason! It is lovely, fashionable, and versatile. I couldn’t even begin to list all of the favorite pieces of jewelry I have from Erin, but one of my most recent favorite additions has been this art gala necklace. Mine is yellow, but the turquoise is also beautiful! I receive so many compliments every time I wear this. Also, great news! I let Erin know that I would be featuring her and she graciously offered a coupon code for my readers! Use code annieseats for 25% off your purchase. Hooray!
  2. Krochet Kids basic white tee – It may sound…well, basic, but the basic white tee from Krochet Kids that I added to my wardrobe this summer is hands down one of my favorite clothing items of the year. It fits beautifully, the fabric is perfect, and it is clearly of quality construction. I have talked about this wonderful company before. They sell quality products but more importantly, they are doing amazing things. Though I am an avid (obsessive) knitter and thus have no personal use for them, their many crochet and knit hats would make excellent gifts as well.
  3. M.Gemi gift card – Ever since becoming interested in ethical fashion, I have been dying to find a source for ethically made, truly beautiful shoes of the sort that I adore (read: identical to J.Crew.) I do not buy shoes in quantity, though I have acquired a decent collection over a long period of time, but I do look for quality. M.Gemi has been my answer and actually, since discovering them months ago, I haven’t bought any other brand since. Yes, they are costly, but you get what you pay for. “Buy better, not more” is a mantra of the ethical fashion movement and this brand is a good example of that. Now, if you are made of money or you are an unbelievably generous gift giver, you might consider gifting an actual pair of these gorgeous shoes. However, I think a gift card would be an excellent option as well. It would at least help offset the cost of a pair, and allow the recipient to select their favorite.
  4. Bite lipstick in cayenne – I marvel at just how different shades of red lipstick can be. 50 shades of red, am I right? I have several reds but the only one that I love, and the one that garners endless compliments is cayenne from Bite Beauty.
  5. Half Moon Druzy Necklace from Salame Jewelry Designs – There isn’t much better than finding a local artist who is incredibly talented and makes things exactly your style, which is why I was so thrilled to discover Rana’s work. She has so many beautiful items but her druzy pieces are my favorites. I bought some earlier this week for gifting and now am trying to decide whether to keep one for myself. Decisions, decisions!
  6. Bitchstix – With that name, you just know it’s going to be good, right?! Bitchstix is an awesome local company that makes spectacular lip balms, sunscreen, cocoa butter and muscle rub. What makes these a million times better? All net proceeds go to domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs.
  7. Nasty Woman shirt from Wicked Custom Apparel – I have a few shirts from this super fun Etsy shop and I love them all, but this is clearly my favorite. (Even more than the Bey ones! Gasp!) I used the custom muscle tank option to create this shirt and it is truly fabulous, just like the nasty women in your life who also need one!
  8. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Set – I have long and often sung the praises of these Fresh Sugar lip treatments. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of them and at any given time, you can find at least 1-2 in each of my jackets, bags, and desk drawers. My favorite shade of all is tulip (a sheer hot pink) but I love having an assortment to choose from based on my makeup and outfit each day. I prefer the mini to full size version any day so you better believe I bought this set as soon as I saw it.
  9. Tiny Galaxies Jewelry – I know I recommend Sara’s work a lot, but for good reason! Her delicate, sparkly and unique designs are so beautiful and always make perfect gifts. I love all her creations but an particularly enamored with her new gemstone collection. Dying to get my hands on a pair of the opal studs!


  1. Beyoncé wrapping paper – Guys, I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am that this is something that exists in the world. Wrapping paper with Queen Bey and lemons. Yes, of course, I already bought some. Yes, of course, you should wrap any gifts you choose to give me in this. This is just a mic drop on wrapping paper as far as I’m concerned.
  2. Rifle Paper Bon Voyage calendar – This is my gift to myself every single year. I love Rifle Paper Co.’s impeccable aesthetic in all that they do, and this calendar provides a lovely pop of color to my boring office walls while simultaneously feeding my incurable case of wanderlust. Their other calendars are lovely too but this one will always be my favorite.
  3. Celestial Coaster Set – Not that I often remember to use a coaster but when I do, I appreciate a pretty one. These celestial coasters are so beautiful and eye-catching. It is hard to choose a favorite color – I want them all!
  4. DIY ever-changing wall art – Consider making your own version of my ever-changing wall art project. It is such a fun way to display favorite photos! The kids love helping me switch the photos out periodically, and almost every new visitor to our house compliments this playful display.
  5. Purl Soho embroidery kits – Purl Soho is my dream craft site. They have a simple, modern, and eye-catching aesthetic. Their projects are easy and fun and I have yet to have one turn out less than perfect. Their embroidery kits have caught my eye of late and I have some plans to make one in the near future. This is a fun gift option for someone who enjoys both decor and crafting. The four seasons kit is especially cute!
  6. Wax & Wool hand poured soy candles – Since becoming virtual friends with Kjerste, the talent behind Wax & Wool, etc. I have become an avid fan and daily user of her candles. They are so lovely and the scents are just perfect. I am extremely picky about fragrances but hers have been on point with each seasonal collection I have tried. The shop’s flat rate shipping is definitely something to keep in mind. Maximize your gift giving with less spent on shipping!
  7. Artifact Uprising wood calendar – I am positive I have recommended this before, but I truly love this personalized calendar. I buy one for us every year and it hangs on our refrigerator. We look at it every day and every month, we look forward to flipping the page and seeing what the next picture will be (I NEVER look ahead!)
  8. Surfboard print from Draw Me a Song – I’ve been outlining this post for months but in hindsight, I’m thinking I should have made a specific Beyonce category. I know it would have been hugely popular with me, that’s for sure! I have had this print for quite a while now and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Who wouldn’t love that?!
  9. DIY Ombre Pillows – If you are into sewing at all, or want to be, these pillows are a super simple and fun project. There is so much possibility here with different sizes and shapes, different color combos. Just looking at this photo makes me want to sew up a bunch more!


  1. I Dissent by Debbie Levy – I don’t really have words to adequately convey all that I love about this book, but hopefully it speaks for itself. It is about an incredible woman who has done and is doing amazing things AND it helps reinforce the understanding that dissent itself can be patriotic. This book is a little text heavy and I worried it was a bit old for Caroline, but she asks to read it with me all the time and sometimes I find her reading it to herself.
  2. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt – I’m no good with reading aloud, for the most part. I do it, but Ben has the fun voices and accents on lockdown. My general monotone doesn’t lend itself to entertaining reading. However, this book is perfect when read with my mild snarky undertones. And, it is hilarious. Every page makes me giggle and it’s impossible to choose which crayon’s plight is my favorite. (But I mostly favor beige. What about you?)
  3. Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty – Another wonderful read from the brilliant author of my other favorites Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect! Though Rosie is still my favorite, this one especially tugged at my heartstrings given my undergraduate background in science.
  4. The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak – Most of you are likely familiar with this book but if you aren’t, you need to be. I bought this last year for Caroline for Christmas when I found a signed copy at our local bookstore. I hadn’t seen it before but fell in love instantly. She was apparently already familiar with it from school and it was, hands down, her favorite gift of all. She stopped opening gifts entirely just because she wanted to read this over and over. Such a simple brilliant fun book.
  5. I am Jazz – In a time when it has become clear that an alarming number of people lack acceptance, empathy and understanding for people of different backgrounds than them, I feel that instilling a deep understanding of equality in our children is the true solution. I will be keeping this in mind when selecting books for my family and am adding this one to our collection for the holidays. This specifically helps children understand transgender individuals and struggles with gender identity. (A Mighty Girl is an excellent resource for all sorts of books in this vein. Please check this page out!)
  6. Who’s in My Family?: All About Our Families by Robie Harris – Along the lines of the book above, this title introduces the idea of all sorts of family models beyond the stereotypical family unit. This is another great way to help create caring and supportive allies amongst our children at a time when acceptance is greatly needed!
  7. Ted by Tony DiTerlizzi- This book CRACKS ME UP. It was never on my radar, I’m still not totally sure who gave it to us, but I love it so very much. Every time we read it, it has us rolling with laughter.
  8. Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems – This book never gets old for me. Mo Willems, you wonderful dude – I love so many of your books and this one is no exception. The question, should I share my ice cream, is indeed a serious one that must be examined from every angle and carefully reasoned through. The elephant’s facial expressions in this book are entirely perfect.
  9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (illustrated by Anna Rifle Bond) – I already mentioned my obsession with Rifle Paper Co. above, so it is obvious then that the Rifle Paper versions of several classic stories is, in my mind, one of the greatest things since margaritas. I will be buying all of them eventually but for now, we have Alice in Wonderland and we have been LOVING reading it. (Side note – they are releasing a line of Alice fabric from Rifle Paper soon and I may die of excitement when it comes out. I CANNOT WAIT.)


