Well, that right there?  That’s about all you need to know.  I rest my case.

Haha, just kidding…sort of.  Seeing a title and picture of these cookies was all I needed to know they should be in my life.  Chocolate chip cookies may just be my favorite dessert of all.  They are so classic, comforting…they are the thing I crave.  For me after the kids are finally in bed, my happy place is on the couch with a cookie, small glass of milk and a good book.  Normally this is a classic that, in my opinion, needs no improving.  But…it’s just so hard to argue against brown butter, Nutella and a sprinkling of sea salt.  I mean, really.

I used a technique suggested by a reader for the filling of the pumpkin cream cheese muffins, freezing the little dollops of Nutella so that the cookies would be easier to assemble.  This was definitely a good way to go (I love the technique for the muffins too!)  Enjoy them this weekend in your happy place!