Not too long ago, I mentioned my mini love affair with Taste Café in Broad Ripple.  Well, it really hasn’t subsided.  I meet up with friends, or coax coworkers to venture outside of a one mile radius for lunch, and whenever I do, we end up at Taste.  The menu is extensive and they always have tons of great specials, but ever since trying their roasted salmon sandwich, it has been tough for me to order anything else.  It’s just so good.

Recreating a homemade version of this remedied several issues at once.  I can once more feel free to order other things on the menu besides the salmon sandwich, since I can enjoy this sandwich from home.  Also, maybe (just maybe), I won’t feel this borderline obsessive pull to visit the restaurant in the first place.  (If they had a location closer to my house however, all bets would be off for sure.)  And finally, my little man loves salmon and asks for it weekly.  This dinner is his ultimate and we don’t often stray from it because it’s just so simple, but this sandwich was happily Andrew approved and devoured.  I made a garlic chive aioli in part because my chive plant is going crazy, and it was a really nice addition.  Be sure to use a soft bread such as focaccia since, as with most fish, the salmon is fairly tender and flakes easily under pressure.