Holidays centered around food traditions can be a double edged sword for those of us who love to cook and bake. Every year around Thanksgiving, I grapple with simultaneous urges to make all of the classic dishes while also trying completely new recipes. Thankfully our families are very flexible and I never need to worry about anyone fussing about something I did or did not make. Still, it can be tough. This is the time of year to make pumpkin and pecan pies – I just don’t crave them out of season. But then, every once in a while, I come across something new (to me, at least) that has the potential to become a new classic. Case in point: this salty honey pie.

I had never even heard of this pie until a year ago when my friend Audra wrote about it. I was instantly intrigued. I love honey but it almost never plays a starring role. Add to that the awesomeness of salty-sweet desserts and it was a sure thing that I would like this pie. In fact, I adored it. The sweet, creamy filling with the crunchy salt topping and buttery flaky crust is truly a perfect combination. I can easily imagine this becoming a part of our Thanksgiving tradition but, since it doesn’t contain any particularly seasonal ingredients, it can and should be made all year round. And let’s be honest – I sure don’t think I’ll be waiting an entire year before I make it again.