Despite my best efforts, I fell into some sort of weird breakfast rut the past month or so.  Nothing has sounded particularly good to me…I think in part due to the change in the weather.  So many of the dishes I loved through winter are less appealing now.  That coupled with having about two minutes available for eating breakfast each morning has led to an awful lot of smoothies and sad banana toasts.  Oatmeal has become a favorite of mine in the past few years but I wanted a new spin on it.  This carrot cake oatmeal was the answer.

Okay, obviously it isn’t exactly carrot cake.  I mean, it’s still oatmeal.  But it’s darn good oatmeal.  The carrot, coconut and raisins pack a nice dose of natural sweetness so very little additional sugar is needed.  This recipe will definitely come in handy for all those times that I have random bags of carrots sitting neglected in the veggie drawers.  Enjoy!