  1. String Along Bead Kit – I bought this set of beads for Caroline this year for her birthday, and we have had such fun making bracelets, necklaces, and even bunting for over the fireplace. Such fun!
  2. Paris, New York, London coloring books – I bought Caroline this NYC coloring book and she adores it. SO DO I! These pictures are so fun and charming and different than typical coloring books, and we love to color in it together. She has been begging me for a trip to NYC since. (Hopefully next year!) She received the Paris one for her birthday and since then, has begged for a trip to Paris as well. She is getting the London one this year. Looks like we’ve got a lot of traveling to do!
  3. Melting Snowman Putty – This is a totally random stocking stuffer item and it is SO MUCH FUN. Endless entertainment for both kids (and also me.)
  4. Doorway puppet theatre – If you sew, you could easily make one of these yourself. A puppet theatre is always such fun for kids to play and be creative. We had one as a kid but it was made of wood and therefore, took up quite a bit of space. A cloth version is awesome because it can be easily put up and stored away. Lots of sites sell cute puppets but my kids often just use their many stuffed animals, no puppets required.
  5. Tegu blocks – These magnetic blocks are such fun! We were just recently introduced to them and they are awesome!
  6. Prime Climb – We are getting this game this year. It helps practice multiplication and division and I’m hoping it will be a more fun, less rigid way to strengthen Andrew’s math knowledge. Can’t wait to play with him!
  7. National Geographic Gemstone Dig – This was a huge hit last year! Caroline received the gemstone set and Andrew received the fossil version. They had such a blast digging for the stones and matching them up with the included booklet. And of course, now they both have “treasure” to carry around. Ha! I highly recommend it.
  8. Kazoo Magazine – I was so thrilled to come across Kazoo, a magazine for girls that “inspires them to be strong, smart, fierce, and above all, true to themselves.” I immediately purchased a subscription for Caroline and she LOVES it. Although she is just at the early side of the age range for this, we read through it together and she truly enjoyed every story, game and activity. It is quarterly which I think is good, because each issue is more appreciated and they are less likely to accumulate without being read.
  9. Sun Art Paper – Oh my goodness, do you remember sun art?!!! I LOVED this stuff when I was a kid. I had totally forgot about it but came across it while browsing and I know our kids will love to experiment with it too. This will be a great stocking stuffer.


This is just a short list of organizations that are working to do good in a time when our world needs it most. Since each of these amazing organizations can express their mission and work far better than I can articulate, I will simply list them here and encourage you research them, and to donate. Remember that monthly donations make a lasting impact so if that is an option, please consider it!

  1. Planned Parenthood
  2. American Civil Liberties Union
  3. Southern Poverty Law Center
  4. Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
  5. National Resources Defense Council
  6. International Rescue Committee

Please remember, if you choose to send a negative comment or email regarding these organizations, I will make a donation to the organization you criticize. 

Disclaimer:  These posts are a way for me to share the things I love with you, simply because I love them!  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning that if you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This helps to offset the costs of running this site and allows me to continue providing you the content you enjoy.

  • Kindy

    Love, love, love that you included some fabulous organizations to donate to!

  • Annie

    Thank you!

  • Claire

    I love this post! And I need a nasty woman shirt.

  • Anne Schwartz

    This made my day.

    “Please remember, if you choose to send a negative comment or email regarding these organizations, I will make a donation to the organization you criticize. ”

    I set up my monthly donation to PP. It just seems important right now. :/

  • Annie

    Agreed. I already donate annually, but am switching to monthly. I also just made a nice donation on Giving Tuesday in honor of Mike Pence and had the card sent to his office at the Statehouse here. I hope he thoroughly enjoys it!

  • Angela

    These are wonderful. It is apparent (as are you [I’m chuckling at my own pun, so no pressure for you to]) you put a ton of work and research into these posts. I freaking love this one. I know I say it about all of them, but the repetition is not a lack of sincerity.
    I have several pairs of Tiny Galaxy pieces, thanks to you introducing me to them.
    I read that spheres create the most chill while melting slowest, which lends itself to a less watered down drink. I didn’t realize I could get a mold to recreate the deliciousness.
    I just rented Should I Share my Ice Cream from the library and it is a hit. We dig Mo Willems. I also found Grambling’s My Mom is a Firefighter, much to the kids’ delight. I’m excited to find the RBG book. I love her.
    There was the raddest fund raiser for the SPLC at a local tattoo parlor. The artist did safety pin tattoos and donated the proceeds, plus any tips, there. She’s doing another tomorrow for the DAPL and the design was designed by a woman from the Sioux Nation. I love the different approaches to raising awareness and funding, including yours.
    I love your statement of donation for each negative comment or email.

  • Annie Quach

    Thanks so much for taking the time to curate such a wonderful list!

  • Robin Chedister

    I freaking love the bit about the donation. Great gift ideas too.

  • Anne Schwartz

    I hope they fill a room with them! I hear there were about 200,000.

  • Annie

    As always Angela, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment. I love having you as a reader and virtual friend!

  • Cara

    Me too! That was my favorite part. Love that Annie uses this platform to promote such meaningful causes and issues.

  • Katie

    Annie – I’ve followed your blog for a long time, and although I know you won’t miss me when I unsubscribe, I’m disappointed in your unwillingness to think that maybe sometimes people on the other side of the issue have something to say too. You do not know all of us. Maybe we aren’t all the bigots that you think we are. My comment is not regarding the organizations – I actually support several of them – but your tone in this matter. Are YOU open to hearing opinions from people who differ from you politically? If not, well….

  • Ashley

    Oh wow, thinking I might need that Momofuku book for myself! My husband can’t have dairy so I’ve (sadly) stayed away from the Milk Bar one, but this looks perfect!

  • Annie

    Of course I am open to hearing both sides of every issue. The point of this post, aside from the gift recommendations, is supporting organizations fighting injustice and inequality – not starting debate.

  • Melissa Brooker

    Annie, thank you for the obvious time and effort you put into researching and putting together these amazing gift guides!

    I am a huge fan of fresh sugar lip treatments, thanks to you! Last Christmas I got my sisters hooked on them too! I have both tulip and rose and love them both!

    Can I also just say that you are kickass? I love what you wrote regarding the donations, this is a gift giving guide and if people doesn’t agree with the charities you’ve chosen then they definitely do not need to donate or comment! I will take a look at all of them!

    Anyways, this is getting long but you rock!

  • I was waiting for this to be posted before I added things to my own Christmas list! Thanks for some great ideas. My Nasty Woman shirt is this one, and I adore it :) (note to anyone else who orders it if the design is brought back – the men’s version is a standard T shirt, the women’s needs to be sized WAY up – I’m a size 8 and I would honestly get an XXL, but from Cotton Bureau designs I usually just get a men’s medium. Love them!

    Love the note about donations – I am now a recurring monthly donor to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, as of November 9th.

  • Callie

    Love the shoe rec! Do you find that their Italian to USA shoe size conversion is TTS? I have my eye on a pair of the moccasins!

  • Sarah W

    Love the suggestions! I learned about Erin McDermott’s jewelry from your blog and have several pieces.
    The disclaimer about the donations was spot on! Reminds me of a friend whose Hillary sign kept on being stolen. The third time she replaced the sign, she put a note on it that said “If you steal this again, I am making a donation to Planned Parenthood”.

  • Annie

    Yes, they have been right on. I always read their fit description and choose accordingly. Haven’t had to exchange any yet and love them all!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Melissa! You also kick ass :)

  • Annie

    Thank you Erika! I love that so much! Way to go girl!

  • mamy81

    I know I won’t be missed. And I will certainly miss reading your blog (I’ve checked it first thing every morning for years). And I think Trump with his deranged ramblings is embarrassing. But while I appreciate all opinions, and will kindly carry on a discussion with someone I don’t agree with, I don’t get the impression that you would. Your tone, in regards to people who don’t share your beliefs, is very snarky (and similar to Trump). But more so, you have stated in your previous posts that you don’t care if we quit visiting your blog because we don’t pay you. And as a longtime reader I feel a bit betrayed by those flippant comments. It is, in fact, very rude. Because while you are right, I don’t pay you (and it is your blog), the readers of this blog have probably had a big part in you getting paid by sponsors over the years and/or buying your products you have sold (tshirts/canvas prints). And maybe you make no money from this blog, but regardless, you saying that makes you sound unappreciative of the many readers who have followed you through the years. I have loved reading your blog but I come here for the recipes, to see your cute kids, things you love posts, etc… But you seem intolerant to anyone who is conservative (not a bigot/not prejudiced but just conservative). And maybe you aren’t, but you sure sound like it. Btw, not everyone who voted for Trump is a horrible gay hating, wall building, refugee blocking asshole. Most Trump supporters I know just really, really can not stand Hillary Clinton. And democrats should have foreseen that and should have chosen a better candidate. Nice knowing you Annie, sad we are parting ways:(

  • Alli

    hehehe, I love what you wrote about donations! :D

  • Annie

    No troubles, bubbles. Think what you like. Xo!

