Our family likes to snack.  Well, maybe it’s not exactly that we like it so much as it’s just a necessary part of our daily food rhythm.  On weekdays, I pick up the kids after work and school, we drive home, and all three of us walk in the door ravenous.  By the time we are home it’s well past what we would all prefer to be dinnertime.  And so, snacks buy me time while I prepare our main meal.  However, the kids are like little bottomless pits and it can be tough to keep filling the pit with healthy snacks while still providing variety.  Fruit is almost always first on their plates but, especially at this time of year, there isn’t much in season and we can only eat so many lil’ cuties, you know?  Dips and crackers or pita chips are our next go-to, but we eat them so often, it is always nice to have another one in the repertoire.

This is definitely a new favorite of mine.  The creamy white beans coupled with the spicy sriracha make for a totally addictive snack.  Consider that it is also healthy and takes about five minutes to prepare, and that makes for a perfect snack food in our house.   If you are worried about the spice level, start out with less sriracha and add more to taste as desired.  To us this was only mildly spicy and the kids ate it right up, but we feed them spicy foods often so they are accustomed to it.  Serve with whole grain crackers, pita chips, or assorted raw veggies, and don’t expect it to last long.  It made a quick disappearing act in our house.