If you’ve noticed things are a bit quieter than usual around here, you’re right.  I have been extra busy at work lately, and while I love it, it’s definitely tiring.  Of course when I get home, I’ve got my two babes to attend to, and soak up as much time as I can with them before they head to bed.  And then once they are in bed, it’s study till I drop/fall asleep on my books.  We’re still cooking, and I have some great new recipes to share but just not much free time to write about them at the moment.

That’s why this recipe seemed especially apt.  I’m telling you, it is some kind of small miracle.  The first time I made it was when Caroline and I were home alone for lunch together.  I wanted something more than just a PB&J, but it needed to be quick.  I remembered this recipe I had saved recently and decided to give it a try.  (If it didn’t work out, the jar of peanut butter was still there waiting.)  It may seem too good to be true, but it’s legit.  It takes all of 5 minutes to throw the ingredients together in a pot, a little bit longer to cook, and you end up with a fantastic dish.  It is so very simple, but has so much flavor.  Served alongside a green veggie, it’s one of the best simple dinners I can think of.  I’m sure it will see lots more play in our kitchen through this crazy busy time!  (Side note: the first time we made this, we had broccoli as our side.  Now every time, Caroline expects to see broccoli on her plate.  So cute!)