  • Shyanne

    Love the gift guide! I look forward to them every year. Just wanted to let you know your link to the nasty woman shirt goes to the Draw Me a Song shop.

  • Anne

    Wonderful ideas, wonderful organizations! I’m between buying books for kids and buying books for grandkids, but the children’s books you recommend look so fun, I may check them out of the library for myself :) I bought some Tiny Galaxies earrings for my daughter when you recommended them earlier, and they are awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  • Amy Kaufman Hill


    Can I say we think so very different? That I too don’t always care for.your tone..but I am sure others don’t care for mine.


    I love your blog, it’s my go to. And I won’t stop following you, because though we disagree I think you’re fantastic.

  • Family Use

    I agree with you! I am conservative but didn’t vote for Trump. I am not a racist and I do not condone hatred. I am a school teacher and raise my kids to be respectful. I respect people’s choices but I don’t want it shoved down mine or my kids throats. I do not think public schools should teach about transgender or LGBT issues. These issues should be taught at home and not in our schools. I have some hope that Trump will help our country with jobs and get rid of these outrageous health insurance costs. Like I said I have hope but time will tell.

  • Annie

    I just donated to the Human Rights Campaign on your behalf. I hope you open your mind in case an LGBT student comes through your classroom.

  • Annie

    I love that! I saw something like that online and that was what gave me the idea to do this. A great way to make a positive out of a negative!

  • Amy Kaufman Hill

    Also, my phone was about to die, so can I say I’m all about meeting in the middle. Though I don’t agree with all the causes, I do strongly agree with some. I picked one in particular to donate to. Merry Christmas.

  • Jeni

    Wonderful lists! I appreciate how much time you put into this and every post. Your pizza and pie doughs have gotten me through a lot of meals. Thank you! Put me down for $$$ for every comment about your “flippant tone”. Sheesh!

  • Sarin

    Annie, omg, do you need counseling? Calm down. You look so sweet, but you come off so rigid and unhinged. Is everything going ok in you personal life? Seriously. You are the precipice of a breakdown it seems. Mamy81 has a point. Be kind to your followers.

  • Aimee

    Wonderful suggestions. Also, I might add that for that hard to shop for person who claimed they aren’t a racist, bigotry, etc. But voted for Trump because he was the lesser evil or they hate Clinton, that the Clinton Foundation also accepts donations.

  • Annie

    Making a donation to support equal rights and standing against injustice = needing counseling? Sorry, no.

  • Annie

    Thanks Jeni!

  • Annie

    Thanks for letting me know, I fixed it!

  • Annie

    Excellent suggestion.

  • Annie

    Thank you! Saved several things to my wishlist or gift idea lists for others. Thanks also for using your platform to reach out regarding inequality and injustice. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how women act and organize online, and it seems to be mostly in all(or mostly)-women circles and non-political/confrontational/taking a strong viewpoint unless it is in “safe,” secret place (Pantsuit nation). How can we encourage change in these communities of women? How to get those with platforms to be confident enough to speak up about basic rights? How can we organize and effect change on a larger scale? Thinking about embarking on a personal research project (or blog?) to explore these issues and the role of quilting/sewing women throughout American history. Anyway, a lot on my mind and excited to see you and a few others speaking publicly as a first step!

  • Vanessa F.

    A long-time reader here, and I have to say, every time I tackle a new challenge in the kitchen, I find myself thinking, “I should check and see if Annie’s tried this before and what she says.” Anyway, I do enjoy the gift guides and Things I’m Loving Posts, too. Meanwhile, it’s a comfort (relief?) to know that we seem to have similar beliefs regarding issues that are so front-and-center these days. I do see some comments from readers taking issue with your post, but frankly, it seems that you were just making a point to keep negativity off your blog … not telling any of your readers to go jump off a cliff. Oh well – how lucky we are that we get to choose what to read and choose what to write in this country. Carry on, fierce one!

  • Annie

    Yep, you got it! I was trying to avoid negativity by creating a positive from it. Some will do their best to make it seem otherwise.

    Thank you very much Vanessa!

  • Molly

    Annie, I have been a longtime reader, and quite a few of your recipes are regulars in my rotation. I love how your blog has evolved over the years. It is so encouraging to see a strong, talented, kickass woman using a public platform like this to do good and speak against injustice in a thoughtful way. Keep it up!

  • tlm

    Love everything about you and your blog! Thanks for the great children’s book recommendations!

  • Shari

    Will there by a holiday food guide? I started making marshmallows and hot cocoa mix to gift. I’m gonna try out salted caramel swirl marshmallow.

  • Morgan Alexander

    Annie, you continue to inspire. I love this post each year but your latest addition is next level awesome. Thank you!

  • Sara Reynolds

    Proud of you, Annie, and using your platform to take a stand on the issues that are important to you. I, too, am shopping local this year as much as I can and gifting donations in peoples’ honor. Hopefully something to come out of this election is that it gives us an opportunity to evaluate what is really important and make changes in our lives accordingly. Thanks for being the example.

  • Leah

    Hi Annie! There are so many beautiful recommendations in this post- I purchased Tiny Galaxies earrings in the past at your suggestion and absolutely love them. I think it’s awesome you’re teaching your kids about important issues starting from a young age.

    I have to say, though, I’m a little disappointed in your comments below regarding readers you disagree with. I was a Clinton voter, support these organizations you mentioned for various reasons, and am extremely disappointed in and saddened by the results of the election. However, I think that it is SO incredibly important to hear and try to understand where people on the opposing side are coming from- is it because of some strongly held religious belief? A formative event in their lives? Perhaps a lack of understanding in some cases? We need to try to heal some of the division that has formed in our country (and that reached a pinnacle with this election). We can even start by saying all of us here share a common interest in cooking and were drawn to your website as a great resource to explore that!

    I do understand wanting to keep hateful comments out, and I see that that was your intention with your disclaimer, but I think that it gives off a tone that people with differing opinions are unwelcome here (and certainly unwelcome to comment!)- it spreads division. I applaud you for opening up about your views, but perhaps try to see why some readers might be offended and feel that their opinion cannot be shared here. Your readers have a WIDE variety of backgrounds and opinions, and I think that all deserve a voice, as long as it is respectful.

  • Danita Day

    My first thought was if there are negative comments I’m making a donation too. We already give monthly to PP, ACLU and NARAL. A few years ago some close relatives sent me pictures of them protesting against the building of a local planned parenthood clinic. I never replied to the email but some time later they asked if I had seen the pictures. I replied yes I had and had increased my monthly donation to PP in their name. Needless to say I never received any more protest pictures or discussions on the topic from them. I’ve been following you for a little over 4 years and like many readers I am here for the great recipes but I have loved the addition of “Things I’m Loving”. Using social media to advocate for equal rights and fair treatment for all is something I highly respect. – thanks

  • Alice

    I’m not much of a commenter on the blogs I follow and I’m not American, so recent events aren’t as close to home for me as for most of your readers, but I had to comment today because I absolutely love the line at the bottom of your post about how you’ll make a donation to the organisations that negative commenters/emailers criticise. I am all for dialogue and debate, but there’s no place online for people to attack others because they support or believe in different things. Love your work!

  • Yolanda

    Love the list, your site and most of all your values and spunk. Please continue to fight the good fight. Merry Christmas from one “nasty woman” to another!

  • Annie

    As I have already said, I understand that people have a wide range of beliefs and many disagree. This post, however, is a holiday gift guide and is not the venue for a debate. That was my intention. Reading further into it than that is unnecessary.

  • Annie

    Thank you Sara!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Morgan!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Molly!

  • Annie

    Thank you Annie! Yes, part of the reason I felt inclined to speak up in the first place was to set an example by not remaining silent. With hate crimes and speech on the rise, emboldened by recent events, it seems like things have been flipped and now people are afraid to speak their views of acceptance. How did we get here? I am part of local Pantsuit movements, but also still pondering how to help further. This was one more idea for making something good come from negativity.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Yolanda!

  • Annie

    Thank you Alice!

  • Annie

    Thank you very much Danita. And good for you on handling your relatives in a productive way also. I love that story.

  • Annie

    Thanks so much Tara!

  • Annie

    Hmm…I hadn’t really decided yet. I will think about it and try to get one together!

