So, remember a couple of years ago when, much to our collective dismay, Charlie Sheen was in the news almost daily for his latest shenanigans?  And no matter how much you wanted to get away from it, he seemed basically unavoidable?  No doubt you recall that he gave new meaning to the word “WINNING”, which has since become a seriously overused hashtag.  Well, I have to admit that for the few days we ate this salad, each and every time I would think, “Winning!”  (or maybe #winning…)

Why?  First, it takes about 10 minutes to throw together.  It’s healthy, not to mention naturally gluten free and vegan (in case that’s a concern for you.)  My favorite thing about it though, is its versatility.  Eat it simply on its own as a salad, scoop it up with tortilla chips, put it between tortillas and call it veggie tacos, or use it to top grilled chicken or steak.  With so many options and all of them totally delicious…yeah, this stuff wins at life.