As life partners go, I’m pretty sure I won the spouse lottery when I met Ben. It’s nearly impossible to put into words just what a wonderful man he is.  One thing is for sure – most of my happiness and my achievements are in large part thanks to him and his never ending support.  I never doubted that he would be a great dad, but seeing him in action is really something.  He has all the patience even when I have none.  He has all the silly voices and best accents when we read books with the kids.  He is an epic DJ for family dance parties.

This Father’s Day, we’ll do our best to show him how much we love and appreciate him. One part of that will be cooking something that he especially enjoys.  I’m thankful for this guy who will eat any meal I make and love nearly all of it.  I cook meatless meals the majority of the time and he never complains. He genuinely enjoys them.  But I also know that more carnivorous fare is his favorite.  To honor that, I give him (and all of you) crazy nachos with chipotle beef and guacamole. Since when do nachos need a recipe, you ask?  I asked the very same thing. But this particular combination works so well, you’ll understand after you try them. Each nacho chip is topped individually so there won’t be any awkward IwantonemorechipbutOMGIjusttookthewholebatchstucktogether moments.  After all, as much as I love Ben, Annie doesn’t share food.

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