I promise I’ll quit yammering on about this soon but seriously, my little girl is growing up in the blink of an eye!  She turned two just a couple of weeks ago and I swear, it’s as though some switch has been flipped over to big girl.  The last traces of baby are slipping away.  In yet another change to this effect, she moved up into the next age group class at daycare.  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up when her teacher told me there was room for her in the next class.  The transition went so smoothly, it’s almost as though nothing is different…for her, anyway.  We’ve grown so close to the teachers in her old class, it was hard to imagine not seeing them every day.  I knew I wanted to bring some sort of small gift to thank them for taking such great care of our girl, and as I always do, I wanted to bake or make them something.

Then I suddenly remembered a snippet of a conversation months ago with one of the teachers, when she said she wasn’t much for sweets but preferred salty snacks.  Obviously, not loving sweets is a foreign concept to me, but I wanted to think of something I could make that would satisfy both the sweet and the salt lovers.  This fit the bill perfectly.  These truffles have a crunchy pretzel-peanut butter filling that is coated in a smooth shell of bittersweet chocolate.  I topped mine with a peanut butter drizzle but you could also use crushed pretzels or just leave them plain.  The filling takes just minutes to mix up and a few more to roll into balls.  The coating should be pretty quick too, unless you’re crazy like me and prefer to temper your chocolate for coating.  Whatever way you decide to do it, you’ll end up with a bite-sized, salty-sweet, chocolate peanut butter treat.  The best kind.