Let me introduce you to my very favorite salmon salad.  It’s high time you met.  You see, I’ve been making and thoroughly enjoying this particular meal for weeks on end now, but for one reason or another, it never makes it to a photo shoot.  No light (no longer a problem thanks to DLS!), too hungry (usually), an unsightly avocado situation.  Oh, and I never wrote down the ingredients before.

This week I was determined.  If we are loving this dish enough to eat it almost weekly, you deserve to know about it.  It’s nothing all that revolutionary but this particular combo of salad fixings, tender salmon and tangy vinaigrette is our current favorite of the many salads in our dinner rotation.  (Side note: does salmon on a salad remind any one of a recent hilarious episode of Modern Family?  Anyone?)  This is a great meal for any evening you want something that is quick and healthy but still satisfying (isn’t that every night?)  I especially like this as a post-workout meal.