This meal…oh, this meal.  It is of the happy accident variety.  Well, less “accident” and more “I stopped one day short on my meal planning and am suddenly scrounging to create something resembling dinner.”  Waiting until the last possible moment to start dinner and searching through the freezer and pantry…  If only all my in-a-pinch experiments turned out this well.

I prefer to use a mixture of chicken breasts and chicken thighs for the meat to ensure plenty of flavor and moisture, but you can use all of one or the other if you like.  The marinade is a simple one with chipotle, lime juice and a few other spices but if you are spice-averse, don’t worry…the spices provide flavor here but no real heat.  The slightly sweet, slightly tangy avocado cream sauce is a wonderful compliment to the smoky flavor of the chicken, not to mention good enough to eat with a spoon, or tortilla chips if you have some.