With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I decided it was high time to dust off a favorite old recipe and bring it back into the spotlight.  As long as I can remember, simple dinner rolls have been my favorite food on any holiday table.  I first encountered this recipe for honey yeast rolls in my early days of blogging and they instantly won my heart.  I make them often throughout fall and winter to accompany soups and stews, and they are a certainty on our Thanksgiving menu.  (Alongside this garlic herb compound butter – an absolute must.)

Over the years, I have tweaked the recipe slightly to ensure a better texture.  Many readers have also asked whether these could be made in advance.  Previously I had no good answer to that question.  This weekend I experimented with a make-ahead strategy and it worked beautifully.  So, I give you the new and improved version of my beloved honey yeast dinner rolls, now with a make-ahead option.