I’m giving you this recipe just before the weekend for a reason.  I think it’s important to start the weekend out with a lovely kind of breakfast, and these banana scones fit that description perfectly.  They have the warm, comforting flavor of banana bread but the breakfast cred of a scone.  And let’s not forget the browned butter glaze on top, which I’m convinced makes practically everything better.  These have been doing double duty as both breakfasts and desserts in our house.

The scone dough is tender and lightly spiced, but not overly sweet to allow for the glaze on top.  If you prefer to leave off the glaze, I would recommend increasing the sugar in the dough portion of the recipe to compensate.  I purposely increased this recipe for a large yield because scones freeze so well, it just wouldn’t make sense to make them without also making extra to freeze for later.  Because once you have frozen banana scones, you have lovely breakfasts for weeks to come.