Ever since I mentioned my recent birthday, I’ve had a lot of readers asking about my birthday cake.  Those who have been reading for a while know that it is a tradition of mine to bake my own birthday cake.  Those who don’t love to bake have a hard time understanding this.  Wouldn’t I rather have someone else bake it for me?  Or have one from a bakery?  No and no.  When you love to bake as much as I do, half the joy is in the making – the creaming of butter and sugar, the smoothing of batter in cake pans, and most certainly in the silky swirls of frosting.

Normally I spend a lot of time agonizing over what kind of cake I should make, since it’s the one time all year that I make a cake for myself.  But this year was a little different.  Since I knew I was making a cake for a rather large party, I wasn’t thinking as much about what cake I wanted but more what would be most fitting for the party and enough to feed everyone.  In the end I decided on a small three-tiered cake – lemon/lemon, chocolate/chocolate, and red velvet/cream cheese.  There was something for everyone and definitely plenty of cake for everyone.

After all the birthday hoopla was finished, I couldn’t shake the idea of making a cake just for me (well, just our family).  For some reason though, it wasn’t any of the fancy pants cakes or the uniquely flavored cakes I wanted.  All I wanted was a straight up, old fashioned, classic chocolate layer cake.  So that’s what I made.  You just can’t beat a a really good chocolate cake and this is most definitely a good one.  Everyone has their own opinions of what makes an ideal chocolate cake.  Mine is fudgy and has a dense, moist crumb.  I opted to use my beloved chocolate sour cream frosting this time, but I think it would also be stellar with this dark chocolate frosting, depending on your mood (or sometimes, what ingredients you have on hand).