Alright then, moving right along from Cinco de Mayo and on to Mother’s Day. That makes for a pretty great week if you ask me! You know the tired old veggie pizza made with canned dough that is served at parties everywhere? I’m not a big fan. The concept has a lot of potential but in my experience, the reality is lacking in flavor and often with a mushy texture. If we’re going to do something, let’s do it right!

I wanted to give this classic party dish a much needed makeover. Puff pastry (homemade if possible!) lays a perfect flaky, buttery foundation for this dish. A homemade Parmesan herb cream cheese replaces bottled dressing or pre-seasoned spreads, and an array of colorful spring veggies completes this simple tart.

I had a hunch that this would be good but my oh my, this is the weak in the knees kind of good. This would surely be a lovely addition to a Mother’s Day celebration this weekend, whether it is brunch, light lunch or the started for a special dinner. This version is definitely worthy of becoming a party staple.