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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

Rise and Shine: Andrew’s PJ & Waffle Birthday Party

Oh my goodness, am I ever excited to share this one with you!  It’s that time of year again when somehow, my child is officially another year older and I’m left scratching my head because I swear, we just had him yesterday.  I tend to make a big deal of birthdays and as a result, our kids talk about their birthdays all throughout the year. Last summer just weeks after we had hosted his fifth birthday party, Andrew declared that he wanted a waffle party for his next birthday. Ben and I both looked at each other and we knew this was a brilliant idea.

I wasn’t quite sure how to get the “waffle party” concept across in the invitation. Thankfully I stumbled upon this super cute “Rise & Shine” retro print in the Etsy shop Charlotte Pearce, and she happily customized it into this awesome invite for us.  These were so fun and got guests excited instantly.  I’ve never received such an emphatic response before based on the invitation alone but everyone was enthusiastically on board.  I’m telling you, the idea of a PJ party was a huge hit.

I decided to keep the menu for this party exceedingly simple. Waffles with a huge variety of toppings, and that’s it (both regular and gluten free options). I had originally considered including some other side options but I’m glad I didn’t mess with it.  There was one large platter of fresh fruit but that’s it.  The waffle bar was a stand alone success, no side items necessary.  Toppings included:

Sliced strawberries
Sliced nectarines/peaches
Sliced bananas
Fresh raspberries
Roasted cherries
Fresh blueberry sauce
Toasted coconut
Honey roasted peanuts
Caramel corn
Chocolate syrup
Vanilla bean caramel sauce
Peanut butter sauce
Maple syrup
Whipped cream

To switch it up from the usual food labels, I covered the table with a piece of chalkboard paper and sort of just doodled labels as I set out the various toppings.  It was fun and so simple!

Since the party was in the morning, an iced coffee bar for the parents was a must. This was almost as big of a hit as the waffle bar.  I filled our drink dispenser with a full batch of cold brew coffee and included a few different flavored syrups.

For the kids, I kept it simple with milk, chocolate milk, and freshly squeezed OJ (hello, perfect excuse to use my beloved juicer!)  I had originally planned smoothies of some sort as well but ended up not bothering and just like with the sides, I don’t think anyone missed them.

Side note – yet another excellent use of washi tape was making this 6 for the wall.  I used a piece of foam board, drew the number, cut it out with an exacto knife and then covered with alternating strips of red and gold glitter washi. Paired with the colorful paper medallions it was a really fun and festive backdrop.

Since this was during breakfast/brunch time, we decided to forego a big party cake. Andrew requested yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting so that’s what we did. How are there SIX candles on that cupcake?!

And how was I supposed to keep my hands off this cutie?  Don’t PJs just make every kid instantly cuter?  I can’t get enough snuggles!

I don’t think they had any fun at all :)

Vendors and Resources
Charlotte Pearce – custom invitation
Sucre Shop – Happy Birthday wooden utensils, wooden scoops
TomKat Studio – plates, cups, napkins, paper medallions
Paper Source – Chalkboard wrapping paper (is it just black paper though?!), luxe glitter tape
Amazon – plastic cups with lids for iced coffee bar (recycle if you must use them!)
Target – beverage dispenser, stand

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I love this idea. PJs as attire is just perfect. My kind of party!!

  • Ali @ Solano’s Kitchen

    So cute! What a great party idea :)

  • HB

    Love pj parties! Did parents come in pjs too?!:)

    I saw this idea years ago (& loved it) with a waffle bar & black paper w chalk. I think that person just used black butcher paper (prob from a teacher supply store!).
    I love yours with the white chalk pen vs regular chalk. Very crisp! Oh and that handwriting is so perfect:)

    And kiddos & pjs — always so sweet!
    Caroline — adorable!!!
    I remember those type of little boy pjs.
    Mine is now a 14-yr old “man!” that’s 5’10″ & 175#!
    When did THAT happen!?!

    Happy bday to your sweet boy!
    He looks like he had a super time!!!

  • Ann

    So much fun! I really enjoy reading all of your entertaining posts and finding ideas I can incorporate into my own gatherings. If you ever put together a book of all your entertaining & party ideas I would be the first in line to purchase! This is so creative and fun – just love it! (and Happy Birthday, Andrew!)

  • Diane

    He’s getting so big! I started reading your blog when you hosted the Sesame Street party – can’t believe he is such a tall young man now!

  • Kinsey

    What an awesome party! And Andrew looks a lot like you–what a grown up little boy. My parents used to put together spy birthday parties when I was 6 or 7 (think dissolving paper, motion detectors, spy maps), but we would always finish a party with a big chocolate layer cake.

  • amelia

    Such a great theme! So simple, yet so perfect. It sounds like everyone had a blast. Love the Pjs too!
    You always throw the best parties. :)

  • Shari Barnes

    This was an awesome idea! Sometimes keeping it simple no one notices that something was not done and keeps your stress level down :-)

  • Gina DaMetz

    LoVe LoVe LoVe!!!!!!♥

  • Chrissy

    Adorable, as usual! Happy Birthday Andrew!

  • Diana

    Your Andrew might be a genius with this idea. Love it!!

  • Erin

    This is an awesome party idea! Might be stealing this one for the future, the cold press bar especially seems amazing.

