Pi(e) day is coming, friends, and I want you all to be prepared. Normally I would post a pie recipe on the day itself, but this pie is so insanely wonderful, I feel obligated to share it with you now, well in advance, so you can be prepared to make it when Pi(e) Day arrives. Cinnamon bun pie is maybe the best thing to happen in a pie plate since salty honey pie (but don’t tell salty honey pie I said that!) It is kind of like a gigantic cinnamon roll, but way way better.

Given the choice between a cinnamon roll and this pie, I would choose this pie every single time. Here’s the thing: cinnamon rolls are great, but the ratio of dough to gooey deliciousness is never right for me. This pie has exactly what I’m looking for – a delicious yeast dough base which, though excellent, mainly functions to deliver lots and lots of the insanely irresistible filling. And when the filling involves brown butter, liquid cheesecake (insert gasp emoji here), and perfect streusel topping, well, this is one of those situations when “too much of a good thing” just isn’t a thing. I could totally go Bruce Bogtrotter on this pie. And who knows, maybe you will too!

I’ll probably share one more pie recipe actually on Pi Day because I have more good ideas, but this one simply couldn’t wait! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!