I love when one simple technique can elevate a recipe that is already great to something even better.  We already have a basic turkey burger that we love, but recently we tried this version from Josie and we were sold.  In a genius technique, this method involves grinding up dried porcini mushrooms to a powder and coating the burger patties with the mushroom mixture before cooking.  It adds a nice pop of mushroom flavor and also seals in moisture for a nice, juicy burger.

The first time we made these we had friends over for dinner and later that evening one of them texted to say, “I’m going to put mushroom powder on every burger I make!”  For my part, I’ll definitely be sure to keep dried porcinis on hand any time I want to give a burger that extra bit of oomph.  We haven’t tried this with additional sauce because there is really no need, but if I were going to add one, I think a garlic-herb aioli would be a nice pairing.