My, oh my, I have a lot of fab recipes to share with you right now, but this one got pushed straight to the front of the line.  You just need to know about it right now, okay?  Trust me.  Our butcher shop gets fresh salmon in every Thursday and consequently, many Thursdays nights in our house are salmon nights.  Andrew’s favorite dinner of all is this pank0-crusted salmon and we make it all.the.time, but last week I was in the mood for something different.

I definitely got the side eye the moment he realized I wasn’t making the old standby, but this was every bit as well received if not more so.  For the part of the adults, this was one of those meals where there was little dinner conversation beyond, “Wow, this is just so good,” after every other bite.  The cabbage salad is so fresh, lightly dressed with a soy-ginger dressing.  The cool crisp bite of the salad is a perfect complement to the warm, tender salmon.   I already can’t wait to have this meal again.