  • Shari

    Thank you, any chance you will grace us with recipes from your Mexican inspired Thanksgiving?

  • Michelle

    LOVE this post. I see no issue with your tone as you were merely trying to point out that this was a post about gifts and not about people commenting about how they may not agree with you. Kudos to you for standing up for your beliefs and using your blog however you wish. I also love that your pointing out all the great organziations you listed. I too support many of them.

    Love love love the shoes! Your right about quality over quantity. I think I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe and start looking into ethical fashion more. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  • Kristin

    I know we can admire and be friends with people we don’t always agree with, and that we can learn from those relationships, but it makes me so happy to know that someone I’ve admired for so many years and for so many reasons cares passionately about the same things I do Though I guess I already knew that when you recommended Missoula and Tiny Beautiful Things. Thanks for this gift guide!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Kristin :)

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Michelle! And yes, ethical fashion is a definite shift and mental transition that takes time and thought, but the more consumers that make the shift, the more manufacturers will respond and we can hopefully make a lasting impact on the industry.

  • Annie

    I didn’t get any pictures of the meal on the day of, but can definitely recreate some to post here. Was there something specific you were interested in? I am planning to post the pumpkin tortillas that I made because one reader asked for them, but that’s the only concrete plan so far.

    Next year I may recreate the best parts of the meal to share more of the recipes and post about the menu overall so that you all have it at least a couple of weeks before, but that won’t really be relevant again until closer to the next Thanksgiving.

  • Sarah_EH

    Love your blog and you! We made quite a few of your recipes for Thanksgiving (the cranberry margaritas were a huge hit) and my husband always asks, “Is this an Annie recipe?” This post has given me a lot of great gift ideas for myself and family members. I love the idea of donating to charities for every hate post. There’s too much hate in this world, so your stance is refreshing. Keep it up! I’ve been a loyal Annie’s Eats follower for 6 or 7 years now and don’t see that changing anytime soon :)

  • Annie

    Thanks so much Sarah! Glad the margaritas were a hit too!

  • Melissa Brooker

    I’m sorry, but judging by your comment it would seem perhaps you are in need of counseling. Annie is just standing by what she believes, and this is her blog to do as she wishes.

  • Sarah Bee

    Thank you for showing that women can enjoy domestic pursuits (cooking, baking, crafting, etc.) and also be intelligent, kickass professionals with (gasp) opinions! Maybe some of your readers expect you to have certain views or to not have any interest in politics at all (just be quiet and go bake something, is what I imagine they think). Thank you for not letting those expectations bring you down and for continuing to be an amazing example for your children and the rest of us!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Sarah! Yes, I think often when people say they “don’t care for my tone”, what they mean is they don’t like an opinionated strong woman who is vocal about her beliefs, and who will actually respond and defend against critics. They desire to express their differing beliefs but just don’t see that while I understand and respect them, I will continue to work against their own personal beliefs being imposed upon the lives of others.

  • thatchicchick

    Hi Annie – I’m always on the lookout for a great white tee – what’s the thickness of the one from Krochet Kids? Do you need to wear a cami underneath? Thanks!

  • Annie

    It is slightly sheer. I once tried it on with a sheer bra and definitely could see the nips – haha! I usually layer with one of my many lace bralettes since they are solid and cute, but otherwise you should probably layer with a cami.

    If you are looking for another ethical fashion option that is thicker, check Elegant Tees. I haven’t bought anything from them (yet) but theirs look to be thick enough to not require layering.

  • Alicia B

    First, this is the best gift guide I’ve read in years. Thank you for all the effort you put in to it – I very much appreciate it!

    Second, thank you for not pretending to live in a politics-free world. Blogs that are carrying on like nothing happened are being unsubscribed to left and right on my computer.

    Third, I have donated to all the charities you listed. So nice to know there are other compassionate people out there who care very much about the people (and rights) that are going to be hurt for the next 4 years. I am scared and angry so seeing people like you reach out to form community gives me hope while I use my voice to fight against injustice. Thank you.

  • emily

    I absolutely love this. I want to make a negative comment just so more money goes towards these fabulous organizations (of course I too will donate)

  • Annie

    Thank you so very much! It has been uncomfortable speaking up, to be sure, but remaining silent and carrying on as though nothing has changed frightens me. Also, HUGE thank you for supporting these causes!

    Also, so glad you enjoy the gift guide! I really do put a huge amount of thought, effort and work into each one so I am thrilled to know it is appreciated.

  • Annie

    Haha, I know! Don’t worry though, I have already and will continue to donate to these organizations regardless.

  • Tracee Marshall

    Hi Annie,

    I love the gift guide. I’ll be getting a few things from it for my family for sure. Also, yoga is going so good, I love it!!! Thanks again. I can almost get my hands flat on the ground in my forward fold!
    Can I pretend to say something bad about RAINN and you make a donation? They are my favorite organization and I make a yearly donation and volunteer so anything I can do to get them more money, I’m all about it.
    Thanks again for the guide and merry christmas and happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Annie

    Tracee! I am so glad you like the gift guide. Also thrilled to hear that yoga is going well!

    Also, I made an extra donation to RAINN just for you. xoxo!

  • Kristin Johnson

    I am a long time reader and it really saddens me the tone you have been using lately. It’s this kind of tone that will continue to drive this country apart. You have said before that you are against hate speech, but what you have been posting lately is really starting to venture in that territory. At least in my opinion. I wish we could go back to the “good ole day” where you just posted about food. I know, I know, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want. I just wish you would change the motto of this blog. It’s misleading. It’s very clear to see the more materialistic you have become, the more this blog ventured away from being just about food. I know you post on other topics because you like the good comments that come from it. Who wouldn’t? It saddens me to see all of the hatred that the political posts seem to have. I doubt your early days had the kind of hateful comments that are being posted now. I hate the thought of people thinking unkind of you. I actually want you to have a successful blog. I’m just concerned the kind of crowd you are reeling in. From what I can see, it’s also other women who only want to hear one side. I’ve grown to love this blog so I do feel very emotional when people talk bad about you or the blog. I probably sound like that girl from Mean Girls, “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” I’m sure someone will think “She doesn’t even go here!!” Maybe my opinions and beliefs don’t belong here. It’s sad that it’s come to this point…where just talking about opinions isn’t allowed anymore. Donate to where you wish. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you any way. I just want to chime in with the other (probably very small amount) readers. We’re probably not the crowd that you want around, but we’re here. Just trying to make good food.

  • thatchicchick

    I’ll check them out! Thanks! (and nips…this is why I have no sheer bras) :)

  • Annie

    “I know you post on other topics because you like the good comments that come from it.”

    I’m sorry, but you cannot know why I do anything. You project your perceptions of my actions as fact, as though you are in my mind. My motives couldn’t be more clear – to speak out against injustice. In a time in which hate speech and crimes are rising and many minority groups are justifiably fearful of what the future holds, no, I will not just keep my mouth closed and my head down and bake another cake. That is not hateful. That is doing the right thing, even when it is hard. Nothing in my posts remotely approaches hate speech but that you interpret it that way is food for thought. Anger and outrage against injustice are NOT the remotely the same as hate speech, even though both may be uncomfortable for you to read. Please understand that.

    One tiny thing that may comfort you is that my blog is changing quite a lot in the near future to provide a better platform for the many types of content I provide, be it food, fashion, or social activism.

  • Kristin Johnson

    You are absolutley right. I have no idea what’s going on in your head. I’m very sorry for saying that. I also want to speak out against injustice. And you’re right. It is uncomfortable for me to read because some (not all) of the things you support are basically evil. Can you blame me for wanting to speak out? Would you stand back and not say anything if someone you loved/looked up to supported something that was evil? I look up to you, Annie. Our opinions on what is evil is obviously different. But at the end of the day, the truth is the truth. Relativism is the greatest evil of modernism. I know I am doing the right thing as well. Everyone should be given the chance to know and hear the truth. I just rubs me the wrong way when you blatantly don’t want to hear opinions that don’t agree with yours. Just because my opinion is different, doesn’t mean it’s being hateful towards you. I’m not trying to read your mind. I’m sorry for coming off that way.

  • Heather M.

    Your Gift Guides are always so thoughtful. Thank you for taking time to share things you love with readers who adore you! I have very similar interested to yours (Bey! Nasty Woman!) so I very much look forward to these. I’ve already added some (ok…ok… many) of these ideas to my list! A very Merry Holiday to you and your family from me and mine! :)

  • Valeria A

    Hi Annie! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but never commented. I just wanted to thank you for your recent posts lately and for standing up for what’s right. This is a scary time for many people and we have a right to be worried about the future of their health care, reproductive rights, and civil liberties. We cannot be silent and “see what happens.”

