As the ridiculous, unrelenting cold continues, so does our desire for warm, comforting food.  As much as I love soup, I don’t really want to have it every single night – in large part, thanks to our toddler’s “playful” personality at the dinner table which makes for a gigantic mess when it comes to soup.  That and her continued use of her hair as a napkin.

Anyway, I’m making a concerted effort to keep our dinner menus somewhat interesting but still satisfy our need for comfort food.  Our freezer was stocked with ground chicken and to me, tomato sauce and melty cheese are always comforting.  We didn’t eat these over the typical pasta but just enjoyed them on their own with some good bread and a big salad.  They would be great over pasta, quinoa, on a sandwich or maybe even cut up and added to a pizza.  We’ll call this the silver lining of the nasty weather.