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My hope is to inspire you to be fearless in the kitchen, to try new things, to take the time to make things the homemade way and most importantly, to have fun doing it!

february {in an instagram}

1. We spent time at the end of January/beginning of February redecorating our playroom.  These paper star lanterns are one of my favorite details!
2. As I mentioned, Courtney surprised me with a visit for my 30th.  We were all so glad to have her here, and Caroline especially enjoyed spending time with her.
3. Testing out my first cabling project.  It turns out cabling is SO much easier than you would imagine!  I ended up gifting this to my brother’s girlfriend.
4. Our little hambone.
5. My next knit project was this striped snake for Caroline.  It is way bigger than I realized but man,  it is such an awesome toy!  I want to make more as gifts.  It was super quick to knit up.
6. Andrew and I like to go on mom-son dates occasionally.  Last month I thought he might enjoy a strawberry frap from Starbucks (and I was in need of coffee).  Turns out he was way more interested in this chaise they had.  He would take a sip, lay down for a while, and repeat.  It was so cute.
7. It was barely warm enough to go to the park but we were stir crazy so we walked there anyway!  This girl adores the swings.  Her furrowed brow in this pic cracks me up!
8. My wonderful aunt came to visit for a weekend.  I love getting the guest room ready for company, especially putting fresh sheets on the bed.  I wish I liked tidying the rest of the house this much.
9. My schedule allowed me to attend Caroline’s class Valentine’s Day party.  It was a blast, but her favorite part was just reading.  (This was taken while the other kids were all dancing – ha!)
10. Another part of our playroom refresh was to make a chalkboard wall for the kids.  They are absolutely loving it!  Okay, we all are.  You can’t ever be too old to think chalkboards are fun, right?!
11. I also ordered a few new dress up ensembles for the kids to do pretend play.  Of course, the chef one is my absolute favorite.
12.  Another project I finished last month was this patchwork turtle for my best friend’s baby girl who turns one in March.  Can’t wait to give it to her!
13.  One more costume from the playroom.  Here, Dr. Andrew is playing vet.  This is a favorite game of ours and keeps him occupied for a long time!
14. Snuggles with my girl – and her menagerie of stuffed animals, which are required 24/7.
15. Yet another project I finished last month, being blocked here (soaking the fabric gives it a more finished look).  She hasn’t seen it yet so no pics of the finished product :)
16. Despite the cold weather, Caroline insisted on trying on a pair of her new spring/summer pajamas, and would not take them off.  I have no clue where she gets her stubborn will…

Most of these images are from my personal (private) Instagram account.  You can follow my public stream here: user annieseats.

  • Emily Clark

    Love your patchwork turtle – so darling! If only I could knit more than a scarf :) I need more of your determination! Also, love the calm of your guest bedroom.
    Keep the instagrams coming. They are so fun and again, inspiring. Thanks Annie!

  • Anne

    Where did you get the pattern for the snake? Love it!

  • Caroline L.

    I can’t believe February has come and gone so quickly… just wow. These pictures are adorable as always – really brings me back to my childhood!

  • Stacy Hall

    Squee, that turtle is adorable! Would it be possible to find out where you got the pattern?

  • Kim

    Hi Annie,

    I love these posts :) Are the snake and the turtle Ravelry patterns? If not, would you mind sharing where you find such adorable patterns for knitted toys?

  • annieseats

    The snake and the turtle are both from the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor.

  • annieseats

    The snake and the turtle are both from the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor.

  • Kelsey Morgan

    I just love Caroline’s little belly in that last picture. I wish my belly was that cute!

  • Annie

    Hi Annie,

    I LOVE that headboard. Do you remember where it is from?

  • Melissa

    Annie- I forgot to tell you when I first saw you in Taste of Home!!! It was so exciting and you should feel extra fancy :) Keep up the good work, you are totally legit!

  • Carrie

    Love your scarf! I remember being anxious about knitting cables too, but it is easy once you get used to moving the stitches around. Try the cable without a cable needle method – it makes it go much faster!

  • Karen

    Your knit projects are so cute. I really don’t know how you find the time to do all you do. My sad little knitting projects are so neglected! And if they’re not, either my job or my kids are. :)

  • Camila Lipsi

    Where do you get those costumes? Nice pics!

  • annieseats

    Aw, thanks! Yes, that was pretty exciting :)

  • annieseats

    The whole bed is from Kittles. Not sure of the brand or any other details.

  • annieseats

    Both the turtle and the snake are from the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor. It’s a great book!

  • yanksgurl613

    awww your kids are adorable! love the paper lanterns and your scarf! xx.gigi

  • annieseats

    Various online retailers. Some from Amazon. I mostly just searched around for styles I liked at prices I could handle :)

  • Erica

    Annie, my daughter wants to have her room redone for her 11th birthday. She wants a turquoise blue. Can you please tell me what color your guest bedroom wall color is? It looks bright and. Hercules without being shockingly too much. Thanks! Erica

  • Kelli

    Lovely! Can I ask what nail polish you are wearing in the second to the last picture? Thanks!

  • Anne

    Thank you so much! You are so sweet to answer – especially because it was a duplicate question. I ordered the book. I am brand new to knitting and am looking forward to some quicker projects.. I decided to make a blanket without looking at a pattern because I figured a blanket was just like a big scarf. I just kept casting on until it looked like a good size. I didn’t realize just how much you could squish the yarn on a circular needle, though, and this blanket is going to be over 100 inches wide! I am sure I will love it when it is done, but it is going to take forever! Definitely wouldn’t have been my first project beyond my practice swatches and scarves if I had realized what I was getting myself into. Thank you again.

  • Annie

    You and I have great taste…in food and in clothes. I’ve got my curly haired two year old in that boden butterfly shirt and je t’aime janie and jack shirt too! Guess it’s something about the name ‘Annie’! :D

  • annieseats

    Love it! Great minds :)

  • annieseats

    It’s OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. I LOVE it!

  • annieseats

    You know, I think that the darkness + bedside lighting/Instagram filter may be deceiving here. This room is actually more of a grayish blue. You can see the true color in these family pics of ours: It’s nearly identical to the color of the blue comforter.

    Is she wanting something really vibrant/deep, or more of a pale aqua/turquoise? I am getting ready to redo Caroline’s room and decided on the Sherwin Williams color bubble, which is a pale aqua. In our old house, the guest room was a more intense aqua color that always got compliments. That was an Eddie Bauer shade, and I *think* the name was sea glass, though I’m not 100% positive on that.

  • annieseats

    Oh my goodness! That is definitely a huge project. Good luck! I am getting ready to start a throw blanket soon and I’m sure by the time I’ve gotten into it, it’s going to be a “only work on it at home” project due to the bulk.