The Super Bowl is just a week away and I must admit, I am not into it this year.  In my mind, it’s our former beloved quarterback versus the team from Macklemore’s hometown.  Seriously, that’s the full extent of my interest.  I’d rather spend my time in the kitchen making some fab bites for game time snacking, and probably just stay in the kitchen to eat them.  And since I would rather spend my time in the kitchen, why not go all out with this fancy pants version of jalapeño poppers?  Filled with honeyed goat cheese and drizzled with a hibiscus habanero glaze, these take the idea of a jalapeño popper to a whole new level.  One of my favorite local restaurants has this dish as an appetizer on their menu, and I have been aching to try recreating it at home.

Now if I lost you somewhere around the title because you were thinking these sound way too involved, yeah – they are more involved than chips and dip, I grant you.  But, they took way less time than I was expecting…I’d say about 45 minutes from start to finish, and the final result is so completely worth it.  I chose to oven fry these because I prefer it, but you could fry them the traditional way if you like.  Also, the hibiscus in the glaze is optional – it definitely adds something, but they will still be delicious if you aren’t able to find dried hibiscus flowers.  I ordered online because I didn’t feel like searching through several stores to find them.  Whether you try them for the big game or some other time, I hope you do try them because I have a feeling you’ll love them as much as I do.

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