Years ago, probably just before or around the time that I started this blog, I firmly believed I did not like lemon or really any citrus desserts.  And then one evening, we had dinner at our friends’ house and for dessert they served a lemon pudding cake.  Of course I accepted it out of politeness but was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. It was both sweet and tart, with a cake layer on the bottom and a top that was more – well, pudding like.  That single dessert was what opened my mind to the possibility that other lemon desserts might be not horrible.

Recently I received a gorgeous box of Meyer lemons from a reader’s mother who lives in California and happens to have so many lemons growing on her tress that she is giving them away.  How lucky am I?!  I have quite a wealth of lemons and in pondering all the ways I plan to use them, I recalled that first lemon pudding cake that opened my mind.  I figured it was time to revisit it and see if it was really as good as I remembered.  No surprise – it was.