I could pretend I’m super sophisticated and have extensive, meaningful knowledge about wine but that would be a complete farce.  I’d say I’m just a step or two above Michael Scott, really.  Some may turn their noses up at Riesling because it is on the sweeter side of whites, it’s all good.  More for me!  Really though, Riesling is my personal favorite and when I came across the brilliant idea of strawberry Riesling slushies I could only wonder 1) why I hadn’t encountered these sooner and 2) how soon I could conceivably make them.  If your ice cream maker is already chilled, these require about five minutes of actual effort and 20-30 minutes of patience (the hard part).  And in case you were wondering, they are a nice antidote for a long Monday after which you arrive home to a non-functioning air conditioner.  Yes, indeed.