In some strange turn of events, my baking musings lately have been not of pumpkin or of apple, but all about marshmallow.  I don’t know what  started it, but I just keep thinking of more and more things I would like to make with them.  Still hard to believe that I didn’t care for marshmallows as a kid, but the homemade variety changed all that.

Last weekend we had s’mores from the fire pit for dessert one evening.  I had made fresh marshmallows and we had a ton left over.  The next day I toasted them, chilled them, swirled them into sugar cookie dough and baked it.  I was fretting the whole time these were baking that they would be a huge flop, and I was even more skeptical when I took them out of the oven to cool. But when I cut into them and we sampled the finished product, well…we’re head over heels for these things.  The marshmallow flavor is subtle, but it adds an extra dimension of gooey, toasted flavor to these cookie bars and takes them to another level.  It’s difficult to put into words really, so maybe you should just try them out and see for yourself.