    Also, I’m sure you don’t need to reassurance, but you’re latest posts don’t have a negative tone. A lot of people have internalized misogynistic views and a woman who may have an assertive tone who stands up for themselves is somehow seen as “rude” and “needs to watch their tone.” I’m sure you know this, but you’re not being rude.

    You’re doing great work and you’re inspiring me to do more!

  • Shari

    I am definitely thinking the stuffing and turkey, and Annie ALL OF YOUR RECIPES are relevant :-) , I surf thru your site for ideas at any given time, my favorite food blog hands down. Regardless of any of our differing views, I love your site!

  • Diane

    I do not understand how Family Use’s comment was hateful or negative. It was simply a opinion/statement that she/he feels certain issues should be taught at home, not in public schools. There was nothing negative said.

    I have also been disappointed in what feels like a lack of desire to hear the other side here. I have reached out three different times on Instagram, one in a private message, trying for an opportunity to share my perspective. I have had zero response. My first comment was actually asking if you wouldn’t mind sharing your reasons for supporting Clinton (before election results). I genuinely wanted to hear your side. I have also felt that most of your responses to people with differing opinions have been quite negative. I know it is hard to read the tone in comments, but that is how it has felt. I realize that maybe it wasn’t your intention to come across that way, but that is the tone that seems to be there.

    I am hoping the reason for no response to my comments/messages is because you didn’t have the time (or maybe energy) to respond. I feel so strongly that in order to come together as a nation, we have to sincerely try to understand the perspectives of those who differ from us. I feel that we place labels on the “other side” and assume whole groups of people are a certain way. I am not saying you’ve done that, but I’m saying that as a whole it seems to be that way.

    I think both sides are genuinely interested in helping people and there really aren’t very many people who fit into the category of hating. Disagreement isn’t hating (again, not saying you believe that, but it seems some people do).

    For example, the conservatives I know do not hate people of the LGBT community, even though they (and I) believe in traditional marriage. I have a gay uncle who I love very much, as well as his partner. I have gay neighbors who I wave to, talk to, invite to neighborhood parties, take Christmas goodies to, etc. We would never condone hate crimes against this community, like what happened in Orlando.

    The conservatives I know are volunteering for refugee organizations and my church has set up a website for this purpose. My church is one of the first to the scene when natural disaster strikes. Millions of dollars are donated by members of my church to help in efforts like this, as well as millions of hours of service and who knows how many supplies. My parents are currently serving a welfare mission in Brazil and helping people learn to help themselves by teaching them how to garden, raise quail, etc. There are many others doing the same.

    These are the conservatives I know. I do not know any that are racist bigots or that are filled with hatred towards certain groups. I know people like that exist, but I do believe they are the minority (and I echo what you said that by Trump being elected, these people have been given a stronger voice). I do believe liberals are also looking out for groups who have experienced injustice and oppression. I believe there is hate and intolerance on both sides. I also think both sides want to do good, but maybe in a different way. Both sides care about people. Both sides have good ideas. I think we have gotten to the point in our nation where we live in extremes–you’re either far left or far right and there is no middle ground. We live in an “I’m right, you’re wrong” kind of society, rather than an “Ok, I disagree with your view on that, but how can we compromise” kind of society. I think when we can come to the middle, that’s when we can really get something done.

    I appreciate you opening up and sharing your perspective about hard topics. I hope by sharing mine I haven’t been offensive, but I felt strongly I needed to share it. I sincerely hope that as a nation we can be understanding and always choose love and kindness.

  • Annie

    It is not true that I don’t want to hear the opinions of others. I hear then often, loudly, and I respect each person’s right to their views. I do not believe that someone is hateful for having an opinion that differs from my own, and never implied such. I tried, in a positive manner, to minimize such discussion here, a gift guide and not a political debate forum. Things always get overblown, though.

    You have every right to believe that one or some of these organizations is/are evil. First, remember that is simply your belief. Not fact, as you state it. You do not have the right to impose your personal beliefs on others. Your beliefs are no more correct than my own or anyone else’s, even though they feel that way to you. A quote I saw that clearly and concisely stated this comes back to me daily: “We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression…”

    Bringing these things up is deeply uncomfortable for me, but I feel I must stand up. I will continue to speak for what I believe in, and do what I can to support those causes. That’s all any of us can do. I do not begrudge you or anyone else their differing beliefs.

  • Diane

    That’s not at all how we feel. Of course you can and should share your opinion, but we hope we can feel respected in ours as well. It doesn’t feel like others’ opinions and perspectives are understood or respected here, even if you haven’t meant to come across that way. I’m not saying that to criticize, just to share how it has felt reading your responses to comments from the other side.

  • Kristin Johnson

    “Your beliefs are no more correct than mine.” That is the basic definition of relativism. I guess this is where we will not understand each other. The reason why I believe in certain things is because they are a fact in the first place. It has nothing to do with my feelings. There are lots of things that I must believe in, even though it can be hard or uncomfortable in certain situations. It would be so easy to turn a blind eye and follow the ways of society and have “tolerance.” I am glad that you don’t begrudge me or others. That’s what I was feeling with the statement that “negative comments” will equal donations to organizations. I am glad that you speak out on your beliefs. It gives me the courage to speak out myself.

  • Annie

    Diane, thanks for your comment. I lacked the time and energy to respond to your previous attempts at discussion, and I truly apologize. I felt really bad about it. It was not intentional and not an attempt to suppress differing views. I am not thrilled about doing it here since this was supposed to be a gift guide and not a debate, but oh well.

    I certainly do not believe that all conservatives are… well, anything. I don’t think such generalizations can be made about any group and try hard not to make them myself. I get upset every time I hear a liberal call Trump “orange”, using his skin color as some negative aspect of him, while they would be greatly offended to hear that same reasoning used in other contexts. That enrages me. I am not and haven’t attacked conservatives. In the initial post, the only person I called a bigot, racist, etc. was Trump, because he has been openly all of those things. While many have made wide extrapolations about my views of conservatives from that statement, they are generalizations that were not made by me. I have been very upset since these minority hate groups have been emboldened because the majority of conservatives that I know in real life have been making excuses for and explaining away this behavior. Those hate acts should outrage us all and should not be qualified or excused.

    I take issue with the “I have gay (friends/family) and I love them, but believe in traditional marriage.” That is your belief, but it should not impinge upon the constitutional rights of other individuals who do not share those beliefs. (Also, in my mind, it is akin to saying “But I really like you” while slapping someone in the face.) It is essentially saying though I love these people, I do not feel they deserve equal rights.

    I realize that many people interpret my tone as negative, but I feel I have been quite reasoned. Remaining firm in disagreement is often considered negative. I think people would like it much better if I didn’t respond at all, but my continued discussion comes off as intolerance. I hear opposing views, but if they don’t change my mind, does that make me intolerant? I don’t believe so.

    I have done my best at civil, respectful discussion, even when some commenters have been less so. I agree that finding a middle ground is the way forward. It is the imposition of one person or one group’s beliefs on everyone else that I am against. I appreciate your desire for compromise and I feel that too, strongly. Hopefully we will get there with time. Thanks for the discussion (though, for my own sake, I hope it dies down soon. This exhausts me.)

  • tara

    Annie – I have just made a small donation to planned parenthood in your honor. Your blog gave me comfort the day after the election. It made me feel part of a community. I found a little place for a few mins on the internet that was (mostly) filled with women like me who were mad, sad, outraged, scared, shocked, etc and made me feel less alone. as you can tell i took the election results hard. i was personally so offended by Trump and some of his supporters. I understand fiscal conservatism, even some forms of social conservatism although i am certainly not a conservative. But total hatred and bigotry and sexism, etc i just was so shocked and appalled. I thank you for providing that space. i chose PP because you also inspired me to read Pro (not quite done yet) and i’m loving it. i could quote from it all day and it makes me feel more educated and more confident in my views. Thank you again. Happy Holidays !

  • Jennifer Jennings

    Can I say I love, LOVE, that you pledge to make a donation to any of the organizations that people use this forum to criticize. You’re amazing!!

  • Annie

    Your beliefs are not fact, no matter how much you want that to be true. You are not more right than others. Beliefs are beliefs and nothing more.

  • Annie

    Thank you Heather!

  • Annie

    Thank you Valeria! I actually really do need the reassurance. It isn’t easy to get repeatedly criticized for speaking up and being called negative for being firm. I have tried very hard to be respectful. I very much appreciate the support.

  • Annie

    Thank you Tara, from the bottom of my heart! I am so glad you are reading Pro and that you are enjoying it. I agree, I felt like the entire book was quotable.

    And thank you so much for donating. That is just awesome of you.

  • Annie

    Thank you Jennifer!

