Throughout my childhood, our pantry had a near constant supply of various boxed snack cakes.  Dad did an incredible job cooking for us practically every single night, but when it came to dessert, it was usually an ice cream sandwich or a snack cake.  He generally rotated the supply between a chocolatey version, the zebra striped version, and occasional others, but it was always clear which was his favorite…those good old oatmeal cream pies.  Those were apparently an essential.

Recently, rather out of the blue, I had a sudden craving for one.  I haven’t bought packaged cookies or cakes in so long I can’t even remember, so I knew it was time to try out a homemade version of this childhood favorite.  Thankfully Stella of BraveTart amazingness had already cracked the code to an unbelievably close taste-alike, and these completely delivered that nostalgic treat I was hoping for.  The ingredient list may seem a bit long but it’s what works to make both the texture and flavor spot on with the original.  I do think these taste best at least a few hours after they have been assembled, when the flavors have had time to meld.  I taste tested at various steps along the way just to be sure.  Tough job, you know.


For the cookies: 
8 oz. (1½ cups plus 2 tbsp.) all-purpose flour
4 oz. (1¼ cups) old-fashioned oats
½ ounce (2 tbsp.) unsweetened cocoa powder
2 oz. (1 cup, packed) dried apple rings
3 oz. (6 tbsp.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
2¼ oz. (¼ cup plus 1½ tsp.) canola oil
7 oz. (1¾ cup plus 2 tbsp.) sugar
1½ oz. (3 tbsp.) molasses
3 oz. (6 tbsp.) corn syrup
1½ tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. kosher salt
¼ tsp. ground ginger
¼ tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. ground mace
1 large egg
2 ounces (¼ cup) milk

For the filling:
2 cups marshmallow creme
4 oz. (8 tbsp.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
¾ cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted
Pinch of salt
½ tsp. cream or milk


  • 01

    To make the cookies, preheat the oven to 350˚ F.  Line baking sheets with parchment paper.  In the bowl of a food processor, combine the flour, oats, cocoa powder and apples.  Pulse at first to chop coarsely, then process about 2-4 minutes, until no large apple bits or full oats remain.  Set aside.

  • 02

    In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the butter, oil, sugar, molasses, corn syrup, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and spices.  Beat on medium-high speed until well combined, about 2 minutes.  Mix in the egg and beat 1 minute more.  Blend in the dry ingredients and the milk just until incorporated.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl and beat 30 seconds more.

  • 03

    Use a dough scoop to portion out the dough onto the prepared baking sheets (about 2 teaspoons for smaller cookies, about 1 tablespoon for larger cookies), leaving ample room as the cookies will spread while baking.  Transfer the pans to the oven and bake, rotating halfway through, until the cookies are set around the edges and puffed up in the center, about 8 minutes for smaller cookies and 10 minutes for larger cookies.  (They may seem too soft but remember that the original is a very soft cookie so that is the desired texture here.  Also remember the cookies will continue to bake a bit longer once they are out of the oven.)  When cool and set enough to move, transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

  • 04

    To make the filling, combine the marshmallow creme and butter in a mixing bowl and beat on medium-high speed until smooth.  Blend in the confectioners’ sugar and salt and whip until the mixture is light and fluffy, about 1-2 minutes more.  Transfer the filling mixture to a pastry bag fitted with a medium round tip.   (The tip I use is not labeled, but the opening is just under ½-inch in diameter.) 

  • 05

    To assemble, pair the cookies up by size.  Pipe a small dollop of filling onto the flat side of one cookie of each pair.  Gently sandwich together with the remaining cookie, pressing the filling to the edges.  Store in an airtight container.

  • branny

    I was JUST looking for a recipe for these. My parents didn’t buy them but I remember gorging on them at my friends’ houses (who were like, WTH it is just a creampie).

  • Courtney

    How fun! My husband LOVES oatmeal cream pies- I’ll have to try this. Thanks!

  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    I want these for breakfast! The oatmeal makes that totally okay, right? ;)

  • duuuude. I now know what I’m baking this weekend! Kyle will love you even more than he already does for posting these – he’s been asking me to make them for YEARS!

  • Elizabeth Piasecki

    I was just saying how, as kids, we totally lived on these very snacks! My dad was everything in the kitchen when he was alive (he had served as a cook in the Navy), and, as he wasn’t much for chocolate, I’m certain that these would have topped his list when it came to favorite snacks. This year will mark 9 years since he’s been gone, and I think I’ll make these that day to remember him. Seems fitting. Thanks so much for posting this :-)

  • Cocoa powder, dried apple rings…this ingredient list is so intriguing considering it’s an oatmeal cream pie cookie! I definitely have to give these a shot – I’m also trying to move away from store bought snacks and treats.

