Finally, a perfect recipe for homemade waffle cones, just in time for… fall. Womp womp. They may not be the most seasonally appropriate food but really, is there ever a wrong time of year for ice cream, and by extension, ice cream cones? I think not. I’ve wanted a waffle cone maker for quite some time but had been trying to resist given its unitasker status. Now that I finally caved and put it to use, I realize we will more than get our money’s worth out of this, unitasker or not. I really wish I had bought it sooner.

These cones are crazy delicious and the perfect serving vessel to properly do justice to each and every wonderful ice cream flavor you create at home. For a bit of added flair, I decided to dip the rims in ganache and then coat with sprinkles. I mean, if you’re going to go, go all out, right?! That’s my philosophy.