Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I eat meatless more often than not.  Sometimes I like to consider what I would eat for a holiday centered around a big turkey if, in fact, I did not eat turkey.  This year I was pondering such things and suddenly the idea of these mushrooms came to me.  I had no idea whether they would actually stay together or even taste good but the idea stuck around long enough that I had to try them.  All of my favorite stuffing recipes include mushrooms, so in my mind this was a bit like an inside-out stuffing.

The end result?  Stellar.  For someone who feels lukewarm at best towards sweet potatoes, I was happy that the flavors all worked together so well.  It was sort of like all of Thanksgiving combined in one dish.  If I were planning a very small celebration and maybe didn’t want to go to the trouble of making a turkey or even a turkey breast, I think these would be a perfect option as a meatless main dish.  (If you are looking for more meatless Thanksgiving fare, be sure to check out A Couple Cooks.  They have quite a few great ideas!)  And of course, they aren’t only for Thanksgiving.  I know we’ll be making these throughout the remaining cold weather months that lie ahead.