  • Robin Chedister

    Annie, I’m sorry you are being attacked in this manner. Please know that there are more of us than them but it’s easy to forget that when the intolerant voices in this country are so loud. You speaking up and standing up for what is right, equality for all, is inspiring and may help others to also find their voice.

  • Annie

    Thank you Robin. It is amazing how simply showing support for causes I appreciate can be so inciting to some. Your encouragement is much appreciated.

  • Grace

    Great gift guide, Annie! I have stepped up my donation game in recent weeks, and hope your post encourages others to, as well. I read in the comments below that you are going to start doing even more lifestyle posts- I can’t wait to see your blog grow and evolve! We share a lot of the same interests and values, so your What I Read post is my favorite of the year (other than your birthday party posts). Tell the Wolves I’m Home, Missoula, Listening is an Act of Love, and Silver Linings Playbook were some of the best books I’ve ever read. I hope you never stop using this blog as a platform to express yourself.

  • Annie

    Thank you Grace! I think you are going to LOVE the new site! It will look entirely different, have a different name, and will be a much more graceful (no pun intended) way to present the many content areas I now cover. I hope to do more in depth book reviews from time to time so hopefully that is something you will enjoy. I am really excited to write my What I Read post this year. It was such a fun one and sparked such wonderful engagement and discussion!

  • Lindsay E.


    Longtime reader, first time commenter. I just want to say THANK YOU for being brave and speaking out about the issues and causes that are important to you and your family.

    As a longtime ACLU activist, I am glad to see the organization on your list of causes to support. The ACLU has been standing up for the rights of EVERYONE for almost 100 years. When I was 16, they stood up for me and I’ve been actively involved with the organization ever since.

    You have a great blog, and I’m happy you’re out in the world posting about food, life, justice, equality, and truth.

    Merry Christmas to your family!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Lindsay!

  • SallyT

    THANK YOU for not glossing over what just happened in our country – it’s devastating, ESPECIALLY for some of the demographic groups that voted for him!

    Also – I have Dorie’s Cookies too, and am dying to know which ones you made… I met her recently and she was just as glorious as I’d hoped.

  • Annie

    Thank you Sally!

    So far I have made the bee’s sneeze, smoky cheesy cookies, everything seed cookies, rosemary parmesan cookies, and garam grahams. They were all DELICIOUS! I didn’t love the texture of the rosemary parm cookies and might try that flavor combo again in a different cookie base, but all the rest were excellent! And, the dough freezes well (I froze all in advance of our holiday company, and still have half of each left in the freezer.) Have you made any yet? You are so lucky you were able to meet her! She seems just wonderful.

  • Kori

    I too am a long time reader who started following you for some silly recipe, and have never commented. I like and appreciate all of your blog content and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your “things I am loving posts” I cannot afford much of what you post but I like seeing what other people like and I read regardless of if I want to purchase or not.
    However, I really really really want to THANK YOU for your post election post. I had been suppressing the majority of my feelings because my poor husband was so upset and I was trying to be supportive and helpful. Then I came to work the next day and read your post, I related so well to your feelings and cried my eyes out here at my desk. Your words and feelings really mirrored my own and it was comforting to read that I was not alone. That the disappointment and embarrassment that I was feeling was valid not ridiculous and immature. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I have donated to Planned Parenthood for 20 years, I have personally seen the positive impact that they have on my community for women’s health issues! So thank you again for putting this and your voice, even though I know it isn’t always comfortable, out there for us all to hear.

    So Thank You, Again!
    This Nasty Woman

  • SallyT

    She really was – it was the happiest I’ve been since the election – I couldn’t stop smiling. The employees at the bookstore where she spoke made a bunch of the cookies, but gave the caveat that they are booksellers, not bakers! Given that, I would say that the rugelach and Sebastian’s brownies stood out to me…

    I’ll try your recommendations! My daughter wants to try the one chip cookies… The photographs are definitely different, but I’m just thrilled that EACH COOKIE has a photo. When she signed my book, I complimented her on the exactness of all of the recipes – I love an OCD baker, as I am one :)

  • Annie

    Thank you so, so much Kori. Stand strong.

  • Aliali 622

    Just wanted to say I admire how you are standing up for what you believe in and using your public platform to do so when so many others are staying quiet. I may not 100% agree (probably only 98% ;) ha!), but think you are doing a great job at not normalizing things that are NOT normal!!

  • Annie

    Thank you very much!

  • Emma Rafferty

    Thank you for this post Annie! As a social worker, I can tell you how important it is that we speak up, no matter how uncomfortable we feel doing so. Nothing will change if we “keep our mouths closed and our heads down”!

  • Diane

    I believe this is the problem we have right now–the mentality that there is “us” and “them,” as if we can never be united and never be one. We must listen to each other if we ever want to accomplish that.

  • Annie

    I don’t think she meant it in a divisive way, though I suppose the terminology lends itself to that. She is referring to intolerant voices as “them”, not conservatives or any other group.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Emma.

  • Hana

    Hi Annie,

    I don’t usually comment, but just this once I thought I should. I’ve been reading this blog for several years, and as a 16-year-old Londoner I’m fairly certain I’m outside your target audience. I just though it was important that you know how much of a role model you are; you are so incredibly inspiring in so many ways – a strong, professional woman who still finds time to be a wife and a mother, and for a plethora of ‘domestic’ pursuits. I’ve looked up to your amazing creative talents – culinary and needlepoint – for a long time, as well as your ethics in terms of being more eco-friendly and supporting local and sustainable initiatives. More recently though, your post just after the election really stuck a chord with me. Even though the election result doesn’t directly impact me, as a Muslim a lot of people in my community have been worrying about its wider, global, implications. I love that you’re not afraid to voice your opinion and stand up for justice and equality, and it’s great that you’re promoting these wonderful charitable causes alongside the typical, more materialistic side of gift giving, because we could all do with a little goodwill right now. Honestly, if I can be half as capable and confident an adult as you are, that’ll be fantastic! Thank you so much for everything you post – it definitely impacts my life for the better as I’m sure it does many other people.

  • Diane

    I appreciate your respectful response. I do feel there was a different tone here than I read in some of your other comments and I am grateful for that. I understand why you weren’t able to respond before and I apologize for sharing my view on this gift guide post. I know you didn’t want that. I just feel so strongly about unity and hoped to have an opportunity so share that message in a different circle than my own.

    I totally agree with your comment about people calling Trump orange (from both sides). Comments like that make me feel like we’re all in junior high again. There really is so much hypocrisy on both sides, but many refuse to see it. And I agree that there is no excuse for hate.

    I understand your feelings about what I said about traditional marriage. It’s something I’ve thought very, very much about and have tried to understand both sides and have compassion. I personally don’t think the government belongs in marriage in the first place, but I understand why they got involved. Also, I did not say that I think gay people should not be able to get married. However, I believe traditional marriage is the right way because I believe that is how God designed families. I also understand that people have differing views on what is right and wrong. Another thing to understand is that legalizing gay marriage also has the potential to take away religious rights, like if a church leader was forced to perform a gay marriage. The inequality and intolerance goes both ways.

    Thanks again for responding. I really appreciate the discussion.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Hana! I really appreciate your comment and your readership!

  • Kim

    Hi Annie, I commented similarly on your last political post (although I know the intent of this one was not to be political – thank you, also, for another seriously fantastic gift guide!), but I feel compelled to post again. My voice online is nowhere near as impactful as yours -and even commenting makes me feel self conscious – but I’m taking a small step to voice my agreement whenever any of my favorite bloggers (you included) continue to face backlash for voicing their opinions in a time when I feel it is more important than ever to stand up for what is just and right. The fact that I vehemently agree with everything you say about recent events and what to do moving forward helps, I’m sure, but I like to think that I would respect what you’re doing and saying even if this wasn’t the case.

    Thank you for speaking up, when I’m sure it would be easier and less scary to stick to cooking and baking(don’t get me wrong, I love those posts too). Thank you for using your platform to bring attention to good and important causes. My fiance and I are getting married on 1/21, and the date has been tough for us in light of everything going on. We’re choosing to make big donations to the ACLU, PP, and CAIR in lieu of favors to do some good. I was glad to see the organizations that you chose to highlight in this post.

    Anyway – way too long and rambly. I don’t think you will “back down,” but add my name to the list of nasty women who want you to keep on posting as you see fit. Looking forward to seeing what the new blog brings!

  • Annie

    Thank you so, so much Kim. I truly appreciate your encouragement and support.

  • This is the best gift guide I’ve seen, especially for the charities at the end. Thank you for using the platform to continue to promote good in the world.

  • Angie

    I love love LOVE that you are going to make a donation to organizations that anyone comments against.

