Many special occasion meals fall into that category because of their inherent complexity.  Lots of steps, specialty ingredients or both may be involved.  One of my ultimate meals for a special occasion is seared scallops with a simple butter sauce.  It looks and tastes like it is involved and time consuming, but it truly could not be easier or faster.

Scallops take only a few minutes to cook.  Any more and they will be overdone and chewy.  This particular rendition includes a butter sauce that is both a little sweet and slightly spicy – so simple, and so very good.  Served with some wilted spinach or roasted broccoli and your favorite starchy side (perhaps a rice pilaf or au gratin potatoes), you have a meal that will be sure to impress.  If you are still looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day idea that won’t take a ton of time or ingredients, this is the answer.