In further evidence that I am getting older and becoming a real grown up, I now like and voluntarily eat multigrain bread.  As a kid, I have vivid memories of my making myself sandwiches with various degrees of discontent depending on what bread we had available.  The only thing I ever wanted was white bread, the softer and whiter the better.  If wheat was the only option available I could usually tolerate it.  But man, if it had any kind of seed or nut in it?  Forget about it.  Of course if that was really all we had and I was truly hungry, I would improvise, meaning I would sit for several minutes, picking out every seed and nut I could find, leaving dozens of tiny holes in each slice and a resulting bread with questionable integrity.  My dad would laugh and laugh at me.  If only he could see me now.

A few weeks ago, we had lunch with our good friends and they made these amazing sandwiches using a multigrain bread.  I came home wanting 1) to eat that sandwich every day forever, and 2) to find a recipe for a good multigrain bread.  I didn’t have to look very long or hard, because I recalled seeing this recipe in the Bouchon Bakery cookbook and decided to give it a try.  This ended up being just exactly what I was hoping for – a nice, hearty multigrain bread with a golden crust on the outside but still tender on the inside, the perfect consistency for making a good sandwich.  It’s also incredible toasted with an over easy egg on top.  I’ll be adding this to the list of homemade breads I have to keep on hand at all times in the freezer.  (In case you were wondering, that list includes baguettes, sourdough, burger buns, and now this.)  And I didn’t even pick out any seeds.