  • Valerie @ Pursuit of Sweetness

    Annie, these look amazing! The ingredient list isn’t too overwhelming, but definitely surprising. Apple rings and cocoa powder?

  • annieseats

    I thought the same, but was pleasantly surprised with the results. I don’t taste the cocoa at all and I think the apple rings are the key to the subtle sweetness and perfect soft, chewy texture. So awesome!

  • annieseats

    Yay! He’ll love ’em.

  • annieseats

    Of course, and the apples too! Duh :)

  • Liz @ Tip Top Shape

    Packaged desserts were rare when I was growing up, but I would get SO excited when I got to have the occasional zebra cake. I thought it was the greatest thing ever!

  • Kristin Parker

    I absolutely love oatmeal creme pies! But do I have to use the corn syrup?

  • annieseats

    Any omission or substitution means results will vary. Also remember that corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup (which many with healthy aspirations try to avoid) are not exactly the same thing.

  • Angel Shadoff

    Oh Man – I loved these things when I was a kid. In college my husband and I took in a starving stray cat – Bhopal was what he named him – best cat ever – he LOVED these things. I mean – he would dig into the box and bite through the plastic for these things! I will have to make these and think of Bhopal while I make him. Miss that cat.

  • Erin M

    These look delish! I can’t wait to try them. I do have one question-what is mace?

  • First of all, oatmeal creme pies were one of my FAVORITE snacks as a kid. And secondly, I never ever would have guessed cocoa and dried apples rings would be used for the dough. I cannot wait to try this.

  • Angela

    The photos are lovely. Oatmeal cookies are a favorite. I look forward to making these. Also, if this isn’t too much pressure, are you going to do a “things I’m loving” post? I love those.

  • annieseats

    Yes, I do them every one or two months. One is in the works and will be shared soon :)

  • Caroline L.

    I was never a big fan of those, but I’m imagining those oatmeal cakes with ice cream in the middle instead! Yum!

  • These look absolutely perfect! Love that filling!!

  • Tracy

    I love nostalgic snacks and any recipe from Stella is sure to be amazing. I adore her site as much as yours!

  • LOVE these!! Love that you homemade them!! Love this recipe!

  • Emily Pence

    Brilliant! Can’t wait to try these! However, just the brief mentioning of the zebra striped cakes has got me craving those! Hope to see those grace your blog some day as well!

  • These look so good, I love the look of the cream filling!

  • Jane

    Oh my goodness, I just had a memory of the movie “honey I shrunk the kids”; when they’re ruinning through the grass, and find a massive oatmeal-cream cookie ( I Really hope someone else remembers this……!). I remember thinking how amazing the marshmallow filling looked, and wanting one instantly! Now, I can relive my childhood dream!

    Thanks for a beautiful recipe…..will be trying it out this weekend!

  • Wow–apple rings, who would have thought? I bet the flavor is spot-on, though! I’ve got to make these. They’ve been on my list for a while now. And then–I’ll scale ’em down to serve two :)

  • Chelvi Suseen

    Looks delicious. I am definitely going to make these. Brings me my childhood memories of the buiscuits Wagon Wheels which my cousin used to buy them for me.

  • annieseats

    I totally remember that part. So awesome!

  • Britt L

    These are my husbands favorite cookie! Just tried to make them and they didn’t turn out. :( they rose a little and then went completely flat. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

  • Heather Goodell

    I am super excited to try these, I used to eat the store bought version like they were going out of style!

  • annieseats

    That’s how they should be. They are a flat, chewy cookie like the original.

  • gushie

    Annie, I am just trying to clarify the dried apple rings; are they the crisp chip like ones or chewy?

  • annieseats

    They should be chewy. Enjoy!

  • Kate

    These are beyond amazing! Made them last week and they turned out perfectly. Because I’m at high altitude, I cut the baking soda and powder in half. Incredible texture. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Jessica

    Does it matter if the corn syrup is light or dark? I plan on making these tomorrow!!

  • annieseats

    I believe it is meant to be light (that’s what I used) but I haven’t tried it with dark. Enjoy!

  • Amanda Davis

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’m going to make these for my sister’s birthday next week – she loves these things. I’ve never commented on your site before but wanted to drop you a note – I’ve been reading it for a long time and I really enjoy it. Your recipes taste great and make me look like a rockstar in the kitchen. Also, your photography is beautiful! Thanks again! Much Love!

  • annieseats

    Thank you so much! You are too kind. Hope you enjoy the recipe. Your sister will love it!

  • Andrea Tuck

    Hi Annie:) I made the deliciousness today and man are they yummy!! One problem though was my icing came a bit too runny. Any suggestions on how to fix or maybe what went wrong with the icing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Annie!

  • annieseats

    It’s tough to say but you could try adding just a bit more powdered sugar and that should help. Glad you enjoyed them anyway!