Today I’m dusting off an old recipe from the archives.  One with an old photo that looked like…well, a humongous pile of chicken salad that had received the tilt treatment.  (Looking back through old photos is equal parts cringe-inducing and hysterically funny.)  But good photo or bad, it really doesn’t matter.  This is my very favorite chicken salad recipe and in fact, it’s the one that converted me from a hater to a fan of chicken salad.  At the time I thought the inclusion of the pineapple was a bit odd but just trust me, it works.  The sweet juicy bits of pineapple shine in the otherwise savory flavors of the dish.  I served this over the past weekend when I hosted a bridal shower (more on that later this week) and it was a big hit.  One guest declared it the best chicken salad she had ever tried and others were asking for the recipe.  So, it was time for a little facelift.  The timing is perfect since this is a super quick, simple and light meal for springtime.  Enjoy!