Just judging by the sheer number of desserts I have shared with you over the years, it’s clear I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  As much as I enjoy multi-step cupcakes or a rich, indulgent cheesecake, brownies and/or cookies are my constant craving.  To me, they are the comfort foods of the dessert world.  Usually no frills and little fuss, just a square of dense chocolatey goodness, you can never go wrong with classic fudge brownies.  But occasionally I’m in the mood for brownies with a little bit of flair.  That was the case last weekend and the next thing I knew, I was spreading a layer of silky smooth peanut butter frosting over brownies and then sprinkling them with sea salt.  I know.

These are particularly awesome given that they are made with pantry staples, so even if you find yourself out of actual chocolate bars (as I often do), you’re still good to go.  You can make them in not too terribly much time, and as a result these will be added to my list of oh-boy!-we’ll-be-having-unexpected-company-SOON desserts.  (I should probably make that list a real thing to prevent future spazz attacks.)  Aaand, I’m off to enjoy a brownie.