Guys.  Please, stop what you are doing and go put these burgers on your menu.  Okay, I’m not trying to be bossy.  Well, that’s a lie.  I’m kind of bossy by nature – but really, I’m trying to do you a favor.  You see, I love every single recipe I share in this space.  If I don’t love it, I don’t share it.  Sometimes, though, a meal stands out from the rest.  This, my friends, is a perfect summertime meal in my book and it deserves a little extra touting.

It utilizes the grill which is great because I always try to make the most out of grilling season while it is here.  It’s a very easy dish – still just a burger at heart, but a few simple additions take it to a new level and make it seem a little bit fancy pants.  Oh, and one of those things is guacamole, so that guarantees awesomeness right?  I can’t wait to make this again and I know we’ll be enjoying it many more times in the coming months.  Any friends reading this that want to come over for dinner soon, this is probably what we’ll be having :)