    How did you manage the logistics of actually making the waffles and keeping them warm? Did you have the batter out for guests to make their own waffles fresh like at a hotel, or just pre-make them all and keep them in a warmer of some sort?

  • Kim

    What a cute idea, Annie! Thanks for including a like for the GF waffles. And thank for posting your super creative parties!

  • Angelyn @ Everyday Desserts

    you are incredible! everything about this is adorable!

  • Ally

    Super cute, Annie! The chalkboard paper was a great idea. Now I want waffles… :)

  • Emily

    Wow, such a wonderful idea! Such a simple concept, and yet you made it so fun! I love all of your creativity. I’m going to remember this one for our future birthday parties as well. :)

  • Brittany K

    How do you keep the waffles good for large amounts of time? I have wanted to do this for a party but we have 35-40 people at our parties and wasn’t sure how to do this for such a large amount of people! Thanks!

  • Nicole | Culinary Cool

    Woah! Such a killer idea!

  • Becky Winkler

    Oh man–I just LOVE reading about your kids’ parties! They always have such style.

  • Christina

    What a fabulous idea!! Thank you so much for the inspirations- so many of these ideas could be used at other parties as well, great job!

  • Candice

    The most unique birthday party theme I have ever seen! I’m copying :)

  • Patience

    What a super cute idea and you did an amazing job as always! But I need to know about this peanut butter sauce!!! :-)

  • Shelby

    Party looks like a ton of fun! Great concept, I love build-your-own bars.

    I noticed on your invite it says “no gifts please”. Is this something you would be willing to elaborate on? I feel like you may have some insight on how to mitigate the overly consumeristic side of events like birthdays/holidays. I realize this may be personal, or may not even be the reason for the request, but am curious on how other ppl handle down playing the commercialism and upping the importance of family and friends at special occasions with kids.


  • Kristin

    Just had to say I’m so glad you don’t have Discus anymore! It never worked well for me.

  • Beth

    I noticed on the invitations it says ‘no gifts please’. if it’s not to personal, why did you choose to have no gifts.

  • Danita

    Fantastic idea and perfectly decorated (as usual).

  • Lawyer Loves Lunch

    The birthday party posts are my favorite! I hope you keep sharing them! And waffles? Yes please!

  • Courtney

    Brilliant!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    Such a cute idea. I want a waffle party now.

    And how is he 6?! I feel like we were just all on what’s cooking and you just had him!

  • Steph in Lex

    What an adorable idea! And it makes me crave waffles…

  • Lauren

    I love this idea as well! I am having an ice cream bar for my daughter’s birthday party and a cookie bar for my husband’s…may take a cue from you and use chalkboard wrapping paper/butcher paper for one or both party tables! Thanks Annie! Also, on a side note, where did you get the blue striped table cloth…I am looking for a pink striped one.

  • Demitria

    I love this! Who doesn’t love waffles and pjs?!

  • Ruth

    I just love it that you share your ideas…and food with us. You inspire me. Your children are adorable, btw.

  • Cara

    Love love this party! Such a great theme and could Caroline get any cuter?! She is adorable! Happy 6th Birthday to Andrew :)

  • Annie

    Hey Lauren,
    It’s not actually a tablecloth. I always just buy plain fabric to cover party tables – cheaper than an actual tablecloth and you can find any color/pattern you like.

  • Annie

    This has become our standard for the past several years. We buy our kids a few birthday gifts and we feel that is enough. The party is about celebrating and having fun with our family and friends, and not about getting a bunch of stuff. They don’t need more toys when we already have plenty.

  • Annie

    Actually that’s a glitch – it should be working. Not sure what’s going on. Hmm.

  • Annie

    Hey Shelby! No, not too personal. It’s exactly what you mentioned – I want my kids to realize that we have parties to celebrate and have fun with our family and friends, not so they can get a bunch of stuff that they don’t even need. Of course we buy them a few gifts of our own and give them in our private family celebration, but we just want the party to not be about that. Also, we simply don’t need more stuff. We have more than enough toys, etc. and don’t need any more.

  • Annie

    We just made a huge batch of waffle batter and then made fresh waffles throughout the party.

  • Annie

    We just made a huge batch of the batter and made fresh waffles throughout the party.

  • Annie

    Oh yes, we all wore PJs. My father-in-law definitely won the prize – he had a bathrobe too. It was so fun!

  • sarah

    such a cute party theme! and i love the chalkboard table cloth…great idea!

  • Betsy Ann

    so adorable & delicious

  • Jen

    What an awesome idea! I would love to have a party in my jammies! Go Andrew!

  • annieseats

    We made a huge batch of waffle batter and then made fresh waffles throughout the party. Waffles really need to be made fresh, in my opinion :)

  • Erin

    Finally re-commenting – LOVE this party so much, and this was my exact question :) I agree, waffles are so much better fresh!

  • kara

    ummmm….where are the star pjs from?!?! SO CUTE!!!

  • annieseats

    They are from Gap but we bought them last fall so I’m not sure they have them anymore :( I love them so much though!

  • Annie @ Annie One Can Cook!

    SO fun!! Love the waffle theme and the chalkboard paper! Thanks for sharing!!

    P.S. I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time and can’t wait to read more–it’s always nice to meet a fellow Annie :)