I love the feeling after our weekly produce delivery and grocery shopping trip when the fridge is bursting with fresh produce.  So many delicious possibilities.  My goal is that by the following week, the fridge looks nearly bare again because we ate (and did not waste) all of those ingredients.  It always starts out well enough since it’s the weekend.  But then the week starts, work starts, life starts, and it can be a bit more of a challenge.  This week I found myself staring at some baby bok choy that I had to have at the time and suddenly had no idea what I had intended to do with it.

A quick bit of searching led me to this recipe and it sounded perfect.  A fresh spin on salad packed full of veggies mixed with brown rice, shredded chicken (optional, of course) and a bright, light orange sesame dressing.  We had this for dinner but it makes a large batch so the leftovers have made great lunches.  Eat it cold, warm, or at room temperature – whatever you prefer.  This takes just a few minutes to throw together which is much appreciated in my life.  Enjoy!