  • Melissa Brooker

    Hey Annie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have made a donation to planned parenthood in your honour. Thank you for all you do for us readers! And I’m sorry to see you being attacked by some people who can’t stand that you are such a strong woman!

  • B. Goldfarb

    Thank you for speaking out about things that are important to you in addition to providing great recipes and gift guides. I love that you are making donations to organizations that need it this most during these crazy and tumultuous times. These are all great organizations and you’ve given me some great ideas for holiday gifts. Thank you for being so strong!

  • Pedro45

    This is a great post and I confess to briefly considering posting a negative comment :)
    Seriously, thank you for including these groups. I am a volunteer ESOL teacher at a women’s shelter and the mood there is grim. Now is the time to keep fighting for our values: inclusion, diversity, respect, love. Thanks for doing your part.

  • Paula Rinehart

    So very arrogant in your “charity” choices, Annie. You already have your two little girls. Really. Think about what you are advocating for other women.

  • Becky Climaldi

    Hey Annie! I want you to know that this post inspired me to have my first postpartum margarita, and it was wonderful! I share in your affinity towards margaritas and am excited to finally get the chance to try some of the cocktails you’ve posted recently.

    I can’t believe I’m quoting from Twitter… but Taylor Swift once tweeted “Is it just me or is Lady Gaga, like, fully LIVING right now?!? #goals” and I feel this way about you when I read your blog. I admire your devotion towards being an “active participant” in your life even when life gets busy. It’s so refreshing to read your posts about the variety of hobbies you have. Your determination to enjoy your life is almost palpable and it truly inspires me to nurture my own hobbies.

    Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I have begun a monthly donation to RAINN. I agree that it is hard for women to be firm without being labeled as mean and I think its admirable that you’re continuing to voice your opinions in a positive way anyways.

    Lastly, the Prime Club link doesn’t seem to work for me! I love math and when I was in middle school I enjoyed a math card game called Krypto, if you’re looking for more math games I’d recommend checking it out.

  • Annie

    Thank you Beth!

  • Annie

    Thank you Melissa!

  • Annie

    Thanks Angie!

  • Annie

    Thanks so much Julie!

  • Annie

    Thanks Becky! I will get that link corrected later today.

  • Annie

    I have one girl. I am advocating that women have control over their own bodies and not being controlled by other people’s beliefs. No one has the right to tell my daughter how to manage her body or her health except herself. PP received a donation in your honor.

  • Mary

    Love this and all similar posts; thanks!

  • Grace

    Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see all of the changes. I agree with you- the comments in What I Read were awesome, and gave me many more titles to add to my Goodreads account. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • jillybean307

    Hi, I just learned about your blog through this post & wanted to say that I love your tone. I don’t really comment much on blogs, but I wanted to say that while there are voices here saying your tone will lose you followers, it’s also gaining you followers too. Excited to try out some of your recipes this Christmas.

  • Karen

    Any suggestions for local Indianapolis or Indiana charities? I have a few I’m considering but maybe you know one I’m not familiar with.

  • Ashlee

    I read in one of your responses that you mentioned a new format coming to better serve the evolving content of this blog. I am excited for this! Other blogs I follow have similar formats and I am hoping that while you are still able to be true to yourself with your personal passions, that the new format helps differentiate the different genres of content. I have been a reader for countless years and I have always really enjoyed your food and travel posts. I am always a little sad when I see a post about something different (not that I don’t respect your freedom to post about anything that interests you, but that I was just hoping for a new recipe or travel destination :)

    I wanted to also say that while I disagree with much of your political opinion, I am happy to say that I can see your reasoning behind your beliefs and that you appear to fundamentally care about human rights. I can whole heartedly agree with you on that!

  • Lindsay

    Annie, I have been a longtime reader and seldom comment, except on my favorite recipes. I read your Love Trumps Hate post too late, after commenting had closed, and was unable to voice my support (though I was glad to see the loads of support you did receive).

    I wanted to take the opportunity here to just say how very much I appreciate you as a person in all facets – your food blog was the first I stumbled across and is what led to my interest in and passion for baking. Your main dish recipes have helped me explore my inner cook, and I now make just about all of my meals from scratch, with many thanks to you. I’ve been pleased with your advice on previous posts about fashion, home goods, etc., and now I am just smitten to see you bravely standing up for your beliefs. I admire you for passionately speaking up about the injustices in the world AND doing something positive about it (i.e., donating, spreading awareness, sharing books that can help those of us unfamiliar in certain aspects understand).

    I just love your blog, Annie, and hope that you’ll continue to be the ever-fabulous you!

  • PatriciaINS

    I also just learned about your blog. I have been a long-time pro-choice supporter and advocate, and while donating to Planned Parenthood and NARAL is all well and good, I will be more than happy to make a contribution in your honor to the National Network of Abortion Funds. This fantastic organization helps not only with helping women pay for abortions, but helping to find transportation, child care, doula services and anything else a woman in that situation might need. Keep up the good work!

  • Kathryn Surathu

    I have loved your blog for awhile and have found unique gift options from these posts the last couple of years. Thanks for also acknowledging the NGOs that could use all the support they can get, especially given the current state of things. Hope you have a terrific holiday season!

  • carol

    annie, i look forward to yours posts because they are honest and more than just a woman in the kitchen. you are a great example to your daughter and son. dont even give it an inkling when anyone says otherwise.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Carol.

  • Annie

    Thank you so so much Lindsay.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Kathryn!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Patricia!

  • Dawn

    Just wanted to chime in with everyone else to thank you so much for the organization recommendations and for using your platform to promote progress and equality. Your passion for human rights has cemented my readership. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Emily

    As a teacher, I don’t “teach about transgender issues”. I don’t talk about sexuality or gender at all, really, as those aren’t appropriate topics of discussion for a 3rd grade classroom. But I absolutely read books that express the idea that there are many different ways to be a family, and that we should care about ALL people, not just the ones we can put in a box and stick a comfortable label on. You have students in your school with LGBTQ family members, so I hope they never find out that you hold those who are different from you in such disdain. Really shameful. Bigly shameful. I made a donation to Trans Lifeline, a hotline for transgender men and women in crisis, on your behalf. Happy Holidays!

  • Annie

    Thank you Emily!!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Dawn.

  • Annie

    I tend to support Second Helpings, The Julian Center, Coburn Place and also Harrison Center for the Arts. I would love to hear any suggestions you have as well! I also recently looked up Horizons Homeless Shelter wishlist online and sent them a ton of supplies and food via Amazon Prime. It was an easy way to help.

  • Susie

    Count me among the long time readers and fellow supporters of human rights and equality that have never commented before but were inspired to with this post. Thank you for all that you do, but most of all for using your platform to share messages of how we can do better together. I’ve loved the many recipes I’ve made from your blog and you finally gave me the push I needed to make a Momofuku cake last week! There were two organizations on your list that I hadn’t donated to in the past few weeks–they both received donations from me tonight.

  • Karen

    I also do the Julian Center. Last year I was a volunteer with girls on the run which I really enjoyed and will be doing again this year. I’m also looking into volunteering at a literacy program at a local school. Right now I have more time then extra money (student loans) so I’m trying to get more involved. Do you use Amazon smile when you shop on Amazon? If you are buying stuff on amazon anyways why not have a small percentage of your purchase go to the charity of your choice.

  • Annie! Another awesome gift guide that goes on and on with so much detail, thought and care, I think I speak for all the readers when I say I truly appreciate all the work you put into this blog, on top of everything else you do for your family and community.

    I hope you’re taking this weekend to relax and haven’t let any of the less constructive commenters on here dishearten you. You’re SO right that it’s important for us all to speak up for what’s right, especially at the moment. xx

  • Amanda Ferraioli

    Hi Annie! As many others have shared, I love you and your blog. I believe you sharing your thoughts and beliefs with your readers is what makes your blog so special. I wondered if you had any ideas for gifts for the men in your life that you wouldn’t mind sharing? I always find these are the hardest people to shop for and I’m always looking for new ideas! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful recipes and thoughtful posts.

  • Hannah

    Annie–I keep meaning to comment. I love love love the turn your blog is taking (that I know some have criticized)! I don’t understand how people can be upset at you discussing more than just baking here–this is your space! I have always loved your recipes and I love this years gift guide and donation suggesstions as well! thank you for your strong voice and for not backing down. you will always have a fan and supporter here! <3

  • ellie

    I have always loved your tone and general demeanor (in addition to your blog)–it speaks to me as a real, living person who expects people to think a bit before asking stupid/unnecessary questions. ANYWAYS I say that because your comment here gave me such delight and just solidified my respect for you as a fellow mother, worker, woman, and human! So thank you for writing this & particularly the disclaimer: “And to give fair warning to any offended by my suggestions who feel moved to send a hateful comment or email, please know that I will make a donation to the organization you choose to criticize. Comment or not with this in mind.” lololol!

