That three day weekend we just had was pretty great.  Can we do that again?  Our weekend did not include most of the typical Hoosier Memorial Day activities such as going to the race, watching the race, or caring about the race in any way beyond avoiding all the associated traffic.  Instead, we spent the majority of the weekend outside playing with the kids in mud puddles (their idea of paradise, apparently) and planting our vegetable and herb gardens.  We did, however, fire up the grill and have friends over for dinner.

My BFF since kindergarten came over with her sweet little family and we had a wonderful time watching our kids play together, us shouting at each other over all their ruckus in an attempt at adult conversation.  This grilled garlic flatbread made for a fantastic starter served with tzatziki sauce, hummus, whipped feta dip and roasted tomatoes.  This is the kind of thing that I always adore in restaurants but up until now hadn’t made at home.  Double good news – it is super easy and the dough freezes really well.  I think I’ll be keeping it stocked in our freezer to have on hand for sudden get togethers and impromptu parties.  Bottom line, this is a recipe you’ll want in your repertoire whether for entertaining or simply rounding out your own meal.  Who can resist grilled bread?  Not I, friends.  Not I.

(As a side note, the whole meal from appetizer through dessert went together really well.  Would any of you be interested in a menu section with suggested menus for various occasions?  Like, small summer dinner party, for example?)