Not to be Captain Obvious or anything, but I’m so over winter.  Normally I have a much better tolerance for this time of year but I’m just not having it anymore.  I’m yearning for spring – going on walks with the kids, seeing sunlight past 6 pm, and throwing a birthday party for my sweet girl.  I wouldn’t mind if I could just fast forward to that right now.  (Wasn’t there an Adam Sandler movie about that? Click, maybe?  I seem to remember my brother loving it.)

The only redeeming quality about this time of year is citrus season (well, that and my birthday).  Meyer lemon this and blood orange that will be popping up all over the interwebs.  (Yeah, I’ve got a blood orange recipe coming your way next week.)  A preponderance of lemons and far too long a time since my last baking session resulted in these creamy lemon crumb bars, and  Sweet, tart, buttery – all good things.  In the bitter cold and harsh winds of this weekend, I baked these and for at least a little while the sun came out.  Coincidence?  I think not.