  • meghan

    annie, i’m a longtime reader and i’ve never commented, but thank you so much for using your voice and platform to speak up against hate and intolerance in our country. love the donation idea and if you want to add countering islamophobia to the list, would also suggest donating to the council on american-islamic relations and muslim advocates– two of the biggest civil-rights groups focusing on muslims and arab-americans. they do incredible work around hate crimes, harassment, and surveillance, and i think they could use our support now more than ever.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Meghan. And thank you very much for that recommendation. I will definitely make a donation myself, and will be sure to give some publicity to that cause in the future. Wonderful suggestion.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Ellie. I really appreciate it.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Hannah. I really appreciate the support!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Kerry. You are always so sweet and kind, and I appreciate having you as a reader and virtual friend!

  • Annie

    I do use Amazon Smile, though I have been meaning to change mine. I currently have it set for the Humane Society but am planning to switch to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

  • Annie

    Thank you so very much Susie. I truly appreciate the support!

  • shar toliver

    Annie, you’re the only other person I have ever seen that knows about the greatness that is Ted! We love that book (and anything by him). I love to give a big stack of great children’s books as baby gifts, and I am always sure to include Ted. I love books that parents enjoy reading, because let’s face it, a book can be read hundreds of times if it becomes a child’s favorite. I also wanted to say that I appreciated that you included ways to give and not just things to buy on your gift guide. Thanks!

  • Sophie

    Hi Annie,
    I’m a longtime reader, like most of the people commenting, and I love the quality of your blog. I’m very suprised with all the negative comments… But to be honest, I’m from Bordeaux (in France) and I don’t know what the atmosphere in the US is like a month after the elections.
    However, the presidential campaign has started here in France and, well, we face difficult issues that divide people too : refugees, growing inequalities, discriminations and the threats upon our health care system or education system all that in the name of Economy and personal prosperity, blaming others for what we don’t have.
    I love that you encourage everyone to answer fear by giving to others. But if I may suggest, I would also add international NGOs like Doctors Without Borders, Action Against Hunger, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders or WWF. I truly believe that, as our countries are among the wealthiest, we have to help abroad as much as we fight against our own discriminations.
    This said, my future comments will all be about how your recipe are absolutely delicieuses !

  • Annie

    Yay! I agree, I almost never encounter people who know about Ted but man, I LOVE this book! It is so so funny – gives me legit belly laughs with every read!

  • Annie

    Thanks Amanda, I appreciate it!

    I have a hard time with guy gifts in general, like you. As with all gifts, I try to tailor them to the person’s interests and likes. This year, for most of the men on my list, I made donations in their honor as I mentioned because they are as upset as I at the current state of the world. My brother is a great cook and always getting better, so I like to buy him various kitchen equipment and/or cookbooks to further those endeavors. Also, this is a super generic guy gift but every guy I have given one to (presuming he likes beer) absolutely loves it: . I don’t drink beer much but totally love using this random little tool – it is so fun! I’ll comment again if more ideas come to mind!

  • Tracee Marshall

    Thanks so much Annie! You’re the best!

  • Annie

    Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for your kind words. I didn’t mean the list of organizations as complete by any stretch. There are so very many worthy causes out there, including all those you listed. I have donated to several of those in the past and will keep them in mind to highlight in the future. Thanks so much for your support!

  • Andrea Smith

    As a female engineer with immigrant parents and a gay sister these last few weeks have felt like someone knocked the wind out of me. The day after the election I wrote to a friend that I was exhausted from fighting what seemed like a never ending battle and he told me that while I could grow weary I could never stop because if not us then who? Seeing others share that opinion and grow louder as some would have us silenced has strengthened my fighting spirit and I hope we can continue to energize each other lest we grow complacent. Bravo to another thoughtful post. Slay lady, slay.

  • Rhyann B.

    I’m so impressed by your donation idea. It’s such a nice way to turn something hateful into something beneficial.

    On a gifting note, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried using a spiralizer before, but it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. You can make “noodles” out of pretty much any study vegetable and they are wonderful substitutes for pasta/grains. Just a recommendation for those that enjoy cooking :)

  • Helena

    Thank you for speaking out and for taking practical action and for respectfully encouraging others to do the same. So much respect for you.

  • Melanie

    I love the kid book recommendations! Have you read “One” by Kathryn Otoshi? It’s one of our favorites. I have 5 and 7 year old boys. I think, like the books you shared, it is relevant to the current situation.

  • Gina B

    Hi, Annie. I am a long time reader (since 2009 at least), and I think this is the first time I have commented. I love ALL aspects of your blog, and I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to talk about politics after the election – I think most people would prefer to leave the activism to someone else. I love your continued reminders that we have to be vigilant and keep standing up for equality and justice. It’s easy to slip into political complacency after an election is over. It’s easy to forget that equality and justice have to be won, and are never given. Thank you thank you thank you. You are an inspiration.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Gina. I really appreciate it!

  • Annie

    I have heard of it but not sure I have actually seen it. I need to look for a copy!

  • Annie

    Thank you very much Helena.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Rhyann.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Andrea. Stay strong. I’m with you.

  • Kat Moore

    You know I love you. There’s no need to go over that again.

    But I think a link is misdirecting. Can you double check the Prime Climb link? Thanks.

  • Samantha E.

    Not sure if I’m going to use this more as my own personal wish list or as gift suggestions. Either way, this is fantastic!

    PS: If anyone criticizes RAIN, please let me know and I’ll donate, too.

  • Chrissy

    You are amazing and truly one of my role models. Thank you for continuing to voice your opinions and being intolerant of injustice. I feel better knowing there are people like you in the country, who are raising their children to be open-minded, kind, and thoughtful individuals. xoxoxo

  • Annie

    Thank you so very much Chrissy.

  • Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    This is great, Annie! I always look forward to your guides and have bought many things for myself and others on your recommendation. You’ve got a real knack for finding great etsy shops. Also, how thrilled am I that I just managed to snag my first piece of Suite One after trying for years (time zone issue)!! Anyways, I’m a long time reader and this post made me love you even more than before. Keep fighting the good fight, sister!

  • Annie

    Thank you so much Katie! And YAY for Suite One Studio pieces! Each one is truly a treasure.

  • Bridget Turner

    Thank YOU Annie! I am a long time reader, you won me over with your Guinness cupcakes and there is no other way I would make a Turkey after your brine amazing Turkey. Really you have been a huge part in helping this novice conquer the kitchen and my family appreciates you so much for it!! But the reason for my comment, which I never do is to say thank you!! Since October I have been in a very dark place trying to understand how so many people could willingly want to vote for such a horrible person. My poor children have been suffering from the horrible things that Trump says at school and the fact that people could not see how horrible it is to say these things had me losing hope in this great country. We had been making plan for which country we would move to (even though we are born and raised Americans) because we felt if they started a registry what would be next and really I am not ready to take that risk. Trying to find some balance in my life and thought maybe I should go back to reading my blogs. But I was felling depleted and sadden by their obvious avoidance of anything Trump. Like how can we ignore this all and try to act normal….the way it affects my life personally I can’t. But then I went to your feed and wow!! Your brave voice, strong, fair and kind!! Thank YOU!! I read your other post and it was perfect! Sometimes people just need a little empathy and actually try to put themselves in the shoes of others to understand where they are coming from. I have and I understand that people are sick of the status quo but Trump has never been the answer to breaking the status quo he always been in it for personal gain. And when it came down to the two choices it was very obvious who I would vote for, as morals, decency and humanity trump all!

  • Carolyn

    Hi Annie!
    Just curious to know which M Gemi shoes you have – I’m looking into getting some of the flats. Do they fit true to size? Also did you buy the suede ones? If so how are they holding up? I’m shying away from the suede b/c even tho they are gorgeous, I always seem to get scratches on the suede!
    PS – I started donating monthly to two of the orgs on your list :)

  • Annie

    Hi Carolyn!
    I’m mildly embarrassed to admit how many pairs of M.Gemi shoes I have…but I just can’t help myself! I have the Felize in two colors, the Proprio,in two colors, and a pair of pointed toe leopard print flats that I don’t see currently listed and can’t find the name for. I love every single pair. Their descriptions come with fit recommendations on whether to buy true size, size up or down. So far I have followed those notes and have not yet had to exchange for a different size.

    All five pairs are in excellent condition and I wear they all a lot. Two of the pairs are suede and they still look absolutely gorgeous. I just can’t say enough about their products. I think the quality is well worth the price. Enjoy!

    And thanks for donating to some worthy organizations!